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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Fly Jordan

16 June 2021 Jordan Rafel
The worst Airline company in Middle East never again I try all Jordan Airlines companies and they are bad but this company out of all airlines it is the worst. I never got in to any Airlines that charges 1k over the weight till I saw the country of Jordan and I know right way that they scam people for living shame.
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Blue Air

16 June 2021 Guest
Terrible company. I will never buy from them again either. They changed flights and then if you don't agree to the change you need to email them and wait indefinitely for a reply, while your flight is due. Then when you try to call them you stay on hold for longer than an hour and then the robot closes the call on you for some 'system problems', they say. You spend time and money on calling them and they just can't care less. One star is too much for them. I regret massively buying from them.
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Allegiant Air

15 June 2021 Guest
We have used Allegiant for many years for its easy in and out from Asheville to St. Pete. We will never use this airline again. My son's flight Friday night from Asheville NC was canceled less than 30 minutes before boarding with no explanation and no help whatsoever leaving us to figure out how to get him here with the only option being flying him into Ft. Lauderdale (HUNDREDS of miles from St. Pete) in the middle of the night. I then had to secure a bus ticket for him and he ended up traveling by bus overnight to arrive. This cost me quite a bit. I was then charged even more by Allegiant to change his return flight, which he did because your policies cost him a day here. Because we held for hours without assistance, we ended up just paying the change fee. I have been trying to reach anyone at Allegiant for 3 days now. I have sat on hold for hours. I have had your social media team tell me to send a PM and they would respond, but when I did that, my message was read at 1 p.m. on the 13th still without a response. It is important to note that your social media team is happily thanking all complimentary comments on your social media page while ignoring HUNDREDS of us trying to address this situation. A $200 round trip flight has now cost more than double just in dealing with your terrible customer service and bad policies.
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Malindo Air

15 June 2021 Guest
I bought Malindo Airlines before the Pandemic occured and they cancelled my flight did not tefund only give voucher. The voucher is rubbish.
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14 June 2021 Guest
Our flights were cancelled by the airline three times due to covid related restrictions. The voucher was set to expire on June 4. At that time, not only were there no flights going out, there was a government shutdown and we were advised to not travel to Mexico as it was in Stage 4. They could not hold up their end of the contract; however, refused a refund and refused to extend out voucher. This company is a bunch of crooks. You can't refuse refunds when you have no flights and citizens can't travel to your country because you can control covid.
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Sky Express

12 June 2021 Guest
From beginning to end this was the worst flight ever!! They did NOT provide any incentives we paid for! No priority board, no priority baggage, no snack. WORST PART IS THEY MADE US MISS OUR FLIGHT BACK TO THE UNITED STATES DUE TO THEM ARRIVING ALMOST AN HOUR LATE!! There is no excuse for our late arrival. We were the first flight out. The baggage counters werent even open for check in when we arrived. They werent willing before hand to help with the transition of our bags or anything to accommodate their late arrival. We asked for them to help with a hotel for a night since they left us stranded at the airport with no other flights back to the United States same day. They just said not their liability. Theyre a joke!! Theyll nickel and dime you for every little thing and theyre worthless when it comes to giving the extras you pay for. Save yourself the headache and book elsewhere.
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17 May 2021 Guest
Lufthansa, never again:Impossible to get help from customer service. Nobody answers calls.
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Philippine Airlines

17 May 2021 Guest
It's been over a year that we have been waiting for a refund of 4 tickets. I booked my mother's ticket a few days before we booked ours and she received hers after a few months but we still haven't received ours. The bank has been trying to dispute it but no luck. I have emailed and called Philippine Airlines several times but all they say is that they will forward the information to the support desk. It was suppose to be our first time to fly with them from NY to Manila but what an experience it has been. We booked again for this year but we had to switch it to a travel voucher due to the imposed travel restrictions of the Philippines. Before we booked the ticket, I asked if we can just use the tickets from 2020 since we didn't get the money back but the representative said no since it was already being processed. Hopefully when we get a chance to use the travel voucher that they won't give us a hard time. If we still don't get the refund from 2020, I will contact Nina Pineda who works for ABC 7 and is a fellow Filipina, hoping she can help not just me but all of us.
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Vueling Airlines

13 May 2021 vanessa rhiode
These people are a nightmare to deal with They have changed my flight and given me booking code which is not recognised
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11 May 2021 Guest
Having already had 3 consecutive flights to cyprus cancelled I am now losing faith. The last flight being for the 29 May, which I quickly swapped for the 1 June. Now I find, that after checking in and getting my boarding pass, that the flight is no longer on the web page. Customer service assure me that this is because the flight is full. I wait the anticipation!!
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LOT Polish Airlines

06 May 2021 RomanP
In 2019 I used LOT on RZE-WAW-GVA-WAW-RZE route. Honestly I have no any complains. Nothing spectacular but also nothing to complain about. Made on time my connection so I was happy with that. But with overall opinion about LOT I do not plan to use them on trans-Atlantic flights. With my friends who used them on flights USA-Poland no one really was happy. Quick check on LOT flights on Flightradar24 clearly shows that they are almost always late! Not good! 4 stars for just my recent flights around Europe.
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06 May 2021 Guest
Worst customer service! Trying to get a refund or some sort of acknowledgement from the company is nearly impossible. They are rude & ignorant. Would recommend staying away from the company. I rather pay more at this stage to fly than having to battle for my own money back.
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05 May 2021 yogi
worthless airline not even worth talking about . don't use them
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03 May 2021 Guestjohn rice
I have always recommended Jet2 to everyone, not now.In the past 12years we have used Jet2 package holidays around 20times. not now.They Will need to review their prices before we book with them again.I think they will lose a lot of customershg
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Frontier Airlines

26 April 2021 David Woods
Worst airlines reservation system in the entire industry.
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

26 April 2021 Guest
BOA airlines is the worst. Planes are not safe, zero costumer service... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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LATAM Airlines

24 April 2021 Guest
We were unable to travel due to Ecuador going into a country wide lockdown due to COVID beginning 4/23/2021 and supposed to end 5/20/2021. We were to travel 5/1/2021 to 5/23/2021 but because of the lockdown were unable to do so. LATAM has kept 70% of the price of the ticket for each member of our party (there are 4 of us). Every other entity gave a full refund except for LATAM. NOT our fault that the country went into lockdown. Find another airline to fly with or take the bus. The hoops you have to jump through to get a refund are arduous as well. I had to cancel one at a time, not the entire reservation. They will not refund to your credit card, only to your bank account. I filed for a refund yesterday and filled out their repetitious forms one-by-one and then they issue a travel voucher and then you have to go through the process again and give them your bank account information. NOT SECURE in my book. FLY with ANY OTHER airline but LATAM.
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Azores Airlines

13 April 2021 Guest
It's a nightmare to deal with the customer service, they lied about the information about my trip, and try to get a refund they wanted to charge more for their pocket, and I'm sure they do this to other people. thank God I had proof to back up my situation, lets make sure they treat people with respect, dignity, and honesty.
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Southwest Airlines

25 March 2021 Shirly
Description of Problem/Inquiry/Comment: On march 24th 2021 I was in my first flight nightmare. As I was requested, I was wearing a mask the whole flight. The only thing that happens is because the mask was big on me, it was sometimes under my nose, and I fix it immediately when the flight attendant asked me to. I was at the beginning of the plan, and somehow I was the only one she was looking for. My dog was under the seat in his bag, his head was out because he was barking since he has anxiety, she was telling me to put is head in and the other flight attendant said it's fine because he didn't let people sleep. When we landed, a manger name Julian Sanchez was waiting for me, telling me she is going to call the police if I'm not giving her my name, while the other flight attendant screaming "dirty jew" and lying saying I was treating her bad, when I never ever reached to her even once! The flight attendant clearly was racist to me, lying I refuse to wear a mask, when I never ever refused to wear a mask, people on the flight next to me can tell it!!! When I was asking julian Sanchez to get the flight attendant name, I've been refused by her, violating my right the file a complaint against this flight attendant, whome I think should leave the airline since she give it a really bad name! I never felt so ashamed and embarrassed. I called the customer service and they didn't want to tell me her name, like the manager Julian Sanchez told me to do. I find the flight attendant a layer, racist and very rude. I find myself powerless against a big company that won't care, and will do everything to protect their employees and names. If I had a video to document all what happened, everything was easier
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Bulgaria Air

24 March 2021 Guest
In a pandemic you would think that being in contact with less people is the goal and responsibility of every person/company /government. Apparently not for Bulgaria Air. Instead, they mix several flights to make sure you get in contact with as many people as possible... The day before they changed the flight - now it passed through Frankfurt to Sofia. Instead of a direct flight from Berlin of 2 hours, the flight took more than 4 hours. They did not inform us in any way about this, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the airport... This was because they combined a few flights, exposing us to people from two countries and minium 3 cities. Somehow, their statement in the beginning of the flight "We make everything we can to protect you from the virus." seems so empty and quire ironic in the view of the situation. The flight was packed so much that seat bookings overlapped with each other! I feel the need to compromise the safety of their passangers during pandemic just so they can win more money is absurd. Or if you will do it, don't even bother saying you actually care, because you clearly don't! If you have the option to travel with another company I would strongly recommend it! Bulgaria Air does not care about you.
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18 March 2021 Shawana afridi
Their customer care services are the worst services... in my whole air traveling history( national and international) I never ever faced such horrible experience. Yes.... My destination was Karachi n I reached on time there... at check in counter There was a long que before me when I needed to use restroom(as I was a expected mother and it's hard to hold).. so I asked their attendent... He said yes no prb I'm here... I assure again n bcz he was wearing an airblue uniform I left with satisfaction...and when I came back they said u r late... Also they have a limited facilities of rescheduling etc.. So Really... plz don't select them N why u have to if there is more better airline... Yea... Air Sial is offering much better services and regards U n prefer humans over rules n regulations.
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Wizz Air

26 February 2021 Guest
Never again ! Bookings are changed and you get FOOLED about refund amounts ! Any other company it would be called FRAUD !!
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22 February 2021 Guest
keep away the worst service of any you can not reach them by phone, chat or messaging on a Sunday does not even deserve one star
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18 February 2021 Judy Bolanos
Poor customer service! Management is a joke. Tried getting a refund in ins i purchased and Marcos Peralta would not refund. It was a flight Volaris ended up Cancelling. He is extremely unprofessional and said he has no one above him, Volaris needs to revamp their customer service! Corporate this is not good! Fix it! Consumer Beware! Save yourself money, time, and energy! Customer service is like talking to robots! No common sense!
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Air Arabia

09 February 2021 ajaycm
We booked ticket to new Delhi from Sharjah, booking made on 12th Jan 2020, for travel, 30th April 2020. . Flight was cancelled till 15th May 2020, due to COVID-19 lockdown. Marriage was performed without guests on ZOOM only. We requested Air Arabia for complete refund, but they emailed of credit to be used before 12-01-2021. other Indian airlines we booked from Delhi to Amritsar and back to Dubai, refunded even single paisa. we received full refund, without any deductions. This airline is very un-ethical and thriving on non-refunded funds. I forgot to use my refund 3/4 years back, they never called and never refunded money. Very very un-ethical working. Advise not to travel with them.
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Blue Bird Airways

08 February 2021 Steve
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! I booked a flight with them in Feb 2020, the flight got rescheduled twice, then finally cancelled in June. I contacted them about the refund multiple times. Guess what, I still haven't got any refund from them! It's Feb 2021!!!!
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Air Europa

25 January 2021 I hate Air Europa Airline
Hi Everyone, I hate Air Europa Airline, I had never ever seen such a bad management, Airline and Stuffs They loss my luggage before 6 months I had called them more then 50 times and send them more then 20 emails, but unfortunately they don't respect and solve the problems of there own customers, I don't know which kind of Airline is that ? and which kind of people's are they, I don't understand why they can't feel the situation of others ? The whole process of loss luggages is 28 days in there rules, but I am waiting for there payment which they told me we will pay your Amount of your loss luggages, I am waiting for there email since 6 months they are telling the same bulshits please wait, I really hate this word which they tell me everyday, I will never ever book again a flight in this crazy Airline with there crazy stuffs, please everyone don't book a flight in this Airline, that is honest advice to you all. Thanks
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Sunwing Airlines

19 January 2021 David Parker
I was on the second flight coming back under the new restrictions set by the Canadian government. When we arrived at our hotel we immediately set out to find our Sunwing rep to organize having the covid test done for our arrival home. He knew nothing about it, surprisingly, as sunwings head office is in Toronto, I would hope they would communicate the laws necessary to travel. After two days of asking the Rep to find the information necessary for us to return home, we spoke with a few people on our resort who flew with Air Canada, they had a bus set up to take them to a clinic to have the test done. We realized Sunwing was not interested in helping us, we took matters into our own hands. I contacted the emergency hotline at the embassy in Ottawa, they emailed me a list of clinics in the Dominican that provided the test necessary under the new Canadian travel laws. We took a cab to the one closest to us, where we had to get a prescription for the test, we were told to come back the next day for the test. We went back the next day and needed a stamp? And were told to come back again the next day for the test. We realized we were being taken for a ride. After making friends with our cab driver, we finally had a translator and after 4 days of running around we got the test. What a waist of our time. After paying for our own way to the airport, as we had to go get our test results. We quickly realized that the plane to Montreal that was supposed to leave hours earlier left without it's passengers. It was chaos, I travel with work, I'm on a plane every six days, and I have never seen anything like this. People shouting, laying on the ground, sleeping in wheel chairs, screaming at Sunwing reps. It was crazy!! As it turns out all of the information on the covid tests was written down inaccurately and Sunwing wouldn't accept it. The passport numbers were wrong, or the date of birth was wrong, or not even on it at all. Mine had my age but not birthdate (which is on my passport, and my passport number was correct making that a stupid and redundant argument). I called the doctor we used for the test, he quickly corrected the problem and emailed a new form, but then Sunwing wouldn't accept it because it wasn't printed? One Sunwing rep recommend that my girlfriend leave me because her information was ok but mine wasn't... Do you believe that!? Wtf!!! In the end they accepted our information but left dozens of people stranded, they just packed up and left, so unorganized, no announcements, nothing, didn't offer us a meal, a ride, not even a goodbye, nothing, they just up and left. The plane was almost empty, the flight attendant was not happy, but neither were any of us. I asked for a snack, after sitting on a tarmac for hours, she offered to sell me a sandwich. I declined. I never leave reviews like this, and I've never had a problem with Sunwing. But after watching Air Canada clients get there tests done without any issues, then watching them get on a plane without any issues, I had to say something. Sunwing was unorganized from the first second, I could go on, didn't email our confirmation, had no answers, didn't care about us. Etc. Etc. Our rep was happy to sell us an excursion, (which I would have loved to do if I wasn't spending my holiday running around to get a test) but could not care less about our safety or way home. I contacted sunwing to offer them a chance to rectify or at least explain. #540082 As I expected they basically told me they did nothing wrong and it was my fault. They took zero accountability, even lied to me in the email. Told me they gave me the information necessary, but I have an email from the Canadian embassy proving they did not. Sunwing did nothing, somehow nothing might have been better. I never thought I would be jealous of anyone flying Air Canada. I would love to have the 4-5 days of my hard earned holiday back, but sadly sunwings customer service is just like the trip they sold us, non-existent. I have attached a few pictures, one of the email I got from Canadian emergency services, one of the counter chaos I walked into and finally one of the security and the police called because of the chaos caused by Sunwing and its lack of organization.
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16 January 2021 Lionel Torres
Hi I m Lionel Torres passenger in Iberia flight IB6830 from Santiago Chile to London Heathrow my flight when from being a delate over 9 hrs. to being cancel I was taking after 10 hrs at airport to a hotel next day brought back to airport spend 5 hrs. standing in a queue for the girl at desk to tell me they had no conecto on from Madrid to London on the 13/1/2021 so back to hotel on the 14/1/2021 at last I was in the plane do to how busy they were due to back log of cancellation the staff was not professional handling bookings and luggage so I got to London when to collect my bag but has not arrived Numbers given at airport with a reference number that you have no one to complain to numbers given by Iberias web site are the same I will not recommend any one to use
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Thai Vietjet Air

22 December 2020 Traveler from Europe
Before the epidemic, I bought a ticket from Danang to Bangkok for $ 162. The flight was canceled in November, I asked for a refund citing the terms and condition, I have already written four letters but they dont want to pay. A terrible, incorrect airline! I would never travel with them and would not recommend it to anyone. They must be avoided by far!
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El Al

22 December 2020 Guest
My el al flight from South Africa to Tel Aviv was cancelled by the air line because of the corona virus. I submitted a request for a refund 6 weeks ago and am still waiting to get my money back. My family and I utilized the services of 4 other carriers during this journey and ALL of them issued refunds within days. The only problematic airline is El Al. Why?
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21 December 2020 Bilal
AVOID !!! Avoid this scam company at any cost. 130US$ for a typo in the name !!! And when I asked for a refund : 80 US$ "penalty" + you don't get your money back but a "voucher" to be used within a year on the same flight ... Real scam of a company. Save your time and money and avoid this disgusting airline.
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10 December 2020 Guest
scoot airline had the worst customer service, cannot fully refund the tickets to CC due to covid 19 and offer refund through voucher which valid for 3 month. voucher worth 20% of the ticket you spend.
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Privilege Style

02 December 2020 Guest
Hello, I am trying to get in contact with you regarding a scheduled deportation flight planned for tomorrow. This flight will deport over 20 men who have been in the UK for over 20 years. Between them, they have at least 30 children, who will be left without a father in the middle of a global pandemic and just before Christmas. This separation will be permanent. If you are running the flight, you are abusing human rights and causing huge distress to a number of people. I urge you to reconsider- the financial and social impact of your actions should you deport will be huge. Once people are aware of your legacy as a company that abuses people's human rights and runs racist and inhumane forced removals, I doubt many people will be obliged to travel with you. Many of these men have also been exposed to COVID-19 whilst in detention. It seems that you are committed to #healthfirst, and this flight undermines all work you have done to keep people safe. Please reconsider and make the right decision.
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Arik Air

18 November 2020 Welmer Gaiya
Today (18/11/20) was my first time following Arik and it left me with an unpleasant experience.. The passenger next to me was playing music from his phone out loud and what the air attendant do when I complained? Nothing!! He stood by and let the passenger increase the volume while throwing all manner of insults at me while acting crass, this is exactly what is wrong with Nigeria as a whole. Imagine if every passenger decides to turn their music on without earphones? Very annoying and rude..
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Eastar Jet

20 October 2020 Guest
I booked my tickets through and my flight was eventually cancelled in June due to COVID. Now we are in October and I am still waiting for my refund. In responding to my refund status inquiry in August, suggested me to wait patiently because they were also waiting for my refund from the airline. Since I can't find any customer service email information on Easter Jet website, there is no way for me to verify that. I don't plan to book any flight tickets with or EasterJet again.
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Oman Air

18 October 2020 Shahnaz
I had an extremely frustrating experience with Oman Air. On 4 Sep 2019, my daughter booked two online return tickets from Brisbane to Tehran and Tehran to Brisbane for my husband and I. Our flight to Tehran was on 24 December 2019 which was done with no issue. But our return flight was on 21 March 2020. Because of Coronavirus, I got an email from Oman air on 28 February 2020 that the flight was cancelled because of Coronavirus. As we had to return to Australia, and the flights from Tehran were to be restricted, we urgently purchased another flight and returned to Australia. I contacted Oman Air several times and was put on hold for more than two hours, with no answer at all. I sent an email to Oman Air and I got an automatic email on 28 of April 2020 that they received my refund request. And then on 7 of May 2020 I got another email that I should contact the site I have got the tickets. I contacted the site, but they declared that I should contact the airline. I emailed Oman Air again and on 8 of September I got another response that they could not refund. I know there is a crisis and I understand the situation well. But I suffered a lot of problems and extra expense to return home. It is neither fair nor reasonable to ignore my case. I request to be refunded of the flight which is cancelled by Oman Air or issued other flexible return tickets because international flights are not available from Australia currently. Oman Air has cancelled our flight and it is responsible for refunding or extending our tickets. But it does not accept its responsibly. I do not like to fly with such an irresponsible Airline that do not respect its customers right and I do not recommend it to anyone.
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Envoy Air

15 October 2020 Marcella Moody
Your Flight Attendance Yolanda Hawkins made my day, she was very professional and super friendly.
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Ural Airlines

29 September 2020 Guest
My fly was cancel due to covid but they do not pay back. The phone does not work any more. Afther fulling the form it says it will pay in 2 months does not true. Also they do no send a confirmation afther fulling the form. Do not go with this airline.
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Asiana Airlines

31 August 2020 Michelle
Worst experience ever . . . Poor customer service, rude n still havent refund my ticket yet like they had promised not too mention my luggages got lost too.
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19 August 2020 Guest
Horrible service, rude staff. We were left at the airport in Antalya .they didnt let us fly back to berlin even it was against the law.
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Air Cairo

16 August 2020 Guest
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Lion Airlines

10 August 2020 Vijay Fernandes
I had a Return Air Ticket on Lion air Thai Lion Air flight SL 0219 scheduled to depart from Mumbai, India (BOM) to Bangkok Donmueang, Thailand (DMK) on 30 Apr 2020 this was cancel due to Covid, I have mailed them and they told me they will refund the full amount, each time I have reminded them on refund status, there was reply saying all the refund are in process and then after sending reminder they stop replying. this has put the Lion Air Image in very bad, I hope the CEO read the mail and act on this.
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Jetstar Asia

04 August 2020 Guest
Wow! what type of airline is this! Can't reach any of staff from Jetstar. Nobody pick up the phone, no email reply at all.
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Air Transat

16 July 2020 L Watson
Don't book with Air Transat unless you wish to experience immense frustration from their random and routine changing of your booked flights by several days.This is the second time Ive booked with them and have had dates changed by as much as 3 days! First time, pre Covid, I was granted a refund as the Eco flight I booked ( as a scheduled flight) was changed resulting in shortening my European vacation/planned trip by 3 days. Now this second time I have rec'd 2 emails in 3 weeks shortening my Domestic trip at first by one day and now by 2 more days..I can only access a full refund ( so I can go and book on a more reliable airline!)! I have 2 weeks til I travel and at the rate of an email every week or so shortening my trip I wont have a vacation at all! I understand Covid times but they did this precovid as well..a credit is no help with an airline that I now have zero confidence in. I have flown with them previously and experienced great service/food etc on the flight..but I can't tolerate,nor should a business continue to be able to function, when it is as unreliable to this significant degree.
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14 July 2020 Guest
RYANAIR !!! - Cheap - but NOT cheerful. Be very careful before confirming any bookings - because once you pay, these Irish fraudsters have got you by the short and curlies. It is all take and no give for any errors or changes. Unscrupulous, un-sympathetic, scheming and devious airline.
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13 July 2020 An American Visitor
This is a pathetic excuse for a commercial business which masquerades as an international airlines. I live in Orlando and called the 800 reservations number this morning. Their time of opening is 08:30 but after 3 calls got some one at 08:40 AM only to be put on hold by the agent who then disconnected the call. Bought two reservations about three weeks ago to fly at 08:15 PM on July 03 and July 17. On July 03, we showed up to the airport only to be told there was no flight - we never received any communication. I am currently on hold once again waiting for someone to tell me whether there is flight on Friday 07/17 at 08:15 PM. Just got disconnected again by an agent. This is a joke - customer service is non-exist - the agents come across as if they would rather be somewhere else. The Bahamas is hurting for tourism dollars and this is the way they are treating folks from the Us. I plan to file a complaint with the FAA.
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Turkish Airlines

02 July 2020 Guest
Forget about customer service, all lines are busy or no answer. Iif you are lucky enough to get to a customer service agent you'll have a rude uncooperative one and totally forget to get a refund even if the flight is cancelled by them. Ignore the low prices, the problems will make you pay way more.
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01 July 2020 Guest
My fiance and family had booked a flight (with trip insurance) for our wedding which was going to happen in Mexico. We showed up at the airport ready to go and they told us the flight was cancelled. We didn't receive any phone calls, emails, or texts about the flight being cancelled but just the airport told us when we got there. The next day we were on the phone arguing for about 2 hours and then we were told we would receive a full refund in 8-10 weeks for the cancelled flight. Eventually we received an email that Interjet denied our request to process a refund for the "non-refundable ticket(s) since it does not meet the current refund exception policy." I am very upset by the lack of communication with the cancelled flight, the back and forth conflicting information regarding the refund, the useless trip insurance, and paying over $1500 USD to Interjet for doing absolutely nothing.
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Royal Jordanian Airlines

18 June 2020 Gerard LAINE
Just THE WORST COMPANY ON EARTH !!! > they cancel your flight > they are unable to offer you a replacement flight, whereas they belong to "Oneworld" association, like other companies that still fly, > they are unable to tell you when they will fly again (or they give you 3 different dates on the same day!) > they (try) to refuse a refund, when they are forced to do so by law, > they "offer" you what they call a "free rebook", asking you to pay 73% extra, ...and most importantly, most of the time, they dont even respond to your messages (less than 15%), And when they do, they dont respond to anything! Why do I have to rate them 1/5, when they deserve a 3 ...below 0? Run away from this company!
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