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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Philippine Airlines

28 September 2023 Guest
Philippine Airlines is not suitable for passengers with special needs, particularly Persons With Disabilities (PWD). My son has a disability that necessitates the use of a specialized wheelchair for mobility. With other airlines, upon arrival, the special mobile chair is typically waiting outside the aircraft door. However, PAL consistently fails to coordinate this with the ground crew. This issue occurred when we arrived at Manila NAIA Terminal 1, where the special chair was transported directly to the carousel. We had to create a scene to have the chair brought to the door because their available wheelchairs are not suitable for PWD passengers, as most of them lack seat belts. The same situation arose on their domestic flight when we arrived in Roxas City, and again when returning on the flight to San Francisco. We were forced to use an unsafe wheelchair. Despite our efforts to communicate with the front desk and flight crew, we received no assistance. If you have a family member who requires a special mobile chair, I strongly discourage using PAL for Special Needs PWD passengers. They lack knowledge of the necessary accommodations. We usually choose Eva Air, where we have had no communication problems. Our experience with PAL was a one-time occurrence due to a family emergency.
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Royal Air Maroc

28 September 2023 Guest
Il y a 6 mois, mes bagages sont arrivés sérieusement endommagés et avec des objets manquants. J'ai immédiatement formulé une réclamation (référence : 1345805775), espérant que la situation serait résolue rapidement. Après deux longs mois, la compagnie a finalement accepté de me rembourser partiellement. Cependant, cela fait maintenant 4 mois que je fais des pieds et des mains pour obtenir une compensation complète. J'ai envoyé près de 60 relances par mail et par téléphone, mais à ma grande déception, le silence règne. Aucune réponse, aucun suivi, rien. C'est une négligence totale du service client. Ce manque de professionnalisme et d'engagement envers la satisfaction du client est inacceptable. J'espère sincèrement que cette évaluation servira de rappel pour améliorer votre service client et éviter de futurs problèmes similaires pour d'autres voyageurs.
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Silver Airways

28 September 2023 Guest
If I could give this airline a negative I would. I have had the worst experience with this airline. I drove 5 hours from Texas to catch a flight from New Orleans to Jacksonville, FL only to sit in the airport for 5 hours because the flight was delayed twice. Then when it was time to board the plane they told my family and I the flight was overbooked.. We were going for a family members funeral service. Needless to say we never made it. As I am coming to write this review I have found others have had the same experience with this airline Im not sure how they are still in business. Do yourselves a favor dont fly with this airline I only gave it a star because I had to.
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Privilege Style

27 September 2023 Keith white
Flew back from Budapest yesterday supposed to be Aer lingus but was privilege what a kip of a plane my seat was hanging off 29 a if anyone from privilege bothers reading reviews and cold air didnt work overhead the plans was roasting no room tostrech legs it was a total disgrace
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Vueling Airlines

27 September 2023 Guest
We flew back from Lanzarote to Paris Orly via Barcelona but our bags were lost on the way. After filling out the relevant paperwork and informing Vueling that we would only be in Paris for ! night they attempted to deliver the bags the day after we left Paris for London. Now over a month later and a number of phone calls and 2 service agents admitting they delivered the bags to our Paris hotel after we had left they still have not delivered our bags to us. Also every time we call we are told they "will send an email to the airport", which they will NOT give us a copy of, and also tell us there is no supervisor or above that can speak English so there is no-one else we can speak to and tell us "This is all we can do". I can not believe that this is how a company can run its customer service! No communication, no attempt to rectify the situation and no offer of compensation because on the company system the bags have been delivered and the case is CLOSED! If this is the amount of care they take with their customer service its scary to think how much do they care about the servicing of their planes.
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North Cariboo Air

27 September 2023 Ryan
I had a family member who worked as a vendor for North Carobou air Edmonton, for a few years. The disrespect the north caribou company showed them was appalling. Months of not paying their bills, the lack of communication, and even the ineptitude to understand the contract and scope of work that was agreed on! That, however was nothing compared to the blatant disrespect they showed the staff time and time again. I refuse to write the name of the individual from Caribou in charge of managing (for lack of better words) this vendor as I dont believe it is right to publicly shame them, however North caribou should be alarmed and ashamed they allow a person like this to represent them. As a professional myself with 16 years in management experience there should be no place in any business for people like this, nor for companies to tolerate this, especially in this day and age. For shame North Caribou.
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26 September 2023 Ria
Extremely dissappointed!!!! Egypt Air was late again from Luxor and therefore we missed our flight to South Africa. We landed at 23:00 local time and it is now 23:44 and Im still waiting for my luggage? The belt has not even begin to move?? The didnt offer the slightest assistance after the ground floor promised to see if the can allocate my luggage and said that they will call to hold our plane. Check in refused to wait even thought we only fly out at 00:10? Ridiculous
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26 September 2023 GuestOP
My experience with AirAsia was nothing short of a complete disappointment. In all honesty, I can confidently declare it as the absolute worst airline in Asia and, without a doubt, the most abysmal airline I've ever had the misfortune of using. The level of ineptitude displayed by their customer service was nothing short of astonishing. For the sake of your sanity and travel enjoyment, I implore you, dear fellow travelers, to exhaust all other possibilities and explore alternative airlines before even contemplating the regrettable decision of flying with AirAsia.
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British Airways

25 September 2023 Guest
British Airways is the worst airline in my 40 years of flying! Most recent trip I missed my connection because the Air Belgium crew was an hour late to the airport. BA outsources the Chicago London flights to Belgium Air. The Belgian crew show up in a casual way an hour late and never once apologized for being an hour late. Why do I have to be to the airport 2 hours before my flight but they can be an hours late?!?! On top of that they lost my luggage and it has never been found! Horrible airline!!! Never Fly them!
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Air Arabia

24 September 2023 Margaret
I enjoyed my flight 735 from NBO -SHJ on 22/9/23. I loved how cabin sup Mr Eric was interacting with the passenger , very helpful , excellent communication skills, customer service,very kind and also how he displayed team work with his colleagues, Crew Marites, salma so kind as well ,very jovial , amazing smile while interacting with passengers on board , The entire trip was amazing.. Thanks alot to Mr Eric cabin supervisor and your team for making our trip awesome. Regards to Air Arabia for good ethics you have instilled to your crews
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Wizz Air

24 September 2023 Guest
Worst airline ever. Do not fly. Their customer service or lack thereof is appalling, and quite frankly disgusting. Theyre a bunch of scam artists and try to milk you for every single cent they can. Theyre just incredibly rude and unhelpful, if you try calling them theyre good for nothing. Flying with two children and they made us pay around 180 to check in as we were unable to do so online, plus 65 euros extra for the suitcase. Just disgusted by the lack of help and courtesy.
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24 September 2023 Guest
I have taken ticket from Delhi to Kazan for my son, he was going first time for higher education in Kazan Russia. Total allowed baggage 40 kg plus 7 kg, we checked weight before leaves our home, In airport weight checking it was 4 kg more, and they ask to remove excess weight or pay money per kg 2300 rs. Then my son requested to remove at the counter near, they not allowed and ask him to go again queue, he was in the same queue last one hour, again they rejected his request and he stood last in the queue. He was removed nearly 3 kg and again reached counter after 1 hour, because too much rush was there and only two counters are open, all the staff are very rude to handle customers we noticed, This time he allocated another counter and they says same 4 kg more you have to pay, we explained all no one accepted and behave non cooperative way, and he paid 8900 rs for 4 kg. He was too upset and even he don't have enough money to pay. I kindly request to senior management to investigate this issue and take a remedial action not to repeat with any customers or students in future.
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Sky Express

24 September 2023 Guest
After more than an hour delay, I get to the gate and my seat number (pre-booked online) has been changed from an aisle seat to a middle because some idiot at their check in decided that it would fine so that a family of 3 could sit together, after complaining to the ground staff, I was told the aircraft had changed?! When I pointed out to him that nothing had changed, it's still the same type, he just looked at me stupidly. I thought I would give this airline another chance, NEVER AGAIN!!!!
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23 September 2023 Alice
Lufthansa is cheating when selling tickets and then does dot respect their own commitments. Today they forced people to put their handmade in the baggage compartment even if there was a lot of empty space in the cabin. Rude staff at the gate in Frankfurt, talking down to passengers even though he himself has forgotten to update information on the screen. My recommendation - avoid if you can.
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WestJet Airlines

22 September 2023 Guest
We won't fly West Jet again. I purchased 5 non-refundable tickets from Flighthub for a family trip from Calgary to St. John's. My daughter was unfortunately unable to make it. I called Flighthub to see if it was possible to get a future credit for my daughter's flight, but because of the type of ticket we purchased, it was not possible to get a credit (we were aware that we could not get a refund). So, we paid for 5 tickets for 4 people. On the flight to St.John's I checked my daughter in to ensure we would get the seat we paid for (we told them at the last minute she wasn't coming). On the return flight I was not given the opportunity to check-in for my daughter's seat because she was no longer on the check-in list. I spoke to the agent at check-in and told her that we had paid for an extra ticket and would like 2 of us to be seated together with three empty seats. She said normally she would be able to accommodate my request, but the flight was very full. When we boarded the plane, we noticed 6 empty seats at the very back. We spoke to a flight attendant who said the agent should have been able to seat us there and that was her job. He said nevertheless he would see if we could free those seats for us. He returned to say that unfortunately the flight attendants were unable to make inflight seat re-arrangements and that I should call WestJet for a refund. I just got off the phone with WestJet after being haughtily told that WestJet is sorry for the misinformation provided by their staff, but because the tickets we purchased were basic and because we didn't pay for seat selection (which wasn't an option for our tickets!!) they will not give us credit for the return flight. I understand they didn't HAVE to accommodate our request, but because we paid for an extra seat, wouldn't it have been the right thing to do to accommodate our request (the seats were empty!)? We won't fly WestJet again.
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Aerolineas Argentinas

22 September 2023 38 , ((( ...
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GOL Transportes Aereos

22 September 2023
Good airline company, and this loyalty program 'Smiles' is the best!))
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Blue Bird Airways

22 September 2023 Shahar Gindi
This so called low cost airline is all about scamming people and getting more money on the size and weight of the bags we bring on the plane. This not service, it's a cat and mouse game where the blue bird employees have a poor attitude
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21 September 2023 Ilayda
Condor literally has just stolen 150 euro by their luggage info trick. In our ticket, it is written 8 kg could be taken but when you go to the details of this info, they mean actually it has to be hand luggage.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anyway we had to pay 150euro for our 8 kg luggages because they were not hand luggage but they were 8 kg. Not sure how can you put 8 kg in hand luggage though 🤣
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20 September 2023 GuestPassager
Dont fly with these airlines. We are stuck in The Bahamas for almost 2 hours without AirCondition. The Crew just dont care. They are the worst 😡😡 Zero rate
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19 September 2023 Guest
Delayed going destination by an hour. Flight cancelled upon return. Took a later flight and got delayed again. 3 flights in a span of a week. 2 delays 1 cancellation. 1 star
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17 September 2023 Jem winston
Booked a flight through cheapoair on winair. The flight was cancelled by the airline. Cheapoair and winair refused to refund. That's the same as theft. Disgusting that this company can get away with theft so easily. Date of experience: September 04, 2023
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Brussels Airlines

15 September 2023 Emma
Brussels Airlines cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their tickets without penalty within 24 hours of booking. No cancellation fee will be charged. However, airfare fees, optional payment fees, and travel insurance fees are not refundable. A 24-hour risk-free window is open for both refundable and non-refundable tickets.
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Turkish Airlines

15 September 2023 Guest
No point to even bother with writing feedback on TURKISH AIRLINES website. The employees are all trained to not give any compensation, and know that 99 percent of passengers will never sue them. This is an official policy at TA. They even have official quotes on their screens they use to all costumers lol Like: "I cannot see any progress on this call, I will hang up!" And they suddenly hang up! It's funny because all employees usually speak terrible English, but use the same few lines! Even if an employee wants to help, they can't! This is really because at their top management level they figured out the best way to deal with all claims, and trained each employee to have basically zero power.
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Air Senegal

14 September 2023 GuestIra Cunningham
I'm In Banjul Gambia after a flight Aug 22 & my Luggage Is Still Missing. I'm Getting No Help From Air Senegal In Locating My Luggage It Would Be Helpful If You Would Contact Me. You Took MY Money For My Fare & Lost My Luggage! Shame On You & Your Bad Customer Service! Contact Me Or Answer My Inquiries! 🤬😡😠👎🚫
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American Airlines

11 September 2023 Rob
American Airlines: Absolute disrespect and disregard for their customers. I flew American Airlines from Boise to Phoenix. We left late. The flight attendant said they were waiting for 2 people. Once the 2 people showed up we didn't leave. The pilot stated on the intercom that the flight was overbooked and they were waiting for 4 people to argue it out for the 1 empty seat. Once the final person was on, we left. Again, we were now late leaving Boise. We were scheduled to leave at 1:48 and the doors closed at 2:04, left about 5 minutes later. We were scheduled to arrive at 2:54 arrived at 2:58, so the pilot made up much of the time. We got to the gate at 3:03. I was off the plane by 3:11. I ran from gate A2 to gate A22. It's a much larger trek than it seems since it's a different arm of the terminal. I'm 65 and have COPD so this run was very difficult, but I am still pretty fast. I heard my name over the intercom as I ran so I just kept running. By the time I got to the gate, I was breathless and couldn't speak. The door to the tarmac was closed, but they opened it and I ran 3/4 down the tarmac before they shut the door to the plane. I collapsed on the tarmac out of breath from the run. My flight was scheduled to leave Phoenix at 3:22 and it left at 3:17. So they not only didn't they wait for me to make the connection, they left early. They could wait for people in Boise and make us all late, but left 5 minutes early and couldn't wait 1 second for me in Phoenix What absolute disrespect and disregard for their customers.
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LATAM Airlines

10 September 2023 Night
Hello, I just want to mention that you're mostly the worst airline in the whole world. Your applications don't work and integrate with each other. The customer support agents are so limited that they're unable to help and are just there to apologize and say we're sorry, nothing can be done. Same reservations aren't given seat together, the app doesn't let you change your flight timings and you've to call for the same, and the charges are different for both. The reservation code isn't sent and you've to spend time calling LATAM to get the details. There are an insane more reasons where LATAM doesn't have the tools to work for the convenience of the customer, the only reason LATAM is booked by people is because there isn't any alternative, on a world scale, no one would opt for this. Hope this leads you to improve things.
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10 September 2023 Margo
Worst airline. I bought my ticket 6 months in advance and when I arrived 3 hours before the flight to the airport they have told me they oversold the flight and it is unknown whether I will be able to fly. I have a dog in a dog hotel that I need to pick up and the owners leave for holidays and there is no one that can pick up my dog. Ladies at the check in didnt seem to care that my dog may end up on the street. Never flying with this airline again. Unrespectful and only interested in earning money. How can you interfere with peoples lives this way - they oversell by 10% - imagine! Traveling should be an enjoyable experience you look forward to - I definitely am not enjoying the stress of not knowing my and my dogs situation for another hour. DONT FLY Avianca
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VietJet Air

09 September 2023 Guest
I swear if there's zero star I will put one of the worstever airline very bad service they treat you bad The chasing you to be extra money I travelled from Tokyo to bali very bad extra
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LOT Polish Airlines

05 September 2023 Susan
The worst experience in my life. Do not EVER fly with LOT they are scammers and crooks! We booked a trip with a Canadian travel agent. 1. We were charged over 500$ for the luggage on the counter. They claimed that the ticket didnt include luggage-fee. Not true. We were entitled for the luggage. It was a full standard ticket. 2. Their prices for selecting and pre-booking a seat are 3 times more expensive than with any orher airline, for example KLM. 3. The staff is super arrogant and unprofessional. They act as if they do you a favour just by doing their job. 4. On the flight back to Stockholm, they literally switched off the air conditioning on board. We were almost suffocating (to save on gas, I believe). 5. Every flight-trip was way LONGER than estimated. 30-40 minutes longer than the time mentioned on the tickets. 6. There are lots of hidden payments and issues with everything. Even one person got poisoned from their food. 7. LOT/ Polish airlines personal is the most ridiculous unsafe unfriendly Ive met in my life (I traveled to over 80 countries).
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03 September 2023 Guest
To all of you lovely people who have had or are having dealings with this awful company, unworthy of any praise whatsoever. This is just to warn you that yesterday, we finally received the due compensation for our 11 hour delay on 11th August 2022.....yes that's right.....over a year ago! This whole process became a mission not to allow Albashite Airlines to get out of paying us, because that is exactly what they will try to do. Please everyone, hang in there and don't accept their lies, for they will change the goalposts every step of the way. Fortunately, two of our fellow passengers from the same flight received their money three months ago and their payment was accompanied by an email from an employee. They kindly gave us the email address and we bombarded this person over the past 6 weeks. It must have helped us, so if you'd like to take our advice and continue your complaints, it is silviadotarcadiatalbastardotes (😉) - I believe the company has its HQ in Palma de Mallorca. I believe the CEO is Michael Harrington. Good luck to you all and please please keep battling on!
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InterCaribbean Airways

03 September 2023 Guest
I'll delay my trip before ever flying with this useless company. We're waiting in Barbados 4 hours so far for a plane with no explanation, update, solution. Nothing just sitting here frying and waiting. Never want to see their logo again.
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Thai AirAsia

02 September 2023 Ng
AirAsia auto seat assign system really SUCKS. I booked flight from SG to CNX together with my wife and our seats has been assigned far apart. I will not choose AirAsia again in all my future trips to any destination and will also inform my family and friends not to book this airline. Rating to this airline is 0-
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Air Corsica

02 September 2023 Golnar Raissi
Incompétent airline with worst customer service ever.
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Sunwing Airlines

30 August 2023 Guest
Terrible airline !!!!! Disorganized , has no information when needed and does not communicate delays .
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Frontier Airlines

29 August 2023 Guest
Late last year. Had flight from DFW to Cincy on a Monday. They delayed 2 times then cancelled. They offered a seat the following Friday, but I had people driving from Indiana to Kentucky (CVG).So I found a seat on American to Cincy for $500, 5 hours later. Eventually, Frontier did reimburse me $300. I won't use them, but My wife found a deal From DFW to Cincy round trip for $198 - Frontier a bad feeling.... Yep, Delayed on the way up and back. Whole day wasted. My 2 cents worth - Use a reputable carrier. - sometimes a good deal is NOT a good deal.
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Jetstar Airways

29 August 2023 Guest
Online booking system didn't work, they didn't tell me what gate I needed to go to and then bagage weight officer racially discriminated against me. I will never again fly jetstar, thank goodness bonza is here to pick up their slack.
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27 August 2023 Guest
DO NOT BOOK WITH THESE THIEVES. I had a medical emergency and needed to refund my flight. They asked me for a 40% additional cash penalty to qualify for a "voucher" for the flight cost. To add a little more pain, the voucher ony lasts for 12 months.
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26 August 2023 Guest
It's not Easyjet; it's more like Horriblejet. They seem to be robbing people with extra charges for luggage. They charged me extra, claiming my luggage didn't fit a box due to the wheels, even though it's within the smallest size allowed (45x36x20). They mentioned I needed a certain pass to avoid these charges. Each luggage cost me 58, and their customer service is terrible. Not to mention, their flights are consistently delayed.
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25 August 2023 Hichem
Antalya airport Flight Antalya to dubai Check in desk N : 135 Time 10 pm 2 stupid starters ladies laughing and taking 1 hour with costumers , didnt care about the long queue they created , rudely asking us to pay 20 euros because we didnt do the online check in , Sunexpress is responsible about it because the system was down !!!!!! Im sure it was on purpose to make people paying The ladies doesnt understand English and refused to give is the boarding pass Stupid and unprofessional, irresponsible 2 hours delay btw Date of experience: August 25, 2023
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Rutaca Airlines

25 August 2023 Guest
Four hours delayed and we can't leave yet.
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Fly Jordan

23 August 2023 Guest
Delay of 5.30 hours from Istanbul to Amman Ticket says flight at. 6.45 Tuesday Flight delayed to 11 pm ( we were informed the day before) Flight delayed to. 1 am Wednesday (we were informed on the same departure day at 5 pm) Airport Screen shows departure at 1.50 am Flight left Istanbul at 2.20 am (Wednesday)
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Flair Airlines

21 August 2023 K. Aggett
Flair airlines refused valid Canadian government health card renewal document and would not allow my 70 year old disabled husband to board a Canadian flight to return home to Ontario from a family wedding in Calgary. Two seniors left abandoned in Calgary airport.
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18 August 2023 Saurab
Eurowings is the worst - stay away 2 staff in dusseldorf Airport Natasha Brenes Flight got cancelled in Heathrow Airport for 1.5 hours to dusseldorf airport. Then we missed the connecting flight to monte negros. Instead of booking an alternative flight to Monte Negro, they sent us back to the UK. My family got nepali passport where transit visa isn't needed if the final destination doesn't require one. Firstly the blonde Lady lied to us saying we cannot use any other transit where the border police said we can. Secondly, when I asked why don't the euro wings book us a flight to monte negro via Istanbul which was departing later on, she said said that her colleague doesn't want to, but we can book the same flight with our own money. Thirdly, with their incompetency and lack of professionalism, the blonde woman had the guts to say to us that she's been working for us for the past hour like she is doing a favour to us. She works for the company ' Euro wings ' getting paid to do the job and accommodate us the customers of Euro Wings in the best way on any circumstances or unless they don't take money from us in the first place.
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Azores Airlines

18 August 2023 Guest
Flight delayed, one day of holidays spent in the airport, customer service non-existent - no country / island is worth dealing with this airline.
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Delta Air Lines

17 August 2023 David Williams
This is the worst company around, as a long time flyer of delta and a platinum member for many years I was shocked when recently we boarded the plane from salt lake heading Atlanta final destination of south bend IN. Just before closing the boarding door the gate agent came aboard and said the plane was over sold and 11 people had to give up their seats or the plane wouldnt leave. After all the on and off I was delayed and missed my connection. I wasnt offered a hotel food nothing and was rebooked standby for coach (I was first class) the next day at 315. Delta wont let you talk to customer service who can make things happen you can only email. I guess this is because they are no longer a company that cares about the customer
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Etihad Airways

14 August 2023 Guest
I am tavelng aud to say Singapore staff is very slow waiting hall is very hot no manage well Airarbia airline staff and service is much better then ethihad
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Spirit Airlines

14 August 2023 Peter E.
Honestly, I wish there was a rating lower than one star available for this sucky airline!! We never had an issue flying with our backpacks until 8/12/23.they finally decided it was a brilliant idea to charge $99 at the gate per oversized baggage!! Guess what idiots!! Were never flying with spirit ever again!! LOSERS!!!!!!
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Air Transat

12 August 2023 Guest
Terrible airline, was on hold for 3.5 hours talked to someone got put back on hold for 30 minutes just to get hung up on. dont fly with them. id give negative stars if i could
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LATAM Colombia

12 August 2023 J S
If I could rate the service of this company in numbers, I would give it a -10 and no less than zero stars. On August 11,2023 I traveled through LATAM airlines flight 4402 to connect my connection in Miami on an international flight. My odyssey began when I arrived at the El Dorado airport in Bogota to check in. The number of passengers, the chaos, disorder was like a movie. Very few airport staff do not have the training and even to my surprise almost no one speaks English. Continuing with my checking, it could not be done electronically, so I was redirected to the counters personally. When entering the checking line we had an average of 20 people with only 2 people from customer service. I asked a LATAM employee why you were waiting and if there was no staff for international passengers to attend to them directly. He replied NO, that the same waiting line was for national and international passengers. I explained to him that in my opinion it was not right and the ticket costs were different (obviously the international tickets were more expensive) and in the case of connections they were more harmful for me. He told me that he couldn't do anything. My ODYSSEY really started there since when I checked my luggage and the lady at the counter told me that my luggage had exceeded 20 Kilograms (approximately 40 pounds) and that I had to pay the excess. I answered that the suitcase had already been paid for at the place of origin in the United States and that I did not understand why I had to pay for it again. The lady from LATAM told me that I only had it for 10 pounds and OH my surprise when she told me that I have to pay an extra US$177.00 if I wanted to send it with my flight. I decided not to do it and tried to talk to a supervisor who never showed up and shone by his absence. When checking the prices of the suitcases on the website, costs between US$ 14 and up to US$ 25 appear on domestic flights but nothing is indicated for international flights. No one gave me an answer to what happened, so I filed a complaint on the LATAM website. In addition, the cabin service was of poor quality since there is no empathy or sympathy with the flight employees, low quality food and low communication too. My conclusion, if this review is of any use, do not travel with this airline since its service It is terrible, unprofessional and the only thing they want is your money. backpackers
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