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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

InterCaribbean Airways

23 May 2024 Trevor Harrison
Despite arriving 4 hours early in Antigua following our transatlantic flight we were told the plane to Tortola had been downgraded and there was no room for us. As OAPs we were completely abandoned and given no assistance whatsoever to arrange overnight accommodation. Although clearly the airlines fault we were told by the Antigua ground staff that the airline doesnt observe international aviation law and we had no rights whatsoever. Moreover we were told the ground staff belong to an agency so it was nothing to do with them. No phone number for the airline and despite repeated e mails to customer service and the MD Trevor Sadler we havent even received an acknowledgement let alone payment of our USD 460 in out of pocket costs. On the return journey we checked into the flight at the first opportunity and printed off bar coded boarding cards. On arrival at Tortola airport very early we were told theyre useless and again the plane had been downgraded. My wife repeatedly explained we had a connecting flight to London and eventually her powers of persuasion won the day and we could board the flight after all. And there were 3 empty seats on the plane !!! I wonder what that was all about ??? My worst experience in 65 years of flying, and Im a pilot !!!
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21 May 2024 Geno htown
The worst of the worst . You can't count on this airplane company for shit. They rescheduled my flight twice.. The worst customer service ever. And you know the old saying :" you get what you pay for ?" Horrible
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WestJet Airlines

21 May 2024 Lawrence Udeozor
Michelle Daniels - YYZ She was really nice and a great staff
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18 May 2024 Guest
Bad airline fly Dubai Never respect clients. Every time delay And if I buy paid sits then when fly start they allowed people sit free in paid sits So I paid and other sit free in a paid sits. Trust me this airline are no use Nobody control it
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Wizz Air

18 May 2024 Guest
Worst travelling experience ever. I was on urgent mission for three days. Left Abu Dhabi to Cairo with no problem. On the way back, from Sphinx airport, no Check in machine and no WiFi to connect to through my mobile. They just checked me in without warning that there is charge for airport check in. While leaving to passport check, the crew called me back took hold of my passport and boarding pass and asked me for charge fees for check in service which was half the ticket price. Nightmare experience. Sincere advice, avoid this company, you may get cheap flight but you will regret it at the end and you would feel very humiliated
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LOT Polish Airlines

14 May 2024 Malwina
The website and the app are dreadfull. Some functionalities doesn't work and that's it.
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Air India

07 May 2024 Ram
In April 20254, I took a Non-stop flight to DEL from SFO. This flight is 15hrs 45 minutes and had 3 toilets out of order. In-flight entertainment was broken in 75% or more of the seats. Individual reading lights were also not working. Seat-back trays on which you place food was cracking. My theory is that Indian crew possibly prefers janitors back in India to clean toilets and so possibly locks them as out of order if clogged or dirty. This is just conjecture, but could explain why 3 toilets were not working at the same time.
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07 May 2024 Mohammad Fini
I booked a flight from London to Ankara directly. My flight was cancelled to a different flight and indirect, which I wasn't happy with.
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Porter Airlines

07 May 2024 Guest
Two hours before departure and NO CHECK-IN AGENT AT AIRPORT - so no boarding pass. And no flight. Unable to check-in online (tried for hours before flight to no avail - error message: "You are early. Web checkin begins 24 hours before...). Ok, so let's check-in at the airport. Nope - unable to check-in with self-serve kiosk there - directed to "see agent." But again - THERE IS NO AGENT AT THE AIRPORT. Customer service on phone said I was checked as a no-show, that I would have been called at the gate but how would I even get there - through security - without a boarding pass. All customer service wanted to do on the phone was try to book a new flight - for $800! While my flight was still an hour and a half from taking off! No accountability. Oh, sure, you can fill out their feedback form and wait a month for a response (this was my experience when trying to prevent my 23,000 points from expiring - surprise - their response came after they expired!). Just look online at all the Porter reviews - they are overwhelmingly bad and mostly have the same thing to say: issues with boarding flight; inability to get boarding pass; bad customer service that takes no accountability; delays (the on-going delay with my flight - the one I had, at this point 2 hours and 20+ minutes still to catch) was was due to "shortage of ground crew/category: controllable." Customer service on phone (Nicole ID 5975) made up stories about check-in time that do not align with actual Porter Policy (i.e. there is no check-in time close, only online close 60-minutes prior to flight, but nothing about checking in at airport). When you see this many issues repeated you know to steer clear.
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07 May 2024 Sia.S
It is the most terrible airline ever!!!! Yesterday 05.05.2024 at 1 p.m in the afternoon my daughter and I were supposed to fly to Istanbul. But I was not allowed to do this, because discover airlines ( the airline of the Lufthansa group) said that I did not have a visa to visit this country with my Kazakh passport. Since our stay was supposed to be 45 days. They said that I could only stay in Turkey for 30 days without a visa with my Kazakh passport and discover airlines didn't let me board my flight When we called the hotline, they told us that these rules are dictated by the Turkish Embassy. Today we called the Turkish embassy and they told us that the visa-free period for citizens of Kazakhstan to stay in Turkey is 90 days!!!!! About their service: I'll add that we waited on the Lufthansa hotline to reschedule our tickets for 2 hours!!!! 2 hours of waiting only to be told that next time we should call earlier I do not advise anyone to fly with these terrible airlines with the most terrible service! Shame on you Lufthansa & Discover airlines
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Frontier Airlines

06 May 2024 Guest
Boarded late, plane got here late, after boarding plane say there for 2 hours with no update then they said they were waiting for the paper soon mechanic an hour ago after they sent the delay schedule were still way behind that
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Nesma Airlines

02 May 2024 Guest
They cancelled our flight last minute and were forced to book a very (very) expensive flight to get home. On top of that, they delayed our refund for months and we had to call/email over 20 times to get them moving. Such airlines should not be allowed to operate by the Egyptian governoment.
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Air Senegal

30 April 2024 Guest
I just returned from Senegal on 24 April 2024 on Air Senegal. Maybe they are reading the reviews and making positive changes because I didn't have ANY issues at all. I flew RT from JFK to Senegal and both of my flights were red eye flights. The food was delicious, the flights were on time, the plane was not crowded so everyone was able to stretch out and get comfortable to rest. The plane was quiet and peaceful so I slept the entire way until breakfast was served.
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Privilege Style

30 April 2024 HO whistle blower
Despite regular deportation flights taking off each week, public consciousness of the UKs deportation planes in 2022 was dominated by one which never took off: Privilege Styles scheduled flight from Boscombe Down MOD to Kigali, Rwanda. Investigations revealed that the people forced onto that plane were physically attached to their seats with waist restraint belts by Mitie guards who used pain-inducing techniques to stop them self-harming as a way to resist their expulsion. The Privilege Style crews may have heard, if not directly witnessed, this torture, but still appeared willing to take off nonetheless. Luckily this flight was halted by an eleventh-hour intervention by the European Court of Human Rights, and no other has been scheduled while the UKs policy to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is undergoing legal challenges in the courts. Same happens every week with deportation and repatriation flights to Albania which hold mostly non criminals as well as people convicted for crimes.
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30 April 2024 Michael
We had business tickets with Lufthansa. Empty middle seat, 2 hand luggages and food and drinks. The stewardess said she had no information about my meals and asked for proof that I paid for it. Yeez, thats a conversation you dont want to have in the air. Priority boarding, space for hand luggage didnt exist. After 40 minutes she is coming back and offering canned chicken or canned meat. No explanation. We paid for Sent complaint to Lufthansa and the excuse and apology was ok but totally wrong conclusion about the service they offered.
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Air Arabia

29 April 2024 Guest
NEVER AIRARABIA AGAIN! My flight was 30437 14 April 18:00 pm Casablanca to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. I bought cabin luggage and a 20 kg baggage allowance. And my Samsonite cabin baggage, which complies with international standards, was not taken on the plane and I was made to pay extra 800 dirhams. First of all, these cabin baggages have international cabin baggage standard certificates. IHAVE INTERNATIONAL STANDARD CERTIFICATE OF MY LUGGAGE!! Secondly, At Casablanca airport, airarabia employees behave unethically and discriminate against people.They did not accept my cabin baggage, but 3-4 different people's luggage of the same size was taken inside without paying an extra fee. This is UNETHICAL AND DISCRIMINATION. You can see the the other's baggages photos on attach. You can see attached photos of 2 different baggages at the plane gate. Then how can these Moroccon people go to plane directly. I will share this situation on social media and everywhere. This is literally human discrimination. Due to this unethical behavior, I want back my extra 800 dirhams or my cabin baggage, which complies with international standards and does not exceed 10 kg. In addition, the ticket only states the weight limitation for cabin baggage (10kg), but the dimensions are not specified. This is not legal behavior. I will take legal action. Arab-Morocco people came into with luggage bigger than mine and I took their photos as a proof. This is human discrimination! and you don't even apologize! You are officially discriminating against Arab passengers.How can you get extra money for my cabin baggage, which complies with all the rules?
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Sky Airline

29 April 2024 Angelina N
This is the worst company I have ever flown with in my entire life! On April 20 we had a flight from Santiago to Sao Paulo. We were three passengers and two dogs. We handed over two dogs to cargo. When we arrived in Sao Paulo, we were informed that our dogs were forgotten in Santiago by Sky Airline employees! That is, Sky Airline employees simply forgot to put the dogs on board and our dogs were still at the Santiago airport! Alone! Without water, food, locked inside cages. In Sao Paulo, all the Sky Airline employees absolutely did not care about what happened, they told us that our dogs could only be delivered to Sao Paulo in 24 hours! In a day! That is, our dogs had to sit in a cage for 1.5 days! Moreover, Sao Paulo was not our final destination. In less than 24 hours we had a flight from Sao Paulo to Istanbul and then immediately from Istanbul to St. Petersburg! Our tickets cost more than 6 thousand euros for three passengers with two dogs on Turkish Airlines! Just imagine what I experienced! We had no choice but to change our tickets, but the next tickets for all of us were only April 24th! We also bought tickets back to Santiago and took the next flight out of Sao Paulo to find our dogs at Santiago airport and feed them. Then that evening we flew AGAIN to Sao Paulo with our dogs. In Sao Paulo we spent three days in a hotel waiting for our next flight to Istanbul. I paid 3884 USD just to change all our tickets! + I spent a lot of money on hotels, taxis, food and other expenses. And Sky Airline is not going to refund this money to me! Moreover, I can't even write a complaint because they don't have a complaints department! Just imagine, I was on my way for 5 days instead of 2 and spent over $5,000 because some Sky Airline employee forgot to bring our dogs on board! This is INSANE! And there's no one to blame for this! And theres no one responsible ! And no one will pay me my money back!
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American Airlines

28 April 2024 Jacqui
Dealing with American over missing baggage. The process has been beyond frustrating. Following a 4 hour delay in Dallas (weather related and no ones fault) our bags did not get on the plane. Arrived, waited until everything was off the carousel and went to report it. Employee assured me they would be on flight today. They did arrive into our local airport but have not been delivered. I cannot reach anyone who knows why or when they will come. Several employees have been less than pleasant. Not being able to get information is very disturbing.
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LATAM Airlines

27 April 2024 Carlos C
Terrible customer service. I was delayed in LAX by 4 1/2 hours no one to speak with no one to give advise nor compensation what so ever. Really very poor service. I will make sure never again to flight with Latam and will advise family members and friends to do the same
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Sky Express

26 April 2024 Guest
Every time we fly with sky express we regret our choice! Flights delay 20-40 minutes and we are just kept waiting without any information or compensation. It's the worst experience I've ever had.
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Blue Bird Airways

21 April 2024 Yossi
HORRIBLE!!!!!! CAN'T EVEN CONTACT THEM BY ANY MEANS!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nile Air

17 April 2024 Guest
Truely disappointing My ticket number is3256692438539 flying from Sharja to Cairo tomorrow 18 Apr at 8:45 please note that we are suffering force majeure in Emirates roads due to flooding, lightening and thunders that took place yesterday in Emirates cities, roads were closed to everywhere in Emirates, roads were closed to airports , no access whatsoever to sharja Airport .. even Egyptair has suspended its flights to Dubai and Sharja . Due to the aforementioned conditions you should suspend your flights or postpone to better circumstances. I really don't understand what should I do and how can I reach sharja Airport tomorrow With reference to above mentioned force majeure conditions I request you to postpone my flight of tomorrow, without any extra fees. Regards Rehab Saad
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16 April 2024 Hamdi
My advice to anyone don't travel with egyptair. They're corrupt and they don't have any manners. They don't know how to treat customers and they don't have any respect to foreigners. Is all about money. If you want to fight corruption then start to boycott egyptair.
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Caribbean Airlines

16 April 2024 Guest
Worst airline ever, lost bagage, customer service not available and putting the fault on the customer who was in transit 🤣🤣
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Turkish Airlines

15 April 2024 Selby
We had a nice and enjoyable flight. There was no problem or wait at check-in. We only had hand luggage anyway, so we took that with us. It was a short 2-3 day holiday. The flight was very enjoyable. We were in economy class, even though it was a short flight, we bought a snack. It was delicious and beautiful.
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12 April 2024 Miguel Alvarez
Horrible customer support for their frequent flier program months to update an email address and no access to benefits meanwhile Useless efforts every time explaining the whole story to a new person never allowed to talk directly to a supervisor and problem never solved just automated replies with empty promises
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Vueling Airlines

11 April 2024 Guest
Hi, I bought a one way multi leg flight ticket with Vueling from Malaga to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Geneva. I brought a backpack with me as hand luggage and, despite it fitted in the basket for luggage to be put under your seat (I even did a couple of pictures), they asked me to pay 60 EUR x 2 legs = 120 EUR as according to them it did not fit well in the basket. For me the situation was very abusive by Vueling and I tried to record the situation at the boarding gate with my phone but Vueling staff told me that this was prohibited. At the end, I refused to pay and I had to book another flight. I would advise other travelers from Vueling with hand luggage who believe that they should not pay for their hand luggage to get on board as soon as possible. Why? Because it Vueling staff get abusive, there would be many witnesses who can also record with their mobile phones what is happening. Also if they get abusive and start discussing with a passenger, then the flight would delay because of them. Otherwise, if you are boarding the last one like me, they can just ask you to pay any amount that they want even if your hand luggage fits the required measurements and in case you dont pay, they dont care at all about leaving you on the ground... However, they can be reprimanded if the flight is delayed because of any issue like this.
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Sun Country Airlines

09 April 2024 Bill Dravis
I will never fly Sun Country again and I hope whom ever reads this never does either. The rules they say they follow they do not. The complaint dept. Will sweep you under the rug well we told you so we are not refunding your money. Just don't fly with them. One time and one time only never again worse flight ever.
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Brussels Airlines

09 April 2024 Ousman Mahamat Issa
One of the worst ever company I have ever come across do not book or buy your tickets especially online must of the time they do not an office where you can turn to when you are in trouble just some customer service call center in India they know.or understand nothing about customer service, they denied me rescheduling when when I bought my time online with brussels air line and put me with air canada and I was told by Air Canada that I should call brussels airline and reschedule my flight for me and I when I did they refused to even listen to me tell me that I did not show up at the air port how come and when I call air Canada they tell me there is nothing wrong air brussels should reschedule me , I got caught between the two of them frustrated at the airport and confused and stressed now probably look for a good lawyer and get in touch with CBC news to go public that's the only solution I have now .
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Philippine Airlines

07 April 2024 Ben
Unfortunately, we've received absolutely terrible service from Philippine Airlines and definitely will not book with them again. We booked flights from London -> Manila with them for a large wedding party of 9 people. Having had the flights booked for 18 months, Philippine Airlines cancelled the flight just a few weeks before we were due to fly. It was such a huge problem for us, as this flight cancellation jeopardised our entire wedding. After contacting our booking agents, several alternative flights were suggested to Philippine Airlines, all of which were declined by the airline with no reason given. After several back and forths with this, I contacted Philippine Airlines directly. This led to a long-winded episode of explaining and re-explaining the problem to a host of uninterested customer service agents, eventually taking up over 5 hours of my time on phone calls. Each of the alternative flights were declined for a variety of unconvincing reasons, which I suspect masked the real reason that the airline would lose money actually providing the service that we paid them for. Eventually we were forced to refund the flights and rebook with another airline, losing out on literally thousands on pounds due to the increased costs between when we booked and when Philippine Airlines cancelled the flight at the last minute. I'm now going through the process of claiming compensation from Philippine Airlines, to which they have stopped answering e-mails. Phoning is also difficult, as it's always being referred to "another department" who, as customers, we cannot contact directly. Booking with this airline is a huge risk, so please consider other options before making your booking. Learn from our mistakes.
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06 April 2024 Guest
Rwanda airline, please you people should do better this is the same thing you did to me in 2022 December. From Dubai to Abuja Nigeria just for me to get to Abuja and my luggage was left behind in Dubai without my notice and I have a connection flight to port Harcourt which is actually my base. And I was told the next flight from Dubai will be on Sunday and I have to stay back am I the hotel now and am paying the bill all because of you negligence and respect for your customers. I sm highly disappointed at your airline. The worst is the number I was given to call is not even available at all. Please you guys should rdo better. Am disappointed and so sad if am to rate you guys is a 0+ for me becauseis my 2nd experience with thus disappointingI just criedat the airport but the lady at the Nigeria airport was kind and nice to calm me down but I am not happy. .
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VietJet Air

02 April 2024 Guest
Im a regular customer of VietJet Air, especially on flight routes SGN-SYD & back. They are fabulous in doing their jobs, from checkin agent teams to cabin crews, have great experiences with them. Delayed happened once in a while but all good after all. Its worth the money.
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Spirit Airlines

02 April 2024 Everett Fuller
I flew this airline when I was 4 and still remember turbulence and unkind service.
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Delta Air Lines

02 April 2024 Everett Fuller
BEST flight experience ever! Amazing service. super good cleaning and really good landing. Overall a great airline.
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30 March 2024 Alejandro
Worst airline experience ever. We had 3 national flights in Colombia with Clic and all of them experienced very significant delays - 3h, 6h and 5h respectively. No reason given and the weather was perfect so its not related to that. They dont provide any alternative solution, not even an apology. Dont fly with them.
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30 March 2024 AJGuest
You Will be disrespected, you will never get treated good at this airline, and they will not step one step to help you get a good experience using their airline service. Do not book with them youll face a headache and problems that will ruin you vacation or trip.
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30 March 2024 Guest
Really worst service in the world Highly not recommend to go with this airline ever
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Flair Airlines

29 March 2024 Georg
Disgusting company they work only for the sake of money, not for the sake of passengers and not for the sake of the future, this was the first and last time I flew with this company, I will never fly again and I do not recommend it to anyone, its terribly terrible.
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Silver Airways

29 March 2024 Guest
Flown Silver Airlines twice. First time they left me stranded in the DR and offered a return flight for one WEEK later. The took 5 months to return my money. Decided to give them a second chance in SJU to find a delayed flight and other people here saying their morning Silver flight got cancelled for no reason. Horrible airline.
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Pegasus Airlines

27 March 2024 Linda
Terrible no one to contact. Fobbed of. Told no ma nageres. Won't accept official documentation re illness. They want documents with a seal. Eng didn't use seals since 17th century.
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26 March 2024 Dominique Singleton
Volaris airlines is by far the biggest piece of sh&% garbage airline that i have ever flown on. It's like Spirit and Frontier came together and doubled down on not giving a damn about people, money, time or procedures and created this huge pile of dogsh##$ trash airline that is VOLARIS. If you don't speak Spanish, they don't give a damn about you and will give quick instructions without considering you as a human. Also they make changes to your flight plans, make you disembark the plane, only to have to go through a security screening, where they then make you throw away all of the beverages you paid for, for your 6 hour flight. They don't care that you spent money and they don't care how wrong they are. They will also lie to you and tell you, that you can check your carry on bags for free. Once you check your bag, you realize you ended up getting charged. I can't urge folks enough to not ride with this crooked company who only cares about forcing you to make in flight purchases. Finally the seats are just a piece of plywood with the thinnest cushion you could think of, and it's a 50/50 shot if your seat will actually recline. There are absolutely no features on board make the flight bearable. The flight attendance are rude as all hell, and will bang into you without a second thought or even an attempt at remorse or professionalism. I can't say it enough DO NOT FLY WITH VOLARIS. The service is terrible and the flight just feels unsafe in general Also stay away from GROUPON. They booked this second rate nonsense for our vacation and they did it without a care or even seeing that VOLARIS is recommended by no one. It's fun to travel, but there are much better ways to do so, and i am more than happy to pay extra to never have to experience the flight that is VOLARIS.. if I could rate them 0 stars I absolutely would. They deserve to be exposed and called out for what a shady, uncaring and unprofessional airline it is from reception to the flight, to exiting the plane itself. The final straw was that these disgusting pieces of trash went through my sons suitcase... zip tied and and stole his Nintendo switch out of his bag. A bunch of sad sorry disgusting useless people. VOLARIS IS NOW SYNONYMOUS WITH JOKE and THIEVERY!!!
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22 March 2024 Guest
Horrible disgusting service. Stupid management. Terrible airline avoid them at all costs
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Sunwing Airlines

20 March 2024 Guest
Terrible company all kinds of false advertising
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Royal Air Maroc

20 March 2024 Mohamed
There is a need for an upgrade in the chairs as they are not comfortable. Additionally, the touch screen system requires improvement as it currently offers outdated movies and series compared to other airlines. While the food and staff are satisfactory, it has been noticed over the past five years that the chairs and entertainment system have become outdated.
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18 March 2024 Alain
Flying at its worst! Completly unreliable Airline. Delays or cancels or reschedules flights on the spot. Displays are not accurate. Showing flights that simply do not exist. Groundstaff at SXM arrogant and in no way helpful. They just don't care about you. Looks they have given up by all this hassle. Avoid it if you have a conneting flight within 6-8 hours or look for an overnight stay at conneting airport, especially at SXM. Or better adapt your routing according to your needs.
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14 March 2024 Andy
Easy jet baggage warning! My wife and I flew from Geneva to Manchester yesterday. We had booked one case and one ski bag as hold luggage. The ski bag was 21.5kg the case was 19.5 kg. Total 42kg. But you are not allowed to combine luggage allowances any more (the first I had heard of it ) so we had to re-pack the bags to get skis to 20kg and case to 22kg. This avoided an excess baggage fee of 18. Next the agent said I would have to check in my ski boot bag = excess baggage fee of 90. The ski boot bag had passed the Jet2 cabin bag size test outbound but was too big for EasyJet small cabin bag inbound. The fix here was to put one boot in my wifes shoulder bag. Phew. All rather stressful. At the gate passengers were being charged 90 for wheelie bags that wouldnt fit in the small cabin bag sizing frame. From what we saw EasyJet are trying to compete with Ryan Air in getting as much money out of their passengers as possible and making flying more difficult than it used to be.
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Jetstar Airways

12 March 2024 Akhter
The most corrupt airlines when you book tickets with any airlines by default you get 7kg cabin bag but this clowns says carry on bag & hand bag both bags should be 7kgs in total it means indirectly forcing you to purchase extra baggage $47 for 20kg each side minimum purchase, and shows cheaper price when i open it doesnt give me the option to select forcing to upgrade saver plus which is higher price tickets so what is the point of advertising low price you morons i wish your airlines should disappear forever
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British Airways

07 March 2024 Guest Judith
Flying BA off to bad start tonight booking return flights from Gatwick to mainland Europe.Glitchy site crashed just as I paid with credit card error message. Ok thought it hasnt gone through - no record of flights, flight numbers or record of card transaction on website , no email confirmation. Checked my phone bank details yes indeed money had gone from my account. With no proof thought itd been scammed. Managed finally to get through to customer service ( waiting on hold for hour. ) They were actually really helpful - able to trace flight through bank card details. Unable to access tickets and no email but at least know Im booked these flights. Guy was great - full marks. Null points for BA - shockingly bad website, totally understaffed. Says these details will come through shortly, Thank god its an advance ticket of some weeks.
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Sichuan Airlines

06 March 2024 Chew
Terrible website, booked a flight from chengdu to Singapore, made payment via master card , shows error on their web page, checked on bank account payment went through twice and till now I didn't receive any confirmation mail, called their hotline and was told to get back to me within the same day and it didn't happen ,thats disappointing! Avoid at all cost!!
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Air Transat

02 March 2024 Dawn
Wow! Havent taken my flight yet but had to make a couple of changes (February 29, 2024) and was speaking with LENA in customer service and I dont think that I have ever come away with such a positive feeling as I did after speaking with her. I was on hold for a bit but it was worth it. LENA was friendly, patient and a very helpful. I would have to say, A REAL SWEETHEART!
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