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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Silver Airways

05 June 2023 Guest
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05 June 2023 Guest
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Vueling Airlines

05 June 2023 Guest
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04 June 2023 Scullion
Waiting almost one year for compensation. On last correspondence they said they would pay in a few weeks and that was back in April. Seems to be par of the course. They claim to be dealing with unprecedented number of claims and were experiencing cash flow. When you read reviews here and on trip advisor and trust pilot why anyone would fly with them beggers belief and why they are not held to account by aviation authorities is beyond belief! Im giving one star - only because they did get us home!
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WestJet Airlines

31 May 2023 Dave
Westjet cancelled our flight minutes before we were to board. They did not/could not offer an alternate flight. Left us stranded. Offered a refund 1/16 of the original price.
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Sky Airline

29 May 2023 Connie
I flew from Cusco to Lima. The staffs at the gate had me measure my carry on at their gate. My carry on was able to go through the slot but it got stuck from the handle that attached in the middle luggage. They made me pay $36 for a carry on that I already paid for!! They were so rude and mean and threaten not to let us board the flight if we dont pay. I WILL NEVER IN MT LIFE TIME AGAIN FLY WITH THIS CHEAP AIRLINE!! They will try their best to squeeze every penny out of you anyway possible!!
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LATAM Airlines

27 May 2023 Leanne B
After travelling to Peru with 14 paramedics to participate in a charity trek, my luggage arrived 7 days after me. My flight consisted of 3 transfers: London to Madrid, Madrid to Lima, and Lima to Cusco. I knew in advance that I had to collect my luggage in Lima and recheck in. When attempting to collect my luggage in Lima mine was the only one not to arrive. I immediately sought help but was advised to board my flight to Cusco and the gate was about to close and open a claim when I arrive in Cusco. Latam 1st admitted responsibility, then decided that no compensation would be paid as the case was opened in Cusco, not Latam. I explained that was advised to board the plane due to the gate closing but they would not accept this. They are trying to tell me that it is my fault, despite the airline in Latam telling me that they withheld my luggage in Madrid and returned it to London, so it was never available for collection. When my luggage finally arrived 7 days later, the staff at Lima airport were passive-aggressive and called security when I asked how I claim the delay. The gentleman made me feel so uncomfortable as if I has been in the wrong. The lock had been forced open and everything inside the case searched. They emptied my 1st aid kit, and toiletries and threw all my clothing about, I felt completely violated. I have been treated appallingly from start to finish. Latam ruined this experience. When returning home, 3/of my colleague's bags did not arrive at the final destination. Again, no responsibility excepted.
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Air Transat

25 May 2023 Guestkaren elliott
Absolutely impossible to get someone who knows anything, they cancel your flight change your dates and if theres a price drop you dont get it.then just try to get the seats you already paid for transferred to your new date.pass you around like a deck of cards helpless and hopeless Ill probably be sitting on the wing!!!!!!!!!!rated at minus 5
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LOT Polish Airlines

24 May 2023 Andras Morvay
tl;dr: 24-hour delay, communicational incompetency, zero customer service/apology, May 2023 I was traveling with my wife and 1.5-year-old baby. 1) They delayed our flight by 30-minute increments, and never gave us a reason why. The original departure was supposed to be 4:30PM. At 9 PM, after 10 delays and 5 hours of waiting at the gate, they told us the plane would only leave the next day at noon / 12PM. 2) We didn't stand in line for the complimentary hotel because we could stay at our friends close to the airport, but the people told us next day that it took 3+ hours, or until midnigh t/ 12AM to sort that out 3) The following day at 9AM when we checked in they gave us food vouchers but none of the restaurants accepted it. We never asked for food vouchers so this seemed like such a strange thing to make us even more irritated. 4) The plane was set to leave at noon / 12PM but they kept delaying the flight again by 30-minute increments and we were close to rebooking to another flight (where the customer service rep said that they probably won't reimburse us for), but then they finally announced at 4PM that we're ready to board. After sitting for an extra 2 hours on the plane, we finally departed at 6PM. We arrived at our destination 24 hours late. 5) A minor irritant: We asked to have our carry-on baggage checked in because we were with a baby and it's easier to traverse the airport without having to tow that around. The first day they said they won't because the plane isn't full. At the check-in gate an hour later I asked if the plane isn't full could they perhaps secure a whole row (3 seats) for my family so the baby could possibly sleep between us. There they said the plane is full. The following day when we checked in again we asked if they could check in our carry-ons as well and they did so, no questions asked. So the first day someone was either lying or just not willing to even try to help out. 6) I called customer service when we got in to see if we could have our return flight changed to a week later and they said that they can only change it to a day later per policy, because that's how much the plane was delayed. But, the day later date had a 16-hour layover vs our original 2-hour layover so they offered to shorten our trip by a day if we'd like. I don't even understand why they'd recommend that. And to make matters even more mind-boggling I checked online and the 1-day later flight was actually more expensive then the 1-week later flight. They'd give me a more expensive return flight because their policy doesn't let them give me a flight that's further out than the delay we experienced. 7) Other irritant: None of the tv remotes worked on the trans-atlantic flight, so I couldn't even turn on the light or do anything with it really. 8) Final irritant: The seat I sat in reclined but didn't stay there. So every time I leaned forward to get my book or grab a drink, it came with me, and then I had to recline it again, irritating the person sitting behind me. All of this with a baby in tow. He was surprisingly patient though, more patient than a lot of the other travelers, also slept through the whole flight in the end! So anyway, worst trip ever on LOT's part. And then customer service couldn't even give me a different return flight (apart from one with a 16 hour layover instead of our original 2 hour) after a 24 hour delay. All this for $2,700 USD. I'll do my best to never book LOT again, and won't hesitate to advise anyone I know to try to avoid it if they can, because this whole experience was the worst of the worst.
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24 May 2023 Ronald V
Worst Airline Booking Experience First of all I want to highlight that my review has nothing to do with the flight experience but on the booking experience and how you handled cancelled flight. It's my first time to book in Air Asia and its my worst experience ever in booking an airline. Air Asia cancelled Flight Z2511 From CGY to CEB Mar 26, 2023, 18:45 and never provided alternative flights or other options except to either credit to air asia account or request a refund. I booked on Feb 3, 2023 for Mar 26, 2023 flight. I got an email on Mar 2, 2023 that my flight was cancelled. I requested a refund on the same day and got the confirmation email. it says resolution is 30 days from date of submission but it's May 23, 2023 now, its 71 days from date of submission and still they have not refunded me yet. Worst is they dont have a customer service that we can talk to.They just let you chat with a dumb Bot who can't even provide my Case Update.
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Pegasus Airlines

22 May 2023 Guest
They should be rather called "Maybe Airlines". They usually hook you up on initially very convenient flight schedule. Once you buy a ticket, they change your flights to the extent rediculus. They tumbled my flights in such a way that my connecting flight was supposed to depart 4 hours before my first flight.???? NEVER AGAIN WITH THIS COMPANY
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Lion Airlines

21 May 2023 Hansa Kumari Agarwal
This is the worst airplane and servie customer care in bali is the worst.. They are egoist and they are of no help... plz never ever book the flight with this airline... I was given boarding pass and 15 min before the boarding they said the flight is delayed by 3 hours.. Please my request plz don't use this flight.
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Air Arabia

18 May 2023 Guest
I used Air Arabia from Kenya to Sharjah and back again and it was horrible. The crew were racist including the boarding team. It was one of the worst airlines that Ive ever used. People of African descent be aware. Use any other airline. Theyre better than Air Arabia.
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Nesma Airlines

17 May 2023 Guest
Stay far from this company for any price because is just a mess is just a trap to destroy your trip worse experience ever
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Sunwing Airlines

17 May 2023 Keith
Run. As fast as you can to another airline. Terrible communication and service. I had to be up at 5am to catch my flight. At 11.15pm the night before they texted me that my flight was now at 6:15am. Boarding at 5:30am. Nice advance warning when your sound asleep. A phone call would have been appropriate. Got to Toronto airport and was told the flight left at 6:15. They were useless. Didn't even try to help us out. Like a new flight. We have a good travel agent(Katina) who got us on another flight and saved our room at the resort till the next day. Of course it cost more money and payed transportation to the resort. Terrible, terrible service. We will be seeking a refund. Never again
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16 May 2023 Guest
I would put no stars for this airline at all if I could they are the worst of the worst and apologetic yes, and uncooperative as well. They charged me twice for a carry on and they couldn't reimburse it. I had the worse experience here and would not ever come back. BEWARE because this company will eat your money that you may or may not have. I wanna tell them to go to hell or stick it up where they like it most haha.
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Wizz Air

12 May 2023 Annoyed Traveler
DO NOT fly this airline unless you have no other option. Their app is horrible. Doesnt work half the time. If you dont checkin beforehand you will be charged 50 euros per ticket. Even if you attempt to checkin online as I did. Their staff is of no help at all if you have an issue. Ive flown random airlines throughout the world and this is hands down the WORST flying experience Ive ever had. They dont even deserve one star.
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Blue Bird Airways

10 May 2023 Daniel Pattison
Flight from TLV to HER. Postponed from 08.30 to 12.50. Arrived at airport and checked in. Went to gate. Told delayed to 17.00. Then to 17.45. No interest from Bluebird ground team. Offered food I would not feed my dog. Probably the worst treatment from an airline in 30 years of hundreds of thousands of miles air travel. Use them if you must but be very careful you dont use them for any connections.
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InterCaribbean Airways

10 May 2023 Guest
This airline will be fail. And, I hope it will be soon. I cannot for the life of me understand why they are still taking passengers' money and not providing the service as peer their Contract of Carriage and Terms of Conditions. My family and friends booked flights from SVG to B'dos around January, 2023. Money taken, no ticket issued. All were on their 9 15 a.m. flight. They changed the time for everyone to 9:25(no notice). As time drew near for our departure from SVG we noticed that 6 members of our group was booked on a 4:15 flight. They were contacted, after many calls with no one answering, emails address were wrong, some phone numbers not in service. Eventually someone answered and when told the six passengers had to be on the 9:25 flight to get a connecting flight back to Canada, they said they "will see what they can do" and get back by 3:00 p.m. that day. No call back and again cannot get in touch. finally, was able to contact a supervisor who said she will call back. Form that point on, no ticket yet for the six, no way to reach anyone, no calls back. We now had two days to get another flight to b'dos to get our other airlines... to get to b'dos. Eventually, we had to shell out $8,000.00 to get another Air Canada flight back to Canada for the six passengers. Their head office is in the Turks and Caicos, they are not a participating airline in the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority, even though they operate in SVG. IATA is not a regulatory body. This airline should not have a liscence for the way they treat passengers.Took money but fail to provide service, clearly an abuse of power....clearly selling tickets already paid for by other passengers...this constitutes fraud. Why are they allowed by the government of SVG to operate in the country? Since this incident, we have heard from local residents how bad this airline is. I will spread the word to warn anyone planning to go to the Caribbean not to use this airline, we have saved all the evidence.
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Philippine Airlines

10 May 2023 Guest
I'm an OFW and I fly back and forth to the Philippines from Singapore once or twice a year since 2008. My normal routine when flying is Singapore to Manila, Manila to Laoag then vice-versa. Suffice it to say, my Mabuhay Miles points would be very useful if they were given by other airlines except for Philippine Airlines. Suffice it to say, the Mabuhay Miles points are absolutely useless, and good luck if you can even convert it to your desired flight (or any flight). Just to give you an idea, if you want to claim you have to call a landline which is always busy. It is not uncommon to wait for 30 mins to an hour just to get through. And most of the time, you'll be at a dead end. Waste of time and effort. I haven't successfully converted my miles to date, I even gave up trying.
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10 May 2023 Frederic
On december 16nd I was supposed to fly from Hamburg to Brussels. There was a strike so at the airport they rerouted me over Munich on a flight not affected by the strike. No problem, it happens. My flight to Munich, unfortunately, left with delay so I missed the connection in Munich. And then it started. Since it was already late the Lufthansa staff in Munich to just organize your own hotel and they would provide a refund after which they just closed the office. Now they refuse to refund the hotel. Avoid this airline at all cost. If you miss your flight they leave you stranded with no assistance at all. Lets hope they go out of business and a decent new management can step in.
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Turkish Airlines

06 May 2023 Sana ahmed
Please don't travel on turkish airlines at any cost,very very bad service.they lost my bag and after 21 days waiting they tell me apply compensation I calling every day said from head office they will let us know about compensation but nothing I received against my compensation .very bad behaviour they don't give àny information about lost bag neither compensation
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04 May 2023 Richard
If I could give 0 stars I would!! Myself and two friends were due to fly back from Prague last April when our flight was cancelled an hour and a half after it was due to take off. There were no customer service agents on site to assist us getting home or finding accommodation, just a text telling us our flight had been cancelled, no apology .... nothing!!! I had to spend money on food, beverages and a hotel room for the night. Easyjet reimbursed me for the food and beverages ( the lowest of the two claims I submitted to them ) no problem, but when it came to the hotel room they kept rejecting my claim telling me my receipts and invoice were invalid because they didn't have my name on which is ridiculous. I eventually gave up and approached the Aviation Ombudsman to get a reimbursement. I seriously recommend avoiding this company as they clearly don't care about their customers and are fine leaving them stranded with no help whatsoever. Hopefully it won't be long before they go bust!!!
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Free Bird Airlines

30 April 2023 Guest
Hello! I would like to write about my experience with Freebird Airlines company. The first flight was 19.04 CGN - SSH. We flight with my son and husband on seats 1a, 1b and 1c. I was working as flight attendant in the other company during 6 years and I had many other privat flights with expensive and low cost airlines, but I never saw in my life so terrible team of flight attendants. The pilot cant speak German and English languages, it was very difficult to understand, what he read from paper. The Senior flight attendant didnt work the full flight, was eating in the kitchen, scrolling her phone and she had her luggage in the kitchen for to put food and drinks from the kitchen inside. Also it was not aloud to go to the first toilet about different fantasy reasons, and sometimes without any explainings. The dialog was like - I need a toilet. - Go to the back toilet. - Why? Its free here. - Go. The second women was seating in her phone the full flight too and didnt work. With the full plain during the full flight were working man and woman from the back kitchen. We preordered the food for 50 per person, but we didnt get it. The woman from the last kitchen came to us and told that they have only bolognese. Unfortunately the taste was so terrible, that we must buy snacks extra for to eat something during the 4,5 hours flight. Also we had a problem about safety. We had a car seat with us for children 15-18 kg. And we asked the Senior flight attendant - can our 2 years old son (13 kg) flight with this seat or not. She said that its aloud and he will be safe so. 26.04 we had the flight SSH - CGN We had same seats (1a, 1b, 1c) The team of flight attendants was great! The pilot spoke very good both languages. The Senior flight attendant came directly to us, and explained very professionally why its not possible to use the car seat for a small child in the plain about safety reasons. The full team worked the full flight, was friendly and smiley. We got our food, that was tasty. I sincerely hope to flight with the flight attendants from the first flight never again, because they dont want make their job, they dont care about safety of passengers, and absolutely dont care about the comfort of the passengers in the flight. They cared only about their phones and food with drinks.
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Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL

27 April 2023 Afsoon
We had a flight from Dubai to London Heathrow with a 2-hour transit in Baku. Due to the over 7-hour delay from AZERBAIJAN AIRLINE in providing the flight to Baku, we missed our next flight which was from Baku to London, and their next available flight from Baku to London was in TWO DAYS! YES.. IN TWO DAYS And they expected us TO WAIT in Baku airport for TWO DAYS while we had to be back at workUNBELIEVABLE. This was their alternative flight and solution. They have no sympathy for the waste of time and lives of their customers. After 30 minutes of the departure time, the Dubai Airport staff at the boarding gate informed us that there is a delay but they do not know how long the delay would take and so we should purchase another ticket at the airport! There was no Azerbaijan Airlines representative at the airport or even at the boarding gate for further explanation or support of their customers and left us to wander around the airport by ourselves. As the next flight from Baku to London Heathrow was in two days, we had to purchase another super expensive ticket at the airport just to arrive at our destination to be at our work on time. Now, not only they do not refund our first tickets which they could not provide the services for, but they also do not refund the full cost of the new tickets which they left us no choice but to purchase an expensive price, to be on time for our work and not losing our jobs, because of their fault. They do not even provide any compensation for the delay or cancellation of their flights and the whole 24 hours suffer and stress of being at the airport, the night flight, and going straight back to work from London Heathrow airport without any night sleep. All they care about is charging people for tickets and then causing them financial damages by not providing the services, disappearing, leaving their customers by themselves, and not taking responsibility for their faults and actions. Very pathetic!!!
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SWISS International Air Lines

26 April 2023 John Edleman
Dieter, please take a moment to look at your business as one of providing a product that is useable by your customers. My experience with your airline has been absolutely negative. Whether it was your airlines failure to deliver me to my destination within 6 hours of your scheduled arrival time, whether it was to deliver luggage to me and my daughter on our flight, whether it was our ability to receive our luggage during our travels, whether it was your companies inability to answer the telephone that your company provided as a means of communication, whether it is your companies unwillingness to respond to information submitted via your website instructions, whether it be to respond to electronic mail, whether it be your companies inability to electronically deposit funds into my bank account. Bluntly put, Swiss INternational Airlines has failed to meet it's obligations to me, the customer. Shame on you and your airline. I am now more than 4 months removed from my travel with your airline and I could not be more.disaapointed with your companies complete lack of communication. You may want to look over your shoulder and find a way to have someone within your organization contact me directly via telephone.
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26 April 2023 Guest
Worst airline I have ever used and we travel often. Planes delay for hours, they don't tell you or change the airline screen to let you know. When you finally get on it then takes another 40 minutes before take off. They lost 2 bags, ours and some other poor person. We spent the next hour 'hoping' it was coming on the next flight which it didn't. No one helps you and they don't care. We missed our connecting flight and not a care in the world from them. Never ever again. Do not support this airline, they are the worst and they should be reported.
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26 April 2023 fatih
they are not professional travel agency they scam people, we booked fly ticket for 3 people we paid, we got confirmation and reservation number next they they call us and aske $448 each people extra money, they already charged us, we want to cancel our book they did not cancel, if you see FlyaDeals just run, even if they give you free ticket
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Continental Airlines

19 April 2023 Maria Batista
I got a ticket through Travel Junction. I was going to travel to Cancun with my 3 daughters on July 5, 2022. My husband passed away on July 2, 2022. I called Continental and told them I wanted to reschedule for a late date. They told me it was fine, but had to travel within 1 year. when I called to reschedule, they told me I couldn't. So I lost $2880.00 for the tickets. I can not travel while I buried my husband. All I wanted was to reschedule for a future date, that eas all.
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VietJet Air

16 April 2023 Guest
The worst airline ever!! My flight to Nha Trang was delayed 5 times, 6 hours in total. Their customer service is horrible!!
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Spirit Airlines

14 April 2023 Scorned
Paid for the bundle of checked bag and ability to pick a seat. As I was getting on the plane at the gate they told me my seats were reassigned, I paid to pick my seats because I recently had a hip replaced and suffered a back injury. Instead of aisle seats up front we were reassigned a middle and window seat in the back end of the plane. When I complained I was told nothing could be done so I could get in the plane or wait to be rebooked on another flight. I was told they gave my seats to another family screw mine. Interestingly, the person behind me waiting to get on the plane also sat behind me. He told me when I walked away from the counter the lead ticket taker told the person who told me I was reassigned when Reassigning someone they should always say it was to accommodate a disabled passenger. How low can any airline get. I called Spirit to get a refund and was told since I got on the flight they would not give me a refund. The battle has just begun. I will hound them forever. Moral of this long story. Dont pay for the bundle they may try to steal your money too.
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14 April 2023 Susan Minshull
We flew to Tokyo the seats are so crammed together if the person in front puts there seat back there is no room to do anything the cabin crew dont care 😡😡😡its ok saying people need to go to sleep but 10minutes into the flight !!!15 inches between the crammed seats if a chair pushed back it gives you roughly 9-10 inches ridiculous I would never fly again with them heed this warning ⚠ ⚠⚠
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12 April 2023 Nikolay B
Want to buy flexible tickets with refund without fees? Want to do it on Iberia website direct? STOP! Isn't direct actually. When you buy tickets on Iberia website you buy it via agency Serviberia. And of course you need to pay service charges to refund ticket "with refund without charges" because it's agency. And you haven't way to cancel ticket on website or with email as direct as you bought it. I don't even understand how the authorities allow this scheme to work. Outrageous scheme, looks like fraud. Booking J4MXL
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Aerolineas Argentinas

11 April 2023 Amy Walker
Hi I have been in contact with this person( see below) for months and now he is not responding now that I wish to use my credit. I am owed a credit for over $800 for my husband and I's unused ticket and was told we could use our ticket and now this person, the only person I have been able to reach at the airline, is not responding to any of my emails. I have been outreaching for 2 months with no reply. I feel as though we have been scammed and I need this issue escalated. Person I have been in contact with and who is now ignoring me: Maximiliano González. Issue: I have an unused credit of over $800 I wish to use and no one will respond for me to book a new ticket using my credit. Amy Walker
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British Airways

10 April 2023 Aziza
Most racist company I've ever come across, i was attacked on the plane, then blamed for it and told to leave the flight while the man that hit and spat and me was allowed. Had no care for my disability or the fact i had my documents and and my mums medication on me. I would suggest not to fly with this company if you are of color as the cabin staff are very racists and sexist. And have no care or soul for the passengers welfare
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Flair Airlines

10 April 2023 Guest
App doesn't work. Online check in doesn't work. No one answers calls at customer support line. No one answers chat or text. Completely useless company with absolutely zero accountability
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United Airlines

07 April 2023 Guest
This company has no integrity whatsoever. Cheating. had to overpay for tickets 3 times as the original pricing "did not go through" Customer service was not helpful. These scumbacks even charged me an extra $50 for the new reservation as a "booking agent fee"
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Air Serbia

01 April 2023 Lana
Rude personal of aircompany, delayed flight, no explanation or excuse from the staff. Awful experience..
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Thai AirAsia

28 March 2023 Megan Williamson
Airasia changed my flight time and offered me a free refund which I have been approved for and provided with a case number. But the bank card that I used to book the flight has been stolen and I need to get hold of them to provide them with alternative bank details so that I can get my refund and book another flight. But I cant get hold of them at all. Please can someone form airasia contact me - my refund case number is 124310471 This is extremely stressful and inconvenient
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Allegiant Air

23 March 2023 Ron Wagner
Hello all, I have been flying Allegiant for a couple of years. I flew home early Feb and early March. Roughly $350 round trip. It is now $500. They have removed the basic walk on without a carry-on. The basic ticket includes a carry on for $100. I dont need a carry-on. I own two homes. Why do I need to pay for a carry on? I have been investigating other airlines. Driving is looking like the better choice.
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16 March 2023 Guest
On 12/Feb/2023, I was travelling from Singapore Changi Airport T1 to Malaysia Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. Checked in one luggage with automated check in machine around 1200 noon but when I reached Ipoh around 1655 pm, could not locate my checked in luggage thus PIR was filed at destination airport, and I was waiting for the luggage without clothes and necessity in Ipoh City for the whole trip (from 12/02/2023 to 17/02/2023), when landed down in Singapore Changi Airport on 17/02/2023 (Sats - lost and found counter) the ground staff there asked me to file a report/claim as per Scoot's airlines, I did as per procedure. From day 1 I lost my checked in luggage till present (16/03/2023), I did not hear anything from Scoot's airlines and I left with all questions just waiting and waiting.... And Scoot's airlines just move on without taking care of any issue like this. All contact numbers that they provided are good in "ping pong" ask you to check with Ipoh Scoot's airlines counterpart or check with Singapore SATS , as a client of scoot's airlines they hold no responsibility to help in the case? I am a little bit impatient on such service manner. poor service for me to rate this airline.
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Air Senegal

15 March 2023 Guest Lamin Kebba
My 1 day journey turns into 3 days with 13 hours transit in one way and 8 hours transit time on my way back. Worst airline ever. Zeeo respect and total disregard for customers.
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Viva Macau

04 March 2023 reviewer01
I flew this airline from Macau to Sydney the other day, and i have to say the experience exceeded my expectations of this airline, with around 500 AUD price, it was definitely worth it. Seats were average, and my legs could comfortably fit without too much struggle. The flight attendants were very friendly towards me and the food was excellent too.
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TAAG - Angola Airlines

03 March 2023 Jatiel
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Ethiopian Airlines

27 February 2023 GuestBrenda Acquaye
It was my first time to travel with Ethiopian airline and I travelled on the business class. The flight was pleasant and the experience was really good. When coming back from Malawi I experienced a terrible and horrible bad customer services. My understanding is that when you are travelling on the business class you are allowed 3 Suitcases each one of them to weighing 23kgs. From Heathrow Airport it was okey as I was allowed to do so. But coming from Malawi they refused me to bring back the 3 Suitcases and charged me £290 for the 3rd suitcase. I was furious and paid as I didn't want the plane to leave me behind. I was so disappointed because I thought the rules should be the same regardless of what country you are travelling from. Under this circumstances I will never advise anyone to travel on ethiopian neither will I travel with them again unless the mistake that has been done is corrected. Thank you
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Porter Airlines

19 February 2023 Steve Corey
Just another scam. One of their big selling points is that they offer free wine and beer on flights. I'm over 2 hours into my flight and I am unable to obtain a 2nd beer. This happens to be one of my trips where I won't be driving after the flight today so I was looking forward to relaxing with a couple of drinks before getting to Edmonton but at 67 years of age maybe they feel that one beer is my limit. I'd be more than happy to pay for the "free " drinks and at least have one when I care to. If I want to be treated like crap I might as well go back to Swoop or Flair. At least the poor service is cheaper. I'll be canceling the return portion of my trip and certainly won't be flying with these scammers again anytime soon.
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Virgin Atlantic Airways

18 February 2023 Syed Jung
Flight VS364 from Lahore. Thursday, 17th February landing 18.00 Terminal 3. I am writing to praise Gavin Ross (customer service supervisor) at Desk 17 of Virgin Atlantic. Fantastic customer service. I left my hand luggage at the belt and walked away with my suitcases, once outside, then realised what I had done. I went from pillar to post but could not get the help I needed so I could collect my hand luggage that I forgot at belt number two. I called the airlines but I was told security was not there and they have closed. Some very kind person suggested I should go to desk 17 of Virgin Atlantic and ask for assistance there. The desk was closed but I managed to get the attention of of Mr Ross. After couple minutes of listening to my story, he made a phone call and was able to speak to someone who was willing to collect my hand luggage and bring it out. I found Mr Ross to be very polite and considerate and he listened while others were basically saying that nothing they can do because security is shut.
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Avelo Airlines

18 February 2023 Guest
Great airline! Flew with them to Oregon and had a great flight experience. Nice crew and great service.
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Fly Jordan

13 February 2023 Guest
the wost airline yuck food unconfotble chairs
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Aegean Airlines

10 February 2023 Guest
No customer service
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