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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Miami Air International

13 June 2019 Guest
Very nice airline! I didnt know what to expect and was really nervous after I read all the bad reviews, so thats why Im coming on here to be one of the few that leaves a good one. Although our flight was delayed an hour, the airline was very accommodating and organized. Everything went smoothly and the flight attendants were awesome!! Dont be scared to book with this airline like I was. It was great!
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12 June 2019 Guest
They took payment did not issue the ticket and had no mechanism to resolve the matter, the call centre said do not worry, cancelled the flight in the booking system despite making payment, confirmed that payment was made said would respond in 24 hours, never responded, rang said it has been escalated, would respond in 24 hours do not worry they said, never responded, rang again said they had escalated again this time to head office would ring back in 48 hours said do not worry. Never got back in touch in 48 hours. The customer service office has not ability to action anything. This is a significant problem.
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10 June 2019 H Baker
DO NOT FLY WITH THEM!!! They changed our flight from direct to connecting after we started our trip. That sucked but we could deal, then we just happened to get phone service and see an email that they changed our flight again. This time with a 12 hour layover and no phone call, we're lucky we saw the email. When we called to ask about it as we saw it was now for an entirely different day, we were put on hold for hours. Then told that the flight was one again changed and our only option was to fly now and then stay in another airport for over 12 hours or fly in two days. Neither of which have a guarantee of not being changed again, nor do they offer any compensation for the time, the extra hotel night, or even refunding the money we've already paid so that we can pick up a separate flight with another company. So now we're rushing to turn in our rental car and try to make an earlier flight to avoid a 2 day delay. We built in one day for things like this but two days is absolutely uncalled for. You've been warned.
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

09 June 2019 Guest
We will never, ever fly this airline again. It is an unethical airline with the only purpose of collecting your money. We had a connection flight from London Gatwick to San Francisco. However, our previous flight from Milan to Gatwick was delayed due to weather. We made it to the check in counter at 12:36 pm while the flight was to leave at 1:30pm. We were told that we were 6 mins too late for them to issue our boarding pass so we had to rebook. They will not allow boarding pass to be printed online like all other airlines. Not only we had to rebook but the destination was Los Angeles instead of San Francisco because their next flight to SF was three days later! Then they changed us 70 British pounds for one check in luggage because my combined weight of backpack and a carry on was 16kg instead of 12 kg for a transcontinental Flight. All these times, the customer service agents can care less. There were tons of empty over head luggage spaces in the airplane. We do not wish to give this airline any star for their customer services does not deserve even one star. We had an over night drive via a rental car from LAX back to SF.
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

07 June 2019 BLN
Told me on arrival in Panama that under Panamanian law that medication beyond what was needed for the flight had to go in the hold luggage. On return flight they decided to leave my hold luggage in Havana airport (where we connected to our flight home). Despite more than 20 occasions to return the bag, they decided to leave it in Havana for 72 hours. I've now had my luggage but items are missing and, as my medication is temperature sensitive, it is potentially poisonous now. Due to Brexit, I've had to go into hospital as the medication is not readily available. Even the CEO fails to respond when you escalate the trouble to them. And customer services seem to be staffed by complete idiots who are apparently still looking for my bag at Havana airport.
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Israir Airlines and Tourism

07 June 2019 Guest
Customer Service Representatives are terrible and RUDE
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

horrible customer service and baggage handling
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Aerolineas Sosa

01 June 2019 HW
This is one of the worst Airline I have ever use, I bought round way tickets for me and my daughter about a month in advance form San Pedro Sula to la Ceiba, my flight was Delayed in Houston because of bad weather, so i missed my flight to La Ceiba, so I caught a bus to La Ceiba. 5 days later me and my daughter returned to La Ceiba to catch our flight back to San Pedro Sula, we were told that she could not unlock our returned ticket to San Pedro because we had miss our flight the week earlier from San Pedro to La Ceiba and that the plane had to go to La Ceiba with 2 empty seats (mind you those 2 seats was paid for a month in advance. So I had to pay her $40.00 for her to honer our return ticket to San Pedro so we could catch our flight back to Houston. So basically I felt that they stole from us knowing that we did not have choice but to pay them. I know its a little more expensive to travel to Roatan instead of San Pedro but I dont want to give Sosa Airline another penny they SUCK..
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Azores Airlines

29 May 2019 Romana
Sata Azores Airlines is the best Airline ! very friendly love the customer service , when i call the office everyone is very professional and helps with all my questions.
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27 May 2019 Guest
Poor Booking process Poor Seating on planes Poor Support at airports with machines breaking down very often
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Sunwing Airlines

27 May 2019 D McPhee
I booked a Sunwing vacation through Red Tag and it was a terrible experience. Sunwing cancelled our flight back to Toronto a day and a half before we were scheduled to leave, which made it so that we would miss our connecting flight with West Jet on our way home to Halifax. When I called Red Tag about this major inconvenience, I was offered absolutely no accommodations and was even told that it was "not their problem". Additionally, they refused to even give me the necessary information I needed to speak directly with Sunwing about it. After all was said and done, I had to fork over an extra $370 to West Jet to switch our return flight due to circumstances well beyond my control, and which were directly caused by Sunwing's lack of concern for their customers and Red Tag's horrific customer service. We also have yet to receive our promised $100 future travel vouchers from Sunwing due to their decision to cancel our flight last minute. Thankfully the staff and accommodations at Dhawa in Cayo Santa Maria were amazing, and helped make our trip special regardless. I will never do business with either Sunwing or Red Tag again and would strongly urge anyone else considering booking through them to instead choose one of their competitors.
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24 May 2019 Daniel Tudor
Hello, before I will write my review, just for information its the first time that I do so, because today on board experience was something that never happened to me and I really hope nobody should have this experience again. Me and my husband, we have flight on 23.05.2019, from Dubai-Bucharest, flight number FZ-1797, seats 1A;1C. On this flight we had a very unexpected experience, concerning safety of the flight and crew attitude. 1-The crew, never check it before departing and landing or during turbulence the status of the seatbelts ( my husband realize after take of that he didnt put on the seatbelt, all the bags was on the floor, nobody asked like other times to put my bag in the cabin or under the seat. 2-The crew didnt take attention and there service was very poor, at least on business class. 3- On board it was also a friend of the crew ( as we understood hes also a steward but he was not on service) that have spent with another lady long time, discussing, offering coffees together with other crew members, in front of businesses class. 4-Also it was very cold, we have asked few times to make it little bit more hot, but it was rather to cold or to hot. One of the passenger from economic class, first row have asked to make it less cold, and he argued on this subject with the crew (chef of the cabin) and the result was that the chef of the cabin have asked the captain to call the security at landing. -We and some other passengers have explained to the security in Bucharest at arrival the reall situation and the fact that the chef of the cabin, was totally different, he exaggerated, I believe that hes behavior was not to put down the conflict but he persuaded. -During the flight, the crew members were more busy to talk about their love life more than taking care of the passengers. One of the steward (a girl that she seats if front together with the chef of the crew, explain all her problems that she has, from the moment that she understood that her boyfriend (from Marco if Im not mistaken) he went out with another girl (Maria) and she was very upset and so many other details that really I couldnt believe. Conclusion-we had a very good flight from Bucharest to Dubai and good service, and a very bad fight from Dubai to Bucharest, in business class. I didnt feel comfortable, and the cabin crew give us the impression that we are a very low level company. Because we fly pretty much to Dubai and the best option for us it was Fly Dubai, I really will think twice before flying again, definitely I will look for other options because its not the first time that I see the crew, that if someone complaining about something they answer back very rude. Sent from my iPhone
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22 May 2019 Guest
They cancelled my non-stop flight and rebooked me on a 10hour 1-stop flight. I chose nonstop for a reason. I've been trying to cancel and get a refund for 3 days. Orbitz has been trying as well but they just keep transferring us to another agent and another agent. Not one person has been able to help and I've spoken to at least 15 people at Interjet. They are a fraud and a scam. This is their schtick, lure you in with a great priced flight and then change it later and give you the run around when you try to change it or get a refund. DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE!
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Shanghai Airlines

20 May 2019 Guest
Luggage held over a week, no clear website information about submitting claims, (never received that information to reimburse items I had to pay out of pocket), the reference number did not work on the website so you cannot track your baggage. I spoke to one helpful person by phone at 00 86 21 6833 5040 email this is the Shanghai ofc. but they generally don't check their emails to respond to inquiries about baggage, you may need to email a signed authorization form and email it back to them. Two different staff members lied to me about what day they shipped the luggage. Don't do it guys, save your money there are better airlines. The flight itself was ok. However, the lack of accountability outweighs that experience.
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Silver Airways

16 May 2019 GuestNICOLAS J ARENA
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Juneyao Airlines

16 May 2019 Guest
This airline is very unreachable!! even if you send email they will not even bother replying to you, just a waste of time!!
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GOL Transportes Aereos

15 May 2019 Rafael
Schedules mean nothing to this airline. They will change them repeatedly. Particularly horrible if you have connecting flights. Will never make the mistake of booking with them again.
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Sky Express

10 May 2019 Guest
Cancelled a flight I was booked onto and have not responded to emails or telephone calls to refund 2 months down the line Advise anyone never to book with this airline
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Privilege Style

08 May 2019 Mark
Worst flight ever! Very slow boarding (1,5 hours due to overbooking!), plane old, terrible enternainment. Everything is for purchase, even water. On inter-continental flights, this is a crime. No blankets, no pillows. the temperature was freezing! Absurd. The flight was operated for Norwegian Air. Last time for both.
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06 May 2019 sunny
i will never use this p.o.s airline again. i booked a ticket for my boyfriend from milan to paris. the flight was suppose to leave at 6:30 am. He arrived at the airport at 5:38am with only carry on luggage & they denied him entry to the plane. they said the plane left early. i sent easyjet an email stating this and requesting a full refund, if not, i will seek legal action.
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Kenn Borek Air

03 May 2019 Barb
Hmmm if youre looking for work choose another airline. Ive heard nothing but negative feedback from this company. They are cheap to their employees and treat them poorly. Work is not guaranteed either and ask yourself why have so many pilots quit in the last year ???? The manager is not a nice guy
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29 April 2019 Julijus
Terrible and disaster company also it staff, not client orientated. They will get forever my negative opinion about their company, staff behaviors in all the future. As we felt from the personal, which was in contact at the gate, they are without any human understanding or situation evaluation mind, like robots. It is hardly imagine during these ages and times, such a rude follow of the rules without any humanity in evaluation of the being situation. Me and many my other friends (we already started to share our experience) never seen or heard to be happened for other passengers similar situation at the gated in any other airlines. I believe with accordance to some written Airbatic rules and regulations we were too late or not came into the gates with all other too late passengers standing in the main queue (it is our fault), but the result of the situation was not adequate. The plane was standing in the place, the doors was open, the passengers were not seated and even standing in the corridor, but at doorsill we were stopped and not allowed to enter, while then started closing the door in front of noses it is the worst ever Airbaltic presence and their opinion also service about their clients. It was obvious that allowance us to enter the plane practically would NOT harm any process of the flight. The time of entering the gates by the last passenger in the main queue, was something around 2-3 minutes before we came up. We came to the gates some 8 minutes before departure time. As the colleague explained to me (whom awaited for me some 7 meters away from the gate) never saw any reaction or interest of the staff to collect all passengers (even WITH made check-in ~1.5 hour before the flight) for the entire flight. It looks like there was no announcement of start boarding (or we really not hear, but hearing many other flights to other destinations), but 99% for sure it was no last call announcement and given at least 1-2 minutes time after to come for late one. The same was confirmed by this strange robot staff closing the door in front of noses, also saying "we not have to announce about closing gate and last call to come". Therefore, it looks like Airbatic very not care their clients to be happy, as can happen anything very naturally and not meaning something bad of that. During my many and periodical flights it had happened that I was really late or it was lost time and I was announced personally to come to the gates, but never was closed quietly the door not allowing few more steps to reach plane. Now it is drastically and rude negative Airbaltics behavior in the present situation.
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24 April 2019 Guest
Fr om Istanbul to Amsterdam, my fligth with Atlasglobal was delayed with 6,5 hours without any notification why? No coupons given, no meal coupons, no it was the most normal thing for them. Called, emailed--which they send a standard email, they hope for better in the furture, bla bla bla Service desk for questions? Nobody there!!! Wh ere do I get my compensation, gesture of goodwill, refund? In Januari KLM was delayed 6 hours from Houston to Amsterdam, even without asking 600euro return and a apology. THAT IS CALLED SERVICE!!! Never again AG, but Turkish Airlines instead, just lost a frequent flyer:( for your kind reaction
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24 April 2019 Guest
My daughter's wedding dress just went missing" on a Lufthansa flight fr om Chicago to Frankfurt, and the staff were disinterested and downright rude to her about it. Wh ere is the dress? Someone from Lufthansa knows...
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Thai Lion Air

19 April 2019 Manish
If you are travelling via Thai Lion Air and if there is a Kid in your group who is less than 12 years of age, then Thai Lion Air does't allow you to book Pre baggage, Meal or Seat as they don't have any option to select year of birth after 2007 on thier Website and App. I tried on different computers/Networks/Phone and Browsers but same issue every where. While booking Pre Baggage/Meal or Seat you have to select date of birth of all the passengers. And if there is a kid who is 10 years old then no option to go on next page. And if you book checkin baggage at Airport then God know how they will rob? I called all 3 thai air india call center numbers but no one pickup the phone. Sent an email - No Response. Sent message on Facebook - No reply. Requesting everyone to pre be cautious before booking ticket via Thai Lion Air.
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Estelar Latinoamerica

18 April 2019 Guest
Met one person who traveled with Estelar Caracas-Lima and the flight was ok. On the other hand I met another person who was left at their own luck in NYC when they were to travel to Caracas. These people had to buy another ticket with another airline and never received their money back or an answer from Estelar. Strongly recommend to avoid it. Better travel with Plus Ultra, it's almost as cheap and it is more secure although it has it's bad reviews.
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Thomas Cook Airlines

16 April 2019 Sergei
I flew from Larnaca (Cyprus) to London Gatwick for only 54 pounds sterling in the middle of April. This is a 5-hour flight. Bought this ticket on the eve of the day of travel. No online registration was possible but quick registration at the airport, I was given a window seat on request without hassle. The aircraft looked new, the in-flight service was adequate though only tap water was free, other drinks and snacks had to be paid for. The flight was smooth, some serials and a film were shown on the common screens. A decent flight overall, with incredible value for money.
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15 April 2019 TJM
Ever tried Volaris? Its a grounded piece of shit. After my own Sunday plane got cancelled today, I learned fr om a neighbour that it is a common business practice for Volaris to cancel Sunday flights and put passengers last minute on Monday flights because its cheaper for Volaris. My flight today got cancelled 2.5hs before departure from SJO wh ere weather conditions are pristine and no other airline is experiencing trouble today. Instead of sending another plane or getting me tickets for a competitor airline. They put me on another plane that makes two stops and gets me to my destination >24hs late. Im ashamed about myself: I had wanted to give Volaris a first chance today because I thought Volaris is comparable to other budget airlines in the region (Im frequently flying Interjet, Gol, Azul, etc.) and I never had problems with the others. I should have read this forum first.
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Stobart Air

12 April 2019 hoangytrt
I went to the airline's flight. Everything went great. Friendly flight attendants. My first friend did not intend to buy tickets from the company but after consulting at I decided to choose Stobart Air with cheaper fares but the quality is quite stable that is not inferior to the airlines. My former I used. I will use Stobart Air's flight service for a long time for my trips.
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Copa Airlines

10 April 2019 Guest
Worst customer service ever in the world received by Julieta Basurto !!!! She does not know what real customer service is and her negative attitude should change. Why Copa has such rude and unprofessional employees ???? She did not put attention to our request and was busy texting on her phone and laughing. When addressed she told us to walk away and don't bother her. She did not even took time to look at our issue and refused to call her supervisor. Last time I fly Copa !!!!
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Red Wings

08 April 2019 Jelena NM
Red Wings airline Deceptive prices, made up additional charges and rudest staff ever I must warn all travelers about Red Wings airline because they are the most unprofessional and untrustworthy airline I had a misfortune of dealing with. I am a frequent traveler and I traveled through Europe, Asia and Africa and I never encountered such treatment. Me and my husband and mother flew fr om Belgrade, Serbia to Moscow Domodedovo airport (outbound: march 23rd and return march 30th 2019). First they make the booking process really complicated and you dont have the option to get a ticket with check-in baggage (I purchased tickets via skyscanner, sent them additional baggage request just to be informed that the airline does not offer that option). I contacted Red Wings and got the response I can purchase the baggage on their website, but since I didnt purchase my ticket via their website but via third-party site, that was impossible. So they told me I could purchase additional baggage at their counter at the airport and that the price would be 2500 Russian rubles (around 35 euro). That was not true because they charged me 50 euro for that (I kept the receipt)! Second the airplane personal was the rudest ever I never saw such treatment, no smiles, no please they were fighting with some passengers in the rudest manner. Third on our way back they CHARGED US ADDITIONALLY for the carry-on luggage! I flew around the world with that suitcase and low cost and regular, and NEVER, no one ever charged me the price of a 23kg suitcase for a 5kg bag that fits the global carry-on standards but only in Russia it is bigger than allowed (!!!). Just to be clear in Belgrade (wh ere we were flying from) they regularly checked it and let us pass without problems, this was just on the way back. Fourth since we made a complaint at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow not just because it was outrageous to charge for a bag that was free on our way over, but because the staff at the check-in was extremely rude, unhelpful and even dismissive and sarcastic all three of us were shocked at that behavior. That was March 30th, and to this day (April 8th) no one from the Red Wings airline made contact or responded to the complaint. So to sum up I honestly recommend you avoid this airline because you will get overcharged, disrespected and mistreated and that is something you dont want when you travel. They are deceptive about their prices and very rude to their customers so it is safe to say I will never travel with them again, nor will my friends and acquaintances.
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Flair Airlines

06 April 2019 Kelly
Worst airline. A business model where they gladly take your money and set up a system for zero accountability or responsibility. No employees at airports. Call center staff with zero information or power to do anything other than the placating I apologize, there is nothing I can do... Find the number to corporate and call them 40 times a day for 2 months. See if that fits into their business model.
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Seaborne Airlines

04 April 2019 George Lyle
Its been 4 months now since I traveled on seaborne airlines and with multiple emails regarding my bags being broken into and stuff stolen I get no reply other then form letters from the emails I was told to write to . I have sent like 30 emails and still 4 months later no reply. There is no phone number to call its just email and its worthless. I had about $500. worth of things stolen and it appears seaborne cares nothing at all about their service nor do they care about my experience.
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Air Sunshine

02 April 2019 Guest
Absolute worst airline I have ever flown. Booked a flight for my family from St Thomas to Virgin Gorda. Also booked a flight for my father who's elderly and just healed from knee replacement surgery. Flight in was just OK. Check in was disorganized and staff was rude. They left 1/2 early - thankfully we were there at that time. Father was leaving a day later from VG. They decided to cancel his flight out and make him take a ferry from VG to Tortola and they would fly him our of Tortola. We called customer service asking for reimbursement for ferry and taxi which was $45. Thy said "you could have taken another airline" and hung up on me. Her name was Carmen. Guess what? They are the ONLY airline flying out of VG. so no, we cannot take another Arline. We email custom service and they told me that they were just going t cancel my dads flight all together and they they were "making a special trip for him", even though he paid for the ticket weeks in advance. We said what next, you are going to cancel ours? Yep, they sure did. The evening before our flight they cancel our flight sighting "operational necessities", even though were flying with a child. Note, my husband called the airline and asked to be booked on that flight and they happen to have availability. Now they only want to refund $300 when we paid $900 for our ticket. We had to pay $300 for ferry tickets, taxis and spend the entire day getting back to St Thomas. This company is a disgrace to Virgin Gorda tourism and should be reprimanded for their shady business practices and treating travelers so poorly. Will not be traveling to Virgin Gorda again anytime soon because of this airline.
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Aruba Airlines

27 March 2019 Kristie
They canceled my flight with no alternative for the same day and now refuse to issue my refund. They have ignored my emails and state they cannot assist over the phone. There is no escalation contact and no contact information for anything other than email and customer service. Worst airline ever. We purchased 3 tickets and they expect us to just go away. Not before I ruin their reputation first!
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Turkish Airlines

27 March 2019 Guest
Hello, my name is SI and recently i had a round trip, along with my friend AK , with Turkish Airlines from Thessaloniki to Istanbul. In both flights there were some unpleasant incidents happened which i consider appropriate to mention to you before anyone else. The first took place in flight TK 1894 from Thessaloniki to Istanbul in March 22 with departure time 21:35. Me and my friend were placed in seats 18A and 18B, respectively. Shortly after the takeoff the passenger sitting behind us in seat 17A realised that the inside glass of his window was detached, the gap between the two parts of the window was filled with water and there was a strange buzz coming from it. He immediately informed the cabin crew of the situation. After all the members of the cabin crew inspected it and despite the great inconvenience of the passengers they decided not to land the plane, even thought the safety of the flight was at risk. They moved the particular passenger instead to an other seat telling him it was an emergency situation. As a result, me and all the other passengers who were aware of the situation had an unpleasant flight being constantly alert until the time we landed. The cabin crew looked also upset about the situation as they were often observed the problematic window. The second incident took place at the return flight from Istanbul to Thessaloniki. On March 24, 24 hours before the flight we werent allowed by the system to check in our flight because it was overbooked. Mr AK checked in as a business class but the same couldnt happen for me. In order to obtain a seat in the flight we arrived at the airport on March 25 three hours earlier than expected. After talking with the staff the outcome was a stand by ticket and for that the supervisor rudely said that would be all, like it or not. After a long waiting ,i ended up at the gate of the flight TK 1893 without granted an entrance to it. Thankfully on March 26 at 08:30, i took the flight TK1881 although i was once again asked not to by the staff, providing that i could take advantage of all the benefits that come along. The reason Im writing all these is because i believe that the customers are a top priority for your companys policy. That kind of behaviour and disregard is not aligned with a company that has been awarded as Europes Best several times the last years. Is it?
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Smart Wings

25 March 2019 Guest
Awful!! Used this airline from Gatwick to Prague, was delayed for over 6 hours! Spent nearly 2 hours at the departure gate! Have since tried the long road to compensation but impossible to contact them, have tried mailing, emailing and even telephone, no reply! 3 years have passed and I would NEVER use this cheap and nasty airline again! Pay a bit extra and give this one a wide berth!!
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Blue Air

25 March 2019 Popa Dragomir
They smashed my luggage. 6 months past and nobody cares. Try to avoid this company. 0 stars, not even 1.
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Jetstar Asia

24 March 2019 G
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Frontier Airlines

22 March 2019 Guest
Frontier has a very high cancelation fee of $119. Their cancelation policy is listed differently in different places on their website. If you look in the wrong place you WILL BE MISLEAD! Make sure to read on their FAQ page here Additionally, their website will not inform you of the policy before you cancel the flight. Your money will just be gone with no explanation. I could not even tell that my flight reservation had been canceled nor did I get an email that made my cancelation clear. I had to call and wait to talk to a representative on the phone just to confirm that my flight had indeed been canceled. This company has lost a customer.
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Enter Air

22 March 2019 Guest
Very bad. Makes Ryanair look like a 5 Star airline. Avoid at all costs.
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Caribbean Airlines

22 March 2019 Anon
Caribbean airlines needs to drug test their crew regularly as I see so. Many pilots I know abusing cocaine. Especially the younger ones. Also breaking all the rules of safety and integrity of the airline.
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Air Antilles Express

20 March 2019 Guest
My flight from St Martin to Guadeloupe was cancelled - 2 years ago. Since then I have been trying to get the refund owed to me. The phone number always gives the message: this system is busy, please try later' and the client service just advises me to fill in another form (I have done this twice already). More than 60 emails, several promises of a refund, and I still have not received my money.
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Tigerair Australia

11 March 2019 Kym
The only afternoon flight Adelaide to Sydney 27Feb19 was delayed, then we boarded, next disembarked, later that evening the flight was cancelled. The cost flying to Adelaide to catch Tiger, overnight accommodation in Adelaide, no show fees at the motel in Sydney ( their phone did answer the previous evening). Could have caught Virgin next morning but Tiger texted and emailed saying they would depart 10am next morning. The flight was delayed then rescheduled 300pm which was too late to visit the Consulate in Sydney and we had a very very important need to be in in Whyalla by 12 noon thursday. The early thursday Jetstar return flights were rescheduled for the following week but at a cost and we flew back to Whyalla. Our losses amounted in excess of $1000 and a separate issue the Tiger flights to Sydney were charged 3 times. Our calls to Tiger and on line lodging of the details of this item had been done the week before. As of today, no resolve. Tiger did refund the one of the charges for the actual flight. No reply to a second follow up email and phone call. No a good day for myself and my partner! The wrongly charged amounts for air fares will be pursued. Whether we can get any of our losses re the delayed/cancelled flight is unknown. I have booked many tens of thousands of dollars for flights, for myself and friends online, but never have I been charged twice for a failed booking.
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09 March 2019 Izan
Really like it. I flew with them to do holidays to SF. Screen. No food, but its better cause you can choose what you want to eat. Always on time. Leg room a bit tiny.
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

07 March 2019 Estephanie Hårstad
We use this airline on Dec 26 from oslo to hongkong... we have very bad expereince because of the delayed departure from copenhagen so we have delayed arrival in hongkong as well...thats the reason we didnt get our flight from manila to cebu on dec 28 10pm soppose to be...the worse thing is some agent from SAS pick up us in arrival in hongkong and guide us to check in going to bangkok....extremly very bad fligh..we are staying in bangkok for many hours before the morning come so that we can check in again going to Manila...
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La Costena

03 March 2019 Rita
I would like to report how bad service is given to pelople who have to fly this airline, My experience from Managau to Bonanza recently was a bad experience. First they charge excessive rates with lousy service. Supposedely two flights and never tell you in which flighy you are going.onlt special people. From Bonzana to Managua even worse. I had to wait a whole day to return to Managa, not even tell clients little info favoring employees from HEMCO and leaving people just waitin. Employee in Bonanza were very courteous abd had hand tide. U need to upgrade service, runway, office space. PLEASE TAKE ACTION.
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