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Airline Reviews & Opinions

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Etihad Airways
02 January 2018 Guest

Hyderabad airport Etihad staff is worst, 1) they are incompetent , 2) poorly trained and 3) don't know how to read their own fare rules and threaten the passengers to cash.
The premium desk at Abu Dhabi asked to sent an email to No response after 2 days !

I have been charged excess baggage fee when none should have been charged. Looking for some lawyers to help, does anyone have info for lawyers who can file a case in India.

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26 December 2017 Guest

Charged me twice for the same ticket, refused to refund

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Zest Airways
23 December 2017 Guest

Absolutely terrible airline, always late, unhelpful staff, many safety issues.

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22 December 2017 Guest

People! Ive been travelling for SE asia for a couple months and always had problems with air asia. The page booked me wrong once and other many many times couldnt book a flight. So you have to book in other websites like or In is way more expensive. The air asia system is really bad and they dont want to improve, because you would have to go to their office and charge you more, or this mistakes make them get more money. So try other websites. I recently booked on and the price was ok but language was a problem because was in bahasa...maybe there are better web sites

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Turkish Airlines
18 December 2017 Guest

Horrible airline. My parents just returned from Turkey to London Heathrow. When they arrived their luggage was completely damaged and ruined including items in the luggage. I have emailed them and shown proof of photos and they have only come back to say its not their responsibility. They have damaged over £300 worth or luggage and they are not interested in helping. From what I see and all the complaints below I have no idea how this airline gets away with it. Terrible just terrible!

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15 December 2017 JH

Agree the Scoot call centre is hopeless. i booked a flight, i clearly did not tick insurance but insurance was charged. Refund willl take 6-8 weeks so they say. I notice that two of the names were spelt wrongly. I called to inform and request for change of spelling which they say will cost $90 for any change of spelling. Please take note , i am not changing to another passenger. No way i could get the amount reduced. Call centre informed that if i change it online it will cost 60$.
Today i decided to just go ahead and login to manage bookings to make the changes and to my shock, it says any change will cost $120!
This is terrible! Is there anyway this charge be reduced?

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Spirit Airlines
15 December 2017 Guest

Booked a flight to Denver. Upgraded my seats for extra leg room. Before take off my partner & I were asked to move due to plane imbalance. Flight crew were not able to move us seats with extra leg room. I told the flight attendant that we paid extra for the extra space. Attendant wasn't able to do anything about it on the flight but that we shouldn't have a problem with getting a refund if we contacted Spirit. So I contacted Spirit once I returned. I don't know why I thought I would be able to get a refund from Spirit. I heard so many bad things before my flight. So if you pay extra for your seat don't give it up for anything cause you won't get a refund.

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15 December 2017 Guest

They lost my bag and I'm having a real problem getting someone to answer the phone

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07 December 2017 Guest

Heathrow Terminal 4-Benito Juarez Mexico City the staff are very friendly and I was immediately welcomed aboard business class was very comfortable and was offered a lovely dinner and a great selection of drinks my seat became a nice fully reclined bed with a couple pillows not the most comfortable bed but still nice and overall smooth flight and a great first time with Aeromexico and the 787-8

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TAP Portugal
07 December 2017 Guest

I would give this airline a 0 if I could. 10 days before flight, I am advised that my service dog cannot board on one of the airlines. They want to charge me to amend the reservation. Have filed a complaint. Only 7 days to get resolution. Hours and hours and hours on hold and no resolution. Consistent phone transfers with no one who knows how to treat customers. I will never fly TAP again -- if I even get to fly them this time. Merry Christmas!

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Topics 1 - 10 of 406
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