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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Blue Air

18 May 2022 David
I booked with this airline for a friend to fly back home to see her elderly parents. Three days later I was informed the flight had been cancelled. I have never received a refund even though I asked for one. Avoid using Blue Air airline like you would a plague.
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17 May 2022 Guest eloisa espinoza
Es una mafia disfrasada de aereolinea a mi me vendieron un boleto sin asiento y llame a servicio al cliente y solo me dejaban en espera por mucho tiempo para al final decirme good bye
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17 May 2022 Guest
Worst airline for customer service. Customer service is non existing. There automated customer service "AVA" is worst than their non existing customer service, because you spend hours trying to work with it and in the end the net results are zero.
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Air Transat

17 May 2022 Guest
Abysmal customer service experience. Prepaid to select seats for return flight, as wife has an anxiety disorder and is terrified of flying. When we arrived at airport for return flight, found that we had been separated to opposite ends of the plane (row 4 vs row 39). When I approached the agent, they were incredibly rude stating it "wasn't their problem". They couldn't tell me where or how to get refunded for the prepaid seats. Wife had an anxiety attack on the flight as a result. Contacted them afterwards, still no refund or even apology. Also lost my baggage for the entire week of our vacation, again no apology or compensation. Horrible experience.
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Silver Airways

17 May 2022 B South
Silver is constantly bumping departure times. One of the worst airlines. We have used them 3 times and always have issues. Will not book with them again!
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Sunwing Airlines

17 May 2022 Guest
Terrible and the worst airline I fly in my life. Never recommend. Avoid…avoid… First we have a delay for 24 hours. They knew the fly will not be but the let me check in and we stuck in the airport for one night. Finally when we had to fly they did not let us to get in the airplane because we had a different boarding passes since they changed the fly for morning after we checked in. Finally they make another boarding pass for us but I should please them because my daughter had a panic attack because the staff was very rough and my child got scared. But this is not the end of the story…. When we arrived to Jamaica they lost my baggage and we are the second day in Jamaica with no clothes. I still dealing with them to find my baggage. 0 stars because I can’t even 1 star to give to them….
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15 May 2022 Bondewel Carlos
Worst airplane experience in my life!! Planes show up with 5 hours up to 8 hours delayed. Flights cancelled at 02h30 am minutes of the fly off time. Two days later same flight at 02h30 was overbooked. Shame that such companies exist. The Rwandans who use the company do it by patriotism an shut up because they have to shut up, they are used to!
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LATAM Airlines

14 May 2022 Anj Hart
Booked to go from Auckland to Peru and then back again. Half way through our holiday they cancelled our flight home. Had to spend two days of the holiday trying to sort out flights home. They gave us one option - leave three weeks later going via Brazil. When we complained they then gave us another option go via Los Angeles on the day were were supposed to leave but then left us to sort out our ESTA visas to go through USA. I had to ring the UK to get my UK passport number as I was travelling on my NZ passport so that was more cost to me. We had paid for extra leg room seats, never got that money back! So our trip home to NZ was Lima to LA, LA to Sydney Australia (On QANTAS) and then Sydney to Auckland with QANTAS. Our original flight from Lima to Auckland was available with QANTAS their partner airline BUT because we had booked originally through LATAM they could not arrange us to go with QANTAS..... yet they could from LA and Sydney... Go figure. We then had to pay AGAIN for extra legroom seats which when we got on the plane the cabin crew knew nothing about and I had to complain and show them the payment receipt as LATAM had given us the WRONG boarding passes. The cabin crew then gave the other seats in extra legroom to other passengers who had not paid! We were treated dreadfully on the LATAM flight. Was soooo glad to board QANTAS flights - we had to pay a extra for their leg room seats but once the crew had heard of our plight the QANTAS crew made us feel so comfortable and brought us treats. When we got home I wrote to LATAM to tell them of our experience and they could not be bothered... we do not give refunds was their response. I got really annoyed with them and their couldnt be bothered response and informed them as as a travel and tourism teacher I would using their customer service as an example of not what to do. They are now a case study in my class and the students pretend to be useless LATAM customer service and flight crew and the students critique what was bad service and what a good airline company should do. I use the emails they send and even have s script which the students use. So one positive came out of the experience. The annoying thing is that I want to go back to South America but the thought of flying this useless crew is so off putting. Even if I book with QANTAS you may end up with this bunch. My advice for anyone thinking of booking with LATAM / or forced to book with them - warn your employees you may be three weeks later back to work. Take all documentation needed to enter a variety of different countries around the world so you meet their visa requirements and also currencies of those countries so you can by a drink while waiting in the numerous airport lounges you will be forced to wait in. Or just walk home!
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Sky Express

13 May 2022 Andreas Papadopoulos
This was my first flight with Sky Express. The whole experience was wonderful! I was scared reading other reviews, but fortunately they were not verified. The staff were friendly, the aircraft clean and tidy and all on time. Highly recommended.
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Vueling Airlines

12 May 2022 Guest
4 Vueling flights leaving Florence airport on Saturday 7 May - one check in desk for hundreds of people. Barcelona flight cancelled but passengers not informed. Our Gatwick flight leaving at 2pm, left at 3.15 half full, two of our party refused access to flight. Supposedly windy conditions but not in reality. Then, on arrival at Gatwick, told no bags had been loaded on to plane so all passengers' luggage still in Florence. Now Thursday evening and still no bag or information. Useless trying to contact Vueling. No human response. Will never fly with Vueling ever again.
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12 May 2022 Guest
Volaris has the worst Customer service I have ever experienced. We had planned a family vacation and due to a family illness we had to cancel and reschedule. When the time came to reschedule instead of the $700 that should have credited to each of us we were only credited $70. After several attempts to resolve the issue (we received no response back) we finally had to file a complaint with the DOT. I would never recommend this airline.
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11 May 2022 Guest
Have tried to contact mobility assistance for 3 days holding on the phone for over 4 hours a day. Do jet2 have anyone answering phones, terrible service.
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11 May 2022 Guest
Worst experience. They left me starving saying my food isn’t available and told me to buy it instead. Horribly rude staff. Do NOT use this airlines. They’re just a cheap excuse to loot the customers. Flew with them once, never again. Would give minus stars if it was possible.
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Air Europa

09 May 2022 Guest
This airline should be shut down!!!!!
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Privilege Style

03 May 2022 Karen manifold
Airline changed to privilege from tui. Squashed in like sardines in a can. Paid for extra legroom. Hubby couldn’t turn. Most uncle flight ever experienced. Then left waiting for 35 mins to depart plane
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Air Arabia

30 April 2022 Guest
Its a trash company, only the stuff is nice but the rest all of it is garbage. I am never again flying with air arabia
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Blue Bird Airways

29 April 2022 Γιαννης
Very helpful cabin and ground crew and also pilots with a lot of professionalism. The maintenance of the plane was great!
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Allegiant Air

24 April 2022 Bruce
Booked RT TYS - PHX. Only flights WE & SA. SA return canceled several hours prior to departure. Zero help from Allegiant. Finally booked return on United Monday; cost was $1,200 for 2 in addition to 2 extra days of motel & meals. Allegiant reimbursed $200 in airfare and $200 for living costs. Better to book reliable airline with frequent flights and customer service. Allegiant was most expensive option.
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24 April 2022 Himani
Rude, racist, and worst staff ever! The seats are super small worst the spirit seats! The staff ignores anyone not white, you can’t ask any questions and racial profiled my sister - had her sent to a degrading security check! They only tend to people they liked on the flight!DO NOT fly here ever! Pay the extra money IT is NOT worth it! Also they ran late both ways - i would give a zero if it was possible.
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United Airlines

20 April 2022 Shealeen Pacak
We had an excellent experience in Cleveland with employee Rosemaria (Martinez) she was very helpful and kind. Something you don’t often see these days!
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Copa Airlines

18 April 2022 Helen Kamen
Dear Sir/Madame, I was flying Copa Airlines from Guayaquil to Panama City, then to Houston(Texas). I was told that I can not get on my flight because my COVID test was done one day earlier than it has to be Done ( the LAB was closed on friday for Easter). The supervisor told me to go to the Hotel and get the taxi and repeat my COVID test and reschedule the flight at the COPA reservation center, which is 30 mins drive from the airport. All that with NO SPANISH!!!! I asked if I can do the COVID test at the airport and the answer was:"NO". I end up spending $200 on another test, change of flight fee, taxi and waiting at the airport for 16 Hours till my next flight at 3:00 am. Later, I found out that there is a testing facility right at the airport and takes 20-30 minutes to get the COVID test results. What a "great" treatment of your passengers?? I've NEVER seen so mean, rude and unfair service before. NEVER NEVER again fly COPA!!! This is horrible and unfriendly airline and service!!! DO NOT recommend to anyone!! STAY AWAY.....Dreadful experience:((((((((((
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Maya Island Air

15 April 2022 James
I've been traveling to Belize regularly for about 10 years and have flown both Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. First let me state that overall there is no difference the overall quality of service, nor the price for these two. Each covers some of the same routes, each has some exclusive routes. Both try to maintain a certain amount of flexibility in how they book and how many planes they fly on a given schedule, which *usually* works pretty well. The planes are almost all small prop planes, there will be no "service" on the flights, and in many cases the "terminal" buildings are tiny and with few services. Having said all that, Maya has gotten me all over Belize many times and I with the right level of expectations on MY part, I've not been disappointed.
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Etihad Airways

14 April 2022 Lekshman
@Etihad Aiways: This is regarding horrible travel experience for the booking reference JMCBHV. We are senior citizens travelling on 11th March 2022 from Denver to Kochi(COK) via Chicago(ORD) & Abudhabi . We did not get wheel chair service at ORD, Abudhabi although it is reserved in advance . At ORD , there is no one at the station to ask status, the layover time is 1 hr 40 mins, Hence we need to walk all the way to catch the next segement flight to abu dhabi. Again to our surprise, the flight to abudhabi was delayed and the time to transit was squeezed to catch next flight (to Final designation COK). Again, No wheel chair is provided and we are told to board the flight in next 40 mins. It was extremely difficult for a senior citizen like me and my wife to run with less transit time and no wheel chair. Once we reached Destination, the baggage was delayed. After 48 hours baggage was delivered to our home, However the baggage was completely damaged. Could you let us know : 1. why wheel chair assistance was not provided at 2 segments(ORD , Abudhabi) inspite of reducing transit time. Is it not your responsibility to arrange for transits if there are no wheel chairs available for elderly passengers? 2. Why did you mishandle my luggage and transported the belongings in plastic wraps like this? Do you pay for the luggage charge. This is new luggage i purchased in Oct 2021 3. what compensation you can provide for this experience. Do you even can imagine if your own parents travel in this situation with Etihad airways what would happen? with my age (76), i could barely walk, However i made my best to reach my next flight to Cok in abudhabi airport. I am a heart patient and was suffering a lot to walk and no one from Etihad helped this the way you treat senior passengers? Baggage damage: case number is 2204131571081. Wheel chair issue :case number is 2204131571687.
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Turkish Airlines

14 April 2022 Tony Magnus
My first experience with Turkish Airlines has been very poor. I bought for about $A14,500 2 Business class tickets Sydney-Italy-Malta-Sydney (all via Istanbul). All for travel in August and September 2022. Turkish Airlines did major flight changes with two flight cancellations - the first change meant that our flight from Istanbul to Italy departed 5 hours before we had even landed in Istanbul. The second major change was that our sunday dep;arture from Italy was now Saturday and resulted in a planned 18 hour stopover in Istanbul Airpoirt. Our agent (who is the biggest in Australia) cancelled our tickets and after 7 weeks we are still waiting for the refund. Turkish AIrlines have told our agent that refunds take 12 weeks to process. Of course we have already had to pay for the replacement airline tickets and the cancellation is only a result of Turkish AIrlines cancelling flights With experience like this I cannot recommend Turkish AIrlines to anyone and would never choose them again.
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13 April 2022 Turchian Mioara Iuga
The documents of proof that I have paid and the ticket been canceled due but the money extracted from my bank account!
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11 April 2022 Frank
My patner just experienced class 1 racism from Easy jet Tenerif after being singled out as the only blacks in the line. Get this, she was traveling with three kids including a 1 year old and a 7 year old autistic girl. The white spanish working with easy jet singled her out, scanned her passport and claimed it was fake. They embarrased all of them called the police who questioned her over and over and in the end said they were free to go. And guess what the passport was fine after all. Then the racist lady comes back in the room and tells them they can not fly with easy jet as gates had closed. Also made up a lie about uk had refused to fly them. Now my patner is stuck in an airport with three kids and trying to spend more money looking for an hotel and new plane tickets back to london. Bare in mind the british consulate has no idea of what the spanish check in officers are talking about. What an experience. We will work tooth and nail to hold these individuals accountable. Theres so much hate in these islands for people of colour.
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Philippine Airlines

05 April 2022 Sandra Adams
My first & last time to fly this airline. It doesn’t deserved any single “star” based on my appalling experience! I flew from Manila to Dubai last 2nd April 2022, PR658 Business Class. From check-in counter, the lady behind the counter was rude & unfriendly to boarding (no lines for Business class) to given my seat right behind!! The crews filled up the business class with upgraded passengers, given them the good seats as opposed to giving the priority to passengers who paid the right price! I felt like it was a daytime robbery of my rights! Service & food was atrocious! Never again neither I will recommend!!!
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31 March 2022 Guest
Flights were changed by airline, leaving us with the transfer 10 hours at the airport instead of 1..Airline refused to offer lounge or comfort of any kind. They do not value their customers.
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30 March 2022 Guest
Worst customer experience I have every had. I cancelled my flight 13 days in advance and was informed in email that there were no refund, no vouchers, and I could hold the ticket for 6months. Now I am asking for the re-activation of my ticket, and getting an awful, clearly planned run around at the call center. After 7 calls, and various promises of emails and supervisor calls to re-activate my ticket, I am no further on. I can tell the staff are lying and have pre-tracks to tell customers. Dishonest practice. Untrustworthy. Should not be permitted to serve the public.
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Fly Jordan

29 March 2022 Guest
No space between seats, unfriendly staff, uncomfortable plane.
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27 March 2022 Guest
Worst airline, crappy food in business, 5/5 flights in a past 4 months changed schedule, keep away. Support non existent as well.
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LATAM Colombia

24 March 2022 Gloria
Beinny Arrieta was very kind and nice, while she attended me, she was also training another one and she did it with a lot patience, I was very pleased to have been attended by her when I checked in. Thank you Latam for giving such good attention, and having staff that works with professionalism.
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American Airlines

21 March 2022 Guest
Talk about the absolute worst experience ever! After getting married and having our honeymoon in Cancun…the nightmare began. We sat on the tarmac in Cancun for 52 minutes. Finally taking off then we get to Dallas. Since our flight was late, and we had a layover of 1 hour and 25 minutes before the delay. Immigration was a joke too. So needless to say we knew we were going to miss our flight. Called American Airlines to see if we could get another flight. Lady on the phone said they could get us out but wouldn’t be until 830 the following morning. Also they would cover room and food for the delay. Finally get thru immigration, and now off to the customer service desk, along with about 70 other folks who were going to be missing connecting flights. After standing in line for near 2 hours there, we finally make it to the counter. The lady was very helpful, but trying to find a flight was a joke! She tried sending us to any airport possible. Said if we wanted to make it back to Portland we would have to wait 48 hours in Dallas on our own dime. Not even a voucher for food! Their best option was to send us to Philly the next morning, have a layover there for 7 hours then fly us to Seattle….and from there find our own way home? I don’t think so! I paid for a round trip flight to Portland Oregon! We sat in the airport all night long, and they had taken our bags from to us for the flight to Philly. While we were waiting at the airport, we decided to look for flights on other airlines. Figured we wouldn’t find anything since the ticket agent at AA said they couldn’t find any other flights on any other airlines. After looking for 3 minutes we found a flight from Dallas, to LAX, then to Portland oregon the next day. So we decided we wanted to book that flight, but tried to be proactive and get our bags back so they would be with us. After phone calls and more phone calls, we couldn’t get any answers. Decided to book it and say the hell with AA since they had been no help since the first moment. We went to the ticket counter for AA at 330am to see about getting our bags. Lady was very rude about it, and said she put it in the computer to get our bags back, but didn’t know how long it would take and we just needed to go wait. Wouldn’t even cancel our flight we weren’t going to take, or even make a simple phone call to baggage to get our bags! After waiting 40 minutes for our bags we had to catch our delta flight so we had to leave. Come to find out, our bags were sent to 3 different locations….Dallas, Philly, and North Carolina….what a joke! Once we FINALLY made it back to our destination in Portland, 37 hours later mind you, we had to put in for missing baggage. After this experience, American Airlines will NEVER get my service again, and we have let all our friends and family know about how horrible this customer service is.
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Azores Airlines

19 March 2022 Daniel
We booked with 2 bicycles to go to Europe. It clearly says in plain English under the bicycle section on their website that if you take a bicycle you get an additional 10kg of luggage on top of your 23kg standard. When we went to check in with our 33kg bikes all packed and secured inside a bike box with our cycling gear padded around them we were told that we must have two separate bags…one of 23kg and a different bag of 10kg. I explained to them that not only did it not mention this specific on their website, but it takes a long time to properly pack a bike box and so it is not damaged in transit. They wouldn’t budge and We had to quickly try and repack the bikes into 2x separate ones before they closed the check in. It was super stressful and the bikes were now loose and getting bumped around in the box. The customer service was terrible and if my bike arrived broken it will be 100% their fault. So dissatisfied with this airline.
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17 March 2022 Guest
It’s so sad to write down such a bad review but seriously, I will never ever again take over 10 hours international trips with iberia. Not only seats are small and uncomfortable compared to economy class of other major airline companies and complements on board are inexistent, but also the entertainment on the screens is limited and outdated. Besides, the so promoted wifi on board was not available at all, not even by paying. I’m also terribly sorry to admit the staff on board is totally absent; calls buttons are basically ignored till that I couldn’t neither get water during the whole flight. Don’t even let me started with the quality of meals and service, during dinner I had to repeat myself several time, to different hostess, for a beverage that in fact I did not get; while during breakfast, I chosen to drink a glass of orange juice, and I was stared at because I also asked for the glass of water I was dreaming of for literally hours. This awful story repeated itself consistently at the return flight, but luckily this time I was prepared. Unfortunately a very unpleasant journey, and a frustrating and exhausting experience which for such ticket price is just not fair. Regards.
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Sky Airline

05 March 2022 Guest
Incredibly bad customer service experience this morning in Calama, Chile. I fly frequently and have never been compelled to write a negative review, but such a horrible experience this morning, I had to mention.
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05 March 2022 Guest
Getting on the plane for the second leg of my journey, from Singapore to Sydney, felt like walking back into the 1980's; tired old interior, no inflight entertainment, tiny seats, minimal leg room, and perhaps worse of all, that awful low cost nonsense (think Ryanair, Easyjet), of having to pay for all food and drink outside the hastily served (in a minuscule plastic container), 'meal' (a rather nasty, very un-Asian fried rice). I am sincerely shocked Singapore Airlines could associate itself with such a shoddy, outdated airline which is the antithesis of everything Singapore Airlines purports to be in terms of service and value for money. When travelling to Australia in the future I will double check Scoot is nowhere to be found. Sorry Singapore Airlines.
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02 March 2022 Zobain
What a pathetic level of information. I booked my ticket in advance from Baghdad to Jeddah. I am double vaccinated and read all the informarion provided on egyptairs website for my travels. All set to go I get to Baghdad Airport and hello sir you do know you have to pay £420 for a 3 star isolation package in Jeddah because you are flying through Cairo?! Unbelievable!!!
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Air Sunshine

28 February 2022 Lauren M
I booked with Air Sunshine for a private Charter in February 2022. We were a group of 8 adults traveling from Tortola BVI to Vieques, Puerto Rico. I was a little skeptical because I could only find bad reviews - but they were quite old - so I thought I would give them a chance. Their rates were as good or better than a couple of other companies I checked with. They actually answer the phone when you call! And when the person didn't know the answer - she actually called me back...and the next day someone else called me to make sure that I was taken care of. They met us at the airport when we arrived earlier than planned and called the captain to see if he wanted to depart earlier. He showed up quickly and we took off early. The customer service was excellent! The people were all friendly. The plane was nice and the flight was smooth. Honestly, I'm a white-knuckle flyer and so are others in our group...but this really was a nice flight and I would not hesitate to fly with them again. I thought I should write a more current review since I could not find any out there. I hope this helps others.
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InterCaribbean Airways

26 February 2022 Taylor
They are liars. Our flight was delayed an hour and they told us it was due to the tires needing to be changed… tires on a plane don’t need to be changed unless it’s scheduled maintenance or the pilot is garbage. Then it got delayed again and then told us they were waiting for the plane to land, when I asked how they could be waiting for it to land if they were changing the tires they lied again and said they were waiting for the engine. When I asked what that meant the lady told me she “doesn’t work there, she’s just a security guard” and then when we finally boarded the plane she was OUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT! Wish I could give 0 stars, I hope they go bankrupt.
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21 February 2022 Guest
Bought fully flexible premium economy ticket on -line from Vistara, Cane from UK and turned up at the check in counter - told there is a problem ticket has been auto cancelled. Zero help from customer service counter, extremely arrogant, rude and harassment for two hours including by so called floor manager at Delhi . Gave me customer care e-mail ID and said that’s it! Bought another spot ticket to go to destination. Don’t know if they will even refund my ninety or not!!! Never again
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LOT Polish Airlines

20 February 2022 Katya
No MORE LOT !!! It was first and last time flying LOT Lot lugguage, then received damaged lugguage. Flights always delayed. My dad’s suitcase on the way to New York from Ukraine was lost. Staff was very unhelpful and unprofessional when it came to file report for lost item. I was told I will be contacted in 24-48 hrs to schedule delivery of the suitcase. Apparently my dad’s suitcase was left at Poland. Nobody contacted me. I had to buy everything from underwater, toothbrush, clothes, etc for my dad. Lot polish never even apologized for such an inconvenience I’m not even saying about giving credit like some airlines do. Finally 5 days later suitcase was delivered to us. It was broken. Zipper was broke so as the result I had to buy new suitcase for my dad to return to Ukraine. Extra expense of $125 that I should have had. RETURN FLIGHT When we got to the airport. I knew we had 5kg overnight and I was ok to pay for it. But representative told us it will be additional $183 charge. What a joke. For 5 kg when you can buy extra check in bag for $130. Then lot polish representatives made my dad to weigh in carry on lugguage. But the crazy part in front of us it was group of Orthodox Jews and nobody was asked to weight their carry on. Their carry one were as big if not bigger my dad had and they were ok to board with them. My dad was made to check in his carry on and I paid additional $135 It definitely looks like DISCRIMINATION from LOT polish!!! When I tolled to manager at check in booth and asked him about list suitcase, broke zipper and I was told he wasn’t there when my dad arrived so he had nothing to do it. What a “professional” answer from LOT representative. You definitely lost client and not just one.
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Wizz Air

10 February 2022 Guest
Vile, putrid, money grabbing, disgusting company. You buy a £250 ticket from this so called, low fare airline, then get charged an extra £20 to book a seat in either direction? What the hell did i just pay £250 for? Then a medium sized suitcase will cost you another £65 return trip?.... and they wont even give you water on the flight!?!? If you call their customer service, it's a premium number and will also cost you money! HATE, HATE, HATE! They should be banned by the airline watchdog, but hey, money rules the world, right?
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Trans Guyana Airways

06 February 2022 Mel
Hi Gyana Airways, Suggestions for improving your services on flights from GT to Lethem: as someone who has traveled recently and experienced delays, please provide passengers some information when flight is delayed as to why, for how long and so on. I sat at the check out for two hours not knowing anything while your staff is walking around with no info to passengers or caring to give any info. Also, provide complimentary wifi to people waiting for so long, a vending machine with food and drinks. Your tickets are very pricey so some sort of accommodation to passengers should be given . This is for Ogle Airport. People at Lethem Airport are doing excellent job on keeping everyone informed if flight is delayed and keeping passengers happy.
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02 February 2022 Pete shephaed
I read bad reviews of ryanair but truth be told it was a really good service and on time flights we travelled from Leeds Bradford to Malaga and back and all was good, to be fair prices weren't to bad on flight, the only thing we're some of the passangers who didn't sit together (because they were to tight to purchase seats) were moving backwards and forwards to each other blocking the aisles even when we were all told to stay seated when there were turbulence ALL in all good flights and service
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

01 February 2022 Guest
Our flight was canceled and we were auto booked on a KLM flight. After communicating our situation to the agent at the service counter, we were subjected to a series of offenses and non-compliant behaviors by the agent, which I have outlined below. 1. Inability and reluctance to provide pertinent information to us regarding our travel reservation: When I requested our new itinerary, she stated “the counter is closing I will not do that.” I informed her that the agent at gate E69 directed us to this counter for help. She continued to say that there are no more flights and that she did not need to be there. After continuously expressing that we were auto booked and don’t even know our flight numbers, she reluctantly printed our itinerary. Furthermore, we communicated that we did not know the travel documentation requirements for Amsterdam. However, she only stated that the US requires a negative COVID test. We showed her our passports, negative antigen tests, and documentation of recovery. She was unwilling to tell us what documents were needed for our route. 2. Refusal to abide by CDC travel requirements per the US guidelines: As part of the US entry requirements, we were prepared with official documentation of recovery documents that met the CDC guidelines. These documents were verified by multiple travel agencies and licensed physicians and met all requirements for documentation of recovery. She refused to acknowledge that these met the US guidelines and stated “No. It is my rule, I decide what is accepted and what is not accepted, not CDC. This will not be accepted.” When we offered to show her the CDC checklists for airlines, she threatened to cancel our booking and began scanning our passports into the computer. 3. Refusal to escalate the issue to her superiors or identify herself as a KLM employee: As the discussion escalated, we asked to please speak with another agent or supervisor. She refused to contact anyone else. We said we needed help, that our flight was canceled and that we needed information about our new route. She stated, “I am closing the counter this isn’t my problem.” At this response, I asked for her name. She then, turned her employee identification badge inwards as to conceal any identifiers. I asked if she was even a KLM employee and she refused to answer and scoffed at us, walking away from the counter. At approximately 6:44 am we saw her socializing with other colleagues at the air Europe counter around counter 540. 4. Inappropriate use of our personal information: We provided this agent with official documentation containing personal information such as US passport numbers, date of births, names, and personal health information related to COVID. This was provided to her as she presented herself as an agent able to assist us. However, she used our information to ‘flag’ and block our ticket. We were unable to check in to our new flight by phone, website, or app. When we arrived at the airport the next morning, the new agent was not able to check us in without assistance from other staff. This created additional inefficiencies amongst an already short, staffed counter. Employee Description: Approximately 5’5, female, Caucasian, 55-65 years old, dark brown/black hair, brown eyes, seated at or around KLM counter 429 at approx. 6:15 am on January 29, 2022. The itinerary receipt that she printed for us has an EMIS/issued by: 00773205/LIS and I believe that is her employee ID. This employee refused to review our COVID-10 documentation for the US and is in direct violation of current US CDC COVID-19 protocols and likely did not follow standard company policies or procedures. This created significant hardship and distress, particularly in my current condition of being 18 weeks pregnant and her behavior should not be overlooked.
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Nile Air

28 January 2022 Eni
I'm never boarding nile air ever again. We have a 21 hours layover and we weren't provided with a hotel to stay. We have to stay in the airport lodge for a 21hours during winter. I'm still traumatized by the experience. I won't and can't recommend nile air for even my dog cos how could you take such ridiculous amount and not provide an accommodation for your Client with almost a day layover.
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Jin Air

26 January 2022 Guest
No way to get in touch with someone for helping me with my reservation change. No Email reference to somebody .. Very frustrating
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18 January 2022 Guest
The airline is living in dark ages. In this time of Corona when everything is online and supposed to have least in-person contact, they still force you to come and verify the purchase at sales office if you have made online payment for your relative. The call center agent fails to listen or provide any solution if they are inquired. If an online payment is still to be verified in-person, kindly do not accept it using website, this leads to sever inconvenience.
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