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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Silver Airways

06 December 2023 Brittany huber
🛑 Beware of @SilverAirways!!!🛬 I just had the worst customer service experience and am extremely disappointed. 😤 Over 2 months ago, I emailed their guest relations dept requesting reimbursement with extensive details and copies of receipts for a last minute flight cancellation due to Silver Airways no longer offering a flight route. 👎 Since then, I have spent over 10+ hours on the phone with representatives and supervisors who seem absolutely clueless!!! 📞 No resolution in sight. 😡 #CustomerServiceFail #SilverAirwaysFail #FlightCancellation #Reimbursement Needed #SilverAirways, reimburse my hard-earned money!!! 💰💸💲
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04 December 2023 Guest
My recent family trip with Flynas was an extremely disappointing experience. As a single mother traveling with three young children, I expected a certain level of assistance and understanding from the airline staff. However, I was met with nothing but indifference and a lack of basic customer service. When I requested water for my thirsty children, the flight crew refused to provide it unless I purchased it from them. This was particularly egregious considering the length of the flight and the fact that I had already paid for the tickets. Furthermore, when I attempted to pay for the water using Pakistani currency, the flight crew refused to accept it and insisted on payment in Saudi Riyals. This was despite the fact that Flynas advertises itself as a low-cost airline that welcomes international travelers. To add insult to injury, the free meal that was supposed to be included with my booking was nowhere to be found. The only food available was for purchase, which significantly increased the cost of our journey. Overall, my experience with Flynas was nothing short of appalling. The lack of basic amenities, the refusal to provide water for children, and the insistence on payment in Saudi Riyals all point to a company that prioritizes profit over customer service. I strongly urge anyone considering flying with Flynas to reconsider their choice and opt for a more reputable airline.
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03 December 2023 Guest
Pathetic airlines I would give zero. Rules change overnight and even staff is not trained properly. They only provide half information and when you come back reaolving one they come up with another to charge you hefty . My first and last time flting with this airline.
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03 December 2023 Guest
Delayed for 1 hour without inform . Ticket shows Lahore to Jeddah direct flight but in actual there is one stop (Karachi). Is this professional way of doing business man.
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Buddha Air

02 December 2023 NPR
We had a flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu as per the image attached, it got delayed by 2 hours, we missed our international flight from Kathmandu and lost 50000INR. It's not unforgivable as weather conditions are out of anybody's control. But what made us feel bad was the arrogant behaviour from the man in charge of the boarding gate( A man with a bald head and spects). He was so rude on my enquiry about the delay that we felt as if we were beggars travelling free of cost in your flight. So, I would like to remind you people that you should refrain from appointing such merciless ones on your counters. Afterall, we spent our hard earned money for your flight! So at least ask them to be sympathetic on the flight delays going to happen in the future Thanks
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Blue Bird Airways

02 December 2023 Guest
If I could add 0 stars then I would. They cancelled our flight and never responded to any emails. I can't believe we lost our money and I'm 100% sure we are never going to get a refund. It's not low cost - it's a scam.
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Qatar Airways

29 November 2023 Guest
I had a recent issue with my baggage claim and a subsequent refund transaction. After I had submitted my complaint, I was contacted by one of your baggage claim customer service agents based in Egypt. They informed me that the refund transaction had been sent in USD instead of EGP, as initially agreed upon. Furthermore, I was advised that the issue lay with my bank. In response to this, I visited my bank and obtained a copy of the transaction details. The documentation indicates that Qatar Airways had processed the transaction in EGP, contrary to the information provided by their customer service agent. This agent is now unresponsive and not answering his phone. Qatar Airways are still refusing to respond.
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Turkish Airlines

29 November 2023 Daphe
The cabin crew welcomed us with a smile and a welcome drink. We were very surprised because we did not expect this, but it was very nice. Inflight services were excellent. Everything was prepared in magnificent order.
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Royal Air Maroc

28 November 2023 Guest
The nightmare of the airlines!! I flew round trip from LIS to CMN and on my return flight on Nov, 26 from CMN to LIS departure at 4:35pm they didnt give my boarding pass and denied to give my boarding pass even though I was 1h and a half early. Theyve said I should have been there 2h early. Thankfully to their incompetence without even calling to their colleagues at the gate to ask or anything. They literally didnt move and didnt care at all. So thanks to THEM I lost my flight on Nov, 26 2023 They literally didnt hear what I was saying left me speaking to myself and made this whole mess even worse. The second day - Nov, 27 CMN to LIS departure at 4:35pm same thing ! Ive arrived 2h and a half hour earlier. This time theyve printed the boarding pass, however they were completely unpolite AS USUAL refusing to give me their supervisor name or even their names. They hid their badges saying that I should not have that information and were again and again cutting me off not listening at all, being sarcastic and made this entire experience a mess. Its ok not to want to give your name since my issue is with the company policy to close the boarding registration 1h and half earlier, but to be unpolite, leave a customer talking to themselves, not even listening or understanding whats going on, asking the person to move out of the way and cut the people off ALL THE TIME YES, Royal Air Maroc needs to provide training and offer their employees a deeper sense on customer relations because they have ZERO on how to be useful and helpful to customers, how to handle challenging situations and avoid being meaningless and uneducated. It is a shame for an international company ! One thing is to have a one time bad experience, but two I wont remain for the third. If they had just listened and understood, but who cares right! Who cares! I lost my money anyways bc they made me purchase a second ticket to be mistreated as well. The worst customer service in the world trophy goes to Royal air maroc the deception, the appalling, the insult, the sarcasm simply horrible!!! For the record even though the attendant didnt give her name this happened at the Mohammed V Airport at the Guiche/counter # 59 and with all the other two attendants at the front counter on Nov 27, 2023. All meaningless, uneducated and unhelpful. Completely appalling. After flying back I even had nightmares, so definitely this is the nightmare of the airlines!!! and I do not expect anything good coming from this company, so I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!!!
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Wizz Air

27 November 2023 Alexandra Schott
I have over 200 credit with wizz air from a flight I cancelled back in August due to the air traffic control issues in the UK (I have never flown wizzair before so this is my first experience with them) but I was hoping to use the credit in 2024. Unfortunately last month I found out that I have stage 4 cancer and have to go through treatment and operations and am not able to travel for the foreseeable future. The credit is only valid until August 2024 and I wont be able to use it by then. I contacted wizzair asking for a cash refund as I am not able to travel due to having cancer and they flat out refused. I am absolutely shocked and disgusted that any company would behave in this way. I can completely understand if it is something I had some control over but cancer is very serious and to refuse to give a refund is the most disgusting form of business and so unprofessional it is astounding. This is without a doubt the worst airline on the planet, clearly run by low life scum who care only about their bottom line and no concern for their actual passengers. It makes me question the actual safety of even flying with them at all quite frankly as they have so little disregard for customer well being. I even asked if it could be extended to use by the end of the year as hopefully by then I would be able to travel but even that request was refused. Do not use this airline, avoid at all costs. They do not care about their passengers. Who knows if their planes are even fit to fly if this is the level of care they give. By contrast I have had to cancel other flights and trips with reputable, professional airlines such as BA and Emirates and their level of service has been outstanding, given the severity of my illness they didnt even charge me cancellation charges. Those are quality businesses and reputable airlines who actually care about their businesses. Wizzair should be shut down.
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Air Cairo

27 November 2023 Alejandro Díaz
On the way out and the way back , The service was dreadful, one glass of water and 2 fouls dry snacks. Cabin crew had some communication problems, not very friendly and not aware of flight time, I asked his what time we were landing and he told me , do you know the time we took off ?then you can calculate 5 h flight. We still have 3hours and a half to go (we actually had 2) Costumer service? Hello? On the way out I asked for a glass of water and the guy told me ,if I give you one I ll have to do the same with the rest of the passengers... customer service?hello? They wer doing nothing but chatting and sleeping.(sorry to bother you one glass of water of 5 hours flight). The curtains were closed during all the flight. Delayed 1 hour and a half (they said 10 min). Please guys go back to initial training
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Malaysia Airlines

26 November 2023 Mr. Gooi Boon Ong
Checking in to collect the boarding pass can be exhausting especially on a busy day. However on the morning of 26 November 2023 , checking in at the KLIA 1 MH counter to Bangkok via MH788, I was pleasantly greeted by Miss Hizan whom was handling the checkin at counter H6. She was not only pleasant, helpful but very professional and went out of her way to assist me in reorganizing my check in luggage. I was truly made to feel valued and appreciated for flying with MAS. Being in the hospitality business myself, I am obligated to extend my greatest appreciation to Miss Hizan for her dedication towards her job n she is indeed a true asset to the company. Looking forward to my next experience with MAS 2024. Regards Gooi Boon Ong
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25 November 2023 Latchman Dass
Egytair discrimination against passengers. I traveled on October 14, 2023 from Cairo to JFK (New York) and I could not eat because the only food available to eat was beef. I cannot eat beef because of religious and health reasons. The airline should have a variety of meals and provide special meals upon passengers request.
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AMC Airlines

24 November 2023 Tony
Avoid this company...........we had a delay of 15 hours with this airline In June on a flight from Cairo to Madrid. Despite various emails sent by myself and others on the same flight and also from the company that made the booking they have not even had the decency to acknowledge receipt of the emails, let alone reply. Sickening that they are allowed to get away with this. Customer service....non existent. One star given as there is no option to leave it on zero......
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T'way Air

23 November 2023 Guest
It is a horrible airline and perhaps only the local may find them fine? As a foreigner, you will never get support from them. They do not reply emails, IG messages, fb messages. You are on your own and at your own risk to book flight with them. No one will answer your questions! It has been a week since I lost my baggage as the staff in the airport didnt give me my 3rd luggage tag. I have been traveling for 33years in my life and never once such incident happen to me. It was my first experience flying with Tway Air and totally disgusted by their irresponsible act. Finally, after almost 1 week of sleepless nights, I found that their app could write in complain so I did. What surprised me was, they said they found a bag similar to the photo I sent to them, but it is at the lost and found dept of Incheon airport and asked me to contact them on my own. Goodness sake, Im in my home country and they are the one lost my bag! Simply pushing the responsible to me to contact another department in the Incheon airport myself! Totally disappointed by their act and such horrible customer service! When I wrote again asking them about compensation for lost bag, they replied me that they had replied me twice (help!! They reply me to contact another department), and I am asking about compensation, if any btw! Hilarious that such airline is allow in the aviation industry? No sympathy or empathy when they lost someones bag! Please think twice before you fly with them!
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Spirit Airlines

21 November 2023 Gabriel Aldana
Very unprofessional, rude of most of the Spirit agents at the airport. I was charged $99 to carry a violin on the plane when I have been traveling the word with my violin as a carry on free of charge. Spirit is the perfect example of an airline that abuse from passengers and dont care about it. Never again in Sw this joke of an airline.
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Cebu Pacific Air

21 November 2023 Guest
I made add-on luggage request online but paying online since there was a system glitch so the agent suggested payment center, which having 8 hours holding time to pay from the time I request, so I paid and send them the proof of payment to request payment validation so the add-on will appear on my booking yet after 48 hours, it wasn't still reflected on my booking. There was also an agent who told me that some international airport not accepting over the counter for the add-on luggage so I must pay the amount, otherwise my flight ticket will be forfeited. I was so disappoint to here that from one gently knowingly that even excess baggage can be paid at the airport upon checking in. Another agent acknowledge this misinformation and so I proceed with my next question, what if my payment still did not reflect in the system, what happens on the day of my checking in? And she says, I might be pay it over the counter and ask for the refund for the other payment made. I was totally devastated with that info, how can they have payment centers for payments and then it takes days or not reflecting in their system?!! I will repay at the airport?? Omg!! So, she suggested that I must show my receipt at the airport but if the personnel will demand for payment, I must pay otherwise they will not check in my luggage and just request refund to my previous payment. But many random reviews online shows bad reputation of cebu pac NOT REFUNDING AND NOT GIVING PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. I'm quite disappointed with how their system is really slow to accommodate payments and validation fast. I don't even see if they are doing something about this to improve their service and commitment to customer satisfaction. For many years of flying people, they have poor online booking system. I think this is my last flight with this airline.
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Cape Air

20 November 2023 Anthony C.
For the past two years, I've relied on Cape Air as my primary mode of travel between Boston (where I'm pursuing higher education and is my current home for this year) and my family home in Maine. In my experience, Cape Air stands out as the epitome of convenience, affordability, and speed. The aspect that initially drew in my family and I was the unbeatable combination of affordability and efficiency. As a college student, budget-friendly options are not only ideal, but crucial to how I go about my day-to-day life in the city, and Cape Air not only fits within my budget of travel very easily, but also surpasses expectations in terms of how easy the entire flight process is overall. Their competitive pricing makes frequent travel feasible without straining my wallet in any reguard. The reliability of Cape Air's service deserves commendation. Over these two years, I've come to rely on their consistency. Whether it's their customer service, on-time departures, or overall flight experience, Cape Air has consistently met and exceeded my expectations. Knowing I can count on them for a hassle-free journey has alleviated the stress of traveling back and forth during hectic academic periods. In summary, Cape Air has become my trusted travel partner, seamlessly connecting me between college life in Boston and my family home in Maine. Their commitment to affordability, speed, and reliability has made them an indispensable part of my college experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Cape Air to anyone seeking a stress-free, cost-effective, and efficient travel solution in the Boston-Maine corridor.
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20 November 2023 Elizabeth Humphrey
Terrible. They lost my bag in JFK and never sent it to Milan, I was there for 11 days. Additionally, there is no one from their airline to contact in NYC/JFK. There is no phone number on the website and the email address they have on their website does not work (email gets sent back). I lost almost $4,000 worth of my items and gifts for my friend who lives abroad. Dont fly Neos.
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Uzbekistan Airways

19 November 2023 Guest
The best airlines I were
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Air India Express

17 November 2023 Radhakrishnan N
Third class Airlines. Better avoid booking. It is worst than Air India. The check-in counter and its own staff in Chennai were fighting Air India versus Air India Express. The Manager on duty Girish was very casual and enjoying the fight. Filthy and unkept aircraft with flies and mosquitoes. Probably worst than Somalia Airlines. I was travelling by AI 9671 which Air India Express operated by Air India. Such Airlines are tarnishing the image of the country. The duty Manager at Chennai had no clue of any customer service
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16 November 2023 Anders Pedersen
Flew Doha-Kigali 29 October after midnight on a worn B737-800.Qatar Airways had issued this award ticket for Rwandair and also issued the boarding pass prior to Doha arrival. Accessed the Gold Lounge in Doha (gate C14); its roomy and hold most facilities. Boarding smooth upon lengthy bus ride. Onboard, neither WiFi nor video entertainment were available. My preordered special meal was not granted. Received apology and reasonable alternatives. Three kinds of hot food was offered; all good, filling, and plenty. Drink rounds were generous, incl. Provision of good wines. I inquired possible access for 3 empty seats in a row as a Dream Miles gold card holder. FAs, who were good and professional, took action on it. Eventually I got my seats and managed to sleep. Flight on time.
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Sunwing Airlines

13 November 2023 Guest
If I could leave 0 stars I would. And we have not even travelled yet. We had our whole family books rooms through their website. We wanted to make a change and add ONE child traveller the morning after, and the representative gave us so much attitude without hearing us out. Not only could we not add the traveller without adding an additional $5000+ worth of fees, but they added ridiculous fees onto our original Trip! Their attitude is its your fault
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10 November 2023 Guest
Pathetic airline They closed the gates half an hour before the departure time. The worst nonprofessional airline
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Maya Island Air

07 November 2023 Guest
I want to be upfront about this: I strongly advise against choosing Maya as your airline. Consider any other option, such as Tropic Air, for example. Now, let me share our experience in more detail: My friends and I booked flights from Belize to San Pedro, arriving at the airport around 12:30. Our scheduled flight was at 4:30. We patiently waited, watching as everyone else departed on Tropic Air flights. However, Maya did not have a plane ready for us for hours. When they finally took us to the airplane, it had a malfunction. They then brought us back inside the airport. Meanwhile, all passengers on Tropic Air flights were smoothly departing. At 4:30, the airport closed, and we were left as the only passengers inside with no resolution in sight. Maya refused to provide a refund, credit, or any assistance whatsoever. At this point, we were stranded without flights, our luggage, exhausted from international travel, and forced to sit on uncomfortable airport chairs for hours while witnessing others departing with Tropic Air. Therefore, I strongly recommend avoiding Maya at all costs.
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VietJet Air

05 November 2023 Guest
Vietjet Air cabin crew are very rude. I have had a bad experience. They will never show courtesy. In my flight, they made sit a Vietnamese gitl in the first row.. My flight was almost half empty.. They didn't allow me just to sit on next seat and they treated me unpolitely
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05 November 2023
Very cool first class on Emirates, very cool loyalty - this is awesome!!!
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Jetstar Airways

03 November 2023 Guest
Outrageous!!! Rescheduled flight for 10 hours, waited at the airport whole time with 30$ worth vouchers, than,boarding started 2 hours late, waiting in plane for 2 hours (apparently some issues with baggage),small kids tired and crying...and no one was able to give any proper statement. Never again Jetstar 😡😡😡
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Pegasus Airlines

28 October 2023 Guest
A delay in the return flight (2,5 hous) was absolutely poorly handled, no reason given, at the booth the rude personel were not willing to give any contact information and on contacting them by E-mail to request a certificate for the delay, I got a ridiculous standard E-mail back. This company is 10 times worse than RyanAir, only fly with them if you are masochistic of nature.
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27 October 2023
Thus have very good loyalty program, I buy lifemiles and fly cheapest - this is awesome))
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Aerolineas Argentinas

27 October 2023
Not bad company, I fly on this airline for miles.
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

27 October 2023 Walter
Absolutely no sign of respect for passengers and for passengers time, incredible delay, ridiculous motivation, no information during hours of delay at the flight was cancelled and the passengers were due to collect their luggage and were abandoned in the airport with no information. I think the only things they (SAS) would understand is do not buy their tickets and leave them close down
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LOT Polish Airlines

26 October 2023 Guest
Be prepared for the worst flying experience you could ever have in your life! The airport staff and flight attendants are rude and refuse to answer any simple question or give any directions in English. They seem to be constantly angry and frustrated. So very strange for an international company! And don't even think that if you call Customer Service anything will be done to help you or give you a decent alternative. Customer service agents do not have a respectful or professional approach to people. They just inform you that it's none of their business if you run into problems, that you should have read their "terms and policies" before you even consider booking a flight with them, and, in conclusion, that it's just your responsibility to find a solution. They assertively say, in a repetitive manner, that your problem is none of their business! With "the help" of Lot Polish Airline, I was left alone and stuck in a foreign country airport that doesn't care about people, unable to continue my journey or return to my country. This company is a real nightmare!
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25 October 2023 Guest
Dear Sir/Madam, Flight from Bristol to Faro Flight No EXY7510. I have to sadly, complain to your airline about the behaviour of two stag parties that were on the below flight. Not only were they permitted to board the flight in the first place, as they were intoxicated beyond a reasonable level but, when fellow passengers, some with very young children complained to your cabin crew, one lady who was sat in front of us was told by a female crew member that they couldnt do anything. This is clearly incorrect as all airlines have a duty of care on a number of subjects and drunken behaviour must surely be high up the list? The language of the stag party that were sat directly behind and to the side of my wife and myself was absolutely disgraceful, and not once did any of your staff confront these passengers. One young mother who had two young children asked the same female cabin crew member not to serve them with any alcohol, she was told they couldnt refuse, which again is totally untrue. Both of these stag parties were actually standing and walking up and down the aisle carrying cans of beer and drinking in front of young children. All your cabin crew members, clearly avoided the areas concerned and failed abysmally in their duties, except for when they wanted to sale your products. It saddens me to say but, we will never fly with EasyJet again and will make sure this episode is known on as many social media sites and local newspapers as possible.
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Air Transat

25 October 2023 Guest
Beware Air Transit will not guarantee your seat even if you paid extra for it and will not refund you.
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Flair Airlines

24 October 2023 Rekha Paramasivamoorthi
Very bad experience I faced with this airlines. I don't recommend this airlines to any of my friends. Very worst medical and customer care Team.
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Air Serbia

21 October 2023 TRAVELER
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Allegiant Air

21 October 2023 Amy Kindernay
Don't fly with Allegiant. They are liars. We had a flight out that was delayed by 3hrs. Flight delay was posted at 9am, our flight was supposed to leave at 7:36pm and we were told to be at the Airport at the regular time, just in case things changed and the flight moved up. We were there at the regular time, and yes, we hit the bar ( just like the rest of the other unhappy passengers). Flight finally arrives and we start to board at 10:30pm. We were then denied boarding because they "smelled" alcohol on us, and an employee lied and said she heard us threaten to blow up the plane. 🙄 We had several witnesses who verified no such words were ever said. I wouldn't use Allegiant ever again, even if you paid me. What a joke of an airline!!!
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20 October 2023 mando
Be aware!!!!! My family book with them and when I realized it was too late.i thought let's give them another chance what a garbage company. They canceled our flight from cancun to tijuana and would not work with us to get home. their offer was to wait more than 24 hours in the airport for a flight .I had to purchase another flight with united airlines so it costs me over two thousand dollars their stupidity. Now understand it was 15 of us including kids can you imagine waiting more than a day on the floor cause they don't have chairs there at least by the entrance. Book at your own risk they are worse than criminals. Totally garbage company I rather walk than flight with this corrupt piece of company. My advice,saving a couple of bucks will be your worse nightmare with them you are warned. Don't deserve a single star ,more like a thousand poop emojis.
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WestJet Airlines

15 October 2023 Guest
They are going very cheap now a days. No drinks or cookies/pretzels. Just half a glass of plain water in a cheap plastic cup. Shows how broke is Canada these days.
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Philippine Airlines

13 October 2023 Phoe
The worst airlines ever, Pal like to canceledmy conecting flight to indonesia from manila. They email me less than 24 hour before my schedule. My schedule is oct 12. But they canceled to oct 14. When i asked the check in crews at haneda, they dont like to be asking about my flight that being canceled, the check in crew in haneda is very bad temper, they dont have any emphatic, they very rude. The flight crew also bad atitude, their hospitality is awful. The transfer desk crew in manila also rude and dont have any manner. Dont ever think to fly with pal. They are so awful
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Etihad Airways

09 October 2023 Arley T
Starless company unprofessional full of lies plays games. They sell seats that has faulty entertainment system. They are aware about it but they ignore the fact and they dont do anything about it. They always ask for extra as if they are a cheap airline but they charge premium however the fact is they are cheap I would recommend you to stay away no matter what. Pathetic.
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Privilege Style

07 October 2023 Guest
We were meant to fly to Cape verde on dreamliner. We didn't flying with privilege. We were not allowed to purchase anything on the 5 hour flight both ways. We were only allowed one free complement snack and drink!! Asolutely disgraceful. The entertainment didn't work and the cabin crew going were extremely rude!
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07 October 2023 Vera
We had a delay. The web page is not working properly. They don t issue thw invoice. In one direction the charged the laguage. A disaaster. Their english is poor.
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Vueling Airlines

06 October 2023 Billy
My flight from London Gatwick to Banjul via Barcelona on Friday 18 August was delayed. There was no communication between the relevant agencies that the flight from London to Barcelona would be delayed and for transit passengers like myself going to Banjul would be late in boarding because of the late arrival of the London flight. I was almost turned away from the boarding gate because the Vueling officials at the gate were not aware that there were transit passengers like myself who were late because of the delayed departure from London. Eventually, I boarded following a conversation between the officials at the gate and the cabin crew. On arrival in Banjul, my luggage had not arrived at the Airport. My luggage eventually arrived a week later with no prior communication from Vueling. Even on their website my luggage was reported as still being looked for. I had to constantly call Banjul airport baggage office to check on the status of my luggage and it was they who confirmed that my luggage was arriving on Friday. When I claimed expenses for the the clothing and other items I had to buy prior to the arrival of my delayed luggage I was sent an insulting payment which did not cover the cost of my expenses legitimately purchased because of Vueling's discriminatory application of the claims policy when they know full well that market traders and most of businesses that are used by the locals do not have facilities to issue receipts. So I provided photos of the purchased items and the cost of each. My return journey from Banjul to London via Barcelona was also delayed by a day and when I arrived back in London Gatwick on 6 August my luggage was not at the airport so again I had to complete a baggage lost/delay form. My luggage was still in Barcelona and was finally delivered to my home address later that week. I wrote to Vueling challenging the partial expenses I had been paid and seeking full payment of the expenses which I would not have incurred if they had ensured my luggage arrived on Friday 18 August and seeking compensation for my delayed journey which was not entirely due to circumstances beyond their control. I'm still waiting to hear from Vueling Customer Service and its Chief Executive. Being a low cost operator should not mean low quality service, poor communication and customer care.
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06 October 2023 Elena
Oh, where do I even begin with the magnificent experience I had with Air Baltic Airlines? It was truly a masterclass in customer service, if by "masterclass" you mean the complete absence of it. Firstly, the leg space on their aircraft is a true testament to their commitment to making passengers feel like sardines in a can. It's like they've taken inspiration from a can of soda and thought, "Let's make our passengers feel just as cramped!" And let's not forget the delightful surprises that come with delayed flights. No hotel? No problem! Who needs a good night's sleep when you can camp out at the airport? And as for food, well, who needs nourishment after hours of waiting? Oh, and when they canceled my flight, I was overjoyed by the sheer lack of compensation. It's as if they believe canceling flights is a service they're providing for our benefit. In conclusion, if you're looking for an airline that takes pride in making your journey as uncomfortable and inconvenient as possible, Air Baltic is the undisputed champion. Kudos to them for setting the bar so high!
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04 October 2023 Freddy N
Dear Lufthansa Team, I am writing to you with deep disappointment and frustration regarding my recent experience as a passenger of your airline. It is imperative that I convey my utter displeasure and make you fully aware of the extent of my dissatisfaction. Let me start by pointing out the absolute lack of respect and consideration towards your customers when it comes to your customer service. Waiting for endless hours to receive a response, only to be greeted by apathetic and incompetent staff, is simply unacceptable. Your telephone line seems to be nothing but a façade, as I never managed to obtain a satisfactory solution to my issues. Furthermore, it is outrageous that your refund policy is nothing short of a mockery to passengers. How dare you withhold a portion of the money that rightfully belongs to us when you are the ones responsible for flight changes? Your lack of transparency and your miserly approach instead of guaranteeing a full refund demonstrate a complete lack of business ethics. As if that weren't enough, I am deeply frustrated by the lack of direct and professional communication with your representatives. A call center in India? Do you honestly believe that is sufficient to provide quality service? As a passenger, I expected personalized treatment and proper attention from the airline, not to be treated as just another number in your deficient customer service system. I demand that you take these complaints seriously and take immediate steps to improve your customer service. As a renowned airline, you should be ashamed of how you treat your customers. Review your policies, train your staff, and provide swift and fair solutions to the issues that arise during flights. As a consumer, I have the right to expect quality service and a satisfactory experience. If Lufthansa cannot meet these basic expectations, then it does not deserve the loyalty of passengers. I am determined to share my negative experience with fellow travelers on any available platform to warn them about the hardships they will face if they choose to fly with your airline. I sincerely hope that you take my concerns seriously and work diligently to rectify these severe deficiencies in your service. Customer satisfaction should be your number one priority, and until you demonstrate genuine change, I will vehemently refuse to consider Lufthansa as a viable option for future travel. Yours sincerely, Freddy N
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InterCaribbean Airways

04 October 2023 Guest
I would not know where to start. This is simply the worst airline ever!-I flew from Bdos on August 20th to EIS & to this day & a month & 13 days later my bags have not been found.. I did not receive not one call, I have had to initiate every interaction and even after having to provide receipts as asked, bank information, paypal information I am told I need to wait a month, then a month from date of claim received, then my bank needs to be in Turks & Caicos & the constant run around! Now, I am told that they reimburse by weight only and I will be paid by pay pal but needs to wait for another week! The payment will be $400 a percentage of the amount on the claim!! This is preposterous!! How can they continue to treat persons that way!
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North Cariboo Air

27 September 2023 Ryan
I had a family member who worked as a vendor for North Carobou air Edmonton, for a few years. The disrespect the north caribou company showed them was appalling. Months of not paying their bills, the lack of communication, and even the ineptitude to understand the contract and scope of work that was agreed on! That, however was nothing compared to the blatant disrespect they showed the staff time and time again. I refuse to write the name of the individual from Caribou in charge of managing (for lack of better words) this vendor as I dont believe it is right to publicly shame them, however North caribou should be alarmed and ashamed they allow a person like this to represent them. As a professional myself with 16 years in management experience there should be no place in any business for people like this, nor for companies to tolerate this, especially in this day and age. For shame North Caribou.
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British Airways

25 September 2023 Guest
British Airways is the worst airline in my 40 years of flying! Most recent trip I missed my connection because the Air Belgium crew was an hour late to the airport. BA outsources the Chicago London flights to Belgium Air. The Belgian crew show up in a casual way an hour late and never once apologized for being an hour late. Why do I have to be to the airport 2 hours before my flight but they can be an hours late?!?! On top of that they lost my luggage and it has never been found! Horrible airline!!! Never Fly them!
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