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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Arik Air

22 October 2021 Guest
Ridiculous and incompetent. Thats one word to describe the airline. Flight was scheduled for 5pm. Then rescheduled again for 7.15pm. Then Rescheduled again for 7.55pm. We were given an excuse of late arrival of the aircraft. No apologies e was tendered. Hence the no star rating -500%
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Air Transat

20 October 2021 Bette
I am on the telephone line waiting to speak with a representative regarding our tickets. I have been waiting for almost 2 hours. Not happy with them. This is so disrespectful.
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LATAM Airlines

20 October 2021 Nayara Maw
Latam are the worst company in history... I booked a business class ticket... then few weeks later Latam reschedule the flight I called to accept and change the date... which all went fine until the following day I received the new ticket which was in economy class when I had paid for business class... it has now taken me 3 weeks of endless calls and I am still nowhere near getting this issue resolved.. they refuse to let me speak to a manager... and refuse to change my ticket back to business class unless I pay a further £2000... or my other option is to remain in economy and pay £500 for my luggage and £64 per seat per journey its an absolute joke and the worst customer service I've dealt with in my entire life I will never use them again
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Silver Airways

19 October 2021 Jennifer Andrade
Shonda is a terrible Flight attendant I was literally about to pee in myself and she didnt want to allow me to use the bathroom. Then I went after she decided to start handing out water she knocked on the bathroom and told me I was I there at my own risk !! Terrible !!
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18 October 2021 Daniela
Schlechteste Fluggesellschaft die ich je erlebt habe. Veraltete Sitze... Man hat von der Durchsage kaum was verstanden lag wohl am Mikrofon! War sehr undeutlich zu verstehen. Mein neuer Koffer kam nach dem Flug defekt wieder, keine Kulanz oder Übernahme der Kosten. Hoffe ich brauche nicht mehr damit fliegen. Kann ich auf jeden Fall nicht weiterempfehlen!
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Aerolineas Argentinas

18 October 2021 Viktoria Deftalinska
This is the sketchiest and most unethical company that I had encountered. Unable to get though the customer service phone line to book the new flight with the credit that was granted by the airline for an additional $ 400.00. The Whats up call did not go through as well as no one responded to the email communication. It appears that the airline have no intension on processing credits and yet they were happy to take an additional fee for extension.
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18 October 2021 Guest
I don't understand why did they think " AVA" would be useful
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12 October 2021 Natasha
Hello Flydubai, I want to draw your attention to your customer services and an honest review from a customer who recently travelled with you. First of all, the pricing of your flights is not aligned with the service you provide. Second, the counter was overcrowded, with no covid precautions. The extra baggage charges are ridiculously absurd, and the people working at the counter are rude beyond imagination. Who has taught them to shout at a senior citizen trying to do an online transaction for the exorbitant charges? Secondly, the date change charges are also unacceptable with the option to be refunded in Flydubai points! Ambitious of you to think someone will travel again with you after being exposed to a horrible travelling experience. The plane itself is small and unhygienic, with rude flight attendants. The food was mediocre. The worst of all is that there is no jet bridge; what a frugal airline. The airport has no dedicated transit area or lounge for people to rest through the long hours of transit. In addition, there are no complimentary meals or lounges, which many other airlines provide for 7+ hours of transit. My luggage was damaged, and one suitcase is missing a suitcase cover. The experience was beyond acceptable, and you as an organisation have a big room for improvement. A money-making machine with rude staff is not what I would like to encounter in future. Kindly know that you have lost a potential customer, and I hope people read my review and decide for themselves. Regards, Unsatisfactory customer
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Air Arabia

12 October 2021 Guest
The worst customer service, calling since 1 week I stay on hold hours, nobody answers, shifting the languages. I emailed no answer. Social media both fb and Instagram only automatic answers. Unfortunately I already booked my ticket, but this will be the last ever. I don't recommend this company. Rather paying extra money then getting headaches. For the responsible if customer satisfaction matters for you, take exempl of other airline companies.
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10 October 2021 Guest
When we got there we were told that because we did not check in early we have to pay 55 euros, which is a crazy amount!!, I have no idea why they take it !!!. We said maybe there is something to do the decrease this amount, the employee start yelling on us told us and she said she dont want to serve us, she sent us to the employee next to her, and also she started yelling at us and start talking to us very rudely, we tried to ask her to calm down and that everything is fine she did not calm down, we asked her to sit close she cheekily refused and said money should be added on It!!! And let us sit one forward, one in the middle and I in the back of the plane, all this is rude and impudent conduct from the both employee try not to fly with them, if you must fly be careful with the money that you should add cause its feel like they want to steal you
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WestJet Airlines

06 October 2021 Rose Miranda
I have been trying to cancel my flights from Gatwick to Vancouver for October 6th , today, for days and nobody responds! During the pandemic my flights have been cancelled 6times. I have been stranded in Spain all this time. I cannot travel because the Spanish Health department will not give me the vaccine certificate. This is no way to treat a long time customer!
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Copa Airlines

06 October 2021 Guest
Awful customer service. No desire to help whatsoever. Will never fly with them again. They messed up one of my tickets and did not allow me to fly making me stay an extra day in my destination. No offer to help pay for expenses when I reached out to customer service.
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Fly Jordan

01 October 2021 Eman abufarah
No one is wearing a mask inside the airaplane from the passengers to the staff ..... Although there are a specific clear rules to keep safty from covid19 Im flaying with my mother and she is an old lady... This is not acceptable .... Plus.. This is the first company ive ever seen either an airflight or another company that adds charge to the wheelchair service They charged me 50$ just to give me a wheelchair for my mother and the employee who should be staying with my mother to help her move, left before the flight time Im very ansatissfied and angry And at the end They took the wheelchair from my mother before she go to the plane She had to try to walk the plane stairs up And she was about to fall off Please reply as soon as possiple Im writing now from the plane My flight # is R5 0815
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Blue Bird Airways

26 September 2021 Roey
They changed our return flight from Rhodes, to 3 hours earlier. needless to say this ruined our plans for that day. they wouldn't agree to change our flight to the next day without charging 150 euro per person. avoid if possible.
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Lion Airlines

23 September 2021 Guest
This airline has the worst customer service and ticketing system. The flight ticket that you buy could change whenever and however this shitty airline want. Don't bother call the customer service because you need to wait at least an hour, just to hear that they are sorry and cannot do anything bla bla bla. Super not recommended. They monopolize the low budget air travel in Indonesia, so they can do WHATEVER they like.
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Aegean Airlines

23 September 2021 mr.jones
Terrible customer service! They lie, they have arrogant attitude, they mislead the customer on purpose so that they can squeeze out more money from the customer. They hid from you information when i purchased the ticket. as a result, i could not fly and when i asked for alternatives, again they didn't give me the full information. when i finally wanted to use the ticket again, they tried to squeeze out of me double the money. ultimately, after arguing with them on the phone for an hour, they agreed to give me a voucher the next day (because the flight is in another week) and the next day i only received a thank you letter for requesting voucher and notification that it will take up to a month for the voucher to be ready.
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22 September 2021 Guest
Do not fly with Winair. I bought a ticket through their website from Santo Domingo to St. Maarten and they cancelled the flight without any notice and without explanation, leaving my dog and I stranded at the airport for hours. Our 2 day travel turned into 6 days because we had to book extra hotels, another Covid Test, missed our ferry ride and more than a handful of taxis, plus the money spent for food over that week. They will not reimburse me for those expenses and claim that it wasn't their fault because the plane was with Air Antilles even though there was nothing on the website or ticket claiming so. When we finally got another scheduled flight, they made me pay all over again for the dog fees even though they were all paid for with receipts. If you can find another airline, do so.
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Nile Air

22 September 2021 Angry
Nile Air canceled our flight without notice, wouldnt refund stating we could have gotten on an egypt air flight which was completely false. Egypt Air denied the validity of this and we had to purchase brand new flights on egypt air last minute. Such a headache. Disputing thru our cc now bc this airline is clearly fraud. ONLY utilize Egypt Air if flying domestic via Egypy.
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14 September 2021 Guest
This is the worst airline in the world!!! My parents ( 80 and 81 years older) take a flight from VivaAerobus from Monterrey to Houston TX . They has previously ask and reserved for services for weelchairs dont have it in the Monterrey international airport with VivaAerobus !!! The weelchair! The customer service was Horrible! They dont help two seniors! They dont care! Never fly with VivaAerobus! They charge fir everything, expensive and the worst experience for fly !
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12 September 2021 Guest
Very disappointed with jet2 and their customer support's non existent. They're quick enough to take your money when booking but giving a refund is a whole other ballgame. No reply to emails or phone calls. If staff are that busy maybe they should employ more. Covid is no excuse for poor management.
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Wizz Air

11 September 2021 Marianna
My experience of the customer service reps in OTP is apalling. On 12 Aug I had a flight from OTP to ALC, for which I checked in online and had the boarding card. Only arriving at the OTP airport we were informed that we need to fill in a Locator Form required by the Spanish authorities. With so many people trying to do it, the site was crashing and freezing. There was absolutely no help whatsoever from the WizzAir checkin stuff. Even more, because I asked one of them, who was shouting at me, to identify herself (which she refused), they, the ground staff, decided that I should not be allowed to fly. They humiliated me in front of hundreds of passengers, letting me beg and cry to be allowed to fly. I had to pay almost 400 GBP for alternative flights. I'm still waiting to hear from Wizz Air on my complaints. Overall, disgusting way to treat your customers.
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Blue Air

11 September 2021 Marianna
A big THANK YOU to the customer service rep in OTP who helped me with my Locator Form on 12 Aug at a very distressing time for me, when WizzAir reps not only didn't help, but refused to allow me board my flight, although I already checked in. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism!
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Thai AirAsia

09 September 2021 Meena
I give this airline a zero rating. I rate travelocity a zero as well, for selling me this ticket. The airline cancelled flights and neither travelocity or Thai Air Asia will refund. Wrote and called.
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Small Planet Airlines

09 September 2021 Small Planet Airlines Number 1-888-589-1015
We booked a vacation with Monarch last August to go to Kos with Little Planet Airlines this August. We received an email 2 days ago informing us that the airline will no longer be flying to Kos this summer on a Saturday. Therefore, we have now lost our vacation as the hotel is now booked on alternative flights that were offered. We would never recommend Monarch or Small Planet airlines to anyone!
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VietJet Air

02 September 2021 Mal
Flight was cancelled surat thani to bangkok it was a one way flight so I could get to bangkok to get International flight to the uk I put in fir a cash refund and they asked for my bank details not they have only offered me a credit shell which is if no use to me as I am in the uk now and will never use. I have tried to contact them on line and email but they will not answer. The flight wasnt big money but the principal is big they take your money and cancel the flights then not give money back
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Privilege Style

28 August 2021 Guest
Bad quality food, bad service, rude flight attendents. Did not notice clients about delay.
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27 August 2021 Guest
Worst airline ever with the worst employees ever..Can I give a zero star rating????
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GOL Transportes Aereos

26 August 2021 Antony Fitzpatrick
Unbelievable. Paid top price to add a connection from and too a Swiss First Class ticket to get to and from our home in Rio. Impossible to access their customer service to reserve seats and a pet in cabin. Hours on an international call waiting for someone to answer. Tried multiple email addresses. No answer so far. If no talk as comes tomorrow will cancel flight and frankly helicopter down from GRU to Jaracapuega.
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InterCaribbean Airways

25 August 2021 Guest : Alvin Thomas
My name is Alvin Thomas. Im an American citizen. My girlfriend is fm Jamaica and I guess when u are an immigrant. Intercaribbean treat there customers anyway they want. My girlfriend and 2 kids arrived at Santo Domingo airport at 11a on July 26,2021. Their scheduled flight was to leave at 2:25p that day. When she arrived at the airport , she spoke to a customer service representative fm intercaribbean airways who told her they have to take a Covid test before they could board the flight. As they were leaving to get the test, customer service said her desk close at 1:20p. My girl friend asked customer service if they can spare her 10 mins to get the Covid test results so she would not miss her flight .she said sorry I cant wait 10 mins. My girlfriend asked her whats the next step. The response from customer service was I dont know. After this mayhem my girlfriend contacted me to let me know what was going on. We all know the phone service in Dominican Republic isnt good. On July 26th 2021 I contacted customer service and spoke with a representative name Anna and I explain the situation that occurred with my girlfriend. I asked her if she can reschedule flight for next day July 27th 2021. Anna told me the next flight was leaving on July 30th. Between the time of July 26th and 30th 2021. I had to pay for a hotel for my girlfriend and kids to stay in. On July 30th 2021 they showed up at the airport at 9:18a. Intercaribbean customer service rep showed up at 11:30a. My girlfriend was told by intercaribbean customer rep that their names wasnt showing up on the flight. I should remind you here an a from customer service sent me confirmation email they were scheduled to leave on this day. I was devastated at this time. Customer service rep Anna lied to me and told me they had a scheduled flight to leave on the 30 th of July 2021 and they never made the flight. After this incident took place , I called customer service rep anna and told her about the situation. At this point I had to pay for another hotel for them to stay in. Customer service informed me the next flight was on august 9th 2021. They stayed an extra 13 days in Santo Domingo. That being said I would like to express my dissatisfaction with intercaribbean airways and state quite categorically that this has been one of the worst airlines I have ever used.
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Vueling Airlines

20 August 2021 Guest
Worst Airline EVER! They cancelled my flight. After waiting for compensation I was told by email that I am entitled to NOTHING as out of their control! Disgusting Airline. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!
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Flair Airlines

17 August 2021 Ray Wood
Horrible service. Cancelled my flight and refused to refund me. Was in hold many times over 2 hours. Might be cheap but you get what you pay for.
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Frontier Airlines

16 August 2021 Dmitry
8.16.2021 I had a surprise for my gf for her 50th bday. We were flying to Las Vegas for 5 days! We arrived to airport 2 1/2 hours prior the flight. The line had many people. There were only 3 people at the counter. We were in line for an hour. At this point one of the people at the counter yelled All people who are late for Dallas flight, go to the front of the line! Which created a huge chaos. Well, we figured all this people need to get on the flight! Another 45 minutes go by. One lady with the kid, trying to get on the Dallas flight. They told her she was too late. She was with the checker for about 20 minutes. Then same guy, who yelled for Dallas started to help her for another 15 minutes. Re booking flight or something else! After that he went back to his counter! At this point he yelled Who is flying to Vegas? Everyone on the back of the line, went around us and went to his checking counter. So about 40-50 people, who was in front of them Now were behind them, back of the line! At this point many people started to get pretty angry! So this is goes on for about 15-20 more minutes! Most of the people, who was on the back of the line checked their bags and went onto the plane flying to Vegas! Then with loud voice he announced, that flight to Vegas is done boarding and no one is allowed to check their luggage to go on this plane! There were also 2 handicap people, who was Not giving any special privileges,treatment to go to the front of the line, who also missed the flight! When he was asked if we could talk to anyone he said that manager was on his way! That was a lie! Manager never showed up! My GF had to call, while in line and talk to customer service in India, told them that 50 people are abandoned from flying to Vegas! My gf tried to rebook the flight for the next night. They wanted to charge us xtra $300! At this point we cancelled the flight and got the refund! I luckily booked the flight next morning with Spirit airline! Next morning they were very pleasant and had 10 checkers at the counter, who was dressed and acted very professionally! One of the checkers said that he used to work for Frontier! I WILL NEVER EVER WILL FLY FRONTIER AIR LINE AGAIN! Also anybody I know will hear this story! How this airline has 0 customer service and 0 care!
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14 August 2021 Guest
I flew economy class LH 419 over Atlantic in late June, 2021. The flight was technically a routine one - very stable. Unfortunately, nothing else was right. The main meal was plain pasta with some traces of tomato sauce - no meat no other meal options. Take it or leave it. The crew was cold and unapproachable during a short serving period. Then, everybody disappeared for most of the long flight. No earphones for the entertainment system. A total disappointment. Will Lufthansa ever climb back to its earlier reputation?
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Turkish Airlines

08 August 2021 Simon
1) Turkish Airlines downgraded my class from Business to Economy when I changed my return flight and cannot resolve this issue in any way. There is no option to solve this in their mobile app, web-site or Call Center "robots" (call center people acting like robots, probably by some preset "algorythms" :) I will get 0 service or support. Beware date changes- it will become extremely costly to you. 2) If you buy expensive flexible ticket- you will have to pay a fortune to change your flight date. It happened to me 2 times this year. "Flex" does not work at all. Overall- extremely bad airline, cheating their customers. Avoid it.
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08 August 2021 Guest
No customer service at all, no one is attending passenger phone. Disgusting.
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20 July 2021 Guest
Worst service ever! A one-hour flight has turned into a ten-hour struggle
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Sunwing Airlines

10 July 2021 Gord
Bad company, pathetic customer support. Stole my money just like everyone else when Covid hit and we had to cancel flights. Now that they are receiving a bailout they have to pay us back. when I registered for my refund and told them that the expiry date on my credit card had changed they took the time to send me an email stating they had to refund the original card. WTF?? She basically said the credit card company would have to write me a check instead of Sunwing using the new expiry date I provided. RIDICULOUS!! If anyone else has this issue don't worry. The money will go onto the updated card regardless. I spoke with my credit card company and it is automatic. As usual Sunwing is clueless but what pissed me off was that they took time and responded instead of just refunding the money. Their priorities are completely backwards.
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

29 June 2021 Guest
good company one of the best!
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Air Cairo

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21 June 2021 Guest
Today I discovered by accident that our flight to Rhodes on 7th July has been cancelled. No email, text or anything. Nothing in Junk or spam????? We opted to change cancelled flight to 3rd July, did the necessary online and just to be sure, called EJ only to be told that the online change had not registered???? So would have turned up at the airport. I asked why the flight was cancelled and was advised that it was due to CV restrictions???? This does not make sense??? Have asked for a manager to call me. We want to make sure there will be no more problems with unknown reasons why flights are being cancelled. This has had repercussions and have had to contact and change lots of stuff. EJ staff do not have any sympathy or understanding.
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Allegiant Air

15 June 2021 Guest
We have used Allegiant for many years for its easy in and out from Asheville to St. Pete. We will never use this airline again. My son's flight Friday night from Asheville NC was canceled less than 30 minutes before boarding with no explanation and no help whatsoever leaving us to figure out how to get him here with the only option being flying him into Ft. Lauderdale (HUNDREDS of miles from St. Pete) in the middle of the night. I then had to secure a bus ticket for him and he ended up traveling by bus overnight to arrive. This cost me quite a bit. I was then charged even more by Allegiant to change his return flight, which he did because your policies cost him a day here. Because we held for hours without assistance, we ended up just paying the change fee. I have been trying to reach anyone at Allegiant for 3 days now. I have sat on hold for hours. I have had your social media team tell me to send a PM and they would respond, but when I did that, my message was read at 1 p.m. on the 13th still without a response. It is important to note that your social media team is happily thanking all complimentary comments on your social media page while ignoring HUNDREDS of us trying to address this situation. A $200 round trip flight has now cost more than double just in dealing with your terrible customer service and bad policies.
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Malindo Air

15 June 2021 Guest
I bought Malindo Airlines before the Pandemic occured and they cancelled my flight did not tefund only give voucher. The voucher is rubbish.
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Sky Express

12 June 2021 Guest
From beginning to end this was the worst flight ever!! They did NOT provide any incentives we paid for! No priority board, no priority baggage, no snack. WORST PART IS THEY MADE US MISS OUR FLIGHT BACK TO THE UNITED STATES DUE TO THEM ARRIVING ALMOST AN HOUR LATE!! There is no excuse for our late arrival. We were the first flight out. The baggage counters werent even open for check in when we arrived. They werent willing before hand to help with the transition of our bags or anything to accommodate their late arrival. We asked for them to help with a hotel for a night since they left us stranded at the airport with no other flights back to the United States same day. They just said not their liability. Theyre a joke!! Theyll nickel and dime you for every little thing and theyre worthless when it comes to giving the extras you pay for. Save yourself the headache and book elsewhere.
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Philippine Airlines

17 May 2021 Guest
It's been over a year that we have been waiting for a refund of 4 tickets. I booked my mother's ticket a few days before we booked ours and she received hers after a few months but we still haven't received ours. The bank has been trying to dispute it but no luck. I have emailed and called Philippine Airlines several times but all they say is that they will forward the information to the support desk. It was suppose to be our first time to fly with them from NY to Manila but what an experience it has been. We booked again for this year but we had to switch it to a travel voucher due to the imposed travel restrictions of the Philippines. Before we booked the ticket, I asked if we can just use the tickets from 2020 since we didn't get the money back but the representative said no since it was already being processed. Hopefully when we get a chance to use the travel voucher that they won't give us a hard time. If we still don't get the refund from 2020, I will contact Nina Pineda who works for ABC 7 and is a fellow Filipina, hoping she can help not just me but all of us.
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LOT Polish Airlines

06 May 2021 RomanP
In 2019 I used LOT on RZE-WAW-GVA-WAW-RZE route. Honestly I have no any complains. Nothing spectacular but also nothing to complain about. Made on time my connection so I was happy with that. But with overall opinion about LOT I do not plan to use them on trans-Atlantic flights. With my friends who used them on flights USA-Poland no one really was happy. Quick check on LOT flights on Flightradar24 clearly shows that they are almost always late! Not good! 4 stars for just my recent flights around Europe.
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06 May 2021 Guest
Worst customer service! Trying to get a refund or some sort of acknowledgement from the company is nearly impossible. They are rude & ignorant. Would recommend staying away from the company. I rather pay more at this stage to fly than having to battle for my own money back.
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

26 April 2021 Guest
BOA airlines is the worst. Planes are not safe, zero costumer service... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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Azores Airlines

13 April 2021 Guest
It's a nightmare to deal with the customer service, they lied about the information about my trip, and try to get a refund they wanted to charge more for their pocket, and I'm sure they do this to other people. thank God I had proof to back up my situation, lets make sure they treat people with respect, dignity, and honesty.
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Southwest Airlines

25 March 2021 Shirly
Description of Problem/Inquiry/Comment: On march 24th 2021 I was in my first flight nightmare. As I was requested, I was wearing a mask the whole flight. The only thing that happens is because the mask was big on me, it was sometimes under my nose, and I fix it immediately when the flight attendant asked me to. I was at the beginning of the plan, and somehow I was the only one she was looking for. My dog was under the seat in his bag, his head was out because he was barking since he has anxiety, she was telling me to put is head in and the other flight attendant said it's fine because he didn't let people sleep. When we landed, a manger name Julian Sanchez was waiting for me, telling me she is going to call the police if I'm not giving her my name, while the other flight attendant screaming "dirty jew" and lying saying I was treating her bad, when I never ever reached to her even once! The flight attendant clearly was racist to me, lying I refuse to wear a mask, when I never ever refused to wear a mask, people on the flight next to me can tell it!!! When I was asking julian Sanchez to get the flight attendant name, I've been refused by her, violating my right the file a complaint against this flight attendant, whome I think should leave the airline since she give it a really bad name! I never felt so ashamed and embarrassed. I called the customer service and they didn't want to tell me her name, like the manager Julian Sanchez told me to do. I find the flight attendant a layer, racist and very rude. I find myself powerless against a big company that won't care, and will do everything to protect their employees and names. If I had a video to document all what happened, everything was easier
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