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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions


21 February 2019 Guest Jeanie Cotton
I have been waiting on the phone for over 1.5 hours . I already have a ticket, and I just want some information that could not be obtained online (although we are told the question can be answered online). It is extremely probable that I will never fly Avianca again.
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Miami Air International

20 February 2019 Guest
Traveled February 8-15 on Miami Air. The departure from the airport was good. The plane was very old and cramped. The flight home was another story. Never have I flown on a plane that when seats are reserved by the airline do they load everyone to the front. So now there is a problem and a delay. All passengers come on and two men from the airport come on. The Stewardess comes on and says the plane is loaded to heavy in the front of the plane so they need 14 passengers to move to the back of the plane. What? I seen the men load the luggage and it was right under me and I was in the third row. Maybe that should of been spread out. No matter what so now passengers are moving back with NO compensation or anything. Really. I paid extra for my seat and I am not going to the back of the plane. So we started off for the runway. Sat for little bit before the runway. The pilot was reving the engines, but we weren't moving. After a few of these he comes on and says we have a little bit of a incline and we don't have enough power to make the incline, so they are coming out to pull or push us. By then I am thinking why are we flying on this plane not safe. So they finally move us to have the pilot come on and say we were in a hole. Needless to say I saw men jumping on a grid and they were waving from someone to come and get it fixed. Felt little better after that. When we landed they weren't ready for us so once again we sat on the airplane. Finally home at last. To find out the people on the back of the plane and had to move back to the back of the plane because the plane was tipsy. What the heck is that? Other then this stuff I guess the flight was good. Ran out of snack boxes other then the healthy stuff so no choices. But I paid for it. Mmmmm. Will I think twice about flying with Miami air, you bet ya.
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

17 February 2019 Guest
Continous postponements of flight, and no real information. Re-booking to a next day flight with no options. On the queue for re-booking overheard a BoA-representative say that "non-spanish-speaking" was not to bother about" (he did not know i understood some spanish). EcoJet had available seats on the same day, but they were not offered to me. Afterwards I bought directly from EcoJet. When I tried to get a refund from BoA, I was just told that "it is not possible". BoA ? Never again, if I can avoid them !!
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WOW air

15 February 2019 Ian McSkimming
Land in Iceland and waiting for connecting flight to Dublin. Board shows no gate announced as yet. Next thing I see is gate closed and C27 announced as gate simultaneously. Run to find anybody in Wow livery-nada! Go to service information desk and staff indicate the end of the counter where Wow would be-no one there. According to one staffer, they all left because there was no activity. Yeah, tell that to the customers frantically trying to contact people they will miss in Dublin, who dont have the keys:instructions to the property we are renting in Tenerife. Customer service is a total fail.
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Sunwing Airlines

06 February 2019 Alexicia
My first time flying with sunwing, everything was good until i get to my destination when i open my luggage only to fine out that one pair of nike running shoes that i spen $140 CAN for were missing i tried contacting sunwing with no success i email sunwing and still no sucess this happen since October of 2018. I will never fly with sunwing again .
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Silver Airways

05 February 2019 Guest
If I could give a zero rating I would. Exceedingly slow check in at Orlando. Ground staff disinterested in providing timely information on the flight. Flight attendant utterly indifferent. To top it off I had a wall instead of a window to look out. Third world airline? Avoid this airline like the plague. If you don't you will truly be disappointed.
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04 February 2019 Guest
Beware of the scam called FlexPass. Says you can change your flight in advance for no fee and late for only the charge of the difference in price. Turns out you can only change it to a different time on the same day. Otherwise, you pay the change fee and the difference in price. Totally useless upgrade.
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Cebu Pacific Air

02 February 2019 Guest
We were already lining up in tbe boarding gate but we were held at the line. The personnel said that we didn't have records of checking in. As a first timer, i thought that going pass that baggage security check into the boarding area means that we're 'checked in'. Apparently, we're not. I know that my fault is i didn't ask about the procedure. But my only sentiment is that why were we allowed to pass through that baggage security just before the boarding gate. I thought everything was right since our bag was 'checked in'. I wasn't aware of the 'boarding pass'. We just showed our e-ticket to the personnel and went pass the baggage security and waited to the boarding gate. We learned about the boarding gate number for our flight by looking at the live monitors. So we waited by the boarding area, not knowing that we will be held on the line. We missed the flight and were told to purchase another ticket. We were deeply disappointed. My main point is that the personnels should make sure that everyone who passes by the security check has a boarding pass!! First timers like us aren't familiar.
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30 January 2019 Guest
Lufthansa is one of the best airline in the world and when my flight was delayed, i got compensation from them with . Thank you
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Blue Air

30 January 2019 Guest
Terrible airline!! We got a flight from Liverpool to Rome last year and the flight was delayed by over 15 hours! The airline staff were terrible at customer services and only decided to let the passengers know what was going on (well, sort of!) when there was a threat of a revolt! Their communication skills are appalling and the service terrible! We lost a days holiday stuck in an airport instead of being in Rome and to top it all I have put a claim for compensation and they look like they will not honour even that. They are a disgrace to the aviation industry so please think carefully before you book with these jokers.
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Eva Air

29 January 2019 MarkJohn Hughes
Recently had to change my flight date from Bangkok to London and was charged £330 absolutely disgusting wont be flying with them again
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LOT Polish Airlines

28 January 2019 k.zenkner
I fly on Lot often and have always had very friendly, professional service. Compares favourably to Lufthansa or Swiss
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28 January 2019 Alvin Tan
This is an honest and unbiased review. Was about to fly back home from Bangkok to Singapore. However I was not allowed to board the flight even though I arrived early at the airport an hour beforehand. They told me check in is closed and I cannot board the flight. They said I was a few minutes late and there is nothing they can do about it even though I arrived an hour early and there was way more than enough time for me to arrived at the airplane. Tried to sell me another later flight for 4000b, which I think makes absolute zero sense. What's more is that the couple behind me whom had the same flights as I did, were allowed to board. Absolute nonsense. I will raise this up and complain/make a ton of noise due to this incident. Calling Flyscoot to get a full refund. This incident caused me to overstay in Thailand by a day and break the immigration law and forced me to buy another flight the next day at a high price. I want to be compensated for this.
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28 January 2019 Ahmad al sayes
Delay delay delay Thats the only thing you can see in atlas airlines And changing gates without telling the customers Bad bad bad No respect for the people time
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Kuwait Airways

25 January 2019 Guest
Very bad Customer care... Which means bad management. Pretend that somebody will come back to us soon but never happens in spite of multiple messages. No excuse for big delay and being sent to Milan instead of Paris... Irreponsible company => dont take it since irresponsibility affects every segment of a company... including safety a day or another
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25 January 2019 DONT FLY WITH WINAIR
Winair, the company of shame! I travel around the world often and Winair is the worst company I have ever taken. I made two trips from France to St. Barth, with three flights in all These flights cost 1500 euros. On two occasions, I could not take the flight between St. Martin and St. Barth when I arrived on time from Paris. The reason? The poor organization and incompetence of the Winair staff. The first time, I had a ticket "Standby". We were many passengers waiting in the heat in a large hall. The hour of our flight had arrived and we had no information. After a while, they called passengers for St. Barts and people rushed and pushed for a place. Many people could not fly, and we were told that there would be no more flights to St. Barts. We then wanted to get out of the airport to go to the boat, but we were stuck in the airport. Finally, we were able to leave an hour later, and the taxi had to drive very fast to arrive on time to take the boat. I had to pay 20 euros for a taxi and 90 euros for a boat. The sea was very bad and I was very sick on the boat because of the sea and fatigue. I was up since 3am (French time) and I was traveling since 20H. When I arrived in St. Barth I had to wait another hour at the customs, and I did not have my car to go home because I left it at the airport. The second time, I encountered exactly the same problem. But besides, I had a problem with my luggage. The lady of Winair (the only one who speaks French) said that the luggage had gone to St. Barts, and that we could go take the boat. I asked if she was sure of herself, and she said yes. I had a bad feeling and looked for my suitcase in the mess of the airport. Finally, after 30 minutes, I found my suitcase in the airport, all wet. I opened it and inside everything was wet: computer equipment, clothes ... If I had listened to the lady of Winair, my luggage would have remained abandoned in this state at the airport. A shame ! In the end, in addition to my two trips that cost me 3000 euros in total, I had to pay 250 euros more for the taxi and the boat. In the end, in addition to my two trips that cost me 3000 euros in total, I had to pay 250 euros more for the taxi and the boat. And my travels have been very long and very painful, because in addition I suffer from migraines, hypertension and heart problems. What I blame the staff of Winair: - They give no information to the passengers. - When asked a question, they do not answer. - When we talk to them, they do not look in our eyes. - They eat and burp in front of customers, and when they talk to us. - They are unpleasant and give the impression that they are annoyed, while as a customer I have always been polite to them. - They laugh with each other and despise the passengers when there are so many problems with this company. - They do not respond to emails to the email address of their site. - If you finally get the personal customer service mails, they give the impression that you bother and respond aggressively. - They say the tickets have not been bought on their site so they will not pay you back. - They make no commercial gesture for you. - They do not take their problems. - At NONE, no time they apologize. - They lie saying that the luggage is gone and that we will be reimbursed (the lady who speaks French).
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22 January 2019 Michael
Great and amazing flight They love to travel on time, I liked the food, but I guess maybe there is better than that
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Nile Air

22 January 2019 Michael
too bad airlines company, the flight got a delay for 3 hours and they didn't give us a refund
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Turkish Airlines

21 January 2019 V.Ikpaahindi
I received information for your service desk that my ticket has been refunded and I have been waiting for over 5 months and have not seen any refund. I paid 1,146,354 million naira to the agency by the name of REWARDS TRAVEL AGENCY THROUGH LUBATOV GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD for a Turkish Airlines ticket, this would amount to over 3,000 USD, I was advised that getting a refund for the return ticket would be no problem if I decided to cancel it. The agency that issued a receipt to me goes by the name of lUBATOV GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. (RC 1366550) and the agents name is LUBEM DANTE UGBOR. Mr. Luben assured me that I would receive the refund of the return ticket by the end of September 2018. However, this was not the case and he only sent 100,000 naira on November 5, 2018 for a total of 100,000 naira to my access account number. He immediately confirmed that the second part of the refund would be issued in two weeks time. "in two weeks time" becasuse, TURKISH AIRLINES HAD NOT REFUNDED THE COMPLETE AMOUNT, AND HE WAS WAITING FOR A RESPONSE". I have receipts that confirm I paid 1,146,354 naira to Unigwe Anthony Nkemjika (rewards travel through LUBATOV GLOBAL RESOURCE LTD.) and the second is the confirmation of the agency that they had received the amount for the purchase of a Turkish Airline ticket. Turkish Airlines stated that this ticket was refunded however, I never received any refund except for 100,000 naira and was told that the second amount would be refunded shortly after. There is clearly fraudulent activity between these counterparts and I would appreciate this matter be investigated further, so that other customers do not have to go through this ordeal. V.Ikpaahindi
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Air Cairo

16 January 2019 Guest
Worst experience eve: they let you buy NON EXISTENT seats on their website and they refuse to give your money back
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Blue Panorama Airlines

14 January 2019 cali
BEWARE. I don't understand how this company can operate in a European country like Italy . They are robbers , somebody has to do something about this . I had to pay 25 euros for one of my hand luggages because it did not feet for less than 3 cm while on me ticket is says ( 2 suitcases up to 30 kg) and i use those fore many years and flying with many company's, end on all the others is max 8 kg blu panorama says 10 kg.
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Wamos Air

09 January 2019 Lynn Doble
I flew with Wamos on December 13th 2018. The flight to Gatwick was ok but nothing great. The flight back to Denver was awful. Unfriendly crew. Grubby old plane. They fan out of my pre paid vegetarian hot lunch and gave me a cheese sandwich... Both flights they sat me in a middle seat after specifically booking an aisle seat. No TV'S. Terrible service. Crew seemed confused and agitated getting food to passengers. Horrible experience.
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

09 January 2019 Guest
DO NOT Fly Norwegian Airlines! Heres why: After several delays our October flight from Paris to New York finally departed28 hours late! We were not on it because we were tired of being jerked around by Norwegian Airlines and their bogus departure times. Instead we canceled our return flight to New York (Norwegian Air did, in fairness, refund us for their return flight) and bought 2 new tickets on another carrier for $2,500 so we could get home and back to work. The people who worked the NA counter at Charles DeGaulle in Paris assured us that NA would reimburse anyone who booked a flight on another carrier, so we took them at their word...later learning that they were 3rd party (freelance) workers who gave the hundreds of passengers on our flight misinformation or outright lied about the delays and refunds. We will continue to alert travelers to NAs deceptive practices, while trying to recover the $2,500 we had to spend because of NAs arrogance and ineptitude. Weve flown many thousands of miles over the years and unless you have time and money to waste, DO NOT fly this nightmare of an airline!
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08 January 2019 Guest
Alitalia took our bag off the plane, gave us an email address to get our bag. When we emailed, they sent a photo of the new baggage tag and said it was being "rushed" to us, after a 2-day delay. However, their co-chair carrier (Air France) coming into the US says that they never put the bag onto the flight listed on the tag. So they sent us a tag but still haven't dropped the bag on a flight. We are still trying to persuade them to just send the bag to us, but after 4 days it still hasn't happened and we are losing hope because no one will respond by phone and they are no longer responding to email. We don't want compensation, we want our bag back. This is giving Alitalia a terrible reputation in my view and if we don't get our bag returned, I will be spreading the word about this company and their contractor at the Delhi airport (Celebi Aviation) who is currently holding the bag.
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TAP Portugal

07 January 2019 Guest
Hello! I am very upset and I would like to advice TO NOT USE AIR PORTUGAL: Tap portugal promised to refund our ticket ( after a cancellation of a plane in the 24 hours due to a wrong reservation). This promise was given in October. Since then we called multiple times, we spend a lot of money on phone call but still no refund. Last week we ask them to just send us an email to confirm that they will refund the ticket on the bank account. Even that they do not seems to be able to handle it. This is not what we will expect from an airplane company (my friends have had better services with other companies). PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY WHICH IS NOT ABLE TO HANDLE THEIR PROMISES.
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BA CityFlyer

06 January 2019 Sabrina
Hi City Flyer, I am writing to you because I want to give some credit to one of your flight attendants. I was flying fr om London city to Edinburgh the BA 8710 on 04. Jan 2019. Wh ere I got an excellent service, she was very kind and looked very secure about here work, and thats why I felt very convenient to fly with her. 😊👍🏽 I had a great trip and I think she deserves some credit. Best regards Sabrina
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Wizz Air

06 January 2019 Guest
Not bad, but they have huge number of flight delays. My flight was delayed with Wizz Air for 9 hours and lost my train ticket, which costs me 92$ .... Good news is that i got 600 euro flight delay compensation by helping
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VietJet Air

04 January 2019 Yijin Cai
Worst flight I've ever seen. I bought two tickets from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. This flight should arrived at 21:05. Because of its internal accident of check-in system, we got delayed for more than 2 hours. We had another flight to catch at 23:40, from Chiang Mai to Beijing. But we missed it so we had to change our flight to the next day. The VietJet Air was so irresponsible for everything they had done. They didn't rearrange another flight for us, nor did they cover the extra fee of changing flight. They didn't response email, the telephone couldn't get through, the staff in charge in the bangkok airline didn't do anything for us!!!
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

04 January 2019 Guest
I am currently stuck at the airport in Moscow. We flew in from Cyprus with an hour and a half for a connecting to a flight to Gothenburg in Sweden. The flight was a little bit late starting but arrived in time to catch the flight had we not been sitting on the tarmac for half an hour. I informed the stewardess on the plane that we had another flight to catch and asked if she could help us. She said not to worry and contact the transit people when we arrived. Well the transit desk was marked with people. We saw a flight was listed and went to the gate. There are the woman said I flight was closed even though they been calling for us. Certainly they must have known we were on the other flight that would be on the computer. Had they had the will they could have taken us to the plane on a small bus or something. After three hours of waiting in the mob rather than a queue my husband was given some food vouchers and boarding passes for flight 24 hours later. The entire trip is only four days therefore we are wasting one quarter of our trip Stuck at the airport. We were told that we would be given a hotel go and eat and come back after 12 we were told. We went to eat after 12 we were told we could go out one, and then to, now its 10 after two and was still sitting here. At the moment I am a rather unhappy passenger. Things could have been done to get us on our connecting flight and unlock could have been done to make the situation less unpleasant. I am hoping for a good compensation, but that does not give me back the time I lost with this experience
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02 January 2019 Kathryn
Best Airline, excellent service. I can't fault them in any way. They deserve 5*. Keep it up Rwandair. Downside: they are not easily visible online when you are looking to book a flight with them.
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30 December 2018 Jorhy
One of the worst airline ever! They cancelled my flight last year and didn't even notify me before i get to the airport. Even thought they denied my flight compensation requests few times with a terrible lies, thanks to , I still got compensation of 400 euros. I will never fly with them... If there will be a list of the worst airlines, Ryanair will get all of places in this list!
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Privilege Style

30 December 2018 Guest
This airline is garbage. My two recent trans-Atlantic flights were the two worst of my life. The old, broken planes are mostly the problem. They are slow, the seats are broken and dirty (my headrest was missing) and the crew is not very friendly. Everything is for purchase, even water. On inter-continental flights, this is a crime. There needs to be at least minor provisions. How can they expect to please customers this way? The entertainment is terrible and hardly works. Lastly, the temperature was freezing on both flights. Youd think the staff would take a hint with everyone shivering and wearing all their layers, hoods up. Also, you have to buy blankets! Absurd.
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Porter Airlines

29 December 2018 Guest
Porter Airlines has gone downhill - it was good when it first up opened years ago, but it's gotten steadily worse over the subsequent years. The prices keep increasing, but the perks disappear - you have to pay for your baggage, and seat selection, and they no longer give you sandwiches on flights (that was one of their selling points, at first), and the porter lounges have less and less offerings for people waiting for fights - no more business computers, no more cappuccino machines, less choice of snacks, etc. That stuff is relatively minor (since all of the airlines have started doing the same thing), but it is very disappointing. The bigger issue is that they actively lie to you about the waiting times for their flights - and, the wait times have become ridiculous! Furthermore, Porter is outright dishonest about promised compensation for flight delays - it will promise customers the moon and stars in flight vouchers, if your flight is delayed past 4 hours, but then, their customer relations teams will reneg on everything that was told to you by the Porter agents in the airport. I am absolutely disgusted by my latest, terrible travel experience - there was a 7.5 HOUR delay (not including flight time - that brings it up to 13 hours) on my flight, and all they gave us was a paltry $100 voucher, expiring in less than 6 months, in return, to "apologize," when the passengers were promised four times that amount in compensation vouchers, if they waited out the delay. They do not honour their word. They are liars, plain and simple. For that reason, alone, I do not recommend this dishonest and unreliable airline.
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Sun Country Airlines

28 December 2018 Donald Malloy
my wife and I flew from MSP to LAS for our anniversary had one of the worst flights we have ever been on.We paid extra for the so called premium seats which only a small child could sit in and advised the flight grew that we could not fit into these small seats, their response was basically sit there or get off. My wife was able to switch seats with another passenger (a real small woman) and I optioned for an exit row seat which the airline promptly charged me an additional $25.00. Not at anytime did one employee of the airline apologize for the bad service.
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KD Air

26 December 2018
In short KD Air will not refund your ticket even if THEY cancel the flight for any reason! This applies even if they commit to the refund. KD Air is a business that should be taken down! Below is my story... Please visit kdair-reviews(dot)com to express your experience with KD Air. Everything seemed totally fine when booking two return flight tickets from Vancouver South to Tofino for our 3-night stay (tickets worth 698 CAD). Then it all went wrong KD Air called two days before scheduled departure, telling me that the flight to Tofino is cancelled due to unscheduled maintenance. I had to book the flight with other airline for double the cost. KD Air assured me that the flight from Tofino to Vancouver South will still happen. After the first night in Tofino, KD Air called me again and told me that the flight back to Vancouver is cancelled due to unscheduled maintenance. Again, I had to book the trip back with another airline for double the cost! As I dont live in Canada, KD Airs customer service assured me that I will get back money back! It has been 5 months and counting (since July 2018), I still dont have my money and KD Air decided to stop responding to my emails.
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Copa Airlines

22 December 2018 John Taylor
In July 2018 my wife and I had tickets to fly Copa Fr om San Francisco to Panama. Copa has two flights out of San Francisco both late at night. The flight, on a Copa, alliance partner, arrived late and we were unable to catch the 10 PM flight. The reservation agents and station manager told us there would be a $400 fine. On top of this they explained there was only one seat available on the 1:30 AM flight and the other passenger would have to go standby. This was unacceptable. Plan B was to call the reservation center which we did at about 2 AM in the San Francisco airport. We were then told that our tickets were invalid and we would have to pay over $1100 to go to Panama City Because prices had increased since we made our original booking. We agreed to think about it, and looked for a hotel. Try to get a hotel in San Francisco in July; not possible. Furthermore the reservation center told us there were no available seats on the next nights flight. That meant spend two nights minimum in the San Francisco airport hoping we would be able to get a flight out in two days. mmmmm Plan C was to make last-minute bookings on other airlines (at extortion rates) to get home and get some rest as soon as possible. This was the option we chose which cost us, in addition to the cost of the copa tickets, an extra $2400. In spite of a later call to Copa's call center, after returning home, we were unable to recoup one cent from our San Francisco to Panama leg with Copa. Ironically, an identical situation occurred on November flight with American Airlines wh ere I missed the connecting flight in Miami because of a late arrival. As you can imagine, I no longer fly Copa, in spite of the fact that it's route map is more convenient for me and despite the fact I have a free ticket which I likely will never use. American Airlines provided me with accommodations, transportation and food and a ticket on the first flight out the next day at no additional cost. My advice to you as a passenger considering Copa Airlines is to purchase travel insurance particularly if you take if your flights require connections, using Copa Airlines. As for me personally, I much prefer American Airlines customer service as opposed to Copa's version, which they label "Customer Care". As a result of my experience I filed a complaint with the US DOT. I did this, because Copa would not respond to my initial complaint report on their website. In Copa's response which is required by DOT regulations, A Copa representative explained their customer care policy to me.There regulations made it clear that my situation was not a simple oversight. It was clear to both my wife and I that copa's procedures were carried out to the "T" as the Copa letter explained. I do not know what your experiences are or were with Copa, but this trip was my "travel experience from hell", one, which I hope I will never to repeat. You will quickly learn that If you experience Customer care issues on the ground, with Copa Airlines, there will only be one winner. Copa's Customer Care" policies are designed to benefit Copa Airlines not you. Caveat Emptor!
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18 December 2018 Guest
A low cost, low quality, no respect to their customers, I was victim of a cancelled flight and the agent could not tell me when I could get a next flight to Buenos Aires from Posadas, later as an excuse their airline said the flight was never cancelled it is a complete lie I was at the airport trying to get a seat on Aerolineas Argentina to fly back to Buenos Aires
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Tigerair Australia

16 December 2018 Raymond Bell
I will never fly Tigerair again!!! My flight Perth to Sydney on 17 Nov was cancelled at 3 hours notice. I have called "customer service" on 4 occasions but no one ever answers, despite wailing up to 35 minutes on one call! I have emailed 4 times now and still no confirmation of my refund air fare.Last email said they had no record of my earlier emails...aaaggghhh This outfit is not fit to fly in Australia. Never fly Tigerair again!! One star only because I cant rate you ZERO
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Etihad Airways

15 December 2018 Guest
I am here today, to share my bad experience with Etihad airways. I flew to back to Australia from Lebanon, arriving on the 12/09/2018. one of my checked in baggage was missing, I opened a file regarding my missing baggage (reference file is BNEEY11292) , and went home that night, after being reassured that my bag will be found soon and i will be contacted to get updates. A few days later, they asked me if i have any photos of the bag, i did sent the photos, and all that was through the baggage services at the airport. After 21 days, i called back again the same number provided by Brisbane airport for baggage services, they told me that it's time to file a claim online with Etihad, and that's what i did on the 4/10/2018 i received back an email regarding all necessary documents needed to complete the claim. I replied back straight away with all documents attached and information needed. (claim Ref 668113) After that email, i sent another 3 emails, haven't received anything back at all. There is no phone number to call, only the email address which is: and unfortunately there's no other way to reach that department whatsoever. I tried again to reach out Brisbane baggage services at the airport, but there's nothing they can do, the matter isn't in their hands anymore, it's with Etihad. so I waited 3 months until the 13/12/2018 to receive an email back from the baggage claims department of Etihad, and just for them to say sorry my bag is lost forever, and they will only pay me 600 dollars as a compensation. Well let me tell you something, that's first of all and for sure UNPROFESSIONAL, second it's disrespectful, and third it's like take those money and shut your mouth, we don't care what you have in your bag, and if it's valuable or no, and what's the value of all things you have lost. And since you know it's hard to get receipts for all things you have in the bag, i might find some, but definitely not gonna find a receipt for each and every item. My bag itself costed me around $350 when i first bought it, so that's not FAIR at all. The bag was under your responsibility, not mine, you lost it, wasn't my choice, at least do something to show that you really care about customers who chose you and put their trust in you above millions of other airlines.
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Arik Air

15 December 2018 Guest
I would just like to let it be known that I find this airline to be extremely unreliable. It is perhaps the most unreliable airline there is in Nigeria. They often delay and/or cancel flights. My advice, avoid this airline if you can.
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