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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Copa Airlines

18 September 2019 Guest
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Silver Airways

13 September 2019 Guest
The worst airline ever. I waited for a refund for a cancelled flight for over 4 months, despite their policy that it be refunded within 7 days. and I am now waiting over 3 months for another refund for a cancelled flight. Numerous calls and emails...actually you cannot call them at Guest relations. The only phone number that exists is the one to make a reservation, all else is handled by email. They do not respond to emails either. This is the most frustrating experience ever. I would not fly with them if I didn't have to with the route I take. Most flights are cancelled or delayed....horrible, I repeat horrible, customer service and what really boils my blood is when you call them and they say they have been voted one of the top ten airlines for customer service by Conde Nast magazine......what a crock of &$%#*. Avoid them at all cost. they deserve NO STARS
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WestJet Airlines

13 September 2019 Guest
DO NOT Flight with WestJet. Horrible company with racism flight attendance and rude for crying kids. My family had a terrible experience while taking Westjet for Canada travel. They were taking WestJet 1508 in Sep-08-019 from Calgary return back to San Francisco. Prior to boarding, this flight was delayed by 3 hours and because of this, my family had to wait in the airport for 5 hours. Thus my son, which is only 2 years old, was very exhausted and really sleepy. Imagine that even for an adult, 5 hours of waiting in airport is quite stressful. While starting from their boarding, the flight attendant never showed any warm welcome to these exhausted passengers. Instead, she was very hostile to my family, whispering to another attendant that they should closely watch my family. Due to the stress, my son was very tired and could not easily get calmed down while seated. My wife and my mother-in-law were trying their best to calm down him and let him well sit and tied with the seatbelt. However, only after about 3 minutes, this attendant rudely came and yelled at my family. She demanded my family to leave the aircraft immediately. The total time from my family boarding to get kicked off from the airplane was only around 5 minutes, my wife even didnít have time to get the phone out from her purse to entertain my son. My family, including 2 year old child and two seniors (both >60 years old), had to pull their heavy luggage and leave the aircraft. The rude attendant even didnít tell them what to do next. My family had to walk a long way holding the 2 year baby to outside of the airport and re-checked in to purchase the next available flight tickets. To me, this cruel treatment from WestJet to the passenger is not about uncourteous, it is more about inhumanity. I cannot image this could happen in a civilized community. My wife later on told me that this attendant was very clearly racially discriminating against them from the beginning since my son was crying during boarding (we are Asian Americans, my parents donít know how to speak English). I called WestJet customer service immediately after receiving the call from my wife and also got very rude response (they are clearly protecting each other). I am very disappointed and frustrated with WestJet. I would never take WestJet and would like to give others the same advice: DO NOT flight WestJet !!!
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10 September 2019 Totally disgusted
In the Taipei flight to Singapore yesterday night. Take-off time was pushed back fr om 5:40pm to 9:10pm. No prior information to inform passengers via text messages. Ridiculous!!! Even if there was a delay taking off from Singapore, or wh erever the flight was from, there should be sufficient time to inform all Passengers affected. Then people can decide if need to Catch another flight or stay another day with such change. It may be unforeseen Circumstances that the flight is delay but the company should put in all necessary effort to minimize inconvenience passenger. In this case, I would even Give ZERO Star and not ONE star. Pls, CEO of Scoot!! Already people are calling your company SCREWED!!! Do something! Upgrade your customer service policy and system before your profit margin goes down to the pit!
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Nepal Airlines

06 September 2019 Guest
Flew from Nepal Airlines recently 04/05/2019 and could not believe the service which was provided by them. I wanted to fly cheap and chose Nepal Airline instead of Thai. The hospitality was amazing with overall service being good too. Nepal Airlines will always be in top of my list when i decide to fly to Nepal next time. Cheap Fare but best Service.
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Sunwing Airlines

05 September 2019 Guest
Terrible airline with service. I don't understand how they operate with this type of behavior/service.
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

04 September 2019 Terri Davis
Very disapponted. I bought a flex ticket and was charged $596 to change ticket when my sister died. I requested a refund and was asked for many documents which I sent and they refused the claim after sending in many documents. Do not give your business to this airline.
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Royal Air Maroc

02 September 2019 Guest
This airline is a huge pain and yes, has a terrible system for dealing with missed bags. They apparently lose them all the time because they have an overworked/ perpetually on strike subcontractor managing the bags for connections in Casablanca. However, just to give hope out there to other people reading all these forums, i did get my bag back after almost 3 weeks, with zero communication in the interim, which in the end is all I care about (fortunately I was on the return leg of my trip.) When my bag went missing on my trip home to New York, via a connection in Casablanca, I was told it would be on the next flight, and to file a claim with their baggage claims subcontractor at JFK Airport. I got a number for tracing in an online system, filed a detailed list of contents, gave a local address and phone numbers, and was told they would handle the case for 5 days, after which the claim is returned to be managed directly by the airline. I called everyday and though the people at JFK were very helpful, they said they were as in the dark as me about what was going on in Casablanca. When 5 days was up, I received no communication from Royal Air Maroc. I left messages in the online bag tracing system, and called both their US hotline and the Casablanca baggage claims office, though that office only speaks Arabic and French. The number for the JFK RAM office was disconnected. No news, sorry! One morning I both called Casablanca and checked online... still no news. But when I got home from work, I had a missed package notice from Fedex. No recipient, just a stamped address indicating that my package could be picked up at the Fedex office in the cargo area of Hangar 6 at JFK. I figured it had to be my bag, though I wasn't sure. I tried to call the office and couldn't get past an automated system to talk to anyone. Since I had work the next day and might miss the package if they tried to redeliver (which I wasn't sure they would), but was also pretty desperate for it, I would just go to JFK that night. Turns out it was my bag. Everything in it seemed untouched, although it was very dirty. It looks like it had flown into Dulles in DC, and then been shipped up to JFK. But who? I don't know. As of a few days later, the online system still says my bag is missing. The moral of the story? Who knows! You may never get your bag back. But maybe you will? I guess, make your peace with the fact that it may be gone, but also be patient and follow up, but don't waste too much time, since apparently there is more than one system at work. If you want to speak to anyone, practice your French and Arabic... and if the address you give them on Day 1 is a temporary address, follow up with whoever lives/works there to let them know to contact you if anyone tries to deliver something! I got lucky that this was my return leg and the address I gave them was my apartment. Anyway, I hope this helps someone hold onto some hope/ make sure they get their bag back by staying in touch with the first address they gave.
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Privilege Style

02 September 2019 Guest
'Privilege Style' operated flight on behalf of another carrier. It certainly wasn't a privilege, let me tell you that. This was by far the worst flight I've ever had. The in-flight entertainment was virtually non-existent only 3 channels, 2 for movies but they only had one film showing on a loop on each so basically 2 films to choose from and the quality was so poor that it just wasn't worth the bother. Food below par as was the service - staff were not friendly and it was virtually impossible to get any drinks in between scheduled meals (we gave up). Interior very tired. Make sure you query your airline or don't book Privilege. There were no menus or even an in-fight magazine so you were essentially left in the dark. If I could I'd rate them '0'.
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Stobart Air

30 August 2019 Guest
Terrible. Flew them from EDI to DUB on Aug 14, 2019. Flight was an hour late leaving and we had to wait 15 minutes for a bus to pick us up at the plane and take us into the terminal. We had to connect to an Aer Lingus flight to Boston and with a 2 hour original window clearing customs etc would not have been an issue but with only 40 minutes to clear security, customs and get to our gate we literally had to run. Thankfully customs agents took pit on us and fast tracked us to clear. The ATR that they flew was old and didn't appear to be very well maintained and the crew had to be the rudest and laziest crew I've ever had to deal with. As a former FA ( who started her career on commuter planes) I would have written them up for the appalling attitude towards all of the passengers. Then upon a closer check of this particular flight, I see it is on time on 25% of the time. Never again. Sorry Stobart, you just cost Aer Lingus any more of my business.
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LOT Polish Airlines

27 August 2019 Rodica Pop
I have travelled by LOT from Bucharest to Berlin on August 17th. My luggage was not delivered at my arrival at Tegel airport. The matter was not solved in spite of many flights from Warsaw to Berlin. I have stayed a week without the necessary things I had in my bag. I am back in Bucharest since August 24th, and waiting in wain my luggage. During all this time it was impossible to contact LOT in Warsaw by telephone or e-mail. It was an automatic answer, who made us (there were several people with non delivered luggage) even more frustrated. The form "we are sorry for the inconvenient, if any" (???!!!) is unacceptable. I invite LOT company head and staff to stay one week with no luggage and see if there is "any inconvenient". The LOT office in Bucharest just told me that finding the lost luggage is not their concern /business. If I am not wrong, when LOT airlines do not deliver the luggage when you fly with them this is not their concern. But who's ? I will never fly by LOT this company again, nor my Japanese, Mongolian or German colleagues.
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Air Cairo

26 August 2019 Guest
Very bad experience. Made a refund request of a one-way ticket from Hurghada to Cairo 5 days before the flight. The ticket was bought on-line so I made the refund using the form in their web site. Getting no response, I remade the refund request again 28 hours before the (refundable ticket) and also contacted them 3 times through (contact us form in their form). I also phoned their office in Alexandria and they said you do refund online. Needless to say, I go no response for nearly 2 weeks now??? worst custormer service every
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Turkish Airlines

26 August 2019 Natalia Aleksandrova
Hello! I hope that my feedback will help others never meet the same problem I have met. This was the worst experience I have ever had in my life. The flight was canceled and we didnít receive any notice at all( no email, no sms, no call). By the chance of luck we decided to make check in online and suddenly we found that the flight is canceled. I told my husband maybe itís mistake and there should be solution for that because it is not possible that huge company can do such mistake. We called a call center and the person who took the call was very rude. Unbelievable. We were in shock that itís possible. He just told us that the flight is canceled and it is not his problem. He offered us to book another flight which is one day earlier then we booked. We paid the hotel to stay in Cappadocia for 2 days, so as per the new booking we will have to stay there just for 1 day. Then we had another flight fr om Istanbul to Dubai and there was no solution wh ere should we stay one more day in Istanbul. Everything was planned and paid. We lost money, spent extra money to stay remaining day in Istanbul and nobody give any sh*t about that. I still canít believe that it is possible in 21st century. Furthermore, the customer service representative was shouting at us, shouting. Can you believe? It is Turkish Airlines mistake and you guys are shouting at your customers because you canít find solution for the problem you have created. I hope this kind of experience will never happen to any of your customers. Otherwise it means that you guys are not professional at all in anything. You are canceling flights when you want, you donít even notify your customers about that and in the end you canít find the solution for complaining customers who lost the money because of your unprofessional service in the end you are shouting at your customers because of that.
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Caribbean Airlines

26 August 2019 Guest
The prosperity that Caribbean Airlines enjoyed for years by taking advantage of the guyanese people will soon end. I travelled this morning from JFK to geo and my bags did not arrive. The numbers they gave me to call are unanswerable. The problem is I have all my medications and clothes in this bag. Further I am 8 hours away from the airport. I shall never fly them again and hopefully they will be out of business by next june.
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Corsair International

23 August 2019 Nes
Worst customer service ever donít pick up phone
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Skippers Aviation

22 August 2019 Guest
In 30 years of fifo, I have never encountered an airline that treats is customers as badly as Skippers. I could not recommend this airline to anyone.
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Flair Airlines

17 August 2019 Bryon
Flair cancelled our flight at the last minute 15th of August. My family of six were going to a family function in Alberta for 17th of Aug. We called their customer support line and after almost an hour delay got someone in India that could only offer to rebook us on another flight from Toronto to Edmonton 6 days later! Our return flight was the next day. After another call and another 45 minute wait another powerless call centre employee in India could not give me a number to talk to anyone in Canada. She eventually offered a flight 3 days later on the 18th, 1 day after our function would be over. We asked them to find us a flight on a partner airline - their response - "we are only authorized to rebook you on a flair flight or offer you a refund". Another airline would book us at the last minute for 3 times the price. Vacation cancelled and we missed our family function. My daughter cried all the way home. Never, never, never fly with flair - they have no resources, nor do they have any customer service.
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Shanghai Airlines

16 August 2019 Guest
Un-able to contact thsi airlines phone, email, website none of those were working. No stars at all.
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Fly Jordan

15 August 2019 Guest
Worst flight ever ' cancelled our names (group of 10 people ) and we are still waiting in the airport ... Not recommended Not trustworthy Pay a little more and choose a reliable flight
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Blue Panorama Airlines

12 August 2019 Andrew
Be very careful when you book with this airline. The luggage pricing is not so straight forward and the confirmation emails are confusing. Having booked for 2 x 20kg hold luggage, it was unclear that this was just in one direction. Ended up having to pay double at the airport for the return flight. ą80!
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Malaysia Airlines

12 August 2019 Smurf
This Airline is ripping its own people and loyal customers to the extent that they aren't even aware of. Your baggage allowance is determined buy the fare you purchase. Hidden taxes you are not aware of that and on to the quotation. Not turning up for your flight will alter you a no show. This cancels your itinerary. To regain your previous itinerary you will need to pay the no show fee + change fee and fare difference if any. This are some of the ways Malaysia Airlines is ripping off its customers.
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SWISS International Air Lines

02 August 2019 Martine Widmer
How annoying. Swiss makes you pay for a hotline, where they are unable to take inquiries because their computers do not work. The worse part is that they refuse to call you back when their system is working again. It makes no difference if you fly business or economy... So much to customer service and loyalty.
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01 August 2019 Scott Bauer
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31 July 2019 Guest
Hi. I used to use AirAsia website to try and book flights, but the site would never load, iPhone, iPad, Android and pc. I ditched them as if you cannot book on line then this was a deal breaker. I have to fly again in a few weeks, so tried to book again, same deal. I contacted them many times, asked for an ĎITí professional to explain my issue, but none available. All playing space invaders. Thatís it for me. Do not use them. No wonder their planes crash. Cannot a simple on line booking process right
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Blue Bird Airways

29 July 2019 DmitriyO
Was flying with them from TLV to Crete and back. Most of the flight is like with most low-cost flights, you have some delays, seats are very uncomfortable, but basically you get what you pay for. until the moment you baggage gets damaged, and here was the first time I encountered and airline which takes zero responsibility for your baggage, I claimed a refund and basically was told they dont refund any damage. there were at least 3 more people like me on that flight which got their baggage damaged, but I'm not aware whether they got any refund. so I'd suggest to pay few extra bucs for another airline but to save on the later need to buy new bag and maybe even few other things that were inside.
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Singapore Airlines

25 July 2019 Guestbarney
How do you get away with it? A death in the family and I had to return home A,S P. I am returning a week early with Singapore Air. No compassion , no empathy, just give us your money, my return ticket was $ 500 au which I forfeited in favour of a new ticket, i received a penalty of over $200 plus $600 for the new fare. So my original seat became vacant which no doubt would have been re-sold $600 plus for Singapore air, not a bad days work, $ 2000 for what, someone dies and the vultures close in, In a civilised country this is known as embezelment. Singapore Air you have stooped to the 9xhsmlowest level of humanity and decency. After this flight you can count me out. I have been flying with you for 15 years.goodbye, keep your eye on facebook.
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LATAM Airlines

24 July 2019 Guest
They do not have a ďcustomer serviceĒ policy. So if something goes wrong good luck because it will not be their fault at all and they wonít be able to help you.
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23 July 2019 Nits
I traveled with this airline last week 18th July Dubai to Nairobi Right from start rude staff but the worst was to come upon reaching home my luggage was not there now on 23rd July and still no luggage..all I keep hearing is your luggage will get there today but nothing..I have nothing to wear and at this rate I have no hope of getting my luggage. Am so disappointed and frustrated. This is my worst experience. I have used different airlines and this has the worst customer service.
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Azores Airlines

22 July 2019 Guest
The constantly cancel and or delay flights. It is not uncommon to be trapped somewhere for 2 or 3 days OR not get to your vacation at all. They refuse to put you on other flights going your way. They violate EU compensation regulations. Their staff are physically and verbally abusive or just plain unhelpful. They will lie to you with a smile. Their aircraft are unsafe. They cut off the oxygen half way through the flight. I watched people try to stand and fall over.
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20 July 2019 Bijoy
I flew long haul to visit SANTIAGO one week(on 9/07/19 ) before. Actually this was my first time travel in flight and was a long haul one. My travel route was COK-DXB-GIG-SCL and crews at COK airport and cabin crews was always professional, polite & helpful. Crews helped me to find my seat in flight because of my first travel and they given me extra care because of my motion sickness. The COK - DXB travel was awesome and enjoyed the trip. When I reached the DXB airport at 7:00 AM, there is only 1 hrs layover at DXB for my next connection flight to Rio de Janeiro (08:05 AM). Actually I have got boarding pass for DXB - GIG from Cochin itself and gate marked was A19 in DXB. When I reached DXB,I saw a airport crew showing a pluck card A19-Rio, And when I asked, he told me to get in bus this will carry passengers to A19 gate for departing to Rio de Janeiro. When I reached the terminal, I rushed to A19 gates without double checking the gates in information display screens. I reached A19 gates at 7:20 AM after the security checks. In A19, there is no information display screens for checking the status of departing flight and also absence of airport crew in A19 gate made me little bit confusion in boarding. I enquired in another counter to double verify weather the Rio de Janeiro flight is departing from here or not. After sometime at 07:40, I got a message regarding the change of gate A19 to B8 and I rushed to B8, but I can't reach in time at b8 and my flight was lost. And there I came to know that the gate A19 has been changed to B8 without any prior information. I have discussed with emirate executive, they said, they are helpless and blamed me,as this is because of full of my mistake. And also said that, I need to pay penalty to go in next flight and also they are not ready to give STPC also. Moreover that I lost my business meetings and stayed 2 days in Dubai for next flight. I think emirates have rule - "Our gate agents will provide verbal information including boarding announcements and notice of any delay or gate changes". -At least emirates need to have a gate agent at A19 to inform the gate changes to the passengers who comes there without knowing the gate changes after the checkin process. -At least they need a information display screen at A19 to check the status/gates of departing flights. -At least they need to update this on pluck cards shown by airport bus drivers who carrying the passengers to terminals (by changing A19 - Rio to B8 - Rio). Because of this minor mistakes from the part of emirates, -I paid Rs 13000 as a penalty for next flight. -I have to stay back in Dubai for 2 days. -I lost my business meetings and travel became use less.
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18 July 2019 Maria Gallegos
I had a flight purchased in February or march, for August. In May, Interjet changed my flight to have a stop in Mexico City. I canceled the flight, asked for reimbursement submitted all the information and yet have not received my flights reimbursement. Orbitz also tried to communicate without success. I have been corresponding with one of your staff, Cecilia Rojas, and now I call her and she doesn't answer, the call just drops. This is ridiculous, No one to talk if my reimbursement will be given. Totally stars
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Aerolineas Argentinas

16 July 2019 Sveta
Horrible airlines with horrible customer sercice. Waited THREE hours in their office in Buenos Aires! They are so slow!
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British Airways

15 July 2019 Guest
Do not use British Airways. In my opinion, and based on my experience, they are one of the worst airlines! Please be very aware of the tricks that British Airways is up to. They would purposely over-book, charge a fee to change/rebook flight then cancel the new flight but keep your money. They are a horrible airline and would think nothing of taking advantage of its passengers. On April 14, 2019, I bought two tickets via Expedia to fly via British Airways. I specifically indicated to British Airways that I did NOT want to fly on any flight operated by American Airways because I detest American Airlines for their constant tardiness and poor in-flight customer service. British Airways insisted that in order for me to change my flight, I must pay a fee to re-book a new flight. On June 4th, 2019, the day of departure as I was leaving for the airport, I got an alert that British Airways had unceremoniously cancelled my new flight without any explanation and put me back on AA flight, which I paid to change from in the first place! As a result of British Airways cancelling my flight at the last minute with no real choice of making the trip but to use the horrid alternative American Airline operated flight they put me on. True to form, American Airlines and connecting flight Iberia were both late arriving well after 4pm to Athens: I missed the first day events, because these flights American Airline and Iberia arrived late. NOT OK. I complained to British Airways about this and requested a refund for the re-booking fee because they did not deliver on the flight they charged a re-booking fee for. BAís first response to my complaint was to defend their actions, claimed that they reached out to me, and that it was a voluntary action to change on my part. After responding with a detailed account and proof that it was not voluntary, they came up with another excuse that it was weather-related and beyond their control so they would not refund me This whole experience with British Airways has been very traumatizing for me, and I intend not only to avoid BA in the future even if it means paying a little extra to use another airline as a matter of principle. It is simply not ok or ethical for British Airways to treat passengers this way. I thought British Airways was bigger and better than this and I am disappointed. In my opinion and based on my experience with them, they are one of the most unethical flight organizations to ever get involved with. If you can help it, pay a little extra for a flight that actually provided the service and flights it claims to have. Do not use British Airways. They lie, take your money and refuse to take any accountability for their actions.
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14 July 2019 Guest
customer service would not give me a supervisor to speak to regarding luggage policy. It is misleading when airlines do not enforces their policy regarding baggage. when i purchased my ticket it said economy ticket and not economy light So who is responsible for enforcing alitalia's baggage policy.
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Philippine Airlines

08 July 2019 Guest
Philippine Airlines changed my flight Manila to Toronto, moving 12 hours forwards. My prior connecting flight would have me in the Manila airport more than 14 hours early. I first called PA and tried to get a different flight. They couldn't help me. So I booked with a different company. When trying to board my flight in Manila PA told me I couldn't do that and that Id have to pay $150 to board my flight, because I hadn't boarded my previous flight. Needless to say I was angry, first because they changed their flight screwing up my schedule costing me another day hotel and parking fees and then charging me for not canceling. I was warned not to use PA, should have heeded the advice. PA stole $150 from me.
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Air Corsica

08 July 2019 Guest
My outbound flight to Calvi was delayed and delayed and finally took off to be told as we approached Corsica that we were in fact flying into Bastia NOT Calvi. We were never offered any refreshments despite being on the tarmac for over 2 and a half hours. On arrival at Bastia there was an hour queue for passports as the plane was not expected. There were no representatives to help and no-one counted or checked passengers had got on the busses for transfer to a closed airport at Calvi arriving after 10.30 at night. No taxis were available and again no representatives to help. Try to get in touch and no numbers work, the claim form does not work, there is no way to contact them to get any compensation which is legally due
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Cebu Pacific Air

08 July 2019 Ben
Cebu Pacific keeps accepting my credit card and then immediately canceling and reimbursing the amount. I have bought hundreds of CebPac tickets over the years. I've tried two cards from different banks over the space of two weeks and always the same result. One time I called and booked over the phone at a greater expense. This last time I just switched to PAL. Customer service is useless.
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Jordan Aviation

02 July 2019 Chantelle
This is the absolute WORST airline I have ever used. Extremely unprofessional with time. Flight s5 1817 on june 27 and s5 1818 on july 1 were each delayed FIVE HOURS. This is so unprofessional and rediculous. I'm unsure how you qualify as an airline. There was no accomadations for passengers waiting tired and hungry. All for a 40 minute flight. The first day of our trip at the resort went to complete waste. I dont recommend anyone to ever take such a disgusting airline.
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Envoy Air

01 July 2019 Stacy Smith
My experience was terrible. We arrived at the airport more than a 1/2 hour before our flight was to leave, but did not get to the check in until 25 minutes before our flight was to leave. The lady working the counter was professional and thought the manager would override the computer. He didnít and was rude in the process. I explained that my wife made us a little later then we planned because she was a little sick. She has terminal brain cancer. I felt this manager didnít care and blew me off. The other staff was fine. The Man is General Manager John Z. Nikolovski. I donít know if I will ever fly out of Madison ever again. I believe this man is a terrible representative of your company. Judge Stacy A. Smith W5202 County Rd. N Mauston, WI 53948 Cell 608 632-0937
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Delta Air Lines

30 June 2019 William Freyer
This airline sucks. Excuse my French. They left my Daughter and 50 of her high school classmates on the runway for 6 hours Saturday 6/29 at JFK airport. They then proceeded to leave these poor starving children back at the airport for 18 hours . It was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime to Europe. Instead it's every parents nightmare. Do not fly with these evil bastards. Your better off paddling across the Atlantic!
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29 June 2019 Guest
I am a man of 64 yrs and was booked on a flight, the flight had been delayed and I followed instructions on my EasyJet App and proceeded to the gate as advised. The young lady ("Check-in-attendant") at the desk said I was still too early to be in the boarding area, and said if I didn't move out of the area I would be denied boarding - After a minor altercation (no profanities) I replied that she had no such authority and waited near the check-in on the stairs where there were other passengers also waiting. When the gate did open, I was near the front, but I was allowed to proceed through. I said I was happy to wait at the desk until all the passengers though - but even then was denied passing though without any reason given. I contacted EasyJet (00443303655000) complaining, the "Check-in-attendant" refused to talk to the person (EasyJet customer services) to explain the circumstances. The "Check-in-attendant" also refused to provide her name to myself. The flight left without me, thus I had to wait a further 6 hours for the next flight for which I had to pay and additional £121. I will not let this case rest till I am compensated
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Asiana Airlines

27 June 2019 Anthony Hammonds
Its my first time flying on your Airlines and it was not good, because I lost one of my traveling luggage so I spoke with one of your employee"s by the name klenz here in the Philippines about it. And ask to speak with the manager on duty, and I Was ask why do I need to speak with the manager. And I stated that I have a right to speak with someone who is in charge. at that time I was told there was no Manager on duty. but the employee refuse to call the manager and told me that there is no manager at this time. there are only five of us on duty. And they told me that they will look for it and give us a call if they find it, but when, I return back the next day there was still no manger on duty , but my luggage was had arrived, but when I checked it servals things were missing and still there was no manager available at this time .and they where telling me that they are not responsible for the missing stuff thatI had in my suitcase. How can international establishment running without a manager or a supervisor? If something happen it was supposed to be the manager who will be explaining the pros and cons not just a regular employee. And now they are trying to make the things go in circle and telling us that it was not their responsibility on what happen..When i get received my luggage the weight is different than when they weighted it when I left the United States. And your employees know that! I have called the Airline myself today with "NO" positive results. I think this is the worst airline to travel with. Knowing that your property will not be respected and secure with this airline. Let alone have the confidence that your being safe on this airline. I am planning on complaining to the Government of this Country and also to the Head quarter of this airline
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BH Air

23 June 2019 Guest
Donít do it! Poor customer service. ďDouble touchĒ flights that mean you have to disembark the plane, go through customs and reboard. They classify this as ďdirectĒ and will change your flight at the last minute and tell you that they class this as ďminorĒ and therefore you are not entitled to a refund if you object. Donít prebook seats- they reserve the right not to refund you if they change the seats that you sel ect and pay for. On all of my recent flights due to the chaos that is the ďDouble touchĒ i.e. consolidating flights fr om two UK airports to one and visiting both airports on the way, even the seats allocated at check in were abandoned as the cabin crew canít cope as the system doesnít appear to cope with the double touch so double books seats. Donít waste your money and even better fly with someone else
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UM Air

21 June 2019 Ruba
Very bad airlines, it's better to walk to your destination rather than flying with this shitty airline, the staff are not professional, flight time and landing airport will always change a day before the flight. I give this airline zero if it was a choice.
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19 June 2019 Pissed off Dave
My wife, kids and two cats were supposed to fly out of Tijuana to Leon two days ago. When we bought the tickets online, the link to pay for pets was broken but we were assured that they would be able to pay for the cats at check in. When she got there with plenty of time to spare, she was told that they don't accept cash, which was all she had, as she knew her cards wouldn't work in Mexico. Because of the measly $40 pet fee, they told her that she could not board the plane, would have to buy a ticket for a different day (which have now gone up in price by a factor of 500%) and would lose all of the money we spent on the tickets. ALL OVER 2 TWENTY DOLLAR BILLS! The next day when I called to try and get the issue resolved, I was on hold for TWO AND A HALF HOURS before hanging up. So today I called at 6:30am hoping the wait would be shorter, which it was. When I finally spoke to someone, they said that they wouldn't reimburse us because it says in the terms of service that they don't accept cash at check in... which is bullshit. Before calling, I went through the TOS with a fine toothed comb to make sure it didn't say anything like that and lo and behold, it says nothing of the sort but she kept insisting it did, yet she was unable to tell me where. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she told me that there was no English speaking supervisor... at the call center for English-speaking customers. I told her that my family would be flying back monthly to visit me as well as friends and family would regularly be flying down, and that I would make sure that none of them flew with VivaAerobus if they didn't resolve the issue, amounting to thousands of dollars in lost revenue for their company. She then just asked in a smart ass voice if I had any other questions and then hung up on me. It's now my life's mission to make sure that no one ever flies with them again. This is hands down the worst service I have ever had from any company DO... NOT... FLY... WITH... THIS... AIRLINE
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18 June 2019 Guest
I booked a flight with Norwegian and we ended in a flight operated with DOT LT. We supposedly flew in an Airbus a321, a medium-sized and generally confortable plane, but the space for legs between the seats was extremely small, and it is not the first time I fly with a low cost airline. I could say that the space was smallest than the one of Ryanair planes. Although the rest of the things they offered were good enough, I think that the space is one of most important thing to travel confortably.
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Eva Air

17 June 2019 RickD
Flew EVA Air from Seattle to Taipei then on to Cebu twice this year. EVA is excellence all the way around. The food was great and lots of it. Seating in economy was very good, lots of leg room. WiFi worked almost all the way across the ocean! Plane was very clean, staff was highly professional and curtiuos.
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Miami Air International

13 June 2019 Guest
Very nice airline! I didnít know what to expect and was really nervous after I read all the bad reviews, so thatís why Iím coming on here to be one of the few that leaves a good one. Although our flight was delayed an hour, the airline was very accommodating and organized. Everything went smoothly and the flight attendants were awesome!! Donít be scared to book with this airline like I was. It was great!
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

09 June 2019 Guest
We will never, ever fly this airline again. It is an unethical airline with the only purpose of collecting your money. We had a connection flight from London Gatwick to San Francisco. However, our previous flight from Milan to Gatwick was delayed due to weather. We made it to the check in counter at 12:36 pm while the flight was to leave at 1:30pm. We were told that we were 6 mins too late for them to issue our boarding pass so we had to rebook. They will not allow boarding pass to be printed online like all other airlines. Not only we had to rebook but the destination was Los Angeles instead of San Francisco because their next flight to SF was three days later! Then they changed us 70 British pounds for one check in luggage because my combined weight of backpack and a carry on was 16kg instead of 12 kg for a transcontinental Flight. All these times, the customer service agents can care less. There were tons of empty over head luggage spaces in the airplane. We do not wish to give this airline any star for their customer services does not deserve even one star. We had an over night drive via a rental car from LAX back to SF.
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