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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Envoy Air

16 November 2018 AAL should kick this partner to the curb
This regional carrier is horrible. Constant cancellations, late crew, mechanicals, unprofessional staff. You name it they have it. It sucks to rely on this airline for regional service with American Airlines. Exec plat member who wants to switch given the ineptitude of this affiliate.
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15 November 2018 Brett street
Easy jet are just some of the most repugnant people I have ever had to deal with. 1st got to airport and was told Freddie can't sit on my lap as he was 2 even though we book it over the phone and was told he could anyway got him his own ticket (£77) then got on the plane and had to move people about as he has to sit with one of us then today get to the airport to fly home and was told Freddie can't as his ticket was one way to which I said so you sold a two year old a one way ticket to turkey (stunned silence) was then told plane is full and he can't fly (at this point everyone is in tears) sat around tor 4 hours only to be told all flights are full nothing they can do. So back to hotel booked room for night called easy jet and the bloke just came out with every excuse in the book we were late, we refused another flight and we should have checked the ticket to which I said I have boarding passes timed two hours before flight, what flight did we refuse that was the only flight today and why the fuck would I check that you sold a two year old a one way ticket. After they checked turns out we were told he could sit on one of are laps but we cant get you home for 5 days but have to go to Luton anyway after 5 days and a text from Luton to Gatwick we made it home. Anyone else been through this and did easyJet make it up to you
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Thomas Cook Airlines

14 November 2018 Alexander Miloskin
I chose this airline because it seemed affordable and it offered somewhat cheap flight to Sofia. But when the flight was seriously delayed, I had started having second thoughts. I missed my connecting flight in to Turkey and had to stay at the airport for the next 3 hours waiting for another one. I decided to try to get a compensation so I filed for a refund using this air passengers rights agency called skyrefund (you can chekc them out here and eventually got compensated for the missed connection.
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Trans States Airlines

14 November 2018 Guest
Has to be the worst in the air. They continue to have broken equipment meaning I miss connections. This has become the norm with them and I have learned to avoid them as a subcontractor of United. I had an aircraft mechinic tell me do not get on that plane.
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Asiana Airlines

11 November 2018 Wilkinson
Asiana Airlines. Appaling service (Business Class), rude staff (airside and groundside) cold food, minimal language skills other than Korean. ICN-HKG 10.11.2018 Negligence in aircraft operations (SFX & IST to name but two recent incidents), sexual harrasment charges against the chairman (subsequently resigned), despicable on board behavior of an Asiana senior manager (and chairmans daughter) concerning peanuts (!!!) all would indicate signs of a seriously flawed business culture and attitude.
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Wizz Air

10 November 2018 Guest
Generally appalling. Added 35 check in charge with no prior notice whilst Bucharest e.check-in won't handle Wizz. Pure extortion. About half passengers on last Thursdays late evening Luton flight caught out. Priority means nothing. Mad scramble by everyone. Staff surly and unhelpful, particularly at checkin. My organisation has decided to blacklist them - about 500 flights per year. Not even Ryanair has been blacklisted.
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Andes Lineas Aereas

10 November 2018 Lili Gaubin
Going to Puerto Madryn, our flight was in time. Returning to BA our departure was delayed 3 hours... sitting at the airport. No announcement by text message before getting to the airport. Not complying or not enforcing regulations in Argentina is the common thing. These small companies have few planes and cant keep their schedules.
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10 November 2018 Guest
We are very very very disapointed with scoot. They suddenly cancel our flight TR 275 CGK-SIN on oct 31, 2018. The problem was their ground staff was not fast on taking out our luggage. So we can't take other decision because we had a trip with cruise at 4pm form marina sg. The anouncement about cancel flight at 10.30 am and we got our luggage back at 02.00 pm. HOW LONG IT WAS! We LOST our cruise trip. The refund doesn't worth to the cruise ticket and they give only the voucher instead of returning our money. We don't want this voucher. We don't want to fly with scoot ever again.
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08 November 2018 Sarah
Booked a flex flight which states you can make changes free of charge - hence the flex option - but thats nonsense. They will make you pay what you initially paid again so youre better off just rebooking and cutting your loses on the first flight. I attempted to change my flights 10 weeks ahead of my flight date and Im still going back and forth with their customer service. Why would I pay more for a flex flight if its that same conditions as a regular flight!?? Steer clear.
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AirAsia Philippines

07 November 2018 Patrick
First time flying them, they put the kiosks in Manila airport just past the area where you need them. So they sit unused and instead you must cross the street and wait an hour in line and pay for a paper copy of boarding pass if you are tourist without access to a printer. Then 90 minute flight was delayed 4 hours. Line to check a bag is over an hour, and you must check bags because they charge you for anything over 7kg. The planes are very modern but seats super tiny, I have to sit diagnonally to fit my knees. Due to the terrible delays and poor service I would not fly them again, although if you have more time than money they are super cheap.
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Malindo Air

06 November 2018 Guest
Malindo call center customer service 03-78415388 is hopeless and not helpful at all. Their customer service also hopeless. They can't make any decisions and yet they refuse to provide me or refer me to the person who can make decision. Is that means this is the way they stop their customer to lodge a complaint to their superior or top management? Until today I still didn't get any feedbacks from their customer service pertaining to my complaint. I really hope head of Malindo customer service can contact me urgently
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Royal Air Maroc

05 November 2018 Ricardo Ferreira
Hi I travelled yesterday 4/11/2018 on flight AT981 from Lisbon to Casablanca , flight was to departure at 16:25 so 18:25 Morocco time , we only boarded at 16:30 then we did not taken off and waited in the plane for 2hours 18:30 so 20.30 Morocco time with no explanation why until people started complaining. We landed in Casablanca 20H00 so 22H00 Morocco time , which it was boarding time for my connecting flight to Accra Ghana was 22H15 , 15Min to get off the plane , across the airport , passport control and to get to the terminal and the plane departured at 23:00 , I was being sent from one side of the airport to the airport , spoke to Mr Muhammed Gabib , not very helpful and not interested in helping my situation . Had to pay the extra fees ,waiting for my luggage , about 2hours spent at the airport , then spend 2days in Casablanca because next flight only available in 2days to my destination . Royal Maroc Airport staff not friendly , only speak Arabic and French , no english which makes it very hard for tourists and Royal Maroc Staff , very poor communication skills, no one apologized , worst flying experience , will not travel with Royal Maroc anymore until I have some form of contact . Please note there was several people who missed their flights on the same night .
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Sunwing Airlines

05 November 2018 Linda
Had a great flight. Never have had a big problem flying with them. Look forward to next trip!
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Blue Air

05 November 2018 Guest
Suffered a 5 hour flight delay from Rome to Liverpool in January. The airport staff were very considerate (as were the cabin crew) and I have no complaints there. As Blue Air ignored our correspondence over compensation however, we had to involve the CAA , who determined in August that money was due to us. After repeated phone calls (average 30 minutes queue each time) Blue Air insisted in early October that paperwork for payment had been sent to accounts, but we're still waiting in November and are currently issuing a European Order for Payment to try and get them to pay compensation that was due 9 months ago.
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05 November 2018 Gloria Norris
This airline provides terrible service. They oversale their flights, do not train their employees properly to deal with crisis and then, they brake airlines safety protocol. This airline actually checked my suitcase, put it in the plane, but didnt assigned me a seat. They didnt get the suitcase out of the plane, but flew it to my destination city. Now, I cant find anyone to help me retrieve my suitcase and no one seems to know what to do. The agent in Oaxaca, Mr. Diego Leal lied to me telling me there was going to be someone at the airport at 4:00 am to give me my suitcase. They mistreat their customers and provide an undignified service and cause tremendous stress with the ineptitude of their employees. I wish I could recommend this airline but they are not trust worthy.
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GOL Transportes Aereos

04 November 2018 Guest
Worst website ever. Whoever designed the GOL website should be fired. Also bumped us from a flight we booked 30 days in advance 4 days prior to departure that required us to reroute our business trip. Our business associate was not bumped so he had to change his tickets too. It took hours on the phone with customer "service" and cost over $$$$ to book new flights so close to departure. We suspect they bumped us because there were higher paying customers available near departure. I'm a regular international traveler and I have to say GOL is the worst airline experience I've every had.
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Air China

02 November 2018 Stephanie Forster
Had to cancel tickets due to unforeseen circumstances, still waiting for a refund 8 weeks later without being able to get a straight answer via my travel agent or myself. Disgraceful customer service
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02 November 2018 Patsiefe
Got to LAX 1/2 hour late because of traffic, but still well before check in time. International flight went to Tom Bradly. Waited in line 20 minutes than told have to go to terminal 2 to correct an error that THEY MADE on ticket. (they do not have ticketing in international were there flight takes off from). Went to terminal 2. Waited in line over 1/2 hour. Realised there was another 45 min wait, and I would be late if I waited so I went to special check in desk. They informed me I was to late to check in. I asked when they closed checkin. "1 Hour in advance" I pointed to the clock on the TV behind them which showed I had 1:23 minutes. They than said flight was Over Sold. Offered me a flight to another city instead (!). aid that I would easily be refunded as it was there fault. Called the next day for refund. Told that the online reservation had "OS (Oversold)" by it by two people. It would take 7 days... Called 7 days later, it would take 7 MORE days. The law states it should be refunded (X4) on the spot, but it never was. Still waiting for refund. Airline is out of Mexico, so impossible for small claims. Lost hotel stay, driving expenses, parking... Now they have changed what they say, and say I never showed up!!! WTF?? I was there in person!
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Vanilla Air

01 November 2018 VanillaRage
Very poor airline indeed and their collective weight limit of 7kg max is a disgrace too. Unless you're going away to Japan for a 1 or 2 days there's no way that anyone can remain within that low threshold. From my observations it looked like everyone was caught out by this ridiculous restriction and had to fork out. Avoid and book elsewhere is my advice.
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Blue Panorama Airlines

31 October 2018 Guest1234
This Airline is a complete scam. They charged me $80 USD for not having my middle name on my ticket to match my passport. There was no place on the third party website to add it in. Also, my flight had been changed and I was not informed. I had to fly into Milan, rent a car and drive three hours to get to my final destination. They were very unhelpful. I would not fly this airline. They will nickel and dime you for every single little thing.
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Air Serbia

31 October 2018 Ana
i can just say the same thing that was already writtne. luggage was lost/left in Beograd, and i was traveling to Athens. Got it by some miracle and persistant calling air Serbia 4 days later. 2 months passed since then and no answer no info for my refound. AVOID, not worth the money saved as it was cheaper than other airlines. Not worth at all
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Kenya Airways

29 October 2018 Anderson
Best airline in terms of comfort and hospitality
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Air New Zealand

28 October 2018 Guest
great experience
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Allegiant Air

27 October 2018 Rik
To be honest, I have no problem with Allegiant. You do get what you pay for and they are up front on all the cost. I have flown Allegiant many times in the last two years. All were on-board new airbuses as they have almost completed upgrading their fleet. They do often leave early, but I always to the airport arrive early. I always purchase my seating assignment and pay for any luggage on the website when I book. It is a no frills flying experience from point A to point B. That is what you are paying for. Everything else is extra. I accept this and they have been good to me. I would fly with somebody else if I wanted to be pampered our in first class. Most of the time, I just want to get from point A to point B in my assigned seat. I thank Allegiant for making it possible for me to travel more by air on my budget. Could they do better? All airlines have their problems!
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27 October 2018 borigi
I have unflown tickets on cobalt worth 500euros and they no longer operate. Nobody can refund me! People who paid with cypriot credit cards will be refunded. I paid with my french credit card.No refund! Do you think is logic? I can only name this a FRAUD. And not only on behalf of the airlines but as well from the local Authorities.... Third airline to cease operating in less than 6 years in Cyprus! Cyprus Airways, Eurocypria and now Cobalt Congratulations!
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Hainan Airlines

26 October 2018 Guest
Hainan Airlines can be the china based airlines that can be provide the high quality service in low cost, just because every on can travel will them. This airlines can depart too many customers everyday after that they can maintain the 5 star services to their customer and the services have maintain the quality. Their customer service is also helpful for the customers they can call on Hainan Airlines Phone Number 1-844-313-4734 to know about the flight status and details.
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

25 October 2018 J Bertolus
Fr om their website. Made me want to laugh and cry. Fraud. Lies. Our Goals The way we conduct business at Norwegian is guided by our values and operational priorities. To get there we will: Adhere to our values Attract customers by offering competitive low fares and a quality travel experience Maintain low operating costs, operational excellence and helpful, friendly service Offer "Freedom to choose": a core low-cost product as well as a more comprehensive package for those who desire more Offer high-frequency business destinations to primary airports and a wide range of destinations for leisure travellers Maximise revenues through state-of-the-art passenger revenue management Continue to develop high-quality and cost-efficient products and services Use our brand and efficient distribution channels to increase ancillary revenue Monitor and improve the cost base where possible Develop a lean and flat organization where decision-making is simple and direct Maintain an innovative "out-of-the-box" approach to the way we do business To live and breathe as a positive and entrepreneurial organisation wh ere everyone can make a difference This airline is a nightmare. Read the reviews. Please, do NOT waste your money.
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Air France

24 October 2018 Moradian
On September 20th, 2018 our flight (Air France Flight #1060) was at 1:45 pm and we got to Paris Charles De Gauglle airport at 9:30 am, to make sure we have plenty of time to check in. First we tried to check in via self-check in kiosk we were not successful, we were advised to go to check in desk for Air France flight # 1060. As we got to the desk with my friends we were advised by Air France supervisor named Sonia that we are on waiting list and no other option provided such as if we are ok to take next flight due to overbooking. How can that be when we purchased our tickets 5-6 months ago and have confirmation? Air France supervisor Sonia at Charles De Gauglle assured us that we will make it to flight. The agent at the desk checked in our luggage and gave us boarding passes with Standby printed on them. They advised us that once the boarding starts at the gate we will be able to take the flight and our seats will be assigned at that time. We arrived at the gate 3 hours ahead of flight and waited. At the time of our flight 1:45pm we found out there was no boarding call at that gate that we were waiting, no last call and no boards with airline flight information. We tried to find out what was going on and we were told air plane took off and we missed our flight!!!!!! Air France Airport staff started to bounce us from one desk to another and in middle of all these bouncing they manage to lose one of our passports and original boarding pass. !!!!! What a chaos. Took us couple of hours to find an officer in Terminal E to help us find the passport. We demanded from that officer to check all the desks we have been at, and of course we found the passport sitting in one of empty desks!!!! We were lucky to find her passport but not her boarding pass Air France Airport Officer told us we have to go to Air France Ticketing office and purchase new tickets for next flight to Armenia, when we got to ticketing office we were told one way tickets are priced at 1950 Euros!!!!! At that moment we realized what Air France did to us, they sold our tickets to higher price and put us on stand by and made us miss our flight. Our luggage never made it to Air France flight as well. After a lot of arguments we were suggested to go to Aeroflot airline and see what they can do for us, so we changed terminal and got to Aeroflot desk and we end up purchasing tickets from Aeroflot to get to our destination With the tremendous stress, headache and extra cost that Air France caused us, by not providing service, flight, misleading us, not being helpful and honest AND LOST LUGGAGE and lose one day of our trip and arrangements in our destination such as airport pickup. By being forced to purchase new tickets from Aeroflot to get to our destination and try to contact people in to notify them of our delay (Air France never accommodated us with pre-paid phone card as advertised). We will not hesitate to post this complaint anywhere we possibly can to make people aware of your companys true face of dishonesty and not complying with your own policies. Attach see some copies as reminder. Air France has to be ashamed of themselves, and we know for fact we are not the only ones experiencing such horrible ordeal.
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Eastar Jet

22 October 2018 Vladimir
This airline may look nice but they will cheat you and ditch you behind if they owe you. I had a connection flight from Narita via Incheon. The ladies at check in gave me the boarding pass to Incheon but refused to check me in for the connection flight, arguing that I would have to go through the passport control at Incheon and for that reason would miss the connection. That was a bold face lie. Turned out the Eastar flight was going late and it would be their responsibility for the missed connection. They had me reschedule the flight, which did cost me big time. They don't even have a customer service to call or email to complain about this - very convenient! If you have troubles on your flight with Eastar - you are on your own.
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British Airways

20 October 2018 sophiajones
British Airways is wonderful. They made it easy and reasonable for us to upgrade at the airport for business class. All of their people from the counter to the airplane were wonderful. The business class configuration is a little strange, but the food and the service were impeccable. Check here
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Insel Air

17 October 2018 Guest
I booked a round trip flight for me and my wife from Aruba to Curacao leaving on 11/16/2018 and returning on 11/21/2018. I received an email from them yesterday stating that the return flight had been canceled and they booked me on a flight almost 7 hours later. This would make me miss my connection to United cost me 300.00 per person to change the flight to a flight the following day and cost me an overnight stay in Aruba. Around 900.00 total. I called their customer service line and they told me that I could get a full refund by emailing I sent the email and they replied and said they could not refund the ticket cost even though this violates article 10.2 of the carriage agreement. After several emails back and forth I contacted my credit card company, provided them all the emails and they agreed to reverse the charge. They also told me there have been numerous complaints to Visa and MasterCard about this company. I also researched it a bit and the company is in bankruptcy and only has 3 planes in their entire fleet. If you have already been screwed by this company just file a claim with your credit card provider.
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13 October 2018 Brandon
Flight BT654 from London/Gatwick to Riga two days ago. Everything was perfect! New plane, friendly staff and nice ... coffee!
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Brussels Airlines

12 October 2018 Guest
Trash airline. My checked bag went missing in June and here we are in October nearly November, and their customer service is still ignoring me. I've reluctantly forwarded this to my insurance. Take carry ons if you're foolish enough to use this airline.
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Oman Air

09 October 2018 susheel singh tomar
First time i travel in Oman air line lhr to muscat i really feel that i am with five star air line
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Vueling Airlines

08 October 2018 Guest
I flew with Vueling from Menorca to Barcelona on the 10th August. Not only did they give away my seat when I checked in, they took my bag tag and boarding pass when they "found" a spare seat at the last minute at the gate. They then lost my suitcase and now I am struggling to get compensation. Everyone I call either hangs up on me or says they can't help me. When I email them all my details such as PIR number and ask for assistance they just reply with an automated email. This seems fraudulent. Bag tag taken, bag goes missing, and no one is willing to help find the bag or give compensation. Does anyone know who I can directly contact to resolve this?
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Thai AirAsia

06 October 2018 Guest
This airline is terrible. Book any other airline than this one. I was charged 12,500 Baht or $401.00 USD for 35kg of over weight baggage. The Thai people at the counter just made up this price. I contacted Thai Air and they agreed that this was to much! But I paid only because I was late for my flight. They took 20 minutes to charge me 12,250, and the gate was there furthest from the counter. And when I say the furthest, I mean it was at least a 15 minute RUN. The agent was rude and deliberately made me late, then had the nerve to say, please hurry you'll be late, which was her doing. Pick any other Thai airline but this one. Let this airline go out of business. They would never have charged a Thai this amount, because no Thai would pay 12,250 baht for 35kg POOR POOR POOR airline!!!!!!!!! Never again!
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04 October 2018 Guest
Allow me to explain a few things about Bahamasair. Firstly, the airline is 100% government owned. That alone should answer many questions. Secondly, when a company has a monopoly with very little competition service and quality control suffer. Secondly, since its founding in 1973 the company has yet to make a profit. There are other little Bahamian airline companies that have started in recent years but the airline business is a brutal beast, with the government having to perform a daily dance with labor unions, fluctuating fuel costs and the astronomical costs of keeping an airline literally in the air. Bahamians are quite loyal to all things Bahamian and Bahamasair is no different. But in recent years there has been attempts to offer better service to paying customers, local and foreigners alike. Very little will improve at Bahamasair until there are changes in the airline's business culture and the government's 100% ownership. Unfortunately government budgetary constraints leave little room for optimism and privatization is a certain death sentence to the company.
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Malaysia Airlines

29 September 2018 Cecilia
I have been trying to checkin onlinefor my flight tomorrow, 30th Sept MH1, for the past 19 hours. Several times all my travel document details e.g. passport etc, all correct, come up by default when I typed in my booking reference and eticket number, but then when I type continue trying to check-in the message says travel document details not complete. Today tried again, worse, because when I type in my eticket number I was told the booking could not be found! After many calls I got through to the help line and was told to go Heathrow 4hours before the flight to checkin!! Same problem when I tried to check in online flying out to London. Why MAS cant employ some competent IT people to handle the software? Very very frustrating!
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Pegasus Airlines

23 September 2018 Guest
Pegasus airlines discriminate against the disabled and contravene international law
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CSA Czech Airlines

23 September 2018 Jacco
I would give this 0 stars but I can't. The shittiest customer service in the world. I would advice to pay the extra money for another airline. Delays and loss of bags is a nightmare to deal with.
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23 September 2018 Ludmila
I bought tickets for flight from Odessa to Batumi on 8 September 2018 , came to Odessa airport and can't find the flight.Airport staff told me that this airline cancelled flight without any notification and provide me contact email.Trying to contact airline for refund was unsuccessful,this is a SCAM. Never,never buy tickets from this airline.
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Miami Air International

19 September 2018 Guest
We flew Miami Air with Vacation Express, it was a lot better than when we flew Swift Air. The flight was decent, talked with some flight attendants and they said it was a five day trip with two four/five flights and minimum rest in between, so that is why some flight attendants were not as smiley lol, but Vacation Express supplies them with headphones, food, and drinks which all cost money. No blankets or pillows onboard but a lot of the commercial airlines don't have that stocked either, movies were new, seats were a bit cramped but more comfortable than Spirit/Frontier. Flight attendants said they added 15 extra seats for Vacation Express.
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Silver Airways

18 September 2018 Judith O'Brien
I recently traveled from key west to ft lauderdale then to baltimore md. I was originally supposed to have a short layover in ft lauderdale but the departure time was changed from key west. Because of that myself and 4 travelers including Roert O'Brien, Cheryl Lotz and Doug Ludwig had a 12 hour layover in ft lauderdale. Robert O'Brien and I had to take the next day off of work due to the late arrival in Baltimore - we also had to pay an extra day for our dog sitter. The inconvenience as well for all travelers. Was not happy with the service from your airline.
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Jetstar Airways

17 September 2018 Guest
if you dont want hassles ,dont fly with jetstar if you like trouble and cancellations than do book with them
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