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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions


12 July 2024 Martina
It was a comfortable and beautiful flight. Inflight service was very good. He was on time and attentive. Cabin staff were attentive and courteous. They were very helpful throughout the flight.
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Air Arabia

11 July 2024 Verlene Schlemmer
Группа объявлений в Волгограде в телеграм. Размещение частных объявлений бесплатно! Коммерческие и рекламные объявления- согласно правил группы. #Волгоград #ОбъявленияВолгоград #БесплатныеОбъявления #объявление #доскаобъявлений #барахолка #телеграм #телеграмм #telegram Присоединяйся, чтобы не потерять.. свежие объявления волгоград Чаты остальных городов России доступны здесь! папки в телеграм
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Turkish Airlines

11 July 2024 Wilmer
It was a comfortable and enjoyable flight. The cabin crew were always very attentive. The treats and drinks were very nice. There were many options, cold and hot, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Luggage delivery didn't take long either. Without waiting too long, I bought it and left.
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Royal Flight

09 July 2024 Guest
В г. Хабаровске по ул. Вахова, 4 (мкр. «Строитель», сразу за ТЦ «Подсолнух») прож. Голубь Татьяна Юрьевна. Она бывший ст. бортпроводник-инструктор хабаровского ф-ла а/к «Икар» и «Норд Винд». За время работы в «Нордах» она организовала там гомосячий рассадник. В частности там работали гомосеки Сахаров Анатолий Юрьевич, 1973 г.р. и Шамсудинов Константин. Сахаров приставал к пилотам в полете и показывал им гомосячие картинки из своего телефона подлавливая пилотов возле туалета. Под предлогом поломки своего телефона Сахаров А.Ю. «обращался» к пилотам и просил его починить, и там появлялись гомосячие картинки. Сахаров А.Ю. следил за реакцией пилота. Шамсудинова крышевала Зуева Инна, которая при парализованном муже имела трех любовников и вместе с Голубь Т.Ю. выставляла себя на сайте знакомств (Голубь была там в шубке)…
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Pegas Fly

09 July 2024 Guest
В г. Хабаровске по ул. Вахова, 4 (мкр. «Строитель», сразу за ТЦ «Подсолнух») прож. Голубь Татьяна Юрьевна. Она бывший ст. бортпроводник-инструктор хабаровского ф-ла а/к «Икар» и «Норд Винд». За время работы в «Нордах» она организовала там гомосячий рассадник. В частности там работали гомосеки Сахаров Анатолий Юрьевич, 1973 г.р. и Шамсудинов Константин. Сахаров приставал к пилотам в полете и показывал им гомосячие картинки из своего телефона подлавливая пилотов возле туалета. Под предлогом поломки своего телефона Сахаров А.Ю. «обращался» к пилотам и просил его починить, и там появлялись гомосячие картинки. Сахаров А.Ю. следил за реакцией пилота. Шамсудинова крышевала Зуева Инна, которая при парализованном муже имела трех любовников и вместе с Голубь Т.Ю. выставляла себя на сайте знакомств (Голубь была там в шубке)...
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Azur Air

09 July 2024 Guest
В г. Хабаровске по ул. Вахова, 4 (мкр. «Строитель», сразу за ТЦ «Подсолнух») прож. Голубь Татьяна Юрьевна. Она бывший ст. бортпроводник-инструктор хабаровского ф-ла а/к «Икар» и «Норд Винд». За время работы в «Нордах» она организовала там гомосячий рассадник. В частности там работали гомосеки Сахаров Анатолий Юрьевич, 1973 г.р. и Шамсудинов Константин. Сахаров приставал к пилотам в полете и показывал им гомосячие картинки из своего телефона подлавливая пилотов возле туалета. Под предлогом поломки своего телефона Сахаров А.Ю. «обращался» к пилотам и просил его починить, и там появлялись гомосячие картинки. Сахаров А.Ю. следил за реакцией пилота. Шамсудинова крышевала Зуева Инна, которая при парализованном муже имела трех любовников и вместе с Голубь Т.Ю. выставляла себя на сайте знакомств (Голубь была там в шубке)...
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08 July 2024 Guest
I would give this a negative number because it is CR@P. Spent 3 hours trying to enter details to check in for 6 people. Can't proceed to check in until you pay for a seat - in fact why am I wasting my time writing a review.
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Philippine Airlines

08 July 2024 Guest
Anytime I book a round trip flight with PAL, it's a guarantee that one of the flights will be delayed / late. It's coming to be expected from this airline. Recently, a departing PAL flight from MNL to JPN had the gate change 3 times within 30 minutes! Plus the plane was late resulting in boarding an hour late! As a flag carrier, this airline feels more like a budget airline as it can't meet the basic standards of having on time flights like most flag carriers do.
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Privilege Style

08 July 2024 CE Guest
Due to the Aer Lingus Pilot strike we had no other option except to fly with Priviledge Style Airlines from O'hare to Dublin on 05/07/2024 and after reading the reviews were extremely worried and concerned. The negative reviews were numerous with only a very few advising anything positive. Apart from there being no entertainment of which we were warned in advance and a little bit short on leg room, we could not complain and thanks to this company managed to get back on our due date and time The Cabin staff were Friendly. Smiling and Helpful. Food was same standard as Aer Lingus. Flight was fact many of us never felt the plane touch the tarmac on landing. Yes the plane was an old 777 but still respectable and as we were warned that no entertainment was available, we downloaded some films/games/books etc onto our phones. So we'd like to say thank you to Priviledge Style Airline, Pilots and Cabin Crew for stepping in getting us home on time and for proving some of the you sadly receive can be misleading..
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WestJet Airlines

06 July 2024 Guest
They don’t care at all. They stranded me in another country after cancelling my flight, never rebooked it and now won’t refund me. Also I’m out an additional $2k in hotel and different airline fees to actually get home. It’s been a week and they’ve done nothing.
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Air Senegal

06 July 2024 Curtis Doebbler
On 5 July 2024, Air Senegal first denied nine passengers boarding on flight number 213 from Daksr to Banjul and Freetown. The airline's representative then arranged a hotel for the nine passengers and sent them to the Azalai Hotel in downtown Dakar about an hour from the airport. When they arrived at the hotel, the hotel had no record of their reservation and refused to accept them unless they paid out of pocket, which only a few had to do. Most of the nine passengers and no place to sleep for the night. We contacted Senegal Airlines, they told us they could do nothing and to call them in the morning and they hung up on us several times. A number of the passengers had paid for business class tickets, but we're still denied boarding. The Senegal Airlines representative said that the reason they could not accommodate everyone who had a confirmed reservation was because they had to use a smaller plane because they could not refuel in Banjul. In the past I have been complimentary about Senegal Airlines, but this experience was extremely bad and I would warn anybody against using this airline. They appear to be dishonest and that is not a good sign for safety.
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02 July 2024 Zacharias de Beer
I travelled from Johannesburg to London via Kigali on 10 June 2024 and returned on 30 June 2024. Everything was perfect. All flights were on time, the food was good, the service was excellent, the crew members were very friendly and helpful. The groundstaff at the airport in Kigali was also very friendly and helpful. I felt sick on the return trip. There is a clinic at the airport in Kigali. I was taken to the clinic, a doctor examined me and gave me medicine. It didn't cost me anything. The airport building in Kigali is small but sparkling clean.
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T'way Air

30 June 2024 Natalia Smith
Complaint letter to T Way CEO Jeong Hong-Geun. I am a frequent international flier. This summer, my family of 8, including my kids, who are 9 and 6 years old, decided to visit Busan. I bought 8 tickets from Tway Airlines. My reservation number was AY6CJM.  Our departing flight from Gimpo airport was at 6.50 am. on June 24, 2024. After we arrived  at the airport, we  were trying to self-check in but we got confused and we decided to go straight to one of your Tway customer representative agents, ( we arrived early and there was no line).  The lady who supposed to help us was 류 진 화 , her ID number was 93801. Me and my sister, who speaks Korean, approached your representative, and gave her our passports. She looked very annoyed and unfriendly. It didn’t bother us at first. Then she rudely told us to do self-check in because she doesn't issue boarding passes. I was trying to explain to her, with the help of my sister, that  I got confused with the options at the self-check machine. In my response, she impolitely asked me my last name and a departure time. Then she almost  threw our passports and rudely told us that our flight was booked to Jejudo, not to Busan. I went back to the self-check-in kiosk and printed our boarding passes. I ended up returning to the same girl (not by my choice). Again, she was irritable with a lot of attitude, and with great reluctance 류 진 화  started to check everyone's passports. Then she angrily stated that me and my two kids can’t go to Busan because  I didn’t write our middle names on our tickets. We never use our middle names when we buy international tickets. We often visit Korea  and coming to Seoul from the USA was never a problem.   I mentioned this to her. Instead of assisting us, she raised her voice, frowned her face  and yelled “NO!  You can’t go! You must buy new tickets!” She threw me our passports and sent us away. I was so shocked to believe that this could happen in Korea.  How disrespectful, how aggressively we were treated!? I didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to help us, so I ended up going upstairs for a security check. They didn’t let me go in, but they politely explained that I had to return back, and a Tway agent would fix it for us. Again, I took my kids downstairs, and another Tway representative was able to help us. She kindly wrote our middle names and put stamps on our boarding passes. I wanted to talk to a manager to inform of rude behavior, but at that time, nobody was available. On July 28,2024,   we had a return flight. At Gimhae Airport  one of the Tway agents wrote our middle names and put stamps on boarding passes  with no questions asked. We landed at Gimpo at  9:40 am.  We got off the airport bus, and I saw 류 진 화 again. I told her that I would take a picture of her ID card, and then I went downstairs to claim my luggage. She followed me downstairs, aggressively approached me, and  shoved her cellphone right in my face. It was written on the screen in English “ I told you several times..!” I literally could not believe what  was happening. I thought she was going to fight with me.  I was threatened. I was so shocked with this attitude. Never in my life have I experienced this kind of treatment before. This employee must be fired. She ruined my whole trip. This was my first and the last flight with tway!
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Air Transat

30 June 2024 J F
Worst airline and customer service ever, Have never experienced anything like it ever. Rude unhelpful waited around for hours with young kids for bags. Go no help when I could get the next flight after the first was delayed, it was like it was all my fault, they accused me of been late! Outrageous behavior from a trumped check in woman. Stay away from the worst airline in the world.
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29 June 2024 Guest
Egypt airplanes are falling apart while in this sky malfunctioning all the time this is my second time taking a ride with these flights. However, the first flight the ceiling in the plane while there was chain parts of it or fallen into the floor second flight taken it was MS 985 air condition was disconnected. No air condition. People were fainted on the plane. Also at the same time it was fallen apart. Lots of parts from the ceiling are coming off, the body of the plane and that is unacceptable unsafe also, the Stewart had attitude like they didn’t want to be there at all every time you try to talk to one of them, you get the biggest attitude
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Wizz Air

29 June 2024 Mihai
The worst experience ever. If you have any other alternative be smarter than me and avoid Wizz Air.
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British Airways

27 June 2024 Manuela
Just flew from Milan to London and they apparently lost everyone's luggage from all their flights of the day, including mine.It seems that happens very often with BA.Horrible customer service and more than 300 pounds of perishable materials that will probably end up in the bin because of their incompetence. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!
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Sky Airline

26 June 2024 Gabriel Ernoult
I booked a flight with Sky Airlines while planning a trip with a friend, and I encountered numerous issues, the most significant being that I couldn't pay for the plane ticket due to problems with their website. After multiple attempts, the payment finally went through—or so I thought. At the end of the month, I discovered that they had charged me twice. This double charge was a huge and unfortunate mistake. When I contacted their support team, they claimed to have refunded me, even providing a false PDF document as proof. I had to contact my bank to report the transaction as fraud. Unfortunately, the bank's investigation revealed that there was no attempt by Sky Airlines to refund me. After several months of exchanging emails and often receiving responses a month later, they assured me they would handle the case ASAP, which they never did. I sent them a document stating that if they didn't reply within 15 days, I would sue them. Sadly, I now have to follow through with legal action. TO ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: NEVER BOOK ANYTHING WITH SKY AIRLINES! They are dishonest, lack any compassion, and are not professional, as reflected in their poor reviews. Don't make the same mistake I did. They might double or triple charge you "by mistake" and never refund you. Avoid at all costs!
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24 June 2024 Suzy
First of all, Lufthansa’s customer service is appalling. I’ve never ever come cross a big company like them. There’s no number you can call, no email, only a contact form. The replies are pretty much standard. My advice is that don’t change tickets once you’ve bought it. Because if you do, you pay a hefty price (I mean thousands!). There is a hidden charge of £225 per person for changing the flights which. They claimed it’s written in the terms and conditions. But it does not appear on your receipt. Is it legal?!?! One thing I know for sure is that this is my last flight with them. Never again!!
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Nesma Airlines

23 June 2024 Amr
Worst airline ever! I’ve tried the airline multiple times traveling from Cairo to Tabuk, each time it was a disaster!!! One time the trip got cancelled while we were at the airport waiting to board the plane, and rest of the time it gets delayed by hours and that’s the normal. I’ve been making these trips with Nesma from July 2023 till July 2024. Unfortunately, there are very few alternative airlines for this route.
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Fly Jordan

22 June 2024 JA
Terrible. Stay away. Better swim over than fly with Jordan Aviation.
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Air Serbia

17 June 2024 Lidija
Terrible airline, non professional stuff, poor communication
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Vueling Airlines

17 June 2024 Guest C Wibberley
Very shocked Went to get my bag from the overhead locker and found it missing. Looked around it was on the floor opened. Zipped it up and carried on As I was going through the airport I checked my bag and found a duty free bottle of whiskey had gone. Thought one of the passengers had taken it but after the holiday queuing for the plane a passenger told me he had seen a member of the flight crew take it
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16 June 2024 Sam
No No No! I don’t really know what happened to the service and efficiency. The first time I took it, I was happy. Just recently June 2024, I tried to change the flight and called the customer service line in Germany. Sally Kapa (she said her name was) not only I got yelled at by her, but also put down, and she talked over my conversation. As a result nothing happened. No changes or no modification happened. I kept calling as I didn’t trust that representative and I spoke to two other people, but yet still having an issue at the airport. I would NOT suggest this airlines at all!!!! Their customer service line is horrible. Their system does not update at all or if it does, in a very long time. It’s just a headache dealing with them.
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

12 June 2024 Guest
I brought a low fare ticket with an added carry-on. Everything was noted on the ticket but because it was a low fare ticket that put me in boarding group c which is the last group that doesn't have bags. Their boarding agents wouldn't allow me on the flight unless I paid for the bag at the gate. On top of that I filled a claim for a refund but they take 2 weeks to process a claim.
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12 June 2024 Guest
Good morning, On Sunday June 2, I went to Lyon airport with my boarding pass. I was informed that my flight was canceled by easyjet. I could no longer buy a ticket, there was no counter and the flight was no longer available for sale on the internet web site. I had to buy an Air France flight for the next day and pay more than €230 for a taxi ride home and back. Looking at my bank account I realize that Easyjet reimbursed me without warning me… I have a new flight on June 19 and there is a problem again. The ticket is paid. When I contact the technical support they tell me to wait 3 days. i don't know what to do, I really need to fly next week. It's just unbearable.
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10 June 2024 Guest
Super annoyed by flydubai. I booked the most expensive ticket that said fully refundable, and in the eyes of customers, refundable means that flydubai refunds the tickets to the credit card, not give a VOUCHER. I just checked my ticket, and it said at the very bottom of my ticket in the policies section in small letters that tickets are refundable only through VOUCHER. I feel like I got scammed by flydubai. They should have CLEARLY mentioned that refunds will be in the form of bloody VOUCHERS in the booking section instead of hiding them in the policies section that no one reads. Totally disappointing. When I reached out to the customer service, the guy just said: “ Please note as per policy , all flydubai refunds are in the form of voucher. Same has been agreed as per the fare type you have chosen during the booking.” And just closed the case He literally disregarded what I said in my email, as there is absolutely nothing in the booking process where it says the refund is in the form of voucher. Never recommend anyone to choose this airline
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09 June 2024 Edim Hasanbegovic
Terrible Experience - Ryanair is the Worst Airline I recently had the most terrible experience with Ryanair, and I strongly advise against flying with them. Here’s why: 1. **Hidden Charges**: Despite purchasing our return tickets in advance, we were forced to pay an additional €110 at the airport for "delayed check-in" fees. We didn't have any large bags, but they insisted on charging us extra during online check-in, making the process impossible without incurring extra costs. 2. **Unreliable Service**: We arrived two hours early, yet still faced unnecessary hurdles and delays. Ryanair’s inefficiency is astonishing. 3. **Rude Staff**: The staff at the airport were incredibly unhelpful and rude. Instead of assisting us, they seemed more interested in making us pay more. 4. **Inflight Sales Pitch**: The flight itself felt like a trip to a marketplace. The constant attempts to sell us overpriced snacks and other items were extremely annoying. Overall, Ryanair is the worst airline I've ever flown with. They are only interested in squeezing every possible cent from their customers. Do yourself a favor and avoid this airline at all costs.
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

08 June 2024 Elisiana Franconi
We have been using SAS airlines several times/year since three years, both us and our son who lives in Sweden. In the last booking(two tickets from Copenhagen to Pisa for 16th July 2024) I realized that both tickets were under my husband's name. I called the Help Center: it took the assistant 30 seconds to change the second passenger's name, but I was requested to pay 65 Euros! This is simply a theft. And please do not comment by saying 'It is the informatic system'. I do believe that this is a scandalous practice. Elisiana Franconi
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American Airlines

05 June 2024 Guest
AA confirmed my flight & then the day before departure they sent emails asking to compensate me if I would rebook to leave at a later time on the same day due to an overbooked flight. I declined. Hours before the flight they emailed that they cancelled my flight. The flight was actually still happening. They had simply overbooked & just cancelled the flight for a few economy bookings to make it work for them. The rebooking they offered me (with no compensation) wasn't even for the same day. It ruined all my plans. I will be closing my account with AA. Can't be trusted to look after the interest of their customers.
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Air Canada

05 June 2024 Guest
Booked a flight Toronto to Vancouver, dep 16.45. Two weeks before, that flight was cancelled and automatically reschedule on the 17.15 flight. A week before the flight, that flight was cancelled and rescheduled on the 19.45 flight (3 hours later than original). 2 hrs before that flight, AC had to change aircraft and so that flight delayed to 21.45 (total of 5 hrs delayed since original booking). Now 2.5 hours before revised departure, get a text that I've been bumped from Business Class to Economy. And no one at the airport to discuss it with. I guess Air Canada abbreviations actually stand for Aaaah, Crap.
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Royal Air Maroc

03 June 2024 Sief Ahmed
Very bad service and I don’t advise anyone to use this airline. Royal air maroc even they didn’t reply for your email. They are rude and luggage doesn’t arrived till now. I will never travel with them again.
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Pegasus Airlines

30 May 2024 Zadran
The have the worst service. I m now in airpoat . But flight is delayed. They change 5 time Gate. I m still out and there is no Flight
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InterCaribbean Airways

23 May 2024 Trevor Harrison
Despite arriving 4 hours early in Antigua following our transatlantic flight we were told the plane to Tortola had been “downgraded” and there was no room for us. As OAPs we were completely abandoned and given no assistance whatsoever to arrange overnight accommodation. Although clearly the airline’s fault we were told by the Antigua ground staff that the airline doesn’t observe international aviation law and we had no rights whatsoever. Moreover we were told the ground staff belong to an agency so it was nothing to do with them. No phone number for the airline and despite repeated e mails to customer service and the MD Trevor Sadler we haven’t even received an acknowledgement let alone payment of our USD 460 in out of pocket costs. On the return journey we checked into the flight at the first opportunity and printed off bar coded boarding cards. On arrival at Tortola airport very early we were told “ they’re useless” and again the plane had been “downgraded”. My wife repeatedly explained we had a connecting flight to London and eventually her powers of persuasion won the day and we could board the flight after all. And there were 3 empty seats on the plane !!! I wonder what that was all about ??? My worst experience in 65 years of flying, and I’m a pilot !!!
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21 May 2024 Geno htown
The worst of the worst . You can't count on this airplane company for shit. They rescheduled my flight twice.. The worst customer service ever. And you know the old saying :" you get what you pay for ?" Horrible
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LOT Polish Airlines

14 May 2024 Malwina
The website and the app are dreadfull. Some functionalities doesn't work and that's it.
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Air India

07 May 2024 Ram
In April 20254, I took a Non-stop flight to DEL from SFO. This flight is 15hrs 45 minutes and had 3 toilets out of order. In-flight entertainment was broken in 75% or more of the seats. Individual reading lights were also not working. Seat-back trays on which you place food was cracking. My theory is that Indian crew possibly prefers janitors back in India to clean toilets and so possibly locks them as out of order if clogged or dirty. This is just conjecture, but could explain why 3 toilets were not working at the same time.
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Porter Airlines

07 May 2024 Guest
Two hours before departure and NO CHECK-IN AGENT AT AIRPORT - so no boarding pass. And no flight. Unable to check-in online (tried for hours before flight to no avail - error message: "You are early. Web checkin begins 24 hours before...). Ok, so let's check-in at the airport. Nope - unable to check-in with self-serve kiosk there - directed to "see agent." But again - THERE IS NO AGENT AT THE AIRPORT. Customer service on phone said I was checked as a no-show, that I would have been called at the gate but how would I even get there - through security - without a boarding pass. All customer service wanted to do on the phone was try to book a new flight - for $800! While my flight was still an hour and a half from taking off! No accountability. Oh, sure, you can fill out their feedback form and wait a month for a response (this was my experience when trying to prevent my 23,000 points from expiring - surprise - their response came after they expired!). Just look online at all the Porter reviews - they are overwhelmingly bad and mostly have the same thing to say: issues with boarding flight; inability to get boarding pass; bad customer service that takes no accountability; delays (the on-going delay with my flight - the one I had, at this point 2 hours and 20+ minutes still to catch) was was due to "shortage of ground crew/category: controllable." Customer service on phone (Nicole ID 5975) made up stories about check-in time that do not align with actual Porter Policy (i.e. there is no check-in time close, only online close 60-minutes prior to flight, but nothing about checking in at airport). When you see this many issues repeated you know to steer clear.
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Frontier Airlines

06 May 2024 Guest
Boarded late, plane got here late, after boarding plane say there for 2 hours with no update then they said they were waiting for the paper soon mechanic an hour ago after they sent the delay schedule we’re still way behind that
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LATAM Airlines

27 April 2024 Carlos C
Terrible customer service. I was delayed in LAX by 4 1/2 hours no one to speak with no one to give advise nor compensation what so ever. Really very poor service. I will make sure never again to flight with Latam and will advise family members and friends to do the same
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Sky Express

26 April 2024 Guest
Every time we fly with sky express we regret our choice! Flights delay 20-40 minutes and we are just kept waiting without any information or compensation. It's the worst experience I've ever had.
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Blue Bird Airways

21 April 2024 Yossi
HORRIBLE!!!!!! CAN'T EVEN CONTACT THEM BY ANY MEANS!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nile Air

17 April 2024 Guest
Truely disappointing My ticket number is 3256692438539 flying from Sharja to Cairo tomorrow 18 Apr at 8:45 please note that we are suffering force majeure in Emirates roads due to flooding,  lightening and thunders that took place yesterday in Emirates cities, roads were closed to everywhere in Emirates, roads were closed to airports , no access whatsoever to sharja Airport .. even Egyptair has suspended its flights to Dubai and Sharja . Due to the aforementioned conditions you should suspend your flights or postpone to better circumstances.  I really don't understand what should I do and how can I reach sharja Airport tomorrow With reference to above mentioned force majeure conditions I request you to postpone my flight of tomorrow, without any extra fees.  Regards  Rehab Saad
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Caribbean Airlines

16 April 2024 Guest
Worst airline ever, lost bagage, customer service not available and putting the fault on the customer who was in transit 🤣🤣
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12 April 2024 Miguel Alvarez
Horrible customer support for their frequent flier program months to update an email address and no access to benefits meanwhile Useless efforts every time explaining the whole story to a new person never allowed to talk directly to a supervisor and problem never solved just automated replies with empty promises
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Sun Country Airlines

09 April 2024 Bill Dravis
I will never fly Sun Country again and I hope whom ever reads this never does either. The rules they say they follow they do not. The complaint dept. Will sweep you under the rug well we told you so we are not refunding your money. Just don't fly with them. One time and one time only never again worse flight ever.
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Brussels Airlines

09 April 2024 Ousman Mahamat Issa
One of the worst ever company I have ever come across do not book or buy your tickets especially online must of the time they do not an office where you can turn to when you are in trouble just some customer service call center in India they know.or understand nothing about customer service, they denied me rescheduling when when I bought my time online with brussels air line and put me with air canada and I was told by Air Canada that I should call brussels airline and reschedule my flight for me and I when I did they refused to even listen to me tell me that I did not show up at the air port how come and when I call air Canada they tell me there is nothing wrong air brussels should reschedule me , I got caught between the two of them frustrated at the airport and confused and stressed now probably look for a good lawyer and get in touch with CBC news to go public that's the only solution I have now .
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VietJet Air

02 April 2024 Guest
I’m a regular customer of VietJet Air, especially on flight routes SGN-SYD & back. They are fabulous in doing their jobs, from checkin agent teams to cabin crews, have great experiences with them. Delayed happened once in a while but all good after all. It’s worth the money.
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Spirit Airlines

02 April 2024 Everett Fuller
I flew this airline when I was 4 and still remember turbulence and unkind service.
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Delta Air Lines

02 April 2024 Everett Fuller
BEST flight experience ever! Amazing service. super good cleaning and really good landing. Overall a great airline.
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