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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Sunwing Airlines

27 May 2018 Guest
the most horrible service with no responsobility taken and no care. delayed every single time and by many many hours
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Southwest Airlines

23 May 2018 Gus P.
Flew Southwest last weekend to San Juan, PR. Flight was delayed out of Tampa for over 2 hours (no fault of the airline), however, they awarded each passenger a voucher for another flight for the inconvenience. Now that is what I call outstanding public relations. P.S. The round trip flights were both comfortable and smooth, not to mentions the flight crews were at the top of their game.
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14 May 2018 Guest
After many complaints and lots of promises from easyJet to pay expenses that the owe me from a cancelled flight. I am left with no choice but to take this company to court to get them to pay! Disgraceful the have continued to delay payment promising 14 days on three times and my patience has run out.
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Royal Brunei Airlines

12 May 2018 AMIN
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HK Express

11 May 2018 chong Lai Shan
I booked tickets to Chiang Mai for vacation, double check all documents prior to my departure found out that the return date was wrong called to change and paid the price difference. And explain that I wanted the return date to be the same as my husband and my son who will join later all booking paid under my name credit card. 10 minutes later I received email and to my amaze they mixed up my schedule to my friends so now my friend has to stay with my husband. I immdeiately called the hotline to notify and they said will takes 3 days to investigation, that means I be in Chiang mai waiting for long distance call dealing with this ordeal. They said this is the fair to their agent. Than I told them what about fairness to me? Will they compensate my stress and loss of pleasure over this.
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Silver Airways

10 May 2018 Guest
Cancelled my flight after three time changes. Called number and they are having a system problem. Looks like they stole $500 from me. And, it appears theyve ripped off several others. Someone needs to sue them. Im betting the owner is living like a fat cat and enjoying our money.
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Servant Air

08 May 2018 Robert
Servant has the best prices and best service in Kodiak.
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Aerolineas Argentinas

29 April 2018 David
Without a doubt the worst airoine in the world. The contempt for their customers is amazing. Never ever ever ever fly on them.
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29 April 2018 Erna Martiana
Been 4 days I'm not able to book ticket neither from Apps or website, already clean history of the chrome also uninstall apps. There's mentioned about error at server. Please fix the problem of the booking online. Thank you.
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28 April 2018 Muhammad Aliyan
It's an fantastic airline because of their friendly and helpful crew.
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Thomas Cook Airlines

26 April 2018 Guest
Once again flights from Glasgow to Lanzarote time changed by an hour was late enough originally now not back till 2.25am if it is on time highly unlikely going by past experience. Will not use them again. No explanation as usual out with their control. At least 4th year with problems. Only positive is cabin crew they are saving grace.
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Miami Air International

22 April 2018 Lisa R
This has to be the worst airline ever. We had to wait for late passengers in a hot plane. Seats were so tight , I believe they stuck extra rows in themselves. The planes were old still with ashtrays and ashes in them. The people in front put there seat back and mine and my husbands knees were hitting the back seat. I could not recline my seat because it was broken. Flight attendants didnt care at all , I asked for pillow and he said we have nothing complimentary. Earphones 2.00 and the sound didnt work . I will never go on vacation express again I would rather pay an extra few bucks and go on a real plane. No rating its below 0.
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Kuwait Airways

12 April 2018 Guest
They cancelled my flight without informing me by email. How am i supposed to know??? And for sure, customer care center do not answer calls.
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Small Planet Airlines

07 April 2018 William Jones
Flight out from Manchester to Cyprus delayed 9 hours - flight back delayed 13 hours and they refused compensation- absolutely disgusting
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Blue Air

06 April 2018 Guest
Completely useless Over a four hour delay and still no refund been given even after numerous emails Avoid
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LAW - Latin American Wings

28 March 2018 Guest
Horrible. I had a flight iwht them that twas delayed 3 hours and caused us to miss a connector. We were not reimbursed for 1) our second flight, 2) the the hotel we had to get in Lima, Peru and 3) the new flight we had to buy the next day. I have sent several emails to the customer service of LAW, but no one has responded. It has been 3 months. DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE.
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LATAM Airlines

27 March 2018 Raynel
Online seat selection is virtually no seat selection. Only a few rows of economy seats shown with very limited available seat. Not worth the time looking at it. I made several calls to the customer phone number but their English is so poor I could not understand what they were saying, so I gave up trying to book a seat+
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22 March 2018 Cheryl Branche
Avianca is awful. The ground service staffers are rude and at least one of the flight staff is obnoxious and arrogant during my trip from New York City in November, 2017. I complained, in writing, to customer service more than five times without resolution. I have not heard from customer for more than four to six weeks now. If this is the kind of customer service I can expect from Avianca, count me off of your fan list.
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Nile Air

19 March 2018 Christophe
We have bought on January 1st a round-trip ticket from Cairo to Port Sudan starting on May 28 2018. We have heard by other passengers that flight 181 from Cairo to Port Sudan on May 28 has been cancelled, but we have not been informed by Nile Air ! On the web site, a same plane is operating on May 25 May, thus 3 days before ! We sent recently three e-mails to about the status of the flight and about the status of our tickets. At this time, we have no answer ! By the way of the 'Feedback Form", we obtain "feedback error" ! It seems that Nile Air does not follow the IATAs rules Airlines should employ their best efforts to keep passengers regularly informed in the event of a service disruption
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18 March 2018 Guest
I have tried al day to pay for a flight to Mallorca, using Ipad, then tablet, then Firefox, then Chrome, and then Chrome with new window (ctr+Sht+N) as recommended by several visits to the real-time help. The problem was always the same -the payment methods section had nothing on it, and pressing pay had no effort. The customer service suggested using the ireland site, but no luck. I eventually acheived sucess by downloading the app on my phone, and that worked very well, and very user-friendly. So seems to be the only way of booking flights at the moment, apart from higer costs at customer services
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18 March 2018 Amjid khan wazir
Delayed by 14hours on 27.12.2017, spending whole night and day at the airport was miserable and staff was neither arranging a refund or a stay somewhere in hotel nor was in a mod to tell us about the delay.
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16 March 2018 Chanchal
Hi Viewers I am very very very disappointed with scoot airlines Customer service. My original reservation was booked for 5pax including 1child.. From 31st Mar to 6th April (JAI - singpre /roundtrip).. All of a sudden they decided that they won't be operating from jaipur hence they gave me the option to go for refund which will be credited in 30to 60days and I had no option to book with other aircraft as money was to be credited in 30to 60days hence I asked what change option they can give.. They said we can accommodate flight from chennai to sing I asked if could accommodate me from amritsar to sin.. as it is still nearest to jaipur compare to chennai in order to avail other unnecessary source of transportation to board our flight.. and to save our time as it is going to be a family trip.. They said we can but fare diff is high from amritsar compare to chennai.. My question was to them why am I supposed to pay fare diff.. As per IATA(the regulator of airlines) if it's a schedule change or cancellation of aircraft from the original destination by the airlines.. Airline is supposed to accommodate with alternate option.. without customer paying any fare diff.. They refused to do it for free.. But as my hotel booking and cruise booking from Singapore to Malaysia was also in place already hence I had no option and unwillingly paid the fare diff and got confirmation from them from chennai..It wasn't enough yet.. On the Top of it again after few days I was informed by travel agency that your chennai flight is not confirmed too.. I straight away approached by calling their paid no. as they do not have toll free no. From india.. 8rs per min call.. And then they said it seems there is no reservation reflecting.. I was again shattered as my family trip is going on Toss and getting unnecessary mental stress..then they said it seems to be a tech glitch and we'll arrange call back within 48hrs from the concerned team.. I have yet not received call back yet from them as per the time was agreed for call back from airline.. Ideally airline should compensate me all the hassle they have given me.. Money for other source of transportation.i would be availing.. Fare diff refund.. Waste of time due to which I have to take extra days of leave from my office, and most importantly mental stress to me and my family which includes my parents who are old and my wife and kid whose age is 2yrs 6months I don't want to give even a single star to this airline.. As they don't even follow their regulator's guidelines. But unfortunately do not have the option to uncheck even a single shiny Star. I am thoroughly disappointed. Hope IATA team sees this review and do the needful. P46WTV confirmation no. from al but not reflecting the reservation at their end yet.
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15 March 2018 Guest
Cobalt are by far the worst airline I have ever used. They debited my debit card for 18 seats when there were only two of us flying!!! They promised me a refund within 4 weeks and 8 weeks later I still have no refund because they are having issues with the technology. Awful customer service, an awful airline, do not book with them unless you want to be ripped off and lied to.
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Thai AirAsia

11 March 2018 Guest
Website problems, no customer service on website, not a good airline value
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Cebu Pacific Air

08 March 2018 Guest
Cebu pacific online booking is becoming harder and harder to use. Lots of errors and hanging. Is this because they would prefer you to book with the call center which they would charge you service fees? They would announce promos but the system would not work during promo period, so you cannot really avail of the promos. Strategy to have less promo booked? Calling PAL, try to match the prices of Cebu Pacific and most of my friends in the business circle would like to shift to PAL.
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Trans Maldivian Airways

06 March 2018 Guest
The most fun flights I've ever had; the chance to watch the pilots in action is quite an experience; the crew are very friendly, the scheduled flights were on time unless the weather closed in, which indicated to me that they are not risk takers! Thanks TMA, flying with you was a pleasure!
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GOL Transportes Aereos

05 March 2018 Nick_W
Very poor service at check-in at Santiago de Chile: it took 45 mins to reach the front. Flight to Sao Paolo arrived 35 mins late so missed my connecting flight to AMS along with 10 others. GOL agent was slow in making arrangements - had to spend the night in Sao Paolo. GOL agents incompetent and did not rebook us on other flights so to ensure we left the following day we had to ring KLM agents in Europe. The website has broken links. The Gal virtual assistant / FAQ has old or misleading information. Recommend to boycott this airline.
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

05 March 2018 Jeremy H. Gonzalez Ibrahim, Esq.
Our flight from NY to Barcelona was cancelled due to weather. Our travel dates were restricted due to son's Spring Break. Customer service is lacking. Hold times are long, and calls are handled by a call center in the Ukraine. Norwegian unwilling to re-book trip - would only re-book return flight. Of course that's non-sense because we never got to our destination to return from. Low fares = Low quality.
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WOW air

27 February 2018 Guest
i would do everything possible never to take this airline. The cheap flight is the classic bait and switch. The upcharges for seats and luggage are much higher than industry standard. The in flight service is deplorable, they charge you for water! They are notoriously bad at losing luggage recently lost three pieces of my luggage. They continue to lie to me about the status of the luggage. Just awful. H
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Smart Wings

27 February 2018 Guest
Awful. From Gatwick to Prague. Delayed approx three hours. Sat on plane for well over an hour waiting to take off, only offered a small plastic cup of water. Have tried to contact since end of last year.... have called and emailed many times with no reply. I would never use this company again not recommended.
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Shanghai Airlines

25 February 2018 Gabel
this airline is too bad, all contact informations like email or phone are wrong, not working, maybe they have lot of problems, dont wanted get in contact, dont chose it ever again
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Jin Air

25 February 2018 Guest
For one I have to say airplanes are old. I thought I was flying by Korean air the whole time but somehow I happened to have Jin air from Guam to Busan as a it is their partner airline. It was a long flight. No entertainment no, they offered drinks once for a flight that is almost 5 hours it was quite hard. The seats were uncomfortable and very close to each other. You can fly such plane domestically or internationally for 1 and a half hour ibut not 4 and a half. However the staff was very friendly and helpful. When I came to the hotel I realized that my black case from Bose headphones might have fell out from a back pack. I remember I took my headphones out on a plane and do not remember what happened to the case. I wouldnt even hfuss about it if my home keys didnt happen to be there. My fault. Shouldve checked better. I always do but I guess not this time. The way they dealt with it was terrible. The manager couldnt understand me and kept asking if I lost luggage. Then he asked me if I have a phone number to call the airline in Guam. I wish I could speak Korea but I dont. Then he called a girl from registration and immediately she told me well thats your fault you forgot it. Also without checking she said, I remember nobody told me anything about lost items. They didnt find anything I asked her to check with cleaning ladies and with lost and found and with an airplane. Her reply was, it will take time obviously they didnt want to deal with me and I didnt want to deal with them either. Eventually I needed up walking to my next flight with no actions to be done from the airline. Very disappointing
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LC Peru

23 February 2018 Guest
For anyone thinking about flying with LC Peru, please be warned. We had a flight booked with them that was cancelled one week before it was due to depart. Although guidebooks and travel websites state that flights can be cancelled due to bad weather, this was clearly not the case in this instance. We have never received a refund. This is theft. We have had lengthy e-mail exchanges with two different departments within the same company that do not communicate with one another, each time with a different person. They said they no longer had our details from when we booked the flight and demanded copies of our passports, bank accounts, and contact details via unsecured e-mail accounts, yet we have never received our money. We lost a lot of money and time as a result.
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16 February 2018 Guest
Such a shame with emirates skywards program. Purchased a flexi plus business class ticket and wanted to upgrade to first. There are at least 9 tickets available but no upgrades. Whats the point of having upgrade as an option when you cant use it. Have over 140k in points just sitting there doing nothing.
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Blue Panorama Airlines

16 February 2018 David
Prepare your pocket at airport because you will pay the double of you paid for the ticket. For example, if you do not have complete name in the ticket, you will pay more 50. It is my first and last time in this company. Furthermore, do not exist an email to complain. I do not recommend this company at all!!
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15 February 2018 Hendra Winardi -
Was a very bad impression on the yesterday flight 9700 from Viracopos to Fort Lauderdale 1 Delay fllght about almost 2 hours stay on board, and by the time the captain anoucem us, that they waiting for one Crew ia stuck at the trafic acindent, and waiting for her to start ???? Very strange - has Azul no other that can replace her, if this is must?? 2 the delay was not minutes but almost 2 long hours, and the plane was freezing, no survices on board till you are in the air 3 there is a penalty the hours on the ground for the company extra cost? 4 This is my protest and if there is mechanical problem we easy can accept it, but not this time, lack of personal support at the airport to replace , is not an excuse 5 Please accept this , as a quality services for the company and not to blame , I heard from people the service in the plane is better that the others, but my experience this first flight is NOT Hope this is my input and hope the company can correct it asap, like to hear later if you have it an answer, Regard Hendra Winardi - 5390069860 and Hedianti Lesmana (wife)
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Trans Guyana Airways

05 February 2018 Guest
I had a return flight from Brazil to Lethem, Guyana back in September. My connection in Manaus was delayed and so it was obvious that I would not make my flight from Lethem back to Georgetown, which happened to be the last one of the day. The representative from Azul Airlines tried to call the Trans Guyana Airways number printed on the passenger ticket and baggage check but no one ever picked up. She finally wrote a letter which she gave to me to take back. At the hotel I also tried to get through via phone and TGA website but was unable to do so. The next day back in Guyana, I was recharged the airfare despite my explanation and that of Azul Airlines. Speaking with the TGA supervisor did not help and the 5 emails I have sent to the company requesting a refund have been ignored. I will never fly TGA again and discourage everyone else to do so as well. The worst customer service I have ever encountered.
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03 February 2018 jetstream87
Must admit that this is the worse airline ever!!!!!! Flew from LAX-GDL (round trip) and have to admit it was my first and last time! To start we were suppose to board our flight at 1810 / depart at 1830, turns out that the plane got into LAX late, crew went to clear Customs, and saw them walking back to the gate with their sweet a** time. We ended up boarding at 1845 and departing at 1715, during the flight they have seats that do not recline back at all!!! They are claiming to have the "latest aircraft", I get that they are a low cost carrier but seriously everything is sold in that flight (this is an international flight) at least a bag of peanuts and water! Upon the return, we were delayed for 2 hours due to a crew member forgetting to do security check prior to boarding, at the time we were boarding there were 5 random people selected to be searched during the first boarding. Once we were in the aircraft, we were offloaded, aircraft moved to another gate, and the same 5 people were searched again! We were not compensated for the delay, at the arrival our luggage were not dropped off at the terminal after 2 hours later. We landed at 1930 and did not go out the terminal until 2345!!!!!! Worse airline ever!
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Azores Airlines

02 February 2018 B. Perry
Outstanding customer service...when i called in the gal was very warm and helpful and actually took the time to make sure she answered all my questions and got my flights taken care of. She even offered to stay on the phone to ensure i received the email. Well done, good customer service is getting more and more rare :)
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Aruba Airlines

23 January 2018 Guest
If you can avoid this airline, do so at all costs. After making my friend miss one connection, they told him they would pay for the new flight that he had to book. He would just have to provide proof of purchase. When this was done, they refused to pay it, even though he provided a badge photo of the person who told him. This airline cost him an extra $650 on his trip. It was a nightmare.
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Air Arabia

20 January 2018 Adam Jomaa
Im a regular traveler with Air Arabia. Always ontime and seats are comfortable compared to other economy class. Great vale for money. Keep it up.
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Vueling Airlines

18 January 2018 Thornton
I was extremely satisfied with the way my request was dealt with by Vueling UK Vustomer service dept Excellent customer service Many thanks indeed January 18 2018
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Flair Airlines

18 January 2018 Myriam
I would not recommend this airline! Our flight was fine but the airline lost our toddler car seat on a direct flight - on Christmas day. We were stuck at the airport for 2 hours without any assistance from the baggage crew. It has now been nearly a month and I have not had a response from the airline despite my numerous phone calls and emails. This new airline is able to offer discounted flights but has no mechanism for customer support and has not proven themselves capable of resolving baggage issues.
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Air France

13 January 2018 Guest
Extremely poor quality service, they lost my luggage for second time. I am not going to take airfrance anymore and would strongly recommend the other NOT even think of that airline.
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

05 January 2018 Alexander Borschevsky
More than 3 years, my wife and I periodically use the services of KLM. Now there was a problem. On January 4, we arrived at Madrid airport to fly through Amsterdam to Kiev But they got an unexpected answer: there were no seats. And they offered us an uncomfortable flight to Prague. Flew with difficulty and additional problems. In Prague, the plane was detained for 40 minutes ... and one of my suitcases in Kiev was never delivered. Compiled at the airport an act with a seal Who will answer for everything and compensate me for the damage?
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Turkish Airlines

02 January 2018 Guest
Horrible airline. I changed my ticket once (it was a refundable ticket) and due to a visa issue for passengers was forced to change again. This cannot be done on the website. Called them and for 24h their systems were down so they couldn't help. Finally get through to someone to be told you are forced to go to a sales office physically to make a change. Nobody can help you. Worst service ever, half of the time you can't understand their English. Will never use Turkish Airlines again.
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Etihad Airways

02 January 2018 Guest
Hyderabad airport Etihad staff is worst, 1) they are incompetent , 2) poorly trained and 3) don't know how to read their own fare rules and threaten the passengers to cash. The premium desk at Abu Dhabi asked to sent an email to No response after 2 days ! I have been charged excess baggage fee when none should have been charged. Looking for some lawyers to help, does anyone have info for lawyers who can file a case in India.
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26 December 2017 Guest
Charged me twice for the same ticket, refused to refund
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AirAsia Zest

23 December 2017 Guest
Absolutely terrible airline, always late, unhelpful staff, many safety issues.
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Spirit Airlines

15 December 2017 Guest
Booked a flight to Denver. Upgraded my seats for extra leg room. Before take off my partner & I were asked to move due to plane imbalance. Flight crew were not able to move us seats with extra leg room. I told the flight attendant that we paid extra for the extra space. Attendant wasn't able to do anything about it on the flight but that we shouldn't have a problem with getting a refund if we contacted Spirit. So I contacted Spirit once I returned. I don't know why I thought I would be able to get a refund from Spirit. I heard so many bad things before my flight. So if you pay extra for your seat don't give it up for anything cause you won't get a refund.
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