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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Blue Bird Airways

18 August 2022 Travel Guy
Horrible experience. An outdated airline with no online checkin and very non standard carry limitations of 5 kg per passenger. After hours long waiting to check in due to non professional staff, I had to weigh my small handbag as they try to charge everyone. Seats are dirty and falling apart only held by duck tape. Worst experience I have had with an airline low cost or otherwise
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This is to bring to your notice that in my entire life I haven't experienced the worst, terrible, awful, very bad, crew member. The lady was an Arab, called herself in charge of the crew, very arrogant, aggressive, racist, ignorant, ignorant, etc. She didn't serve the water bottles as it was included in my ticket and when I requested she refused to serve in a very inappropriate manner with an illogical argument. Lastly, a very very very unethical action in the 21st century!!!!!!!! she was passing personal comments about being PAKISTANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLYADEAL OWN ME A APOLOGY!!!!!
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Vueling Airlines

18 August 2022 Guest
Zero stars We left mallorca airport with what we thought was our luggage. We were told 10 mins before landing they had left without our luggage. 6 days later now and cannot get anywhere with them!! You go to claim for basic essentials and they say they can’t track your information which is correct. Awful customer service. Never fly with this company
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LATAM Airlines

18 August 2022 JA
They have no compassion passengers. As long as their rolling in YOUR cash, your concern is NOT their problem. We arrived to the Orlando Florida airport about 2.5 hours before our flight to Peru (plenty of time right?…wrong). We couldn’t print boarding passes so we asked the woman at the counter for assistance. She smirked at us and said gates are closed and walked away quickly. At this point, we still had a little less than 2 hours before the flight. No LATAM employee was able (or willing) to help us. We had no choice but to cancel our flight and demand a refund…..which they promised us within 30 days. It’s been months and still NOTHING. Every time we reach out, there’s always an agency that’s difficult to understand and communicate. A few days ago, I called to follow up, they said they’d transfer me to another agency…..within 30 seconds, they hung up. I called a second time, same thing happened, they hung up. I called a 3rd time, they “claimed” they “lost” our case number. They’re a big scam, every time you call to follow up on a problem, they’ll play the “telephone” game with you! This airline needs to be shutdown immediately!!
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Philippine Airlines

18 August 2022 Dave S
I am a very frequent flyer (normal year 50k -70k miles) and have used just about every airline in Asia. PAL has to be the worse airline that I have flown. Their business class is sub-par with their competition and their customer service is abysmal. On my last trip from SFO to MNL with my wife (Filipina but naturalized US citizen), their incompetency and uncaring attitude resulted in my wife being detained for 5 days in the airport (NAIA). Her passport fell out of her pocket while sleeping and was caught in the seat. Despite being told this, PAL did not do a thorough check for 5 days and two round trips back to the US. Needless to say, this caused my wife and I much anxiety, loss of vacation & costs and frustration. Not only did we not get so much as an apology but my wife was constantly insulted by PAL personnel for having a US passport. Of course, an “expedite payment” idea was floated around to us which itself b raises motivation questions. There are many details to this story too numerous for this post but bottom line, DO NOT TRUST YOUR SAFETY, PIECE of MIND or VACATION TO PAL! I know I never will again.
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Wizz Air

17 August 2022 Umar
IH76VD Complaint: on 13 Aug while coming from baku to Abu dhabi Wizzair agent has charged 210 manaat. 70 manaat for 1 person for check in payment. Nobody informed me that i have to pay 70 manaat for 1 person for airport check in service. They refferred me to wizzair manager at baku airport (Mr. Agha) who did not listen to me and showed rude behavior and told me that i must pay 210 manaat otherwise my family will not be allowed to travel. He did not listen me at all. He was not able to show me any written proof which say that i must pay this check in charge of 210 manaat for 3 pessengers. It was too much emberrassing for me and my family infront of whole crowd. I want refund of this amount as i no body informed me about same. Please refund me amount or i am planning to complaint at more higher levels. I have attached invoice which provided me against 3 person check in feeof 210 manaat. Regards Muhammad Omer 00971-556057997
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Privilege Style

17 August 2022 Guest
Flew with them from Stockholm Arlanda to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Itwas an excellent flight, the pilots were great. I'm afraid of flying but I felt no discomfort at all during the flight.
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Air Transat

17 August 2022 Guest
My friend and I lost over $5500. on a trip cancelled in March of 2020.We have been two years trying to get answers from our agent and the company and even the BBB with nothing.People are right they just want your money and dont care about their customers!!
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Air Serbia

15 August 2022 Gurkan agcay
they lost our 5 suitcases. and you can't get anywhere. they send automatic replies all the time , for 10 days already !! but no action. do you want to travel with the worst airline in Europe? that's your chance, buy a plane ticket from air Serbia !!
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Sunwing Airlines

15 August 2022 Guest
The website is a nightmare to navigate. I wanted to add a checked bag to my flight and they told me to create an account, sign in and get it done online. After signing in, I discovered there was no way to pay for the checked bag online and called them and had to do it over the phone or pay extra at the airport. So I ended up creating an account with them for nothing. Don't use this airline!
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15 August 2022 Admir
The flight attendant was very rude. I would not suggest anybody travel by SunExpress.
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15 August 2022 Guest
Enjoyed my JET2 Holiday in July22 - only complaint was Palma flight coming home the Gate number was changed 20mins before boarding time- walk to other end of Palma airport to wait on our plane arriving =Otherwise no complaint for my Holiday in July- been tyring to change my Jet2 holiday in July2023 to June2023 9dueto family Graduation date change) l have given up trying to contact by phone as I am not waisting anymore time or money on phonecalls costing a fortune on the phone waiting to speak to someone for over 4 hours! triy the auto bot!! they contacted agent who after an hour answered my question but change the hotel details and flights to June2023 - I had asked to change dates/flights/hotel They haven't answered to say they are looking into this -just left the whatsapp hanging!!! IS JET2 HEADING FOR GOING OUT OF BUSINESS??? I cant book holidays for June Jluly or Oct 23 not available foe Mallorca.Menorca.Malta and several of the Greek Islands I'm thinking of just getting a refund for my July 23 Holiday Instead of changing to June Jet2 were wonderful to deal with during the pandemic but they are a disgrace now! Cant Fault this July's holiday but THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS
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Air Europa

14 August 2022 Dayo Akinbode
This is the worst airline I have been on. I checked in my bag in Managua on the 21st of June to be delivered in Lisboa. On getting to Lisboa my bag was not found. A file was opened for me. I kept following up. Then I got a message on June 24 that my bag was at the Lisboa Airport. I flew back to Lisboa where I was told my bag had been sent to São Tome. I do not live in São Tome. The forwarding address I left was Nigeria. I was told my bag will be sent to Nigeria. Two months down the line, there is no news of my bag and no one responds to my mails I do not know what else to do
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Etihad Airways

13 August 2022 ALKESH DESAI
Travelled from Ahmedabad to Chicago on 08/08/2022, through Etihad Airways. My four baggage did not arrived at the ORD air port. The PIR given did not showed any update since 08/09/2022, still tracing my baggage. If any one has direct contact or person phone number, let me know. The phone number given on form did not worked, its always goes into message. Its more then week and no response from Etihad.....totally negligence and no customer service. Not a international standard of service. Spend 3400 on Air ticket and get worst experience. If anyone get luggage for that day...08/08/2022 at ORD air port, keep posted or text me at 630 823 1300.
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Allegiant Air

13 August 2022 Mary O
I can overlook a lot for a bargain. Inconvenient flight times. Tiny seats. No Wi-Fi or entertainment. $3 water. Rude employees are where I draw the line. I was lied to on the Florida side, so naturally I was confused when I got to New York. How dare I ask a question! Where were my bags?? WOW. So rude. Employees did not want to help me: it was obvious they just wanted me to leave them alone. Hope they like "working" - standing - at Allegiant, cause they'd be fired anywhere else.
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Flair Airlines

13 August 2022 Guest
My daughter’s flight from Toronto to Montreal was on July 12 and you lost her luggage, it’s now Aug 12 and she still hasn’t received it. You keep telling her that its on its way but she’s still waiting. Why does it take so long to return someone’s luggage!! Garbage service, never again!
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07 August 2022 Guest
Excellent, used them on a TUI route and could not fault, friendly and on time. Very happy
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06 August 2022 FRED
Flight from Banjul to Accra have been cancelled due to technical fault and all passengers are left at Banjul airport without any information. Airline manager doesn't even know the way forward and passengers are speculating all around. Passengers had to come to the airport before being told of the cancellation although the expected flight had not even arrived at Banjul.
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05 August 2022 Guest
Worst airline ever with rude crew and staff..My wife and I were just 10minutes late from boarding time...we actually had arrived at the gate 20minutes from the flight time due to some technical issue plus my wife was heavily pregnant (cant walk fast) and the fucking flight was still there, but the crew refused to allow us entering the flight..the crew kept on saying that the captain not allowing late comer to enter without actually trying to call the captain...this stupid motherfucker think that they own the flight meh??we paid for the tickets u moron!and the crew was shouting to us to stop disturbing her and asked us to make a police report or complaint for our dissatisfaction which cant help settling the issue at all..fuck air asia!
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Blue Air

01 August 2022 Guest
the company offers the worst customer services. they do not have any telefon number where you can call , on e-mail they reply as robots , without any filter. when it comes to refund - there is no answer on this topic. they invoke pandemy and because of that you have to much we have to wait to get our money back? I have cancelled my tickets because they have changed several time their schedule. If you want to have the electronic wallet - at least to use your money (again with them) they do not send you that. they,re site is not user friendly at all and what they need is to have competition. it is a shame that such companies are still existing in EU.
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Silver Airways

31 July 2022 Merrie Pearl
Worst airline ever!! If I could give it zero stars I would. It started with a rude woman at the ticket counter who clearly felt inconvenienced by our presence. The plane was delayed 1.5 hours. Prior to boarding they had all of the customers lined up in the gangway for a good 30 minutes while they searched for “release” papers. Once on the plane and taxiing out to the runway, the pilot came on and said the plane was over-fueled and therefore we had to sit on the runway so that we could burn off fuel in order to meet some kind of weight limit to take off. Once we arrived at our destination we discovered that our luggage never made it. We filed a lost baggage report at the airport and were told we would see our luggage the next day. The problem is Silver airways only operates on certain days. The next flight that could bring our luggage wouldn’t be for a few more days. Unacceptable! No one at customer support answered the phone. We ended up having to purchase new plane tickets the next day and get on another flight and fly back to New Orleans to try and recover our luggage. Completely ended and ruined our trip!
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Air Arabia

30 July 2022 Guest
Unfair discriminating airline Our flight to Amsterdam was canceled and changed to Brussels. This flight was delayed for two hours so we would arrive late at night. So far no problem because Air Arabia would provide busses to transfer us from Brussels to Amsterdam as they had confirmed by email. When we arrived at Brussels Airport no bus was to be found. We tried for 1.5 hour to contact Air Arabia but with no results. I'm a 75+ year old senior with mobility issues and was left alone with no transfer. Finally we decided to take a taxi to a hotel in Brussels and travel the next day to our destination. When we got home we contacted Air Arabia about their poor performance and lack of communication. We also filled a complaint to have our costs compensated (taxi, hotel, train). But here we walked into a wall. You will only get formal standard reactions referring to their terms and conditions. Because we were flying with a non-EU airline from a non-EU city we cannot claim any compensation even though the case is very clear. If we were to depart from a EU city or with a EU airline, our claim would have been compensated. I learned my lesson and I advise everyone to make use of EU airlines if you can. In case of trouble you can claim your rights. With cowboys like Air Arabia your rights reach as far as terms and conditions and they are not in your favor.
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TUI Airways

29 July 2022 Guest
Flew from Bristol to Kos last summer! I was very satisfied with the service I was given by the cabin crew and nothing was too much for them. The luggage hand over times both ends were very good with only a short wait for our bags on the belts. Overall I 100% recommended flying with TUI airways!!!
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American Airlines

28 July 2022 Guest
I am very disappointed with AA. I had booked flights to Jamaica in March of 2021, Unfortunately I had to cancel due to testing positive for Covid19. AA provided me my flight credit and told me I need to book a flight within a year. In February 2022, I contacted AA to use my flight credit for an upcoming vacation and was told, I needed to actually Fly within 1 year of the flight credit and that i was given wrong information when they told me i simply just needed to "Book" a flight. My Vacation that I was looking to use the credit for was several months after the one year date, but I was going on what I was told, that as long as I booked within a year. I was told that since I am not flying, I lose the $590 AA Flight Credit All together. I was told that even though it was Covid 19 related, there was nothing that could be done to get the credit extended. Very Sad... I spoke to several people including supervisors/managers etc, and I am still without the credit. Bad Business Practice if you ask me,
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WestJet Airlines

27 July 2022 Guest
Westjet is a hollow shell of what used to be a good airline. We managed to get to London Gatwick with them despite their best efforts only by booking last minute flights on Air Canada after they canceled our flight to Toronto Pearson two days in a row. They made so many changes to our original itinerary that the seats we booked were gone and we got stuck with whatever was left. The gate attendant supervisor in Ottawa was dismissive and condescending and made no attempt to help us. And now we're fighting to get reimbursed for the cost of last minute tickets. They deal in bad faith, are unprofessional and unreliable and it will be a long time before we fly with them again.
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26 July 2022 Guest
This airline still owns me almost 200 Euros. They let me accidentally pay 2 times for the same ticket but never returned me my money. I tried to reach customer service but this is the most impossible thing you will do in your life. I am still waiting for my money and I wont stop writing bad reviews or take other actions before receiving MY money back!
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26 July 2022 Guest
-5 stars RUN!!!! No matter how good of a deal don’t use this airline. Customer services always hangs up when you call. They always cancel flights as well as delay your flights. They also have the worst planes our flights always get stopped while on board for maintenance.
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Sky Express

22 July 2022 Nadine
The absolute worst when it comes to luggage and customer service. They left our carry on luggage that they insisted on having us check. They didn’t tell us anything until we arrived to Athens from Milos. Once we arrived we filed a claim have sent multiple emails with no actual help. They said they shipped us our luggage and that it arrived at our local international airport and it didn’t. They are so irresponsible and have no number to speak to someone directly. Would never ever fly this airline again and would not recommend to anyone.
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16 July 2022 Shireen Abrahams
We had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with Holiday Aviation / Holiday Holdings via Rwandair South Africa after we tested positive for Covid abroad. When we were negative and ready to fly home, they did not answer their emails or take our calls for days! Johanna Tsatsi, the person who dealt with our booking did not respond, despite our travel agent sending several emails. Their customer service is abhorrent, along with their excuses. We are stranded for 7 days because of their incompetence. Only after it was escalated, did the process start moving. We paid the fare difference that they quoted us and 6 hours later, they are asking for another R26000! Illegally demanding extra money to be paid in 30 mins even after we paid the quoted amount that they gave us in writing. Another 7 hours later and still no response from them. My minor child is however booked alone on the flight. How incompetent can you be? Michel Anjinho was also aware of the situation but could offer us no resolution, also ignoring my emails. No one has taken responsibility for this mess and pass the buck to the head office in another country! Do not use this company or ever fly with RwandAir South Africa. When our journey started, they forced us to take a flight with another airline and had to rush to the airport within an hour.
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Arik Air

14 July 2022 Victor
Arik airline has absolutely no regards for time and appointment. My flight was at first delayed for 10hrs from 0009hrs to 1900hrs. I.e 10 whole hours delay on a weekday and when i got to the airport i am still uncertain if i would make the journey!
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Smart Wings

14 July 2022 MK
How dare you smart wings!!! First, you're stupid staff member RIPPED UP our boarding passes in front of us at malaga airport, because she DIDN'T KNOW THE LAW. She said to us that we need 3 vaccines to fly to Prague. Which is WRONG WRONG WRONG. The Czech government simply wrote on the website of the ministry of health - YOU MUST HAVE BEEN VACCINATED IN THE LAST 270 DAYS. WHICH WE WERE! I emailed your compliance department, made a phone call I REQUESTED A TRANSCRIPT. The transcript was NEVER SENT TO ME. Do you think you can break the law? Then I assume once I gave the required information, which clearly stated that WE WERE RIGHT, you stopped replying to our emails, because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG. You won't send us the information because you know what your staff members have done will land you in trouble. Disgusting and absolutely unacceptable. Who do you think you are?
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InterCaribbean Airways

10 July 2022 Guest
This Airline is the worst thing ever...the planes are old and seats are falling apart..they lost my luggage for 4 days...never again ...
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08 July 2022 Guest
We reached the airport 3 hours before the flight and tried to check-in. After 30 mins of waiting, the lady came to check in the luggage (gate D16, Schiphol airport). She tried to check in the luggage for an hour and she was ignorant enough to call help or her Team lead. After asking million times, she decided to inform the Team Lead. The team lead got technical help and after 30 mins of all trials, they decided that it will not be possible to check-in. Meanwhile, we mentioned a minimum of 10 times that we are really getting delayed. She confirmed that the flight will not leave without us and she informed the Flybe gate. Then with a manually written ticket and large check-in bag, we went to the gate. Security and immigration understood the situation and let us pass through. We reached the gate and the flight was already GONE. The staff at the gate said they were never informed about the waiting passengers. Then they said they will try to accommodate us on the next flight and after 2.5 hours of waiting, they told us that they CANT (waw). They will accommodate us on the next day. Then booked a Hotel and let us go. No transport to Hotel or the transport from Hotel to Airport. We had to book a cab. The next day at the same counter and a new set of ignorant people. This time they wanted us to check in the small bag as well (which was the fine the day before ). Then after taking another 30 mins to check in (REALLLY, so busy chit-chatting with his colleagues), he couldn't print the receipt. Finally decided to proceed without a receipt. Reached the gate but they didn't let us board till the last minute because they haven't received the luggage check-in confirmation yet. Last-minute they let us in and we thought it over. I Landed at Heathrow, and now the luggage has gone missing. WAW. I had flown a lot in my lifetime and seen many troubles, but Flybe made me forget all that. This is the worst flight and service ever. Even if you die if you don't take this flight, then choose to die in peace. Otherwise, they will murder you a million times during this flight.
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08 July 2022 Guest
Booked a flight from London to Bangkok but due to an error in the website it double charged the credit card. No problem have had that happen betore on other airlines websites and they usually resolve it immediately. But not Scoot, had to complained and they then emailed saying they would give me a voucher for the 2nd flight not a refund. Then since I paid by PayPal I disputed there. They then refunded the 2nd ticket. So a few days before the flight I checked and 2nd confirmation number isn't working. So call them and they say they are refunding it also, now a month later. Nothing I can do. No email or warning. Clearly a malicious act by their staff. Now I am stuck a few days out without a flight. So yes avoid at all costs! They are the worst I have ever seen in 30 years of flying.
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06 July 2022 Guest
Please don't choose this airline is one of the worst airline i have ever boarded. the costumer call service is pathetic and very rude not at helpful .
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Turkish Airlines

05 July 2022 Guest
This airlines is probably one of the worst I've came across. I've been to 25 countries and flown many different airlines but none has come across worst than TK! Do not take this airlines as the chance of you getting overbooked/ cancelled/ delayed is high. In my case I couldn't even check-in for my flight as they said I had purchased my tickets from a codeshare carried which was absurd! In the end I to buy another ticket from another airlines just to get to my destination which cost twice as much as I was travelling business. DO NOT BOOK THIS AIRLINES!
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Sky Airline

26 June 2022 Scott
They cancelled my reservation on their end immediately after charging me for it and will not refund the $380 they charged me for it. Customer service is non existent, all you can do is email them and get a generic response they will evaluate your claim within 30 days. Had to dispute the payment with paypal and my credit card to get it refunded. Illegal and immoral business practices and they should not be allowed to do business in the US
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23 June 2022 Guest
Rimowa cabin luggage dropped by employee removing it from the plane after a flight from St-Barth to Sint Maarten on 11th, May -2022. All papers filled, no solution. Just a lady asking for more time everytime.
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Eva Air

23 June 2022 Guest T
Terrible customer service and communication. We are flying back to Taiwan and I unfortunately got covid, which resulted in a 300 pound change fee. Just before our next flight my wife got covid and this time we were charged almost 800 pounds. I understand there may be a change fee, but they added the cost of the flight at that time, rather than what we originally paid. The customer service team were neither helpful or sympathetic to our situation. They simply said they could waive the change fee of 75 pounds with a positive PCR test. As we know a PCR fit to fly costs well over 100 pounds. The logic and competence shown was awful. We have now paid over 1,100 extra with no apology or compensation given. Also, as they are only flying once a week, we have had to delay work for two weeks. Never will I fly with this airline again and I strongly recommend you don't too. I would have been fine with paying the flight change fee, but to add an additional cost of 800 pounds is an insult.
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14 June 2022 Steve B
Really upset, shocked at them - Easyjet just cancelled my flight from Belfast to Luton on 26th December - put me on a later flight, this now means I can't make my Easyjet flight from Luton to Faro (booked at the same time) . Easyjet said they would refund my disrupted flight but not my flight from Luton to Faro despite it being completely their choice/fault to cancel the flight to Luton meaning I would miss it.....any advice welcome - Am I being unreasonable ??? I will complain to them, the CAA and anyone else who will listen.
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Lauda Air

13 June 2022 Guest
Horrendous Experience!!! The Lauda Air plane looked old and tatty and like it was stuck together with tape! Taking off from Shannon Airport 12/6/22 the plane was swaying from side to side and it sounded like the plane was struggling to take off.....a bumpy flight but not too unusual until the time came for the wheels to come down, a screeching sound that sounded like the wheels wouldn't come down, as we were descending to land, the plane then shot back up and carried on for quite some time with no word from any of the crew to explain what was happening. After half an hour which felt like a lifetime, the plane tried to put the wheels down again and this time they came down ok and we landed with a hefty bump.....lots of screeching and very worried passengers. At no point even on disembarking did any crew member explain what had happened. It left me very scared and shaken and no one cared! Would not recommend this airline and would never fly with them again ever!! NO STARS IF I HAD THE CHOICE
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Fly Jordan

09 June 2022 Guest
Worst flight ever Over crowded AC not working Non professional crew No space
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Air Senegal

08 June 2022 MAli
WORST AIRLINE ON EARTH! They will just take the money and run and treat passengers like complete garbage. Let’s start by saying that there was no boarding announcement whatsoever. We simply noticed a line forming and hopped on it. Every single passenger had their carryon bags and any purse or shopping bag thoroughly searched at the gate before boarding. I was asked “what is this?” referring to 2 unopened bottles of water I’d clearly purchased inside the airport as we had all been through security already. After it registered that it was water, I was asked where I got it and made to produce my airport receipt. As can be imagined this entire process caused a huge delay in itself. Once on the flight it’s clear that the planes are very old and worn.(including 1st class). The aisles are extraordinarily narrow as well as the seats. Your foot, elbow, head can not extend into the aisle AT ALL —-not one inch—-otherwise it will be impossible for a person to get by without bumping you. The rows are very close together—-so close that I could not see the screen in front of me without reading glasses! But there really was no need to worry about the screen because no entertainment was loaded to the flight I found out when inquiring about earphones. No entertainment on an 8.5 hour international flight on ANY screen. Next we took off over 2 hours beyond our departure time. During that wait time not a single announcement was made to give passengers an idea of what was happening. I asked a flight attendant and was told we were waiting for a connecting flight that was delayed. They had no information about how long the delay would be and only those who asked for this information. Passengers watched things on their phone with no earphones unencumbered by staff. Phone alarms went off incessantly without interference from staff. I didn’t sleep a wink and was in such pain from the stifling searing I can’t even explain to you. There were no fans above the seats. No WiFi. And food was so disgusting it literally caused me to spit it out the second it hit my tongue. They have no cans of soda and about 4 juices and 3 sodas to choose from. No ice is served. Depending on which aisle you’re on, you will receive different drink options. There are more flight attendants than could possibly be necessary and they spend most of the time chatting together. I actually almost felt I would have a nervous breakdown after enduring this painful, wretched and miserable flight. The flight costs the same as the delta flight and the no frills treatment we received is unconscionable.
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Royal Air Maroc

31 May 2022 Ouafae Zimou
Royal air maroc is the worst airlines on earth. If you’re ready to lose your time, your luggage and get no refund go with this shitty airlines. I m having a terrible experience with this trash airlines. Instead of enjoying my vacation I m dealing with calls and trips back and forth to get my luggage that never arrived. Please spread the word and save people from wasting money and time, by the way it’s never been inexpensive, you can go cheap and get a way better service than this thieves.
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29 May 2022 Zama
Complete scam... Scam scam scam. Worst flight ever. After a round-trip of 1300 you gonna be asked to pay more 440 for bags. Such a nonsensical airline. Rather option for British Airways.
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Envoy Air

28 May 2022 Wes
Appreciate envoy/American flying direct to and from my home small regional airport Little Rock to Miami. The E175 are nice enough for the 2-2.5 hour flight range. No frills, but better than having a layover or worrying about a connection time. The flight was on time, and we got a drink and snack.
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21 May 2022 Guest C. Smith
Lufthansa lost my luggage May 13, 2022. It did not arrive on my Chicago /Frankfurt/Venice flight. It is now May 21 and I STILL do not have luggage. It was delivered a day late to Florence after I had already arrived in Rome. I have a AirTag and it shows that it is sitting at Rome airport for three days. I have had zero contact from the airline since May 14. I have tried calling multiple times. Each hotel calls multiple times every day. Lufthansa and airport will not answer. I wax on hold today for 1.5 hours then got hung up on. I now have covid and cannot go home. It is already eight full days. This is not acceptable.
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24 April 2022 Himani
Rude, racist, and worst staff ever! The seats are super small worst the spirit seats! The staff ignores anyone not white, you can’t ask any questions and racial profiled my sister - had her sent to a degrading security check! They only tend to people they liked on the flight!DO NOT fly here ever! Pay the extra money IT is NOT worth it! Also they ran late both ways - i would give a zero if it was possible.
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United Airlines

20 April 2022 Shealeen Pacak
We had an excellent experience in Cleveland with employee Rosemaria (Martinez) she was very helpful and kind. Something you don’t often see these days!
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Copa Airlines

18 April 2022 Helen Kamen
Dear Sir/Madame, I was flying Copa Airlines from Guayaquil to Panama City, then to Houston(Texas). I was told that I can not get on my flight because my COVID test was done one day earlier than it has to be Done ( the LAB was closed on friday for Easter). The supervisor told me to go to the Hotel and get the taxi and repeat my COVID test and reschedule the flight at the COPA reservation center, which is 30 mins drive from the airport. All that with NO SPANISH!!!! I asked if I can do the COVID test at the airport and the answer was:"NO". I end up spending $200 on another test, change of flight fee, taxi and waiting at the airport for 16 Hours till my next flight at 3:00 am. Later, I found out that there is a testing facility right at the airport and takes 20-30 minutes to get the COVID test results. What a "great" treatment of your passengers?? I've NEVER seen so mean, rude and unfair service before. NEVER NEVER again fly COPA!!! This is horrible and unfriendly airline and service!!! DO NOT recommend to anyone!! STAY AWAY.....Dreadful experience:((((((((((
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