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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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30 June 2022 Guest
Extremely poor. If you fly with them you could end up thousands of miles away from where you want to be.
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30 June 2022 Wessel
Worst airline ever, rude personel, rude customer service, delayed by 8 hours, not even willing to help a little bit. DO NOT use this airline ever
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Silver Airways

28 June 2022 C Brown
I had a flight with Silver airways on June 27 2022. I arrived on time I was @ the gateon time but my back was to the gate. I never heard ant boarding announcement and when I went to the gate it was closed! This airline never send me an email or text about this flight all day!! Why was that? Because they had no intention of letting me on that flight! And this is not my first BAD experience with them! But it is the LAST!
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Air Transat

28 June 2022 José Roelofsen
If I could leave negative stars I would. It was the worst experience I have ever had. They are not willing to work with you at all and take your money any chance they get. Not only were the employees checking us in useless but so were the phone lines. We had to prior notice of vaccination requirement and had to miss our flight. We were told that if we called the customer service number they would help us rebook with a small fee. After being on hold for 10 hours I was finally able to talks to someone and they let us know that they would not do anything and we would have to book a whole new flight. Terrible experience, never flying with them again. KLM is way more helpful and care about their customers. Would not recommend!
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27 June 2022 Norma S
I purchased five tickets round trip with five carry ons and checked bags. I was able to fly from Tijuana to Morelia With everything being okay. Taking one less carry on them what I paid for. I then tried flying back from Morelia to Tijuana and they charged me for my purse which was within the weight we paid for five carry ons and only had four coming and going. If we paid for five 22lb carry ons and only had four with all four being under weight I dont understand how I got charged. $25 (dollars) for a personal bag/ my small purse. I think this is ridiculous and their only explanation was that what the had on their system did not match what I had on their app that I downloaded on my phone when I purchase everything. I also have screenshots of all the boarding passes which stated the luggage (carryons/ checked bags that were paid for per boarding pass. This is the second time this happens last year they charge me for an additional carry on, that I had pay for. They charge me $65 more at the gate. I decided to give them a second chance. But now is getting more ridiculous. I have to pay $25 for my small purse and on top of them they are super rude.
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Sky Airline

26 June 2022 Scott
They cancelled my reservation on their end immediately after charging me for it and will not refund the $380 they charged me for it. Customer service is non existent, all you can do is email them and get a generic response they will evaluate your claim within 30 days. Had to dispute the payment with paypal and my credit card to get it refunded. Illegal and immoral business practices and they should not be allowed to do business in the US
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26 June 2022 Patricia
Very bad experience with air asia. We were suppose to fly together as a family (3 of us) from KL to Singapore on 25 June 2022. 2 of our tickets were being rescheduled and we missed our flight. Staff was very rude and not helpful at all. One of us was able to fly and the remaining 2 of us would need to figure out ourself at klia 2 without much help from Air Asia staff. At the end we managed to buy bus ticket from KL to JB. When asked if we can have a refund of our 2 tickets, they only asked us to chat with AVA, an online platform with nobody responded to our queries. Air Asia used to be good, but it is very disappointing now. Service was unacceptable, online airasia app is not user friendly, it was designed to trick and confuse you, staff was rude and not helpful. I will never fly with air asia again.
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26 June 2022 Guest
Please if you value your money don't fly with fly Dubai. This is my story, my daughter was going to Georgia and she booked a flight with fly Dubai, less than an hour when she had already swiped the card got a ticket she started feeling unwell. She was not feeling well but she thought she was fit to travel but unfortunately she started feeling worse. She had fever, dizziness... I told her to cancel the flight and see what options she has. Well, when she called fly Dubai she was told to email them and she did. Then they replied saying that she needs to send a doctor's letter as a proof that she was sick. She sent them. They replied she needs to send them a doctor's letter in Arabic and addressed to them. The doctor said it was not possible because they only use English and fly Dubai can get someone to translate to them. We sent them another email but did not reply. Less than an hour they took more than 1,500 for free. My daughter did not fly with them, she was not late for the flight but still they refused to refund our money. Now I have to launch a case through consumer rights.. Please don't use this flight the staff are also very rude and arrogant. We went to their office and we were treated very unfair. Actually, the don't even deserve a one star.
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Sky Express

24 June 2022 Sanjay Gupta
Do not fall in the trap of fare category like sky enjoy.They offer refund on a charge but do not refund a single penny. No response from customer service .People are mailing them for months and finally give up on their refunds. Avoid booking with these scamsters. Authorities must take action against these cheaters and save the traveller's who lose their hard earned money
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23 June 2022 Guest
Rimowa cabin luggage dropped by employee removing it from the plane after a flight from St-Barth to Sint Maarten on 11th, May -2022. All papers filled, no solution. Just a lady asking for more time everytime.
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Eva Air

23 June 2022 Guest T
Terrible customer service and communication. We are flying back to Taiwan and I unfortunately got covid, which resulted in a 300 pound change fee. Just before our next flight my wife got covid and this time we were charged almost 800 pounds. I understand there may be a change fee, but they added the cost of the flight at that time, rather than what we originally paid. The customer service team were neither helpful or sympathetic to our situation. They simply said they could waive the change fee of 75 pounds with a positive PCR test. As we know a PCR fit to fly costs well over 100 pounds. The logic and competence shown was awful. We have now paid over 1,100 extra with no apology or compensation given. Also, as they are only flying once a week, we have had to delay work for two weeks. Never will I fly with this airline again and I strongly recommend you don't too. I would have been fine with paying the flight change fee, but to add an additional cost of 800 pounds is an insult.
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Blue Bird Airways

22 June 2022 Guest
They lost my baggage and basically ignore me when I try to get compensation.
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WestJet Airlines

20 June 2022 Jim Gowan
The WestJet of the past is not the same today. I realize there has been two changes in CEO and the relationship with the union has deteriorated. However none of that should be an excuse for: 1. No live voice for customer service 2. Ridiculous run around to try and break through the communication barriers 3. Cancellations and lates that just keep increasing in numbers 4. Prices that are no longer competitive- always the same as Air Canada 5. Counter staff agents that must have flunked Courtesy 101 6. As a former Gold Westjetter I get service on SWOOP that is just about as bad - for half the price!!! 7. Dont spend your hard earned money with WestJet- take your chances with Lynx or Flair. Its worth a try! 8. I gave it a two star rating because the on board crews are OK!
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Vueling Airlines

20 June 2022 Stella
Left Florence for Amsterdam (direct flight) Saturday 11th of June. On arrival at Amsterdam, I was told no bags had been loaded on to plane so all passengers' luggage still in Florence. Now, Monday, 9 DAYS AFTER still no bags or information from Vueling. I have called them, e-mailed them, but they are still searching for the luggage. HOW come all passengers bags including my two bags of 50 KG can be lost on a small airport like Florence for 9 days without Vueling doing NOTHING??? Useless trying to contact Vueling they just say, still Searching and no willingness of trying to help. I asked for the number to Vueling at Florence Airport. They could not give me that. Will never fly with Vueling ever again.
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Flair Airlines

19 June 2022 Andrew
Great flight to BNA. On time both ways from YEG and friendly staff.
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14 June 2022 Steve B
Really upset, shocked at them - Easyjet just cancelled my flight from Belfast to Luton on 26th December - put me on a later flight, this now means I can't make my Easyjet flight from Luton to Faro (booked at the same time) . Easyjet said they would refund my disrupted flight but not my flight from Luton to Faro despite it being completely their choice/fault to cancel the flight to Luton meaning I would miss it.....any advice welcome - Am I being unreasonable ??? I will complain to them, the CAA and anyone else who will listen.
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Lauda Air

13 June 2022 Guest
Horrendous Experience!!! The Lauda Air plane looked old and tatty and like it was stuck together with tape! Taking off from Shannon Airport 12/6/22 the plane was swaying from side to side and it sounded like the plane was struggling to take off.....a bumpy flight but not too unusual until the time came for the wheels to come down, a screeching sound that sounded like the wheels wouldn't come down, as we were descending to land, the plane then shot back up and carried on for quite some time with no word from any of the crew to explain what was happening. After half an hour which felt like a lifetime, the plane tried to put the wheels down again and this time they came down ok and we landed with a hefty bump.....lots of screeching and very worried passengers. At no point even on disembarking did any crew member explain what had happened. It left me very scared and shaken and no one cared! Would not recommend this airline and would never fly with them again ever!! NO STARS IF I HAD THE CHOICE
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LATAM Airlines

11 June 2022 Guest
I had the worst experience with LATAM Airlines. We had to change the flights to a later date and it was such a struggle getting in contact with anyone from the airlines to change. It took so long to get someone on the phone, and also a long time changing the flight. It was hard to communicate with them. We were finally able to change the flight and they told me on the phone that there would be no charge, so we didn't worry about anything cuz we had everything under control. The day of the flight arrived and we get to the ticket office and they say that we have a reservation for a spot on the plane, but the tickets we have are for our original date, which has already passed. I tried to get clarification on how we could have a spot but not a ticket, and they said it was because we never paid the fee to change the flight. I told them that they told me on the phone when we changed the flight that they told me there would be no charge. They said there might not have been a fare difference and so that would be no charge, but to actually change the flight is $300/person. I was upset and asked to speak to a supervisor. They said there was no one available and the only thing they could do would be to accept the payment. They said we could try calling the service center and seeing if they could do anything for us. We called. After 30 minutes waiting on one call, we tried on a second line. We got through on the second line after waiting for 45 minutes and were still on hold on the first call. The first one ended up waiting for over 2 hours before the call disconnected. At least we tried 2 phones... We finally got someone on the phone and they said we should have been informed that there would be the fee and they could submit a case to get someone to review our phone calls to see if there would be no fee. We waited on hold for probably another 30 minutes while they created the case. I tried to speak to a supervisor multiple times to try and get this figured out faster, and they would never let me. I asked how long it would take until I heard back and they said 6 hours. I told them that we needed it sooner because our flight left before then and we needed to get through security. They said they could expedite it but they made no promises. I then asked for a direct number so I could reach them faster instead of waiting on hold for almost an hour, and they said that was the ONLY number they had. Since it was an international flight, we had to get through security so we ended up just paying the $600 and hoped that once they figured everything out they would reimburse us. We made it on the flight and only after the flight had left, had we heard back from LATAM --- saying our case was closed. I called the next day asking the status and they said that because we paid the $600, there was no refund for that. I said we had to get on the flight and we hadn't heard back. We had to pay the $600, so I asked for a refund or a flight credit (probably for the best not to get this because I will not want to fly with them again) but they said it was in their terms and conditions when we bought the tickets that it said no refunds. I tried to explain the situation and he would not budge. I asked to speak to a supervisor to see if there was anything else that could be done, and he said there was none available. Worst experience. And now we are out $600. Never again LATAM!!
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Fly Jordan

09 June 2022 Guest
Worst flight ever Over crowded AC not working Non professional crew No space
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Wizz Air

09 June 2022 Guest
Worst airline I have ever flown with. Everything on their purchase system is made to force you pay more. Initial price is just a scam. They will never assign two seats next to each other unless you pay for them even if the plane is empty. And, if you have a complain, they made sure you will pay for every minute you're bothering them at a rate of 1.50/min. Not to mention the £600 I had (from a flex flight cancelled during Covid) which they cancelled without notice 2 months after I got them. If you've got any other option go for it. Avoid at all costs
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Air Senegal

08 June 2022 MAli
WORST AIRLINE ON EARTH! They will just take the money and run and treat passengers like complete garbage. Lets start by saying that there was no boarding announcement whatsoever. We simply noticed a line forming and hopped on it. Every single passenger had their carryon bags and any purse or shopping bag thoroughly searched at the gate before boarding. I was asked what is this? referring to 2 unopened bottles of water Id clearly purchased inside the airport as we had all been through security already. After it registered that it was water, I was asked where I got it and made to produce my airport receipt. As can be imagined this entire process caused a huge delay in itself. Once on the flight its clear that the planes are very old and worn.(including 1st class). The aisles are extraordinarily narrow as well as the seats. Your foot, elbow, head can not extend into the aisle AT ALL -not one inch-otherwise it will be impossible for a person to get by without bumping you. The rows are very close together-so close that I could not see the screen in front of me without reading glasses! But there really was no need to worry about the screen because no entertainment was loaded to the flight I found out when inquiring about earphones. No entertainment on an 8.5 hour international flight on ANY screen. Next we took off over 2 hours beyond our departure time. During that wait time not a single announcement was made to give passengers an idea of what was happening. I asked a flight attendant and was told we were waiting for a connecting flight that was delayed. They had no information about how long the delay would be and only those who asked for this information. Passengers watched things on their phone with no earphones unencumbered by staff. Phone alarms went off incessantly without interference from staff. I didnt sleep a wink and was in such pain from the stifling searing I cant even explain to you. There were no fans above the seats. No WiFi. And food was so disgusting it literally caused me to spit it out the second it hit my tongue. They have no cans of soda and about 4 juices and 3 sodas to choose from. No ice is served. Depending on which aisle youre on, you will receive different drink options. There are more flight attendants than could possibly be necessary and they spend most of the time chatting together. I actually almost felt I would have a nervous breakdown after enduring this painful, wretched and miserable flight. The flight costs the same as the delta flight and the no frills treatment we received is unconscionable.
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04 June 2022 Khan
Delayed flight for over 3 hours and same on way back ,then cancelled it sent us to another city in uk Still waiting for suitcases been a week No customer service will have to go airport for 3rd time now Never choose a cheap airline !!!
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Blue Air

03 June 2022 Andrea
You do NOT have a single valid reason to fly BlueAir. NOBODY does. First off it's not that cheap really. Secondly, our flight departure and return destination was changed to a different, inconvenient airport at a different inconvenient time -- EU regulations imply that a refund or a free change should be offered, but that won't appear anywhere in the email they send you (which essentially reads "it is what it is, suck it up"). Thirdly, and the true cherry on top, some of the reserved seats we bought in order to travel together had to be BOUGHT AGAIN A SECOND TIME OVER FOR NO REASON, as the child in our party was moved far from her parents for no good reason at all once the departure airport was changed. Finally, there is no customer support. Two requests to at least reimburse the same seats we had to needlessly buy for a second time and not cheaply, were systematically ignored. Ludicrous, they shouldn't be allowed to operate. Basically TAROM flies to all BlueAir destinations and these days their fares are comparable -- and when you add up all the inconveniences, not only will you be happier with TAROM but also quite likely with more cash in your wallet. Avoid like the plague.
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Etihad Airways

02 June 2022 EtihadHelp
Guest : Lost bag on flight Madrid - Abu Dhabi. Called dozens of times to many numbers (several of which are disactivated, including baggage services number in Madrid, and Abu Dhabi, supposedly the HQ, doesn´t even have a working number for baggage) and get no response except "an email has been sent to Madrid with no response." It appears after calling Madrid lost luggage that the bag never left Madrid. 4 days with no word on where the bag is. On holiday in Dubai spending 100s of euros on new clothes, toiletries, and no hope of ever getting compensation. An absolute embarrasment of a company. Hi there, please reach out to us on any of our Social Media platforms to look into this for you. Thank you. *Nay
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Philippine Airlines

31 May 2022 Christopher Fernandez
I was booked and purchase a business class ticket for June 3, 2022 PR 113 at 12:25. They suddenly changed my flight to June 2,2022 without even calling or informing me if I can fly on that day. Of course not! That is why I booked a flight on June 3! I found out that they have to change to a smaller plane and that is why I was displaced in my original flight. But other passengers remained on the flight! Who makes the decision which passengers get displaced or not! I called the hotline customer service and they cannot book me on a later flight or any succeeding days until June 10th. All business seats are full. But I have to go home to Manila so I was forced to take a later flight PR 103 June 3rd at 10:25 pm ON ECONOMY CLASS! after paying a business class ticket!! So disappointed at PAL! This might be my last Time to use PAL!
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Royal Air Maroc

31 May 2022 Ouafae Zimou
Royal air maroc is the worst airlines on earth. If youre ready to lose your time, your luggage and get no refund go with this shitty airlines. I m having a terrible experience with this trash airlines. Instead of enjoying my vacation I m dealing with calls and trips back and forth to get my luggage that never arrived. Please spread the word and save people from wasting money and time, by the way its never been inexpensive, you can go cheap and get a way better service than this thieves.
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29 May 2022 Zama
Complete scam... Scam scam scam. Worst flight ever. After a round-trip of 1300 you gonna be asked to pay more 440 for bags. Such a nonsensical airline. Rather option for British Airways.
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Envoy Air

28 May 2022 Wes
Appreciate envoy/American flying direct to and from my home small regional airport Little Rock to Miami. The E175 are nice enough for the 2-2.5 hour flight range. No frills, but better than having a layover or worrying about a connection time. The flight was on time, and we got a drink and snack.
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Sunwing Airlines

23 May 2022 Guest
The return flight was a disaster. The flight got delayed 5-6 hours and we basically had to sleep at the airport and on the plane. We didn't get into Canada until 6:00am. Were were supposed to get to Canada around 1am. Very unorganized. Do not use this airline. Never again!
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American Airlines

22 May 2022 Bruce
This has to be the worst Airlines out there. I used them a lot in the past but over the last few years they have completely dropped their customer service. Every single time you book on American they have flight delays and sometimes for days at a time. You try and speak to someone at the airport and they tell you to call the 800 number and 1 1/2 hours later they say they cant do anything for you. There is nothing American about American Airlines. Worst flight records and worst customer service.
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21 May 2022 Guest C. Smith
Lufthansa lost my luggage May 13, 2022. It did not arrive on my Chicago /Frankfurt/Venice flight. It is now May 21 and I STILL do not have luggage. It was delivered a day late to Florence after I had already arrived in Rome. I have a AirTag and it shows that it is sitting at Rome airport for three days. I have had zero contact from the airline since May 14. I have tried calling multiple times. Each hotel calls multiple times every day. Lufthansa and airport will not answer. I wax on hold today for 1.5 hours then got hung up on. I now have covid and cannot go home. It is already eight full days. This is not acceptable.
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15 May 2022 Bondewel Carlos
Worst airplane experience in my life!! Planes show up with 5 hours up to 8 hours delayed. Flights cancelled at 02h30 am minutes of the fly off time. Two days later same flight at 02h30 was overbooked. Shame that such companies exist. The Rwandans who use the company do it by patriotism an shut up because they have to shut up, they are used to!
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Air Arabia

30 April 2022 Guest
Its a trash company, only the stuff is nice but the rest all of it is garbage. I am never again flying with air arabia
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Allegiant Air

24 April 2022 Bruce
Booked RT TYS - PHX. Only flights WE & SA. SA return canceled several hours prior to departure. Zero help from Allegiant. Finally booked return on United Monday; cost was $1,200 for 2 in addition to 2 extra days of motel & meals. Allegiant reimbursed $200 in airfare and $200 for living costs. Better to book reliable airline with frequent flights and customer service. Allegiant was most expensive option.
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24 April 2022 Himani
Rude, racist, and worst staff ever! The seats are super small worst the spirit seats! The staff ignores anyone not white, you cant ask any questions and racial profiled my sister - had her sent to a degrading security check! They only tend to people they liked on the flight!DO NOT fly here ever! Pay the extra money IT is NOT worth it! Also they ran late both ways - i would give a zero if it was possible.
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United Airlines

20 April 2022 Shealeen Pacak
We had an excellent experience in Cleveland with employee Rosemaria (Martinez) she was very helpful and kind. Something you dont often see these days!
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Copa Airlines

18 April 2022 Helen Kamen
Dear Sir/Madame, I was flying Copa Airlines from Guayaquil to Panama City, then to Houston(Texas). I was told that I can not get on my flight because my COVID test was done one day earlier than it has to be Done ( the LAB was closed on friday for Easter). The supervisor told me to go to the Hotel and get the taxi and repeat my COVID test and reschedule the flight at the COPA reservation center, which is 30 mins drive from the airport. All that with NO SPANISH!!!! I asked if I can do the COVID test at the airport and the answer was:"NO". I end up spending $200 on another test, change of flight fee, taxi and waiting at the airport for 16 Hours till my next flight at 3:00 am. Later, I found out that there is a testing facility right at the airport and takes 20-30 minutes to get the COVID test results. What a "great" treatment of your passengers?? I've NEVER seen so mean, rude and unfair service before. NEVER NEVER again fly COPA!!! This is horrible and unfriendly airline and service!!! DO NOT recommend to anyone!! STAY AWAY.....Dreadful experience:((((((((((
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Maya Island Air

15 April 2022 James
I've been traveling to Belize regularly for about 10 years and have flown both Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. First let me state that overall there is no difference the overall quality of service, nor the price for these two. Each covers some of the same routes, each has some exclusive routes. Both try to maintain a certain amount of flexibility in how they book and how many planes they fly on a given schedule, which *usually* works pretty well. The planes are almost all small prop planes, there will be no "service" on the flights, and in many cases the "terminal" buildings are tiny and with few services. Having said all that, Maya has gotten me all over Belize many times and I with the right level of expectations on MY part, I've not been disappointed.
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Turkish Airlines

14 April 2022 Tony Magnus
My first experience with Turkish Airlines has been very poor. I bought for about $A14,500 2 Business class tickets Sydney-Italy-Malta-Sydney (all via Istanbul). All for travel in August and September 2022. Turkish Airlines did major flight changes with two flight cancellations - the first change meant that our flight from Istanbul to Italy departed 5 hours before we had even landed in Istanbul. The second major change was that our sunday dep;arture from Italy was now Saturday and resulted in a planned 18 hour stopover in Istanbul Airpoirt. Our agent (who is the biggest in Australia) cancelled our tickets and after 7 weeks we are still waiting for the refund. Turkish AIrlines have told our agent that refunds take 12 weeks to process. Of course we have already had to pay for the replacement airline tickets and the cancellation is only a result of Turkish AIrlines cancelling flights With experience like this I cannot recommend Turkish AIrlines to anyone and would never choose them again.
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13 April 2022 Turchian Mioara Iuga
The documents of proof that I have paid and the ticket been canceled due but the money extracted from my bank account!
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31 March 2022 Guest
Flights were changed by airline, leaving us with the transfer 10 hours at the airport instead of 1..Airline refused to offer lounge or comfort of any kind. They do not value their customers.
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27 March 2022 Guest
Worst airline, crappy food in business, 5/5 flights in a past 4 months changed schedule, keep away. Support non existent as well.
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LATAM Colombia

24 March 2022 Gloria
Beinny Arrieta was very kind and nice, while she attended me, she was also training another one and she did it with a lot patience, I was very pleased to have been attended by her when I checked in. Thank you Latam for giving such good attention, and having staff that works with professionalism.
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Azores Airlines

19 March 2022 Daniel
We booked with 2 bicycles to go to Europe. It clearly says in plain English under the bicycle section on their website that if you take a bicycle you get an additional 10kg of luggage on top of your 23kg standard. When we went to check in with our 33kg bikes all packed and secured inside a bike box with our cycling gear padded around them we were told that we must have two separate bagsone of 23kg and a different bag of 10kg. I explained to them that not only did it not mention this specific on their website, but it takes a long time to properly pack a bike box and so it is not damaged in transit. They wouldnt budge and We had to quickly try and repack the bikes into 2x separate ones before they closed the check in. It was super stressful and the bikes were now loose and getting bumped around in the box. The customer service was terrible and if my bike arrived broken it will be 100% their fault. So dissatisfied with this airline.
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17 March 2022 Guest
Its so sad to write down such a bad review but seriously, I will never ever again take over 10 hours international trips with iberia. Not only seats are small and uncomfortable compared to economy class of other major airline companies and complements on board are inexistent, but also the entertainment on the screens is limited and outdated. Besides, the so promoted wifi on board was not available at all, not even by paying. Im also terribly sorry to admit the staff on board is totally absent; calls buttons are basically ignored till that I couldnt neither get water during the whole flight. Dont even let me started with the quality of meals and service, during dinner I had to repeat myself several time, to different hostess, for a beverage that in fact I did not get; while during breakfast, I chosen to drink a glass of orange juice, and I was stared at because I also asked for the glass of water I was dreaming of for literally hours. This awful story repeated itself consistently at the return flight, but luckily this time I was prepared. Unfortunately a very unpleasant journey, and a frustrating and exhausting experience which for such ticket price is just not fair. Regards.
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05 March 2022 Guest
Getting on the plane for the second leg of my journey, from Singapore to Sydney, felt like walking back into the 1980's; tired old interior, no inflight entertainment, tiny seats, minimal leg room, and perhaps worse of all, that awful low cost nonsense (think Ryanair, Easyjet), of having to pay for all food and drink outside the hastily served (in a minuscule plastic container), 'meal' (a rather nasty, very un-Asian fried rice). I am sincerely shocked Singapore Airlines could associate itself with such a shoddy, outdated airline which is the antithesis of everything Singapore Airlines purports to be in terms of service and value for money. When travelling to Australia in the future I will double check Scoot is nowhere to be found. Sorry Singapore Airlines.
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02 March 2022 Zobain
What a pathetic level of information. I booked my ticket in advance from Baghdad to Jeddah. I am double vaccinated and read all the informarion provided on egyptairs website for my travels. All set to go I get to Baghdad Airport and hello sir you do know you have to pay £420 for a 3 star isolation package in Jeddah because you are flying through Cairo?! Unbelievable!!!
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Air Sunshine

28 February 2022 Lauren M
I booked with Air Sunshine for a private Charter in February 2022. We were a group of 8 adults traveling from Tortola BVI to Vieques, Puerto Rico. I was a little skeptical because I could only find bad reviews - but they were quite old - so I thought I would give them a chance. Their rates were as good or better than a couple of other companies I checked with. They actually answer the phone when you call! And when the person didn't know the answer - she actually called me back...and the next day someone else called me to make sure that I was taken care of. They met us at the airport when we arrived earlier than planned and called the captain to see if he wanted to depart earlier. He showed up quickly and we took off early. The customer service was excellent! The people were all friendly. The plane was nice and the flight was smooth. Honestly, I'm a white-knuckle flyer and so are others in our group...but this really was a nice flight and I would not hesitate to fly with them again. I thought I should write a more current review since I could not find any out there. I hope this helps others.
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InterCaribbean Airways

26 February 2022 Taylor
They are liars. Our flight was delayed an hour and they told us it was due to the tires needing to be changed tires on a plane dont need to be changed unless its scheduled maintenance or the pilot is garbage. Then it got delayed again and then told us they were waiting for the plane to land, when I asked how they could be waiting for it to land if they were changing the tires they lied again and said they were waiting for the engine. When I asked what that meant the lady told me she doesnt work there, shes just a security guard and then when we finally boarded the plane she was OUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT! Wish I could give 0 stars, I hope they go bankrupt.
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21 February 2022 Guest
Bought fully flexible premium economy ticket on -line from Vistara, Cane from UK and turned up at the check in counter - told there is a problem ticket has been auto cancelled. Zero help from customer service counter, extremely arrogant, rude and harassment for two hours including by so called floor manager at Delhi . Gave me customer care e-mail ID and said thats it! Bought another spot ticket to go to destination. Dont know if they will even refund my ninety or not!!! Never again
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