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Airline Reviews & Opinions

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Sunwing Airlines
25 November 2017 Guest

5kg carry is a joke,went from direct to not ,rude at counter ,then give a $50 coupon to be used with them in a year?stay as far away from Sunwing! I will have a party when they go under!

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Vueling Airlines
17 November 2017 Vanessa

On September 21th 2017 I flew fr om Vienna to Paris with Vueling. But they lost my luggage. I went to the lost and found department (in Paris) and I got a number to check online the status of the search. The next day I looked at it and still nothing happend. After 4 days there was still the status 'still searching' nothing changed! I done some research myself and called the lost and found department from Vienna. They told me they found my luggage and had already sent it to Paris the very next day! Why nobody from Vueling said anything to me? They just had to call the L&F in Vienna but they didn't done anything to find my luggage! So I called Vueling and told them that my Luggage is in Paris. But I wasn't in Paris (I was backbacking), I told Vueling the first day that I only will be for three days in Paris and than will travel to Den Haag. The next day the status of my luggage was finally that they found it (well I found it...) and the Adress wh ere there gonna send it was my Hotel in Paris! Man I told them I'm not in Paris. After one week and the first day I was at home, I finally got my luggage back. My Hair Straightener and my Shaver are broken. Some books for studying are all over with Shampoo (so useless).
I only charge them the clothes I bought for the rest of my holiday and some hygenical Products I had to buy (shampoo, deodorant, brush...). It's a total of 100И. I sent them all the things they needed. But still after now two months I didn't got my money back. I never fly with that horrible Airline again! The Customer Service is useless! They should be ashamed!

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10 November 2017 Patrick Else

We were on the delayed LS917 flight on 3rd October 2017 and have just recieved a cheque from Jet2 for the delay . The cheque is the EU regulation compensation of И400 per passenger which at current exchange rates is £ 702.88. We were refunded an additional £42 for reserved seats and on flight meals. Well done Jet2 for prompt corrective action

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09 November 2017 Guest

Online booking system is highly flawed. Never let you amend booking on your own. You have to call FlyDubai numerous times if you want to change your booking. Also, anyone can cancel your booking by just getting a hold of your booking number. They don't ask for any confirmation or anything. Just can such as date of birth or phone number or anything just cancels it with one key stroke.

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Malaysia Airlines
09 November 2017 membership nos 083416465 / 314784271

Appalling customer service never ends. if it was not for the air service we would never fly again. Over the last 2 years we have been regular users - 3 times to London and around 10 to Kota Kinabalu from Phuket. We regularly have miles missing. we contact and no reply On one trip to London the food poisoning and spent much of the flight stuck in the toilet. No reply no reply .. This year we have had our bags forgotten 5 times in KL. Cỡ không bao giờ, bao gồm những giá trị của bạn sẽ không bao giờ, và của course no reply. What a disgraceful company policy of using 'IGNORE AND LETS HOPE THEY GO AWAY' !!!!!!!! PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FLY ANOTHER AIRLINE IF YOU CAN !!!!!

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Lion Airlines
08 November 2017 Guest

I booked LA just because they had refund policy, and then when I cancel a round trip because they delayed one way flight, they only refunded me the flight that got delayed, the other way was only refunded 1/18 of the ticket. The reason? They said they don't cancel it, so they don't have to pay for it. Bullshit, I couldn't get there then how I could fly back??

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Etihad Airways
06 November 2017 Guest

It's the wors airline ever, don't even try it. You will lose your baggage and no one will help you to getting an answer

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Frontier Airlines
31 October 2017 STEPHEN

POOR experience with Frontier....FOUR hour delay at the front of our trip due to a pilot scheduling error (WHAT ???????)

and then a SEVEN HOUR TWENTY MINUTE DELAY for our trip home which we thought was weather related but when my son tweeted about our horrendous experience , the person who tweeted back from Frontier said it was an employee issue (WHAT??????)

when we complained to the customer service dept on the phone, they said they could not help us and to go to the counter at the airport....when we went to the airport counter , those people told us to call customer service... the good old run around.... also known as a sh*t show.


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25 October 2017 Dave E. Chapala, Jal.

The Volaris website is terrible. Have problems every time I try to use it. Doesn't make sense. I was asked for a document # and had to phone to find out what document. Was advised it was for the passport. I asked why don't you just say that. Must have had a high school kid translate the original form to English.
Don't book them anymore because of the confusion.

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Turkish Airlines
25 October 2017 Business Traveler

If you are a Business traveler don't use Turkish Airlines. They delayed my flight by over 4 hours (would have missed my connection) and refused to re-accommodate me on another flight the same day. I had business class seats and they simply told me that they would put me on a flight the next day or the day after that. It would be nice to take money for a service and not have to ever deliver on it. I had to buy a one-way ticket home on another carrier (same day, last minute business class ticket - you can imagine what that cost) and they still have not reimbursed me even for the unused ticket.
My ratings:
Customer service - Zero
Common sense - Zero
Number of flights I will take on them in the future - Zero

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Topics 1 - 10 of 405
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