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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions


16 January 2022 Guest
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Van Nguyen, a German citizen, 3 times completely vaccinated against Covid. In March I would like to fly Ho Chi Minh City (with scoot airlines) via Changi Airport (connecting flight). What Covid documentation do I need to apply from you for short stay at Changi airport (maximum 5 hours) Thank you for your answer and Yours faithfully Nguyen
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Copa Airlines

12 January 2022 Svenja
Este mensaje es un reclamo Porque no puede ser que Copa Airlines escribe un correo, UNA semana antes de yo tengo que tomar el vuelo, que hay cambios (!), sin decir los cambios o alternativas. No podria ver mas informaciones en el correo y tampoco funcionó la pagina Web. Entonces llamé y esperé 40 Minutes que Tambien es un chiste, para la mujer de Copa tiene Nada mas que decir Porque No hicieron un cambio, cancelaron el vuelo que es completamente algo diferente y importante saberlo. No tenían opciones, muy mal servicio. Es Problema del cliente y eso no puede ser. Despues de luchar dijeron que puedo pagar 1 million mas para Volar En buisness, puedo volar dos dias despues de la fecha que tenía o puedo ir un dia antes, sin pololo Porque hay un cubo Pero compramos tickets para dos personas. Entonces zero empatia, zero apoyo y todo una semana antes- que wea?!?!? Tenemos todo listo, todo comprado ten Costa Rica, Auto, Hostal, otros vuelos..gracias por Nada. Compramos otro ticket con otra airline y pagamos doble. La experiencia mas mala.
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Etihad Airways

11 January 2022 Guest
The worst customer experience in my life. This airline over promises and under delivers. They lack the basic understanding of responsibility and integrity. As business class traveler for over 10 years and a gold member, yet I was treated less than cargo. Forget calling customer care, forget expecting them to respond to your complaint or address your issues. It is basically organized fraud! This airline should be band and boycotted.
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10 January 2022 Guest
I bought the flight Vilnius-Riga and immediately requested the flight change (evening to morning). The flight change fee is 10 EUR. They have sent me the confirmation in Lithuanian (I am a citizen of Latvia) with very short notice for payment. When I was finally able to translate the meaning of the email the cost of change was already 95 eur, which is a ridiculous price for such a trip. We have a state of emergency in Latvia, the number of flights is limited. The customer service was completely ignorant of this problem. They did not try to offer any solution besides paying the fee which is 10 times higher than it should be for this service. I don`t have any intention to fly with this company anymore. That is not the first time the company does not listen to the actual feedback of the customers. They sent the confirmation in the wrong language and they put the responsibility to pay for it to the customer. Disappointed. p.s.There should be a service for the prices they sell their tickets. The cheapest tickets in this airline cost more than in low-costers, but what is the justification for that if the Service is 0? why to pay more?
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InterCaribbean Airways

09 January 2022 Unsatisfied Guest
If I could rate this airline a zero, I would. I was rushed through customs and security by airport personnel after leaving my first flight (on a different airline). I got to the interCaribbean airways counter while boarding was taking place and was told that I was too late to board my flight. I was rescheduled for a flight on the next day. After arriving at the airport the next day, the boarding was delayed by about 20 minutes with no notification to the passengers about what was occuring or why. When we finally boarded, we waited an hour after the plane was supposed to leave for other people to arrive and board the flight (which made me wonder why I was denied boarding the previous day although I was there prior to the plane leaving). I have never heard of a plane waiting for passengers to arrive. When the plane finally closed its doors, there was an undeniable smell of gas. We took off and within less than 5 minutes, the pilot stated we had to turn around for an emergency landing because of warning lights on the dash board. The flight was rescheduled for the next morning and we still waited for hours with little to no information being given. I lost money and had to make new reservations for a place to stay when I arrived. This is the worst experience I have ever had traveling.
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Air Europa

08 January 2022 Lissette Sot
For starters, the Airline was offering money and hotel for any whom offered to stay until the next day flight. We did not accept as we needed to travel. 30 minutes prior to take off, the Airline bumped us, as we had not boarded by then and closed the flight. Refused to allow us to board and said the ticket office would replace our tickets for the next days flight. My 7 year old daughter was crying as we were denied boarding and the rude gate attendant, whom I regret not taking her name said to her " this is your parents fault , so don't cry" I asked to her why the she said that to my daughter and she began to insult me with nasty words that I do not want to repeat and requested we leave the international terminal. My 7 years daughter kept crying because she was scared about not being able to come home and for the screaming and insulting of this woman with me. It took us over 1 hour to get to the other terminal ticket office. A most horrible experience ! The ticket office, the attendant said we had to pay for a 1 way ticket for each passenger as it was our fault for not boarding plane 1 hr prior to take off. We explained all that had happened and she said she was doing us a favor and providing us a discount, and that one way tickets were 3 time more expensive . That paying for new tickets were the only option. By the way they have more people in line with the same problem. Horrible experience I will never use Air Europa again and we do not recommend it to anyone.
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Flair Airlines

06 January 2022 Angelo
Horrible service! Would not recommend this airline to anyone. Our return flight from Sanford airport in Orlando to MTL was cancelled at last minute by email on Jan 1/22 10:30 pm to notify us that our Jan 2/22 flight 11:45 am was cancelled. They wanted to book us on a flight home leaving on Thursday Jan 6/22, but seeing that their previous scheduled flight to Montreal were also cancelled we decided to rebook with Air Canada at full price ($1500 US for 3 flights one way). They refunded us the 3 flight back with them. Today Jan 6/ 22, again their return flight to MTL was cancelled making this 5 in a row, stranding passengers that need to get home. Good thing we didnt reschedule for this date. We called them last night and finally got thru after being on hold for 1 hr 20 min as we want to make a complaint. The lady on the other end was very rude, seems like shes the only one answering their phones. She said she would have someone higher up call us back in 24-48 hours. I am not too sure we will get a call back as she was so so rude. Cant believe they have people like that servicing the public. NEVER FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE.
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Wizz Air

04 January 2022 Guest
worst company. flight w9 3798 stuck in luton for over 4 hours. no communication with the passengers. they have waited for over one hour on access stairs with small kids who needed to acces toilets and staff did not allowed them! this is outrageous!
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Silver Airways

03 January 2022 Guest
"Worst airline" is an understatement, nothing but long delays and cancellations, the management should be made accountable, they belong locked behind bars.
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02 January 2022 Guest
Best Breakfasts in Dubai
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01 January 2022 Guest
I HATE this airline. Make a mistake in the booking, pay for an entire new flight, they cancel the flight last minute and expect us to just wait around for them to reschedule. So inconsiderate. The worst AIrline. i will never fly with this airline again
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30 December 2021 Adele
DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS AIRLINE!!!! We booked a domestic flight for our planned 3 week trip trip to south africa from Ireland. Covid meant our flights leaving Ireland was suspended. The customer service was horrendous - I received no reply to repeated messages and emails sent. They were not willing to refund the 200 euro spent. A friend in South Africa did get through to them eventually and the only option they gave my son and I was to pay more money to rebook flights within 5 months yet flights are still suspended??? This is not realistic nor is it helpful and quite appalling given that our inability to get to South Africa is completely out of our control. All other agents whom we booked with in South Africa kindly refunded our money. I would subsequently advice people not to book with this airline period given our negative experience overall.
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30 December 2021 Guest
this airline is the worst i was racially profiled for the sake of me i dont know they took my contents out of my bag that i couldnt get on the plane with and tell me i couldnt aboard the plane with the bag after i set in a seat for to hours at the boarding gate with the bag the young man that told me that i couldnt get on the plane because i didnt check my bag he told to go to theend of the line for no reason i had all the proper documents to get thru the airport to even get to the door i asked him again why do i have to go to the end of the line he said he dont speak english but told me that i had to leave the line so then i was told that i couldnt aboard the flight i asked why he please step aside i was tghen told to pay$317 to take my bag aboard the plane he asked for my credit card i said i dont that for a bag when they already told me what i had to do in order to take my bag on the plane so i started to cry as i thru my property in the garbage and still being told i cant aboard flight even tho i complied to the horrible treatment i soiled my self i wa so scared cause they were literally trying to make me miss the flight i came home with no luggage or dignity
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Sunwing Airlines

29 December 2021 Guest
When we booked our vacation in November, we were supposed to get a direct flight from saskatoon to Cancun and vice versa. One week before our vacation they informed us that it won't be a direct flight anymore and it will go to Regina and over there you have to change the plane and I asked if we can cancel it and the rep said No because on terms you agreed that Sunwing could change it without notice, I paid a lot to get a direct flight with 5-star inclusive hotel and asked if they will issue us a voucher or return any money to us and she said No. you don't have any choice just we let you know. The 9am flight changed to 7am and it had delayed in Regina because obviously, they gather travelers from 3 different cities in one area to go so we had another 2 hours delay in Regina and when we reached to Cancun, we totally lost a day as around 7pm we were in our hotel so a vacation starts with a disaster and instead of 5-6 hours flight It took us 11 hours however we paid for premium,,,..Good for Sunwing's pocket! On the return, they took us 5 hours before our departure, without they inform us that it will be a Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon combination flight, they issued our tickets to saskatoon, announced the gate, and on the last minute, they changed it to Winnipeg gate and on the air told us that you should get unplanned in Regina. When we got to Regina, they weren't ready at all. they redo everything like a new traveler that just got to the airport till we reached to our gate and it took over 3 hours in mid of the night plus another 1-hour delay, a total of 14 hours from hotel to Saskatoon! We didn't receive any apology from them at all and it hurt us a lot. In general, transportation was a disaster and we all got very unhappy and disappointed with Sunwing and I never will choose them for my vacation. I had a good experience with them before it is why I didn't look at other options such as Westjet vacation but definitely from now on, they will be my last option.
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Vueling Airlines

28 December 2021 Diana
This airline takes your money and makes it impossible to connect with them. They only have automated messages on the phone, there is no option to speak with a customer service agent, zero. in my case, they cancelled two flights and sent me a message that they have refunded me the money. They did not refund me the money, nor did they reply any email, nor do they have a channel where anybody answers. so only option is to complain to the the consumers authority, cause Vueling does not reply, they only take your money.
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

26 December 2021 Guest
Were supposed to takeoff at 7:50am, it's now 9am and we are still not moving. Been on board of a full plane since 7:30am it's hot and humid and the crew doesn't turn on the A/C.
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25 December 2021 Guest
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22 December 2021 Guest
I booked 2 tickets 28th Dec on Easyjet Gatwick to Geneva to go to France for New Year. I booked Easyjet insurance in case things went wrong and I could not go. I am a flightclub member and TYPICALLY spend thousands a year on Easyjet flights. France banned UK residents from coming to France so now we cant go - we are not allowed - IT IS ILLEGAL! EASYJET WILL NOT REFUND THE FLIGHTS AS IT IS TO GENEVA (AIRPORT IS SWISS & FRENCH) AS ITS NOT FRANCE!!!! EASYJET INSURANCE CLAIMS THEY DO NOT COVER THIS EITHER. HENCE THIS REVIEW - I booked Easyjet to try to help them after their pandemic woes - with insurance in case it went wrong. Easyjet are not doing the right thing and refunding flights when a country tells you "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME HERE!!" This is completely outrageous behaviour for any Easyjet customer who has booked in good faith - They are showing the ultimate bad faith to their customers. I spoke to Flightclub customer service who told me I could have a voucher. But with insurance I would have to call the insurance number to get a refund. After a few days i got thru to Insurance who told me my insurance did not cover governments telling me I couldn't go to their country! I then called Flightclub back who then said no voucher was available as I was flying to Geneva - not directly into France! So all I could get back was my taxes! This is completely dodgy and so "below the belt" that it means you cannot trust Easyjet - they used to be like this but had been better - I tried to support them - and they have kicked me in the teeth. If you are in a similar situation please complain as this is outrageous behaviour!
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22 December 2021 Guest75
Raynair for the prices is great but when comes under the exactly day to flight they may cancelling the flights for commercial purposes and that may messing with my other arrangements I did , that cost me money and lost of course they refund me the costs of the flights but the bus arrangements comes under other regulations and that money unfortunately not refunded because standard ticket and not cover the Raynair cancelation plans. I think Europe should look at this and review their terms and conditions.
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Nile Air

21 December 2021 Guest
The most terrible airline ever. They pack the passengers around 200+ and only open toilets behind, which is only 2 doors, front is reserved for only them.. behind of the airplane got so packed people que for the toilet, yet they refuse to let the passengers in front toilet. One stuard guarded the toilet as a sphinx guarding the pyramids. Terrible. The meal supposed to be meal for 5.30 hours flight, not a bread and cheese. We paid for the disappointment. Never ever use this airline
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Air Transat

21 December 2021 Alenka
Impossible to speak with anyone have been on hold 5 hours and counting and online very difficult to navigate when you want to know if you are getting a credit or refund. There portal doesn't work when I submit the need to talk with someone but can't get a hold of anyone
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Air Arabia

19 December 2021 Ali Hassan
Very bad experince with Air Arabia, i booked ticket from Qatar to Pakistan, 1st flight was delayed in Doha towards sharja. And then from Sharja to Pakistan flight delayed up to 14 hrs. Very very bad experience and coustmer service is worst at airport. My advice pay more and avoid these type of airlines.
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Allegiant Air

18 December 2021 Douglas Sheridan
After a 2 hour delay, we were finally seated on the plane only to be told the flight was canceled and we were told to get off. This occurred at midnight. Temps were below freezing. We had no transportation or way to return home. This is totally unacceptable as their was ample to to reschedule the flight much earlier before boarding. This was my family's first experience with Allegiant and we were very disturbed about how this was handled. What is Allegiant willing to offer in compensation so we may consider flying with Allegiant again? Come back next day with more delays and excuses. Allegiant needs to stop pretending to be a legitimate airline.
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Azores Airlines

11 December 2021 Guest
Absolute garbage for making their customer aware of check in times. Or holding to them. Last minute changes we werent made us aware of cost us our flight, our trip, and a couple grand for new tickets. Thanks for nothing. Never using this airline again. Just use any other REPUTABLE airline even if it costs a little more, so long as you dont have to use this service. If zero stars were possible thats what they would get.
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08 December 2021 Audrey Fraser
I have to change or cancel my booking for 10th December due to the new COVID regulations. I have been phoning since Sunday no one is answering calls. It is now Tuesday are jet 2 doing this on purpose so its impossible to change or cancel your booking? I have left messages on messenger and whats up not responding. This is so stressful and upsetting
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06 December 2021 Guest
Absolutely appalling customer service. My flight was cancelled and I was told I would get a refund. Literally years later my case was closed with no explanation. Finally got hold a human through live chat to be told my refund has been rejected. Again no explanation. YOU CANCELLED MY FLIGHT, YOU OWE ME MONEY!
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JetBlue Airways

04 December 2021 Guest
They've gone downhill. As a customer from the beginning, it's sad to see how growth causes a decline in customer service, staff happiness and overall performance. I'm on these birds monthly or more. Employees are almost always unhappy, angry or distant. Is it OK to not unload the plane's luggage for an hour? Is it OK for nobody to EVER answer the phone? Is it OK to call, write and email the executive team and not get an answer? I'm in NYC and they want to expand in Boston. Good luck, as I will be flying on another carrier. When you lose a million mile customer, you should be concerned.
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26 November 2021 Guest
DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE. THEY ARE TERRIBLE. Customer service is a joke. They lost our luggage for about a week and when they delivered our bags we had to drive over eight hours to retrieve. Both Mr. Perez and Ms. Trejo at the luggage department in mexico city told us that since they delivered our luggage we had no recourse. Now they ignore our emails and calls. There are much better airlines in mexico. DO NOT USE VIVA AEROBUS!!
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LATAM Airlines

26 November 2021 C Adema
After going through the entire booking process they repeatedly declined my card because it's foreign, clearing all booking info. Then, if you try to book from the US site it suddenly magically works, but they charge DOUBLE the price for the same seat. I have wasted HOURS trying to book a flight with this terrible airline. I'm so sick of Peru ripping off tourists.
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22 November 2021 Dr.Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Tambi
My wife and I booked to fly to Penang on 3rd Dec and return on 5th.The booking was done on 15 Nov evening. I thought everything was on order.Just now when I rechecked my flight details I found my wifes name and mine were incomplete.I contacted the customer service and was informed that I have to pay Rm150 each just to put my complete name.I am an Enrich Member.This is day light robbery! I then wrote in to customer care and hope this can be rectified without incurring cost.My wife was charged Rm50 for incorrect name by Air Malindo some time ago, at the airport.We thought that was our fault.This present situation is simply radiculous.Ihave been a loyal patron to Firefly.I will not give any rating until I get a response from them.
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Air Cairo

17 November 2021 Guest
The worst service ever After I paid for my tickets on thier official website I got shocked in the airport that they didn't list my name in the list of passangers nor 10 other passengers Egyptians and forighners while the economy seats were all booked by other passengers already , moreover they refused to upgrade our seats to business class although it was available in order not to add extra cost on them and obviously this is thier mistakes and we didn't catch the flight. and there's also two foreigners with me claimed that the same situation happened with them 3 days before with the same company. After many calls the company finally told me to go to another terminal to catch another flight after 4 hours of my original booking. Very unprofessional and shame on the airlines industry.
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Blue Bird Airways

11 November 2021 Guest
I would rather walk than book with this airline. Packed like sardines. Can't understand announcements. Staff not interested in looking after passengers. 10hr flight from Msmchester with 1 Cup of water and 1 Cup of tea. Ran out of food How can you do that on an airline. Would give 0 stars if possible
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Sky Express

10 November 2021 Guest
What an absolutely shocking company!! I am actually disgusted by their ridiculous baggage costs & lack of customer services!!! I booked our famlys flights with Sky express, via My Trip. I was not able to add baggage at the time of booking, but was assured I would be contacted prior to departure, with deals on car rental, insurance, baggage etc but received nothing! So 3 days before departure, I sent Sky Express a message voicing my concerns and requested to add baggage now, before arriving at the airport. Surprisingly, I had no response!! (Admittedly, I would normally have pushed more for a response, but being so distracted with all the pre travel documents I needed to complete for the family and return, it slipped my mind) I did however Google the average baggage costs (as nothing is noted on their website!!) And it stated to expect £40-£45 per bag. (We had x2 cases, for a family of 4) So we get to the airport, and the 2 bags costed us an outstanding, disgusting amount of £190!!!!!!! (X2 bags, ONE WAY!!!!!!) Being shocked was an understatement!!!!! How can a company justify this!!! It's horrendous!!! I voiced my opinion at the airport, but they were useless and offered absolutely no help whatsoever!!! I immediately forwarded my last message, stating how disgusting it was! I then received my first and only response! Please send your claim to xxxxxxx! So I did exactly that, and no response! I didn't receive anything back AGAIN, so after 5 days forwarded my message again, and shockingly, still no response!!!! I don't think we're going to see any of that money back, but what I can do, is help others, so they don't get suckered into this scam of an airline!!!!! I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN, AND WILL PUT ANYONE OFF USING THEM THAT I CAN!!! DISGUSTING COMPANY!!!
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Blue Air

09 November 2021 Guest
Do yourself a favor and listen to the reviews !! Avoid this airline even at the cost of none direct flight. They measure every suit case and charge you even the trolley is 2 cm bigger . that happened to all people on the line . We all thought they found a cheap flight 😀😀😀 all paid double
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Royal Air Maroc

08 November 2021 Guest
Flew from Miami to Casablanca in June and it was literally a nightmare. I have never come across unprofessional, unhelpful, and careless staff like RAM. The check in was the worst and on top of that theyve lost my checked bag and it was never found until now which is 5 months later and no compensation. I will never travel with them again. I would rather take a longer route than travel with them. Also, their planes are the most old and dirtiest planes I have ever ridden on. Not a single thing that feels royal about the airlines! Please avoid this airlines they dont care at all.
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Philippine Airlines

03 November 2021 Santipolo
Sadly, thought we tolerated their sub standard service for years, our experience since May 2020 has left us wishing we had never booked with them. I have lost count of how many times an operative has told us "Just 5 more billing cycles sir" or "I shall expedite your complaint sir" Reality is, they are taking customers money and consider it their money regardless of circumstance. PAL cancelled our May 2020 flights because of covid and despite using every contact option available, they repeat the same lines over and over as above. We are still waiting on our nearly £1400 refund from they acknowledge we are entitled to. We now have a solicitor working on it. In the past we have experience several delayed departures which they dealt with very poorly. Their food isn't really so good, just barely acceptable. Their in flight entertainment is via an ipad and power brick with nowhere to put it so it has to be held. This latest avoidance of our refund just sealed our view of them as potentially corrupt and stealing their customers hard earned money.
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Myanmar National Airlines

30 October 2021 MTPT
None of the contract phone numbers are reachable.
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British Airways

25 October 2021 Guest
I had originally booked a flight DUS to CUN with a 5-hour airport swap in London. However, BA changed the flight times of the first leg leaving me with a mere 30 minutes to get from LCY to LGW. I've tried calling, using the live chat and sending messages on Twitter but I can't seem to get in contact with any real human beings.
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Arik Air

22 October 2021 Guest
Ridiculous and incompetent. Thats one word to describe the airline. Flight was scheduled for 5pm. Then rescheduled again for 7.15pm. Then Rescheduled again for 7.55pm. We were given an excuse of late arrival of the aircraft. No apologies e was tendered. Hence the no star rating -500%
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18 October 2021 Daniela
Schlechteste Fluggesellschaft die ich je erlebt habe. Veraltete Sitze... Man hat von der Durchsage kaum was verstanden lag wohl am Mikrofon! War sehr undeutlich zu verstehen. Mein neuer Koffer kam nach dem Flug defekt wieder, keine Kulanz oder Übernahme der Kosten. Hoffe ich brauche nicht mehr damit fliegen. Kann ich auf jeden Fall nicht weiterempfehlen!
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Aerolineas Argentinas

18 October 2021 Viktoria Deftalinska
This is the sketchiest and most unethical company that I had encountered. Unable to get though the customer service phone line to book the new flight with the credit that was granted by the airline for an additional $ 400.00. The Whats up call did not go through as well as no one responded to the email communication. It appears that the airline have no intension on processing credits and yet they were happy to take an additional fee for extension.
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WestJet Airlines

06 October 2021 Rose Miranda
I have been trying to cancel my flights from Gatwick to Vancouver for October 6th , today, for days and nobody responds! During the pandemic my flights have been cancelled 6times. I have been stranded in Spain all this time. I cannot travel because the Spanish Health department will not give me the vaccine certificate. This is no way to treat a long time customer!
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