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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Air Antilles Express

05 December 2019 Gelien Matthews
I will be writing the airline everyday until I get my suitcase.
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Buta Airways

04 December 2019 Luca Gentile
Buta airways makes you pay 25 euros for carry on luggage if you have 'budget' class tickets. After decades of travels this never happened to me. This practice is misleading, not to say illegal. I will avoid this airline in the future.
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Thai Vietjet Air

03 December 2019 Robbed
They steal
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Sunwing Airlines

03 December 2019 Grey
i made payment via creditcard and it wasnt confirmed,if it was bitcoin payment i had issues with i would have hired OWENBARRETH on GMX dot COM, to help me recover all my lost funds and stolen bitcoin.
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Royal Air Maroc

27 November 2019 Guest
They will lose your luggage, tell you to write them an email, say they will answer in 60 days (which is already a long time) and then will never reply.
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23 November 2019 Ridzwan
They made it hard for you to cancel after you've payment is being made. No option at all to do it online. No refund crap policy. Say goodbye to your own money. The worst customer service I have came across ever. They just put you down like you owe them a living. I pray for Sccot's downfall and extinction. Total rip off.
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21 November 2019 Guest
I have bought two tickets to go from Mendoza to Foz do Iguaçu on Christmas eve 2019. When I bought them, I had a receipt by mail; and, sure enough, the money was withdrawn from my account. When wanting to check the reservation several months later, I went to the Flybondi home page only to find out that the flight has been cancelled!! I am SO glad that I checked. I have managed to get the last two tickets with another airline out of Mendoza on the 24 December, but when I want to get my money back (and potentially also get an explanation for the whole case) I cannot find any contact information about Flybondi than a postal address. No mail adresse, no contact form, no phone number. This is just soooo bad. Take my advise: Don't ever chose to fly Flybondi.
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Nok Air

16 November 2019 Yukie De Andrade Kato
Don t fly with them!!! We had a flight from krabi to Chiang mai on November 9th. Nok air didnt had all the documents allowing them to fly. As a consequence our flight got delayed more than 4 hours! We missed our conection in Bangkok and they , instead of putting us on another flight to Chiang mai, sent is to Chiang Raí!!!!! They are not serious, don t give information and ignores all complaints!!! And the flight was not cheap!!
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Cebu Pacific Air

16 November 2019 Guest
I don't know who is responsible fot IT and customer service in this company. It is beyond the worst I ever experienced. Website down for days, customer help talk like robots - no help at all.
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16 November 2019 Guest
I have the worst experience with VOLARIS.....they do not know what customer service is. They lost my babys luggage and it was found 3 days later, we werent given any explanation as to what had happened. Then on our way back from Guadalajara to LAX they tried to charge us for my carry on and my purse, claiming the purse and carry in exceeded the 20lbs. But I saw other people that werent questioned about their purse just move along. The woman in the picture was so rude and told me and my family to leave the counter and fix our luggage in the middle of the airport in order to make things fit how they wanted them in order to meet the required weight. We spoke to a manager who was useless and very rude. At the same time there were other people in the line complaining about the same thing and they just stood there saying they had to pay $120 dollars. This airline is a joke. Everyone is always cussing them out and theyre used to it. I suggest volaris paya their employees a little more so they dont try to steal from its customers with hidden fees.
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TAP Portugal

15 November 2019 Donald Williams
Tap airline Complaint #2019/431634, 2019/433009 Traveling from London to Lisbon we purchased two tickets which included one checked bag each. My wifes ticket 0477430530864 and my ticket 0477430530863 each had one checked bag and one bicycle. We paid for the bikes separately at checkin receipt numbers 91403874; 70.00 EUR each, we also had to pay for one bag 90 EUR (91403874). The checkin person decided to allocate three pieces to myself and apparently only the bike to my wife. She made an error that I tried to get her to correct, but she would not listen. I expected this to be refunded to my credit card as this should never have been charged to me. Our tickets clearly state that we are each entitled to a free checked bag. When I challenged the checkin person, she said only one free bag for two people was allowed. As we had been travelling for many hours previously from Vancouver, we were at a loss to continue the argument. I expect TAP to be more professional and honest than this and expect a full refund of $90.00 euros. To this date they have refused to deal with this claim. I would not recommend this airline, they passed the buck at each stage of complaint and will not allow any human interaction. We asked at the gate in London, the agent there looked up our tickets and was shocked that this happened and assured us TAP would refund this at the airport in Lisbon. Upon arrival In Lisbon we went straightaway to customer service. There were three women sitting there, no clients, just chatting to each other, upon hearing my problem, she simply shoved a business card at me and told me to go online. Quite rude, terrible image for the company. When I tried to address this online, there was no category that fit, so I asked hotel concierge to call TAP. She did and when I talked to someone I was told to fill in the form incorrectly and not to worry as a human would read this and send me a refund. I was denied any refund as the checkin person decided to put both checked bags on my husbands ticket and none on mine. This has ruined my vacation and taken up hours of my life I will not get back. We have travelled the world many times over and this is the worst airline that I have ever dealt with and that includes India, China and Africa! Winning the worst customer service award is not what I expect from a star alliance member, or a country such as Portugal. This is a poor reflection on your country.
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Copa Airlines

14 November 2019 Guest
I have traveled with this airlines from New York to Mexico city and booked my flight ticket through Copa airlines contact number 1 (888) 201 8441 and traveled without any discomfort but they still need to manage their services well, before they start losing customers
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13 November 2019 Dave L
Booked a flight for family with a two day stop over on way to Glasgow. Booked on-line, all good when got receipt didnt have stop over. Called them and they said it would cost me $700 more each person to make the change for a 2 hr trip. They then got back to me to say they checked the web and their system screwed up so they would cancel the $300 fee but still charge me $400 + each. For what? Ironcially went online ten minutes after and flight would be $350 Why the difference? They admit their mistake but still charging me more
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LOT Polish Airlines

08 November 2019 Martin
In May 2019 I used LOT and 24 hours before my flight (I was still sleeping) LOT called me that me flight is cancelled and rebooked me for later flight that they but arriving to my destination more than 10 hours later. So of course I complained and now the fun with their Specialist in Passenger Claims section, Mr Pawel, started. To my first complaint that I was called 24 hours before the flight, he wrote back after 2 months that my flight was canceled already in April (approx 1 month before the flight) so I was informed more than 2 weeks in advance so no compensation. So I complaint again, with question if he has a problem with math or understanding English text as I clearly wrote I was called less than 24 hours before the flight and in my world 24 hours is much less then 2 weeks. After 2,5 months he replied back that they (LOT) carefully investigate each complaint and that they cannot be responsible if the contact details are incorrect. So I wrote another complaint asking him, if my details were not correct how they were able to call me and also after I booked the tickets I got all the confirmations by email. Today (8th November) I got a new message from Mr. Pawel. He can see that my email address was changed in the system 1 day before the flight (during the phone call I was asked if I can confirm my email address) so by his opinion my details were definitely incorrect. He completly ignored the question how they were still able to call me if my data were incorrect and wrote that this case is closed for him. Of course I raised now new complain and will be waiting another 2 months before got any answer...
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08 November 2019 Guest
I flew this Mexican discount airline once, from Cancun to Tuxtla in 2018. I expected nothing, and was pleasantly surprised. They used the old terminal in Cancun, were a bit scatterbrained about a last-minute gate change, but normal for Latin America. Booking could only be done online in Spanish, and they warned you upfront you would be charged extra if you didn't print and bring along your own boarding pass. I paid extra for early boarding, and actually got it! Flight was safely operated, and ran on time! This airline is often much cheaper than the more respectable alternatives, and has some flights that are the only direct ones, with the big guys making you change in Mexico City. Taking them may be a bit of a gamble, but I would try them again.
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Silver Airways

06 November 2019 Darrell
I wish I would have read the reviews what everyone says on here is true worst airline I have ever been on unfriendly, untrained, unorganized staff I have ever seen late departing on every flight the only good thing I can say is they arent going to be around long I hate it makes me give them one star they arent worth it
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01 November 2019 Mr Barry Myers
On a recent flight fro Malaga to Southend , we had our carry on case taken from us as we were about to enter the aircraft probably because there was little room in the overhead lockers . No problem i thought as we had to collect a case that was hold luggage anyway . On arrival we found out the case had been damage beyond repair . A nice lady in luggage area filled in a report after inspecting the item and we were advised that an e mail would arrive next day . It did and i completed the form . Two days late a very polite young lay rang and informed us anew replacement would arrive in a few days . It did and we were delighted . I would like to thanks Easy Jet for the quick easy and efficient way in which this matter was handled . Many thanks . B Myers
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Austrian Airlines

27 October 2019 Guest
Passport check in was difficult. I was with a tour group leaving Vienna and hadn't used their machinery before. Many of us did not know that we had "biometric" passports and the airline attendant did her best to make us all feel stupid. We, in the USA, aren't familiar with biometric being used for passports; another term would have been better or picture of where on the passport the symbol is located. The attendant was rude and abrupt; if she is so unhappy in her job, I'd suggest she quit! Further we had to weigh, attach luggage tags, and place the suitcases on the conveyor belt ourselves so no service there either. The attendant, once again was quite curt telling us to place the luggage differently. A simple graphic would have been better than to put up with that woman again! Austrian Air has a problem with customer service and needs to address this. When I next plan a trip without "benefit" of a tour, I'll remember this and choose another airline.
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T'way Airlines

22 October 2019 Guest
Avoid at all costs. It's pretty much impossible to add luggage because their English website is unusable. If you can afford an airplane of any sorts, you should be able to pay someone who can write English properly. Would never fly this airline ever again.
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Fly Jordan

20 October 2019 Noor
Hi Mr/Mrs , The subject : delay 6hrs on fly jordan because of a technical error & no one care to call passengers to inform or to apology /- I was stay at TZX TRABZON -airport waiting fly jordan our trip no. FJR-751 must takeoff from 9:15 but they said the flight will be delay from amman airport because there is a Technical error and no one contact us from fly jordan team and i have another trip for kuwait next day.....😡untill when we will stay @ TZX airport (please note im @ airport from 6:40 pm as fly jordan rule )i m sooo tired and i have diabetes and my medicine inside my bags and the bags already taken . Now our agency call us & say the flight will departe amman airport on 4:00 Am😵😡 My kuwait fly will take off on 10:00am . Urgent action need please & dont be hestate .I am demanding financial compensation . And i send this complain to address book But the domain error and this mail not found .😵😵😵how can they put email address not working on his site ?!!!!!!!!!!!
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Evelop Airlines

15 October 2019 Steve phillips
One of the best airlines we have ever flown with
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15 October 2019 Guest
Howard I have literally spent the entire day trying to get help from these guys...Just like Jeanie Cotton below...1.5 hours? How about 4.5, 10 calls, bad help. Stay away from these guys.
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07 October 2019 Ilona Pinka
Very disappointed with services and return policy exchange dates tickets. Tickets are not cheap, 350-400 euro flights and no exchange date if you loose your flight, or wanna change your date. Terrible costumer service, rude staff. In Riga airport they weight your hand luggage before last gate before you enter inside the plane. After check in our hand luggage was even under weight. But we did some shopping in duty free and bought water and snaks from caffe, they weight all and told us that we r over weight and have to pay 60 euro for it. We had to leave food and water in rubbish bin. Terrible service.
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Cathay Pacific

05 October 2019 Williams
Like say on 4th June I feel with your company you let me down in business class. It started Brisbane booking in then thrown in wheelchair ,after that pushed aside for half hour until I asked when going take me to Qantas lounge in which I had hour eat my dinner. Qantas people ask me what flight going on I told them. They had ring up find some one talk me to air craft I nearly mid my flight. Your meals were disgusting one time I order meal got spaghetti shells with boil peas over the top of it and a little bit of Kraft cheese.i look then tasted it spat out it was disgusting, so took my salad with NO dressing so that went out door. This was my first time in business class.Never again.will I got through treated like I was dirt.
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Omni Air International

02 October 2019 Hazel Trevanion
Many thanks for your help and kindness on the Orlando to Manchester repatriation flight on Sunday 29 September. The cabin crew could not have done more for myself and my daughter with Downs Syndrome. Heartfelt thanks.
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30 September 2019 Mary
Flew Jet2 for the first time on Saturday on a "rescue mission" flight - we should have been flying home on Thomas Cook ..... The aircraft was a 30 year old Boeing 757 and SHE WAS WONDERFUL. I am a very nervous flyer but this aircraft made it FUN, leapt into the air and went straight up, not the usual straining off the ground. we had had a horrible week when lots went wrong but coming home to Gatwick on this lovely aircraft made it all worthwhile,. Thank you Jet2 for operating the flight and the great cabin crew - I wish you worked out of Gatwick I would use you every time. Best wishes & keep flying the 757s!
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Asiana Airlines

30 September 2019 Guest
I am writing to complain about the staff at the Transfer Desk ICN airport and your policy for a long lay over for your passengers. I recently purchased a round trip ticket from Sacramento CA to Clark Philippines. My lay over in ICN is 17 hours. I requested hotel from the ticket agency. I was told by the ticketing agency I need to check with the airline. When I check with your staff at the ICN Transfer Desk, I was told I need to check with the travel agency. What a mess. In addition, your staff at the Transfer Desk were extremely rude and did not offer any assistance. I paid for my hotel and meals at ICN (this is not the first time). Korean Airlines provides accommodations for its passengers hassle free. Your airlines is just the opposite. If this is how you treat your frequent customers, I must consider another airlines. Derrick Green Passport number 556201471 booking 62955154
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Malawian Airlines

29 September 2019 Sheila Henke
Luggage was lost for 4 days, no one was helpful to receive information about when or if it might be returned. We were offered no compensation . Communication was a headache and when our luggage was return after 4 long days of our vacation time wasted there were items missing. Specifically a Kindle and a box containing electronic cords and attachments. Had to chase down someone at the airport who promised compensation of $50 which we never received and nearly 2 months later still trying to communicate with someone for some resolution . Terrible customer service!
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Sky Express

23 September 2019 Guest
My wife was due to fly with this carrier to Athens from Skiarthos recently and arrived at the airport with a valid ticket and they'd overbooked the aircraft! They bumped her off despite there being a spare jump seat available which she said she was happy to have - but the pilot said No. They gave her a website address to contact for a refund (she missed her hotel bookings because of this and so there were additional costs there) and the website link doesn't work. Avoid like the plague. What a way to run an airline. Just another corporate greedy.
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WestJet Airlines

13 September 2019 Guest
DO NOT Flight with WestJet. Horrible company with racism flight attendance and rude for crying kids. My family had a terrible experience while taking Westjet for Canada travel. They were taking WestJet 1508 in Sep-08-019 from Calgary return back to San Francisco. Prior to boarding, this flight was delayed by 3 hours and because of this, my family had to wait in the airport for 5 hours. Thus my son, which is only 2 years old, was very exhausted and really sleepy. Imagine that even for an adult, 5 hours of waiting in airport is quite stressful. While starting from their boarding, the flight attendant never showed any warm welcome to these exhausted passengers. Instead, she was very hostile to my family, whispering to another attendant that they should closely watch my family. Due to the stress, my son was very tired and could not easily get calmed down while seated. My wife and my mother-in-law were trying their best to calm down him and let him well sit and tied with the seatbelt. However, only after about 3 minutes, this attendant rudely came and yelled at my family. She demanded my family to leave the aircraft immediately. The total time from my family boarding to get kicked off from the airplane was only around 5 minutes, my wife even didnt have time to get the phone out from her purse to entertain my son. My family, including 2 year old child and two seniors (both >60 years old), had to pull their heavy luggage and leave the aircraft. The rude attendant even didnt tell them what to do next. My family had to walk a long way holding the 2 year baby to outside of the airport and re-checked in to purchase the next available flight tickets. To me, this cruel treatment from WestJet to the passenger is not about uncourteous, it is more about inhumanity. I cannot image this could happen in a civilized community. My wife later on told me that this attendant was very clearly racially discriminating against them from the beginning since my son was crying during boarding (we are Asian Americans, my parents dont know how to speak English). I called WestJet customer service immediately after receiving the call from my wife and also got very rude response (they are clearly protecting each other). I am very disappointed and frustrated with WestJet. I would never take WestJet and would like to give others the same advice: DO NOT flight WestJet !!!
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Nepal Airlines

06 September 2019 Guest
Flew from Nepal Airlines recently 04/05/2019 and could not believe the service which was provided by them. I wanted to fly cheap and chose Nepal Airline instead of Thai. The hospitality was amazing with overall service being good too. Nepal Airlines will always be in top of my list when i decide to fly to Nepal next time. Cheap Fare but best Service.
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

04 September 2019 Terri Davis
Very disapponted. I bought a flex ticket and was charged $596 to change ticket when my sister died. I requested a refund and was asked for many documents which I sent and they refused the claim after sending in many documents. Do not give your business to this airline.
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Privilege Style

02 September 2019 Guest
'Privilege Style' operated flight on behalf of another carrier. It certainly wasn't a privilege, let me tell you that. This was by far the worst flight I've ever had. The in-flight entertainment was virtually non-existent only 3 channels, 2 for movies but they only had one film showing on a loop on each so basically 2 films to choose from and the quality was so poor that it just wasn't worth the bother. Food below par as was the service - staff were not friendly and it was virtually impossible to get any drinks in between scheduled meals (we gave up). Interior very tired. Make sure you query your airline or don't book Privilege. There were no menus or even an in-fight magazine so you were essentially left in the dark. If I could I'd rate them '0'.
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Stobart Air

30 August 2019 Guest
Terrible. Flew them from EDI to DUB on Aug 14, 2019. Flight was an hour late leaving and we had to wait 15 minutes for a bus to pick us up at the plane and take us into the terminal. We had to connect to an Aer Lingus flight to Boston and with a 2 hour original window clearing customs etc would not have been an issue but with only 40 minutes to clear security, customs and get to our gate we literally had to run. Thankfully customs agents took pit on us and fast tracked us to clear. The ATR that they flew was old and didn't appear to be very well maintained and the crew had to be the rudest and laziest crew I've ever had to deal with. As a former FA ( who started her career on commuter planes) I would have written them up for the appalling attitude towards all of the passengers. Then upon a closer check of this particular flight, I see it is on time on 25% of the time. Never again. Sorry Stobart, you just cost Aer Lingus any more of my business.
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Air Cairo

26 August 2019 Guest
Very bad experience. Made a refund request of a one-way ticket from Hurghada to Cairo 5 days before the flight. The ticket was bought on-line so I made the refund using the form in their web site. Getting no response, I remade the refund request again 28 hours before the (refundable ticket) and also contacted them 3 times through (contact us form in their form). I also phoned their office in Alexandria and they said you do refund online. Needless to say, I go no response for nearly 2 weeks now??? worst custormer service every
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Turkish Airlines

26 August 2019 Natalia Aleksandrova
Hello! I hope that my feedback will help others never meet the same problem I have met. This was the worst experience I have ever had in my life. The flight was canceled and we didnt receive any notice at all( no email, no sms, no call). By the chance of luck we decided to make check in online and suddenly we found that the flight is canceled. I told my husband maybe its mistake and there should be solution for that because it is not possible that huge company can do such mistake. We called a call center and the person who took the call was very rude. Unbelievable. We were in shock that its possible. He just told us that the flight is canceled and it is not his problem. He offered us to book another flight which is one day earlier then we booked. We paid the hotel to stay in Cappadocia for 2 days, so as per the new booking we will have to stay there just for 1 day. Then we had another flight fr om Istanbul to Dubai and there was no solution wh ere should we stay one more day in Istanbul. Everything was planned and paid. We lost money, spent extra money to stay remaining day in Istanbul and nobody give any sh*t about that. I still cant believe that it is possible in 21st century. Furthermore, the customer service representative was shouting at us, shouting. Can you believe? It is Turkish Airlines mistake and you guys are shouting at your customers because you cant find solution for the problem you have created. I hope this kind of experience will never happen to any of your customers. Otherwise it means that you guys are not professional at all in anything. You are canceling flights when you want, you dont even notify your customers about that and in the end you cant find the solution for complaining customers who lost the money because of your unprofessional service in the end you are shouting at your customers because of that.
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Caribbean Airlines

26 August 2019 Guest
The prosperity that Caribbean Airlines enjoyed for years by taking advantage of the guyanese people will soon end. I travelled this morning from JFK to geo and my bags did not arrive. The numbers they gave me to call are unanswerable. The problem is I have all my medications and clothes in this bag. Further I am 8 hours away from the airport. I shall never fly them again and hopefully they will be out of business by next june.
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Corsair International

23 August 2019 Nes
Worst customer service ever dont pick up phone
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Skippers Aviation

22 August 2019 Guest
In 30 years of fifo, I have never encountered an airline that treats is customers as badly as Skippers. I could not recommend this airline to anyone.
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Flair Airlines

17 August 2019 Bryon
Flair cancelled our flight at the last minute 15th of August. My family of six were going to a family function in Alberta for 17th of Aug. We called their customer support line and after almost an hour delay got someone in India that could only offer to rebook us on another flight from Toronto to Edmonton 6 days later! Our return flight was the next day. After another call and another 45 minute wait another powerless call centre employee in India could not give me a number to talk to anyone in Canada. She eventually offered a flight 3 days later on the 18th, 1 day after our function would be over. We asked them to find us a flight on a partner airline - their response - "we are only authorized to rebook you on a flair flight or offer you a refund". Another airline would book us at the last minute for 3 times the price. Vacation cancelled and we missed our family function. My daughter cried all the way home. Never, never, never fly with flair - they have no resources, nor do they have any customer service.
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Shanghai Airlines

16 August 2019 Guest
Un-able to contact thsi airlines phone, email, website none of those were working. No stars at all.
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Blue Panorama Airlines

12 August 2019 Andrew
Be very careful when you book with this airline. The luggage pricing is not so straight forward and the confirmation emails are confusing. Having booked for 2 x 20kg hold luggage, it was unclear that this was just in one direction. Ended up having to pay double at the airport for the return flight. 80!
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Malaysia Airlines

12 August 2019 Smurf
This Airline is ripping its own people and loyal customers to the extent that they aren't even aware of. Your baggage allowance is determined buy the fare you purchase. Hidden taxes you are not aware of that and on to the quotation. Not turning up for your flight will alter you a no show. This cancels your itinerary. To regain your previous itinerary you will need to pay the no show fee + change fee and fare difference if any. This are some of the ways Malaysia Airlines is ripping off its customers.
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SWISS International Air Lines

02 August 2019 Martine Widmer
How annoying. Swiss makes you pay for a hotline, where they are unable to take inquiries because their computers do not work. The worse part is that they refuse to call you back when their system is working again. It makes no difference if you fly business or economy... So much to customer service and loyalty.
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31 July 2019 Guest
Hi. I used to use AirAsia website to try and book flights, but the site would never load, iPhone, iPad, Android and pc. I ditched them as if you cannot book on line then this was a deal breaker. I have to fly again in a few weeks, so tried to book again, same deal. I contacted them many times, asked for an IT professional to explain my issue, but none available. All playing space invaders. Thats it for me. Do not use them. No wonder their planes crash. Cannot a simple on line booking process right
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Blue Bird Airways

29 July 2019 DmitriyO
Was flying with them from TLV to Crete and back. Most of the flight is like with most low-cost flights, you have some delays, seats are very uncomfortable, but basically you get what you pay for. until the moment you baggage gets damaged, and here was the first time I encountered and airline which takes zero responsibility for your baggage, I claimed a refund and basically was told they dont refund any damage. there were at least 3 more people like me on that flight which got their baggage damaged, but I'm not aware whether they got any refund. so I'd suggest to pay few extra bucs for another airline but to save on the later need to buy new bag and maybe even few other things that were inside.
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