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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Silver Airways

18 September 2018 Judith O'Brien
I recently traveled from key west to ft lauderdale then to baltimore md. I was originally supposed to have a short layover in ft lauderdale but the departure time was changed from key west. Because of that myself and 4 travelers including Roert O'Brien, Cheryl Lotz and Doug Ludwig had a 12 hour layover in ft lauderdale. Robert O'Brien and I had to take the next day off of work due to the late arrival in Baltimore - we also had to pay an extra day for our dog sitter. The inconvenience as well for all travelers. Was not happy with the service from your airline.
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Blue Air

17 September 2018 Guest
Couldn't perform the check in online due to system error; 6:15 hours delayed; old airplanes; first and last time I flight with Blue Air
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Jetstar Airways

17 September 2018 Guest
if you dont want hassles ,dont fly with jetstar if you like trouble and cancellations than do book with them
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Royal Jordanian Airlines

16 September 2018 Guest
Worst airlines I've experienced, a bundle of luggage thieves. If you think to fly with rj make sure to have only a hand luggage otherwise your bags won't apear for good
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Eastar Jet

16 September 2018 Guest
This airline is terrible! They cancelled our flight just 3 days before the date and we had to buy new tickets. This is while we had booked that flights 2 months ago with cheap flight and now we had to pay several times more expensive for the new flight. the worst part of the story is that Eastar Jet was bringing a new flight just 3 hours after the cancelled one. This means our flight should actually be postponed to 3 hours later, but they said we are going to refund you the money in ten days(I wonder if they will ever pay all back), and all passangers should pay several times more for the same flight but with 3 hour delay.!!!
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16 September 2018 Noelise Xavier
I travelled with liat airlines and must say how disappointed I was with the service My flight was at 7 :05 am I the 5am for a flight to Barbados.1 which.was one hour flight . I checked in and hour later was told that.the.flight was cancelled and we on the 11 am flight.when that time they announced that the weather conditions was not travel the plane.couldn't land but within that.period Seaborne airlines landed without any problems DHL plane came without any issues .they then announced we would be on the 3:15 flight collected our passports and change flight details Passengers who came in after us was sent ahead of us and their explanation was that a coming.for us from Antigua and will be 3:15 At 3:15 more passengers was sent and of us with another.excuse that the plane was coming in at.5 :23 ticket change again at 6: 15 they announced that flight was.cancelled and.blame the weather And came it was act of God how.was it that act of God cause only some passengers to get to their destination and others not if Many of us missed our connection and had to pay for hotel accommodations for the night the.airline refuse to assist in any way I had to purchase another ticket for my flight with Jetblue because I didn't show This experience was the worse I have ever had. I.must say how dishonest the manager was Mr Raymond pretended that he JetBlue he had resolved the problem and assured me my JetBlue flight was reschedule but nothing was further from the truth. I will never.again travel.on Liat airlines and think that the Caribbean people she stop flying with liat this airline is very unreliable.
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12 September 2018 Luay
It was one of of the worst customer experience I ever had with airlines. They have an attitude that indicates that they are not even on the path of improvement.
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Air Antilles Express

10 September 2018 Richards
The manager agent misspelled my name , and now after a week of excuses, my name has not been corrected yet. My flight leaves next week for my monthly doctor treatments. This stress is not good for my condition, and the agent always tells me not to worry the head director will change it in time. That he finally responded to her phone calls and text, and now the lights are off. I just need to have my name changed, so I can continue my last treatments. S.M. Richards
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10 September 2018 Guest
I bought a ticket from Kiev to Tel Aviv, but after an hour I got an e-mail from Yanair saying that my reservation had been cancelled. Today they charged me for the ticket anyway and I've tried getting a hold of them the entire day but with no luck. They're not answering my e-mail either... Do youself a favour and find another flight company than this.
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Turkish Airlines

10 September 2018 Phyllis
We were three of us traveling from Milano to Miami with a stop over in Istanbul.When we checked in in Milan on July 31st the lady couldnít find our seats on her computer?.It took her at least 30 minutes just to locate us.The trip from Milan to Istanbul was ok.The flight from Istanbul to Miami started as a nightmare.2 and 1/2 hour delay sitting on the plane.They said due to air traffic but someone on the plane said do to cargo problems.They did serve us drinks and gave us a little goodie bag in the meantime.The flight ,when it finally took off was good.The food was very good,the flight attendants very nice.The trip back from Miami to Istanbul started with another on flight delay,this time about 1 hour.Flight overbooked,But all in all good.My son was happy he could order all the drinks he wanted free of charge,and again the staff on the plane was very very nice. The flight to Milan was ok.When we arrived at baggage one of my suitcases was missing.My son waited in line about 1 1/2 hours to get to fill out the form.Bad organization at Malpensa Airport.They should have more people working at the list and found office.The suitcase arrived at my home after 4 days and nothing was missing.I did not like the Istanbul airport.Very hot ,bad food (not even the kebab was good ),long lines for the bathroom.They did allow 2 pc.baggage each in economy which attracted me in the first place and I repeat the food was very good.Would I fly Turkish again?Yes,but off season.
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09 September 2018 Rachid
Bristol To Gibraltar was a nice flight arrived 10 minutes early ,nice journey enjoyed every minute of it.
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07 September 2018 Charles K
We have been waiting for 40 minutes to get through to the UK customer service centre of Eurowings, which initially said "Your wait will be around 5 minutes"! We had to search for the telephone number because expecting to fly in just 14 hours we have been trying to check-in, WITH NO SUCCESS. We completed ALL personal information correctly and precisely within one minute, and have since had to waste more than 45 minutes waiting for a response from our phone call. It was only after a 10 minute call to the German HO that we were told there was 'a little problem' online. None of this was visible online. V poor service
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Air France

07 September 2018 Imelda Miçani
Terrible, terrible, terrible service and I could go on a long way. Useless custumer care service, yes, a custumer care who doesn't CARE! They lost my baggage on my flight Rome-Paris-New York on March the 5th 2018, and they've declared it lost and have offered a reimbursment of 294 euros since April 2018, BUT I haven't received it yet. I have been bumped back and forth between the Air France call center in New York, Alitalia call center in Albania and the Air France call center in Netherlands, talking to several agents, but in vain. Really disappointed and frustrated. Worst service ever. Would NEVER recommend this air line or Alitalia for that matter.
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Flair Airlines

06 September 2018 Guest
Horrible FLAIR's employee working in Hamilton airport . She charged me $105 for my laptop (Lady with blond hair). She was rude and aggressive and no smile.
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Oman Air

03 September 2018 Devrim Erdogan
Oman Air Delayed Shield Plane Crammed Due to McDonalds! Although I passed the following complaint to Oman Air, I received no response. And for everyone to know, I decided to publish it here: "I chose your airline because it is more affordable. But your communication line is not working: no one is turning on your phones. No one answers our emails. On one side of the world we have our own initiative. This is unacceptable. You are trying to be a global brand. However, your operations are more amateurish. As for the reason: On August 29, I tried to make an online check-in from Bali, Indonesia. Your system did not give Bali-Jakarta ticket. I had to take this ticket myself at the airport. Because your phones are not open because they are busy. No one answers your emails to your company. This is officially amateurish. I caught the plane of Jakarta by my own means. But the plane was late. This plane with WY-850 landed a little late to Muscat. But interesting events started here. Because the WY-163, the linked aircraft, is already gone. A Turkish Airlines Airplane was charged to us after 5 hours (TK-0775). Another shame we made here. The Omanair authorities gave us a fastfood rate at the airport for this reason. This is funny. It's a tragic situation. Because, in such cases, airline companies make better gestures. No airline can provide McDonalds to their passengers in such a case. I want a better solution than you, or I want the money for all my tickets. Otherwise, I will carry this problem to international arena. I expect a solution immediately."
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Allegiant Air

31 August 2018 Guest
On Monday 8-20 I arrived at the airport at 10:30am, waited for my travelling buddy, checked in to get my seat assignment and we took too long to eat (150 ft away but out of sight) and didnít get to the gate until 12:10 for our 12:31pm flight to Missoula, too late to board.. apparently the flight was ďclosedĒ. We waited at the boarding counter to talk with the Allegiant worker there and her supervisor for 5-10 minutes, asking what we could-should do at that point. They suggested other airlines for the flight to Montana. This cost us $385 each..our bad, I guess, on that one. However, we were told nothing about any Allegiant policies concerning our return flight despite talking to the 2 Allegiant employees for quite awhile. On the 8-27 return flight, we arrived at the Missoula airport at 2pm for the 4:07pm flight, returned the rental car and were at the Allegiant counter some time between 2:30- 2:45pm. There was no line. The Allegiant ticket counter person informed us our return flight tickets had been cancelled. I asked her why the supervisor hadnít mentioned anything on 8-20, when apparently we could have possibly saved the return flight. Not a word about this. We tried to call the ticket contact # for awhile (we never got through to an actual person) and the counter helper went on break. Around 3pm I asked when the flight would be closed, was told we had until 3:30. We asked the other counter helper, Stacy how much it would be to buy a ticket. She started looking into prices, at first helpful. This took awhile. A couple arrived, 2 people together and were behind me in line, Stacy asked if she could help them quickly. I said ok, stepped aside a few feet. As she helped them, 2 more groups of people stepped in line. I was next, according to what Stacy had said. We were getting nervous about the time. Stacy finished with the 1st couple who had been behind me. Then, instead of helping us (as promised) she started helping the 1st of the 2 other groups that had arrived long after us. I said, hold on, we are next, please take care of our tickets. She rudely said, no, she was going to ďclear the lineĒ. We were very upset, this was 100% unfair and extremely unprofessional on her part. I insisted that she please help us, as I had nicely said ok to helping the 1st couple. She ignored us, your customers who badly needed help and had been there 1st, long, long before anyone. She then helped the 2nd group that had arrived long, long after us and forced us to get back in line behind these late arrivers. I asked her why she was doing this to us and she said we needed to arrive 2 hrs early (while she was helping people who were very, very late). When we finally were being helped by Stacey, she told us our flight was closed, barely apologizing, instead being defensive and rude. She called someone to try to get us on, but too late, her unprofessional behavior had cost us the flight. We were offered a Friday return flight by StaceyÖagain, this was Monday! We were supposed to wait almost a week, paying for hotels, etc? Was she kidding? We had to pay around $100 for a hotel and found a flight the next day for $224. I also lost around $500 from missing a day of work and also had to rearrange many plans. Yes, we apparently made an initial time mistake but the 2 mistakes on Allegiants employees part cost us much $ and stress, completely unacceptable.
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Sunwing Airlines

29 August 2018 Alessansra
I was on a sunwing flight ftom costa rica monday and the flight attensants were sooo amazing. Very nice happy polite and helpful.
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29 August 2018 Guest
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LATAM Airlines

24 August 2018 Guest
Latam is a pretty amateur airline. They are a cheap airline in competition with other reputable airlines. They tend to oversell seats, which is a common practice, but their compensation makes me want to pull my hair out. Iíd recommend choosing another airline, if you find yourself flying with this airline then good luck but also check in as soon as an email arrives. Itís first come first serve. I had noticed other people dealing with a similar issue on a different flight.
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23 August 2018 Harry La Cava
I want to officially file a complaint with regard to your handling my luggage that you lost for a total of 12 days and ruined a very expensive vacation. Having a delay at JFK caused me to miss my connection on your airline. When I rebooked to fly out the next day I asked the agent would the luggage be on the flight since you had August 2 when I landed at JFK around 8:45 to August 3 at 8:30 when I was to depart, answer yes a lie, and you are two terminals away fr om where I landed on the second 5 to 7. Getting to Reykjavik wh ere I was staying for four days I filed a report at the airport told them the hotel I was staying at was assured that was plenty of time to get my luggage, another lie. Having to leave on that Monday August 6 to Amsterdam to take a cruise at the airport I asked the agent would the luggage make it there I was again assured no problem, an again a lie. Landing in Amsterdam waited no luggage. Getting on the ship I spoke to quest relations they said they would contact you, from then on all I got was on hold for hours trying to reach an agent, once we did they could proved no assistance inept and useless, stating they were taking it to a higher authority what ever that meant, thus for the next 10 days we were without our luggage because of your inefficient system, poor customer service of not caring creating undo stress, emotional anxiety, finical burdens and a ruined vacation that was planned over a year ago at a substantial cost. Your company rating scale needs to have negative values since a zero in customer service is to generous. Your company not only owes us an apology but compensation for what we had to go through because of your ineptness and your incompent employees who only know how to lie either face to face or on the telephone. I will be looking for a response to this email, my address is within the next 72 hours or I am willing to pay for an attorney to right this wrong. Harry J. La Cava
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Miami Air International

22 August 2018 Jessica C.
HORRIBLE airline! Stay away I'm not particular and this was the worse experience ever. I would give a zero is I could.
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Turkmenistan Airlines

21 August 2018 Perdip kalia
Traveled on the 17/08/2018 from Amritsar to Birmingham flight departure 06.10 arrival time 13.10 UK time how ever that did not happen I got back to UK 20.17 their was no communication at Ashgabat by staff for the reason of the delay the worst was no food or drinks were offered until passengers complained, no WiFi, Internet cafe not working, got charged £3.75 for a small sneakers bar I mean small, the worst staff Iíve ever come across from the cabin crew to airport staff in my life I will never use this airline even if they offer a free ticket.
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Fly Jordan

17 August 2018 Guest
For more then three hours flight, u get only chocolate. Not even coffee! But the worst is how cold is in airplane and there is no blanket u can borrow
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Qatar Airways

17 August 2018 zach
best airline ever you should book it !
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Azores Airlines

14 August 2018 Savvy
As many others have said, this airline gets worse every year. They essentially have the monopoly in the Azores, as far as routes and usually pricing, meaning they don't care how poorly they treat customers. I have often had them tell me there are no flights available, only to arrive at the airport to see the exact flight I wanted only half full. I have flown close to 100 times, and almost a dozen times with SATA, and I have never, EVER, been asked to weigh my carry-on bags. Any other airline doesn't generally care, as long as it fits. On 12 August, we were on a flight that was less than half full, on a large A321 with plenty of overhead and cabin space. I assume because they wanted to make some extra bang for their buck, they stopped every single person at the boarding pass counter and made them weigh every carry on. If you wanted to keep it, you had to pay $100 to check it, whether it had medications or anything. The average weight of just a carry on bag alone is 9 lbs, meaning virtually no carry on will ever be light enough to be under 17 lbs. SATA has a tendency to underbook flights and delay or cancel a lot, but why they decide to gouge everyone again at the counter is beyond me. This aircraft was also utterly filthy, as when we opened our tray tables they were covered in an unknown sticky substance. I would love to tell you to never book with SATA, but sometimes you don't have a choice. If you can, do as much research as possible, as TAP, Delta, and RyanAir are starting to get flights to the islands. Maybe if they start losing enough business, they will start treating people better!
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12 August 2018 Guest
I must say it was pathetic service and experience received in lifetime.. Not allowed to checkin even today 12/08/18 QFD9MR when we reached in time.. complete harrashment for me my spouse and small kid.. Non cooepative staff no assistance given.. my whole day wasted besides physical mental and financial loss... who's is going to compensate this.. now i am sure that i m not going to use scoot in future.. please look into on priority so that i can take appropriate action.. Lastly its very easyn to loose customer but hard to get in this competitive world..
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08 August 2018 Guest
will not be using again flew on a Thompson (now tui) holiday where they became our flight 4 weeks before we flew as a result our departure time was delayed 6 hours 4 weeks before we got to the airport (lack of seats on the new carriers planes was the cause) because of this and the 1 hour delay on the day of travel at the airport we arrived in Mallorca at 10:30pm and then had to travel 2 hours to the hotel blow is my experience with the various aspects cabin crew: lovely and helpful only while in flight while on the ground couldn't be bothered to help plane: old but serviceable for a short flight of up to 2 hours staff in airport: lovely and helful but not punctual (didn't even open gate on flight back to uk till 5 minutes before check in was due to close) punctuality: god awful 1 hour delay without explanation on way out and 3 hour delay without explanation on way home catering: when food was actually available on the flight there was a poor selection but it was not bad quality however on our flight out there was no food available at all overall rating 1.15/5 will actively book my own flights separately if I ever encounter Thompson changing me to them again even though it will mean paying for 2 additional flights to the destination the extra £400 will be worth it just because of how bad they were
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

08 August 2018 Fern Harr
On July 18, 2018 my husband and I flew on Aeroflot for the first time. Our introduction to Aeroflot was a terrible experience! We missed our connection out of Vienna and were rerouted through Moscow and on to St. Petersburg. We were at gate 19, flight SU30 on July 18 for the approximately 8:00 PM flight to St. Petersburgh. I asked the 2 women gate agents to help me get onto wifi because I had to let the service picking us up that our flight had changed. One agent said that she didn't know what wifi was and the other agent smugly shook her head no. When my husband asked if she could call the local number on our cell phone or call for us on her phone she said no and turned her head away. When ready to board they called business class and we went up. She said that the call was for business class only. When we showed her our tickets she told us to have a nice flight, Then we were worthy of being spoken to! These women were rude, arrogant and condescending. They should be spoken to and Aeroflot personnel should be taught how to treat people in a friendly manner and with respect. Although the flight was fine, we have a very negative impression of Aeroflot!
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Royal Brunei Airlines

04 August 2018 Rahman Kiram
The best and very near with Lufthansa , Germany
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WestJet Airlines

03 August 2018 Lisa
Our flight Edmt- Victoria has been delayed by more than 3 hours due to a "maintenance issue". Terrible weather delaying flights is understandable; maintenance issue speaks to human incompetence, inconveniencing a great number of passengers.
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03 August 2018 Guest
My suitcase containing clothes for a funeral was stolen from the carousel at MAN 28/04/2018. Eventually Ryanair agreed to pay compensation under the Montreal Convention and asked for my bank details which I duly divulged. 3 weeks later a Ryanair Eurocheque arrived which I forwarded to my bank in Paris. After a further 4 weeks it was presented to my account then 3 days later rejected, although by then the whole process had incurred 50.55ą bank charges. The bank cannot tell me why a Ryanair cheque has bounced and there is no Customer Services number for Ryanair. The live chat operator directed me back to the original claims forms which will not solve this situation. I must wait for the rejected cheque to be returned to me, and send it with a cover letter demanding all bank charges to be refunded, to Swords, Dublin. I have used Ryanair like a bus service during my 21 years in France but I suspect loyalty only works one way with this company.
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Blue Panorama Airlines

30 July 2018 Petit
Like all the people using this Company , i will never use it a gain. I was forced to pay 100 euros more to get into the plane because we had two first Names ! I have been asking for thé manager but there was nobody and now we are 3 hours late to fly to Tirana . Tell everybody not to take this Company.!! Please do they are robbers
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29 July 2018 S Jones & family
Used free flight check in for the first time, FANTASTIC. The best thing ever thought of!!!!!!!!! WELL Done JET2
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SWISS International Air Lines

29 July 2018 Guest
very bad airline!!! no customer service!! shame on you!!!! Why do you announce on your website that you offer 24hr customer service when no body answers after 22:00. You cancel flight without offering an alternative or an explanation or customer service.
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British Airways

26 July 2018 Guest
A few weeks ago I booked two return tickets from Manchester to Larnica via Heathrow over Xmas, paid extra for extra leg room seats. Two days later they e mailed me to say the extra leg room seats from Larnica to Heathrow were no longer available. I contacted them and asked for a refund only to be told that the refund would not be available until I returned. Subsequently they e mailed me at least twice with minor time changes. Today they e mailed me apologising for any inconvenience but they had cancelled my evening return Flt from Heathrow to Man until the following morning. As we are in our middle seventies an overnight stay in London was not an option. Ba say they will refund our fare but that is not the issue, our Xmas is ruined and British Airways do not give a dam. Have flown regularly with Virgin and the Gulf carriers they are proper airlines. BA absolute rubbish. Please be warned.
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Privilege Style

25 July 2018 Guest
Do not fly with this company! If you book vacations and fly with this company charter planes then you will regret it. They are unreliable, and their limited fleet of 4 old planes means that you will likely not fly when you want to. You will get your flight delayed or cancelled. DO NOT FLY WITH THIS COMPANY! They are crap!
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Etihad Airways

24 July 2018 Guest
The worst experience I have ever had with any airline was with Etihad Airways. I will NEVER EVER travel with this airline again. This airline is doomed anyway because of the business decisions taken by its management and their attitude is making it easier for it to go downwards. The carry-on luggage that was allowed by the staff in Abu Dhabi, the SAME carry-on was NOT allowed by the staff at Toronto on the return journey because according to them it was over-sized because the wheels did not fit in their measuring frame. How the hell the same carry-on fit in the same frame from AUH to YYZ. Imagine the pain and frustration these people caused us. We had to return the whole carry-on with the people that came to drop us off. Talking to the supervisor was like talking to a brick wall. Extremely inconsiderate and unprofessional attitude. Bye Bye Etihad,
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Porter Airlines

23 July 2018 Guest
Wow I book for my mobility challenged Aunt who is also deaf, she visits twice a year Last year her plane from Windsor was cancelled for a full day due to rain. The next day it was unorganized chaos in Toronto and she ended up waiting 8 hours with little to no help. On the next trip to Windsor in Toronto they actually forgot her, had she not inquired after the plane was loaded she would have been left behind. Today the flight from Windsor to Toronto went smooth however she was told that her flight to Sudburry was delayed 6 hours due to a crew shortage. Time to change airlines
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15 July 2018 eileen howard
subject complaint claim form does not allow enough space to explain.escalate this e mail to customer service. I was so greatly disappointed with my business class experience on avianca. I am 86 years old & flying business class was one of the things on my bucket i decided on my last trip to visit my family that i would pay the extra money,which was a big sacrifice for me,to finally fly business class.I was given a menu with three choices of meals and then told that the only choice was meatballs!Ironically,flying back on economy class,I had two meal choices. furthermore, to add to my sad experience I had 4 bags of coffee confiscated
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TAP Portugal

05 July 2018 Enza
I should have read the reviews before booking with TAP. They don't pick up the phone on the customer care number and IF you are lucky and they do, they will put you on a long hold or consistent phone transfers. Booked a flight for my Mom who is 85 years old and per Doctor's order she cannot fly, at least at this moment. FINALLY spoke to a "customer service representative" and again transferred to NO ONE. Their website is useless put in the booking number and system gives you an error code . DON'T FLY WITH TAP.
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Mahan Air

30 June 2018 Guest
Will never fly with this airline. They were very misleading with the cancelation policy or changing of flight. Agents will try to blame the passengers and will not accept responsibility. Contacting them via email or phone is a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and fly another airline.
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VietJet Air

25 June 2018 Kerry
Don't bother. Fights are cancelled or delayed hours so you miss connecting flights. No care, no responsibility. No compensation. No one that speaks English. Leave it for the locals.
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Air Arabia

24 June 2018 Guest
To Whom it may concern, My name is Stenio Venh de Sousa Soares born on 07/03/1980 with the passport M959710 and Iím writing this letter in order to inform you of an unfair treatment Iíve been exposed to with airarabia. On the 23rd of June 2018, I had a flight fr om Gatwick-London to Tangier-Morocco at 21:00 with the reservation number 56671996 at a cost of 214.30 GBP, Iíve arrived 19:45 at Gatwick airport, One hour and 15 minutes before the flight, when I was going to get in the checking luggage area, someone of the staff told me I couldnít get in with the printing reservation, and that I had to go and find the airarabia branch to ask for the boarding pass, when I finally found it, there was no one to assist me, Iíve asked the balcony of informationís wh ere could I get some assistance, they gave me a phone number (09067110004) that wasnít working, only after I found a place to charge my mobile, I could access the internet and try to find airarabias number on the internet(09067110009), once Iíve done it, tried to explain the situation to the customer service office for more than 20 minutes at 50p a minute ( minimum 25£ Iíve spent. They didnít understood that I was on time, and that in my perspective I deserve to be reimbursed of the value of the flight, I couldnít make my point across because of the expensive rates airarabia has in a phone service that should be for free, your clients are the most important part of any business, threat them right and they will come back and advertise your company with good feedback for free, I believe no one would be satisfied with the quality of these procedures, why donít you aim for better quality service? This company should represent Morocco! The reason for not wanting to help me, was that the call was made 20/30 minutes before the flight, so the customer service representative kept saying I arrived late, which I didnít, I ask you for your comprehension and consideration, Iím a regular flight user, this has never happened to me, sometimes I arrive 45 minutes before the flight and Iíve always managed to catch the flight, thereís always someone on the balcony willing to print the boarding pass, and if Iím really late, the airport staff will eventually ask the plane for a couple more minutes or grant me a quicker passage through the luggage check. I want to remind you that we should act on the principles of good faith, and I canít see that with the assistance I was given; - The main reason for not catching the flight was not having the boarding pass; - Airarabia branch was closed making it impossible to print the boarding pass; - No customer service phone number was available; - Customer service representative kept saying I was late which I wasnít; - Paid 25.00 GBP for the calls in less than half an hour call (while you are waiting for someone to answer, you are already paying) -Had to pay for transports to exit from the airport at 15.00 GBP; - Cancelled reservations at hotel; - Missed a priceless gathering of professional colleagues and friends; - Unable to use my vacation days getting to know such a cultured country!! (priceless) Please reply with what can you do to assist me, still want to visit Morocco, or reimbursement of the 214.20£, I really believe and hope you will understand the whole situation, and how unfair it is if Iím not the one to blame. Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon, Stenio Venh de Sousa Soares 24/06/2018
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

22 June 2018 Guest
We booked a direct flight from Newark Airport to Rome 6 months ago on Norwegian Airlines through Celebrity Choice Air (the travel agent of Celebrity Cruises). Now, a week before the flight they changed our flight to one departing from another state, with a 6 1/2 hour layover in another country. And no compensation! And if we change the flight ourselves to another airline, it will now cost $550 more for a direct flight per person! And even worse, we have to give up the direct flight we (so far) still have on Norwegian with that change because it is no longer a roundtrip on Norwegian Air! This is crazy! And there is no recourse! Unbelievable! NEVER BOOK A FLIGHT ON NORWEGIAN! IT ISN'T THE FLIGHT YOU WILL END UP ON!!! And, we have seen on that this flight has continued to run daily, despite the info Norwegian Air has provided that they no longer run this flight and won't resume it again until September. This would indicate they just bumped us from a flight which still exists, and are lying to us and Choice Air about it, saying these flights no longer run. This has got to be illegal! It is certainly unethical and beyond the worst treatment a customer could receive by an airline!!
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Vueling Airlines

22 June 2018 Guest
We booked a direct flight from Newark Airport to Rome 6 months ago on Norwegian Airlines through Celebrity Choice Air (the travel agent of Celebrity Cruises). Now, a week before the flight they changed our flight to one departing from another state, with a 6 1/2 hour layover in another country. And no compensation! And if we change the flight ourselves to another airline, it will now cost $550 more for a direct flight per person! And even worse, we have to give up the direct flight we (so far) still have on Norwegian with that change because it is no longer a roundtrip on Norwegian Air! This is crazy! And there is no recourse! Unbelievable! NEVER BOOK A FLIGHT ON NORWEGIAN! IT ISN'T THE FLIGHT YOU WILL END UP ON!!! And, we have seen on that this flight has continued to run daily, despite the info Norwegian Air has provided that they no longer run this flight and won't resume it again until September. This would indicate they just bumped us from a flight which still exists, and are lying to us and Choice Air about it, saying these flights no longer run. This has got to be illegal! It is certainly unethical and beyond the worst treatment a customer could receive by an airline!!
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