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Delta Air Lines

Country: United States
Major US airline, extended domestic and international services
IATA code: DL
ICAO code: DAL
Membership in the alliance: SkyTeam
Head office: 1030 Delta Boulevard, Hartsfeild Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, 30354, USA
Phone number: +1 800 221 12 12, +1 404 765 50 00
Fax number: +1 404 715 54 94
Year established: 1924
Main bases and hubs: Amsterdam Schiphol, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, Boston Logan International, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County, Los Angeles International, New York La Guardia, New York John F. Kennedy International, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Salt Lake City International
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A350-900, Boeing 717, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 757-300, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 767-400, Boeing 777-200, Bombardier CRJ-100/200, Bombardier CRJ-700, Bombardier CRJ-900, Embraer 170, Embraer 175, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, McDonnell Douglas MD-90

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Reviews & Opinions of Delta Air Lines:

01 September 2016 kristen Budd

So disappointed...this is our first time using Delta. We have had 2 major flight changes within a 3 month period. One we were not even informed about, we decided to check four days before departure. Each time we had to rebook so we could keep our original itinerary. . This last time we ended up losing our seats, and now we are not seated together. The supervisor was informed of the issues we had, and said we can do nothing and there is no one you can speak to about our concerns. Will not fly Delta again.....I advise others not to as well!

28 May 2016 Guest

Customer service is excellent until they leave you stranded for 3 hours due to maintenance on an aircraft. I ended up missing my scheduled flight and gate agents are less than helpful. Apparently they cannot assist you with another flight like Southwest can. On hold for the 3rd time today with the customer service line for over 20 minutes. If you are not a medallion member, good luck. I spend $800 a week, every week and am finished with this experiment. Back to American or Southwest where they actually help you when they screw up.

08 December 2015 Buzz

I like the service just short flights are boring due to lack of entertainment. Aircraft also tend to be in bad condition

24 March 2015 Passenger

Thanks to Delta, my flight was rescheduled (without my permission) for a flight that would later be cancelled, I was never given "promised" hotel accommodations for the night, my wife and I missed 1 day of work each, and I paid for a rental car out of pocket. The lack of honest communication is atrocious. Worst of all, I was given horrendous customer service in person, via email, and via Twitter, and I lost complete trust in Delta as a company and an airline. Delta has done nothing but provide terrible customer service, dishonest communication, and a lack of reliability.

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Delta Air Lines Discussion:

11 August 2016 Kyle M

Delta did not handle this "outage" well in my opinion. I waited at the airport for Flight 1383 (BDL to ATL) on Tuesday, Aug 9 for six hours. Every couple hours, I'd get a text stating my flight was delayed an hour, then another hour, then an additional 45 min. The text info did not match up to my iOS Delta app or the airport information. I only find out the flight is cancelled when I get a call back from Delta (3 hours after my initial call) because I wanted to see if there were any earlier flights that day I could take. The Delta rep who called me back was very nice and helpful, but the only option for me to get home was to drive to HPN in White Plains, NY and take a 7:15am flight on Wednesday, Aug 10. I find the $200 voucher reimbursement self-serving. I had to pay for a rental car (to drive from Hartford to White Plains), and additional hotel stay and meals. So no, I don't feel fairly compensated for my delay. I also saw no proactive measures Delta took to get passengers to their intended destinations when the delays started occurring. Very poor performance overall in my opinion.

19 June 2016 Peter

Miserable cabin attendants. Unfriendly, rude even, one even said Jesus because I couldn't here what she said. Also terrible food. I just got food at schiphol. I always try to use the KLM for us bound flights but sometimes am forced to go delta Some of these ladies would be more at home in Wallmarts

03 November 2015 Aleksandar Doljanica

Dear Sir/ Madam, I have reservation for my flight from Las Vegas Mccarran International to Detroit Metropolitan WAYNE Country on 11th of November at 06:15 o`clock and from Detroit to the New York Newark Liberty International Airport on 11th of November at 13:55 o`clock. This ticket have I paid on 8th of october. You have sent me an email on 26 th of october to contact You about the ticket. Can You please send me an eticket via mail. Thank You in advance. Kind regards

11 June 2015 Mark Koper

#Delta Airlines or Disaster airlines? Every time I board a Delta Airlines I get the speech from # Richard Henderson about the great values of Delta airlines, well here is my experience Booked three tickets New Orleans Amsterdam, one reservation number for my wife and son and one for myself because returns dates are different. @4 hr. prior departure I get the note to check in and see that my flight is changed. Checked the other reservation that was not changed. So give Delta a call and here we go Rep: can I help you? Me: yes I see me reservation is changed any reason why Rep: Yes sir there is a schedule change your original flight is cancelled Me: That is strange my wife is still on the original flight Rep: I dont know how that is possible sir Me: well it looks like you bumped me off the flight can you please put me back on? Rep: yes sir 20 minutes later: Rep: I managed to get you on the flight sir but I cannot give you the econ. Comfort seat you bought and paid for Me: why not Rep: it is sold to somebody else Me: well that is not my problem I just like to get what I bought and paid for Rep: Sorry I cannot do that Me: Can I speak to your supervisor Supervisor: can I help you? Me: repeat all of the above and explain the being 6 ft. 4 I am more than happy to pay for the comfort seat and like to get what I paid for Rep: let me see what I can do 20 minutes later Rep: sorry sir there is nothing I can do Me Sorry I cannot accept that Rep: ok I can give you the refund for the econ comfort seat and $ 75 compensation Me: I am not interested in the $ I just want to have a comfortable flight to Amsterdam Rep: sorry I cannot help you Me: Ok so Delta makes a mistake and does not take any responsibility to correct it Rep: there is nothing I can do Me: Ok do you still have first class seats available Rep: yes Sir Me: ok can you upgrade me I will even pay for it with my airmiles Rep: sorry sir I can not compensate our failure with an upgrade Me: why not Rep: that is against our policy Me; Ok so it is Delta policy to solve a problem they create by downgrading rather than upgrading even on my own expense Rep Yes sir Me: sorry I cannot accept that Rep: well sir the best I can do now for you to give you your money back and a $200 voucher Me: I dont want my money back I dont want a voucher I just want what I bought and paid for; a comfortable seat to Amsterdam Rep: Ok the best I can do is your money back $ 100 in cash and a $100 voucher Me: Really is that the best you can do Rep yes sir This took 1 hr. 20 minutes So in conclusion: Delta reps just lie on when you are bumped from a flight, they refuse to take ownership of their mistake and hide behind a policy that tells them that downgrade is an acceptable solution to a problem they created. So much for the Delta Airline Values, my experience with #Delta airlines is Disaster Airlines

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