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Boeing 777-200

First flight year — 1994

Boeing 777-200 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Boeing 777-200 Specifications

Length (m)63.763.7
Wingspan (m)60.964.8
Height (m)18.518.6
Wing area (m2)427.8436.8
Maximum take-off weight (kg)263 080 - 297 560322 050 - 347 800
Maximum landing weight (kg)208 650 - 213 190220 900 - 223 170
Operating empty weight (kg)135 600 - 143 800155 580 - 156 030
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)195 000 - 199 580206 840 - 209 110
Maximum payload (kg)51 25050 850
Standard fuel capacity (litres)171 170202 500
Range with max payload (km)10 750 - 14 30015 040 - 17 450
Cruise speed (km/h)905905
Maximum speed (km/h)945945
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 10013 100
Take-off field length (m)3 0002 900
Landing field length (m) 1 6301 700
EnginesGE GE90-94B,
2 x 93700 lb
P&W PW4090,
2 x 90100 lb
R-R Trent 895,
2 x 93250 lb
GE GE90-110B1,
2 x 110000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)440440
Passengers (2-class)400400
Passengers (3-class)301301
Cabin width (m)5.875.87

Typical Cabin Configuration of Boeing 777-200

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Boeing 777-200:

30 January 2016 Alex Anderson

According to 'Travel and Tour World' news, Qatar Airways is planning on the world’s longest journey, a direct flight from Doha, Qatar, and Auckland, New Zealand, and a Boeing 777-LR aircraft would be completing this formidable journey carrying 259 passengers.

20 July 2014 Guest

As a regular flyer and Air Traffic Controller, if pilots are EVER removed from an airplane, I will never fly again. I know what is required from aircraft during an emergency, and computers don't hack it. Most of the time everything goes perfectly well, but it's when the routine becomes non-routine that a flight crew makes all the difference.

17 March 2014 Roger Dailey

You build the best and safest planes in the world and yet you can do better. Why not build a commercial plane that flys itself. Every commercial plane has a flight plan. Pilots may need to deviate that plan several hundred miles do to weather but any more deviation then control must be taken to ground. Remove the pilot if needed I know Boeing can do this. We live in a different world and Boeing needs to adjust to theses conditions.


02 January 2014 AJ


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