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More than 1,000 world airlines from all countries and continents. Regular updates to bring you the most recent information.
Most popular carriers:Delta Air Lines,United Airlines,Lufthansa,Air France,Emirates, Qantas.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Etihad Airways
06 November 2017 Guest

It's the wors airline ever, don't even try it. You will lose your baggage and no one will help you to getting an answer

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Sunwing Airlines
03 November 2017 Guest

I experienced terrible customer service from Sunwing. Far beyond simply bad. Rude. Uncooperative. Dismissive. Do not expect Sunwing to resolve any travelling issues that may arise for you. They truly don't care about their customers.

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Frontier Airlines
31 October 2017 STEPHEN

POOR experience with Frontier....FOUR hour delay at the front of our trip due to a pilot scheduling error (WHAT ???????) and then a SEVEN HOUR TWENTY MINUTE DELAY for our trip home which we thought was weather related but when my son tweeted about our horrendous experience , the person who tweeted back from Frontier said it was an employee issue (WHAT??????) when we complained to the customer service dept on the phone, they said they could not help us and to go to the counter at the airport....when we went to the airport counter , those people told us to call customer service... the good old run around.... also known as a sh*t show. NOT WORTH THE DISCOUNT TO HAVE THIS KIND OF SERVICE...

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Airline and Airport Discussions

Trans Guyana Airways
18 November 2017 Adrian Gomes

Cost for round trip for 1 from Ogle to Lethem

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Turkish Airlines
18 November 2017 Guest

Guest : I've purchased a ticket from Turkish Airlines on the 7th of April - but something happened their your system, and I got something else than I've bought. In Turkish Airlines online system, I choose two return tickets from London to Bishkek. It departed London on the 28th of May, 17:00, and arrived to Bishkek at 8:45 (29th of May). Instead, after booking, I got a ticket that departs London on the 27th of May, 11:00. This is not what I choose in the online menu, and I checked numerous times the dates and the flights. I also read it out loud as I was in a Skype call with my boyfriend. Also, I purchased the ticket for two people: myself and my boyfriend. His name is Benedek Paskuj. I did check the name for typos and everything - I wrote it down correctly. But after I purchased the ticket, I got a ticket for myself, and someone called Feg Gerreheh. This is absolutely not what I wrote - I have never ever heard this name or knew anyone with this name. Also, this is not a small typo that could have been my mistake - this is a entirely different name from my boyfriends name. In addition, again, I've checked numerous times the price of the tickets - it was 628,20 GBP. I filled out everything concerning my bank card, accepted everything, and clicked 'BUY'. After I've done all this, the ticket says that the cost was 711,6 GBP. Again, this is not what I've purchased! I think all of these clearly show that there was something wrong with Turkish Airlines webpage or system. I instantly contacted customer support, and filled out an official complaint. Next day, I got the first reply which stated that they could not do anything about this, the only thing that they could offer is to buy a ticket which is more expensive that the one I payed for (which was already more expensive than the one I wanted!), and then they will reimburse me for the previous one. Again, I called the customer support, and the tone of the woman who spoke to me was absolutely outrageous - she was extremely rude and condescending, and she treated me as I was a liar. Since then, I escalated this further with Turkish Airlines, waited 7 days for their official response that I got a few hours ago and which stated the same - no problem with the webpage, period. As Im sure that this is not true, so now Ill try alternative ways to raise and find a solution to my problem e.g. customer protection bodies. Anyone had any similar experiences with Turkish Airlines? YES, THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WORST AIRLINE EVER!!! THEY ARE A DISGRACE!! THE STAFF ARE RUDE AND EVEN LAUGH AT MY SITUATION ON THE PHONE!!! LIARS, CHEATERS, FRAUDSTERS!! AND THERE IS NO ACTUAL OFFICE OR EVEN MANAGER TO TALK TO, ONLY OPTION IS EMAIL THEM!!! WHAT A JOKE !!!! DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE!!!!!

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Dammam King Fahd International Airport
18 November 2017 Guest

sir, what is the maximum tv size is allowed from dammam airpot. mine is 49".

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