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Air Canada
11 August 2017 Guest

Never have come across such crappy operation,lousy staff members and shity customer service. I had to deal with canceled flight,messed up booking, delayed flight and lost baggage ... all in one trip ! Day 6 and still missing 3 bags and all I get from customer service is "please don't worry we have escalated the issue" No call back, no apology and compensation and customer satisfaction does not exist in their dictionary

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Turkish Airlines
09 August 2017 Guest

On Aug 2nd I happened to travel with Turkish Airlines and unluckily the flight (TK 0618 CASA - IST) was delayed for nearly 30 hours without any prior information, and NOT due to weather conditions. I was supposed to transfer in Istanbul on Aug 3rd (TK 26). But due to the delay of the first flight, I missed two flights, and ended up staying in the airport in Istanbul for 20 hours without being arranged any hotel or breakfast/lunch inside the airport. Afterall my schedule was delayed for a whole 2 DAYs. I've sent the feedback to the company's office and so far got no response.

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Air Berlin
06 August 2017 Guest

Terrible experience flying with Auirberlin fr om Vienna to Abu Dhabi through TXL/Berlin on 4 August. The flight from Vienna was delayed for 3 hours, but the time it reached Berlin, the flight to Abu Dhabi had left 1 hour before. Many passengers missed their flights and had to wait stay over night in Berlin. On 5 August finally we boarded an aircraft to Abu Dhabi, which left with about 20-30 min delay due to various reasons, one of which some issue with an aircraft door that they could not close. When we arrived to Abu Dhabi, the troubles continued -- our luggage was missing! Airberlin had more than 12 hours in TXL/Berlin to organize our luggage and load it on the airplane and they failed to do it. Now the buagge is lost, not traceable. It is quite a challenge to contact Airberlin. My local operator responds that the phone numbers are not extistent when I call Airberlin. When finally I managed to reach Airberlin operator she was rude enough to tell me that lost luggage is not the problem of Airberlin and that if I should go to the Lost&Found of the airport wh ere the luggage was lost -- presumably she means that I should travel to TXL/Berlin to personally look for my luggage?

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Sunwing Airlines
24 August 2017 MILAM

As Sunwing newer responded to my complain and continue to send their clients to this "5 star" resort, I can only conclude that they only care about their profits. I'd like to hear from all those who stayed at this resort and went through the same experience. ----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Vacances Sunwing Montréal, Québec 7785 Côte-de-Liesse Ouest H4T 1G3 In reference to : Stay at Rio Hato Playa Blanca from June 9th, 2017 to June 16th, 2017. To whom it may concern. This is a request for compensation for my invoice No.: 5637379 ,booking N.: 94061483 for a vacation in Panama at Riu Playa Blanca from 9. June 2017 to 16. June 2017. As already indicated in my report submitted to Sunwings agent at the above mentioned resort, I have been violently ill with acute gastroenteritis, beginning on the very first day of my stay at Riu Playa Blanca, after eating my first meal served at the resort restaurant. The restaurant was experiencing a major outbreak of food poisoning, most likely, due to salmonella contamination. Despite the fact that more than 90 % of the guests reported being sick at the time, the management of this 5 star resort flatly denied any responsibility for the outbreak. They took no measures to protect other guests. To make matters even worse, on the first day of my stay, there was only a nurse available for medical assistance and she had already run out of appropriate medication. She told me to purchase a medication at the gift shop but these pills made me even more sick. Later I discovered that what they sold me were anti-acid pills. Finally, on the third day of my stay, a doctor sold me appropriate medication, which was effective and finally stopped my persistent vomiting. The rest of my stay I could only drink tea and eat boiled rice. After returning home, it took me another week to fully recover from this horrible experience. Over the years, I have booked many vacations with Sunwing, mostly at RIU resorts. I have enjoyed many stays at RIU Bachata and RIU Merenge in the Dominican Republic in particular. These resorts provided far superior services despite having lower star rating than RIU Playa Blanca in Panama. I am therefore shocked that, even after receiving numerous reports of serious food contamination at this resort, Sunwing does not take appropriate action to bring the facilities up to the expected health and safety standards. Or at the very least, inform clients that this resort does not maintain those standards. Based on the above, I expect Sunwing to compensate me with a full refund (or a voucher) for one week of free vacation trip to an equivalent RIU resort.

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Turkish Airlines
23 August 2017 Dr. Chanchal Singh Kale

Its a big shame for Turkish Airlines that i forgot my paper notebook there in my seat while leaving the flight and just after that i had contacted with them but they were behaving like fools and even did not bother to reply us. After that we have sent an email to them them but no reply and they don't understand that notebook for me is so important. Really i have never ever seen this kind of pathetic airlines.

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Etihad Airways
23 August 2017 Akshay Gupta

I travelled fr om New Delhi to Chicago on August 18th 2017. When I reached Chicago I was informed that one of my baggage was missing as it was not loaded on time. I filled a baggage claim form reference number ORDEY14296. I was told that the baggage will be delivered to me next day, but I didn't receive it yet. I tried contacting the airlines but no one in answering my phone call. It's frustrating because I don't have any information like wh ere my baggage is, what's the tracking number!!! Please help me in out. I need my baggage urgently.

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