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Azores Airlines
14 August 2018 Savvy

As many others have said, this airline gets worse every year. They essentially have the monopoly in the Azores, as far as routes and usually pricing, meaning they don't care how poorly they treat customers. I have often had them tell me there are no flights available, only to arrive at the airport to see the exact flight I wanted only half full. I have flown close to 100 times, and almost a dozen times with SATA, and I have never, EVER, been asked to weigh my carry-on bags. Any other airline doesn't generally care, as long as it fits. On 12 August, we were on a flight that was less than half full, on a large A321 with plenty of overhead and cabin space. I assume because they wanted to make some extra bang for their buck, they stopped every single person at the boarding pass counter and made them weigh every carry on. If you wanted to keep it, you had to pay $100 to check it, whether it had medications or anything. The average weight of just a carry on bag alone is 9 lbs, meaning virtually no carry on will ever be light enough to be under 17 lbs. SATA has a tendency to underbook flights and delay or cancel a lot, but why they decide to gouge everyone again at the counter is beyond me. This aircraft was also utterly filthy, as when we opened our tray tables they were covered in an unknown sticky substance. I would love to tell you to never book with SATA, but sometimes you don't have a choice. If you can, do as much research as possible, as TAP, Delta, and RyanAir are starting to get flights to the islands. Maybe if they start losing enough business, they will start treating people better!

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12 August 2018 Guest

I must say it was pathetic service and experience received in lifetime.. Not allowed to checkin even today 12/08/18 QFD9MR when we reached in time.. complete harrashment for me my spouse and small kid.. Non cooepative staff no assistance given.. my whole day wasted besides physical mental and financial loss... who's is going to compensate this.. now i am sure that i m not going to use scoot in future.. please look into on priority so that i can take appropriate action.. Lastly its very easyn to loose customer but hard to get in this competitive world..

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Silver Airways
09 August 2018 Guest

Flight from Eleuthera was delayed 5 hours with little to no communication during this time. Of course we missed our connection in Ft. Lauderdale and due to the lateness of the hour had quite a bit of difficulty finding a hotel. No assistance was given at all! All complaints must be submitted online and they take months to respond. The result is that they take no responsibility and you end up paying the bills. I suggest you find another airline!

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Turin Airport
16 August 2018 Guest

Horrible personell! They screem at you and insult you, but only in Italian!! If you don't know the language it's ok! Unbelievable!

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Spring Airlines Japan
16 August 2018 guillaume

Hi, Im writing you this email because im very disappointed with your services. This morning I was supposed to take my flight from Sapporo to Tokyo (tickets in attachment) but I could not. When I arrived at the airport (around 8:30 am) I was unable to find the checkin-counter because the airline name is not written on the ticket then I asked to an airport staff. The guy told me to go to the ANA airline queue to check-in. After 20 minutes of queue (I was in the middle of the queue) I have asked again to an other airport staff if it was really the good queue and the woman said yes just wait here. After 20 minutes more I finally arrived at the counter and the staff told me that I was in the wrong queue and to check-in I had to go to Japan spring airline. Then I went to the Japan spring airline counter but it was closed (because they close 35minutes before the departure and it was 9:15 am) then I asked to many people and even to a manager from this airline: what can I do? What is the solution? They all told me that I had to buy an other ticket (around 600 euros) but I could not. Now because of the lack of informations I have missed my flight and a very important meeting in Tokyo and I have spent almost 250 euros for nothing (flight ticket + transportations) and ill loose more because I have missed my meeting. So now I am asking you if at least I can get a compensation for all these shits ? Thank you for your understanding.

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Wizz Air Bulgaria
16 August 2018 Hala Dib

Dober den , kupih bileti vechera Sofia Mallaga na 11 septevri 2 bileta referncia BYJ7KJ ZA 498 LEVA Y 98 stutenki s wizz air family prevjdah parite po bankov put y za sega ne ste potverdili biletite , Molia vi se da proverete plashtaneto y da potvedite biletite , Blagodaria vi predvaritelno

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