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More than 3,000 scheduled and charter airlines, international and regional airports from all countries and continents. Regular updates to bring you the most recent information.

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Dear Lufthansa Team, I am writing to you with deep disappointment and frustration regarding my recent experience as a passenger of your airline. It is imperative that I convey my utter displeasure and make you fully aware of the extent of my dissatisfaction. Let me start by pointing out the absolute lack of respect and consideration towards your customers when it comes to your customer service. Waiting for endless hours to receive a response, only to be greeted by apathetic and incompetent staff, is simply unacceptable. Your telephone line seems to be nothing but a façade, as I never managed to obtain a satisfactory solution to my issues. Furthermore, it is outrageous that your refund policy is nothing short of a mockery to passengers. How dare you withhold a portion of the money that rightfully belongs to us when you are the ones responsible for flight changes? Your lack of transparency and your miserly approach instead of guaranteeing a full refund demonstrate a complete lack of business ethics. As if that weren't enough, I am deeply frustrated by the lack of direct and professional communication with your representatives. A call center in India? Do you honestly believe that is sufficient to provide quality service? As a passenger, I expected personalized treatment and proper attention from the airline, not to be treated as just another number in your deficient customer service system. I demand that you take these complaints seriously and take immediate steps to improve your customer service. As a renowned airline, you should be ashamed of how you treat your customers. Review your policies, train your staff, and provide swift and fair solutions to the issues that arise during flights. As a consumer, I have the right to expect quality service and a satisfactory experience. If Lufthansa cannot meet these basic expectations, then it does not deserve the loyalty of passengers. I am determined to share my negative experience with fellow travelers on any available platform to warn them about the hardships they will face if they choose to fly with your airline. I sincerely hope that you take my concerns seriously and work diligently to rectify these severe deficiencies in your service. Customer satisfaction should be your number one priority, and until you demonstrate genuine change, I will vehemently refuse to consider Lufthansa as a viable option for future travel. Yours sincerely, Freddy N

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