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Country: Ireland
World second largest low-cost airline, extensive network within Europe
IATA code: FR
ICAO code: RYR
Head office: Ryanair DAC, Dublin Office, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Phone number: +353 1 812 1212, +353 1 945 1212
Fax number: +353 1 812 1213
Year established: 1985
Main bases and hubs: Dublin
Fleet: Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800

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Reviews & Opinions of Ryanair:

18 March 2018 Guest

I have tried al day to pay for a flight to Mallorca, using Ipad, then tablet, then Firefox, then Chrome, and then Chrome with new window (ctr+Sht+N) as recommended by several visits to the real-time help. The problem was always the same -the payment methods section had nothing on it, and pressing pay had no effort. The customer service suggested using the ireland site, but no luck. I eventually acheived sucess by downloading the app on my phone, and that worked very well, and very user-friendly. So seems to be the only way of booking flights at the moment, apart from higer costs at customer services

10 April 2016 susan

This evening we mis our plane to malaga from dublin due to the fact that ryan air was delayed and they dit not call the passengers to get on to the flight ,no one knows what time was the flight.we and many other one was left stranded with out notice or compesation .worses we had to pay 100 euros each to go on the early morning flight.we had no co operation of the employees of this one of the worse airlnes in the world.they had still time to put us on board but they refuse proberly to make extra money out of this airline yes if you want to be treated as rubbish and swollow them * .we will never fly again with this so called peoples airlines.staff is rude they dont care .most of ryan air employees are trained like feeling what so ever. Pay more fly with proper airline like air lingus or british airways pay a bit more you get better service and you are treated as a client with ryanair you will be treated as cattle

04 April 2016 Guest

The website is an absolute mess. Buttons do not respond, information doesn't load, pages aren't accessible, it just impossible to book anything or even check on availability of flights, pricing, extras or whatever. Won't even permit logging in. For a so-called major European carrier it is abysmal and pathetic. Ryanair, the experience begins here - on the website! If it is not accessible, you are not providing a very promising start to anyone's journey, and in fact, like myself, people will just give up and look elsewhere.

11 February 2016 Guest

Web site is worst on the Internet. Have no idea how they make any money

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Ryanair Discussion:

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13 June 2018 Guest

Guest : I am trying to check in my 10 year old daughter online and am not being offered the option of 2006 in the drop down menu - i can see others on here have had that problem but can't find a solution - the old website doesnt work and on my mobile Im getting a message 'the passenger must be over 12 years' when i try to tick 2006. We fly together on this route about 4 times a year so i don't know why its suddenly a problem to input her age. anyone got any solutions?

12 June 2018 Anthony Nicholas

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