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Ryanair Reviews

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09 June 2024 12:06:00 Edim Hasanbegovic

Terrible Experience - Ryanair is the Worst Airline

I recently had the most terrible experience with Ryanair, and I strongly advise against flying with them. Heres why:

1. **Hidden Charges**: Despite purchasing our return tickets in advance, we were forced to pay an additional 110 at the airport for "delayed check-in" fees. We didn't have any large bags, but they insisted on charging us extra during online check-in, making the process impossible without incurring extra costs.

2. **Unreliable Service**: We arrived two hours early, yet still faced unnecessary hurdles and delays. Ryanairs inefficiency is astonishing.

3. **Rude Staff**: The staff at the airport were incredibly unhelpful and rude. Instead of assisting us, they seemed more interested in making us pay more.

4. **Inflight Sales Pitch**: The flight itself felt like a trip to a marketplace. The constant attempts to sell us overpriced snacks and other items were extremely annoying.

Overall, Ryanair is the worst airline I've ever flown with. They are only interested in squeezing every possible cent from their customers. Do yourself a favor and avoid this airline at all costs.

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21 February 2024 12:02:00 Morteza

Never buy a ticket from Ryanair, you think you bought a cheap ticket but you are very wrong. They take money from you for different reasons. After that, you have to pay for the train and bus. If there is a complaint, no one cares about you

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02 February 2022 12:02:00 Pete shephaed

I read bad reviews of ryanair but truth be told it was a really good service and on time flights we travelled from Leeds Bradford to Malaga and back and all was good, to be fair prices weren't to bad on flight, the only thing we're some of the passangers who didn't sit together (because they were to tight to purchase seats) were moving backwards and forwards to each other blocking the aisles even when we were all told to stay seated when there were turbulence
ALL in all good flights and service

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22 December 2021 12:12:00 Guest75

Raynair for the prices is great but when comes under the exactly day to flight they may cancelling the flights for commercial purposes and that may messing with my other arrangements I did , that cost me money and lost of course they refund me the costs of the flights but the bus arrangements comes under other regulations and that money unfortunately not refunded because standard ticket and not cover the Raynair cancelation plans. I think Europe should look at this and review their terms and conditions.

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10 October 2021 12:10:00 Guest

When we got there we were told that because we did not check in early we have to pay 55 euros, which is a crazy amount!!, I have no idea why they take it !!!. We said maybe there is something to do the decrease this amount, the employee start yelling on us told us and she said she dont want to serve us, she sent us to the employee next to her, and also she started yelling at us and start talking to us very rudely, we tried to ask her to calm down and that everything is fine she did not calm down, we asked her to sit close she cheekily refused and said money should be added on It!!! And let us sit one forward, one in the middle and I in the back of the plane, all this is rude and impudent conduct from the both employee
try not to fly with them, if you must fly be careful with the money that you should add cause its feel like they want to steal you

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14 July 2020 12:07:00 Guest

RYANAIR !!! - Cheap - but NOT cheerful.

Be very careful before confirming any bookings - because once you pay, these Irish fraudsters have got you by the short and curlies. It is all take and no give for any errors or changes.

Unscrupulous, un-sympathetic, scheming and devious airline.

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14 July 2020 12:07:00 Guest

Ryanair - The biggest crooks in the airline Industry when it comes to paying out any refunds or claims of any sort.

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30 June 2020 12:06:00 Guest

Terrible service. Don't even bother..

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25 May 2020 12:05:00 never again Ryanair

There are no words to describe the hatred I have towards this company
They do not take responsibility for the mistakes they make (example no refunds)
They do not try to avoid problems ( EXAMPLE waiting in line for over 2 hours to get checked in and eventually losing a flite for 2 minutes and getting in return an over prised flite to a different city in 36 hours)
They underpay their employees (that result in strikes witch they are trying to hide from the customers that have deboarded the plane to wait 8 hours to get on a different plane with no good explanation, and again nothing but vouchers that are no good in most stores of the building) that make them millions
WORST OF ALL They are luring customers back in with the GOOD-LOW-SWINI prices and at the same time hiding behind them
"You get what you Pay for" the wise capitalist say

I hope that you won't fall fore there lies and if you lose your new job interview if you get to wait in an airport for 36 hours if you end up spending even more money then think again next time you decide to file with that company

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06 March 2020 12:03:00 Guest

I was supposed to travel to Milan, Italy yesterday, and I've been trying to reach Ryanair for more than a week, to see if I can change the dates or cancel because of Coronavirus. they kept sending emails that everything is normal and their flights are operating normally, BUT my town near Milano is locked, I can't get in, and I risk quarantine on my way back to Spain. No pleading or calling helped to get at least partial refund or change of dates. Now, their website keeps crashing (intentionally?) while I am trying to fill out a refund form. Shame, shame , shame. I lost my money and they never even had a decency to say "sorry".

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22 February 2019 12:02:00 Guest

I just discovered a new trick Ryanair is using to sting customers. if yozu look for a flight, it is quoted at the local currency of departing airport. once you get to the payment page, it converts immediately to the currency of your residence on record. I checked and realized they use a TERRIBLE exchange rate. It took me 15 min to find the page where you can convert back to the original curreny (where of course they tell you all kind of terrible things that might happen to you). once I did that and went back to the payment page, I relaized they added a charge for a "donation". another 15 min of searching and trying, and realized that when you click to chose local currency, the website automatically clicks the donation icon. so you have to be careful and unclick the donation icon as well. This is pure and simple a SCAM! if you can avoid them please do yourself a favor and stay away!!!

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30 December 2018 12:12:00 Jorhy

One of the worst airline ever!

They cancelled my flight last year and didn't even notify me before i get to the airport. Even thought they denied my flight compensation requests few times with a terrible lies, thanks to , I still got compensation of 400 euros. I will never fly with them...

If there will be a list of the worst airlines, Ryanair will get all of places in this list!

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03 August 2018 12:08:00 Guest

My suitcase containing clothes for a funeral was stolen from the carousel at MAN 28/04/2018. Eventually Ryanair agreed to pay compensation under the Montreal Convention and asked for my bank details which I duly divulged. 3 weeks later a Ryanair Eurocheque arrived which I forwarded to my bank in Paris. After a further 4 weeks it was presented to my account then 3 days later rejected, although by then the whole process had incurred 50.55 bank charges. The bank cannot tell me why a Ryanair cheque has bounced and there is no Customer Services number for Ryanair. The live chat operator directed me back to the original claims forms which will not solve this situation. I must wait for the rejected cheque to be returned to me, and send it with a cover letter demanding all bank charges to be refunded, to Swords, Dublin. I have used Ryanair like a bus service during my 21 years in France but I suspect loyalty only works one way with this company.

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18 March 2018 12:03:00 Guest

I have tried al day to pay for a flight to Mallorca, using Ipad, then tablet, then Firefox, then Chrome, and then Chrome with new window (ctr+Sht+N) as recommended by several visits to the real-time help. The problem was always the same -the payment methods section had nothing on it, and pressing pay had no effort. The customer service suggested using the ireland site, but no luck. I eventually acheived sucess by downloading the app on my phone, and that worked very well, and very user-friendly. So seems to be the only way of booking flights at the moment, apart from higer costs at customer services

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10 April 2016 12:04:00 susan

This evening we mis our plane to malaga from dublin due to the fact that ryan air was delayed and they dit not call the passengers to get on to the flight ,no one knows what time was the flight.we and many other one was left stranded with out notice or compesation .worses we had to pay 100 euros each to go on the early morning flight.we had no co operation of the employees of this one of the worse airlnes in the world.they had still time to put us on board but they refuse proberly to make extra money out of this airline yes if you want to be treated as rubbish and swollow them * .we will never fly again with this so called peoples airlines.staff is rude they dont care .most of ryan air employees are trained like feeling what so ever. Pay more fly with proper airline like air lingus or british airways pay a bit more you get better service and you are treated as a client with ryanair you will be treated as cattle

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04 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

The website is an absolute mess. Buttons do not respond, information doesn't load, pages aren't accessible, it just impossible to book anything or even check on availability of flights, pricing, extras or whatever. Won't even permit logging in. For a so-called major European carrier it is abysmal and pathetic.

Ryanair, the experience begins here - on the website! If it is not accessible, you are not providing a very promising start to anyone's journey, and in fact, like myself, people will just give up and look elsewhere.

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11 February 2016 12:02:00 Guest

Web site is worst on the Internet. Have no idea how they make any money

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28 September 2015 12:09:00 Guest

The checkin online procedure does not work, it get stuck when adding (or better skipping) new services. The form for contacting them does not work (it keep asking to insert the reason of the communication, even though I had selected from the menu). The chat assistance does not work It is just depressing. And the day after tomorrow I must leave, with no boarding pass...

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17 May 2015 12:05:00 G Harper

Great, i have never had any problems with my flights from Birmingham UK.

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20 November 2014 12:11:00 Guest

The "Free Allocated Seating" is a big con - if you are travelling with friends or partner the only way to make sure you can sit together is to buy the extra £10pp seat allocation.

So effectivley that is a "hidden" £10pp charge.

Also the limit on number of passengers who can take hand luggage onboard is just to make you pay another £2 to be sure.

Also - the online booking and then checkin processes are the most laborious and tedious I have ver encountered - but for that I can see no financial advantage to Ryanair which puzzles me as everything else they do is to make money.

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11 November 2014 12:11:00 Duncan S.

I booked a flight with Ryanair, with hand luggage only. Just before getting on the plane the staff announced that there was no overhead locker room left. My hand luggage was taken fr om me as i entered the plane and I asked if I would get it back when I got off the plane. The attendant said yes and put a yellow sticker on it. I asked for my bag as i got off the plane and was told it was put in the hold! I assumed (like a pram) it would be stored elsewhere. By luck I had my passport on me but my money, laptop, sunglasses etc where all in my unlocked soft-sided case. Apart from the hassle of now having to wait for my case, I was worried about my valuables and breakables. I was at the luggage collection early and immediately checked the side pockets wh ere I had my cash for the flight. That had been stolen and I could see my case had been opened. My laptop was also stolen, sunglasses, bank card reader and watch. I reported to the airport police who were helpful and directed me to the right person to log the complaint. I was told Ryanair would contact me, which they never did. I wrote to them a couple of times and received no response whatsoever. I did get a response from an online complaint which said that valuables should not be put in the hold and it is in their terms and conditions at booking. My point was that I didn't pay for hold luggage, I never intended or knew that my soft hand luggage was going to go in the hold, so I didn't see the terms. My hand luggage was the correct size, so it wasn't my fault they had no room. I have asked for an address for receipt of legal proceedings but received no response again. Anyone got any suggestions. I am submitting a claim in the next few days.

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28 July 2014 12:07:00 Guest

Ryanair is a disgraceful airline! Maybe, if you are a couple, and not too bothered where you sit during the flight, it maybe ok. If travelling with young children....please book with another airline!! I paid £400 for an airfare in May for my 3 year old grandchild. She ended up sitting on the floor for the duration of the flight! Long story. I am in dispute with this so called 'airline'. That's if I ever get a reply!! Dozens of Emails sent since May - no response. Only a thanks for my Email!!!I understand how the airline works but it is a disgraceful procedure. I worked for an airline in the late 70's/80's and can't believe how this 'Company' even exists!!!!!

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22 June 2014 12:06:00 debbie

i always fly ryan air from birmingham to spain ie malaga majorca benidorm, always had good flights on time, staff pleasent. if u pay peanuts u get monkeys. u get wot u pay 4..

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26 November 2013 12:11:00 Guest

Absolute joke! Cancelled a flight, eventually put us in a hotel, then forgot about us, causing us to miss the rescheduled flight. Tried to fob us off with a refund even though we stressed that we were claiming delay compensation and expenses incurred. Five months, 12 letters and the threat of a small claims court actIon and they have promised to cough up the 400.00. Still waiting for the cheque though....

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24 September 2013 12:09:00 Garry searby

Excellent flight company.we had a great flight with no problems at all.all the ryanair staff were friendly and helpful,there was no fuss over our suitcases cabin bags.we made sure we stuck to the correct weight and the correct size bags. The aeroplane was very clean and comfortable.

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12 April 2013 12:04:00 John Clayton

The ground crew at East Midlands and Malaga are excellent. I needed wheelchair assistance onto and off the flights. Mandy at East Midlands demonstrated real customer service - pushing the wheelchair to our car. Many thanks to all. We shall return!

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09 September 2012 12:09:00 Retired airline captain

Having travelled extensively on a large number of airlines I must say that Ryanair is the WORST airline I have ever had the misfortune to fly with. I have used Ryanair on 6 sectors in the past 6 months and I have witnessed several distressing scenes both at check-in, boarding and even on the aircraft. There seems to be no end the depths of poor service this airline can descend to. The sadness for me is that travel with most airlines used to be a priviledge, and now it is uncomfortable to say the least. I have seen whole families in tears and passengers almost screaming for the crew to unlock toilet doors.

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10 June 2012 12:06:00 R. Keller

Worst experience in my life, my first trip to London and I found Ryanair while planning my Europe trip. Flying into Manchester, London Airport, an advertisement to Ireland came up. Therefore, we added and changed all our plans to visit Ireland for the first three long days and two nights a mother traveling alone with her adult daughter and her friend. However, we did read the fine print for this low cost flight one thing important we knew in advance was how to check in our luggage and printed the 20 pages to the rules on luggage alone. Which it had to be done within 24 hours prior to your flight, in reality is 20 hours prior to travel because the have a lock out four hours before your flight departs. Plus, online is the only way to check in for your luggage, it cannot be done at the airport counter like a real airline. I honestly think they over book each flight therefore, when enough people check in as to fill all the seats, if there is to many they have ways to weed out those extra people, one way is to do away with those who check in luggage. I honestly believe they shut down the website and then you can blame no one, basically to bad to sad. You didnt check in by the rules, because the time frame needed the link on their website was not working. My daughter and I are experienced travelers we made sure we had a long lay over in Manchester as a back up for possible flight delays or any unforeseen problems that could arise. Therefore we arrived six hours prior to our flight for Ryanair, which gave us two hours to check in our luggage on the website at the designated computer to Ryanair which they said to use to check our luggage in at the airport, and the website luggage check in link still was not working after we tried endlessly fr om every computer, I Pad, laptop, two I phone we had to no avail. In the end we were denied to fly because we had luggage. However, not only was this a nightmare, it cost us (3 passengers) an added $200.00 each to make other last minute travel arrangement to Dublin. But by far worse was not the cost or money, it took us 24 hours extra to get to Ireland. We lost our hotel reservation due to no way to contact them to let them know what was going on. We left the US May 16, 2012 and did not arrive to Dublin until 7 am in the morning on May 18, 2012 walking the streets with our luggage and no wh ere to stay. I was traumatized the rest of my vacation because of this dishonest, "Ryanair SCAM Booking Airline". By the way, thats what it was called by their own employees. That they are not a real airline but a booking website that rents counter space and old planes that allows them to paint their name on them. Ryanair is a SCAM. I've dreamed of going to the UK and Ireland for over thirty years and Ryanair SCAM Booking Website has destroyed my life long dream to travel abroad again. Any free time I have on the internet I will find a way to prevent this from happening to a fellow US Citizen. Ryanair SCAM Airline would never get away with the dishonest manipulating of the internet in the US for very long, they would be exposed and shut down in a flash from word of mouth alone. Therefore, with the world wide web, I will not stop until they are no longer allowed to advertise in the US or on any given internet search here in the USA if the Ryanair name shows up anywhere on the internet here in the USA the word SCAM, AVOID will follow and show up with it. American's will take the advice from a fellow American. We treat tourist better than any other country, it would be the respectful thing would be to return the courtesy by just being honest, and not trying to scam people out of time, money, and mostly their dream of visiting Europe.

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29 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

I think Ryanair is great! You other people that don´t like Ryanair just book another flight on BA for 150£ for a little bit of better food. I woudn´t pay 150£ for A MEAL!!!

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04 May 2011 12:05:00 Guest

I dont understand how the website works. The booking process is confusing, and I find it way too hard to navigate. Its hard to understand.

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25 October 2009 12:10:00 Guest

We recently travelled to Carcassonne and back with Ryanair. We paid for priority boarding on both legs, and were forced to pay for to check in at the airport because we had one bag per person to check in. On the way out from Liverpool, we were placed in the priority boarding queue, and then boarded a bus, onto which all the non-priority boarding passengers later boarded too. So there was no benefit whatsoever in having paid for priory boarding. We have requested a refund. We received an email a few days before departure instructing us to check in online, despite the fact that we had paid for airport check-in. Online check-in would always have been our preferred (and cheaper!) option, but it was not permitted when we booked the tickets in January. So we have also requested a refund of that part of the cost - 57, plus any associated taxes.

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13 March 2008 12:03:00 Guest

I experienced absolutely shambolic boarding procedures and general unhelpful staff on a recent London Stansted to Belfast City return. Two of us were travelling, yet only one of us was able to 'check-in' (and I use the term loosely) online. So we queued in the woefully understaffed check-in line with the reference number to get Passenger 2 their boarding card, only to be told in very rude fashion after much waiting in line that, unbelievably, we needed to 'buy' a ticket. What? We had bought a ticket surely? We have the confirmation number - sufficient to check-in on any airline normally. Not Ryanair it would seem. They have a new policy where you have to pay 3 GBP for each person to issue a handwritten 'ticket' at the airport, despite buying a ticket online. So we left the check-in queue and had to join another queue at the ticket desk. Just as well that one of us had a credit card as they don't accept cash for the 3 GBP ticket either. Absurd. So after lining up again and finally checking in, we get to the boarding gate. Now another problem. Seemingly there was a problem with the online check-in that one of us had 'succeeded' (again, I use the term loosely) in doing. Again we experienced quite rude staff who tried to give the impression that we were somehow in the wrong for having incomplete information printed from the Ryanair website (even though it was verified by their own check-in staff). After lengthy discussions we were eventually allowed to board after the staff giving us the impression that we were somehow 'very fortunate' for this treatment. To cap it all we were refused check-in for the return flight after arriving 40 minutes before departure with only hand luggage. The check-in desk insisted it was actually 39 minutes before departure and therefore we had to buy a ticket for a later flight. We did - on easyJet. All in all, Ryanair was a discourteous and disorganised shambles and I won't be in a rush to fly with them again!

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