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Airbus A321

First flight year — 1993

Airbus A321 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Airbus A321 Specifications

Length (m)44.5
Wingspan (m)34.1 - 35.8
Height (m)11.8
Wing area (m2)122.4
Maximum take-off weight (kg)89 000 - 93 500
Maximum landing weight (kg)75 500 - 77 800
Operating empty weight (kg)48 100
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)71 500 - 73 800
Maximum payload (kg)21 200
Standard fuel capacity (litres)24 050 - 30 030
Range with max payload (km)5 000 - 5 900
Cruise speed (km/h)840
Maximum speed (km/h)890
Maximum operating altitude (m)11 900
Take-off field length (m)2 180
Landing field length (m) 1 580
EnginesCFMI CFM56-5A/5B,
2 x 30000-33000 lb
IAE V2500-A5,
2 x 30000-33000 lb
Fuel efficiency (g/pass*km)18.2
Fuel flow rate (kg/h)3 200
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)220 - 236
Passengers (2-class)185
Cabin length (m)34.4
Cabin width (m)3.7

Typical Cabin Configuration of Airbus A321

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Airbus A321:

14 March 2018 Guest

nice aircraft!

13 October 2017 Mohammed

Atlas Global -turkey used this bad airplane AIRBUS A321 WITH THE BAD NARROW SEATS
there is no screens on each seat just on the roof and no programs at all and the trips take more than 2.5 hours

13 October 2017 MOHAMMED

THIS airplane is the most worst airplane ,no comfort at all , very narrow seats
very hot weather while passengers inside waiting for takeoff , ,
it is for trip not more than 45 minutes to withstand its bad seats , it should not be for trips 3 hours

16 May 2017 GAZY

If an A-321 is only partially booked, is it true that passengers must be seated aft to maintain weight-balance conditions? We were told by crew members that rows 7 to 15 must be left empty and we should all sit aft to keep the plane in balance. Thanks for any comments.

30 November 2016 Guest



26 May 2014 James Anthony

Which airline flies the most A-321s in its fleet? Thank you.

26 September 2013 Guest

We really enjoy travelling on these planes with Monarch airlines,terrific aircraft.

13 August 2009 Harnowo Trip

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