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Airbus A320

First flight year — 1987

Airbus A320 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Airbus A320 Specifications

Length (m)37.6
Wingspan (m)34.1 - 35.8
Height (m)11.8
Wing area (m2)122.4
Maximum take-off weight (kg)73 500 - 78 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)64 500 - 66 000
Operating empty weight (kg)42 100
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)61 000 - 62 500
Maximum payload (kg)16 600
Standard fuel capacity (litres)24 210 - 27 200
Range with max payload (km)6 100
Cruise speed (km/h)840
Maximum speed (km/h)890
Maximum operating altitude (m)11 900
Take-off field length (m)2 090
Landing field length (m) 1 530
EnginesCFMI CFM56-5A/5B,
2 x 25000-26500 lb
IAE V2500-A5,
2 x 25000-26500 lb
Fuel efficiency (g/pass*km)19.1
Fuel flow rate (kg/h)2 600
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)180
Passengers (2-class)150
Cabin length (m)27.5
Cabin width (m)3.7

Typical Cabin Configuration of Airbus A320

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Airbus A320:

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05 January 2017 Guest

i thaught this a320 can only climb 2500 fpm when i rode it , but in flightradar24 i realized it climbs up to 4700 fpm

27 December 2016 Guest

Amazing not being bummed around

23 August 2016 Guest

Very, very uncomfortable seating! Like sitting on a wooden park bench for 3 straight hours. If you are over 6' tall I would avoid being a passenger on one of these planes.

22 July 2016 Guest

Looking for price comparisons, Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Bombardier C100, Embraer

18 June 2016 Guest

Rode a A320 AirAsia from Manila(MNL) to Puerto princesa (PPS)
Its still OK

12 October 2015 Guest

I agree with the concerns talked about in this forum, Airbus doesn't seem to realize that totally automated flight is more dangerous than a blend of automation and pilot input, the main reason airbus hangs their hat on the idea that pilot error is to blame for most accidents is because even when a crash is not pilot error investigating governments large manufacturers and airlines (who have a lot of sway) get themselves out of any liability by blaming one or two, usually dead, pilots. So by automating planes the can statistically say that "well no pilot flying must be safer" Bologna! All the crashes in the past 10-15 have involved sensor failures or strange results when pilots try to fix computer glitches, on CVR playbacks you always hear the pilots saying "what is the plane doing now?" There is an obvious disconnect between pilot and plane in the case of Airbus, look at the Air New Zealand crash in France, a frozen sensor brought them down! That is just crazy...absolutely crazy! I'm with lots of you reporting on this blog I try to avoid Airbus at all cost! Another documentary that I thought was interesting was the A380 incident with Quantas out of Singapore, for those of you who watched it did you notice how much effort went into the laptop interface to do the checklists and such, my goodness, can't you just get user friendly breakdown and a short list of probable causes then land the fricken plane, didn't look that way to me, in order to land the co-pilot had to go through a very lengthy process pounding away at a keyboard before they would be allowed to land by the planes computer, maybe I have it wrong but still in the older non automated aircraft if you had an engine failure and are lucky enough to be able to land the pilots would just shut down the faulty engine and beat it to the nearest airport and do their checklist enroute. Well boeing and bombardier for me please

07 September 2015 Mohd Enamul Huq

How much cargo can be uplifted in an A320 flight

04 May 2015 peter mutungi

I saw a clip in the U-TUBE a plane landing assisted by a pick up van as its front landing landing gear landed in that van, may I know the weight of the front part of the plane?

26 March 2015 Gina Consolini

Where are these planes made?

24 March 2015 Guest

They say "Safer than a lot of other aircraft out there" (aircraft Not a very glowing endorsement. I have flown on the A320 twice... and NEVER AGAIN. This is a 100% POS (piece of shyte) aircraft, in my humble opinion. I have flown Boeing aircraft that clearly where aged aircraft, but the feel of the craft, on the ground and in the air, was that of a well built, solid aircraft. First ride on an A320... I thought, well maybe this was just an aircraft at the end of is service life. The second time on an A320 I asked how old it was... "About 5 yrs old"... OMG, it was a piece of junk. Poorly constructed with cheap material, and I honestly felt the aircraft would shake itself apart at any moment. I have rescheduled flights many times, just to avoid ever flying on an A320 again. And this was WELL BEFORE all the "mishaps" of late. The DC-10 had a much safer flight record and fewer mishaps, and it was yanked from service in the USA in a heart beat. What's up with the A320 still being in service?

30 December 2014 Guest

this is the aircraft model used in the ill-fated AirAsia's Flight QZ8501 bound from Indo to Singapore just so you know..

02 December 2014 Guest

I'm afraid to fly in an airplane... I just needed this info for a homework question in my Engineering class... so thanks. :)

29 July 2014 mehmood khan

very nice air craft

Reviews 1 - 20 of 30
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