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Airbus A350-900

First flight year — 2013

Long-haul wide-body aircraft Airbus A350 (Airbus A350) is developed by the European company Airbus aircraft to replace the A330 and A340. The aircraft is designed to carry 270 to 475 passengers up to 15,000 km. In this segment, the A350 competes with the American Boeing 787.

It is planned to create three versions of the airliner: the basic A350-900, with a shorter fuselage A350-800, with a longer fuselage and larger wing A350-1000. The maiden flight of the Airbus A350-900 took place in June 2013 and aircraft entered scheduled services in Jahnuary 2015.

Airbus A350-900 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Airbus A350-900 Specifications

Length (m)60.666.9
Wingspan (m)64.064.0
Height (m)16.916.9
Wing area (m2)443443
Maximum take-off weight (kg)245 000265 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)182 500202 500
Standard fuel capacity (litres)150 000150 000
Range with max payload (km)15 40015 000
Cruise speed (km/h)905905
Maximum speed (km/h)945945
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 10013 100
EnginesTrent XWB,
2 x 75000 lb
Trent XWB,
2 x 87000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)375420
Passengers (2-class)312366
Passengers (3-class)270314
Cabin width (m)5.615.61

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Airbus A350-900:

21 October 2017 Guest

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18 May 2017 Guest

Is it possible to get the weight for the all the parts individually
Like say,

Weight of wings, Weight of fuselage, weight of remaining parts.

16 October 2015 Guest

Wing Area will be different between -900 and -1000 not 443m2

25 September 2015 Dvy

Great news, I cant wait to fly on one of those flights in the near fturue as I am tierd of flying on the Boeing 777 all the time, Or the 747-400 in the out dated and crowded 3-4-3 configeration as in service with some airlines. I have flown on Cebu Pacific as recently as last year from CLK-HKG.Great airline, Great service.

02 December 2014 jorge

can airbus sale the a-350 to the airlines around the world the coast of jet fuel gose up and orders go down i hope it gose good for airbus

12 December 2013 Joseph Musyoki

Am so delighted to read about it and i could even browse more to know looks smart as it takes off and landing.

09 October 2013 Guest

This information are wrong

15 August 2013 Arturo Escobed0

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated airplanes. In one of the Ranches where my father worked as a ranch hand the owner had a crop-duster. I was about ten years old when I was given my first plane ride. I was the most beautiful experience I ever had. From the moment on I have been fascinated by planes. Their colors, their logo, the sound of the engines when they are taking off and when they are landing is out of this world. As I grew older I began build model airplanes and also collected the different types of airlines. The picture of the A350 on this web sight is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. At one time when I was about 17 I asked God why had I not been created as a plane. Silly thoughts.

29 May 2013 Guest

it is awsome

04 March 2013 Guest

very informative

19 July 2012 Guest

really cool!!!!!!!!!

13 June 2012 Rio

this plane looks pretty good for the market if it is more fuel efficient by 4% than the 747-8.
yep lets see this aircraft go into production and testing.

14 May 2012 irbaz a

its look great

08 May 2012 PB Daswani

what about ARFL for take off and landing

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