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Boeing 787-8

First flight year — 2009

Boeing 787-8 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Boeing 787-8 Specifications

Length (m)56.7
Wingspan (m)60.1
Height (m)17.0
Wing area (m2)360.5
Maximum take-off weight (kg)227 900
Maximum landing weight (kg)172 400
Operating empty weight (kg)119 950
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)161 000
Standard fuel capacity (litres)126 200
Range with max payload (km)13 600
Cruise speed (km/h)900
Maximum speed (km/h)945
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 100
EnginesR-R Trent 1000,
2 x 64000 lb
GE GEnx,
2 x 64000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)359
Passengers (2-class)242
Cabin width (m)5.49

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Boeing 787-8:

07 October 2017 Audrey

With so many negative comments made in the earlier years, is B787-8 safe to fly now? My whole family may be flying to Hawaii in this aircraft next holiday. Am a bit ruffled by comments!

22 August 2015 Guest

It worries me as a plastic engineer to see the mouldings over the exits lights on this aircraft all distorted by illumination heat from the exit light. It is only a matter of time before one of these dissolves into the exit light causing smoke at best and fire at worst.
Seeing this as an example of light weight polymer use worries me about the quality of other light weight panels you cannot see.

28 December 2013 GuestDrAnandhanG


10 April 2013 Guest

This plane has been grounded and now all the batteries are messed up... fame of Boeing is dead.

30 January 2013 Guest

The Boeing Dreamliner the 787 was supposed to be the good as the best airplane of the world, now there's too much troubles with the 787s and the batteries, windshear cracks of cockpit, fuel leaky. Now they have to decide to reject and deny the 787 Dreamliner to be out of production because the Federal regulations have been in scrutuny and the FAA have failed. Citibank failed to comply to approve the Dreamliners for some airlines. Maybe next year, american Airlines have to decide to cancel all 42 of its Boeing 787-9s and Hainan Airlines also have to cancel those Boeing 787-8s and it consists of the dead airplanes that can't fly anymore and might be losing battle against the 747 programs and rival Airbus A350-XWB and the 737 programs.

25 January 2013 Guest

flew this great new jet to Korea from Boston... wow what a pleasure, beautiful aircraft, looked like a crane with it's slender jointed wings, and very comfortable economy class. Looking forward to them sorting out the glitches for my flight back.

28 March 2012 cyra

Love airplanes since I was a kid and still fascinated by it as an adult. I am a bit scared of flying after 911 but love watching those "Iron Birds", they are beautiful.

28 September 2011 Sooraj S Kumar

hm ...plane lukz good....
hope it will produce its best performance....
itz having unique look... u knw itz nyc to watch this aircraft....

26 July 2011 sachdeva.r

plane looks must gain on fuel ifficiency on this part/
300 passengers capacity/15000kms range/wider seats--should make way for cheaper operations for airlines and cheaper airfares for passangers..

so far good...looks like has a good future
can say revolutionising

16 July 2011 shaque

an MARVELOUS aircraft.

16 July 2011 shaque

an excellent aircraft.

06 February 2011 steven weeks

i think its a wonderfull plane to see and i hope soon that i can fly first class in it from australia to china, i also have seen many photo's of this plane on the internet........

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