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Boeing 737-700

First flight year — 1997

Boeing 737-700 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Boeing 737-700 Specifications

Length (m)33.6
Wingspan (m)34.3
Height (m)12.5
Wing area (m2)125.0
Maximum take-off weight (kg)60 330 - 70 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)58 060
Operating empty weight (kg)38 140
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)54 660
Maximum payload (kg)16 500
Standard fuel capacity (litres)26 020
Range with max payload (km)6 040
Cruise speed (km/h)850
Maximum operating altitude (m)12 500
Landing field length (m) 1 420
EnginesCFMI CFM56-7B20/22/24,
2 x 20500-24170 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)171
Passengers (2-class)146
Cabin width (m)3.54

Typical Cabin Configuration of Boeing 737-700

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Boeing 737-700:

21 April 2018 Guest

Well, there is no whatsoever arguments or discussions about the rigged and airfoil design of this type of Boeing Aircraft since it did start its first production, I mean the air frame or the fuselage as attached to the wing, the always the problem is the Engines and its attachment to the wings since its started with 737-100 and the 200, the Engine ground distance to the ground is very low, which makes the both engines as a sweeper or vacuum cleaners to the tarmac and the runways in worse of its case, as even I witnessed many times how those two engines are swallowing water from the tarmac on a rainy day as its scroll to the engine inlets while its running on ideal during push back, so what is about running at take off maximum speed, so this is the only warring issue, that makes troubles for the engine itself and the aircraft wings and the body as the fuselage because of its engine to the ground distance which is Min. 15.9 Inches and Max 24.7 Inches.

18 February 2018

We are looking for 3 of these fantastic Doves !

17 March 2017 Amir

This is the best airplane in the world.

13 February 2017 Guest

Takeoff run 737-700 missing

01 March 2016

Currious abuot leg room....I m tall with2 bad knees

28 October 2015 Ron Jack

What is the height of the front of the wing at the body of a stationary Boeing 737-700.

Please reply to

31 July 2015 Guest

Fantastic plane, smooth ride, love these guys.

12 May 2011 Guest

wonderful ride

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