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19 July 2017 Guest

Very frustrated. Got a very urgent need to buy a ticket via Airasia website and mobile app. Tried for hours and hours. Always got the message "Please use another card for payment"!!! I have been using the same card to book tickets all this while without having any problem. Seeing the seats being sold out 1 by 1 each time when i re-logged in. Now everything is spoilt as i can't make the booking!

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23 April 2017 Guest

The AirAsia online booking site is broken. After going thru the entire booking process many times the site gets hung up at the last step (payment). Screen just goes blank. AirAsia also now charges about 3% credit card fee. I'm looking at other carriers that actually want passengers to book online (and don't charge CC fees).

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11 February 2017 lars lofgren

30 - 40 minutes before departure time the gate closed and we could not board. 15 minutes before departure time the plane left the bay and sat on the tarmac for 15 minutes before it taxied away to runway. What is that about???? Our bags must have been taken off an hour before departure time. Other people were also not allowed to board. We all missed our connecting flights because of this "urgency" by AirAsia and inability to serve their clients. We were at the airport and had checked in 1 bag 2.5 hours before take off, we were in the coffee shop just beside the gate, we heard no calls for early take off and our names were never called over the intercom. The AirLine staff know we were there, and its a small airport (Mactan, Cebu) so very easy to see all passengers if you walk 50 meter. 40 years of flying and this is a first, serious shame on the staff and AirAsia to behave in this way!!!!! Never fly that airline again, and will tell everybody to stay away as well. The Immigration officer that cleared us back in again told us that same thing has happened before with Air Asia. Question is priority: does an Airline serve its guests or uphold some internal "on-time" rules as priority, clearly AirAsia is not interested in serving guest!!!

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29 January 2017 eddy

The website has a lot of problems, couldn't book flight!

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02 December 2016 Guest

Terrible website, let down by Jetstar tonight as the plane never left Cairns. Now trying to get new bookings for my Air Asia connections and of course the Air Asia site is not working properly. Budget airlines are rubbish.

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02 October 2016 Cardelle Dunne

I was booked to fly to Sydney yesterday evening. Arrived at airport with 3 hours to spare from Singapore. I had purchased my visa for Australia and had confirmation of purchase and with the Australian Embassy. Air Asia's system would not allow me to board even though we spoke on the phone to the embassy. They are now saying I missed the flight and there is nothing they can do. I am extremely upset and disappointed with the lack of customer care, obvious failure with their system which could not be overridden by management and unwillingness to help and take any reponsibility. I have family waiting to see me in sydney and pick me up and am still trying to find out how to rectify this. Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any ideas how to resolve this quickly so I can at least enjoy the rest of the short break.

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29 August 2016 Lynn

Unable to process payment for luggage via airasia website and mobile apps as well. Both showing "unable to read data because it is in incorrect format". Please help!

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13 August 2016 Casey Taylor

Flight was delayed by 4 hours from Penang to Singapore. English language skills of Airasia staff was so bad that the announcements made were totally incomprehensible. Ground staff had no idea of what was happening and constantly informed passengers of wrong information about the new flight departure time. I will not recommend flying with this airline as they are unreliable and have zero customer service.

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02 August 2016 Guest

So after 3 month I finally got my refund back for the canceled flight by AirAsia. And it was a nightmare with them. What a bad way to treat paying customers. Even their customer service. I never experienced something like this before. Yesterday, I found out that I couldn't send any eform to airasia anymore. since one week I received "Error" message. I found out after changing my IP address, that they blocked me to not get in touch with them anymore. After I changed my IP address, I could send a new eform complaint through. I found out, that website owners are also able to deny access to their entire page. Anyway, the overall experience with them is just a NO GO. Even the direct chat got canceled after 5 minutes by them. However, the ONLY reason I received my money back was, because I contacted my bank and opened a debit dispute against Air Asia. So the best way is to go to your bank, fill out a dispute form and attach all email conversations between you and airasia as well as the actual notification that your flight got cancelled. Within 2 weeks you will have your money back. I will avoid booking with them and inform myself better about airlines I don't know prior to booking. Good luck everyone

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22 January 2016 Guest

Travelling as a couple we booked two tickets, when we got to check in we were told "the system" has allocated seats but at opposite ends of plane. The only way to change this is to pay to reallocate seats. The only seats available are the most expensive ones, what a surprise. When we got on the plane it was almost a third empty. This is obviously a scam to increase cash flow.

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09 January 2016 Guest

I tried contacting Air Asia to enquire about the problematic web site and trouble with booking. Their live chat is a joke. When I told them that there is a problem with booking online, their response was "no one complained and there are successful bookings as we speak". They told me that I can try to buy a plane ticket from the Perth International airport. Only problem is there is no sales counter there. I told them that and they disconnected the chat. Very bad service and the live chat is not helpful at all.

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09 January 2016 Annoyed and Frustrated

I have spent the last two days trying to book flights. It even went as far as clicking "purchase" on the payment page during one of the multiple attempts. Then the page redirected to the flight search AGAIN! I gave up. My friend had the same problem a few days ago. She booked with another airline. Air Asia website is hopeless.

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05 January 2016 Guest

I've been trying to book a flight for over a week now and it still isn't working. I fill out all of the details and then get a "BookingNotPaidInFull" message and a declined card. I have tried multiple browsers, computers, and valid credit cards and it's the same every time. I guess it's time to book with a competitor instead. Very disappointed.

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25 December 2015 Guest

I'm an Air Asia High Flyer who has become so annoyed at the diminishing standards of Air Asia in recent times. Website has been unable to process my flight bookings today, planes diverted with only being told once boarded, unhelpful check in staff when wanting to pay for hot seats, E form doesn't work.....the list goes on. What used to be a good low cost carrier is now a shadow of its former self.

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15 December 2015 M.H. Zulkifli

The current online system is really upset. I have to try many times just to book ticket. Really annoyed. Hope this will be improve asap.

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09 December 2015 Guest

Your booking system is a nightmare! Try redesigning your system please and be sure to display error messages so that your clients would know whether their booking was a success or not. You are making your clients paranoid because we don't know if we successfully booked our flight. Please be user friendly!

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