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21 May 2024 12:05:00 Geno htown

The worst of the worst .

You can't count on this airplane company for * . They rescheduled my flight twice..
The worst customer service ever.
And you know the old saying :" you get what you pay for ?"

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05 May 2024 12:05:00 Guest

QZ326 on 03 May, this air Asia aircraft, the toilet bowl cracked but they just use put a tape on top and still in use, unbelievable 😰

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08 April 2024 12:04:00 Guest

Awful checking in service in Udonthani (Thai Airasia). They want to collect only few extra money by not considering anything.
First of all, I bought check-in bag weight 30 kgs, seat, and meal in advance when check in at the counter, they said to me the they allowed carry on bag weight only 7 kgs. My carry on bag is 10 kgs, I said to check in counter lady that I could pay extra for overweight due to I carried important legal documents, tablet, power bank, and very high value items which could not put in check in bag and I asked to pay extra money for over weight for carry on bag. They said to me cannot do that due to safety but if I have extra membership card something they could allow to carry more than 7kg. So IT IS NOT SAFETY ISSUE at all. Hence, I tried to separate documents and and some valuable stuffs to put in check-in bag and let they charged more money for check in bag and wishing everything is fine!. (Cannpt claim lost items)
Hope this experience will be an advice for anyone who want to travel with low cost airline that will charge extra in everythings even when you make payment online , they will charge fees for payment as well.

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05 April 2024 12:04:00 Paul

Flight AK604 from Perth to Kuala Lumpur 4 April 2024.
Flight was delayed by 1 hour departing.. the door open.
1 passenger in row 6 was intoxicated and was sleeping while we waited.
On departure, the cabin crew tried twice to gently wake him, but left him sleeping laying across all 3 seats of the row. Obviously with no seat belt on during take off, and, as it turned out later the same when landing.
There were also reports of the same man vaping during the flight.
The cabin crew did ask him, but of course he denied the claim.
This man should never have been allowed to board in the first place, and the cabin crew should at least have followed the law that all passengers are seated with seat belts on during take off and landing.
This guy was sleeping across all 3 seats on both occasions.

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19 March 2024 12:03:00 Guest

These are probably the worst lines I've ever seen. With such an approach to the customer, nothing good will come out of it.

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08 March 2024 12:03:00 Martin

Never use the AirAsia app for a multiple airline booking where they offer connecting flights combining different airlines. You think you have a trip but it's not guaranteed if your first leg is delayed. So beware. I had to buy a new ticket, money gone. And their customer service with that idiot robot is totally useless

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05 March 2024 12:03:00 Earl

Not recommendable. No respect to your time. My husband supposed to have a flight of 7:50 pm from Manila to Iloilo but they reschedule it one hour late, making it 8:50pm. Then, in the airport instead of 8:50pm they make it 10:15pm and the worst part is again they postponed to 11:15pm. It so very late, people who are waiting are exhausted already. They should value the time of there passengers. Worst airline ever. We will not anymore book our future ticket to this airline.

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17 February 2024 12:02:00 Guest

AWFul!!!! I'm shocked. I paid in advance on the 20th of January, and according to the bank, the payment has been successful so far. I received all the proper notifications about my upcoming flights daily.
However, when I arrived at the airport, the airline informed me that there are issues with my payment and I need to purchase another ticket, which, of course, costs more. When I called my bank, they confirmed once again that my payment was indeed successful.
The airline suggested that I buy another ticket now and request a refund later when I return. I am extremely frustrated for several reasons:
- The airline provided incorrect information by sending me letters assuring that everything was okay, but it turned out not to be the case at the airport.
- The payment I made was successful, as confirmed by the bank. Why didn't the airline refund the money if the payment wasn't successful?
- Why should I pay more for another ticket when I already paid for the same booking?
- Now, in order to get a refund, I have to spend my time going to the office because they don't recognize the double payment online.

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11 January 2024 12:01:00 Irene Tesorero

Our flight today January 11, 2024 at 11:45am, first time to experienced, 7kg hand carry bag including everything including cellphone, small sling bag????
First to flight with Air Asia. Iíve never experienced thisÖ..
Iím not going to fly with this airlines.
And the staff as well not good. I forgot to get her name.

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10 January 2024 12:01:00 Dan

Terrible customer support. Donít give them your fav suitcaseMy new suitcase came like been in a war. There was no staff to get complaint letters and tomorrow morning I provided all evidence, tags and pics but they ignored me and they said we donít do any compensation. Airasia did not take any responsibility for damage they have done. Their lack of support is shocking

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09 January 2024 12:01:00 Guest

I booked ticket together with my mom. This airasia management separate our sit 🤦♀ could u do that? i booked the ticket is one shoot & u put me at 31C and my mom at 15F! Please improve this! donít anyhow separate people sit! my mom is sick & a bit hard to walk to toilet!! u think whos going to accompany her to go to toilet????

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08 January 2024 12:01:00 Rachel

If I could give ZERO stars, thats my rating..I am no stranger to travelling..Air Asia is the WORST, WORST nightmare..stay away if you want an enjoyable trip.
First,they would sell a flight online that looks sooo good...then last minute of your flight they will cancel or resched flight...then you could not talk to any customer service...then luggages...prebook IMPOSSIBLE TO DO..then I tried again, luggages increased prices, then the booking went through...
I asked for wheelchair service, was told " ADDITIONAL FEES!"... This airline is so greedy of money, money...theres alot better services and cheaper ones....

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06 January 2024 12:01:00 Guest

The airline known as AirAsia is the most unsatisfactory flight company I've ever dealt with. They consistently come up with excuses to extract extra money from customers, even resorting to underhanded tactics to coerce additional ticket purchases, as explained in the instances below.

Using AirAsia is a major warning sign; it's essential to be cautious with this deceptive company.

This marks the second time in a week that I've had an incredibly unpleasant encounter with AirAsia. During the previous flight from Penang to Langkawi, they refused to check in our luggage, citing our arrival 45 minutes past the departure time. Despite being at the KLIA2 counter two hours in advance, successfully checking in our luggage, and passing the hand carry luggage check this time, they insisted on an additional 15 kg. However, at the counter, they refused to add the luggage, once again using the 45-minute rule as an excuse.

The staff's impoliteness led to us missing the Miri flight, and we had to secure an alternative flight through Malaysian Airlines. This will be our last experience with the so-called air flight company, AirAsia, making it the most absurd encounter I've ever had with an airline in my life.

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03 January 2024 12:01:00 Lily


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03 January 2024 12:01:00 AWhite

Never again Air Asia. My flight N9KCWD was postponed from January 4, 2024, 12.35 pm to 3.05 pm. Since I missed an important business appointment as a result, I booked the flight the day before to January 3, 2024, 12.35 pm. This flight was of course postponed again by Air Asia to 3.05 pm on January 3, 2024 at 6.16 am. So my business appointment does not work again. I will NEVER fly with this low-cost airline again in this life. Neither me, nor my family, nor all my friends, acquaintances and everyone else I know. Absolutely NOT recommended.

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27 December 2023 12:12:00 Guest

Lousy. Flight delayed 2 hours due to technical issue.

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27 December 2023 12:12:00 Guest

Just today, my family booked their promo flights going to Negros with 2childs with them, they come early so if there's any problem they can still fix yeah...
But WHY when they check in from counters 27 and 28, in Terminal 2 at 3 pm today Dec.27,2023. The incharge staffs should be polite but those staff don't know costumer service their ill-tempered attitudes instead of talking to them to solve the problem because they forget the birth certificate of the 2 childs and they didn't give them chance to look because they already showing them the photos of the birth certificate...
If those staff will not have good costumer service they should not be there...
Even those flights are on promotion it doesn't mean they will treat them bad, they pay 23,000pesos and they didn't use because of those GRUMPY STAFF OF AIR ASIA IN TERMINAL 2, COUNTER 27 & 28

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03 December 2023 12:12:00 Guest

Pathetic airlines I would give zero.
Rules change overnight and even staff is not trained properly. They only provide half information and when you come back reaolving one they come up with another to charge you hefty . My first and last time flting with this airline.

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28 November 2023 12:11:00 Benson tan

Fazreen, Air Asia staff at Kuching airport, he is acting like a hooligan. Who is he to check on passenger's handphone? This is how air asia staff treat their customer. If he is upright, why he scared customer takes his photo and complain. He accused us and report to security that we pose danger on him. In the end, the security guard thinks that he is childish and walked away. Poor service and rude attitude.

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27 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

Rating app website.
Ispent hours trying to add baggage in both the app and on the website. Finally switched to larger tablet and still lots.of clicks and frustration before I added baggage. The search did not find my flights. The upcoming flights also did.not show up. I may have found flights under purchase. Had to sign in to use credit card. Only found sign in through Google. Very frustrating. Dreading online check in to " avoid fees at checking counter".

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19 November 2023 12:11:00 Con. G.

AirAsia Cancelled my flight as they don't fly that route anymore from Clark to Cebu Philippines.
They asked if I'd like a refund or credit. Since I had to rebook with another airline I asked for a refund.
Should of taken 2-4 weeks, It's now been 49 weeks and waiting.
One year on and after numerous messages they still havent refunded me. Finally they said in July they refunded and closed the case. I couldn't see any credit come back to my account. I contacted my bank and after checking they said "No you haven't received any credit from AirAsia" Try explaining that to "BO" their customer service auto generated computer... What a joke. No live chat available or customer service to speak to a real person.
You can call their customer service number and only leave a voicemail, which does't help either...
Just sent them another "feedback message via BO"
If this doesn't get resolved soon I'm deleting my account. I've had enough
I've been flying AirAsia for over 10 years. Not any more.

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13 November 2023 12:11:00 stelios

they canceled our flight 12.00 oíclock in the morning when our flight is at 9 in the morning! we loose the money of the hotel we loose the money of the tickets! useless company! never again

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13 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

TERRIBLE AIRLINE!!! Itís our first time booking a flight with them since we donít have any choice. Our flight is unreasonably expensive and it got delayed. They asked us to pay extra charge for our baggage even though itís considered personal!!! The service sucks and they are very unhelpful. Never flying with them again and would never recommend.

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12 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

Horrible stuff in airport, unfriendly and unhelpful, especially who cheek the language, always have new rules, that nobody can cheek or doing anything. Sometimes can take some stuff some times no. Checking documents like immigration service, always messy. Room for sitting not enough space. Horrible company getting worse every year more and more

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10 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

Was on Flight D7218 KL to Melbourne., Premium flatbed, Wheelchair requested. On arrival in Melbourne, there was no wheelchair waiting. Approached crew, said coming in 15mins. Waited, no sign. Crew was not even bothered to find out when approached. I finally have to walk all the way.
Was on Flight D7213 Melbourne to KL on 7/11/23, seat 1K Premium Flatbed. Ordered Uncle Chinís Chicken rice + mineral water 250ml.
Slept most of the way and when I woke up, plane was abt to start landing. I asked for my food but was told Ďkitchen closedí. Fair enough, but shouldnít they have woken me up when mealtime or at least have it packed to takeaway ? This meal n drink came together with the Flatbed ticket purchased! How cheapskate can AirAsia be or are the crew a lazy bunch??
This is on Premium Flatbed ticket. Just wonder how they treat the economy class!

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09 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest Belinda

We paid the extra weight when we exceeded the 7 kilos limit for our handcarry luggages during checkin. However during boarding we saw other passengers who didn't go at the checkin counters carrying heavy luggages. It's so unfair that only those who go at the checkin counters get charged. It should be consequent

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07 November 2023 12:11:00 Tanisha Mukherjee

Excellent service by the ground staff, Khusbu Singh.... she really assisted us well at the counter... Great flight experience

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28 October 2023 12:10:00 JL

Very bad quality of services. Donít use except if you donít any choice. Otherwise you will be disappointed by the quality of services of Air Asia Staffs.

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08 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

We were flying from Goa to Delhi , After boarding suddenly Air hostess said that this flight cannot fly now because of fuel leakage problem. Then they said please go
out of the plane , Our flight was rescheduled 6 hours later and we all were sitting on airport without any support by the staff. Even refreshments was not given properly.

Its worst airline with pathetic service . I will recommend never ever fly in Air Asia.

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02 October 2023 12:10:00 DW

AirAsia is awful! Their weight limit for carry on baggage is ridiculous! 8kg! An older legit carry on suitcase with just clothing easily exceeds that - and they force you to pay extra to check-in the baggage - no other choice - in my case it was 80% the cost of the ticket - it's a freakin scam! Never flying with them again!!

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26 September 2023 12:09:00 GuestOP

My experience with AirAsia was nothing short of a complete disappointment. In all honesty, I can confidently declare it as the absolute worst airline in Asia and, without a doubt, the most abysmal airline I've ever had the misfortune of using. The level of ineptitude displayed by their customer service was nothing short of astonishing. For the sake of your sanity and travel enjoyment, I implore you, dear fellow travelers, to exhaust all other possibilities and explore alternative airlines before even contemplating the regrettable decision of flying with AirAsia.

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25 September 2023 12:09:00 Dilan

Last day air Asia Sri Lanka airport branch don't issue my paid ticket .they ask for ticket issues sponcership letter .they think they are embassy .crezy people work .I recommend don't use this service very bad .they don't respond they wast our maney and time.i lost my flight

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17 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

Staff' s behaviour is very non friendly and non cooperative. Ladies hand lot of bad attitude towards customer. They don't care and also behave very rudely when we ask any kind of help from them.

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12 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

Shitty airline. Their check in weighing machine has 400 g without putting the luggage. Shoddy airline. No wonder it's failing. I urge all passengers not to take this stupid and fkd up airline ever. Worst mistake ever!!!

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29 August 2023 12:08:00 NG CHOO HUEY

Irresponsible airline! Rescheduled our flight and do not refund the hotel credit to us! Their products are all scams! Snap (flight + hotel) is one of airasiaís product but they only refund flight credit, and said that hotel is not their part. If hotel is not airasiaís part then donít put snap as your product and cheat and scam and fool consumers like this! Airasia rescheduled flight and do not refund the hotel credit to us! Bad airline! Do not travel with airasia! Cause all products are scam and they will just ask you to wait wait wait until you die, no refund will be given to you if airasia cancel or reschedule the flight. So please be aware of this scammer Airasia! Travel with whatever airline except for Airasia!

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21 August 2023 12:08:00 Audrey Juing

My husband and I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to this Air Asia staff that we met at KLIA 2. Without her help, we won' t be able to fly to Miri from KL as we having document problem. With her extra initiative service, we're able to fly back to Miri safely. Because of her wonderful service we want to rate 5 star to Air Asia airlines

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16 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

I just had a terrible experience with AirAsia. I missed my flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur due to unaware gate changed. I was panicking and approached one of the AirAsia staff (Yan) . She didnít explain to me. She was rude and unprofessional to me. She hiding her badge from me. Fortunately the other staff (mani) quickly attended to me in a very professional. She immediately brought me to her manager (Johan) to arrange me another flight. Johan was very professional and explained to me the process. Johan also took extra mile to apologise to me.

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01 August 2023 12:08:00 Clara

It was the worst airline Iíve traveled in. They make you pay for literally everything. The personal is very rude. I donít recommend it at all. Awful experience. I will never fly with this airline again.

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30 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

An Airline with a Gotcha agenda to fleece

I booked carrier Air Asia for a round trip flight from Bangkok to Phuket for a golf trip with the boys. Since in website, Air Asia only allows 7kg carry-on luggage (no frills), I thought I definitely need to buy an extra 20kg baggage option to accommodate my golf bag (THERE WAS NO SPORTS EQUIPMENT OPTION TO CHOOSE FROM IN TRIP.COM). With that said, when I checked in at DMK, I got the "Gotcha" treatment. I will need to pay for my golf bag separately because it cannot go under my 20kg baggage option.

I explained it to the check-in counter representative that how can Air Asia NOT offering this option or make it clear to customers in their affiliated website ( The only reply from the Air Asia representative was to please direct my complaint in social media. Judging from his reply, I guess he has seen these instances just way too often....I proceeded to ask for exchange for the 20kg baggage option with their so-called sports equipment option (willing to pay the difference), and I got the gotcha response. Not able to do that! Determined not to let this ruin my trip, I then went to pay at the Air Asia counter for the golf bag. The lady there, while sympathetic, was also telling me to direct my complaint in social media ( I guess it's their standard response because it seems to me that they are also tired from this type of argument)

I am writing this to warn other future passengers about this airline and their so-called "smart-ass" business practice to achieve their bottom line! If these MBA top executives are so savvy, they should maybe take some lesson from sales/customer service. I am now a disgruntled customer who will now avoid using Air Asia in any mean necessary. Shame on Air Asia and also some blame needed to be shared by too.

Watch Out!!!!!

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28 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

My flight was shifted to other timing without consent, well, I accepted the change of timing knowing that I will have to face the traffic peak hour when heading to the airport, still acceptable to me though. What annoying me most was I paid for aisle seat selection on my original booking but I was assigned to the window seat after the change of flight. I tried to communicate via app AI and emailing them but all are to dead end. There's no way to communicate to get back the aisle seat I paid for. It's super terrible customer service of all the airlines I encountered before. Will never use this airline again in future.

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02 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

Very disappointed with this airline. This airline is like Frontier airline in the US. Is only allowed you to bring small bag on the plane. For check-in, it charged you by the kg. Ticket seen cheap, but adding luggage cost more than traveling on other airlines. I do not recommend.

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01 July 2023 12:07:00 Eileen

I booked Airasia with booking no. T1ZDJV, but cancelled without any reason or explanation, so I requested refund on 22/10/22, but 8 months passed still no refund, it kept saying being processed, just wondering if it us just automatically replied or really processed???

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17 June 2023 12:06:00 Suresh balu

Its a fraud airlines max avoid using this company flights to save yr caluable goods coz its looters airlines whuch will steal all ur especially newly bought cosmetics perfumes from ur baggage and when u asked for details they wont revert at all... Moreover for baggages u hav to pay and u hav to loose ur goods to. Especially thru malaysia this is not budget airline inspite its theives airlines.... Beaware & save ur products coz there r other gud airlines with less price than this looters carrier.. When they take our baggages they will weight it and charges accordingly and when they return out baggages we dont hav facility to weigh it thats tge loophole this cheaters r using to steal our materials from our baggages and no proper customer care and mailids to revert if y ask they will thiushands of url to raise complaints after guving complaints u wont get any revert as these bufoon company and there staffs wil be busy in looting other new customers belongings.... Beaware if the looters and travel safe in some other gud flights

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15 June 2023 12:06:00 Joyce Koolwijk

Air Asia - Waiting for 3 months already, still no refund

Just a few days before we were supposed to fly, our flight had been changed from a morning to the latest evening flight, while there were several earlier flights.
We had to cancel this late flight because our connecting flight would already have left by the time we'd arrive. The chatbot gave us the option to refund the flight.
We have requested a refund on March 28th.

We are STILL waiting for our money our any contact at all.
Airasia has no way of contacting customer support other than their worthless robot, that does not have any information.

The worst of the worst airline. We will never book airasia again, and will definitely tell anyone and everyone to do the same.

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11 June 2023 12:06:00 Ratan Baid

Air Asia - Their app is worst than a middle class school app. It has no place to be even there. Ground staff in Thailand are worse than than any other staff at any other place. This airline is surviving only because they are cheap * with negative and zero service. Dont expect any service. One of the worst anywhere.

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07 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

I'm disappointed at the fact employees failed to inform me of the current mask policies. My family and I had to rush to buy a mask. Also didn't help the whole flight gate entry was relocated at the last minute. We were rushed and a few members lost a few items such as water bottles and souvenirs. Once on the plane everyone's backpack and small items were stuffed in the upper cabinets. My whole family brought full size carry-ons and there wasn't any space for us. The crew looked at us as we needed to find a space ourselve. Finally they help but wanted us to force our luggage in. Then flight took off and stuartist passed us without offering us drinks or snacks! Thank you AirAsia!

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06 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

They are looting money. They are not fair to everyone. If there is negative rate i will definitely do it

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05 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

It is worth to give zero rating and unfortunately it is not available as looting money from people

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24 May 2023 12:05:00 Ronald V

Worst Airline Booking Experience

First of all I want to highlight that my review has nothing to do with the flight experience but on the booking experience and how you handled cancelled flight.

It's my first time to book in Air Asia and its my worst experience ever in booking an airline.
Air Asia cancelled Flight Z2511 From CGY to CEB Mar 26, 2023, 18:45 and never provided alternative flights or other options except to either credit to air asia account or request a refund.

I booked on Feb 3, 2023 for Mar 26, 2023 flight.
I got an email on Mar 2, 2023 that my flight was cancelled.
I requested a refund on the same day and got the confirmation email.
it says resolution is 30 days from date of submission but it's May 23, 2023 now, its 71 days from date of submission and still they have not refunded me yet.
Worst is they dont have a customer service that we can talk to.They just let you chat with a dumb Bot who can't even provide my Case Update.

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21 May 2023 12:05:00 Hollands

Terrible air line, I would never use again, happy to take money when booking then zero customer support or care.

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21 May 2023 12:05:00 Nass

The worst booing experience I have ever had with an airline. They literally stealing your money. Do not get fooled by cheap prices as you end up paying thr same price of a better carrier minus the fact you will not be able to change your booking without paying almost same price of a new ticket plus you have to pay for all extras. Tried to talk to a customer service representative and basically he/she told me to go F my self and I won't get any refund or even change of flight

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18 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

AirAsia Malaysia airline charges too much hidden fees, and the flight experience was horrible. The passengers cabin was filled up with too much bags in the overhead compartments and under-seats storage. The crews were too amateur and the entire flight was full of children noise and the aisle was littered with too much trash.

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14 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

worst service ever
If you want to get in trouble - this is the best airline. Flights get cancelled and moved. Last time I flew to the PHP I got to spend the night in the airport waiting

Sarcasm instead of help - welcome to AirAsia

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03 May 2023 12:05:00 Franssen

My flights were delayed and cancelled. You cannot make personal contact. Only with a Chatbox Bo, who gives no solutions. They dont pay back refunds. They steal your money. All you get is frustration. Don't fly this Airline. Pay a little more and choose another company.

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15 April 2023 12:04:00 Randy

I was booking for a flight online, and the website after pressing buy...just spun and spun and spun. I would not go any further. So I backed out to that and tried again. Low and behold it worked the second time, but then I see I had two tickets. There is no way to talk to anyone by phone that I could figure out, they send you to the computer "Bo" and I filed for the duplicate buy and they came back and said "Invalid detail in submission" and closed the file. In "my cases" it was written: Your case has been closed. We are unable to proceed with the refund for the duplicate booking as there is insufficient balance to process. - What does insufficient balance even mean? They still have my payment for the second ticket. I have now filed with the credit card people.

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10 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

There is no highlighted important procedure. And the poor customer service. There is bo for chatting only. There is no customer service line to help people to solving the problems. The cancellation time is 48 hours before. It makes people difficult when there is an accident.

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02 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

My wife and I flew with 68 kg of luggage during our trip. Here are the baggage fees charged by each airline we used:

Delta: $0
United: $0
Air Korea: $0
Vietnam Airlines: $17
Singapore Airlines: $0
Eva Airways: $0
Air Asia: $1,343!!!!!!!!

The baggage fees were over triple the cost of our flights. The customer service reps were laughing at us as we tried to figure out what we should throw away and keep.

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29 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest




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28 March 2023 12:03:00 T. Cheney

Flight D7532 25th of March 2023
I booked premium with meals from Osaka to KL and then to Kota Kinabalu return for my work. Before departure I was emailed with notice that a change of aircraft had occurred. So before leaving KL to go to Kota Kinabalu I reconfirmed with Air Asia staff at KL that I had a seat in premium for the 7 hour return journey to Osaka and that my meal had been booked. The ground staff at KL assured me this was correct. However, on my return journey from KL to Osaka I was directed to an economy seat. When I complained that my work had paid for a premium seat I was ignored by the first air hostess, then a male host said he would contact the ground crew and then an English speaking air hostess said that I could ask for a refund. I told her I didnít want a refund as I donít want to spend 7 hours in cramped conditions. She then said I would be removed from the plane if I didnít sit down, so I had no choice but to return to the economy seat. When I returned to my seat someone else had taken it as they wanted to sit next to their friend. This then resulted in meal confusion. Post pandemic there are few flight alternatives Japan to Malaysia within a decent time frame.
Throughout the flight there was no soap in the toilets. One toilet I got locked inside and could not get out until another passenger came and pushed in the door in so I could get out.

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21 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest


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18 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest

Planes are very very small with little room for legs and I am only 5í 4Ē.
Prepaid for bags, seat and meal. Meal was uneatable. Had to pay for bags again at checkin which cost more than the flight.
App is awful.
Online checkin process is challenging and I fly 90% of the time.
If you want something other than water be prepared to pay very high prices for soda.
There is no email, nor phone number except speaking Chinese and the bot in the app doesnít help.
Terrible experience. And nowhere to get help.

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16 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest

the most incompetent, corrupt, thieving company I have every dealt with.

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08 March 2023 12:03:00 V Bud

Do NOT recommend. Strongly disappointed with their service. The app works awfully bad and it's the only way to do the online check-in. It's extremely slow and it's faulty (didn't send the pdf boarding pass to download). To make even the flight unpleasant, one flight attendant refused to sit me and my husband together in our honeymoon flight although many seats were available.

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28 February 2023 12:02:00 Cait S

Outrageous baggage fees. They charged us $750 for our bags to get to Kuala Lumpur from Brunei and an additional $750 for our bags to go from there to Vietnam next. We tried to pre pay several times on their website before hand but it wouldnít give us the option. Then at the airport Customer service was no help at all. Finally make it to our gate and find out our flight is delayed which if fine but when I tried to inquire about it online (no one at the gate entrance) they wanted my credit card info to charge me $5 to answer that question. I had tried the flight status section but again the website sucks and kept saying ďoops something went wrongĒ or whatever. Now our funds for the rest of our trip are almost out. DO NOT FLY WITH THEM!

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24 February 2023 12:02:00 Guest

AirAsia will ruin your holiday if you book with them. I booked a flight and immediately after I paid for it my booking was canceled. They literally just stole my money. Said I would get a refund within 7-14 days. I have now been waiting a month and when you can eventually get around Bo(robot) which is quite easy once you have done it half a dozen times as I have. You just get told we will expedite your refund. It is so sad there actual so-called 'Allstars" cannot help at all and even just have automated responses about refunds. The Allstars actually say when you break them down there is actually nothing they can do. They are just a pawn for their deceptive ways. Save your money and don't fall for their cheap fares as they will just cancel them directly after you pay for them. Avoid at all costs and pay the slightly higher fare with other reputable airlines.

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22 February 2023 12:02:00 N Talbot

Flying from siem reap to phuket was charged usd 98 for a small 8 kilo suitcase. When I complained the manager grabbed my suit case and in the process swung it round and knocked me to the ground.I am 82 years old. They have no respect for anyone we are not people in their eyes just cattle. This whole episode will have been recorded on CTV. Never ever fly on this airline they are animals and treat us like animals.

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17 February 2023 12:02:00 Guest

Very rude bahavior from Airasia personnel that without explaining the reason was checking everyone's bag before boarding, while our baggage already checked in security check.
When I tried to complain to Airasia I was told because I have bought my ticket from the agent I was not able to complain for their rude bahaviour.
They are just cheap!

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16 February 2023 12:02:00 Mo

They are very deceptive. I was charged double the amount for my luggage as much as I paid for my ticket. It only weighed 20 Kg. They are thieves. I will never ever fly air asia again.

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09 February 2023 12:02:00 Guest

Airasia really bad, always get a lot info from the other that their flight ticket get canceled , this time it happened to me. Try to refund one month ago, current status still in progress. Really disappointed & i will never purchase on this airline any more.

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01 February 2023 12:02:00 Guest

There is no contact number you can call for AirAsia airlines.. They make you chat with a chatbot with pre-configured information to spell out usual links to navigate.

NO Phone number to contact Airasia even in the event of flight cancellations.

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30 January 2023 12:01:00 Nick

They canceled my flight and promised a refund immediately. Now, a month after, I have still not received any refound.

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21 January 2023 12:01:00 Edith

Worst airline ever. They are scammers and will steal your money and make you talk to a chatbot when you ask for a refund. Customer service is non-existent

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20 January 2023 12:01:00 Hamilton

Terrible airline and pathetic customer service. There is not even a phone number for customer service to call on.

Cancellation of flight, it's horrible.

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17 January 2023 12:01:00 Justin Chu

Had my flight cancelled by the airline and after 4 months, there is still no refund

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01 January 2023 12:01:00 Se Hui Chin

On 1 Jan 2023, Airasia AK527 SGN to KUL was delayed. Apparently the Airport is a silent airport. The ground staff written on notice board that the flight late arrival 14:00. We were misunderstood by the flight was delayed and the arrival time was 14:00. At between 14:02 to 14:05 we were at the boarding gate but unfortunately we were being denied for boarding due to the boarding was completed. At that time, the aircraft was not ready to takeoff yet as we could see baggage was loading on the aircraft.
We have to purchase another tickets to fly back home.
What is the purpose of having check-in in advance but you could deny passenger to board yet the flight was delayedÖ
Hope to seek clarification.

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01 January 2023 12:01:00 De Silva

I used this airline about 4-5 years ago but stop flying with them die to very bad service and delays
But decided to give be it a go again
Thanks unfortunately it is a terrible airline and if anyone think of flying with them I think it is better to hire a car and start driving
I think you will get to your destination before the flight
When I board it in the morning the flight was delayed more than 2 hours as I had 4 hours of transit it was not a bigger issue
But I just notice that the connecting flight also delayed by 2 hours
This is the last time I am using this stupid airline it is a disgrace to all other airlines in the world
Now my connecting flights has been delayed by a

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30 December 2022 12:12:00 Mr Kay

AirAsia IS NOT READY to carry passengers after COVID hiatus! They sell you a 5am flight, but claim it leaves at 11pm, then on the day of departure you get a nasty SMS that "your flight was re-scheduled from 11pm to 5am". Now you'd have to book an airport hotel (owned AirAsia as well), get up at 5am, just to learn that the flight is "re-scheduled" AGAIN, now to 6.15am. Next 7am etc. Wasting WHOLE day of your holiday to sit in the worst terminal in SE Asia (KLIA). All you get is a 20RM meal voucher that NO SHOP accepts.

Nobody of the ground staff knows what's going on, claiming it's a 'medical issue', but if you check past days departure times, ALL these flights were delayed by 6-7 hours! 200 people stuck in the airport, no hotel, no food, no information. Ruined holiday for all, and AirAsia is not even apologetic. Every single person of the ground staff just points finger at each other, and nobody knows what's going on and when the flight will leave. FLY SINGAPORE OR THAI, avoid Malaysia at all cost!

Reference # is J2KJHP, compensation is overdue.

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16 December 2022 12:12:00 A. Rodriguez

If I could give no stars I would, Air Asia are almost impossiblle to get hold off and AVA is not that helpful. No customer service to speak off.

Not using Air Asia even if they are a budget airline, I would rather pay more and not have the grief

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05 December 2022 12:12:00 Rohit Singh

Worst Airline in my 22yrs of travelling
Air Aisa is totally fraud, I am regular traveller for this airline and today when an emergency came up suddenly for my family I have asked them to reschedule the flight from 11th Dec to 6th dec and while taking to them since 3pm to 4:50pm. They increase the flight rate without any intimation, Firstly when I called to CC to reschedule the flight(PNR VUIC8Y)and asked the price then she told 13k something and till we discuss with my family and agreed, they want to travel on 6th dec only then again I called to cc And again asked CC to reschedule the flight for tomorrow 6th only at 7am and the she told that I can reschedule at while doing that, the page come as temporarily some issue, then again I called them and told the same to cc ppl and she told i can book via Tia the bot chat or she will send me a msg and the link for pay option, nor I received the msg nor any email alert, then my wife went through Tia the CHAT BOT and there a link came up for payment and clicking on that again the error shows up the again I called up to CC ppl and then I remember Mr iqbal told me that your flight is successfully reschedule for tomorrow 7pm and need to pay 18k instead of 13k was really surprised that what is going on with this airline, i told them to go and check our recordings with cc ppl and they told they Canít have access, then I hang up the call and then I called them again to cancel then Uttam cc person told that price is 18k only and he canít do anything, and my wife asked him to provide the BOT chat history and he told he canít not we can cancel the flight as then 4k we need to pay, previously cc lady told me that if I cancel the flight then 5k will be refunded but now total scenario is changed within an hr, everything they keep in their hand and forcefully they charge with us, nor they will send msg nor email for any confirmation, they canít provide the CHAT box history nor they will listen the call which was recorded from their end, first time ever I got cheated by this pathetic AIRASIA airline, As they got to know someone is rescheduling they increased the amount, As this kind of airlines are somehow challenging a middle class ppl that they can do anything on their part bit no one is going to stop them Call timing was 3pm onwards till 5pm with airasia cc ppl from 9886104517 kindly check if airasia ppl have little bit courage.If 1% value get down of airasia by seeing my post and issue, I will be more honoured that ppl still ppl take care for others

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24 November 2022 12:11:00 Sudhansu

Thanks to Air Asia, for having patience and coordination for boarding 6 passengers who were about to miss flight. Appreciate your service. Keep Rocking!

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15 November 2022 12:11:00 Cody wyatt

Never ever use this air line to bali .we user them this week on tge way out 2hr delay the next day we woke up in Bali they cancelled the flight home and said there was only a flight home 3 days after we had already booked to come home we had to pay with another airline to get us home to our kids because there was no flight with air asia that day . When getting home to Perth asked for a refund our credit said now even tho the next plane they had for us was 3 days away.please everything be aware stay away from this air line the ruined my holiday from start to finish never again will I fly with them

Cody wyatt

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13 November 2022 12:11:00 Barry Samuels

The worst online customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. Their robotic 'Ava is next to useless. You can ask to speak with a live agent fifty times and it does not recognize or acknowledge your request. When you eventually get through to a live agent, the proved to be a * of time too. Air Asia does not care one bit about the customer or dealing with legitimate customer complaints. They will not refund even when there was a system error, as suggested by a live agent. I very strongly advise against bookinf anuthing through this shoddy, merciless, unscrupulous airline

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13 November 2022 12:11:00 Your regular customer :)

As long as I have boarding several airlines in Malaysia, AirAsia Airlines is the first company that has the worst service where the flight attendants who are supposed to treat with respect but are rude! I am a customer who boarded an D7 675 flight on Saturday (3:00 pm) from Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Kuala Lumpur-klia2 (KUL). I am very disappointed with the service provided! at that moment, my father called one of the flight attendants (Malaysian girl and Chinese boy)who was serving food to the guests but SHE SPOKEN AT MY FATHER IN A VERY RUDE WAY! At that moment, my father just wanted to ask for the order but he scolded and ignored him. Is this the result of the service I paid for? I request AirAsia to teach their staff to be more civilized before I go viral. and I NEED AN APOLOGY FROM THEM so do something before i go viral this rude attitude.

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11 November 2022 12:11:00 Daniel Franco

horrible airline. I needed to change the date of my flight and I couldn't get it through the system that gave an error (see print), I tried to do it through AVA it wasn't possible either. I sent an email and for 4 days a different person answered me and I had to explain everything again, until 48 hours before the flight arrived, no one answered me anymore and I lost my money. They played with me, lack of respect. I never travel with AirAsia again

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11 November 2022 12:11:00 V

Shitty airline. Reschedule up to their convenience, ruining your holiday plan. When ask for refund, no update after half a year. Whatís this? A legal scam company?

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11 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

Multiple time rescheduling to the actual flight date.

Imagine changing more than three times, back and forth, with the same flight on the same day. Just plain annoying!

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01 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

I wish I could give scores less than one star. Please be absolutely sure of your flight before handing them money. You will never get it back or any form of credit ... regardless of the circumstances. By the way, good luck trying to send them an email or contacting them. You have to manipulate the AVA bot in order to create a case.

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30 October 2022 12:10:00 Paul

Zero customer services. Flight has been rescheduled due to storm. Can't make the new time will have to look for alternative flights. Tried to process refund. Was told I can't because I've already boarded the flight?? Right well I'm not currently on the flight & the pathetic AI chat bot you call customer services is a joke & so is the airline

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29 October 2022 12:10:00 Pankaj patel

It's 3rd class fight, always delay, don't go when you have another connection of other flight

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26 October 2022 12:10:00 Guest

Very poor service. Response for a complaint for my refund is very slow. Almost 3 months. Until now. No contact numbers. Always rely to an online response by their system AVA which is very slow response.

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20 October 2022 12:10:00 Notagainairasia

Terrible airline, leasing out service and putting it to unhelful airport staff. We had to change in KUL and due to their hostess in Phnom Penh not printing out all of our air Asia tickets onward to Suribaya, we couldn't get back through security. Granted KUL it turned out to be super unhelpful at night.. This lack of air Asia staff meant we were left with no service desk at the time. We had booked the airport hotel for our layover, but couldn't get out tickets for a lack of updated policies on the air Asia app. they mocked us at the KUL airport desk and it was the worst service we have ever recieved. Worse than Spirit Air. there is not a host ai bot that cannot get you in contact with a human in any sort of reasonable time. They were downright the most stressful airline I have flown with. This is the condensed version.

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25 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

If I could rate their Davao baggage team on duty on Sept 25 a negative star, I would. They are rude and incompetent. Poor service. Mind you, we didnít pay a promo yet the service is trash. The guards at the baggage counter gave priority to friends on the lane.

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