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Turkish Airlines

Country: Turkey
National airline of Turkey, scheduled domestic and international services
IATA code: TK
ICAO code: THY
Membership in the alliance: Star Alliance
Head office: Turkish Airlines General Management, Building Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy, 34149 Istanbul, Turkey
Phone number: +90 850 333 08 49
Fax number: +90 212 465 21 21
Year established: 1933
Main bases and hubs: Ankara Esenboga International, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, Istanbul Ataturk
Fleet: Airbus A310, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Boeing 777-300, Embraer 190

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Reviews & Opinions of Turkish Airlines:

08 March 2017 Guest

Disappointed with their handling of our luggage which we had just bought and had paid so much money for it. But THY will not take any responsibility for the damage nor reimburse us. Awful!

06 March 2017 Elite Status Turkish airlines flyer

This airline has dropped standards to an amazingly low level. Customer service representatives display an arrogant attitude. The only positive encouragement I am give other customers is that you are all treated equally as extremely frequent fliers. Very poorly ! Please please use another airline.

25 January 2017 Guest

On the 13th of December 2016, I flew Turkish airlines together with my wife and two kids, fr om JFK to Cameroon (NSI). When we left JFK, Turkish airlines insisted we must check in our 4 cabin bags because there was no space in the cabin they claimed, so we did. And that was in addition to our 8 checked in bags. So we checked in a total of 12 bags. We arrived Cameroon December 15th, 2016 and none of the bags arrived with us, not even one. We were supposed to attend a wedding in Cameroon same day and there were lots of things in the bags including dresses for the bride and groom etc. I'm sure you can imagine the huge inconvenience. Long story short the bags only arrived about a week after we arrived Cameroon. We left Cameroon back for the USA on January 6th, 2017 and arrived January 8th. And again, of all 8 bags that we checked in NONE of the bags arrived, I mean NONE. As I write, today is 01/25/2017, more than 2 weeks after we arrived and 4 bags are still missing. No one is telling me wh ere the bags are, no one has issued an apology. Firstly, the other four that were brought to us about a week after we arrived had so many missing items. Please NEVER FLY TURKISH AIRLINE, IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY. I am going to use every legal means possible to have Turkish airlines pay seriously for this. Worst airline ever!

15 January 2017 Guest

Hi, my first time on TA. i simply loved the flight. Friendly cabin crew, neat and generally wonderful experience. I had to eat Pasta all the way from Abuja to New York and back. Now the down side. My bags did not make to Abuja with me and i think it is something to be pissed about. 10hrs New york to Istanbul, another 6hrs Istanbul to Abuja and do not forget that had to stop over in Tunisia to re-fuel. Now the big finish, i had my son that just turned 4 with me. All his clothes and medications ..are in those bags. And you do not want to know the treatment we got in Abuja......after that soooo long of a flight... NOT NICE i just want to have bags in peace

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Turkish Airlines Discussion:

25 April 2017 Guest

THIS AIRLINE IS HORRIBLE. they don't admit their fault when the flight is delay due to which i got to book other flight at my own. The cutomer care is rude and insane and don't help their customers.

22 April 2017 Sis Owusu

I'm facing a similar situation is there any solution? Guest : Worst airline ever!! Told me my passport was unacceptable and damaged. After lettin me fly on t twice before. Asked for help and they are Appalling. I'm disgusted and need to take this further

20 April 2017 Guest

Worst airline ever!! Told me my passport was unacceptable and damaged. After lettin me fly on t twice before. Asked for help and they are Appalling. I'm disgusted and need to take this further

16 April 2017 Guest

I've purchased a ticket from Turkish Airlines on the 7th of April - but something happened their your system, and I got something else than I've bought. In Turkish Airlines online system, I choose two return tickets from London to Bishkek. It departed London on the 28th of May, 17:00, and arrived to Bishkek at 8:45 (29th of May). Instead, after booking, I got a ticket that departs London on the 27th of May, 11:00. This is not what I choose in the online menu, and I checked numerous times the dates and the flights. I also read it out loud as I was in a Skype call with my boyfriend. Also, I purchased the ticket for two people: myself and my boyfriend. His name is Benedek Paskuj. I did check the name for typos and everything - I wrote it down correctly. But after I purchased the ticket, I got a ticket for myself, and someone called Feg Gerreheh. This is absolutely not what I wrote - I have never ever heard this name or knew anyone with this name. Also, this is not a small typo that could have been my mistake - this is a entirely different name from my boyfriends name. In addition, again, I've checked numerous times the price of the tickets - it was 628,20 GBP. I filled out everything concerning my bank card, accepted everything, and clicked 'BUY'. After I've done all this, the ticket says that the cost was 711,6 GBP. Again, this is not what I've purchased! I think all of these clearly show that there was something wrong with Turkish Airlines webpage or system. I instantly contacted customer support, and filled out an official complaint. Next day, I got the first reply which stated that they could not do anything about this, the only thing that they could offer is to buy a ticket which is more expensive that the one I payed for (which was already more expensive than the one I wanted!), and then they will reimburse me for the previous one. Again, I called the customer support, and the tone of the woman who spoke to me was absolutely outrageous - she was extremely rude and condescending, and she treated me as I was a liar. Since then, I escalated this further with Turkish Airlines, waited 7 days for their official response that I got a few hours ago and which stated the same - no problem with the webpage, period. As Im sure that this is not true, so now Ill try alternative ways to raise and find a solution to my problem e.g. customer protection bodies. Anyone had any similar experiences with Turkish Airlines?

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