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Boeing 777-300

First flight year — 1997

Boeing 777-300 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Boeing 777-300 Specifications

Length (m)73.973.9
Wingspan (m)60.964.8
Height (m)18.518.6
Wing area (m2)427.8436.8
Maximum take-off weight (kg)263 080 - 299 370317 520 - 351 800
Maximum landing weight (kg)237 680251 290
Operating empty weight (kg)155 500 - 158 480168 700
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)224 530237 680
Maximum payload (kg)66 05068 500
Standard fuel capacity (litres)171 170181 200
Range with max payload (km)7 500 - 11 00011 390 - 14 600
Cruise speed (km/h)905905
Maximum speed (km/h)945945
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 10013 100
Take-off field length (m)3 7003 300
Landing field length (m) 1 8001 900
EnginesP&W PW4090,
2 x 90000 lb
P&W PW4098,
2 x 98000 lb
R-R Trent 892,
2 x 90000 lb
GE GE90-115B,
2 x 115000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)550550
Passengers (2-class)479479
Passengers (3-class)368365
Cabin width (m)5.875.87

Typical Cabin Configuration of Boeing 777-300

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Boeing 777-300:

01 August 2016 Guest

one of the best aircraft i have seen.

13 October 2015 Guest

Some thoughts on the blogs about conditions on the 777, if you don't like the cramped feel or un hygienic conditions please remember that these are choices of the airlines and not the manufacturer, complain to the airline anyway you can I do when I have a bad experiance, and I also try different airlines, I'm still to find one that actually sends a person in to the economy class bathroom facilities to clean every few hours... I mean jeez 7 eleven is able to schedule and keep their bathrooms clean can't these suffisticated airlines figure this one out!?! I mean they are able rattle off a bunch of kiss * thank you's to there Plus, Gold plus, Platinum Plus and diamond elite passengers, who by the way comprise about five percent of the people on board and who even though pay more for their seat are not the masses who financially support the airlines, is us...the under admired E-classer who gets pushed around like cattle and fed from a wheeled trough and pee in a tiny dirty hole! So please everyone blame the airline, I dream of a day when we get 19" for our asses instead of 18" and another 2" of leg room, maybe some day there will be an airline that only offers one class of seating that isn't just economy but super economy with a little more room and cleaner conditions, then just let all the diamond plus elites go somewhere else.

26 February 2014 Andrew

I was on the Extended Range and whilst it was nice and we had a fairly smooth flight the seating configuration is less than ideal, if you have long legs either get an isle seat or beg for one, you'll need it.

07 September 2012 Guest

different config on LHR to BKK.3-4-3 now,and a bit cramped.

14 March 2011 Mary Dyer

I thought the aircraft was noisy ,cramped and past its best the seats felt well worn and uncomfortable
I was on a flight from Glasgow to Melbourne and felt this aircraft filled to capacity on three flights was extremly difficult
The return journy was the same ,with so many people using tiolets they were positively unhygienic by the time we reached Glasgow.

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