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All reviews about Allegiant Air

27 October 2018 12:10:00 Rik

To be honest, I have no problem with Allegiant. You do get what you pay for and they are up front on all the cost. I have flown Allegiant many times in the last two years. All were on-board new airbuses as they have almost completed upgrading their fleet. They do often leave early, but I always to the airport arrive early. I always purchase my seating assignment and pay for any luggage on the website when I book. It is a no frills flying experience from point A to point B. That is what you are paying for. Everything else is extra. I accept this and they have been good to me. I would fly with somebody else if I wanted to be pampered our in first class. Most of the time, I just want to get from point A to point B in my assigned seat. I thank Allegiant for making it possible for me to travel more by air on my budget. Could they do better? All airlines have their problems!

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31 August 2018 12:08:00 Guest

On Monday 8-20 I arrived at the airport at 10:30am, waited for my travelling buddy, checked in to get my seat assignment and we took too long to eat (150 ft away but out of sight) and didnt get to the gate until 12:10 for our 12:31pm flight to Missoula, too late to board.. apparently the flight was closed.
We waited at the boarding counter to talk with the Allegiant worker there and her supervisor for 5-10 minutes, asking what we could-should do at that point. They suggested other airlines for the flight to Montana. This cost us $385 each..our bad, I guess, on that one.
However, we were told nothing about any Allegiant policies concerning our return flight despite talking to the 2 Allegiant employees for quite awhile.
On the 8-27 return flight, we arrived at the Missoula airport at 2pm for the 4:07pm flight, returned the rental car and were at the Allegiant counter some time between 2:30- 2:45pm. There was no line.
The Allegiant ticket counter person informed us our return flight tickets had been cancelled. I asked her why the supervisor hadnt mentioned anything on 8-20, when apparently we could have possibly saved the return flight. Not a word about this.
We tried to call the ticket contact # for awhile (we never got through to an actual person) and the counter helper went on break.
Around 3pm I asked when the flight would be closed, was told we had until 3:30. We asked the other counter helper, Stacy how much it would be to buy a ticket. She started looking into prices, at first helpful. This took awhile.
A couple arrived, 2 people together and were behind me in line, Stacy asked if she could help them quickly. I said ok, stepped aside a few feet. As she helped them, 2 more groups of people stepped in line. I was next, according to what Stacy had said. We were getting nervous about the time.
Stacy finished with the 1st couple who had been behind me. Then, instead of helping us (as promised) she started helping the 1st of the 2 other groups that had arrived long after us.
I said, hold on, we are next, please take care of our tickets. She rudely said, no, she was going to clear the line. We were very upset, this was 100% unfair and extremely unprofessional on her part. I insisted that she please help us, as I had nicely said ok to helping the 1st couple. She ignored us, your customers who badly needed help and had been there 1st, long, long before anyone.
She then helped the 2nd group that had arrived long, long after us and forced us to get back in line behind these late arrivers. I asked her why she was doing this to us and she said we needed to arrive 2 hrs early (while she was helping people who were very, very late).
When we finally were being helped by Stacey, she told us our flight was closed, barely apologizing, instead being defensive and rude.
She called someone to try to get us on, but too late, her unprofessional behavior had cost us the flight.
We were offered a Friday return flight by Staceyagain, this was Monday! We were supposed to wait almost a week, paying for hotels, etc? Was she kidding?
We had to pay around $100 for a hotel and found a flight the next day for $224. I also lost around $500 from missing a day of work and also had to rearrange many plans.
Yes, we apparently made an initial time mistake but the 2 mistakes on Allegiants employees part cost us much $ and stress, completely unacceptable.

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31 May 2017 12:05:00 Christine Harvell

Wasted over an hour on the phone listening to an endless loop of commercial without ever getting to speak with anyone to ad my tsa number to my reservation. HORRIBE service

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11 October 2016 12:10:00 Guest

horrible experience! I arrived 45-50 minutes prior to my flight (which the website recommends). they would not let me board! they told me I had to arrive an hour before the flight. I was leaving ashville which is a very small aiport. there was no one in line for security. not one single person. I could have got through security and been at the gate within 5 minutes. the guy took so long trying to call someone that they said no. this is my honeymoon. so I have spend 12 + hours in a rent a car which I had to pay for. it's been a disaster. I have tried to call allegiant but cannot get through. I will NEVER use
2allegiant again.

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20 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Worst airline I have ever flown. Never again. Flew into Vegas, and flight was cancelled coming home. Waited in the airport over 9 hours for them to decide to cancel. While waiting for our broken down plane to be repaired, 3 others in the terminal broke down. One was flying in and was escorted to the gate with firetrucks!!! Gave us $8 food vouchers to be used in the terminal only and all restaurants had closed. Lied to us about maintenance issues - said it was "a paperwork issue", but I heard the mechanics tell the captains the plane was broke down. No air on the plane while we waited on it for an hour for them to decide what to 110 degree heat. After they said they repaired our plane, they took our luggage off and used the plane for another flight while all the people from our flight sat there and watched the plane leave. NEVER EVER EVER FLY WITH THEM!!!

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15 June 2016 12:06:00 Guest

Flights were on time and friendly flight attendants.
Have to pay 2.00 for any beverage.
Good price on ticket and I paid for an emergency exit row which had more leg room.
No in flight movie.
Aisle was wider than most planes and larger overhead bins.
Calling customer service to get to talk to a person did take almost an hour but very friendly representative that answered.
4 out of 5 stars and would use this airline again.

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13 May 2016 12:05:00 Guest

No complaints at all. My husband and I both agree that Allegient is by far the way to travel. Low cost, on-time, convenient, and friendly service.

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26 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

Bad costumer services never answer the phone

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10 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

This airline has the worst customer service I have ever seen. Phone calls are on hold for what seems like days with repeating "sales self promotions" and when they are finally connected the are immediately disconnected. We had damage to our luggage on a recent flight and the poor overworked counter/gate/customer service/ baggage service representative (all the same person) could only refer us to their website. It is now 90 days later and they have not responded in any way. Service on this airline is worse than a bus ride thru the outbacks of Africa.

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03 February 2016 12:02:00 michel paul

I have flown with Allegiant Air several times over the years and not once had an issue with service or flights. From Bellingham to Vegas, Flight crew are friendly and flights have been on time and best pricing. You get free beverages and snacks, with the option to purchase meals which are quite nice.

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14 October 2015 12:10:00 Guest

Really wish I had known how miserable my Allegiant experience would be. Our flight from Shreveport to Orlando was four hours late departing, thus causing our arrival to occur at 1:00 AM. Bleary-eyed, I waited until after 2:00 AM for my luggage, only to discover that it had been erroneously routed to Vegas ---and that I wouldn't be getting it for three days! I was reassured that I would be reimbursed for baggage fees, as well as out-of-pocket expenses. Despite my correspondence with receipts, etc, I was not reimbursed for anything! In fact nobody has bothered to follow up on anything. Next stop: Better Business Bureau complaint.

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22 September 2015 12:09:00 Ginger Cuddy

The worst customer service ever. After four days of trying to get ahold of someone in the customer care department I was hung up on only after the representative continued to interrupt me at every possible opportunity. What a pathetic company. Who cares if you can fly cheap. In my opinion Allegiant Air does not deserve a dime of anyone's money.

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18 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Never fly with this company! Normally I don't do this but I can't overlook what I've been through as a customer. To anyone thinking about going through Allegiant Travel DO NOT DO IT!!!! They made us wait in an airplane with no AC for 2 hrs in 110 degree Las Vegas Weather only to have us unload and wait to board again. We boarded the airplane and had to wait another hour, with no AC, as they REFUELED the same plane we had just gotten off of! My favorite part is that we were supposed to depart at 1:30pm and didn't leave until 9:15pm because they had to again check the NEW airplane we were supposed to use. They refused to give us a refund or book us another plane worst customer service ever, EVER!

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18 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

When you fly Allegiant Air you are NOT buying a seat on a plane to fly somewhere. Rather, you are placing a bet that you will get a seat and leave on time and fly to a destination. It is absolutely THE WORST airline for customer service in the U.S. Remember that old saying, "You get what you pay for?" No where is that saying more appropriate than this horrible airline. It is awful.

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10 July 2015 12:07:00 Vinod babu

Don't know how can a airline run a business like this..

They don't allow me to cancel ticket through online and want me to call up customer care nbr 702-800-2050 and they haven't picked it for 2 hours..

My filght departs in 48 hours and i've lost my hope on a refund..

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19 June 2015 12:06:00 Guest

I would like to talk with a LIVE person. I have used this airline in the past BUT they DO NOT CARE about their customers.....I will spend a little extra money...and go with a airline that has a customer service with real people and not just a recording. Allegiant is having BIG problems
with lack of maintenance on their planes...also many cancellations and planes returning because of problems.This was on our news and in our newspaper

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18 June 2015 12:06:00 Guest

It is truly amazing that Allegiant does not have a person that you can speak with!!!!!!!!!!! They put you on hold or tell you high volume of calls, to call back. Shame, shame, shame!!!!! The staff is not informed of anything!! They know nothing!!! They are rude, rude, rude!!! Anyone reading this I can tell you Allegiant Air does not care about you, just your money!

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10 June 2015 12:06:00 Guest

Worst airline ever! No one answers the phone. On hold over an hour and no one answers the phone. Regardless of what "good" price you get do NOT use this airline.

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12 May 2015 12:05:00 Guest

Have tried 4 times to speak with an agent to change a flight. I have been on hold every time for over 45 minutes and still have not spoken to an agent

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05 May 2015 12:05:00 Cynthia Merritt

Although I've enjoyed traveling on Allegiant Air for the past few years, my recent experience has been COMPLETELY UNSATISFACTORY. My request is simple, I just need to adjust the dates on an existing reservation. The Allegiant website will not allow me to make these changes and I've been instructed to call the toll number of 702-505-8888. Supposedly this number will connect me with their Customer Care team. I've decided to rename this department to the "We don't Care team." I have called this number at least six (6) times and I have NEVER spoken with a representative. My longest wait time was over 40 minutes. Today's call has now lasted 25 minutes and I'm still waiting. In the future, I will make every effort to book my family's travel on any airline OTHER THAN ALLEGIANT. Their customer service is nonexistent and I do not recommend this airline.

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15 March 2015 12:03:00 Guest

Do not use this airline!!! If you cxl a reservation you will not get your money back. Unlike other carriers they will only issue a Voucher and will argue and the only thing that saved me and for getting my $$ back was disputing it with discover

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30 December 2014 12:12:00 THD

Worst experience ever, worst airline ever...first our flight was delayed... We were suppose to leave at 9:15pm...then 11pm...then 1:00am... Finally got us on the plane taxied out and then at 3:00am they returned us to the gate and let us off... Then we were told they rescheduled our flight until 2:30pm the next day which didn't help me because I had to be at my cruise departure at 2:00pm... Needless to say customer service didn't do anything and I had to come out of pocket $486 to fly delta in order to be able to go on my vacation...never flying this Airline again and I would recommend you didn't either.

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13 October 2014 12:10:00 Wayne

Just as a counterpoint to most of the messages below...I have flown Allegiant 4 times over the years--two times were one-way flights from Knoxville to Orlando Sanford, and two were round-trip flights from Orlando Sanford to Allentown, PA. Other than normal airline delays of 15-30 minutes, I have not experienced the problems others have experienced. The ground and air personnel were friendly and helpful, and there is the added benefit of operating from smaller airports--easier parking, less crowded TSA checkpoints, etc.

Like most forums for venting, you will read many more gripes than praises. I imagine there are many more people out there like me that have had good experiences with Allegiant.

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29 April 2014 12:04:00 Tony G

The absolute worst customer service and compensation policies on the planet. My story is too long and complicated but suffice to say, Allegiant was happy to pocket $775 dollars of mine, cancel a voucher and never give it a thought. One pays for a flight not taken and a car not rented and no one but no one at Allegiant or the the car rental agencies is out a penny when you cancel a reservation, however...the money is sucked up by airlines and the only answer seems to be, "...our poiicy is...". I would never want anything bad to befall a passenger but if all the corporate execs could manage to be on the same plane when it had some sort of mechanical failure...that would be a happy ending.

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23 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

Booked a flight for new employees and one decided not to take the position. Called to cancel that reservation and tried to get a credit for the unused ticket, since we will be hiring someone else and sending them. The customer service person told me that since I didn't pay the extra $75.00 for the trip flex. That they could charge me another $85.00 to cancel the flight. I was told over and over that "In Their Training" when questions were answered. When asked to speak to a supervisor the answer was "In Their Training" they are not allowed to put management on the phone. So I will be calling the corporate office and let's see where that gets me. Probably no where. They may have good prices on airfare but there customer service is awful.

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09 April 2014 12:04:00 Yvette

I will Never Give mine orMy family's money to this company Again! They give u the option of adding "triplex" to change your flight if u have an emergency and need to reschedule.However I tried to change mine which they Suposably did.. 2weeks later I call to check in for my new flight, and they say it was never changed! In other words "thank you for giving us 446$..goodbye!" They are awful company and their costumer service is even wose!

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31 March 2014 12:03:00 Guest

Horrible airline. Never book with them. Low quality customer service. Can't speak to anyone in a management role. Staff on the phone are poor and there is no 'Manager on the Floor' to escalate any issue. Save your money.

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25 March 2014 12:03:00 Guest

Allegiant Air is a nightmare. They will cancel flights at the drop of a hat, as they have small planes/ not enough planes/ not enough pilots. They operate on a shoestring budget - which obviously does not include decent customer service or rescheduling options. They do not offer a way to contact them other than Emailing thru the website and will not respond. Phone calls are useless but to their credit, untraceable and unmissable in a court of law. I hope they fold.

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24 February 2014 12:02:00 A.R.A.

The worst flight, and the most rude unprofessional employees we have ever encountered.
Our flights were extremely delayed both times. We lost a lot of time on our vacation and incurred extra expenses
trying to make it all work!

In addition, the planes were dirty and the plumbing did not work properly in either bathroom. The flight attendants were rude and we were not able to hear the announcements. They did not react professionally when we asked them to repeat the announcement, but instead mimicked our request in an unprofessional manner. Will never fly Allegiant Air again.

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24 February 2014 12:02:00 Guest

Tried this airline from harrisburg pa to st pete fl.what a mistake.flight from Harrisburg wasn"t even a allegiant plane but a falcon air flight (never heard of it).wasn"t given the seat i paid extra for.than on the return flight was given notice by text that my 7:40 am flight was delayed until 1:40 pm due to mechanical problems.when I get to st pete airport was told we couldn't board because not all flight attentants were available.finally when able to board it turns out to be the same falcon air that was flying to harrisburg.does allegiant own their own planes?was again not given the seat I paid for was told befor boarding that we were being given our assigned seats but when on board told it was open seating.never will fly this airline again.its the only direct affordable flight out of harrisburg to tampa/st pete,but will drive to bwi and take southwest instead.

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14 January 2014 12:01:00 t

Poor customer service via phone, website needs streamlining, no 1-800# for callers! never returned my email concern.

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27 December 2013 12:12:00 Pierre Dufour

We have been extremely disappointed by the service offered by the company Allegiant on the flight 900 departing fr om Fort Lauderdale to Plattsburgh on Sunday November 30th 2013. We have witnessed a significant lack of logistic in the operation of this flight. The flight was delayed for 4h30 hours because there were no pilots available. We were advised three times that the flight was to be delayed without ever knowing what was actually happening. Besides, we were not offered any convenience during this long period. We used to enjoy a lot travelling with your airline and recommended it to our friends and family but we unfortunately have to reconsider our choice of carrier from now on. In fact, this event adds up to several other minor incidents which we've experienced in the past with your company. However this one extends beyond the lim it of acceptability according to us.It is clear they avoid their customers.

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20 December 2013 12:12:00 Jose G

Where to begin,
I have flown this airline to and from college for the past 3 years and I'm sorry but I never have had a good or even average experience. The Check-in people are rude and do not try to help you. The worst experience was for the holidays this month, not only did my flight get cancelled but I was never informed of it. Looking up the flight online said it was on time so I drove the 2 hours to the airport only to find that it had been cancelled. I had a paper for a motel thrown at me by the attendant with no directions or an address. He said "go wait for the shuttle out front" and ran into the back never to appear again. The shuttle took 35 minutes and to my surprise it was not the right one. I had never had such a bad experience before except for every flight being about an hour delayed which I honestly expected and did not mind. All in all I will never fly allegiant again and neither will anyone who attends my university and surrounding schools because this happens every time. Wichita needs new employees because the ones that they have are rude and not helpful at all. Then when we finally got a flight (24 hours later!) the stewardesses were in the back joking about how drunk they were on the flight. Then we get home and see surprise charges for overweight luggage that we were never told anything about. This airline is a joke and never comes through as promised. I just hope that this review is seen by someone who who can do something because getting Allegiant to hear out concerns is impossible, aside from the one hour wait time, the second you tell them something they don't wanna hear they'll just hang up the phone and not settle anything.

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04 December 2013 12:12:00 Robert Altwies

By far, our one and probably only flight with Allegiant resulted in a 6.5 hour delay from Ky. to Fl. and a cancellation of our flight from Fl. to Ky. What a poor performance by the sub-contracted staff members. Very poor communication, lack of professionalism, rude manners, etc. I cannot imagine this company will be in business within the next five years if this pattern continues.

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01 December 2013 12:12:00 Guest

Am in the middle of the worst flight/customer service experience I have every had with an airline. Flight was canceled at the last minute (75 minutes prior to takeoff) because there is no airplane for the flight. The counter staff could not help any one in any way. The flight was rescheduled for tomorrow, then rescheduled for another time tomorrow, then rescheduled for yet another time tomorrow. Allegiant will not pay for car rental or shuttle service to get all the extremely * customers to another airport where they could get to their destination today. They are willing to credit each person a $100 non-transferable credit to use next time on Allegiant. Waited on the phone for over an hour to speak to a customer service, who could do nothing. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told that that was against the company policy and there was no one else I could speak with. This is hands down the worst customer service I have every experienced. Way to go Allegiant for not caring about your customers!

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19 November 2013 12:11:00 Port Coquitlam BC Canada

Flew Bellingham to Maui direct on Nov 6 2013. Check in was done quickly and no problems. Aircraft was clean and prepared for our flight. seats don't recline which was a bit of a hassle because I am over 6 ft tall. Flight left on time and arrived 12 minutes early. Flight crew were pleasant and friendly. On our departure flight it was the same story. I guess we were lucky to have a good experience, and we will fly with Allegiant again. We saved a bundle and it was a direct flight.

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20 September 2013 12:09:00 Korri

I also rated them a 1 because there is no 0. They first time I flew with them I was delayed in Boise of 4 hours. Then my grandma flew with them and they lost her bag. What was worse was after we filed a claim with them (which was a joke), they didn't contact us. We had to leave them message after message until we found another number to call and they had no information about any claim we filed. Never flying with them again.

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12 September 2013 12:09:00 Guest

I recently took a flight from Las Vegas,NV to Reno NV, and after flying several airlines from coast to coast and out of the country, Alllegiant was the worse airline I have ever flown on. The flight was over 5 hours late into Reno and the return flight was the same. To compensate for the outgoing delay, we were offered a FREE glass of water. We had to go throught the inconvience of leaving the plane and reboarding only to sit on the plane for over an hour again brfor we finally left. The reurn flight delay was caused by weather in Vegas so they said, then after that announcement, we were told it was an engine problem. We then he plane again. The tickets are cheap but by the time all the hidden fees were paid, the price was back to the cost of a ticket on Southwest, which is what I should have done in the first place. Won't make that mistake again.

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15 May 2013 12:05:00 Guest

You get what you pay for. Cheap yes but terrible service, and many hidden cost add up and the ticket isn't so inexpensive. don't even think about contacting customer service nonexistent. On chat line I waited 20 minutes and than got a phone number to call. Another 20 minutes on hold and a disconnect. I think the executives of this company should be forced to fly and deal with this airline just like customers.

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04 April 2013 12:04:00 Guest

also rated a one because there was no lower options. You can not reach any customer service. The online chat is never available and the email form does not even offer an option to voice a complaint.

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25 March 2013 12:03:00 Dan

I rated this airline a one only because there was no zero! My wife and I have been delayed four times in a row for a total of 24 hours. Poor communication at airports, long wait times on the phone, make this a very poorly run airline.

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