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Allegiant Air

Country: United States
Domestic flights from Las Vegas
IATA code: G4
ICAO code: AAY
Head office: Allegiant Air Corporate Office, 8360 South Durango Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89113, USA
Phone number: +1 702 851 73 00
Fax number: +1 702 851 73 01
Year established: 1998
Main bases and hubs: Las Vegas McCarran International, Los Angeles International, Orlando Sanford International, Tampa International
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 757-200, McDonnell Douglas MD-80

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Reviews & Opinions of Allegiant Air:

11 October 2016 Guest

horrible experience! I arrived 45-50 minutes prior to my flight (which the website recommends). they would not let me board! they told me I had to arrive an hour before the flight. I was leaving ashville which is a very small aiport. there was no one in line for security. not one single person. I could have got through security and been at the gate within 5 minutes. the guy took so long trying to call someone that they said no. this is my honeymoon. so I have spend 12 + hours in a rent a car which I had to pay for. it's been a disaster. I have tried to call allegiant but cannot get through. I will NEVER use 2allegiant again.

20 July 2016 Guest

Worst airline I have ever flown. Never again. Flew into Vegas, and flight was cancelled coming home. Waited in the airport over 9 hours for them to decide to cancel. While waiting for our broken down plane to be repaired, 3 others in the terminal broke down. One was flying in and was escorted to the gate with firetrucks!!! Gave us $8 food vouchers to be used in the terminal only and all restaurants had closed. Lied to us about maintenance issues - said it was "a paperwork issue", but I heard the mechanics tell the captains the plane was broke down. No air on the plane while we waited on it for an hour for them to decide what to 110 degree heat. After they said they repaired our plane, they took our luggage off and used the plane for another flight while all the people from our flight sat there and watched the plane leave. NEVER EVER EVER FLY WITH THEM!!!

15 June 2016 Guest

Flights were on time and friendly flight attendants. Have to pay 2.00 for any beverage. Good price on ticket and I paid for an emergency exit row which had more leg room. No in flight movie. Aisle was wider than most planes and larger overhead bins. Calling customer service to get to talk to a person did take almost an hour but very friendly representative that answered. 4 out of 5 stars and would use this airline again.

13 May 2016 Guest

No complaints at all. My husband and I both agree that Allegient is by far the way to travel. Low cost, on-time, convenient, and friendly service.

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Allegiant Air Discussion:

28 March 2017 Guest

The worst airline in the industry!!!!They lost my suitcase and lied to me about them calling other airports to see where it had gone. Day six, I found my bag in Eugene airport, i flew into Michigan from Arizona and they sent my bag to Oregon. Day seven I got the Eugene police involved by reporting it as stolen. They had tagged my bag under another passenger's name and sent it to Oregon. After the police told them that I reported my bag stolen by them and that they were holding it and not letting me know that they had it, they finally released it and sent it to Arizona. I had to go out and purchased new clothes and necessary things for my meetings, on top of all that they do not want to refund me the full amount i had to spend on my clothes. They are going to charge me for bringing the new suitcase for check-in also. I could not talk to anyone for days and if I got lucky to speak to someone they were rude and not helpful at all!!! I will never, ever use this Airline again!!!! This was the first and last time!!!! SouthWest airlines is the best in the industry!!!!

06 March 2017 Guest

wondering about cancelled flights - so many every day. Why?

25 February 2017 Guest

When is the best time to book a flight for the better value? Last minute or way in advance?

11 February 2017 Guest

I hate Allegiant Air. I’ve never heard of an airline being so unreliable and so uncompromising. We flew fr om Provo, Utah to LAX California with my family- outgoing flight was everything we expected, but on the way home we completely lost any and all desire to fly with them ever again. We were scheduled to fly out at 7am from LAX back to Provo, Utah. At 10:12 the night before they text us that our flight has been cancelled. Outright cancelled. No reason why. All the text said was that our rescheduled flight was 33 HOURS LATER. Just what the hell were we supposed to do till then? Honestly, I know running an airline requires a lot, I get it, we could do 8 hours later, or even 12 if were really had do, but 33?? A whole 2 extra days and a night? So we called the airline, finally got some girl that sounded like she was either on crack or had just woken up, she was absolutely no help; couldn’t tell us if there would be compensation or not, if we would lose any chance of it if we found our way home, when they would let us know if any changes were made, or even what the general procedure for cancelled flights for the customers were. She was gone about 15 minutes, then came back on the line and said there was an issue in some other city, something or other about an issue supposedly with the plane; it was all very vague. So after an hour and a half of a mess with our rental car company and exploring our options, we decided to call Allegiant again. This time we got a man who was actually competent and polite, but he still didn’t know what the procedure was. He was also gone about 12 minutes, then came back and said the flight was cancelled “Due to weather”…he did not know wh ere exactly the “flight cancelling weather” was taking place. We checked the forecast back home, it was a small pattering of rain. OH NO RAIN! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO?? CANCEL ALL FLIGHTS!! Sheesh. Looking back we wouldn’t have been so ticked off if they had just sent us a message saying for every flight ticket, here’s $100 credit voucher to use however we wish to get us through, whether it be getting our own way home or staying in a hotel until the alternate flight took off. But no, Allegiant’s policy must go something like this: “We will take your money, make promises and advertise like the larger, more reliable airlines, and then when we decide it does not benefit us, we pull the plug on the customers’ plans and they are left to their own devices.” Screw you Allegiant- we took care of ourselves and found our own way home. 12 hours and $400 later, with absolutely no help from you. On our wonderful drive home, I decided to call Allegiant again, since they had failed to send a text or even an email about any updates, travel tips, or details about anything from Hell to Breakfast. This time I got a completely snippety girl with an attitude who was not in any way willing to help us. Within the first minute she was already telling me that my name, birthdate, and flight number was “completely incorrect” and couldn’t find squat about the situation. After spelling things about again, very slowly, and also supplying the flight confirmation number, she finally got it, all the while giving me attitude. She also said the flight was cancelled due to “inclement weather” and that, how convenient, no refunds are issued due to “weather cancelled flights”. We are seriously wondering if someone along the line really screwed up their job and didn’t do it, and that they canceled the flight and blamed it on the weather to cover themselves. She then very rudely told me that only a total, grand total, of $242 CREDIT with the airline would be given. Yeah, like we are taking our life in our hands flying you jokers and your corrupted shenanigans EVER AGAIN. Then she basically hung up on me. So we pay $800 for a round trip flight, with their ridiculous baggage fees, and they screw us over, keep our money, and offer us 1/4 of our payment in CREDIT. Never flying again with you Allegiant. I hope you lose all your customers and go out of business so people who aren’t aware of your poor functionality, procedures, and customer service don’t have to suffer getting ripped off.

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