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Allegiant Air

Country: United States
Domestic flights from Las Vegas
IATA code: G4
ICAO code: AAY
Head office: Allegiant Air Corporate Office, 8360 South Durango Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89113, USA
Phone number: +1 702 851 73 00
Fax number: +1 702 851 73 01
Year established: 1998
Main bases and hubs: Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International, Las Vegas McCarran International, Los Angeles International
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 757-200, McDonnell Douglas MD-80

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Reviews & Opinions of Allegiant Air:

31 May 2017 Christine Harvell

Wasted over an hour on the phone listening to an endless loop of commercial without ever getting to speak with anyone to ad my tsa number to my reservation. HORRIBE service

11 October 2016 Guest

horrible experience! I arrived 45-50 minutes prior to my flight (which the website recommends). they would not let me board! they told me I had to arrive an hour before the flight. I was leaving ashville which is a very small aiport. there was no one in line for security. not one single person. I could have got through security and been at the gate within 5 minutes. the guy took so long trying to call someone that they said no. this is my honeymoon. so I have spend 12 + hours in a rent a car which I had to pay for. it's been a disaster. I have tried to call allegiant but cannot get through. I will NEVER use 2allegiant again.

20 July 2016 Guest

Worst airline I have ever flown. Never again. Flew into Vegas, and flight was cancelled coming home. Waited in the airport over 9 hours for them to decide to cancel. While waiting for our broken down plane to be repaired, 3 others in the terminal broke down. One was flying in and was escorted to the gate with firetrucks!!! Gave us $8 food vouchers to be used in the terminal only and all restaurants had closed. Lied to us about maintenance issues - said it was "a paperwork issue", but I heard the mechanics tell the captains the plane was broke down. No air on the plane while we waited on it for an hour for them to decide what to 110 degree heat. After they said they repaired our plane, they took our luggage off and used the plane for another flight while all the people from our flight sat there and watched the plane leave. NEVER EVER EVER FLY WITH THEM!!!

15 June 2016 Guest

Flights were on time and friendly flight attendants. Have to pay 2.00 for any beverage. Good price on ticket and I paid for an emergency exit row which had more leg room. No in flight movie. Aisle was wider than most planes and larger overhead bins. Calling customer service to get to talk to a person did take almost an hour but very friendly representative that answered. 4 out of 5 stars and would use this airline again.

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Allegiant Air Discussion:

08 March 2018 Heather H

Waiting an hour on the phone to finally talk to someone. We paid to select our seats for each person and they moved one of them without notifying us. We paid $330 for this and then they moved someone. Was offered to refund that one persons seat fee for $24.00. Really? Why pick a seat 5 months ahead of time and pay 330? Don’t fly with them. Sorry

18 January 2018 Guest

I have been on hold for 2 hours 48 minutes now with Allegiant Air. I've never flown with them before and booked a flight but can't get anyone to answer my call so I'm not sure if I made the right decision by purchasing a cheaper flight. I'm kind of frustrated and just wanted to share. I pray the flight is much better than the phone service.

16 July 2017 Guest

Round trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Knoxville... 1.5 hrs each way... Total delay time 7.5 hours.... So far! Do NOT use this airline!!

15 July 2017 Guest

It's all very understandable when you understand that Allegiant notoriously does not pay their own bills typically until threatened with a lawsuit. All those "cancelled or delayed" flights that seem to have no reason... The reason is generally very simple. They have a way overdue fuel bill at the airport they are trying to leave to get to you. Generally if you do get a plane, it is not the one you were intended to get. That one is stuck at Airport X until Allegiant pays the overdue fuel bill. You're getting a plane that was fortunately "so to speak" at or going through an airport where they could get fuel. This is an airline that has been known to simply cancel all of their flights for a day or so because they just didn't have any way to pay for anything. Fuel, airport fees, staff, etc. They'll stay shut down long enough for enough folks to book and PAY them so that they can pay a few bills and get some flights in the air. So beyond their crappy business practices. Face it,,, if you ever been on one of their planes,,,, dang,,, I've been in cleaner porta potties! And just so you know the airline is singularly owned by one person. No, not Donald. But clearly a dishonest greedy SOB nonetheless.

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