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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Eastern Airways

04 October 2009 Edward Impey
Southampton to Angers (Val de Loire) return. A very fine small airline with exceptional service. No queues, no aggro, no messing about paying for luggage and fast track. Flights on time and personal service all the way. Travel the way it should be at the right price. I hope they can keep up the standards, and the niche routes which are so important to some of us. The champagne is a lovely touch, especially when i dont have to drive the other end! The hostess on my flights deserved special mention, she was quite simply the best I have never had the pleasure of being looked after by. I am happy to pay an extra Ј50 for the exceptional convenience and stunning reliability. I shall be disapointed by flybe and easyjet from now on!
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Tianjin Airlines

27 September 2009 Guest
I'm a frequent flyer within mainland China - and this airline offers by far the worst quality I've ever met. I've been on GS three times within the last two months, and if there's an alternative this number will not increase. Flights delayed by one hour, 6,5 hours and again one hour "due to airline" (announcement at Xi'an Xianyang airport); no information about flight schedule (delay is one thing, but other airlines are at least able to tell you when your flight is expected so you don't have to wait at the gate all the time); a small bottle of water as only on-board snack (they couldn't even afford that bag of peanuts?) while you smell of the warm dinner served at the business class seats in front of you (of course no curtain, they just stop serving from row 4). And I wonder how they got my seat so dirty without any food being served.
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Paramount Airways

15 September 2009 Guest
Travelled six times between Chennai-Coimbatore and found Paramount to offer a world of difference. They offer four course meals - food piping hot and delicious. Aircraft was an Embraer, with business class configuration. We found the seats very comfortable.
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Onur Air

14 September 2009 M McCarthy
Dublin to Izmir Turkey, 4 hour flight, no food on board, not even sandwiches. I asked for a can of coke and was told there was none. I asked a second flight attendant and was told the same. Ihad to ask 3 attendants before I got my coke - very annoying. We were assigned seats that didn't recline , the ones in front of us did, so we had seats stuck in our faces for the entire flight. I flew back return today and same thing no food available to buy. I should include that the flights were not delayed by much. The staff were friendly but at the end of the day, a 4 hour flight should have some sandwiches available. I heard some people got some sandwiches at the start of the flight but none left by the time the attendant got to our seats.
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Air Caraibes

02 September 2009 Guest
We just had the most miserable experience with Air Caraibes and will never fly them again. On the trip from St. Maarten to Gaudeloupe via St. Barths, they flew is to St. Barths then upon arrival we were told we had to return to St. Martin (Grande Case) and fly to Guadeloupe. No instructions as to how to make the transfer. On our flight from Guadeloupe to St. Barths, we were flown first to St. Maarten again, with no indication that we were not going directly to St. Barths until we boarded the plane. Then waited 3 hours in St. Maarten with no advice from the gate agents who would not even answer questions, before being rushed onto a WinAir flight to St. Barths with 10 minutes notice.
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31 August 2009 Guest
Amsterdam-JFK in Business. Extremely good value for money and by far the best experience on any of the North Atlantic carriers out of Amsterdam. Great seat, wonderful food and friendly service. Only negative might be that OpenSkies tries to do her best to be and presents herself different. We looked into the Premium Class as well and the seat over there are excellent as well. Naturally cant judge on the food and service here.
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Mandala Airlines

30 August 2009 Guest
Denpasar-Yogyakarta-Denpasar. Booked one week ahead and got a good rate. DPS-JOG early morning, new Airbus A319, take-off and landing ahead of schedule, full cabin and service good by a smart cabin crew. Return flight JOG-DPS late in the evening with 1 hr delay, full cabin again and the cabin crew great disappointment this time: giggling and laughing teens that clearly lacked professionalism. All in all very good value plus reasonable prices for food & drinks with a brand new A319 on this sector, but some members of the cabin crew need more training to become professional. Didnt feel safe to fly with giggling teens who easily tarnish the promising image of the New Mandala.
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Croatia Airlines

29 August 2009 Guest
The first time we have used Croatia Airlines and found them very good. Flights were on time. On boarding met by smiling staff who seemed genuine. After take off promptly served wine or soft drinks and a meal which of a good standard. All seats had plenty of legroom - comfortable and clean.
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Skyservice Airlines

21 August 2009 Guest
Just completed a trip with Skyservice. Leaving Toronto to Punta Cana the crew were helpful. Coming back was the opposite. Asked for juice for my child they said everything was locked up even though we were half way home, they announced coffee and tea will be served and it never happened. They served snacks right away because the rest trip back they were to busy taking inventory they could not help the travellers. It was a late flight and no pillows were given - overall very unfriendly no smiles and the can't be bothered attitude.
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Estonian Air

19 August 2009 Guest
As a regular traveller on the London/Tallin route ,travelling economy and I have always found the service reliable and the cabin crew both helpful and competent with several languages including English . Sure there are odd occasions when slip ups happen ,but when they do Estonia Air has always tried to put matters right. Leg room is certainly adequate for short haul as generally the catering is adequate if not exceptional and is comparable with other European major flag carriers.
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Northwest Airlines

27 June 2009 Alex
This airline is great I fly with them all the time and they never let me down. Witb clean cabins, professional crew, fast check in, comfortable seat, and good leg room are just some of the benefits with Northwest Airlines.
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Adria Airways

31 May 2009 Daniel Castaldi
I often fly with Adria (50 flights per year). Since Adria is member of Star Alliance there are pretty good connections to the most destinations in Europe. The onboard service is good, staff quiet nice. Home base airport in Ljubljana has been upgraded and is getting more international. The business lounge is not on the level it should be - old furniture, bad food choice, dark. The 3 stars that have been given to Adria are correct.
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Orient Thai Airlines

24 May 2009 Richard Jupe
I have just got home after flying with Orient Thai from Phuket. I have now flown four return journeys from Hong Kong to Phuket with Orient Thai and I have just encountered my first (and, hopefully, last), problem with the flight. Upon boarding the plane in Phuket where the temperatures are at their seasonal high, we found out that the Air Conditioning was not working. As I was one of the last on board it was not too much of a problem for me, but a family sat close to me who had a baby about four months old, were frantically fanning him with their Airplane Safety Cards (I knew those things would come in handy one day!!) The cabin crew frequently went up and down the aisles dispensing water to those who wanted it and offering apologies to everyone. We were told that the CPU was to blame and this seemed to placate most passengers. Once we were airborne the A/C came on and everyone cooled down. The food was palatable considering this is a budget airline and the crew were polite and helpful throughout the flight. Orient Thai help me fly direct to Phuket and back instead of having to go via Bangkok on my return journey and the ticket is the cheapest one available. I will be flying Orient Thai again although I wish the peanuts weren't as hard as bullets!
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Horizon Air

17 May 2009 Loren Williams
My wife and I fly business a lot , esp. my wife. We often have meetings to attend etc. and leave time for minor delays. Here lately, Horizon has had great difficulty being on time. Connecting flights get put back and hours later you are still wondering if u will be on stand-by or sleeping in the waiting area. We are considering using another carrier. Enough is enough. Crew and pilots are great. Service is minimal. However, they seem to have a snowball effect in their scheduling. One delay screws up many, many flights, etc. and there is little if no back up. Thank you for the opportunity to express my views and experiences with this carrier. I guess that's where the consumer pays the price. We need them more than they need us?
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29 April 2009 helene
Go from Havane to Baracoa (Guantanamo)
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Karthago Airlines

26 January 2009 Guest
We paid 639 for the tickets. Flight severely delayed due to mechanical (landing gear) problems. Had to wait while, as they interestingly put it, "try to find someone to come and fix the plane with a new part". Ten hours later after we were due to depart, we were finally seated on the plane. The aircraft was old and dirty. Seats ripped and broken and not affixed to the floor properly (floor screws loose). Tray tables broken on some seats. Flies in the cabin. Unhelpful staff. Vile tasting tea with no milk, tepid food. The pilots door was left open a lot thus posing a security risk. Had the most terrifying landing of my life on my return flight to London Gatwick. There was an announcement from the steward that there was a problem with the shim prop (something to do with the landing gear) and in broken english it was also announced by the steward "we should land okay". Now I really love flying but the descent was so fast my stomach was in my mouth for most of the descent and that in itself shows too fast a descent. As the plane hurtled closer towards the runway it hit the tarmac with such sheer force that everyone screamed. The aircraft sped down the runway at such a speed and didnt stop for some time. When we eventually came to a stop there was no apology from the cabin crew, noone were asked if the passengers were ok. I'll never fly Kathargo again, the airline does not care about their passengers and the planes do not feel safe. That landing has made me nervous to fly again. They need investigating.
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Ariana Afghan Airlines

22 January 2009 Ravshan C.
I travel not often but Afghan Airlines is not at all bad. I was pleased to have a breakfast on board and landing was good. No problems
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Surinam Airways

05 October 2008 D Pomeroy
Paramaribo to Port of Spain. check in slow but okay - left just 15 mins late. Breakfast - orange juice and slice of cake. FA's helpful and friendly - overall better than expected.
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18 September 2008 Guest
I've been travelling quite some years in "star" class. A good alternative deal for first class. Martinair only had 12 seats the last couple of years before they decided to have a more profitable deal with about 100 "comfort" class seats and eliminate the star class altogether, every seat in that class pays $ 130 more for a round trip. That includes 3" more leg room. There would be free wine/drinks with diner (also limited). That is normal with diner on an intercontinental flight. I have not seen any airline yet without a business class on such a long distance. I think they made a big mistake, even with having only had 12 star class seats. Why not keeping the 12 star class seats (at least) again (minimum), on top of 80 of comfort class seats and keep everyone happy!
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Cathay Dragon

18 September 2008 Guest
Phuket to Hong Kong in Y Class. Boarding in Phuket smooth. Airbus 320 which was only 60% full. Food and bar-service done after take-off. The crew of six were helpful and polite. Service was very good, food quality and quantity perfect for a 3,5 hour flight. Crew came by with water and juice and full bar service on request was offered. Seating with lots of legroom compared to europaen airlines. Flight landed on time in Hong Kong. No IFE on an Airbus 320, but for the short flight no problem.
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Ghana International Airlines

01 August 2008 Guest
My father travelled from London to Accra on Sunday 27 July. His baggage did not arrive with him. He waited for over an hour for his bags in full view of the customer service agents. Only found out there was a problem when he approached them. He was then informed that the baggage was left behind in London and would follow on 30 July (three days later). On 30 July, we went to the airport, but no bags. Then to Ghana International Office where no senior manager would come and speak to a large group of customers whose bags hadn't arrived. We were assured the baggage would arrive on 31 July in the morning. Except later, we were told it would arrive at 4.20pm. Got to the airport to find the bags hadn't arrived, then we were given copies of a letter from Ghana International to say the bags would arrive on 2 August! I understand this is a regular occurence. Customer service is shocking. Compensation of a total of $100 was offered, which my father refused as an insult. It's his first and last flight with Ghana International. And all the customers with missing baggage say the same.
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Montenegro Airlines

25 July 2008 Guest
TIV-BEG return route. The 35-40 minute flight is quick and easy and landing in TIV can be spectacular. Flight crew seem efficient and reasonably friendly, but it scarcely matters when the flight is so quick. Ditto the meal, with which I seldom bother, opting instead for juice or tea. The airline is upgrading to new Embraer jets, which is a welcome event. From Tivat, they've also just expanded to service London (LGW), in addition to Paris, but the flight times are not hugely convenient. It would be great if they could add more routes from TIV. TGD-FCO flight which leaves mid-day Friday and returns Sunday night is brilliant.
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11 July 2008 Kerry Brown
Heathrow to Luxembourg on E145 and return to London City on a new Q800. Two crew on each flight. Who obviously enjoyed their job, despite both flight being full. On each occasion, the flight was slightly delayed. But the onboard friendliness and the wonderfully tasty snacks they serve, more than made up for it. They are not cheap though.
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Domodedovo Airlines

11 July 2008 J Huang
Moscow to Sakhalin - fly this airline and you will think flying economy class on another airline is like first class. The plane was 5 hours late due to mechanical problems, then we stayed onboard for about an hour on the tarmac, no drinks offered during this time.It was an 8 hour flight and the temperature on the plane was roasting. Smallest legroom I have ever seen. When reclined the seats in front crushed my leg, I had to recline my seat the couple of degrees that was available to be able to have some angle to slide my legs under the seat in front. You would have thought the water was the price of gold as they were reluctant to give any water out and was only offered half a glass of water in 8 hours. Toilets like a pig trough and were not cleaned in the 8 hours. Staff unfriendly not a smile amongst them.
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Oasis Hong Kong Airlines

06 July 2008 H Yang
We just returned from HKG-LGW economy. It was 12 hours flight and the entertainment only work for about an hour - and staff were very child unfriendly both ways. Food was OK. Will not use Oasis HK again!
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LTU International Airways

06 July 2008 C Batchelor
Bangkok-Dusseldorf. I was very grateful for LTU helping me to return to Europe but the ticket was very expensive (it was apparently the "last seat"). The plane was modern A330 Airbus - 13 hours with very little IFE in Economy. But the Cabin Service was disappointing - it was just a bit borderline unfriendly. It was an efficient enough flight but let down mainly by some unfriendly, unhelpful service.
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27 June 2008 Guest
Recently travelled to LPA - booked and paid 46Euro for emergency exit seats for the leg room, got the seats ok but they have no extra leg room - standard seats. On the way back they decided to land in Tenerife and pick up more passengers so 4 hours became 6! Watch out when booking - you pay for anything and everything - so much so that the only people who get coffee are those that have paid for breakfast. When I asked if I could buy a coffee was told No!
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Xiamen Airlines

25 June 2008 W Nian
Kuala Lumpur to Fuzhou (monopoly operator for the route) was rather chaotic. The flight attendants were fairly rude which may be attributed to the number of passengers who did not follow rules during take-off and landing. However, this is no excuse for the appalling level of service (or lack of). FAs impatient and unhelpful by international standards. Generally, this is expected from a Chinese domestic operator except the price was even higher than flights going the same distance to other Chinese cities.
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23 June 2008 Rohit Mishra
BOM-DEL. Flight was late, eventually departing about 1:40 hrs past the scheduled departure of 1410 hrs. No information till I reached the boarding gate (I had picked up boarding card several hours before), despite providing my mobile number for SMS alerts while booking online. No explanation offered, nor apologies, even on-board, except the standard regret at touchdown. Very mediocre. That's two of two poor experiences with Go Air.
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22 June 2008 Guest
I was transiting through Damascus Airport. I had to stay for about 8 hours at that airport before going out to my final destination on Syrian Airlines. I had a business class ticket, so I approached the business class lounge to have some rest there until my departure. Astonishingly, the employee supervising the lounge told me that I can use that lounge only two hours before the flight time! When I inquired why, his answer was that these were the instructions of his Director General! From that time on, I decided never to go on board Syrianair again.
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Avianca El Salvador

16 June 2008 J Threasher
I have made several trips with Taca, on trips to/from El Salvador, usually changing in Miami, but also in Guatemala City and San Jose (Costa Rica). They haven't once been late, my luggage has arrived all but once (left in Paris by Air France) and the inflight service is far more friendly and helpful than most european airlines (especially Iberia). The seats are comfortable with better legroom than transatlantic economy flights, but I still get allocated in the emergency rows on a regular basis from San Salvador, which shows they use their common sense because I am taller than most of the locals. The boarding is well organised and adhered to by the customers. The first time I went to El Salvador and arrived at Miami off the Air France flight from Paris, I went to the information desk before immigration and a very helpful staff member took me to a waiting room and then to the gate. The staff all speak english, check-in is efficient and staff courteous. In San Salvador, customers can go to the office in the MultiPlaza shopping mall and check in a day early, which means that you don't have to queue with everyone else for check-in. The baggage drop-off queue is much shorter. Perhaps the only gripe is that they put the airconditioning on to the maximum setting while boarding, which can make one rather cold if already dressed for the tropics.
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12 June 2008 Tom Hughes
Manchester-Prague return . Outbound, no queue for check-in and staff pleasant and helpful. Walked straight through security and flight departed pretty much on time. The seats were wide enough and legroom pretty decent for a low cost airline, my only complaint was that the seats were quite short and didn't have headrests so felt a little uncomfortable (not that it really mattered on a 2 hour flight). Food fairly-priced and tasty; cabin crew polite and friendly. Bags came straight through on arrival in Prague. On the return good service from the crew but this time the seats were good - I later learned that Bmi Baby are retrofitting their whole fleet with these new seats. All in all a fantastic experience and at 80 return I can't fault them.
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02 June 2008 Torsten Kaminski
Marseilles - Geneva. Excellent flight and with only about a dozen passengers aboard I had almost the feeling of flying in a private plane. Leather seats and a bottle of Evian water and Foccacia bread offered complimentary were nice touches and gave a feel of luxurious travel at a reasonable price. Serving mostly deluxe holiday resorts in the western Mediterranian and exquisite cities like Venice, Florence, Geneva and Prague with small Dash aircraft certainly a niche product, but a very nice experience.
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10 April 2008 Jeffrey Leong
Edinburgh to Alicante vv in December 2007. Outbound flight time changed but we were given notice several weeks in advance. Only glitch there was their associated connecting coach service in Spain did not reflect the (time) change when we booked the airport transfer service from Alicante airport to Benidorm. We had to incur 5 euros administration charges to make the change later which was really FlyGlobespan's fault. Edinburgh-Alicante quite good, cabin crew friendly, seat pitch on B737 fine, snack menu limited but prices reasonable. Return flight, smaller aircraft (also a B737) seemed to have less pitch and it felt tight. From reading what others here mentioned, if the airline its ground customer service dept to pulls up its sock, eg reply to complaints promptly, keep passengers on the ground informed or assist them if there were delays, etc, this can be a good airline. Or am I too much of an optimist?
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Hawaiian Airlines

04 March 2008 Guest
Sacramento - Oahu-Kauai round trip. Economy SAC to Oahu, fine. Inter-island was fine. Lost my driver's license in luggage pick up in Oahu and they were extremely helpful! First class back to SAC and it was good. Plenty of food and service. Very nice crew - very accommodating. And all this is Hawaiian Airlines.
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Mesa Airlines

27 February 2008 Steven Luster
Small but comfortable planes with friendly and efficient crew. Great for flights to Phoenix from smaller markets. Mesa Air is very cheap in comparison with other express airlines.
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18 February 2008 Cristina Neagu
Paris-Bucharest on Christmas Eve. The flight was almost 2 hours late, rude flight attendants and discourteous ground staff. No apologies offered for this delay. MyAir has a strange 15 kg baggage policy, which seems to never get enforced as people are used to the 20 kg standard in the airline industry and refuse to pay for the overweight. The airline makes money of you and this is unfair practice in my opinion. I will not fly this airline again, as the constant flight delays on this route and the very poor customer service are just not worth the money paid.
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Malev - Hungarian Airlines

15 February 2008 ABC
London (Gatwick)-Budapest in Economy class on B737-600. Malev Cabin crew on a whole pleasant and providing drinks service on the ground during the delay, then inflight hot breakfast. No in-flight entertainment apart from moving map plus airline/oneworld promotions shown. The aircraft was new, clean and presentable. English spoken in addition to Hungarian by flight and cabin crew. Baggage reclaim quick at Budapest
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