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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions


18 January 2024 Guest
Never fly with this airline regard for their customer...they fly when they feel like it and dont care about the inconvenience their shoddy service . My flight was delyed 3 hours for a half hour flight from exuma to nassau. missed connection and had to stay 2 days for next flight ....cost $895
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Allegiant Air

13 January 2024 Tyler McConnell
When I got to the airport there was no one at the luggage counter to grab my checked bags that I paid for. So I had to bring them all through security. By the time I got to the terminal two teenage girls wouldnt let me on the flight claiming I was late when it was still grounded. They would not refund my $266. The manager was super rude & unprofessional. I went back to the bag counter & this blonde just treated me like a loiterer when I was trying to get my refund & told me to leave the counter. Not only did these generic Charlies night banshees ruin my vacation & my business trip, I was inconvenienced my 10 year vacation that took weeks to plan along with hundreds of dollars for hotels with no resolution other than Your money is forfeited from their customer service rep. Who clearly had no idea what she was doing after an excruciating painful wait time on hold. I had to wait hours for a cab because it was after a Packer game & they were the only cab in town. I emailed their customer service and got the same canned response. I asked repeatedly for a legal representation which they constantly dodged. Worst experience ever. I do not plan on, or recommend flying with this company ever. Spend the extra money & use a reputable airline that will actually let you on the flight you paid for instead of an off brand that profits & takes advantage of the average man. Stain shame & dishonor amongst these thieves.
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10 January 2024 Guest
Flight diverted to Munich due to snow (even though BA, Easyjet and Tui all capable of landing). In summary my complaint is: 1) No Jet2 representatives on site at Innsbruck or Munich. 2) Disorganised redistribution of bags and loading to buses at Innsbruck (standing out in falling snow for 30 mins). 3) Arriving at Munich and being told that the airport is now closed and that we are to find our own hotels - Jet2 will not get involved in this, or help. This causes 180 passengers to simultaneously attempt to book the same rooms. 4) Constantly issuing £20 and 20 euro food vouchers that are unspendable - Airport closed and Hotels stopped selling food. 5) Poor arrangement for check in at Munich resulting in no time for breakfast at airport. 6) No complimentary food offered on Jet2 flight. 7) No-one available to answer any calls from passengers as call centre closed and 24 hour line unavailable. 8) I honestly dont think that you understand that your communications are awful - you actually believe that this trail of tweets are ok! 9) delayed take off at Munich airport. 10) The whole issue zero Jet2 staff at the airport and extremely frustrating communication that ignores the customer.
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American Airlines

04 January 2024 Guest
I have special dietary restrictions, so meal reservations take priority when flying. I have two complaints re this matter. 1. Due to faulty and misleading wording/information stated on website re meal reservation for flights, we are all wasting time. When contacting live reps, we are given inconsistent information. See below for reference: Site AND app state, in this exact wording: You can reserve a meal beginning 30 days (and up to 24 hours) before your flight. Available within 30 days of departure EVERY time Ive come across this issue, Im told its not available to reserve yet, even though its been 30 or less days prior to flight. Web techies could save us (and AA reps) time by adjusting this information to read less misleadingly. Idea: You can reserve a meal up to 24 hours before your flight. (In select cases, this option may be available as early as 30 or less days before departure.) Ive contacted them several times about this over the years. Nothing has changed. 2.They never have vegan options, only vegetarian. Most reps seem to not know the difference between the two. When I have had to speak with one over the phone, many times, Im given attitude, as if Im simply being picky and a nuisance. Veganism is more than just a diet - its an entire lifestyle, much like religious restrictions, such as kosher. I wonder if religious restrictions are given the same impatient attitude. I doubt it. Whats the problem with people who arent vegan getting so threatened with veganism? Im not preaching to them or trying to convert! Live and let live with respect. Solution: provide vegan options. Again, multiple times requests on this. No change. AA doesnt actually care about individuals, only their money.
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Copa Airlines

18 December 2023 Guest
Cabin was cold. I asked twice to warm it up & they asked me if I wanted a blanket. Twice I said yes. When the Latin pax Infront of me asked for a blanket, they brought it immediately. Later I spoke to the cabin crew in charge. She said that she has warm the cabin, that is my idea I was discriminated & that I was aggressive. The pictures give an idea of how warm the cabin was for 5 hours. At the end I cought a cold. On the next flight they give us the small headphones. There was no music & no sound for the movie that was playing. When I informed the cabin crew, I was just ignored.
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InterCaribbean Airways

18 December 2023 Janet Abraham
Fraudulent airline, takes your money but doesn't get you to destination. No one answers their phones, emails or online correspondence. No one at the San Juan or Tortola airports either.
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14 December 2023 Joel Tan
Scoot engages in unsavory business practices and they try very hard to deny a refund even though I did not get the front row seat which I paid for. Apparently, there was an aircraft change and they did not change my seat at check in or at the boarding gate. When I proved beyond doubt that they screw up, they finally offered to refund, by asking you to acknowledge the offer; of course hoping that you will decline. If you have legal grounds to file a claim against Scoot, you can file the claim through Small Claims Tribunals which is part of Singapore Courts. There is a very small fee to pay. Documents are filed through a portal and consultation sessions are done on a online platform. This makes it very convenient. Judgements are binding.
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12 December 2023 Freqeunt quest
Addressing the author of the previous review: I know this site, but no longer works, current address: do not thank))
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Air Serbia

12 December 2023 Anne-Emilie ARNAULT
Just horrible. I am still in Belgrade at 11 PM, however I should already be in Thessaloniki since 3.30 PM. After spending half the day in the airport, here is what I have seen : all flights were delayed by at least an hour and a half. No explanation is ever given. Customers have to wait with no food if they do not want to go to a hotel (if another flight is available the same day). Over 150 people waited in front of the "transit desk" which is a joke as you are not given a new boarding pass (they refuse to give you one). The staff does not care, avoids helping when they can and has no problem blaming frustrated customers. Worst airline I have ever flown with. Please avoid. Date of experience: December 11, 2023
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T'way Air

11 December 2023 Nakamura
This airline was awful. We knew it was a budget airline and was no frills and evidently that includes the staff! The staff was so RUDE! We will never fly with this airline again.
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03 December 2023 Guest
Delayed for 1 hour without inform . Ticket shows Lahore to Jeddah direct flight but in actual there is one stop (Karachi). Is this professional way of doing business man.
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Buddha Air

02 December 2023 NPR
We had a flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu as per the image attached, it got delayed by 2 hours, we missed our international flight from Kathmandu and lost 50000INR. It's not unforgivable as weather conditions are out of anybody's control. But what made us feel bad was the arrogant behaviour from the man in charge of the boarding gate( A man with a bald head and spects). He was so rude on my enquiry about the delay that we felt as if we were beggars travelling free of cost in your flight. So, I would like to remind you people that you should refrain from appointing such merciless ones on your counters. Afterall, we spent our hard earned money for your flight! So at least ask them to be sympathetic on the flight delays going to happen in the future Thanks
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Air Cairo

27 November 2023 Alejandro Díaz
On the way out and the way back , The service was dreadful, one glass of water and 2 fouls dry snacks. Cabin crew had some communication problems, not very friendly and not aware of flight time, I asked his what time we were landing and he told me , do you know the time we took off ?then you can calculate 5 h flight. We still have 3hours and a half to go (we actually had 2) Costumer service? Hello? On the way out I asked for a glass of water and the guy told me ,if I give you one I ll have to do the same with the rest of the passengers... customer service?hello? They wer doing nothing but chatting and sleeping.(sorry to bother you one glass of water of 5 hours flight). The curtains were closed during all the flight. Delayed 1 hour and a half (they said 10 min). Please guys go back to initial training
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Malaysia Airlines

26 November 2023 Mr. Gooi Boon Ong
Checking in to collect the boarding pass can be exhausting especially on a busy day. However on the morning of 26 November 2023 , checking in at the KLIA 1 MH counter to Bangkok via MH788, I was pleasantly greeted by Miss Hizan whom was handling the checkin at counter H6. She was not only pleasant, helpful but very professional and went out of her way to assist me in reorganizing my check in luggage. I was truly made to feel valued and appreciated for flying with MAS. Being in the hospitality business myself, I am obligated to extend my greatest appreciation to Miss Hizan for her dedication towards her job n she is indeed a true asset to the company. Looking forward to my next experience with MAS 2024. Regards Gooi Boon Ong
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AMC Airlines

24 November 2023 Tony
Avoid this company...........we had a delay of 15 hours with this airline In June on a flight from Cairo to Madrid. Despite various emails sent by myself and others on the same flight and also from the company that made the booking they have not even had the decency to acknowledge receipt of the emails, let alone reply. Sickening that they are allowed to get away with this. Customer service....non existent. One star given as there is no option to leave it on zero......
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Cebu Pacific Air

21 November 2023 Guest
I made add-on luggage request online but paying online since there was a system glitch so the agent suggested payment center, which having 8 hours holding time to pay from the time I request, so I paid and send them the proof of payment to request payment validation so the add-on will appear on my booking yet after 48 hours, it wasn't still reflected on my booking. There was also an agent who told me that some international airport not accepting over the counter for the add-on luggage so I must pay the amount, otherwise my flight ticket will be forfeited. I was so disappoint to here that from one gently knowingly that even excess baggage can be paid at the airport upon checking in. Another agent acknowledge this misinformation and so I proceed with my next question, what if my payment still did not reflect in the system, what happens on the day of my checking in? And she says, I might be pay it over the counter and ask for the refund for the other payment made. I was totally devastated with that info, how can they have payment centers for payments and then it takes days or not reflecting in their system?!! I will repay at the airport?? Omg!! So, she suggested that I must show my receipt at the airport but if the personnel will demand for payment, I must pay otherwise they will not check in my luggage and just request refund to my previous payment. But many random reviews online shows bad reputation of cebu pac NOT REFUNDING AND NOT GIVING PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. I'm quite disappointed with how their system is really slow to accommodate payments and validation fast. I don't even see if they are doing something about this to improve their service and commitment to customer satisfaction. For many years of flying people, they have poor online booking system. I think this is my last flight with this airline.
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Cape Air

20 November 2023 Anthony C.
For the past two years, I've relied on Cape Air as my primary mode of travel between Boston (where I'm pursuing higher education and is my current home for this year) and my family home in Maine. In my experience, Cape Air stands out as the epitome of convenience, affordability, and speed. The aspect that initially drew in my family and I was the unbeatable combination of affordability and efficiency. As a college student, budget-friendly options are not only ideal, but crucial to how I go about my day-to-day life in the city, and Cape Air not only fits within my budget of travel very easily, but also surpasses expectations in terms of how easy the entire flight process is overall. Their competitive pricing makes frequent travel feasible without straining my wallet in any reguard. The reliability of Cape Air's service deserves commendation. Over these two years, I've come to rely on their consistency. Whether it's their customer service, on-time departures, or overall flight experience, Cape Air has consistently met and exceeded my expectations. Knowing I can count on them for a hassle-free journey has alleviated the stress of traveling back and forth during hectic academic periods. In summary, Cape Air has become my trusted travel partner, seamlessly connecting me between college life in Boston and my family home in Maine. Their commitment to affordability, speed, and reliability has made them an indispensable part of my college experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Cape Air to anyone seeking a stress-free, cost-effective, and efficient travel solution in the Boston-Maine corridor.
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20 November 2023 Elizabeth Humphrey
Terrible. They lost my bag in JFK and never sent it to Milan, I was there for 11 days. Additionally, there is no one from their airline to contact in NYC/JFK. There is no phone number on the website and the email address they have on their website does not work (email gets sent back). I lost almost $4,000 worth of my items and gifts for my friend who lives abroad. Dont fly Neos.
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Uzbekistan Airways

19 November 2023 Guest
The best airlines I were
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Maya Island Air

07 November 2023 Guest
I want to be upfront about this: I strongly advise against choosing Maya as your airline. Consider any other option, such as Tropic Air, for example. Now, let me share our experience in more detail: My friends and I booked flights from Belize to San Pedro, arriving at the airport around 12:30. Our scheduled flight was at 4:30. We patiently waited, watching as everyone else departed on Tropic Air flights. However, Maya did not have a plane ready for us for hours. When they finally took us to the airplane, it had a malfunction. They then brought us back inside the airport. Meanwhile, all passengers on Tropic Air flights were smoothly departing. At 4:30, the airport closed, and we were left as the only passengers inside with no resolution in sight. Maya refused to provide a refund, credit, or any assistance whatsoever. At this point, we were stranded without flights, our luggage, exhausted from international travel, and forced to sit on uncomfortable airport chairs for hours while witnessing others departing with Tropic Air. Therefore, I strongly recommend avoiding Maya at all costs.
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Aerolineas Argentinas

27 October 2023
Not bad company, I fly on this airline for miles.
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

27 October 2023 Walter
Absolutely no sign of respect for passengers and for passengers time, incredible delay, ridiculous motivation, no information during hours of delay at the flight was cancelled and the passengers were due to collect their luggage and were abandoned in the airport with no information. I think the only things they (SAS) would understand is do not buy their tickets and leave them close down
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LOT Polish Airlines

26 October 2023 Guest
Be prepared for the worst flying experience you could ever have in your life! The airport staff and flight attendants are rude and refuse to answer any simple question or give any directions in English. They seem to be constantly angry and frustrated. So very strange for an international company! And don't even think that if you call Customer Service anything will be done to help you or give you a decent alternative. Customer service agents do not have a respectful or professional approach to people. They just inform you that it's none of their business if you run into problems, that you should have read their "terms and policies" before you even consider booking a flight with them, and, in conclusion, that it's just your responsibility to find a solution. They assertively say, in a repetitive manner, that your problem is none of their business! With "the help" of Lot Polish Airline, I was left alone and stuck in a foreign country airport that doesn't care about people, unable to continue my journey or return to my country. This company is a real nightmare!
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07 October 2023 Vera
We had a delay. The web page is not working properly. They don t issue thw invoice. In one direction the charged the laguage. A disaaster. Their english is poor.
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06 October 2023 Elena
Oh, where do I even begin with the magnificent experience I had with Air Baltic Airlines? It was truly a masterclass in customer service, if by "masterclass" you mean the complete absence of it. Firstly, the leg space on their aircraft is a true testament to their commitment to making passengers feel like sardines in a can. It's like they've taken inspiration from a can of soda and thought, "Let's make our passengers feel just as cramped!" And let's not forget the delightful surprises that come with delayed flights. No hotel? No problem! Who needs a good night's sleep when you can camp out at the airport? And as for food, well, who needs nourishment after hours of waiting? Oh, and when they canceled my flight, I was overjoyed by the sheer lack of compensation. It's as if they believe canceling flights is a service they're providing for our benefit. In conclusion, if you're looking for an airline that takes pride in making your journey as uncomfortable and inconvenient as possible, Air Baltic is the undisputed champion. Kudos to them for setting the bar so high!
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North Cariboo Air

27 September 2023 Ryan
I had a family member who worked as a vendor for North Carobou air Edmonton, for a few years. The disrespect the north caribou company showed them was appalling. Months of not paying their bills, the lack of communication, and even the ineptitude to understand the contract and scope of work that was agreed on! That, however was nothing compared to the blatant disrespect they showed the staff time and time again. I refuse to write the name of the individual from Caribou in charge of managing (for lack of better words) this vendor as I dont believe it is right to publicly shame them, however North caribou should be alarmed and ashamed they allow a person like this to represent them. As a professional myself with 16 years in management experience there should be no place in any business for people like this, nor for companies to tolerate this, especially in this day and age. For shame North Caribou.
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Sky Express

24 September 2023 Guest
After more than an hour delay, I get to the gate and my seat number (pre-booked online) has been changed from an aisle seat to a middle because some idiot at their check in decided that it would fine so that a family of 3 could sit together, after complaining to the ground staff, I was told the aircraft had changed?! When I pointed out to him that nothing had changed, it's still the same type, he just looked at me stupidly. I thought I would give this airline another chance, NEVER AGAIN!!!!
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GOL Transportes Aereos

22 September 2023
Good airline company, and this loyalty program 'Smiles' is the best!))
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21 September 2023 Ilayda
Condor literally has just stolen 150 euro by their luggage info trick. In our ticket, it is written 8 kg could be taken but when you go to the details of this info, they mean actually it has to be hand luggage.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anyway we had to pay 150euro for our 8 kg luggages because they were not hand luggage but they were 8 kg. Not sure how can you put 8 kg in hand luggage though 🤣
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03 September 2023 Guest
To all of you lovely people who have had or are having dealings with this awful company, unworthy of any praise whatsoever. This is just to warn you that yesterday, we finally received the due compensation for our 11 hour delay on 11th August 2022.....yes that's right.....over a year ago! This whole process became a mission not to allow Albashite Airlines to get out of paying us, because that is exactly what they will try to do. Please everyone, hang in there and don't accept their lies, for they will change the goalposts every step of the way. Fortunately, two of our fellow passengers from the same flight received their money three months ago and their payment was accompanied by an email from an employee. They kindly gave us the email address and we bombarded this person over the past 6 weeks. It must have helped us, so if you'd like to take our advice and continue your complaints, it is silviadotarcadiatalbastardotes (😉) - I believe the company has its HQ in Palma de Mallorca. I believe the CEO is Michael Harrington. Good luck to you all and please please keep battling on!
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Thai AirAsia

02 September 2023 Ng
AirAsia auto seat assign system really SUCKS. I booked flight from SG to CNX together with my wife and our seats has been assigned far apart. I will not choose AirAsia again in all my future trips to any destination and will also inform my family and friends not to book this airline. Rating to this airline is 0-
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Air Corsica

02 September 2023 Golnar Raissi
Incompétent airline with worst customer service ever.
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Rutaca Airlines

25 August 2023 Guest
Four hours delayed and we can't leave yet.
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Fly Jordan

23 August 2023 Guest
Delay of 5.30 hours from Istanbul to Amman Ticket says flight at. 6.45 Tuesday Flight delayed to 11 pm ( we were informed the day before) Flight delayed to. 1 am Wednesday (we were informed on the same departure day at 5 pm) Airport Screen shows departure at 1.50 am Flight left Istanbul at 2.20 am (Wednesday)
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18 August 2023 Saurab
Eurowings is the worst - stay away 2 staff in dusseldorf Airport Natasha Brenes Flight got cancelled in Heathrow Airport for 1.5 hours to dusseldorf airport. Then we missed the connecting flight to monte negros. Instead of booking an alternative flight to Monte Negro, they sent us back to the UK. My family got nepali passport where transit visa isn't needed if the final destination doesn't require one. Firstly the blonde Lady lied to us saying we cannot use any other transit where the border police said we can. Secondly, when I asked why don't the euro wings book us a flight to monte negro via Istanbul which was departing later on, she said said that her colleague doesn't want to, but we can book the same flight with our own money. Thirdly, with their incompetency and lack of professionalism, the blonde woman had the guts to say to us that she's been working for us for the past hour like she is doing a favour to us. She works for the company ' Euro wings ' getting paid to do the job and accommodate us the customers of Euro Wings in the best way on any circumstances or unless they don't take money from us in the first place.
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Azores Airlines

18 August 2023 Guest
Flight delayed, one day of holidays spent in the airport, customer service non-existent - no country / island is worth dealing with this airline.
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LATAM Colombia

12 August 2023 J S
If I could rate the service of this company in numbers, I would give it a -10 and no less than zero stars. On August 11,2023 I traveled through LATAM airlines flight 4402 to connect my connection in Miami on an international flight. My odyssey began when I arrived at the El Dorado airport in Bogota to check in. The number of passengers, the chaos, disorder was like a movie. Very few airport staff do not have the training and even to my surprise almost no one speaks English. Continuing with my checking, it could not be done electronically, so I was redirected to the counters personally. When entering the checking line we had an average of 20 people with only 2 people from customer service. I asked a LATAM employee why you were waiting and if there was no staff for international passengers to attend to them directly. He replied NO, that the same waiting line was for national and international passengers. I explained to him that in my opinion it was not right and the ticket costs were different (obviously the international tickets were more expensive) and in the case of connections they were more harmful for me. He told me that he couldn't do anything. My ODYSSEY really started there since when I checked my luggage and the lady at the counter told me that my luggage had exceeded 20 Kilograms (approximately 40 pounds) and that I had to pay the excess. I answered that the suitcase had already been paid for at the place of origin in the United States and that I did not understand why I had to pay for it again. The lady from LATAM told me that I only had it for 10 pounds and OH my surprise when she told me that I have to pay an extra US$177.00 if I wanted to send it with my flight. I decided not to do it and tried to talk to a supervisor who never showed up and shone by his absence. When checking the prices of the suitcases on the website, costs between US$ 14 and up to US$ 25 appear on domestic flights but nothing is indicated for international flights. No one gave me an answer to what happened, so I filed a complaint on the LATAM website. In addition, the cabin service was of poor quality since there is no empathy or sympathy with the flight employees, low quality food and low communication too. My conclusion, if this review is of any use, do not travel with this airline since its service It is terrible, unprofessional and the only thing they want is your money. backpackers
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Air India

09 August 2023 Nimeshkumar patel
Please pay attention to the awful treatment I received on my trip from Toronto, Canada to Ahmedabad, India. My pregnant wife, my daughter, and my three-year-old boy were going with me. I only received one business class ticket for myself and whatever reason thru cheapoair and due to me and my wife medical condition we both was under so much stress i forgot to get upgrade them, and my other family members traveled in the economy.My trip to India is intended to treat my cancer and to attend to some medical issues affecting my pregnant wife. Since my wife was pregnant and my three-year-old kid wasn't feeling well, I asked the staff to after take off the plane can i change seat with my son so I could tend to my wife's illness and my son could get some rest on recline seat. Unexpectedly, the Air India flight crew mistreated me horribly and threatened to me says on my seat they will not allow my son to sleep, then i ask to flight supervisor (Name:Kiran) she was reply the same i was keep doing humble request to they mentioning my and my wife medical condition i also had show them medical report to confirm that what i am saying is not bluff or lie. finally they called airport ground security (No name tag, ID have only photo with some numbers but not name) punjabi and gujarati guy from my back tap my solder and said (TU khada ho or side me aa) you stand up and come in side strait them you should seat down on your seat no more request for seat exchange with family or we will escort you from plan and do whatever complaint you want to do in prime ministers office even though it's in side but all other passengers was keeping them eyes and ears in matter. None of the staff in business class had their name tag. Although I paid for business class, the service was terrible. Staff members acted like goons.They fed me, but it was of very bad quality food intencally served to me . For instance, Dahi Wada was something I couldn't break with a knife. When I ask something better same lady kiran come and said this is what we have cant provide anything else eat it or leave it, rest of my flight i feel so humiliated i haven't eat anything else. I expected better service since TATA has taken over AI as I had 11 years back with the same attitude issue with staff. I was never traveling in AI. This time again after 11 years the experience was truly a nightmare. I believe the flight crew at Air India lacks empathy. I would greatly appreciate it if you took measures to alter worker behavior. please note: my Seat number i dont remember 100% its is on my best memory. and reason for late complaint just today i get better after my cancel treatment. i have one video regarding food rest they ask me force fully to delete from phone. this format is not support here to upload. i can provide in email.
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Austrian Airlines

01 August 2023 Vlad
Austrian is absolutely dishonest company. It stole 2000 euros from me by cancelling flights TWICE and refusing to refund. It was business class for 3 people. I provided 3 different ways to get any refund: bank cards from different countries, cash in its office. But Austrian just decided to deceive me and never return money for tickets. Say no to Austrian careless, greed and irresponsibility.
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Iraqi Airways

31 July 2023 Guest
The flight was really good overall with very little turbulence. Food was good too. There is one thing I want to highlight and I hope the authorities consider it and take it into their notice. The picture attached above of the aeroplane AIRBUS A321 shows that there was a small opening in the plane ceiling of one of front row seats, the rubber was slightly detached compared to other sides. If we look closely a lot of wires and other parts were actually visible. Maybe it is not an issue but for safety precautions kindly take notice and if there is any mechanical fault/problem please check it and fix it. Thankyou.
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Transavia Airlines

26 July 2023 Guest
Worst company ever, don't fly on it ever, and if you unfortunately have to don't ever use suitcases only small bags that you can carry. Worst customer service ever, incompetence at its best, I don't advise it to anyone not even to my worst enemy. TRASH is too good to define this company/service.
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25 July 2023 Guest
Worst airline I've ever seen for more than 40 years of traveling . Corruption is the main stream at desk try to squeeze you pay extra fees of 240 $ if your cary on and laptop bag exceed 10kg while the empty bags may exceed 5kg and on the other hand you can find your flight full of loaded carry on exceeding 25kg . I understanded that you have to pay to the front desk labors to have your carry on pass with no weight limit
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Royal Jordanian Airlines

23 July 2023 Kk
If it was possible I would give the airplane a negative -10 rating. Prices are ridiculous along the most expensive for the lowest quality and airplanes that havent changed in a decade with horrible interior. On Business class from NY, in order to save money they dont turn on air conditioning until take off in summer boiling heat temperatures! Just sell the airline and let an international company run it properly.
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United Airlines

21 July 2023 Guest
I cant believe they delayed my flight 2 1/2 hours from Washington to Charlotte. I will never fly this airlines again in my life. they are the worst airlines around. It's time we take our business elsewhere
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SWISS International Air Lines

29 June 2023 RL Farr
In November of 2022 I bought a refundable ticket from Denver Colorado to Hurgada Egypt, departing March 1, 2023 and returning March 11, 2023. My new Swiss Airlines profile requiried me to choose a salutaion and a academic title. I chose "Mr" and "Dr". Swiss added my Swiss requiried salutations, "mr" and "dr", to my frist name on the ticket. This altered my name on the ticket so it did not match my passport. Per TSA regulations I was denied ticketing and borading. Nither Swiss Air or United (partner flight out of Denver) could correct the error prior to boarding. I canceled the ticket within the aloted time and was promised a refund by the bot "Nelly". I have not recieved any money or compensation at all. Ticket price $1345.12, prepaid SCUBA liveaboard boat vacation (without the ticket) $2088 total $3433.12 I have made numerous phone calls and emails with Swiss Air. Swiss Air wrote in an early email "we will not accept liability" for my loss. Not even for my "refundable" ticket? I will be pleased to provide all the emails between your customer service orgaization and myself.
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Porter Airlines

26 June 2023 Laurent
ALWAYS DELAYED! Summer evening, clear skies and flight has now been delayed force hours Montréal to reason provided...Typical Porter !!! Don't fly Porter if possible...
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Ethiopian Airlines

23 June 2023 Daniel
I got back home to Abu Dhabi, and I got to pick up my lost trolley from Addis Ababa which they lost for my flight to Jinka! I didnt get any compensation on behalf of Ethiopian airlines. As I was in Jinka for 4 days without any luggage, accessorizes, personal belongs and most of all lots of present for the tribe people in the Omo Valley! It was so dissapointing and sad not to have my suitcase with all these important things! I had to buy a lot myself as clothes, personal amenities as sunscreen, toothbrush, shoes, jacket and lots more from my own pocket! I asked the lady on behalf of Ethiopian airlines in Dubai airport if my bag would go all the way to BCO Jinka. And she said yes! Even the tag on the bag and my baggage claim said Dubai to Jinka airport! I really want some sort of explanation and compensation?! I keep writing to Ethiopian Airlines support team! But without No succes. Such a bad experience!!! - do not recommend This airline to anyone!! Best Regards, Daniel Lassen Flight: ET271 22/05-23 Booking code: SFUONG Baggage ID number: ET 206083, 16 BCO
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Sky Airline

29 May 2023 Connie
I flew from Cusco to Lima. The staffs at the gate had me measure my carry on at their gate. My carry on was able to go through the slot but it got stuck from the handle that attached in the middle luggage. They made me pay $36 for a carry on that I already paid for!! They were so rude and mean and threaten not to let us board the flight if we dont pay. I WILL NEVER IN MT LIFE TIME AGAIN FLY WITH THIS CHEAP AIRLINE!! They will try their best to squeeze every penny out of you anyway possible!!
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Lion Airlines

21 May 2023 Hansa Kumari Agarwal
This is the worst airplane and servie customer care in bali is the worst.. They are egoist and they are of no help... plz never ever book the flight with this airline... I was given boarding pass and 15 min before the boarding they said the flight is delayed by 3 hours.. Please my request plz don't use this flight.
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Free Bird Airlines

30 April 2023 Guest
Hello! I would like to write about my experience with Freebird Airlines company. The first flight was 19.04 CGN - SSH. We flight with my son and husband on seats 1a, 1b and 1c. I was working as flight attendant in the other company during 6 years and I had many other privat flights with expensive and low cost airlines, but I never saw in my life so terrible team of flight attendants. The pilot cant speak German and English languages, it was very difficult to understand, what he read from paper. The Senior flight attendant didnt work the full flight, was eating in the kitchen, scrolling her phone and she had her luggage in the kitchen for to put food and drinks from the kitchen inside. Also it was not aloud to go to the first toilet about different fantasy reasons, and sometimes without any explainings. The dialog was like - I need a toilet. - Go to the back toilet. - Why? Its free here. - Go. The second women was seating in her phone the full flight too and didnt work. With the full plain during the full flight were working man and woman from the back kitchen. We preordered the food for 50 per person, but we didnt get it. The woman from the last kitchen came to us and told that they have only bolognese. Unfortunately the taste was so terrible, that we must buy snacks extra for to eat something during the 4,5 hours flight. Also we had a problem about safety. We had a car seat with us for children 15-18 kg. And we asked the Senior flight attendant - can our 2 years old son (13 kg) flight with this seat or not. She said that its aloud and he will be safe so. 26.04 we had the flight SSH - CGN We had same seats (1a, 1b, 1c) The team of flight attendants was great! The pilot spoke very good both languages. The Senior flight attendant came directly to us, and explained very professionally why its not possible to use the car seat for a small child in the plain about safety reasons. The full team worked the full flight, was friendly and smiley. We got our food, that was tasty. I sincerely hope to flight with the flight attendants from the first flight never again, because they dont want make their job, they dont care about safety of passengers, and absolutely dont care about the comfort of the passengers in the flight. They cared only about their phones and food with drinks.
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