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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Iraqi Airways

31 July 2023 Guest
The flight was really good overall with very little turbulence. Food was good too. There is one thing I want to highlight and I hope the authorities consider it and take it into their notice. The picture attached above of the aeroplane AIRBUS A321 shows that there was a small opening in the plane ceiling of one of front row seats, the rubber was slightly detached compared to other sides. If we look closely a lot of wires and other parts were actually visible. Maybe it is not an issue but for safety precautions kindly take notice and if there is any mechanical fault/problem please check it and fix it. Thankyou.
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Allegiant Air

31 July 2023 Guest
I just don't get it ! When I went on the airplane waiting for snacks and beverages I asked if they took cash . They have the nerve to say they only take credit cards and no cash . Because of that I'm going to stop flying and start driving to my destinations . I will never take Allegiant ever again . What they did to me was mean extremely mean . No stars for Allegiant . Unforgivable I can't believe they don't get cash and only credit cards . Funk you Allegiant I will never forget this . Funking credit cards ! Funking stupid ! I'm just glad I have a driver's license and my own car . Never again I would never fly on this airplane ever again . At least Southwest has more respect with the customers .
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Transavia Airlines

26 July 2023 Guest
Worst company ever, don't fly on it ever, and if you unfortunately have to don't ever use suitcases only small bags that you can carry. Worst customer service ever, incompetence at its best, I don't advise it to anyone not even to my worst enemy. TRASH is too good to define this company/service.
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25 July 2023 Guest
Worst airline I've ever seen for more than 40 years of traveling . Corruption is the main stream at desk try to squeeze you pay extra fees of 240 $ if your cary on and laptop bag exceed 10kg while the empty bags may exceed 5kg and on the other hand you can find your flight full of loaded carry on exceeding 25kg . I understanded that you have to pay to the front desk labors to have your carry on pass with no weight limit
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Royal Jordanian Airlines

23 July 2023 Kk
If it was possible I would give the airplane a negative -10 rating. Prices are ridiculous along the most expensive for the lowest quality and airplanes that havenít changed in a decade with horrible interior. On Business class from NY, in order to save money they donít turn on air conditioning until take off in summer boiling heat temperatures! Just sell the airline and let an international company run it properly.
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Air Cairo

22 July 2023 Guest
The worst airline ever! My flight from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh was delayed for 2 hours, and on the way back to Cairo, it was delayed another 2 hours. They always blame it on technical problems
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Sky Express

21 July 2023 Guest
never take this airline, disgusting and unaccommodating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lost my flight to chios after waiting at the gate for an hour, 30 minutes after the departure time i spoke to someone and they said that gate was no longer going to chios and that it must have changed. since there are not many flights to chios here i ran to speak to multiple representatives in order to book another flight quickly and each of them provided me with different information and did not know what they were talking about as well as being extremely rude and unaccommodating. one worker told me i still had to pay for my flight and they would not reimburse me since it was not their problem and they ďannounced the changeĒ. it wasnít until last minute that one worker helped me and i still have not booked a flight i now have to take a long ferry tonight
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United Airlines

21 July 2023 Guest
I cant believe they delayed my flight 2 1/2 hours from Washington to Charlotte. I will never fly this airlines again in my life. they are the worst airlines around. It's time we take our business elsewhere
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British Airways

12 July 2023 Alison Pollard
What has happened to BA. I have used them for 40 years but after all the problems with them this year I am very reluctant to ever use them again. Reasons !. I was flying to Jersey and the flight times made the meal time difficult and as I am a diabetic I prepaid for food and drinks for the outward and return journey. The food and drink cost £40. When we asked onboard for the food we were told there was nothing loaded for us and so we had to go without. No offer of sorry or can I get you anything else after explaining the situation. On the homeward journey exactly the same happened. I contacted the airways and they said it is the caterers fault. I contacted them and they said provide confirmation of payment and a copy of my bank payment. I did this and they said its not their fault is BA who is at fault. I AGREE it is their fault I bought them from their website. After numerous phone calls and unanswered emails I have finally given up realise BA have absolutely no intention of refunding my money. To me they didn't provide the goods so it is theft. 2. We booked another holiday to Jersey and due to specialist advice I cannot fly until I have had my ailment corrected probably early next year so am trying to cancel the flights. They were booked by Avios and upgraded by money. After five days of continuous phone calls, unanswered text etc my husband finally got through to them and the second he told them the problem he was cut off. Is that a coincidence - I dont think so. After another three days of trying we got an answer and they said wrong department and gave us another number. Im sure we have spoken to every department in BA and still no further forward. You cannot cancel on the website. 3. I am trying to get information for a multi city for next year when hopefully I can fly. I want to go to two or three countries by Business Class / Premier Class (Taiwan, Bangkok, Singapore) from London Heathrow and no one ever comes back or wants to help. The information is not available on the website I would never be loyal to them again as they have no loyalty to me after 40 years of booking continual flights with them. Be careful if booking with them
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Nesma Airlines

08 July 2023 Guest
Stay away from Nesma Airlines. They turned my trip from Saudi Arabia to Egypt into a nightmare. They cancel without any warning, The Nesma airline staff at the Airport was horrible with no kindness at all. They don't respond to any complaints and don't answer the phone. The worst airline ever.
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SWISS International Air Lines

29 June 2023 RL Farr
In November of 2022 I bought a refundable ticket from Denver Colorado to Hurgada Egypt, departing March 1, 2023 and returning March 11, 2023. My new Swiss Airlines profile requiried me to choose a salutaion and a academic title. I chose "Mr" and "Dr". Swiss added my Swiss requiried salutations, "mr" and "dr", to my frist name on the ticket. This altered my name on the ticket so it did not match my passport. Per TSA regulations I was denied ticketing and borading. Nither Swiss Air or United (partner flight out of Denver) could correct the error prior to boarding. I canceled the ticket within the aloted time and was promised a refund by the bot "Nelly". I have not recieved any money or compensation at all. Ticket price $1345.12, prepaid SCUBA liveaboard boat vacation (without the ticket) $2088 total $3433.12 I have made numerous phone calls and emails with Swiss Air. Swiss Air wrote in an early email "we will not accept liability" for my loss. Not even for my "refundable" ticket? I will be pleased to provide all the emails between your customer service orgaization and myself.
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Porter Airlines

26 June 2023 Laurent
ALWAYS DELAYED! Summer evening, clear skies and flight has now been delayed force hours Montréal to reason provided...Typical Porter !!! Don't fly Porter if possible...
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Ethiopian Airlines

23 June 2023 Daniel
I got back home to Abu Dhabi, and I got to pick up my lost trolley from Addis Ababa which they lost for my flight to Jinka! I didnít get any compensation on behalf of Ethiopian airlines. As I was in Jinka for 4 days without any luggage, accessorizes, personal belongs and most of all lots of present for the tribe people in the Omo Valley!† It was so dissapointing and sad not to have my suitcase with all these important things! I had to buy a lot myself as clothes, personal amenities as sunscreen, toothbrush, shoes, jacket and lots more from my own pocket!† I asked the lady on behalf of Ethiopian airlines in Dubai airport if my bag would go all the way to BCO Jinka. And she said yes! Even the tag on the bag and my baggage claim said Dubai to Jinka airport!† I really want some sort of explanation and compensation?! I keep writing to Ethiopian Airlines support team! But without No succes. Such a bad experience!!! - do not recommend This airline to anyone!! Best Regards, Daniel Lassen† Flight: ET271 22/05-23 Booking code: SFUONG Baggage ID number: ET 206083, 16 BCO
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Copa Airlines

22 June 2023 Guest
The worst customer service of any airline! A customer service rep just hung up on me when I called to ask why miles from a trip were not posted.
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21 June 2023 Guest
They are like a Rynair but the prices are 6 times higher. What I mean by that using rynair you know that itís cheap tickets and all other things that there no food or you need to pay for that is fine as you save really big on tickets with airbatic you get same but 6/7 times higher price. No food no water for free the seats are probably the cheapest and most uncomfortable. So itís really worst company I had experience. They should make rynair prices for their flights then itís ok for the comfort you get and no food no watter
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11 June 2023 Guest
This is not the first time we are facing such a worse experience with flyadeal. we will not use your services in the future and will not recommend your flight to any others. I had to purchase 4 tickets for a round trip means you are robbing passengers money without any reason. Keep in mind that this is HARAM and you will be answerable for this on the final day .We shall mention the same issue in google and let people see how your people behave to passengers at the the time of check in.
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Sky Airline

29 May 2023 Connie
I flew from Cusco to Lima. The staffs at the gate had me measure my carry on at their gate. My carry on was able to go through the slot but it got stuck from the handle that attached in the middle luggage. They made me pay $36 for a carry on that I already paid for!! They were so rude and mean and threaten not to let us board the flight if we donít pay. I WILL NEVER IN MT LIFE TIME AGAIN FLY WITH THIS CHEAP AIRLINE!! They will try their best to squeeze every penny out of you anyway possible!!
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Pegasus Airlines

22 May 2023 Guest
They should be rather called "Maybe Airlines". They usually hook you up on initially very convenient flight schedule. Once you buy a ticket, they change your flights to the extent rediculus. They tumbled my flights in such a way that my connecting flight was supposed to depart 4 hours before my first flight.???? NEVER AGAIN WITH THIS COMPANY
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Lion Airlines

21 May 2023 Hansa Kumari Agarwal
This is the worst airplane and servie customer care in bali is the worst.. They are egoist and they are of no help... plz never ever book the flight with this airline... I was given boarding pass and 15 min before the boarding they said the flight is delayed by 3 hours.. Please my request plz don't use this flight.
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Free Bird Airlines

30 April 2023 Guest
Hello! I would like to write about my experience with Freebird Airlines company. The first flight was 19.04 CGN - SSH. We flight with my son and husband on seats 1a, 1b and 1c. I was working as flight attendant in the other company during 6 years and I had many other privat flights with expensive and low cost airlines, but I never saw in my life so terrible team of flight attendants. The pilot cant speak German and English languages, it was very difficult to understand, what he read from paper. The Senior flight attendant didnít work the full flight, was eating in the kitchen, scrolling her phone and she had her luggage in the kitchen for to put food and drinks from the kitchen inside. Also it was not aloud to go to the first toilet about different fantasy reasons, and sometimes without any explainings. The dialog was like - I need a toilet. - Go to the back toilet. - Why? Itís free here. - Go. The second women was seating in her phone the full flight too and didnít work. With the full plain during the full flight were working man and woman from the back kitchen. We preordered the food for 50ą per person, but we didnít get it. The woman from the last kitchen came to us and told that they have only bolognese. Unfortunately the taste was so terrible, that we must buy snacks extra for to eat something during the 4,5 hours flight. Also we had a problem about safety. We had a car seat with us for children 15-18 kg. And we asked the Senior flight attendant - can our 2 years old son (13 kg) flight with this seat or not. She said that itís aloud and he will be safe so. 26.04 we had the flight SSH - CGN We had same seats (1a, 1b, 1c) The team of flight attendants was great! The pilot spoke very good both languages. The Senior flight attendant came directly to us, and explained very professionally why itís not possible to use the car seat for a small child in the plain about safety reasons. The full team worked the full flight, was friendly and smiley. We got our food, that was tasty. I sincerely hope to flight with the flight attendants from the first flight never again, because they donít want make their job, they donít care about safety of passengers, and absolutely donít care about the comfort of the passengers in the flight. They cared only about their phones and food with drinks.
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Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL

27 April 2023 Afsoon
We had a flight from Dubai to London Heathrow with a 2-hour transit in Baku. Due to the over 7-hour delay from AZERBAIJAN AIRLINE in providing the flight to Baku, we missed our next flight which was from Baku to London, and their next available flight from Baku to London was in TWO DAYS! YESÖ.. IN TWO DAYSÖÖ And they expected us TO WAIT in Baku airport for TWO DAYS while we had to be back at workÖUNBELIEVABLEÖ. This was their alternative flight and solution. They have no sympathy for the waste of time and lives of their customers. After 30 minutes of the departure time, the Dubai Airport staff at the boarding gate informed us that there is a delay but they do not know how long the delay would take and so we should purchase another ticket at the airport! There was no Azerbaijan Airlines representative at the airport or even at the boarding gate for further explanation or support of their customers and left us to wander around the airport by ourselves. As the next flight from Baku to London Heathrow was in two days, we had to purchase another super expensive ticket at the airport just to arrive at our destination to be at our work on time. Now, not only they do not refund our first tickets which they could not provide the services for, but they also do not refund the full cost of the new tickets which they left us no choice but to purchase an expensive price, to be on time for our work and not losing our jobs, because of their fault. They do not even provide any compensation for the delay or cancellation of their flights and the whole 24 hours suffer and stress of being at the airport, the night flight, and going straight back to work from London Heathrow airport without any night sleep. All they care about is charging people for tickets and then causing them financial damages by not providing the services, disappearing, leaving their customers by themselves, and not taking responsibility for their faults and actions. Very pathetic!!!
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Continental Airlines

19 April 2023 Maria Batista
I got a ticket through Travel Junction. I was going to travel to Cancun with my 3 daughters on July 5, 2022. My husband passed away on July 2, 2022. I called Continental and told them I wanted to reschedule for a late date. They told me it was fine, but had to travel within 1 year. when I called to reschedule, they told me I couldn't. So I lost $2880.00 for the tickets. I can not travel while I buried my husband. All I wanted was to reschedule for a future date, that eas all.
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14 April 2023 Susan Minshull
We flew to Tokyo the seats are so crammed together if the person in front puts there seat back there is no room to do anything the cabin crew donít care 😡😡😡itís ok saying people need to go to sleep but 10minutes into the flight !!!15 inches between the crammed seats if a chair pushed back it gives you roughly 9-10 inches ridiculous I would never fly again with them heed this warning ⚠ ⚠⚠
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Viva Macau

04 March 2023 reviewer01
I flew this airline from Macau to Sydney the other day, and i have to say the experience exceeded my expectations of this airline, with around 500 AUD price, it was definitely worth it. Seats were average, and my legs could comfortably fit without too much struggle. The flight attendants were very friendly towards me and the food was excellent too.
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TAAG - Angola Airlines

03 March 2023 Jatiel
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Virgin Atlantic Airways

18 February 2023 Syed Jung
Flight VS364 from Lahore. Thursday, 17th February landing 18.00 Terminal 3. I am writing to praise Gavin Ross (customer service supervisor) at Desk 17 of Virgin Atlantic. Fantastic customer service. I left my hand luggage at the belt and walked away with my suitcases, once outside, then realised what I had done. I went from pillar to post but could not get the help I needed so I could collect my hand luggage that I forgot at belt number two. I called the airlines but I was told security was not there and they have closed. Some very kind person suggested I should go to desk 17 of Virgin Atlantic and ask for assistance there. The desk was closed but I managed to get the attention of of Mr Ross. After couple minutes of listening to my story, he made a phone call and was able to speak to someone who was willing to collect my hand luggage and bring it out. I found Mr Ross to be very polite and considerate and he listened while others were basically saying that nothing they can do because security is shut.
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Avelo Airlines

18 February 2023 Guest
Great airline! Flew with them to Oregon and had a great flight experience. Nice crew and great service.
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Aegean Airlines

10 February 2023 Guest
No customer service
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06 February 2023 Marian
Big thanks to the Jet2 staff at Manchester Airport on Friday evening when I picked up the wrong suitcase , very helpful, friendly and professional . A credit to the airline 10/10👌
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01 February 2023 morrishj
I helped a friend buy refundable airline tickets on Aeromexico. She ended up having to change the date of her return and instead of changing the date, AeroMexico said we needed to cancel the tickets she had bought and buy new ones. I was told she would get her refund in 4-6 weeks. Now, over 10 months later, we are STILL trying to get a refund. They will only deal with you via email. You can call customer service but they will only tell you to email that department! There are other options to fly to Mexico from the US and I suggest you use them!
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Cebu Pacific Air

24 January 2023 Guest
I book a flight on the Cebu Pacific website using a debit card but no itinerary receive in my email. I contacted Cebu Pac saying they did not receive the payment and should file for a dispute at the bank. The bank confirmed that the transaction was successful. Cebu Pacific wonít send me proof that the transaction failed. No refund until now!!!
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

19 January 2023 Guest
Shit happens with every airline. But Aeroflot is definitely is not the worst company in this business. I have more than 30 flights with Aeroflot and never had any issues with luggage or anything. Good and very friendly flight attendants, decent meals and flights in time if no force majeure
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14 January 2023 chaudhary khalid masood
i have traveled by flynas in sudia many times but travelled from lhr to Dammam by CY884 on 13 january the check in staff was v strict on the weight and many passengers were facing problem on the weight and payments it should be a little bit flaxiable i would like to appreciate ur hostesses namely Miss saba her behaviour and services were outstanding and she not only attending each & every passenger with a smiling face but guiding them properly she seemed to be the senior and was also guiding her colleagues v professionally Me & my wife were sitting in first row and we observed it I do appreciate Miss Saba flight attendant for behaving with all passengers professionally and she was speaking arabic english & urdu so fluently and perfectly all others have to follow her if u want to make ur airline rating better. she is an asset for ur airline overall it was v nice to travel flynas with a cheap fare but addition of such like staff like Miss saba can make image of ur airline v high
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Envoy Air

29 December 2022 Guest
correction 2 of the 5 flights I listed today were run by other AA affiliates. However they were on time snd no problems.
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Blue Air

09 December 2022 Guest
SCAM! I scheduled a flight as one part of my honeymoon and they kept cancelling the fights, needless to say they did not returned the money. Their customer service does not even exist. Stay away from this airline if you don't want to lose money. FRAUD.
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Skippers Aviation

06 December 2022 Guest
Qantas Link, Cobham, Maroomba are all great alternatives to using Skippers Airlines. Check in staff seem to enjoy being unhelpful and flights are always delayed.
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30 November 2022 hillw8017
I lost my password as well as my recovery phrase so I was afraid my 4BTC and 9Eth that I have in my wallet is gone into the teen air,†michealmurphy at repairman dot com was able to unlock it for me within 24hours. He didn't stop there. He also recovered my lost funds of about $129k USDT I invested in a fake binary option website. This is a huge relief for me! I've recommended Michael to all my friends that have a need for a reliable hacker.†
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28 November 2022 Guest
The worst experience of no service. Firstly, representative of Neos didn't let me come on board in really rude way 20 minute before the flight. They refused to give me the document about it what is illegally. Secondly, I can't get my refund 2 month already because the customer service doesn't see proper to answer more often then once in a few weeks. So, it's better to fly any other company or to go by boat!
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17 November 2022 Guest
This airline is awful. We tried to check into our flight online using their website, but it wouldn't let us. So we decided we would check in at the airport. When we got to the airport we waited in the check-in line for 40 minutes. There was only one employee working the check-in line, and they were taking super long to help people. They also kept disappearing for 10 minutes after helping someone. Meanwhile there were about 5 employees just standing around, not doing anything. They were directing people to wait in line, and talking to themselves. It was a stupid use of resources. A lot of people in line were complaining. When it was finally our turn, the employee told us casually that our flight was cancelled and we can take the next flight in 8 hours. We did not receive any text, email, or call about our cancellation. If we knew the flight was cancelled we would not have shown up to the airport so early. We ended up spending around 12 hours at the airport for no reason. Once we got to the gate for our flight, it kept getting delayed because the plane still had not arrived. It was so frustrating. It took forever for us to get boarded. Unfortunately we also had booked with Volaris for another flight from Oaxaca to Merida. And of course the flight was delayed by 1 hour 30 mins, but they didn't mention anything about the flight being delayed. So again we showed up to the airport earlier than needed. It's very frustrating but we didn't say anything because we were not in a rush. When we started boarding the stupidest possible thing occurred. At the very last second as we were boarding, the employee told us we need to weigh our bags. I do not know why they waited until we were at the front of the line, as we are boarding, to make us weigh our bags, when the flight was already delayed by so long. After we weighed our bags they told us we need to move some 10kg from one bag to a different bag, or pay $750 pesos. They really wanted us to sit there and try to move 10kg from one bag to another. That is completely ridiculous. The bags are normal travel size and fit perfectly. We argued with the employee but they wouldn't budge. They held up the entire line and pressured us so that we had to pay the stupid fee. It was so unnecessary because both the bags were going onto the carry on spot anyways. They just charged us a bullsh*t fee and scammed us. It literally made no difference because we still boarded with the same bags and same weight in the bags. This airline is completely horrible. Do not book with this airline if you do not have to. They delay flights consistently. They will cancel flights and merge them with much later flights to save themselves money. They scam you with stupid fees. Viva Aerobus is better lol.
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Arik Air

05 November 2022 Guest
This airline made me feel how incompetent and unstructured this country is. The fact that I might be losing my job because of this Arik Airline....? You didn't send a notification for change of flight, plans has been made, only for me to get stalked at the airport waiting, a gen I already checked out of the hotel. Money wasted Precious time wasted I hate this airline to the bone!
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Malaysia Airlines

01 November 2022 KapZy
They are back in profits and charge 3 or 4 times the cost of tickets in 2020 pre-covid but people who booked tickets and forced upon with their ridiculous vouchers dont even get their money refunded, they are frauds
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Eva Air

29 October 2022 Great cabin crew, awful Heathrow ground staff
Great cabin crew; awful Heathrow ground staff. On the outward journey from Bangkok to London, the cabin crew were wonderful: totally professional and really helpful, but the ground staff at London Heathrow were shockingly bad on my return. This was the worst experience I've had with any airline after 40 years of flying. The Heathrow check-in staff were impatient and rude from the outset, telling me "Move along the queue and stop wasting your time" when I began to enter my details in the Eva Air online check-in machines provided for that purpose. My passport was scrutinised and refused because of a small tear on a blank page at the back of my passport. This is the first time in six years using the same passport: 45 prior flights, 90 check-in crews and 180 immigration officials either end saw no issue with this small defect on a blank page of my passport. The Heathrow check-in manager ripped off the luggage tag from my bag when the decision had been made that I could not fly. This was unsmilingly delivered with no explanation, unnecessary and humiliating. This failure of Eva Air Heathrow ground staff will cost me approximately $1,200 to book a new flight. In spite of my very pleasant outward journey with Eva Air, I won't be travelling with this airline via London again.
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Jin Air

27 October 2022 Antonio Martin
I wanted to check a notice on my ticket. "If you paid by credit card with non-verification method when purchasing flight tickets, the cardholder must present his/her payment card when checking-in at the airport." My wife bought the ticket for me. The flight is at 6:50am on a sunday and it is a massive pain for my mrs and two little kids to drive with me to the airport well before sunrise. I called and spent a total of 4 hrs waiting for somone to answer the call to no avail, The automated system simply tried to hang up on me every chance it got. I emailed and got no reply. Customer service is horrible, such a simple thing is so painful. I assume the staff get paid so little they really could not be bothered to actually work to a satisfactory level. They might lack training, which is often the case in many places in Korea. I live in Korea, I know this from personal experience. I have not flown yet, I do hope the flight from ICN to FUK goes without incident. I mean it is 1hr 20mins long. What could go wrong...?
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18 October 2022 Aris from Greece
In June 22 i used Volotea for domestic flight from Athens to Heraklion The service was very good. The flight was on time and the stuf very friendly there was WIFI available during the flight. Must be the best low cost airline.
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GOL Transportes Aereos

01 October 2022 Guillermo
the worst airline I traveled. shares flights with american airlines, business class codes do not match between airlines, poor service, 2 hours standing expecting 20 people in San Pablo waiting for a Gol employee, trip 25 days ago I still claim my frequent flyer miles. They do not credit them, they say they do not know if I flew, incredible, very bad, do not use
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Enter Air

20 September 2022 Andrew Brock
Why would anyone want to fly with this company . Not friendly. Not efficient. Never on time. Sell their slots and keep you on the tarmac for 2 hours . On way back we ended up going from Greece up though Black Sea. Poland .Norway then back through Holland and back to Gatwick . What was that all about . Did they not file a flight plan?? Because as a pilot I could not understand this move .
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Edelweiss Air

03 September 2022 Sabire Alkin
We had a paper for a single journey travel document of me, and my minors for the date 31.08.2022 with the flight numbers WK-439, LX-8014. I and my children had plane tickets with Edelweiss airlines on 31.08.2022 at 8:50 from Skopje to Zurich.We were at the airport 2 hours in advance. (Then we waited 2 more hours for waiting for a formal reply and he didn`t give any official documents to me. Denial of boarding ) Then with fly attendants of edelweiss airlines, they didn`t let me to go with the plane.From the check in one of the flight attendant sent us to take confirmation of Airport Airline Management , (deputy director and operations manager). He didn`t let us go by having a single journey travel document and confirmation of Permanent residence of Canada. He told that from Zurich airport of the Airport Airline Manager of Switzerland didn`t allow us to go check-in from 7:00 to 9:20. He didn`t let us go till we missed the plane. I would really need your assistance in this situation that I am currently facing.
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Air Europa

14 August 2022 Dayo Akinbode
This is the worst airline I have been on. I checked in my bag in Managua on the 21st of June to be delivered in Lisboa. On getting to Lisboa my bag was not found. A file was opened for me. I kept following up. Then I got a message on June 24 that my bag was at the Lisboa Airport. I flew back to Lisboa where I was told my bag had been sent to São Tome. I do not live in São Tome. The forwarding address I left was Nigeria. I was told my bag will be sent to Nigeria. Two months down the line, there is no news of my bag and no one responds to my mails I do not know what else to do
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06 August 2022 FRED
Flight from Banjul to Accra have been cancelled due to technical fault and all passengers are left at Banjul airport without any information. Airline manager doesn't even know the way forward and passengers are speculating all around. Passengers had to come to the airport before being told of the cancellation although the expected flight had not even arrived at Banjul.
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TUI Airways

29 July 2022 Guest
Flew from Bristol to Kos last summer! I was very satisfied with the service I was given by the cabin crew and nothing was too much for them. The luggage hand over times both ends were very good with only a short wait for our bags on the belts. Overall I 100% recommended flying with TUI airways!!!
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