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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Wizz Air

06 January 2019 Guest
Not bad, but they have huge number of flight delays. My flight was delayed with Wizz Air for 9 hours and lost my train ticket, which costs me 92$ .... Good news is that i got 600 euro flight delay compensation by helping
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VietJet Air

04 January 2019 Yijin Cai
Worst flight I've ever seen. I bought two tickets from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. This flight should arrived at 21:05. Because of its internal accident of check-in system, we got delayed for more than 2 hours. We had another flight to catch at 23:40, from Chiang Mai to Beijing. But we missed it so we had to change our flight to the next day. The VietJet Air was so irresponsible for everything they had done. They didn't rearrange another flight for us, nor did they cover the extra fee of changing flight. They didn't response email, the telephone couldn't get through, the staff in charge in the bangkok airline didn't do anything for us!!!
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

04 January 2019 Guest
I am currently stuck at the airport in Moscow. We flew in from Cyprus with an hour and a half for a connecting to a flight to Gothenburg in Sweden. The flight was a little bit late starting but arrived in time to catch the flight had we not been sitting on the tarmac for half an hour. I informed the stewardess on the plane that we had another flight to catch and asked if she could help us. She said not to worry and contact the transit people when we arrived. Well the transit desk was marked with people. We saw a flight was listed and went to the gate. There are the woman said I flight was closed even though they been calling for us. Certainly they must have known we were on the other flight that would be on the computer. Had they had the will they could have taken us to the plane on a small bus or something. After three hours of waiting in the mob rather than a queue my husband was given some food vouchers and boarding passes for flight 24 hours later. The entire trip is only four days therefore we are wasting one quarter of our trip Stuck at the airport. We were told that we would be given a hotel go and eat and come back after 12 we were told. We went to eat after 12 we were told we could go out one, and then to, now its 10 after two and was still sitting here. At the moment I am a rather unhappy passenger. Things could have been done to get us on our connecting flight and unlock could have been done to make the situation less unpleasant. I am hoping for a good compensation, but that does not give me back the time I lost with this experience
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02 January 2019 Kathryn
Best Airline, excellent service. I can't fault them in any way. They deserve 5*. Keep it up Rwandair. Downside: they are not easily visible online when you are looking to book a flight with them.
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Privilege Style

30 December 2018 Guest
This airline is garbage. My two recent trans-Atlantic flights were the two worst of my life. The old, broken planes are mostly the problem. They are slow, the seats are broken and dirty (my headrest was missing) and the crew is not very friendly. Everything is for purchase, even water. On inter-continental flights, this is a crime. There needs to be at least minor provisions. How can they expect to please customers this way? The entertainment is terrible and hardly works. Lastly, the temperature was freezing on both flights. Youd think the staff would take a hint with everyone shivering and wearing all their layers, hoods up. Also, you have to buy blankets! Absurd.
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Porter Airlines

29 December 2018 Guest
Porter Airlines has gone downhill - it was good when it first up opened years ago, but it's gotten steadily worse over the subsequent years. The prices keep increasing, but the perks disappear - you have to pay for your baggage, and seat selection, and they no longer give you sandwiches on flights (that was one of their selling points, at first), and the porter lounges have less and less offerings for people waiting for fights - no more business computers, no more cappuccino machines, less choice of snacks, etc. That stuff is relatively minor (since all of the airlines have started doing the same thing), but it is very disappointing. The bigger issue is that they actively lie to you about the waiting times for their flights - and, the wait times have become ridiculous! Furthermore, Porter is outright dishonest about promised compensation for flight delays - it will promise customers the moon and stars in flight vouchers, if your flight is delayed past 4 hours, but then, their customer relations teams will reneg on everything that was told to you by the Porter agents in the airport. I am absolutely disgusted by my latest, terrible travel experience - there was a 7.5 HOUR delay (not including flight time - that brings it up to 13 hours) on my flight, and all they gave us was a paltry $100 voucher, expiring in less than 6 months, in return, to "apologize," when the passengers were promised four times that amount in compensation vouchers, if they waited out the delay. They do not honour their word. They are liars, plain and simple. For that reason, alone, I do not recommend this dishonest and unreliable airline.
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Sun Country Airlines

28 December 2018 Donald Malloy
my wife and I flew from MSP to LAS for our anniversary had one of the worst flights we have ever been on.We paid extra for the so called premium seats which only a small child could sit in and advised the flight grew that we could not fit into these small seats, their response was basically sit there or get off. My wife was able to switch seats with another passenger (a real small woman) and I optioned for an exit row seat which the airline promptly charged me an additional $25.00. Not at anytime did one employee of the airline apologize for the bad service.
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KD Air

26 December 2018
In short KD Air will not refund your ticket even if THEY cancel the flight for any reason! This applies even if they commit to the refund. KD Air is a business that should be taken down! Below is my story... Please visit kdair-reviews(dot)com to express your experience with KD Air. Everything seemed totally fine when booking two return flight tickets from Vancouver South to Tofino for our 3-night stay (tickets worth 698 CAD). Then it all went wrong KD Air called two days before scheduled departure, telling me that the flight to Tofino is cancelled due to unscheduled maintenance. I had to book the flight with other airline for double the cost. KD Air assured me that the flight from Tofino to Vancouver South will still happen. After the first night in Tofino, KD Air called me again and told me that the flight back to Vancouver is cancelled due to unscheduled maintenance. Again, I had to book the trip back with another airline for double the cost! As I dont live in Canada, KD Airs customer service assured me that I will get back money back! It has been 5 months and counting (since July 2018), I still dont have my money and KD Air decided to stop responding to my emails.
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Copa Airlines

22 December 2018 John Taylor
In July 2018 my wife and I had tickets to fly Copa Fr om San Francisco to Panama. Copa has two flights out of San Francisco both late at night. The flight, on a Copa, alliance partner, arrived late and we were unable to catch the 10 PM flight. The reservation agents and station manager told us there would be a $400 fine. On top of this they explained there was only one seat available on the 1:30 AM flight and the other passenger would have to go standby. This was unacceptable. Plan B was to call the reservation center which we did at about 2 AM in the San Francisco airport. We were then told that our tickets were invalid and we would have to pay over $1100 to go to Panama City Because prices had increased since we made our original booking. We agreed to think about it, and looked for a hotel. Try to get a hotel in San Francisco in July; not possible. Furthermore the reservation center told us there were no available seats on the next nights flight. That meant spend two nights minimum in the San Francisco airport hoping we would be able to get a flight out in two days. mmmmm Plan C was to make last-minute bookings on other airlines (at extortion rates) to get home and get some rest as soon as possible. This was the option we chose which cost us, in addition to the cost of the copa tickets, an extra $2400. In spite of a later call to Copa's call center, after returning home, we were unable to recoup one cent from our San Francisco to Panama leg with Copa. Ironically, an identical situation occurred on November flight with American Airlines wh ere I missed the connecting flight in Miami because of a late arrival. As you can imagine, I no longer fly Copa, in spite of the fact that it's route map is more convenient for me and despite the fact I have a free ticket which I likely will never use. American Airlines provided me with accommodations, transportation and food and a ticket on the first flight out the next day at no additional cost. My advice to you as a passenger considering Copa Airlines is to purchase travel insurance particularly if you take if your flights require connections, using Copa Airlines. As for me personally, I much prefer American Airlines customer service as opposed to Copa's version, which they label "Customer Care". As a result of my experience I filed a complaint with the US DOT. I did this, because Copa would not respond to my initial complaint report on their website. In Copa's response which is required by DOT regulations, A Copa representative explained their customer care policy to me.There regulations made it clear that my situation was not a simple oversight. It was clear to both my wife and I that copa's procedures were carried out to the "T" as the Copa letter explained. I do not know what your experiences are or were with Copa, but this trip was my "travel experience from hell", one, which I hope I will never to repeat. You will quickly learn that If you experience Customer care issues on the ground, with Copa Airlines, there will only be one winner. Copa's Customer Care" policies are designed to benefit Copa Airlines not you. Caveat Emptor!
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18 December 2018 Guest
A low cost, low quality, no respect to their customers, I was victim of a cancelled flight and the agent could not tell me when I could get a next flight to Buenos Aires from Posadas, later as an excuse their airline said the flight was never cancelled it is a complete lie I was at the airport trying to get a seat on Aerolineas Argentina to fly back to Buenos Aires
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Etihad Airways

15 December 2018 Guest
I am here today, to share my bad experience with Etihad airways. I flew to back to Australia from Lebanon, arriving on the 12/09/2018. one of my checked in baggage was missing, I opened a file regarding my missing baggage (reference file is BNEEY11292) , and went home that night, after being reassured that my bag will be found soon and i will be contacted to get updates. A few days later, they asked me if i have any photos of the bag, i did sent the photos, and all that was through the baggage services at the airport. After 21 days, i called back again the same number provided by Brisbane airport for baggage services, they told me that it's time to file a claim online with Etihad, and that's what i did on the 4/10/2018 i received back an email regarding all necessary documents needed to complete the claim. I replied back straight away with all documents attached and information needed. (claim Ref 668113) After that email, i sent another 3 emails, haven't received anything back at all. There is no phone number to call, only the email address which is: and unfortunately there's no other way to reach that department whatsoever. I tried again to reach out Brisbane baggage services at the airport, but there's nothing they can do, the matter isn't in their hands anymore, it's with Etihad. so I waited 3 months until the 13/12/2018 to receive an email back from the baggage claims department of Etihad, and just for them to say sorry my bag is lost forever, and they will only pay me 600 dollars as a compensation. Well let me tell you something, that's first of all and for sure UNPROFESSIONAL, second it's disrespectful, and third it's like take those money and shut your mouth, we don't care what you have in your bag, and if it's valuable or no, and what's the value of all things you have lost. And since you know it's hard to get receipts for all things you have in the bag, i might find some, but definitely not gonna find a receipt for each and every item. My bag itself costed me around $350 when i first bought it, so that's not FAIR at all. The bag was under your responsibility, not mine, you lost it, wasn't my choice, at least do something to show that you really care about customers who chose you and put their trust in you above millions of other airlines.
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Andes Lineas Aereas

01 December 2018 Gordon Elmstrom
21 November 2018, we arrived at Cordoba airport at 0630 for a 0900 flight to Buenos Aires with an 1145 connecting flight to Iguazu Falls. Flight 891 was delayed 2 hours with no explanation why. Personnel at the gate assured us we would be able to catch our connecting flight because it was also delayed, it wasn't. When we arrived at Buenos Aires we had a lot of trouble just finding an Andes ticket counter. When we finally found their counter we explained our dilemma to a male agent and he informed us it was our booking agents fault we missed our connecting flight even though their flight was two hours late. He could care less we were now stuck in the airport with no way of getting to the Falls that day. After many phone calls to our agent in the USA, we managed to get a return flight to Cordoba. We didn't get to our hotel until 2100 that evening, a whole day wasted and our three day trip to Iguazu Falls cancelled. Very disappointing to say the least.
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30 November 2018 Jacqueline Peterson
Good Afternoon Flight #6964 Saturday November 24th, 2018 From Mexico City to San Antonio Texas. Confirmation #GBYUYQ. Checked in at the Mexico City Airport and landed in San Antonio Texas and our luggage was not on the flight. Our luggage tag showed the luggage went to Las Vegas with someone elses name on it. The agent helped us out we filled out the lost luggage form she took all of information told us to go wait at gate A-5 and she would be there to meet up with us. After about 30 minutes I went to go look for her found her at Gate A8 or Gate A9 and she said give her a minute went back to gate A5 and after an hour she still never showed up went to look for her and unable to find her. She also said she would call us and our luggage would be at our house on Monday or Tuesday. Monday evening after not hearing anything and no luggage called the customer service line. No luggage was reported lost they would call us back in an hour no call back. So we called back they told my husband he had to call the San Antonio Airport gave us a number that is just voice mail and no one ever calls back. Called customer service again on Tuesday November 27th. The agent sent an email to Las Vegas and was told we would here back in 48 hours, then someone else called us and said she was going to send an email to Mexico City, Las Vegas and San Antonio Airports and would call us back in 24 hours. Well now you can understand why I am writing this email. We had to call again today and again were told we will send another email. Can you please just find my luggage that went to Las Vegas out of Mexico City on Saturday November 24th with someones elses name on it. Also find the lady who took all of our information including claim ticket and find out why she never did her job, this is very very frustrating I have never received such a run around from a company. I am tired of waiting and truly I am running out of patience
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Eastar Jet

28 November 2018 MarGre
To whom it may concern.... I had to cancel a flight for 3 passengers. So far so good. I called EastStar and they cancelled my booking. So far so good. Now my Travel Agent tells me he needs an cancellation email form East Star. All answer from EastStar that I get is : WE DO NOT HAVE A PROCEDURE LIKE THAT. Aha! East Star will not confirm me in an email that I cancelled my flight. Uarg... OK. NO good so far. Because now my Insurance Company asks me for the exact same thing. An stupid and simple email saying: Yes, flights have been cancelled. No I ask myself why EastStar holds my money and will not confirm this by giving me an email. Please, if you ever intend to travel in Asia. Try to find another Airline. I have been calling them for hours but in the end people always tell different things, then they call back and apologize but the truth is nothing happens so my money can make its way back to me.... pooooooooooooooooooor
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Azores Airlines

27 November 2018 Diarmid Doody
Earlier this year I flew with my guests to the Azores as a tour leader. A young guy called ' Gabriel' read out the safety instructions. I travel a great deal for my company to different parts of the world and many times to the Azores. I have never known anyone so bad at giving out such serious information about flight safety where you simply could not understand anything he said. He spoke reasonable English but it was the speed and the fact that it was read out almost as a continuous stream that made it a total waist if time and impossible to understand. As if it was all words joined together. Not any of my guests could understand a thing and it was so bad that some did'nt even realize it was English. This information is extremely important and needs to be done by someone who takes it seriously and not someone that just wants to get the job finished.
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Cayman Airways

22 November 2018 Maria Celina Kawas Castillo
Cayman Airlines has very bad customer service. The worst I have seen so far. I was on a flight from Miami to La Ceiba, Honduras, connecting in Gran Cayman on Nov 16 2018. The flight 103 landed in Cayman and the connecting flight 2880 was canceled because of bad weather in La Ceiba. Eventually we were given Bouchers for hotel, food and ground transportation, after inefficient organization and rude ground staff. The following day, Nov 17,2018, we went back to the airport and the flight to La Ceiba eventually left. The pilot was very clear that landing in La Ceiba was unlikely but his orders were to leave and land in Roatan. We landed in Roatan and were basically dumped there. The pilot said we either went back to Cayman or deplaned in Roatan. In both cases we were on our own. The airlines was not going to cover any expenses - ground transportation, hotel, food and air transportation to travel to La Ceiba the following day. I wish I could give this airline zero star. It ended up being a very expensive trip.
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Jin Air

21 November 2018 Yulin Ge
Hello, My wife and I booked with Jin air for flight 213 fr om Incheon to Ōsaka-Kansai on 19 Nov, with a connecting flight from Osaka to our home Honolulu, Hawaii. The booking was made and confirmed on 1 Nov. When we arrived at the airport, the duty manager refused our boarding because my wifes Japan transit visa was used, despite our connecting confirmed flight with Air Asia D71. We then purchased tickets from Incheon to Ōsaka from Asiana airline under the same circumstances successfully. The Jin air duty manager we spoke to at the airport, and the general manager she had us talk to over the phone said they will issue us a full refund. We have now returned to Hawaii, but when we called wh ere we booked the flight, Jin air did not issue a refund. We then called Jin air, but the customer service agent refused to escalate the case, and simply hung up the call rudely. We feel the situation highly demeaning, and the whole experience frustrating. The airline refused our boarding causing us stress and almost make us miss the connecting flight at Osaka. I hope your office will be able to investigate into this issue, as it constitute a deliberate lying on the part of Jin air duty manager at Incheon airport. Anyone on duty between 14:00-15:00 at the check-in table at Incheon airport would know about this situation. Please feel free to contact me any time at 7576342363 or (preferred method of contact is the email) for any other information you might need. Thank you. Yulin Ge
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Envoy Air

16 November 2018 AAL should kick this partner to the curb
This regional carrier is horrible. Constant cancellations, late crew, mechanicals, unprofessional staff. You name it they have it. It sucks to rely on this airline for regional service with American Airlines. Exec plat member who wants to switch given the ineptitude of this affiliate.
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Thomas Cook Airlines

14 November 2018 Alexander Miloskin
I chose this airline because it seemed affordable and it offered somewhat cheap flight to Sofia. But when the flight was seriously delayed, I had started having second thoughts. I missed my connecting flight in to Turkey and had to stay at the airport for the next 3 hours waiting for another one. I decided to try to get a compensation so I filed for a refund using this air passengers rights agency called skyrefund (you can chekc them out here and eventually got compensated for the missed connection.
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Trans States Airlines

14 November 2018 Guest
Has to be the worst in the air. They continue to have broken equipment meaning I miss connections. This has become the norm with them and I have learned to avoid them as a subcontractor of United. I had an aircraft mechinic tell me do not get on that plane.
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Asiana Airlines

11 November 2018 Wilkinson
Asiana Airlines. Appaling service (Business Class), rude staff (airside and groundside) cold food, minimal language skills other than Korean. ICN-HKG 10.11.2018 Negligence in aircraft operations (SFX & IST to name but two recent incidents), sexual harrasment charges against the chairman (subsequently resigned), despicable on board behavior of an Asiana senior manager (and chairmans daughter) concerning peanuts (!!!) all would indicate signs of a seriously flawed business culture and attitude.
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AirAsia Philippines

07 November 2018 Patrick
First time flying them, they put the kiosks in Manila airport just past the area where you need them. So they sit unused and instead you must cross the street and wait an hour in line and pay for a paper copy of boarding pass if you are tourist without access to a printer. Then 90 minute flight was delayed 4 hours. Line to check a bag is over an hour, and you must check bags because they charge you for anything over 7kg. The planes are very modern but seats super tiny, I have to sit diagnonally to fit my knees. Due to the terrible delays and poor service I would not fly them again, although if you have more time than money they are super cheap.
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Malindo Air

06 November 2018 Guest
Malindo call center customer service 03-78415388 is hopeless and not helpful at all. Their customer service also hopeless. They can't make any decisions and yet they refuse to provide me or refer me to the person who can make decision. Is that means this is the way they stop their customer to lodge a complaint to their superior or top management? Until today I still didn't get any feedbacks from their customer service pertaining to my complaint. I really hope head of Malindo customer service can contact me urgently
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Royal Air Maroc

05 November 2018 Ricardo Ferreira
Hi I travelled yesterday 4/11/2018 on flight AT981 from Lisbon to Casablanca , flight was to departure at 16:25 so 18:25 Morocco time , we only boarded at 16:30 then we did not taken off and waited in the plane for 2hours 18:30 so 20.30 Morocco time with no explanation why until people started complaining. We landed in Casablanca 20H00 so 22H00 Morocco time , which it was boarding time for my connecting flight to Accra Ghana was 22H15 , 15Min to get off the plane , across the airport , passport control and to get to the terminal and the plane departured at 23:00 , I was being sent from one side of the airport to the airport , spoke to Mr Muhammed Gabib , not very helpful and not interested in helping my situation . Had to pay the extra fees ,waiting for my luggage , about 2hours spent at the airport , then spend 2days in Casablanca because next flight only available in 2days to my destination . Royal Maroc Airport staff not friendly , only speak Arabic and French , no english which makes it very hard for tourists and Royal Maroc Staff , very poor communication skills, no one apologized , worst flying experience , will not travel with Royal Maroc anymore until I have some form of contact . Please note there was several people who missed their flights on the same night .
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05 November 2018 Gloria Norris
This airline provides terrible service. They oversale their flights, do not train their employees properly to deal with crisis and then, they brake airlines safety protocol. This airline actually checked my suitcase, put it in the plane, but didnt assigned me a seat. They didnt get the suitcase out of the plane, but flew it to my destination city. Now, I cant find anyone to help me retrieve my suitcase and no one seems to know what to do. The agent in Oaxaca, Mr. Diego Leal lied to me telling me there was going to be someone at the airport at 4:00 am to give me my suitcase. They mistreat their customers and provide an undignified service and cause tremendous stress with the ineptitude of their employees. I wish I could recommend this airline but they are not trust worthy.
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GOL Transportes Aereos

04 November 2018 Guest
Worst website ever. Whoever designed the GOL website should be fired. Also bumped us from a flight we booked 30 days in advance 4 days prior to departure that required us to reroute our business trip. Our business associate was not bumped so he had to change his tickets too. It took hours on the phone with customer "service" and cost over $$$$ to book new flights so close to departure. We suspect they bumped us because there were higher paying customers available near departure. I'm a regular international traveler and I have to say GOL is the worst airline experience I've every had.
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Air China

02 November 2018 Stephanie Forster
Had to cancel tickets due to unforeseen circumstances, still waiting for a refund 8 weeks later without being able to get a straight answer via my travel agent or myself. Disgraceful customer service
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Vanilla Air

01 November 2018 VanillaRage
Very poor airline indeed and their collective weight limit of 7kg max is a disgrace too. Unless you're going away to Japan for a 1 or 2 days there's no way that anyone can remain within that low threshold. From my observations it looked like everyone was caught out by this ridiculous restriction and had to fork out. Avoid and book elsewhere is my advice.
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Air Serbia

31 October 2018 Ana
i can just say the same thing that was already writtne. luggage was lost/left in Beograd, and i was traveling to Athens. Got it by some miracle and persistant calling air Serbia 4 days later. 2 months passed since then and no answer no info for my refound. AVOID, not worth the money saved as it was cheaper than other airlines. Not worth at all
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Kenya Airways

29 October 2018 Anderson
Best airline in terms of comfort and hospitality
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Air New Zealand

28 October 2018 Guest
great experience
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27 October 2018 borigi
I have unflown tickets on cobalt worth 500euros and they no longer operate. Nobody can refund me! People who paid with cypriot credit cards will be refunded. I paid with my french credit card.No refund! Do you think is logic? I can only name this a FRAUD. And not only on behalf of the airlines but as well from the local Authorities.... Third airline to cease operating in less than 6 years in Cyprus! Cyprus Airways, Eurocypria and now Cobalt Congratulations!
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Hainan Airlines

26 October 2018 Guest
Hainan Airlines can be the china based airlines that can be provide the high quality service in low cost, just because every on can travel will them. This airlines can depart too many customers everyday after that they can maintain the 5 star services to their customer and the services have maintain the quality. Their customer service is also helpful for the customers they can call on Hainan Airlines Phone Number 1-844-313-4734 to know about the flight status and details.
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Air France

24 October 2018 Moradian
On September 20th, 2018 our flight (Air France Flight #1060) was at 1:45 pm and we got to Paris Charles De Gauglle airport at 9:30 am, to make sure we have plenty of time to check in. First we tried to check in via self-check in kiosk we were not successful, we were advised to go to check in desk for Air France flight # 1060. As we got to the desk with my friends we were advised by Air France supervisor named Sonia that we are on waiting list and no other option provided such as if we are ok to take next flight due to overbooking. How can that be when we purchased our tickets 5-6 months ago and have confirmation? Air France supervisor Sonia at Charles De Gauglle assured us that we will make it to flight. The agent at the desk checked in our luggage and gave us boarding passes with Standby printed on them. They advised us that once the boarding starts at the gate we will be able to take the flight and our seats will be assigned at that time. We arrived at the gate 3 hours ahead of flight and waited. At the time of our flight 1:45pm we found out there was no boarding call at that gate that we were waiting, no last call and no boards with airline flight information. We tried to find out what was going on and we were told air plane took off and we missed our flight!!!!!! Air France Airport staff started to bounce us from one desk to another and in middle of all these bouncing they manage to lose one of our passports and original boarding pass. !!!!! What a chaos. Took us couple of hours to find an officer in Terminal E to help us find the passport. We demanded from that officer to check all the desks we have been at, and of course we found the passport sitting in one of empty desks!!!! We were lucky to find her passport but not her boarding pass Air France Airport Officer told us we have to go to Air France Ticketing office and purchase new tickets for next flight to Armenia, when we got to ticketing office we were told one way tickets are priced at 1950 Euros!!!!! At that moment we realized what Air France did to us, they sold our tickets to higher price and put us on stand by and made us miss our flight. Our luggage never made it to Air France flight as well. After a lot of arguments we were suggested to go to Aeroflot airline and see what they can do for us, so we changed terminal and got to Aeroflot desk and we end up purchasing tickets from Aeroflot to get to our destination With the tremendous stress, headache and extra cost that Air France caused us, by not providing service, flight, misleading us, not being helpful and honest AND LOST LUGGAGE and lose one day of our trip and arrangements in our destination such as airport pickup. By being forced to purchase new tickets from Aeroflot to get to our destination and try to contact people in to notify them of our delay (Air France never accommodated us with pre-paid phone card as advertised). We will not hesitate to post this complaint anywhere we possibly can to make people aware of your companys true face of dishonesty and not complying with your own policies. Attach see some copies as reminder. Air France has to be ashamed of themselves, and we know for fact we are not the only ones experiencing such horrible ordeal.
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British Airways

20 October 2018 sophiajones
British Airways is wonderful. They made it easy and reasonable for us to upgrade at the airport for business class. All of their people from the counter to the airplane were wonderful. The business class configuration is a little strange, but the food and the service were impeccable. Check here
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Insel Air

17 October 2018 Guest
I booked a round trip flight for me and my wife from Aruba to Curacao leaving on 11/16/2018 and returning on 11/21/2018. I received an email from them yesterday stating that the return flight had been canceled and they booked me on a flight almost 7 hours later. This would make me miss my connection to United cost me 300.00 per person to change the flight to a flight the following day and cost me an overnight stay in Aruba. Around 900.00 total. I called their customer service line and they told me that I could get a full refund by emailing I sent the email and they replied and said they could not refund the ticket cost even though this violates article 10.2 of the carriage agreement. After several emails back and forth I contacted my credit card company, provided them all the emails and they agreed to reverse the charge. They also told me there have been numerous complaints to Visa and MasterCard about this company. I also researched it a bit and the company is in bankruptcy and only has 3 planes in their entire fleet. If you have already been screwed by this company just file a claim with your credit card provider.
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13 October 2018 Brandon
Flight BT654 from London/Gatwick to Riga two days ago. Everything was perfect! New plane, friendly staff and nice ... coffee!
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Brussels Airlines

12 October 2018 Guest
Trash airline. My checked bag went missing in June and here we are in October nearly November, and their customer service is still ignoring me. I've reluctantly forwarded this to my insurance. Take carry ons if you're foolish enough to use this airline.
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Oman Air

09 October 2018 susheel singh tomar
First time i travel in Oman air line lhr to muscat i really feel that i am with five star air line
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Vueling Airlines

08 October 2018 Guest
I flew with Vueling from Menorca to Barcelona on the 10th August. Not only did they give away my seat when I checked in, they took my bag tag and boarding pass when they "found" a spare seat at the last minute at the gate. They then lost my suitcase and now I am struggling to get compensation. Everyone I call either hangs up on me or says they can't help me. When I email them all my details such as PIR number and ask for assistance they just reply with an automated email. This seems fraudulent. Bag tag taken, bag goes missing, and no one is willing to help find the bag or give compensation. Does anyone know who I can directly contact to resolve this?
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Thai AirAsia

06 October 2018 Guest
This airline is terrible. Book any other airline than this one. I was charged 12,500 Baht or $401.00 USD for 35kg of over weight baggage. The Thai people at the counter just made up this price. I contacted Thai Air and they agreed that this was to much! But I paid only because I was late for my flight. They took 20 minutes to charge me 12,250, and the gate was there furthest from the counter. And when I say the furthest, I mean it was at least a 15 minute RUN. The agent was rude and deliberately made me late, then had the nerve to say, please hurry you'll be late, which was her doing. Pick any other Thai airline but this one. Let this airline go out of business. They would never have charged a Thai this amount, because no Thai would pay 12,250 baht for 35kg POOR POOR POOR airline!!!!!!!!! Never again!
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04 October 2018 Guest
Allow me to explain a few things about Bahamasair. Firstly, the airline is 100% government owned. That alone should answer many questions. Secondly, when a company has a monopoly with very little competition service and quality control suffer. Secondly, since its founding in 1973 the company has yet to make a profit. There are other little Bahamian airline companies that have started in recent years but the airline business is a brutal beast, with the government having to perform a daily dance with labor unions, fluctuating fuel costs and the astronomical costs of keeping an airline literally in the air. Bahamians are quite loyal to all things Bahamian and Bahamasair is no different. But in recent years there has been attempts to offer better service to paying customers, local and foreigners alike. Very little will improve at Bahamasair until there are changes in the airline's business culture and the government's 100% ownership. Unfortunately government budgetary constraints leave little room for optimism and privatization is a certain death sentence to the company.
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CSA Czech Airlines

23 September 2018 Jacco
I would give this 0 stars but I can't. The shittiest customer service in the world. I would advice to pay the extra money for another airline. Delays and loss of bags is a nightmare to deal with.
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