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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Eva Air

25 April 2020 Parnell
The company refuses to refund money in a timely manner and their customer service in the Beijing office is appalling. There is no reason a refund should take 2 months to process, when tickets were only purchased a week before being cancelled. Even during these stressful times in the world, there is no reason this is necessary. Amanda, the agent assisting us, shouted at us for insisting on a timely refund, and then ignored us for several minutes while we tried to ask for the manager. We were even told the refund has been processed and was suggested to reach the bank we made the payment with. When we called to verify, there was no record Eva Airways had processed the refund with them. Do better!!
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Thai AirAsia

03 April 2020 Guest
Horrible Airline. I understand Covid-19 screwed a lot of people but this Airline went into Scrooge mode. They made it almost impossible to get a refund and almost impossible to get credit (if that was a losing option for you). They continue to ask for a Big member ID number even if you aren't a member. They totally stole your money and then essentially waste many hours of your time as you attempt to deal with their stupid Ava chat. When you get past that you have to wait for another online chat to become available (if it's available at all). It's basically withholding your cancellation money and frustrating you to the point where you give up as it cost you days of your time. Absolute scum, I hope the Airline is fined by the countries they operate within. This was not a one off, ten of thousands (perhaps more) customers get shafted.
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Etihad Airways

02 April 2020 Guest
If I could give this airline and its customer service 0 stars I would. As a long time, international business traveller, my experience from airport check in to flight experience (in business class) ranks this airline near the bottom of my list, only a step above a Chinese airline I flew in the 1990's, when Chinese airlines held the worst crash, maintenance and service records. Airport reps are surly, robotic, and most unprofessional encountered (and THIS is the Business check in!). Flight attendants are only a half step above. At gate, there was no separate first/business line and we were all herded into a long line which didn't move for nearly 20 min.'s as there was some back up plane-side. After encountering the same robotic, surly service on board, I asked not to be disturbed and slept most of the 15 hours....
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Pakistan International Airlines

26 March 2020 Guest
I am severely disgusted in PIA for the way in which they have handled the crisis of COVID-19. Having cancelled all of their flights upto April 5th, they have not sent out any confirmation e-mails regarding this. When I rang the airline contact centre, I spoke to Sameer Ali on 26.03.2020 at 4.42pm who told me my flight has been cancelled however they will not book me and my father onto the emergency flights leaving the same date (29.03) and same time (11.50am) as our original flights. I wonder if our flight has actually been cancelled or if this is a scam for them to charge extortionate rates for flights back to the UK. When I queried why, he just told me he could not. I asked to speak to his manager which he refused and also would not provide me with his managers name. I further asked him for a confirmation e-mail my flights have been cancelled and he refused to do this. He then went on to cut the call on me. I am so disgusted this is the kind of service PIA provide to it's loyal customers. Do not ever book with this disgusting airline again, they will rob you of your money and then when it comes down to solving problems they will vanish on you.
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Flair Airlines

19 March 2020 Guest
I booked a flight for spring break to go to BC, im a cancer suvivor with a compromised immune system who cant travel due to the covid 19 viris and Flare did not refund me my money only offer me a gift voucher with a date to use before sometime in June, i dont even remember the date in June, for bad this is i could book my flight if i did not pay upfront and now they wont give me my refund back, how sad.
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Aurigny Air Services

19 March 2020 BobGuest
Am a US citizen who planned to vacation in the UK. With the Coronavirus, we had to cancel our plans. Every business that we preplanned and prepayed with has been so kind and refunded every dollar even-though all our tours were labeled non refundable . Our international flight first class booked with delta airlines also refunded every cent! Aurigny, is the only exception. They told me use my travel insurance because they are not giving me a refund. There are only 4 people on our flight with Aurigny for departure and 7 on the return flight. Can you believe at this time, with this world pandemic emergency situation that this airline refuses a refund. Its not like I merely just changed my mind. Im not allowed to get to UK to take this flight from this airline. This, i feel, is SHAMEFUL. American citizens, avoid this airline!!
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Malaysia Airlines

19 March 2020 GuestJayasegaram
Very bad and unfriendly app No update on current situation re lockdown Asked a simple question Can permanent residence of the UK travel back if they are a Malaysian passport holder No answer No update from airlines and unable to contact anybody I can understand why they are losing money now when the on ground care is so bad and show no consideration for customer well being My flight to London is on the 29/3/2020. What do I need to do ? Please reply so I may make arrangements
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18 March 2020 Eileen
This is the worst airline company I've ever have encounter with. Booked an air ticket flying from Singapore to Madrid, due to Covid-19, I've called in to have my flight cancelled as the situation gets worst in Spain especially in Madrid. Was told I am able to get a full refund for the ticket even though the ticket condition was non refundable. Upon double confirmation that I can get my refund, I got them to proceed with the cancellation. However to my shock and horror, they actually went back on their words and contacted me 2 weeks later saying that my refund cannot be processed and I am only entitled to unused taxes refund or rebook the supposedly cancelled flight which cannot be reinstated according to the customer officer who cancelled my flight to a later date. This is when the flight has been cancelled due to travel restriction now. Very disappointed with this company and the way they handle cancellation and refund so unprofessionally. If you can't do the refund, do not make the promise and taking this as little kids playing games. Regret booking the air tickets with this airline! Please avoid them at all cost! Nothing guaranteed with them!
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Miami Air International

13 March 2020 Sissy
Never have I ever had a worse experience. My group arrives 2 hours early and the airline had none of our info ready. The flight was scheduled to leave at 8am and we didnt receive our boarding passes until much after that. They then proceeded to not let me board the flight due to a passport issue and had no sympathy. Also didnt get a refund at all, when i went over to southwest they treated me with so much respect and were so helpful. They got me the soonest flight out so that I could meet my friends on the trip I paid for that I wouldnt have gotten a refund on. I do NOT recommend this company to anyone.
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Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL

08 March 2020 Farid
Very comfortable flight and excellent service !!!
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Pegasus Airlines

05 March 2020 Guest
Terrible airline. No repercussions so I they don't improve, no regulations to monitor their service and process. CEOs of airline are friends with the president so theyre comfortable in their mistake. Already had several plane crash in the space of 6 months. Cheap is not always better don't waste your time with this good for nothing airline. Horrible staff, horrible customer service and horrible owner.
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Jeju Air

03 March 2020 Guest
This is the worst airline I have ever used. They canceled my flight twice and never sent me any notification, despite their customer service rules specifying they would provide prompt notification. I attempted to contact them multiple ways and never could get in contact with a customer service representative. Never again.
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28 February 2020 Guest
Seems its a trend. 8 of us arrived in Kenya only to be told our luggage was left in Joburg. No reason given, just an instruction to come back later "to check". No guarantees whatsoever. Terrible. Imagine having all your toiletries checked in and after hours of travel you still cant take a bath. Furious.
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Jin Air

25 February 2020 Guest
The phone number registered is not working so its kind of anoyying . I cannot even change my flight date, I've been trying to do so for a couple day. Why is the number for the customer service is not fucking working?
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Royal Air Maroc

17 February 2020 Guest
Without doubt the worst service ever. Booked to fly with Royal air maroc to Casablanca june 2019. Queued at check in desk for 2 hours luckily we were early, boarded plane 5 minutes before take off time then sat on plane for 4 hours. A group of wealthy Morrocan teenagers were traveling and 1 had lost passport. Then told to disembark because flight was cancelled. Back to collect luggage from carousel then queue at checkin desk, another 2 hours, to be allocated accomodation. We are now 1 day late. Told to get to checkin desk at 07.30 for a flight at 09.30. Queued again until 09.15. flight eventually left at 11.30. Arrived at Casablanca and had to wait 2 hours for luggage at carousel. Claimed for compensation as per EU regulations and was told it would be paid, then nothing for 6 months despite repeated reminders. Then made complaint to UK CAA who could not get a response either. If this company ignores CAA who can say what regulations they flout, are the aircraft safe?
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

14 February 2020 Guest
I lost the return ticket from Gdańsk Poland to San Francisco because the plane left earlier and I had connection in Oslo /Oslo to Paris and from there to San Francisco since I missed the 1st flight ,they sold me a ticket to Oslo but to the wrong airport I had to buy a train ticket to the right airport then missed the 2nd flight Oslo to Paris spent the night in Oslo and got another ticket Oslo to Lisbon and to San Francisco.waisting time and money.nightmare never again they cheat even on the chapta
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14 February 2020 Guest
On September 15, 2019, we bought 2 tickets on the airline's website for January 15, 2020 fr om Rome to Prague. November 13, 2019 by mail we received a message that our flight was canceled We contacted the contact center, wh ere we were asked to purchase tickets for another flight with an additional fee. The operator did not warn us that the new flight is also joint and there are no clear agreements with the partner - Czech airlines - and sold us a new ticket. As a result, we paid another money and received a confirmation email for flight AZ7546 on January 15, departing at 14-50 However, on December 6, I again received a letter that our flight was canceled. When I called the contact center, I communicated with an operator. She told me that the flight at 14-50 does not fly. To my objection that the flight on 15.01 at 15-15, for which we originally purchased tickets, exists on the website of Czech airlines (indicated that together with Alitalia), the operator replied that our flight on this flight is not possible. There are no other direct flights on January 15 As a result, I had to issue a refund. The operator assured me that they will issue a refund immediately, within 3 banking days I will receive money on the card How could you sell tickets when there are no clear agreements with the partner airline? Why didn't I get a refund and buy a ticket from Czech airlines for the flight I need when I canceled my first flight? My journey was over long ago. It would have been more enjoyable if I hadn't contacted Alitalia airlines It has been more than two months since the ticket refund was issued at the contact center! Still no refund for my money! No compensation for any inconvenience caused!
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T'way Airlines

11 February 2020 Guest
T'way suddenly cancelled all flights from CNX to ICN starting Feb 12. They notified customers via email on Feb 11, basically stranding several hundred people in Thailand. They're not even automatically refunding your tickets - you have to fight your way through their awful online booking system to cancel your booking on the flight they've already cancelled; and I'm still not sure if I'm going to get my money back. This company is an absolute scam. Avoid like the plague.
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SWISS International Air Lines

07 February 2020 Lalit Kainth
It is the worst airline I have ever used. Took a flight from Toronto to Delhi. One suitcase never reached India, totally dumb local staff working at the lost baggage office in Delhi. Had no sympathy for a customer who had 2 kids waiting to get out of the airport. The suitcase had belongings for 9yrs old girl travelling to india for the first time. Had to by buy all the clothes locally for stay in india, not to mention we came to attend a wedding. Staff at delhi is very poorly trained. Left india after 11days of stay, called them at delhi airport to inform that the suitcase should be sent to toronto home address if recovered. They called after 2 days to my secondary number in India to inform that they found the suitcase. I called them back to instruct again the suitcase has to be delivered in Toronto not Delhi. After 2 days i called again to check what happened and I was told the suitcase came to delhi airport. And the girl said they will send it to toronto and I should go pick it up at the Toronto airport. Which sounds so stupid to me. So far I haven't received any further update and I will have to call them again. It is so sad that the airline does not care at all. Too bad that they lost my entire family business in Canada and India. And we will talking about our bad experience with swissair for the rest of our lives, which leads to loss of many potential future swiss air customers. My feedback is to help the airline and see if someone at your head office actually cares and will contact to discuss further ref DELLX19245
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HK Express

01 February 2020 Guest
After we spent the night at the airport waiting for a flight, they refused to board us. They provided no help and just told us to call customer support that said they will review and get back to us in several days. No apology whatsoever, and it's been almost a week - no response, no refund, and we had to book very expensive tickets to return home. Just outrageous behavior altogether. I've been flying for many years and nothing like this has ever happened to me.
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14 January 2020 A.Shaikh
My flight was cancelled by Flyadeal and they sent me email about it. They gave an option of refund and I requested for a refund but no proper response yet from them, since a month. It is impossible to speck to anyone from this airline. They have number with a recorded message. I want some support from similar persons so we can all take legal action against this air line. We need to complain in legal way to Saudi Aviation Authority & International Airline Authority to cancel this airlines licence. Please contact me on mobile # +966506848709 I had to rate it with 1 Star. There is no option for 0 or -ve Star.
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Nouvelair Tunisie

13 January 2020 Kappeyne van de Coppello Joost
Tried to book and pay for ticket from CDG to Monastir. Credit cards kept declining...left numerous messages at the website, phone service, submitted issue with message, 24 Hours later no response whatsoever ever... customer service Big O.... internet booking, Big O.. very disappointed
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Copa Airlines

10 January 2020 Guest
Four of us boarded in SFO with the weighed, sized, approved carry-on items but when transferring in PTY to Quito, we were refused boarding. Because our carry-ons were either fragile or expensive items, gate-check was not an option. Sorry, Christmas gifts for airport workers in Panama City is not my thing. No problems boarding SFO to PTY nor on a LATER flight from PTY to UIO but in the meanwhile, we were refused boarding on our SCHEDULED PTY to UIO. At one point a manager told us that if we didn't like the carry-on rules on the Copa website, we should contact them about changing them. Seriously? The gate agent refused to follow Copa's rules then a manager, we still have questions about this guy just being a friend of the gate agent's, tells us we should contact Copa about changing their policy.... NEVER again! With the goofy stuff that goes on with air travel, this is the first time our contract was changed on the whim of a gate agent that was probably having a bad day and decided to take it out on the Gringo.... Save yourself the problems and stick with American flagged airlines to Latin America.
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Air Madagascar

09 January 2020 danie de goede
Don't ever travel with them. It is not an option. Got stuck there with loads of passengers recently for no reason. Put up into a Chinese owned mafia hotel, where the owner intimidates guests. Real time nightmare! Some guests are stuck for two to three days on average. It is almost like they want you to find yourself another flight out of there and pay for it. If you have to go to Madagascar, fly Kenyan even if you have to fly to Kenya and then home.
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Silver Airways

04 January 2020 Mike Drury
This airline regularly bumps passengers. Causes missed connections and offers no compensation. The folks at the counter are nice, the service is ridiculously unreliable. Having a ticket is literally meaningless. Avoid this airline at all costs.
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Air Sunshine

03 January 2020 David
Flights always late and no communications from staff. Would not fly again.
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Air Italy

28 December 2019 Valerie Burns
This is the worst airline I'e ever dealt with. They lost my bag in Milan causing me to go to the lost and found office after a long travel. My retreat in Cortona was stressful since I was chasing my bag everyday while I was there. It was lost for 5-days. I had nothing to wear, no toiletries. I then traveled to Florence where I was forced to go to the airport to retrieve my bag. My 1st day in Florence was traveling by 2 buses and a tram to the airport. Air Italy refused to deliver my bag to me after losing it for 5 days and it had been in Milan the whole time. I had to pay for a cab equaling $50 dollars back to my Airbnb. I received an email from financial services telling me I needed to fill out appropriate documents without any instructions, no attachments, nothing. I was traveling in Italy for a month with no access to a computer. On my return home I asked a senior rep from Air Italy how to file a complaint and it took her some doing to figure it out. When I returned I filed attaching all required documents, which had to be scanned. They were 3-weeks late in promised response simply telling me I didn't file within 21 day period. After chasing them for 2-months and no luck getting anyone on the phone, there wasn't one place indicating 21 day filing period. They should've reimbursed me up to $100 a day for each day bag was lost and reimbursement for cab. This has caused me many hours of stress and time! The worst customer care ever!
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Vueling Airlines

25 December 2019 Guest
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VietJet Air

22 December 2019 Guest
I booked the flight with luggages and meals. The conformation didnt show the leg information, but I received the confirmation letter with totally wrong leg information... Does the system have BUGS??? The system and the website are the worst I have ever used... I will never book any tickets from vietjet! Neither do my family and friends
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Buta Airways

04 December 2019 Luca Gentile
Buta airways makes you pay 25 euros for carry on luggage if you have 'budget' class tickets. After decades of travels this never happened to me. This practice is misleading, not to say illegal. I will avoid this airline in the future.
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21 November 2019 Guest
I have bought two tickets to go from Mendoza to Foz do Iguaçu on Christmas eve 2019. When I bought them, I had a receipt by mail; and, sure enough, the money was withdrawn from my account. When wanting to check the reservation several months later, I went to the Flybondi home page only to find out that the flight has been cancelled!! I am SO glad that I checked. I have managed to get the last two tickets with another airline out of Mendoza on the 24 December, but when I want to get my money back (and potentially also get an explanation for the whole case) I cannot find any contact information about Flybondi than a postal address. No mail adresse, no contact form, no phone number. This is just soooo bad. Take my advise: Don't ever chose to fly Flybondi.
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Nok Air

16 November 2019 Yukie De Andrade Kato
Don t fly with them!!! We had a flight from krabi to Chiang mai on November 9th. Nok air didnt had all the documents allowing them to fly. As a consequence our flight got delayed more than 4 hours! We missed our conection in Bangkok and they , instead of putting us on another flight to Chiang mai, sent is to Chiang Raí!!!!! They are not serious, don t give information and ignores all complaints!!! And the flight was not cheap!!
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Cebu Pacific Air

16 November 2019 Guest
I don't know who is responsible fot IT and customer service in this company. It is beyond the worst I ever experienced. Website down for days, customer help talk like robots - no help at all.
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TAP Portugal

15 November 2019 Donald Williams
Tap airline Complaint #2019/431634, 2019/433009 Traveling from London to Lisbon we purchased two tickets which included one checked bag each. My wifes ticket 0477430530864 and my ticket 0477430530863 each had one checked bag and one bicycle. We paid for the bikes separately at checkin receipt numbers 91403874; 70.00 EUR each, we also had to pay for one bag 90 EUR (91403874). The checkin person decided to allocate three pieces to myself and apparently only the bike to my wife. She made an error that I tried to get her to correct, but she would not listen. I expected this to be refunded to my credit card as this should never have been charged to me. Our tickets clearly state that we are each entitled to a free checked bag. When I challenged the checkin person, she said only one free bag for two people was allowed. As we had been travelling for many hours previously from Vancouver, we were at a loss to continue the argument. I expect TAP to be more professional and honest than this and expect a full refund of $90.00 euros. To this date they have refused to deal with this claim. I would not recommend this airline, they passed the buck at each stage of complaint and will not allow any human interaction. We asked at the gate in London, the agent there looked up our tickets and was shocked that this happened and assured us TAP would refund this at the airport in Lisbon. Upon arrival In Lisbon we went straightaway to customer service. There were three women sitting there, no clients, just chatting to each other, upon hearing my problem, she simply shoved a business card at me and told me to go online. Quite rude, terrible image for the company. When I tried to address this online, there was no category that fit, so I asked hotel concierge to call TAP. She did and when I talked to someone I was told to fill in the form incorrectly and not to worry as a human would read this and send me a refund. I was denied any refund as the checkin person decided to put both checked bags on my husbands ticket and none on mine. This has ruined my vacation and taken up hours of my life I will not get back. We have travelled the world many times over and this is the worst airline that I have ever dealt with and that includes India, China and Africa! Winning the worst customer service award is not what I expect from a star alliance member, or a country such as Portugal. This is a poor reflection on your country.
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13 November 2019 Dave L
Booked a flight for family with a two day stop over on way to Glasgow. Booked on-line, all good when got receipt didnt have stop over. Called them and they said it would cost me $700 more each person to make the change for a 2 hr trip. They then got back to me to say they checked the web and their system screwed up so they would cancel the $300 fee but still charge me $400 + each. For what? Ironcially went online ten minutes after and flight would be $350 Why the difference? They admit their mistake but still charging me more
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Austrian Airlines

27 October 2019 Guest
Passport check in was difficult. I was with a tour group leaving Vienna and hadn't used their machinery before. Many of us did not know that we had "biometric" passports and the airline attendant did her best to make us all feel stupid. We, in the USA, aren't familiar with biometric being used for passports; another term would have been better or picture of where on the passport the symbol is located. The attendant was rude and abrupt; if she is so unhappy in her job, I'd suggest she quit! Further we had to weigh, attach luggage tags, and place the suitcases on the conveyor belt ourselves so no service there either. The attendant, once again was quite curt telling us to place the luggage differently. A simple graphic would have been better than to put up with that woman again! Austrian Air has a problem with customer service and needs to address this. When I next plan a trip without "benefit" of a tour, I'll remember this and choose another airline.
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Evelop Airlines

15 October 2019 Steve phillips
One of the best airlines we have ever flown with
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07 October 2019 Ilona Pinka
Very disappointed with services and return policy exchange dates tickets. Tickets are not cheap, 350-400 euro flights and no exchange date if you loose your flight, or wanna change your date. Terrible costumer service, rude staff. In Riga airport they weight your hand luggage before last gate before you enter inside the plane. After check in our hand luggage was even under weight. But we did some shopping in duty free and bought water and snaks from caffe, they weight all and told us that we r over weight and have to pay 60 euro for it. We had to leave food and water in rubbish bin. Terrible service.
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Cathay Pacific

05 October 2019 Williams
Like say on 4th June I feel with your company you let me down in business class. It started Brisbane booking in then thrown in wheelchair ,after that pushed aside for half hour until I asked when going take me to Qantas lounge in which I had hour eat my dinner. Qantas people ask me what flight going on I told them. They had ring up find some one talk me to air craft I nearly mid my flight. Your meals were disgusting one time I order meal got spaghetti shells with boil peas over the top of it and a little bit of Kraft cheese.i look then tasted it spat out it was disgusting, so took my salad with NO dressing so that went out door. This was my first time in business class.Never again.will I got through treated like I was dirt.
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Omni Air International

02 October 2019 Hazel Trevanion
Many thanks for your help and kindness on the Orlando to Manchester repatriation flight on Sunday 29 September. The cabin crew could not have done more for myself and my daughter with Downs Syndrome. Heartfelt thanks.
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Malawian Airlines

29 September 2019 Sheila Henke
Luggage was lost for 4 days, no one was helpful to receive information about when or if it might be returned. We were offered no compensation . Communication was a headache and when our luggage was return after 4 long days of our vacation time wasted there were items missing. Specifically a Kindle and a box containing electronic cords and attachments. Had to chase down someone at the airport who promised compensation of $50 which we never received and nearly 2 months later still trying to communicate with someone for some resolution . Terrible customer service!
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Sky Express

23 September 2019 Guest
My wife was due to fly with this carrier to Athens from Skiarthos recently and arrived at the airport with a valid ticket and they'd overbooked the aircraft! They bumped her off despite there being a spare jump seat available which she said she was happy to have - but the pilot said No. They gave her a website address to contact for a refund (she missed her hotel bookings because of this and so there were additional costs there) and the website link doesn't work. Avoid like the plague. What a way to run an airline. Just another corporate greedy.
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WestJet Airlines

13 September 2019 Guest
DO NOT Flight with WestJet. Horrible company with racism flight attendance and rude for crying kids. My family had a terrible experience while taking Westjet for Canada travel. They were taking WestJet 1508 in Sep-08-019 from Calgary return back to San Francisco. Prior to boarding, this flight was delayed by 3 hours and because of this, my family had to wait in the airport for 5 hours. Thus my son, which is only 2 years old, was very exhausted and really sleepy. Imagine that even for an adult, 5 hours of waiting in airport is quite stressful. While starting from their boarding, the flight attendant never showed any warm welcome to these exhausted passengers. Instead, she was very hostile to my family, whispering to another attendant that they should closely watch my family. Due to the stress, my son was very tired and could not easily get calmed down while seated. My wife and my mother-in-law were trying their best to calm down him and let him well sit and tied with the seatbelt. However, only after about 3 minutes, this attendant rudely came and yelled at my family. She demanded my family to leave the aircraft immediately. The total time from my family boarding to get kicked off from the airplane was only around 5 minutes, my wife even didnt have time to get the phone out from her purse to entertain my son. My family, including 2 year old child and two seniors (both >60 years old), had to pull their heavy luggage and leave the aircraft. The rude attendant even didnt tell them what to do next. My family had to walk a long way holding the 2 year baby to outside of the airport and re-checked in to purchase the next available flight tickets. To me, this cruel treatment from WestJet to the passenger is not about uncourteous, it is more about inhumanity. I cannot image this could happen in a civilized community. My wife later on told me that this attendant was very clearly racially discriminating against them from the beginning since my son was crying during boarding (we are Asian Americans, my parents dont know how to speak English). I called WestJet customer service immediately after receiving the call from my wife and also got very rude response (they are clearly protecting each other). I am very disappointed and frustrated with WestJet. I would never take WestJet and would like to give others the same advice: DO NOT flight WestJet !!!
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Nepal Airlines

06 September 2019 Guest
Flew from Nepal Airlines recently 04/05/2019 and could not believe the service which was provided by them. I wanted to fly cheap and chose Nepal Airline instead of Thai. The hospitality was amazing with overall service being good too. Nepal Airlines will always be in top of my list when i decide to fly to Nepal next time. Cheap Fare but best Service.
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

04 September 2019 Terri Davis
Very disapponted. I bought a flex ticket and was charged $596 to change ticket when my sister died. I requested a refund and was asked for many documents which I sent and they refused the claim after sending in many documents. Do not give your business to this airline.
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Caribbean Airlines

26 August 2019 Guest
The prosperity that Caribbean Airlines enjoyed for years by taking advantage of the guyanese people will soon end. I travelled this morning from JFK to geo and my bags did not arrive. The numbers they gave me to call are unanswerable. The problem is I have all my medications and clothes in this bag. Further I am 8 hours away from the airport. I shall never fly them again and hopefully they will be out of business by next june.
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Corsair International

23 August 2019 Nes
Worst customer service ever dont pick up phone
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Skippers Aviation

22 August 2019 Guest
In 30 years of fifo, I have never encountered an airline that treats is customers as badly as Skippers. I could not recommend this airline to anyone.
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Shanghai Airlines

16 August 2019 Guest
Un-able to contact thsi airlines phone, email, website none of those were working. No stars at all.
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Blue Panorama Airlines

12 August 2019 Andrew
Be very careful when you book with this airline. The luggage pricing is not so straight forward and the confirmation emails are confusing. Having booked for 2 x 20kg hold luggage, it was unclear that this was just in one direction. Ended up having to pay double at the airport for the return flight. 80!
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