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Air Senegal Reviews

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All reviews about Air Senegal

15 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest Lamin Kebba

My 1 day journey turns into 3 days with 13 hours transit in one way and 8 hours transit time on my way back. Worst airline ever. Zeeo respect and total disregard for customers.

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05 December 2022 12:12:00 Anna S

NEVER EVER TAKE AIR SENEGAL. This company is disgusting, and needs to be shut down immediately!!! They are leaving people stranded, and LYING. My flight was Nov. 20th (Sunday) at 8:30 they waited until 4:30 pm to tell us it was rescheduled to 2am the (Monday) next day. Were on the way to the flight the following day and get another message saying its been rescheduled to 9 AM. They played this game with us for 3 days lying to us saying the flight would be at one time and then at the very last minute would change to a ridiculous later time. No food, no compensation, no remorse. I had to cancel my whole trip out of fear the same issue would happened for the return flight.. WHICH IT DID! This airline has caused arduous pain on its passengers. And they do so unabashedly. My moms return flight was canceled 3 times and when she finally got on the flight it was delayed SIGNIFICANTLY and when she finally got to JFK, the flight to BWI was canceled and they are making all the passengers take a BUS FROM JFK TO BWI. With no time the bus will arrive and no time they will be back home to BWI! UNLESS YOU WANT TO TRAVLE IN INHUMANE CONDITIONS DO NOT BOOK AIR SENEGAL EVER IN YOJR LIFE AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!! Air senegal shame on you.

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27 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

Worst so called airline in the world! Clowns! Zero stars.

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03 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

I booked a round trip ticket for me and 4 of my children (total of 5) from Air Senegal leaving on 06/02/2022 from JFK to CKY but because of weather related, our flight from ATL to JFK was cancelled and I tried even to have flight for nearby New York so that we dont miss our flight, but it was impossible. We missed our flight and I was charged $1000 for fees ($200 for each passenger) while this was completely weather related and Air Senegal dont have any connecting flight from Atlanta. Since then I've been trying hard to get refunded on my fees but in vain.

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08 June 2022 12:06:00 MAli

WORST AIRLINE ON EARTH! They will just take the money and run and treat passengers like complete garbage. Lets start by saying that there was no boarding announcement whatsoever. We simply noticed a line forming and hopped on it. Every single passenger had their carryon bags and any purse or shopping bag thoroughly searched at the gate before boarding. I was asked what is this? referring to 2 unopened bottles of water Id clearly purchased inside the airport as we had all been through security already. After it registered that it was water, I was asked where I got it and made to produce my airport receipt. As can be imagined this entire process caused a huge delay in itself. Once on the flight its clear that the planes are very old and worn.(including 1st class). The aisles are extraordinarily narrow as well as the seats. Your foot, elbow, head can not extend into the aisle AT ALL -not one inch-otherwise it will be impossible for a person to get by without bumping you. The rows are very close together-so close that I could not see the screen in front of me without reading glasses! But there really was no need to worry about the screen because no entertainment was loaded to the flight I found out when inquiring about earphones. No entertainment on an 8.5 hour international flight on ANY screen. Next we took off over 2 hours beyond our departure time. During that wait time not a single announcement was made to give passengers an idea of what was happening. I asked a flight attendant and was told we were waiting for a connecting flight that was delayed. They had no information about how long the delay would be and only those who asked for this information. Passengers watched things on their phone with no earphones unencumbered by staff. Phone alarms went off incessantly without interference from staff. I didnt sleep a wink and was in such pain from the stifling searing I cant even explain to you. There were no fans above the seats. No WiFi. And food was so disgusting it literally caused me to spit it out the second it hit my tongue. They have no cans of soda and about 4 juices and 3 sodas to choose from. No ice is served. Depending on which aisle youre on, you will receive different drink options. There are more flight attendants than could possibly be necessary and they spend most of the time chatting together. I actually almost felt I would have a nervous breakdown after enduring this painful, wretched and miserable flight. The flight costs the same as the delta flight and the no frills treatment we received is unconscionable.

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20 September 2013 12:09:00 Charl Malan

Pethetic is probably the only word that one can use to dicribe how Senegal Airlines treats thier Clients. 6 out of 11 flights booked and paid for but they just never inform one of there changes thus your on your own to get your connecting flight sorted out..

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