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EasyJet Reviews

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02 December 2017 Guest

I've been trying for a couple of weeks to book a flight to and from Malaga, but keep getting a message to say that 'We're very sorry but something has gone wrong. Please try again or get in contact with us if this issue continues to occur.' But I can't ring them because I can't ever get through.

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24 March 2017 irene shepherd

I am a disabled lady who travels very frequently between Belfast and the UK. I have never received ANYTHING but help, courtesy, kindness and professionalism from the staff of Easy Jet. They are wonderful just wonderful last weekend I booked my flight through an awful awful agent called E Dreams. They didn't send me a confirmation email so I couldn't check in on line. But as always Easy jet came to my rescue and got me sorted. Three cheers for Easy jet They are the best !

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03 March 2017 Christine Bali

I flew EasyJet in Sept 2016 Bristol to Paris - great seats, flight and service. (Even got to meet a star of the Easyjet show I watched religiously in Australia - sadly don't get the show any more) Paid extra for hold luggage (very fair & reasonable) Hand luggage - cabin case handbag and laptop OK at Bristol but Paris to Luton I had cabin bag and handbag - made to pay 60 Euro at boarding gate - so be aware different airport has different hand luggage rule (and lady wasn't that nice about it either) That said would definitely fly again. wanted to book again for Sept 2017 Bristol to Paris but no am flights anymore. (I want to arrive to Paris accommodation in the day light) Not sure why they cancelled am flights from Bristol - (not good for business passenger I'd imagine) Such a shame because I'd be so so happy to fly with them again if flight times were more suitable.

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13 February 2017 nvdna

I travelled with easyJet to Linate, Italy in September 2016. I went for 12 days to go and visit my best friend. The airline was cheap and cheerful: it was inexpensive. The flight wasn’t bad at all. The only complaint I had was the the return flight was delayed by about 20 minutes, but that was okay since my coach home was not for a few hours. Will use this service again.

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30 January 2017 Kermy330

Booked a flight yesterday for my wife and I from LGW to the Isle of Man on 12th May. We live in Australia and have used easyjet quite a lot in Europe and we have the easyjet app on our iPad. We generally book Flexi and yesterday the flight came up at 221.98 pounds sterling which included an extra hold bag, we booked the flight and to our horror they took 665.98 pounds from my card, absolutely gobsmacked. Had to phone customer service from Australia nearly an hour on the phone having been cut off the first time. Eventually I was able to cancel the flight and they were going to deduct 25 pounds to do so to which I said no way will that happen under these circumstances. Shame on easyjet.

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14 October 2016 Guest

I've made really bad experience with them. First they cancelled the flight back home from Luton to Berlin without telling reasons and without offering an alternative. Because I had to be home next day I took a flight with Lufthansa. Now I had to struggle for weeks with them to get back the 330 €. First they tried to muck around, then after corresponding a few times with them THEY CANCELLED THEIR EMAIL-ADRESS without offering another email-adress. So that I couldn't answer anymore. Now my lawyer will fight for my rights. I heared a lot of such stories from friends and collagues. No email-adress, no german adress at all, what kind of company is that?

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13 April 2016 Guest

Easy Jet encourage you to book early and advertise flights at good times and at a fair price. However after they have got you hooked they then change your flight times to times that are not convenient and only result in them getting a cheaper slot. Thus the customer suffers and if you don't like it they do offer you your money back but you then have the hassle of finding other flights. They seem to give no consideration to the difficulties that they have caused due to their greed. I also find it irritating that they have no complaint department where you can make your feelings known. Perhaps they best way forward may be to find out the address of their managing director and write to them direct.

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26 July 2015 Guest

Late,added extras cost more than normal flights, disgusting rude ground staff, devious ways to make money e.g. Smallest cabin bag size, delays poorly handled, no refunds evere, buy on board a rip off. Worst airports used many times.. One big ripoff should be very uneasyjet

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04 August 2014 name

I've flown SPU-FCO and back.The price was very cheap.The first flight was on time,the second 10 minutes late.Buy on board too expensive.The crew was professional.The seat pitch was good gor me,but if you're taller,you'll have to spread your legs. Overall,a good impression.

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11 July 2014 yushi

A great airline to fly with. Flights are cheap and efficient, especially London to Berlin for just £54 per person is quite good. The food sold on board is fairly good and cheap in comparison to some other low-cost carriers. I recommend the aisle seat to anyone who needs additional width. However, this will come at a slight ancillary charge, but the seat is 3 inches wider than any other seat type in each row.

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04 April 2014 G.Singh

The Easyjet customer service is really pathetic, with no flexibility. I arrived at the Boarding Gate 25 minutes before the flight departure for a short flight from Amsterdam to London Luton and was not allowed to board the flight while the gates were still open. I paid additional Euro 80 and had to wait for more than 3 hours to board the next flight. I am frequent flyer and was shocked to see, to me it wasdelibrate attempt by Easyjet to earn more money from this fraudulent way. I have sent the complaint; however don't expect any apology or money back. Please DONOT travel by Easyjet...they are the business of airlines....

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08 February 2014 Bev and Roy Thompson

We travelled with easy jet to Egypt and from beginning to end it proved to give what it said. Paperwork, checking in and so much more leg room on flight. The cabin crew were Courteous and helpful. They were put under pressure by some parents who thought their children had the right regardless , to roam the aisle at liberty without consideration for others doing their work. THANKYOU easy jet.

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22 December 2013 Lily

I have no complain about EasyJet, cheap ticket, good service, good organization...recommend...have a nice trip!

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19 March 2013 Guest

Have flown Easyjet off and on over the years and have never been disappointed; despite the fact there are add-ons and the airport terminals are 'no frill', the airline serves me what I want, at a fair price and has a clear, easy-to-use website. I travel every year to the UK from New Zealand, sometimes twice a year, mostly in business class (sometimes first class) as well as frequently to regional Asia Pacific - I do not have an issue with Easyjet. Peter Canterbury New Zealand

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04 January 2013 Guest

Don't bother book a flight with Easyjet just to save some money, because really, you pay double.... You have to pay everything even for the seats!!! They don't even offer you a glass of water, their seats are unacceptable(are comfortable for a smurf though) and their service is extremely POOR. I checked in an extra luggage and when I arrived to the airport, I had to pay extra for the weight inside the luggage. Really it's stupid. When you check in for an extra luggage in easyjet you have to pay extra for the weight inside it ,so you pay 30£ the luggage and then 11£ for every kilo you put in your suitcase. The only thing that they don't charge is the air that you breathe.......Maybe in the future!

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10 December 2012 "PanD" NZ

Flew three legs, Naples - Milan, Paris - Porto and Lisbon - Madrid. Excellent 'bus' service. Modern clean equipment, friendly efficient ground and air crew, all legs on time. Good value, although the (paid) non standard 20kg checked bag allowance is difficult to view as anything other than opportunistic extortion when joining fr om a standard long haul allowance of 23kg/30kg (economy/business). However, thoroughly applaud the strict cabin lim its. Would fly again.

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21 November 2012 Edward Lindsay

We fly Easyjet whenever we can because of their punctuality and their Crew are ALWAYS friendly, polite, and efficient and smiling.

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30 May 2011 GIANNA

Worst experience ever!More than 5 hours of delay and we could not get our money back!

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30 May 2011 IOANNA

May 14,2011 from Thessaloniki to Berlin.More than 5 hours of delay due to strikes of the easyjet's employees or partners in Germany.We had to lose the train (prepaid tickets) from Berlin to Dresden and we asked the easyjet representative who told us that we should send by e-mail the train ticket in order to get the money from easyjet.After getting back from Berlin (thank god not with easyjet) we send the ticket by e-mail but the easyjet customer service representative told us that his colleague at the Thessaloniki airport was wrong and that no reimbursement could apply.Really unreliable!Never prepay train, car or hotel when traveling with easyjet!It is so possible that you will just lose your money!It was the first time traveling with easyjet and I would not recommend it!

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