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Country: United Kingdom
Second largest European budget airline, services within the UK and all over Europe
IATA code: U2
ICAO code: EZY
Head office: Hangar 89, London Luton International Airport, Luton,Bedfordshire LU2 9PF, UK
Phone number: +44 1582 52 53 30, + 44 3303 65 54 54
Fax number: +44 1582 44 33 55
Year established: 1995
Main bases and hubs: London Luton
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo

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EasyJet. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions.

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Reviews & Opinions of EasyJet:

24 March 2017 irene shepherd

I am a disabled lady who travels very frequently between Belfast and the UK. I have never received ANYTHING but help, courtesy, kindness and professionalism from the staff of Easy Jet. They are wonderful just wonderful last weekend I booked my flight through an awful awful agent called E Dreams. They didn't send me a confirmation email so I couldn't check in on line. But as always Easy jet came to my rescue and got me sorted. Three cheers for Easy jet They are the best !

03 March 2017 Christine Bali

I flew EasyJet in Sept 2016 Bristol to Paris - great seats, flight and service. (Even got to meet a star of the Easyjet show I watched religiously in Australia - sadly don't get the show any more) Paid extra for hold luggage (very fair & reasonable) Hand luggage - cabin case handbag and laptop OK at Bristol but Paris to Luton I had cabin bag and handbag - made to pay 60 Euro at boarding gate - so be aware different airport has different hand luggage rule (and lady wasn't that nice about it either) That said would definitely fly again. wanted to book again for Sept 2017 Bristol to Paris but no am flights anymore. (I want to arrive to Paris accommodation in the day light) Not sure why they cancelled am flights from Bristol - (not good for business passenger I'd imagine) Such a shame because I'd be so so happy to fly with them again if flight times were more suitable.

13 February 2017 nvdna

I travelled with easyJet to Linate, Italy in September 2016. I went for 12 days to go and visit my best friend. The airline was cheap and cheerful: it was inexpensive. The flight wasn’t bad at all. The only complaint I had was the the return flight was delayed by about 20 minutes, but that was okay since my coach home was not for a few hours. Will use this service again.

30 January 2017 Kermy330

Booked a flight yesterday for my wife and I from LGW to the Isle of Man on 12th May. We live in Australia and have used easyjet quite a lot in Europe and we have the easyjet app on our iPad. We generally book Flexi and yesterday the flight came up at 221.98 pounds sterling which included an extra hold bag, we booked the flight and to our horror they took 665.98 pounds from my card, absolutely gobsmacked. Had to phone customer service from Australia nearly an hour on the phone having been cut off the first time. Eventually I was able to cancel the flight and they were going to deduct 25 pounds to do so to which I said no way will that happen under these circumstances. Shame on easyjet.

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EasyJet Discussion:

04 December 2017 Gary kidd

I'm sitting on yet another delayed easy jet flight the staff the pilot have totally lied to me engineering problem but still let us get on board. We got free water what a joke this company is, if I performed as badly as this company I'd be sacked in a day They really just lie there way out of any situation

03 December 2017 Guest

Guest : I've been trying for a couple of weeks to book a flight to and from Malaga, but keep getting a message to say that 'We're very sorry but something has gone wrong. Please try again or get in contact with us if this issue continues to occur.' But I can't ring them because I can't ever get through. i have been trying to book my seats for next weekend but each time I enter payments details I get 'Sorry we are currently unable to obtain payment authorisation from your bank due to a general service issues affecting all customers. No booking has been made and your card will not be charged. Please retry again or come back later if the problem persists.'

02 December 2017 Guest

I've been trying for a couple of weeks to book a flight to and from Malaga, but keep getting a message to say that 'We're very sorry but something has gone wrong. Please try again or get in contact with us if this issue continues to occur.' But I can't ring them because I can't ever get through.

27 November 2017 Icarus

I discovered Easyjet had cancelled a reservation (long in advance of the flight) - by finding a credit card refund on my statement. I called up Customer Services - obviously no reply - so did a live chat, Eventually chiselled out of the girl that there was some "security issue" with the credit card, but she was allowed to tell me no more. This was an odd sort of security issue with the card, obviously, as they'd successfully taken the money off the credit card, and then successfully credited it back a bit later. And it's a card that has never had a problem with anybody else. The credit card company said it was unaware of any security issue, and I continue to use the card. On a whim, I checked my only other Easyjet booking. They'd cancelled that too. Without telling me. So I wrote a email to customer services seeking an explanation. After a month they emailed back with some requests for routine information - all of which was already in my email. So were they stalling or just stupid ? I pointed out where to find all the info they wanted was in the original email. Silence for another month. And today they're back with another pile of routine questions, all of which are totally irrelevant. So it has to be stalling. But what are they up to ? They can't seriously think theres a security problem with the card, because the credit card company disagrees with them. And even if they really did think that they've got several months to arrange for Plod to be waiting for me at check in. I saw suggestions elsewhere that might be a scam to make me buy a cash ticket at a huge price when I turn up at the airport and find I have no booking - but it's not worth the effort to make themselves a hundred quid or so. And why are they so reluctant to produce an answer to what they're doing ? All very mysterious. Irritating too. How to win friends etc.

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