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14 March 2024 12:03:00 Andy

Easy jet baggage warning! My wife and I flew from Geneva to Manchester yesterday. We had booked one case and one ski bag as hold luggage. The ski bag was 21.5kg the case was 19.5 kg. Total 42kg. But you are not allowed to combine luggage allowances any more (the first I had heard of it ) so we had to re-pack the bags to get skis to 20kg and case to 22kg. This avoided an excess baggage fee of 18. Next the agent said I would have to check in my ski boot bag = excess baggage fee of 90. The ski boot bag had passed the Jet2 cabin bag size test outbound but was too big for EasyJet small cabin bag inbound. The fix here was to put one boot in my wifes shoulder bag. Phew. All rather stressful. At the gate passengers were being charged 90 for wheelie bags that wouldnt fit in the small cabin bag sizing frame. From what we saw EasyJet are trying to compete with Ryan Air in getting as much money out of their passengers as possible and making flying more difficult than it used to be.

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28 December 2023 12:12:00 Muhammad A

I would like to share my feedback on my recent EasyJet flight EZY8314 from Milan (MXP) to London Gatwick (LGW) on Thursday, 27th December. The scheduled departure was at 20:55 from Terminal 2, with a scheduled arrival at 21:50 at Terminal N.

While the flight duration of 1 hour and 55 minutes was as expected, I encountered an issue at Milan airport. EasyJet demanded an extra 58 for my wifes handbag, a charge that seemed unnecessary. This unexpected fee has left me dissatisfied with the overall experience.

I believe such charges should be communicated clearly in advance to avoid surprises for passengers. Im willing to provide evidence if necessary. I hope EasyJet reviews and addresses such instances to ensure a more transparent and customer-friendly service.

Thank you for your attention.

Muhammad A

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25 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

Dear Sir/Madam,

Flight from Bristol to Faro Flight No EXY7510.

I have to sadly, complain to your airline about the behaviour of two
stag parties that were on the below flight. Not only were they permitted
to board the flight in the first place, as they were intoxicated beyond a reasonable level but,
when fellow passengers, some with very young children complained to
your cabin crew, one lady who was sat in front of us was told by a female
crew member that they couldnt do anything. This is clearly incorrect as
all airlines have a duty of care on a number of subjects and drunken
behaviour must surely be high up the list?

The language of the stag party that were sat directly behind and to the side
of my wife and myself was absolutely disgraceful, and not once did any of
your staff confront these passengers.
One young mother who had two young children asked the same female cabin
crew member not to serve them with any alcohol, she was told they couldnt
refuse, which again is totally untrue.

Both of these stag parties were actually standing and walking up and down
the aisle carrying cans of beer and drinking in front of young children.
All your cabin crew members, clearly avoided the areas concerned and
failed abysmally in their duties, except for when they wanted to sale your products.

It saddens me to say but, we will never fly with EasyJet again and will make sure this episode is known
on as many social media sites and local newspapers as possible.

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26 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

It's not Easyjet; it's more like Horriblejet. They seem to be robbing people with extra charges for luggage. They charged me extra, claiming my luggage didn't fit a box due to the wheels, even though it's within the smallest size allowed (45x36x20). They mentioned I needed a certain pass to avoid these charges. Each luggage cost me 58, and their customer service is terrible. Not to mention, their flights are consistently delayed.

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25 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

EasyJet is in fact more expensive than other airlines.
After 10 flights, overcost coming from cancelled flights and delays costed me more than if I had flew with regular airlines.
EasyJet should be a last choice.
Cheap is not cheap at the end

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02 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

This airline is a complete shambles !
We arrived at the airport, our flight was delayed for 30 mins,
We then boarded the plane, when we were all seated the captain mentioned there would be a SHORT DELAY, due to the tyre needing looked at (which we now know this was just the excuse for not having enough staff for our flight) we sat in the plane for another hour then the captain came back with the real reason why we hadn't moved " we are waiting on new cabin crew coming to the plane and we can't find them! They're in the airport somewhere so please bear with us!) Really professional. NOT!
After 3 hours of sitting on the plane we were then informed that they have found the cabin crew. Cabin crew entered the plane to applause from everyone, however this little bit of joy was not too last. After 5 hours we taxied getting ready for take off then the plane engines stopped and we were informed that our flight was being cancelled! We were then taken from the plane and led through everyone that were awaiting to board other flights like refugees it was embarrassing, when we got to the Swiss port info desk we were then told that easyjet do not have an information desk at the airport anymore, so there was no easyjet rep to explain anything! We were then led to the luggage retrieval belt to wait on our luggage which took a further 2 hours to come out, whilst waiting I noticed young children crying and elderly people so tired and stressed out lying in corners deflated. We were informed by the easyjet app that our whole holiday had been cancelled and we can apply for a full refund (which I'm still awaiting on) and we could claim for compensation. This is were the plot thickens. We got home after 12 hours of stress the next morning I filled in a claim for compensation only to be told a day later that we our not entitled to any because the plane was grounded due to damage on the tyre! Well if that was the case why leave us on damaged plane for 5 hours?
This is easy jets legal loophole to get away without paying out compensation claims.
I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH EASYJET AGAIN. and I sincerely hope they go bust because in my opinion this company are just about greed, making as much money as they possibly can without a thought of the stress and anxiety that they put hard working families that have promised their kids a great holiday only to have that dream shattered.
Easyjet you are a disgrace and I hope that someone/group challenge these unscrupulous people in court.

Date of travel: June 2023

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04 May 2023 12:05:00 Richard

If I could give 0 stars I would!! Myself and two friends were due to fly back from Prague last April when our flight was cancelled an hour and a half after it was due to take off. There were no customer service agents on site to assist us getting home or finding accommodation, just a text telling us our flight had been cancelled, no apology .... nothing!!! I had to spend money on food, beverages and a hotel room for the night. Easyjet reimbursed me for the food and beverages ( the lowest of the two claims I submitted to them ) no problem, but when it came to the hotel room they kept rejecting my claim telling me my receipts and invoice were invalid because they didn't have my name on which is ridiculous. I eventually gave up and approached the Aviation Ombudsman to get a reimbursement. I seriously recommend avoiding this company as they clearly don't care about their customers and are fine leaving them stranded with no help whatsoever. Hopefully it won't be long before they go bust!!!

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10 March 2023 12:03:00 Stewart Scott

Absolutely disgusted how they simply abandoned myself & a plane load of passengers at Paphos Airport at 11pm at night on the 8th March 2023, with the instruction of "we have cancelled your flight, you have to find another way to get to Bristol, you have to find your own accommodation & sort your own way of getting there!!!". We had to go and collect our offloaded cases & leave the airport!!!. OK, I was in disbelief but once reality had took over the shock, there were women & children in tears, simply not knowing what to do. Earliest flight back to Bristol, that isn't fully booked is Wednesday 15th, so another week at my expense as I found a Jet2 flight then. The fight will begin for compensation when I get back, Holiday with Easyjet in October will be cancelled & will never ever use these again!!!. Disgraceful!!!.
So following on from this, bearing in mind my Mother & Sister had no issues getting to Glasgow who's temperature was between -5 & -7, and very similar temperatures in a friends Tui flight into Edinburgh, again no issues....Bristol was CLEAR!!!. It had a dusting of snow that was clear by 11am, YET, they are refusing to compensate by blaming the weather!!!. I am currently stranded in Cyprus, my wife is housebound and I covered my holiday and got someone to be with her for the week, NOT this extra week though. I am without my 5 lots of medication for this extra week, had to find somewhere to stay, which I have at my expense & I am only insured until the 13th March, my return flight is now the 15th. So I am knackered if something happens on my return flight. And to add insult to injury, the way out on March the 1st from Bristol wasn't much better as we had a 3 & 3/4 hour delay sat on the plane on the runway!!!!, our compensation...a cup of coffee & a snack!!!
If I can stop one person from going through what I and a plane load of other passengers went through via Bristol Airport & Easyjet then this long post has been worth it. I WILL be seeking legal advice if & when I get home & will also be contacting the local South West press as this horrible company should not be allowed to get away with this!!!!

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14 June 2022 12:06:00 Steve B

Really upset, shocked at them - Easyjet just cancelled my flight from Belfast to Luton on 26th December - put me on a later flight, this now means I can't make my Easyjet flight from Luton to Faro (booked at the same time) . Easyjet said they would refund my disrupted flight but not my flight from Luton to Faro despite it being completely their choice/fault to cancel the flight to Luton meaning I would miss it.....any advice welcome - Am I being unreasonable ??? I will complain to them, the CAA and anyone else who will listen.

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22 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

Fridays flight delayed for 30mins even though it was ready to go 10 mins before schedule.
Out return flight today is going to be delayed for nearly 2hrs. These are domestic flights Belfast/Glasgow. No explanation. To be honest I feel easyjet are the most inconsiderate carrier on the planet. Thankfully there is more competition now so easyjet you would need to improve your pathetic service.

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11 April 2022 12:04:00 Frank

My patner just experienced class 1 racism from Easy jet Tenerif after being singled out as the only blacks in the line. Get this, she was traveling with three kids including a 1 year old and a 7 year old autistic girl. The white spanish working with easy jet singled her out, scanned her passport and claimed it was fake. They embarrased all of them called the police who questioned her over and over and in the end said they were free to go. And guess what the passport was fine after all. Then the racist lady comes back in the room and tells them they can not fly with easy jet as gates had closed. Also made up a lie about uk had refused to fly them. Now my patner is stuck in an airport with three kids and trying to spend more money looking for an hotel and new plane tickets back to london. Bare in mind the british consulate has no idea of what the spanish check in officers are talking about. What an experience. We will work tooth and nail to hold these individuals accountable. Theres so much hate in these islands for people of colour.

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22 December 2021 12:12:00 Guest

I booked 2 tickets 28th Dec on Easyjet Gatwick to Geneva to go to France for New Year. I booked Easyjet insurance in case things went wrong and I could not go.

I am a flightclub member and TYPICALLY spend thousands a year on Easyjet flights. France banned UK residents from coming to France so now we cant go - we are not allowed - IT IS ILLEGAL!


HENCE THIS REVIEW - I booked Easyjet to try to help them after their pandemic woes - with insurance in case it went wrong. Easyjet are not doing the right thing and refunding flights when a country tells you "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME HERE!!"

This is completely outrageous behaviour for any Easyjet customer who has booked in good faith - They are showing the ultimate bad faith to their customers.

I spoke to Flightclub customer service who told me I could have a voucher. But with insurance I would have to call the insurance number to get a refund. After a few days i got thru to Insurance who told me my insurance did not cover governments telling me I couldn't go to their country! I then called Flightclub back who then said no voucher was available as I was flying to Geneva - not directly into France! So all I could get back was my taxes!

This is completely dodgy and so "below the belt" that it means you cannot trust Easyjet - they used to be like this but had been better - I tried to support them - and they have kicked me in the teeth. If you are in a similar situation please complain as this is outrageous behaviour!

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21 June 2021 12:06:00 Guest

Today I discovered by accident that our flight to Rhodes on 7th July has been cancelled. No email, text or anything. Nothing in Junk or spam????? We opted to change cancelled flight to 3rd July, did the necessary online and just to be sure, called EJ only to be told that the online change had not registered???? So would have turned up at the airport. I asked why the flight was cancelled and was advised that it was due to CV restrictions???? This does not make sense??? Have asked for a manager to call me. We want to make sure there will be no more problems with unknown reasons why flights are being cancelled. This has had repercussions and have had to contact and change lots of stuff. EJ staff do not have any sympathy or understanding.

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11 May 2021 12:05:00 Guest

Having already had 3 consecutive flights to cyprus cancelled I am now losing faith. The last flight being for the 29 May, which I quickly swapped for the 1 June. Now I find, that after checking in and getting my boarding pass, that the flight is no longer on the web page. Customer service assure me that this is because the flight is full.

I wait the anticipation!!

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02 December 2020 12:12:00 Brian Stubbington

As with all things this awful year I have been made aware of easyJets new baggage policy. Can I just say what an awful way to treat passengers and a time when easyJet needs the support of the general public to get itself up and running after the COVID restrictions. For many years my family friends and I have used the company for cheap flights around Europe this decision one of the worst I have come across will now give a pause to my desire to ever grace an airport terminal again cemented by a firm. Not with easyJet travel policy. This was adopted following a Ryan air similar customer service failure which had mentioned to this day I will not fly with them regardless EasyJet execs you need to review this utterly disastrous decision or risk further public reaction of a similar type. Brian. Stubbington

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24 September 2020 12:09:00 Mrs J Froggatt

On the 14/9/2020 we travelled wto corfu with easy jet,flight number EZY 1977. The cabin crew, Craig, Sian, Chris and Sarah were amazing, nothing was too much trouble for Them. We will definitely fly with Easy jet again, and the cabin crew mentioned are a credit to you.

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20 July 2020 12:07:00 Terry Warner

Awful customer services. It takes far too long to get a telephone call answered. They cheated on customers who requested vouchers for cancelled flights. The vouchers can only be used after contacting customer services on a telephone number that takes hours to be answered.

The actual flying experience with Easyjet is very good

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19 May 2020 12:05:00 Guest

I totally agree. I am going to keep on asking for my refund which by law they have to do. I hope they go out of business but I don't think they will as they are saving all the money up from non-payment of customer holidays and flight refunds.

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11 April 2020 12:04:00 Chris

I've tried to get a refund but I can't. I really hope that Easyjet loses a lot of future customers. Easyjet has been devious in making it impossible for customers to organise refunds due to the coronavirus. The company probably has Business Insurance to pay Easyjet for cancellations such as this virus. So don't feel sorry for Easyjet. The best thing we can do is to avoid using them in the future if AT ALL possible.

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11 March 2020 12:03:00 Andrew Leach

Trying to cancel flight, but can't because the booking reference no. given to me by Easyjet is not valid-it begins with K, and apparently should begin with H, or should have no letters in it. Trying to report this by phone, but after holding on for more than 2 hours in the last 5 hours, I have given up. Very poor service, but in general my experience of it as carrier is not that bad.

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04 March 2020 12:03:00 Guest

Hi EasyJet people,
Ive just spent an hour on hold, similar to last week.. But last week I got through.. Just now - nothing. Coronavirus or not, this is very poor performance.
Luton to Milan Rtn to go to visit friends in Italy, unfortunately only 25 km for the coronavirus towns n southern Lombardy.
I cancelled the flight last week - and have opened claim (on the insurance purchased through EasyJet) . I now have a pending insurance claim.
However, EasyJet is still sending me e-mails to check in online.
I just want to tell EasyJet again that Ive cancelled my flight.
I cant do this online - the forms / pages go in circles. Theres no facility to cancel a flight online.. One hour on hold - is very poor customer service.
No facility to engage with complaints unless you hand over to Disqus (which I wont do - I have no social media presence).

Henry Thompson

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01 November 2019 12:11:00 Mr Barry Myers

On a recent flight fro Malaga to Southend , we had our carry on case taken from us as we were about to enter the aircraft probably because there was little room in the overhead lockers . No problem i thought as we had to collect a case that was hold luggage anyway .
On arrival we found out the case had been damage beyond repair . A nice lady in luggage area filled in a report after inspecting the item and we were advised that an e mail would arrive next day . It did and i completed the form . Two days late a very polite young lay rang and informed us anew replacement would arrive in a few days . It did and we were delighted . I would like to thanks Easy Jet for the quick easy and efficient way in which this matter was handled . Many thanks . B Myers

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15 October 2019 12:10:00 Chrystelle L

I was a big fan of easyjet until right now, while I am stucked at Toulouse airport due to a huge delay of my flight, partly due to troubles at Orly airport but also to a previous maintenance problem, as advised by easyjet. There would be much to say but I think that the least impressive bit of today's experience is the rude employee at the airport desk!! I explained my situation and asked what solution we can find, and she very rudely answered that I would arrive 3 hours late, that I'll have to cope with it and fullstop. She then thought it was clever to reply something like "have you read the info, it's not our fault". I think that education should be an essential criterion while hiring!

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29 June 2019 12:06:00 Guest

I am a man of 64 yrs and was booked on a flight, the flight had been delayed and I followed instructions on my EasyJet App and proceeded to the gate as advised. The young lady ("Check-in-attendant") at the desk said I was still too early to be in the boarding area, and said if I didn't move out of the area I would be denied boarding - After a minor altercation (no profanities) I replied that she had no such authority and waited near the check-in on the stairs where there were other passengers also waiting. When the gate did open, I was near the front, but I was allowed to proceed through. I said I was happy to wait at the desk until all the passengers though - but even then was denied passing though without any reason given. I contacted EasyJet (00443303655000) complaining, the "Check-in-attendant" refused to talk to the person (EasyJet customer services) to explain the circumstances. The "Check-in-attendant" also refused to provide her name to myself. The flight left without me, thus I had to wait a further 6 hours for the next flight for which I had to pay and additional £121. I will not let this case rest till I am compensated

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06 May 2019 12:05:00 sunny

i will never use this p.o.s airline again. i booked a ticket for my boyfriend from milan to paris. the flight was suppose to leave at 6:30 am. He arrived at the airport at 5:38am with only carry on luggage & they denied him entry to the plane. they said the plane left early. i sent easyjet an email stating this and requesting a full refund, if not, i will seek legal action.

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14 March 2019 12:03:00 Alan Barnett

I recently booked a return flight from Glasgow to London with golf clubs. To carry sports equipment is £37.00 each way. Prior to my departure l was involved in a fall resulting in not being able to carry a golf bag full of clubs to and from the airports. I telephoned the Luton Helpline to explain my difficulties and was told by a customer operative that l would be fully compensated. After 4 further telephone calls to customer services l have been fobbed off with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th operator blaming the other for not completing the paperwork to allow for a full refund. This outcome is totally unsatisfactory and needs to be stopped as the company training is well below an acceptable standard. I am now writing to Easyjet with a formal complaint and hope that other customers do not experience poor customer service. Alan Barnett Glasgow

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28 February 2019 12:02:00 Brett campbell

Checked in a flight with two bags that I took to five different cities without charge, they never said anything to me, got to departure gate and they took 60 euros off me and s friend, I wouldn't use this company, they just Rob you for fun, the women was rude, I asked her what if I don't have the money to pay what would happen she said I would have to throw away my things, absolutely disgusting company who basically steel off there customers and talk to them like dirt😡

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15 November 2018 12:11:00 Brett street

Easy jet are just some of the most repugnant people I have ever had to deal with.
1st got to airport and was told Freddie can't sit on my lap as he was 2 even though we book it over the phone and was told he could anyway got him his own ticket (£77) then got on the plane and had to move people about as he has to sit with one of us then today get to the airport to fly home and was told Freddie can't as his ticket was one way to which I said so you sold a two year old a one way ticket to turkey (stunned silence) was then told plane is full and he can't fly (at this point everyone is in tears) sat around tor 4 hours only to be told all flights are full nothing they can do. So back to hotel booked room for night called easy jet and the bloke just came out with every excuse in the book we were late, we refused another flight and we should have checked the ticket to which I said I have boarding passes timed two hours before flight, what flight did we refuse that was the only flight today and why the * would I check that you sold a two year old a one way ticket. After they checked turns out we were told he could sit on one of are laps but we cant get you home for 5 days but have to go to Luton anyway after 5 days and a text from Luton to Gatwick we made it home. Anyone else been through this and did easyJet make it up to you

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25 October 2018 12:10:00 Guest

It is 3 rd worst airline in Europe. I'll tell you my story. We were coming home to London from Morocco but our flight was delayed by 5 hours due to a technical fault. we had to wait for 4 hours at the airport and they didn't offer us refreshments also. I've been reading EU Regulation 261/2004 from this afternoon from the following resources but can't quite get to the bottom of it.


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24 October 2018 12:10:00 Tony

My 2year old grandson tragically lost his mum suddenly last week. I contacted EasyJet and spoke to Zaacerah. She was was very compassionate and helpful. Not only did she change my grandson over with another member in our group of seven and book our seats all free of charge. Wishing us a happy holiday and their condolences. THANK YOU EASYJET. YOU ALWAYS SEEM TO GET NEGATIVE COMMENTS HERES A BIG THUMBS UP FROM US.

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14 October 2018 12:10:00 Guest

Poor customer service when things go wrong. Suddenly, there is no one to help.

Baggage was not loaded on to a Munich-London flight, and took 5 days to deliver to destination address. There were no Easy jet representatives at Stansted at midnight, although one should have been present until 2am.

No-one answered the mobile number for the baggage handlers, until 4pm the following day.

I wrote to Easyjet (no response or acknowledgment).

I then discovered there is only a 7 day complaint window, from arrival at destination.

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10 October 2018 12:10:00 Guest

Had a flight cancelled by Easyjet, so we made our own way home at a cost of £250, tried to claim this back from Easyjet but they refused because they claim they could of got us home two days latter.
Unacceptable level of service, don't risk using this company that has no concept of customer services

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09 September 2018 12:09:00 Rachid

Bristol To Gibraltar was a nice flight arrived 10 minutes early ,nice journey enjoyed every minute of it.

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05 September 2018 12:09:00 Vera Cotta

We keep on receiving great deals, but not one cheap deal truly exists.
The price tripples when confirming choice because of so called requests, but no requests are applied!! Or Easyjet states that the deal is no longer available, after which the deal is repeatedly posted...
Surely you must realise that by continuously disappointing and upsetting customers we will boycott you!

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30 August 2018 12:08:00 Guest

In Catania airport, at the requested 2 hours before departure for Naples. In Terminal C which has 4 gates, all dedicated to Sleazyjet! 1 bar that serves nothing other than bottled beer! No wine, no anything other than beer. Avoid at all costs - use a different airline that flies from main terminal! Rank!

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20 August 2018 12:08:00 Guest


Im in a passenger of the flight EZY6958 of Easyjet. What was supposed to be a relaxing holiday in Paris became a nightmare.

The flight was supposed to leave from Paris to Edinburgh at 21:50 on July 17th, but it kept getting delayed until it was eventually cancelled at 23:00. Then, all the passengers had to wait for further instructions until 2 am. No one told us in the company offered us help or gave us an explanation, we had to go ourselves.

There was a group of elderly people that were sitting uncomfortably on the luggage claim. Of course, easyjets staff didnt care. Two passengers were kind enough to get some chairs from the reception for the elderly.

At 2 am one bus arrived and we werent even told. The staff just left us wait without any updates. Ironically we get the updates from the passengers instead of the staff.

The nightmare continue when your company hire a bus driver who doesnt didnt know the direction of the hotel. He drove in circles around the airport for an hour until we reach the hotel which was very far from Paris. By the time we get to to check in to the room it was already 3 am and we had to get up early in order to get breakfast.

Next day (July 18th), we found ourselves with the same situation. We had to ask for updates ourselves on what to do next. We were told to go to the airport to settle everything. If we hadnt done that we would lose the bus to the airport. Once we were there, they told us there are no more flights today, so we need to stay in a hotel until Saturday (21th of July), when theres a flight to Edinburgh.

If thats its not inconvenient enough, they made us wait again more than an hour to get the hotel confirmation and we were told to come back to the aiport to reschedule the stay on the every following consecutive day.

Airport staff told us we will recieve compensation for that cancelled flight but until now we recieve none. I wasnt able to attend to work in Edinburgh due the the unreasonble flight delay for 5 days yet receive no compensation for that.

My flight details:

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20 August 2018 12:08:00 Veronica AP

Rona Walter
1 hr
2 months today since easyJet did this to my birthday gift, a 130 flixible and so-called "unbreakable" TITAN Deluxe case. After Easyjet broke my two suitcases before, my Mum invested in something rather robust.
Nevertheless, this is the - very much worse than before - outcome:
The pics you see below are the outcome of this trip and the entire suitcase was held together with only one bit where the zipper didn´t come off. My belonings were spread all over the belts at the baggage claim, and most of them are gone. As you can see, not even taping it helped The tape was ripped.
If you sit right on the plane and look outside your window you can actually see the staff throwing your belongings around like a bunch of mad monkeys.
Other than that I was asked to send my details and proof of the damage as well as the bill for the suitcase three times...
Even a high number of emails exchanged and numerous phone calls - the last one included the agreement for a voucher worth my ruined luggagebut but has never been sent or even confirmed via email as promised - I am still no step closer to finally closing the case.

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20 August 2018 12:08:00 Maria

We experienced a cancelled fllight naples to stansted 10th aug 2018. Ej offered us a flight 5 days later which was not good enough. Had to book flights ( 5 of us) with a another airline to get us home for work on time. We are seriously out of pocket and as yet no response from easy jet. Should be a dedicated help line as you cannot get through to anyone on phone or chat. Far too many hours wasted trying to sort out your problem....Shame on you Easy jet... !!!!

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13 July 2018 12:07:00 karin LongGuest28

I would just like to write this email to say a huge Thank you to the crew and Pilot on board the Flight from Rome to Luton EZY2212,
After about an hour into the flight i was taken ill, and i cannot thank the Crew for their quick response,attentiveness and their Kindness.
People are quick to complain and write negative reviews very quickly, but we dont see reviews often enough of people praising the Crew for their outstanding work that they do day in day out to make sure we arrive to our destinations on time and safely.
i would like -to name the crew that attended to me last night, they were
Durrant George, Alice De Montis, Pedro Malheiro Campos and Sabrina Szczepanew, Please can some make sure that these 4 lovely crew are told that i wrote this letter in and i truly am grateful to them all and to the Captain,
Thankyou so much Easyjet,
Karin long

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31 May 2018 12:05:00 Guest

Trying to get a compensation claim from Easyjet is being a nightmare.
Flight: EZY9117
Booking: EV2K38N

My flight from London Gatwick to Zurich was delayed by more than 3 fact it was overnight. Easyjet said that we would be rebooked to next day flight but could not confirm whether it was morning or evening. As I needed to be at work as early as I can, I decided to get another Easyjet flight to Basel which I paid for it myself.
Now easyjet are saying that I am not eligible for any compensation!!

I have been commuting between Switzerland and UK with Easyjet for more than 7 years and I am finding very hard to digest this situation.

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14 May 2018 12:05:00 Guest

After many complaints and lots of promises from easyJet to pay expenses that the owe me from a cancelled flight. I am left with no choice but to take this company to court to get them to pay! Disgraceful the have continued to delay payment promising 14 days on three times and my patience has run out.

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02 December 2017 12:12:00 Guest

I've been trying for a couple of weeks to book a flight to and from Malaga, but keep getting a message to say that 'We're very sorry but something has gone wrong. Please try again or get in contact with us if this issue continues to occur.' But I can't ring them because I can't ever get through.

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24 March 2017 12:03:00 irene shepherd

I am a disabled lady who travels very frequently between Belfast and the UK.
I have never received ANYTHING but help, courtesy, kindness and professionalism from the staff of Easy Jet.
They are wonderful just wonderful
last weekend I booked my flight through an awful awful agent called E Dreams.
They didn't send me a confirmation email so I couldn't check in on line.
But as always Easy jet came to my rescue and got me sorted.
Three cheers for Easy jet
They are the best !

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03 March 2017 12:03:00 Christine Bali

I flew EasyJet in Sept 2016 Bristol to Paris - great seats, flight and service. (Even got to meet a star of the Easyjet show I watched religiously in Australia - sadly don't get the show any more) Paid extra for hold luggage (very fair & reasonable) Hand luggage - cabin case handbag and laptop OK at Bristol but Paris to Luton I had cabin bag and handbag - made to pay 60 Euro at boarding gate - so be aware different airport has different hand luggage rule (and lady wasn't that nice about it either) That said would definitely fly again. wanted to book again for Sept 2017 Bristol to Paris but no am flights anymore. (I want to arrive to Paris accommodation in the day light) Not sure why they cancelled am flights from Bristol - (not good for business passenger I'd imagine) Such a shame because I'd be so so happy to fly with them again if flight times were more suitable.

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13 February 2017 12:02:00 nvdna

I travelled with easyJet to Linate, Italy in September 2016. I went for 12 days to go and visit my best friend. The airline was cheap and cheerful: it was inexpensive. The flight wasnt bad at all. The only complaint I had was the the return flight was delayed by about 20 minutes, but that was okay since my coach home was not for a few hours. Will use this service again.

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30 January 2017 12:01:00 Kermy330

Booked a flight yesterday for my wife and I from LGW to the Isle of Man on 12th May. We live in Australia and have used easyjet quite a lot in Europe and we have the easyjet app on our iPad.
We generally book Flexi and yesterday the flight came up at 221.98 pounds sterling which included an extra hold bag, we booked the flight and to our horror they took 665.98 pounds from my card, absolutely gobsmacked. Had to phone customer service from Australia nearly an hour on the phone having been cut off the first time. Eventually I was able to cancel the flight and they were going to deduct 25 pounds to do so to which I said no way will that happen under these circumstances. Shame on easyjet.

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14 October 2016 12:10:00 Guest

I've made really bad experience with them. First they cancelled the flight back home from Luton to Berlin without telling reasons and without offering an alternative. Because I had to be home next day I took a flight with Lufthansa. Now I had to struggle for weeks with them to get back the 330 . First they tried to muck around, then after corresponding a few times with them THEY CANCELLED THEIR EMAIL-ADRESS without offering another email-adress. So that I couldn't answer anymore. Now my lawyer will fight for my rights. I heared a lot of such stories from friends and collagues. No email-adress, no german adress at all, what kind of company is that?

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13 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

Easy Jet encourage you to book early and advertise flights at good times and at a fair price. However after they have got you hooked they then change your flight times to times that are not convenient and only result in them getting a cheaper slot. Thus the customer suffers and if you don't like it they do offer you your money back but you then have the hassle of finding other flights. They seem to give no consideration to the difficulties that they have caused due to their greed. I also find it irritating that they have no complaint department where you can make your feelings known. Perhaps they best way forward may be to find out the address of their managing director and write to them direct.

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26 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

Late,added extras cost more than normal flights, disgusting rude ground staff, devious ways to make money e.g. Smallest cabin bag size, delays poorly handled, no refunds evere, buy on board a rip off. Worst airports used many times.. One big ripoff should be very uneasyjet

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04 August 2014 12:08:00 name

I've flown SPU-FCO and back.The price was very cheap.The first flight was on time,the second 10 minutes late.Buy on board too expensive.The crew was professional.The seat pitch was good gor me,but if you're taller,you'll have to spread your legs.
Overall,a good impression.

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11 July 2014 12:07:00 yushi

A great airline to fly with. Flights are cheap and efficient, especially London to Berlin for just £54 per person is quite good. The food sold on board is fairly good and cheap in comparison to some other low-cost carriers. I recommend the aisle seat to anyone who needs additional width. However, this will come at a slight ancillary charge, but the seat is 3 inches wider than any other seat type in each row.

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04 April 2014 12:04:00 G.Singh

The Easyjet customer service is really pathetic, with no flexibility. I arrived at the Boarding Gate 25 minutes before the flight departure for a short flight from Amsterdam to London Luton and was not allowed to board the flight while the gates were still open. I paid additional Euro 80 and had to wait for more than 3 hours to board the next flight.

I am frequent flyer and was shocked to see, to me it wasdelibrate attempt by Easyjet to earn more money from this fraudulent way. I have sent the complaint; however don't expect any apology or money back. Please DONOT travel by Easyjet...they are the business of airlines....

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08 February 2014 12:02:00 Bev and Roy Thompson

We travelled with easy jet to Egypt and from beginning to end it proved to give what it said. Paperwork, checking in and so much more leg room on flight. The cabin crew were Courteous and helpful. They were put under pressure by some parents who thought their children had the right regardless , to roam the aisle at liberty without consideration for others doing their work. THANKYOU easy jet.

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22 December 2013 12:12:00 Lily

I have no complain about EasyJet, cheap ticket, good service, good organization...recommend...have a nice trip!

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19 March 2013 12:03:00 Guest

Have flown Easyjet off and on over the years and have never been disappointed; despite the fact there are add-ons and the airport terminals are 'no frill', the airline serves me what I want, at a fair price and has a clear, easy-to-use website. I travel every year to the UK from New Zealand, sometimes twice a year, mostly in business class (sometimes first class) as well as frequently to regional Asia Pacific - I do not have an issue with Easyjet. Peter Canterbury New Zealand

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04 January 2013 12:01:00 Guest

Don't bother book a flight with Easyjet just to save some money, because really, you pay double.... You have to pay everything even for the seats!!! They don't even offer you a glass of water, their seats are unacceptable(are comfortable for a smurf though) and their service is extremely POOR. I checked in an extra luggage and when I arrived to the airport, I had to pay extra for the weight inside the luggage. Really it's stupid. When you check in for an extra luggage in easyjet you have to pay extra for the weight inside it ,so you pay 30£ the luggage and then 11£ for every kilo you put in your suitcase. The only thing that they don't charge is the air that you breathe.......Maybe in the future!

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10 December 2012 12:12:00 "PanD" NZ

Flew three legs, Naples - Milan, Paris - Porto and Lisbon - Madrid.
Excellent 'bus' service. Modern clean equipment, friendly efficient ground and air crew, all legs on time. Good value, although the (paid) non standard 20kg checked bag allowance is difficult to view as anything other than opportunistic extortion when joining fr om a standard long haul allowance of 23kg/30kg (economy/business). However, thoroughly applaud the strict cabin lim its. Would fly again.

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21 November 2012 12:11:00 Edward Lindsay

We fly Easyjet whenever we can because of their punctuality and their Crew are ALWAYS friendly, polite, and efficient and smiling.

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30 May 2011 12:05:00 GIANNA

Worst experience ever!More than 5 hours of delay and we could not get our money back!

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30 May 2011 12:05:00 IOANNA

May 14,2011 from Thessaloniki to Berlin.More than 5 hours of delay due to strikes of the easyjet's employees or partners in Germany.We had to lose the train (prepaid tickets) from Berlin to Dresden and we asked the easyjet representative who told us that we should send by e-mail the train ticket in order to get the money from easyjet.After getting back from Berlin (thank god not with easyjet) we send the ticket by e-mail but the easyjet customer service representative told us that his colleague at the Thessaloniki airport was wrong and that no reimbursement could apply.Really unreliable!Never prepay train, car or hotel when traveling with easyjet!It is so possible that you will just lose your money!It was the first time traveling with easyjet and I would not recommend it!

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