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Condor Flugdienst

Country: Germany
The largest charter airline in Germany
IATA code: DE
ICAO code: CFG
Head office: Am Grunen Weg 3, Kelsterbach, 65451 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone number: +49 6171 698 89 20
Fax number: +49 6107 9394 40
Year established: 1955
Main bases and hubs: Berlin Schonefeld, Frankfurt, Munich
Fleet: Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Boeing 757-300, Boeing 767-300

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Reviews & Opinions of Condor Flugdienst:

19 September 2016 Bella

If you can, don't book with them. They have just changed the baggage allowance, a week before my flight to Germany. Now I can take only 6 kg, instead of the already stingy 20 kg plus 6 kg in cabin. As I'm moving there, this is a real inconvenience. I had booked my flight months in advance, and even so, never thought this would be a possibility, not even in my wildest nightmares. Really: KEEP CONDOR OFF YOUR MIND! It's not worth the saving. And I still have to see if the flight is not a pain!

06 July 2015 Guest

THIS AIRLINE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. They used to be associated with Lufthansa, but no longer. They now farm our their flights to horrible charters like Omni Air. Ignorant ground crew, horrible service on an old 767. We arrived at Frankfort, a HUGE airport at the farthest possible place to park. It took nearly 30 minutes to get off the bus at the airport. Ran through all the way to Departure Hall A, 30 minutes through security and passport control and missed our connection to Venice. Had to walk to Hall C, to be told by horrendous Condor worker that it was our fault, and that we had to leave her area and go buy another ticket to Venice. It was not her problem, next! There were 15 of us, some crying, some yelling. NO help at all given, so we ended up buying another set of tickets on Lufthansa, spending another $1500. This is TOTALLY unacceptable. I would NEVER fly Condor again, even if given a free ticket. They are nothing less than criminals, and sorry but Lufthansa and Frankfort airport are clearly in on the scam. No help given to let those with urgent flight times through anywhere, no ground service personel to help you, no anything. Absolutely the worst in the industry!

11 June 2015 Benoit

When we tried to check-in on our return flight from Cancun to Frankfurt, we were told that we were not on the passenger list. The check-in counter employees told us that the travel agency had failed to book the segment. We were then left without any assistance at midnight in the Cancun airport. We had to find a hotel for the night. We got in touch with our travel agency to ask for a solution, and when they contacted Condor Airline services, the agency was told that we were no-show. This was a lie. Now, according to our travel agency someone at Condor recognized an internal mistake and a solution was found for our return trip to Europe the day after without additional cost. On this return flight we met other passenger who were supposed to be on the same flight the day before. According to them, the flight was overbooked and they had been compensated accordingly. We found out that we had been less lucky and lied to. I raised a complaint with Condor Airlines customer service, and got a standard policy copy paste as the only answer, after 3 weeks. No compensation. Treating customers this way is unacceptable, and I can only advise people to avoid this company.

30 November 2014 P. Daanen

18-10-2014 flight DE 6163 from Montego Bay to Frankfurt, from there transfer to Amsterdam by Lufthansa. Transfertime 1 hour: short, but to do. Even with a delay of 15 minutes: that means running on the airport! Flight to Amsterdam had a delay of 45 minutes; so we arrived in time at the gate, gasping. But Condor had decided otherwise and rebooked us (during the flight to Frankfurt) to a flight 2 hours later and failed to inform us. When we complained about this, Condor tol dus they were going to inversigate this and asked for our patience. A month later we got the same meaningless answer. Up till now (30-11-2014) we havent heard anything yet. Costumer friendliness is not characteristic for Condor!

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Condor Flugdienst Discussion:

05 July 2016 Mathew

This Airline is the worst airline ever. My itinerary was from Maurtius to Frankfurt on the 04th July. It was supposed to leave MRU at 7:55 am, and we arrived at the airport 3 hours prior. However, the flight was delayed , it was delayed from the previous flight. The staff from Mru already knew that there was a problem with the flight from FRA to MRU. I believed that they should inform us before, because the flight did an emergency landing in Greece at 1am Mauritius time. THE FLIGHT WAS DELAYED FOR 22HOURS FROM MRU. We waited 22hous without accommodations. I missed my sister's wedding, Thanks Condor Worst Airline. For 22hours staffs did not make any announcements for any updates. If you pick this airline please be careful when book your flight, make sure they have flight every single day. HOPE WE DONT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS WHEN RETURN. My advice, its better you pay a little bit extra to get a better service.

27 April 2016 Guest

Most terrible airlines of nowadays. Service - ZERO ! even ---1000. not adequate and very stupid stuff. Not professional, not polite, not operative, not honest, stingy and stupid stuff and company policy ! II wish soon and total bankruptcy for this company.

02 October 2015 Guest

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Airline outsourced plane/flight to a charter company. Complaints haven't been addressed in over 8 weeks. On the flight over the Atlantic, my girlfriend experienced severe heart pain and was treated by the crew in mid flight [given oxygen, nitroglycerin pills, etc]. After several hours of treatment and consultation with on ground medical team, the airline and crew made a decision to make an emergency landing in Gander, Canada so that emergency medical team could board the plane and further examine her. Once on the ground, the medical team decided that she needed to go to a hospital for further testing. During this time, the onboard crew assured us that everything would be fine. Asked us to focus primarily on going to hospital and addressing the medical emergency. They assured us that the airline would help us get home to Florida after the emergency was over and she was discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately nobody from the airline [Condor or Omni] was very helpful. When we contacted Omni, they said that since they subcontract from Condor, that we must contact Condor for them to help us. When we contacted Condor, they said there was nothing that they could do to help and that we were on our own to find our own way back to Florida. We were told that they don't fly out of Gander. We knew that, since the reason we had landed there was a medical emergency. We thought that maybe they could help with rebooking us with another airline. No, they would not help with that. We had to find our own hotel and our own flights home. So while at the hospital, we had to find our own hotel and our own flights home. The only suggestion that they made, was that we could submit the receipt for everything to Condor after the flight home and ask for reimbursement. Now that we are home, we called Condor and are being told that we should contact Omni. We keep feeling like both airlines are giving us the runaround. WHAT A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! Not only did we have to deal with a very stressful medical emergency, but later had to deal with the stress of finding lodging and trying to find and pay for our flight back to Florida while in a totally different country! And now neither airline wants to take responsibility for helping us again in trying to recover our expenses to get back home to Florida. We cannot believe how poorly we were treated and left us stranded in another country!! We filed a complaint with Condor 2 months ago and they do not respond. When we call to follow up they don't help. Won't allow us to talk to a manager and keep telling us to wait because complaints can take over 6 weeks to respond to. Although it has been 8 weeks, they still won't offer further assistance. I am sure that they hope that we will just forget about this and give up. This airline is completely untrustworthy. You arrive at the airport and find out they outsourced the flight to a charter company with old planes. And god forbid, you have an unplanned not expect this airline to help or even address any complaints. We would NEVER recommend this airline to anyone and will NEVER fly this airline again!! They are horrible!!

28 August 2015 Guest

I live in SE Florida and we may get hit by a hurricane NLT Monday. I have a flight leaving late Tuesday. I called Condor and asked their rep what if I cannot get to the Fort Lauderdale airport because of storm damage and the plane leaves without me. I asked him what would happen if this flight was canceled. He could not answer either question. He said to call after the storm strikes. It was of little use to tell this negative IQ person that we will more than likely loose power and communications. I asked this guy about the Lufthansa flight they booked for me from Italy. I wanted to know about a refund for this flight if I cannot make the flight. He said I was on my own. I have never had an airlines treat me this way. I booked a business Condor round trip ticket last May. In August Condor sends me an email saying they contracted the flight to OMNI air and there is no business class. They also informed me that instead of returning to Fort Lauderdale as originally booked the plane will land in Miami. Wonderful. I guess I should be glad the plane was not diverted even further away. I wonder why the plane cannot land in Fort Lauderale ? I paid for a Condor flight and they put me on a no-name charter plane. My last comment is about Condors website. I have never seen an airline have such a terrible website like Condors. I regret already using this airlines.

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