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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Afriqiyah Airways

12 February 2014 Jalal Mihoub
Very clean and modern aircraft, food was good and inflight service was ok, some times late in departure , there is always room to improve, I think the best airline in North Africa ...
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12 February 2014 Jalal mihoub
To me it is the worst airlines in the world, time keeping always late up to six hours some times, food is very bad and basic. Inflight service is zero and the cabin crew are the worst in service and the airplanes are old and dirty, never recommend it to any passenger ..
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31 January 2014 Sindisa Maluleke
I have always had good experience with Mango airlines, just the landing and departures, if the take off is good you must expect a bit of rough landing and vice versa. But the pilots are good honestly.
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12 January 2014 Dr. J. A. Jaar
Always late. Service onboard: lousy. Customer service office: lousy Airplanes maintenance poor !!!!!!!
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Virgin America

09 January 2014 Osprey4356
I love Virgin America. I was a United Airlines Million Miler until their merger with Continental. Now UAL treats me like crap. Flying with Virgin is a very civilizing experience. Flowers at the check in counter. Staff that acts like they want you to be their customer. Flight attendants who are happy to see you and who look and dress like they like their jobs. Fares are competitive. Seats are by far the most comfortable of all. Their seat back in-flight entertainment system RED is the best bar none and allows you to pre-order and pay for food and drink. The food is far better than you can get on United. Also very happy with their frequent flyer program and ability to get upgrades. Have permanently switched from United to Virgin.
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All Nippon Airways

23 December 2013 Guest
Comment on business class: Europe to Narita - Haneda to Europe comfortable spaceous seat - good storage for personal belongings (wallet, watch, smartphone ...) good food - very friendly and helpful service good lounge in Handea - that´s what your need - work as planned - smooth - noiseless - good!
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Air Onix

16 December 2013 Paul Shannon
Very poor service. I booked a seat on their 21 December 2013 Flight No.OG112 from Donetsk to Kiev on 10 December (4 days ago). Just received a two line email from them this morning stating that the flight has been cancelled for 'commercial reasons'. I'm not impressed, as they state in the email I have to contact their Ukraine call centre, from the UK, to chase a refund - what a pain! I certainly won't be booking anymore flights with this airline in the future.
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Safi Airways

08 December 2013 Guest
I flew last week from Dubai to Kabul and found Safi airways to be one of the best airlines I have flown In comparison to many us and Middle East airlines. The crew were international and very professional and the flight deck was also American (captain) and I was surprised they raffled a free ticket on board. I flew biz class and the food was excellent.
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Daallo Airlines

04 November 2013 SEEMA ANIL
Budget airline that gives very decent prices and reasonably good services between dubai and djibouti
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Lao Airlines

29 October 2013 Guest
Lao Airlines is safety. Cabin crew are very nice. I love Lao Airlines.
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31 August 2013 Guest
This is the worst airline ever! Look for another airline unless you want to get stuck at the airport for hrs or risk getting to your final destination a few days late. The fleet of airplane that Meridiana uses are old and the service is extremely poor.
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Corendon Dutch Airlines

21 August 2013 Guest
I was travelling with Corendon having booked the flight scheduled in a specific time..The actual time of the flight was different and i was not informed by mail or phone or anything.. The seats are too small that my feet being a woman was difficult to fit on the seat and the seats were dirty.. For paying more than 150 i do not find a reason why i should choose again Corendon..
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Syphax Airlines

13 August 2013 Guest
Staff was really friendly (but I mean reaaallly friendly and all smiles all the time), flights were on time, the plane was really pretty and comfortable (I mean, if you`re not a spoiled brat- you have enough leg room, you have screens with sitcoms and cartoons and comfortable seats), overall I don`t have much to complain about. I don`t particularly like flying but felt pretty safe flying with them.
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Air Mediterranee

13 August 2013 Guest
Some seating very cramped. Problems with keeping with schedule
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11 August 2013 Guest
Cheap tickets but they where always out of schedule so I almost missed all my connecting flights. I lost my baggage and they didn't do so much to help me in that errand. Tried to order vegetarian food but that didn't work so good either. I'm not going to fly with them again.
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Nakina Air Services

05 August 2013 Guest
I have flown with NAS about 20+ times. Nothing but professional and very safety conscious. Anytime and anywhere.
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Bearskin Airlines

28 July 2013 Guest
The worst flight I ever find. They never maintain their schedule. Even if they are late for couple of hours without any reason, they never compansation.
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Cyprus Airways

26 July 2013 Guest
This was my first and last flight with Cyprus Airways. I flew from London Heathrow to Larnaka. The plane was old and scary. Food was of the worst kind. We didnt even know what we were eating. The staff was the worst in the world: bad attitude, indifferent, unresponsive, grumpy, and rude. It seems like the company just gathered some people from the streets and put them on the plane with no training. Their excess baggage fee was double, tripe, or more than three times than what other airlines were charging at the time. It was close to impossible to find a company employee to talk to when I arrived in Larnaka. When I finally spotted one, she was very indifferent to my complaints. When I asked for a customer support phone number she said that they dont have one because it was too costly. It is a shame that this airline is the national carrier of such a great country as Cyprus. It damages the tourism to the beautiful island. It should be closed down or sold to another airline.
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Air Nelson

24 July 2013 Leanne Stewart
I flew Air Nelson last Wednesday on 11.20 flight and returned Sunday on 11.35 flight. I would like to thank the air hostesses for their professional and friendly manners. I was very impressed.
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Olympic Air

16 July 2013 J Rowe
Worse airline, kept us waiting 6 hours with minimal information, then told us another plane was on the way and would take another 6 hours at 7 pm. Unable to take a refund and book alternative flights because they told us so late, they gave us a pork chop and salad at a cheap cafe, we got in at 3am I stead of 3pm, tired then next day and lost a nights accommodation because travel insurance will cover because you have not missed the entire days accommodation. Staff where rude and not helpful, I will never fly with them again and I'm sure the other 100 passangers won't either
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10 July 2013 Daniel Nobel
They don't answer complaints send via their website or send via your own email server. When you try to contact them by phone, they don't answer the phone.
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Belle Air

04 July 2013 Guest
Booked a flight from Milan to Pristina. It was cancelled less than 2 weeks before the flight, no alternative offered, no refund given and every time I enquired I was told I had to write in for the redund. I have written in now 6 times, all emails are ignored and after 3 months of writing and calling the refund has still not been made. Avoid them at all costs!
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Canadian North

27 June 2013 Steve Lentworth
Great airline, love flying them any chance I get. Nice to get food and drinks without have to pay like Westjoke. Keep up the great work.
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Ukraine International Airlines

11 June 2013 Guest
Simply stated, Ukraine International Airlines is the worst company that I've used in my life. The prices are ridiculous, and paying a lot doesn't guarantee having a decent food and good quality of the service.
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Ak Bars Aero

20 May 2013 Guest
It was the first time that we have flown with this airline from Moscow to Kaliningrad. The airplanes are tiny and I felt sorry for the tall Russians who were flying. There is not enough space in the overhead lockers and we had to keep a small bag with us on the ground. It was a good flight even though I was a little nervous.I will use them again in the future.
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SeaPort Airlines

01 May 2013 Guest
Flying Seaport Airlines has always been a positive, hassle-free experience. The flights operate on time, the staff and flight crews are professional and friendly, and the cabin provides comfortable seating akin to a corporate or executive aircraft. I would recommend Seaport without hesitation!
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Jet Airways

26 January 2013 Ricardo Leon
In November 2012 I flew several domestic routes in India with Jet Air, all flights booked via internet from abroad some months in advance. Web Page was easy to use, fights confirmations and tickets worked fine, and most flights were spot on time. In the few cases flights were delayed (not for much) I would get a message in my phone with the advise. Airplanes were modern and flights very comfortable. Service onboard pretty appropiate. I can recommend this airline with no hesitation. The couple of flights I made with Air India were less attractive.
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Sky Work Airlines

23 January 2013 Guest
it was a good experience, i have try them 3 time until now, the price of the ticket is generally in hole flights really good, the service also is awesome !!
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Great Lakes Airlines

09 November 2012 Guest
This company is awfull. Our flight was delayed, later broken, and we had no chance to get another flight to our destination with the same company. So we had to buy another fllight with another carrier at our own cost. Nowadays, 3 months later, I still have not been able to get our money back even when the Contract of Carriage of this Airline mentions very clearly that we would be transported without any additional cost. Not recommended at all.
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Ravn Alaska

15 October 2012 Seth
Horrible baggage experience every time my company books a ticket with them. No apology or reimbursement for broken luggage and no option to insure expensive items like sports equipment or instruments. Use duffel bags and take nothing fragile
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Iran Aseman Airlines

14 September 2012 Guest
I flew with new airbus 340 Aseman airline, the flight was unforgettable the excellent service. very lovely and glamorous flight attendants they served delicious food. I requested for visiting cockpit and they permited me to see landing from cockpit.
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1 Time Airline

12 September 2012 Xyra
We use 1time often to visit family. They always have the lowest prices and have always been prompt on arrival. I have never received a confirmation code from them however and their planes seem to always have a heavy landing compared to other airlines.
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02 September 2012 Trevie1970
Just flown with Lithuanian airline from KOS, it was a good experience on the way over, although a four hour delay on the way home possible due to technical faults. Planes are 21.6 years old and definitely due for replacement. you don't see many cars on the road at that age being used for business purposes. Crew were good, although a little language barrier was present. Plane was noisy throughout the flight, possible used to flying on planes no older than 3 years old, which are lot more quiet. Had Headphones in to reduce the engine noise throughout the flight. I think if they want to continue a service, I recommend renting/buying newer planes. Sounds of the brakes on landing didn't sound to good either. as it was a cheap flight I was not expecting much, really basic service, bit like easy jet as in the services you received i.e. no flight entertainment and pay as you eat and drink. Toilets could do with a refit too. you are definitely in gods hands on this one.
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Peruvian Airlines

02 August 2012 Guest
I had One of the worst experience with this airline. The staff is extremely unprofessional and rude. First they double charged my card when I purchased ny tickets online then i.arrive to checkin 2 minutes late and they refuse service and tell me to reschedule. After I party extra to reschedule things to seem to be running smoothly but when is time for me to return to lima from cusco they tell me or flight was canceled and I had no other option than to stay in cusco another night. Don't fly with these ppl. Horrible customer service
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Primera Air

02 August 2012 Guest
Well, they lost my luggage on a direct flight and were never able to find it. I heard this happened to many others flying with this airline, too. When it came to compensation they were not cooperative, were not even reachable for us....A nightmare! Besides that, I caught the Noro virus after I flew with them and I ate some strange tasting potatoes. The airplanes themselves were also almost falling to pieces. Definitely fly with another company!
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V Australia

27 July 2012 GuestMargaret Sullivan
We have flown V Australia from LAX to Brisbane and back 4 or 5 times now and it has been great. We go to AU at least once a year and this is the only way to go. I must admit we fly over business class and return in prem. economy and it is not a bad flight. You have to just figure it is a long flight and AU is so wonderful it is worth it.
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Rossiya Airlines

20 July 2012 Guest
Wanted to change the date of flying. Was advised by Rossiya customer services to cancel the ticket and rebook as they have no office in UK. despite the ticket being advertised as refundable only a very small fraction of the price was returned, no where near the amount suggested by their website. When I asked for an explanation of the amount refunded all emails were ignored. Avoid this airline at all costs.
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AirTran Airways

16 July 2012 lauraine
My children flew as unaccompanied minors. they were treated rudely and they were stolen from. The flight attendant did not properly watch over them allowing them to become victimized under her care. One of the airtran staff stole items and cash from my childs backpack. This is an airline that takse advantage of young children
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Iceland Express

01 July 2012 Guest
A straight forward no frills flight (Gatwick to Iceland) with no problems. Gret value for money and helpful staff. Do not believe all you read, I am completely satisfied. Thank you Iceland express.
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Mokulele Airlines

26 June 2012 Mike P
I had a horrible experience with Mokulele / GoMokulele airlines. After booking my tickets 6 weeks out, Mokulele canceled my flight one month out and re-booked me for a time that had a more than two hours difference. When I tried to call and get switched to another one of their flights that was closer to my timeframe, I was passed around from Mokulele to goMokulele and back to Mokulele, taking a total of an hour and a half just to get someone on the line. I was then told that the flight that was closer to my original timeline was fully booked - and the customer representative told me it would take 6-8 weeks for them to approve a refund! I persisted and talked to a manager and was able to get a refund after a week or so, but I was left with a horrible view of these companies. I ended up booking with Hawaiian Airlines, which has many more choices (and I had to pay higher fares since it was so much closer to the flight date - I should've booked with them to begin with). If you book with these companies, you are rolling the dice - they may cancel your flight and force you to pay even higher rates with another airline! I won't bother with them ever again.
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Wind Jet

13 June 2012 Maxine Newman
Absolutely appalling! They upgraded my selected tariff in the middle of booking without my authorisation, and I have been trying for almost two months to get any kind of response from them. Their Customer Contact number has six digits, which is obviously unobtainable. Dreadful - do not use.
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Falkland Island Government Air Service - FIGAS

12 June 2012 Guest
Travelled from Stanley to Sea Lion Island and back. Superb service in a BN Islander.
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Somon Air

22 May 2012 Guest
Very expensive!!!
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22 May 2012 Guest
Great service and they're always on time...
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Maldivian Air Taxi

18 May 2012 mr & mrs crisp
Because of their rubbish handling of our luggage they started our holiday off badly,we knew sometimes luggage follows on but they told us only 1 of our 2 cases could go on plane so to put anything important in case going with us so we put my husbands insulin in my case, but they didn't take any of our cases, no medication great start
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Severstal Airlines

11 May 2012 Damien Byrne
The way I've been treated today is nothing short of disgraceful. Started a 9am in the morning when supposely I missed my flight. Stood at the gate 10A and there was no announcement for my flight to Cherepovets. When I when to Severstal info desk was told i missed my flight and that my name was announced over the tannoy. This is a lie! Waited around all day for the second flight at 8pm which turned out to be 9pm. Queued to 8pm and still nobody cam e to the desk. When i went to the info desk was told wait another 20mins. Absolute joke.
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04 May 2012 ariel
Hands down the worst airline. The fly was always delayed fr some reason or another.
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Harbour Air

01 May 2012 Guest
Excellent friendly humans employed there!!
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19 April 2012 Caio
I've flown in and out of Japan and the Philippines different times and never had my carry on ekcehcd for weight. Japan used to have you open the bag so they could inspect it for prohibited items, but they have slacked off on the lately.
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