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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Austrian Airlines

17 December 2015 BorisIvanov
I warn all travelers about the abuse of Austrian Airlines company to its monopoly position in the direction of Kiev-Vienna. I’m used to fly to Vienna a lot, due to my business; and more frequent air company “monopolist” in this direction is Austrian Airlines. However, recently I had bad experience with this airline, which left me with no desire to continue to give them my time and money. Briefly about the situation: I checked in the flight online the day before departure, but that did not stop the representatives of Austrian Airlines to remove me and 9 other passengers from the flight right at the entrance to the plane. The airline didn’t explain to passengers the reason of their decision, but I understood that airline was guided by national basis, because all 9 passengers was from Ukraine. After removal, the airline changed the ticket to a late flight, as a result of what I was late for my appointments. Moreover, I’m trying to get a justice, an apology and explanation from the airline for 1 year, but still I didn’t receive any feedback from them. It is very shortsighted and presumptuous of Austrian Airlines to believe that because of its monopoly position on this direction, they can provide so unprofessional service to their passengers. The big fat minus to Austrian Airlines. If you need to Vienna – fly, but just not with them - real advice from real victim.
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Air Namibia

15 December 2015 Guest
Air Namibia is one of the worst airlines. 1. They lock the two rear toilets for the 10 hour flight duration Frankfurt to Windhoek, for exclusive use of the cabin attendants. This means that the 300 or so economy class passengers can only use the 4 centre toilets. 2. When they serve breakfast, the meal is served first, and only when all passengers have received their meal are the drinks served - often half an hour after the meal is served. 3. The cabin staff NEVER answer a "Call Attendant" light, except to cancel the request!
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North Cariboo Air

23 November 2015 Guest
Excellent service on chartered flight last week! ..Clean Aircraft ; attentive crew ; great flying with them...
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Bangkok Airways

23 November 2015 Guest
bangkok Airways are the Easy jet of Thailand,their flights are over prices,customer service is zero. I have to fly with them as i live on Koh Samui,but I have lost track of how many times my flight is cancelled and I am put on a much earlier or later flight.When you contact them,they are very sad about what happends but will offer you nothing in the way of help or compensation. The staff at the airport are not very helpful and customer service is zero Being stuck at the airport for over 5 hours I was offered a plactic container of cold rice as a meal for the delay. The planes are cleans and staff on board helpful,but the rest of this airline is a joke
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Air Astana

05 November 2015 Guest
It really is an awful airline. Just awful. I fly Air Astana once or twice per month and have done so for 2 years both with Kazakhstan and twice internationally (only because there is no practical alternative). I agree with the other comments: the individual staff try to do a good job but actually have little to no idea what to do if something out of the norm happens. I would add that Air Astana is partly blacklisted from the EU on safety concerns.
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Japan Airlines - JAL

27 October 2015 Guest
Wow, What a suprise! I flew them from Bangkok to Japan and was so impressed by there great attidutes by the flight attendents, because there customer servise on the phone are the rudist people i ever talked too. but this is about te flight. the plane was clean and new but the staff was always their for you and sometimes you had 2 or 3 come to make sure your ok. the flight attendents all looked so beatiful and classy loved the flight. I am from the US and wish those Airlines would take a lesson from some Asian Airlines. so to e JAL i one of the best
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Air Malta

19 October 2015 Guest
I had been left on the runway by AirMalta repeadedly spite of overbooking! The airport of departure said, I would get compensation. At arrival in Malta, non did get any information although sent to Malta by Swissport. Absence of organization or dishonesty I do not know. However, that AirMalta does not have qualified and trained personal to handle problems I can confirm. In Malta I went twice to the airport and non was interested to help, except handing over an email address of customer service. I have to admit that the staff was nice to me although non took an effort to find a solution to my problem. Bottom line: come to Malta to vacation but without AirMalta or chances are that you will not arrive or depart the day you booked!
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TUI Airlines Netherlands

17 October 2015 Guest
Arkefly is the only direct flight from Amsterdam to Orlando Sanford. We flew from Amsterdam to Sanford in October 2015. We had a pleasant experience and the online check-in gotta improve a little. When I wanna check-in online, then I stucked at the page "reserved the service" and can't proceed further. It was very frustrating. Further more, the service on the flight was OK, some flight attendants weren't always smiley and friendly. Hey, when you weren't happy about your job or customers, then it wasn't my problem to look at your grumpy faces.
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Air India

12 October 2015 Guest
Air India are absolute hopeless. I was travelling Melbourne to Hyderabad via Delhi with my 4 month old son. We were told that the bassinet was confirmed at the time of booking the ticket, but did not get one and when I asked the flight attendant was very rude. Didn't even provide me with water for the baby food, I had to get water myself from the galley area every time. They absolutely don't care. The worst airline crew.
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Air Busan

11 October 2015 Guest
My flight from Seoul to Busan was canceled today, 5 minutes before departure due to technical problems of the plane. Customer service Air Busan style: - no replacement plane - no rebooking to another airline - just offered a 5h bus ride instead, if you are lucky - i will not use them again, ever!!
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JETGO Australia

05 October 2015 Debbie Williams
I flew with Jetgo for the first time this weekend. Excellent service from check in to cabin attendant. Plane was very clean and comfortable. Received more attention from the cabin staff in a 50 min flight than I received on a 9 hour Emirates flight the previous week!!!!! Would highly recommend this company.
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03 October 2015 Matthias Wieland
Flight from Salzburg to Hurghada and back. Flight was good, lunch and Drinks good, free newspaper on board. Good offer for a low cost carrier.
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Iraqi Airways

01 October 2015 Guest
Never fly with it! I have booked online at August suppose to fly on September from Erbil to Berlin at the airport they told me there is no flight all has been suspended, i have lost 1000 euro because they did not inform me inadvance, now they do not want to pay my money back!! The worst airline i ever met!! Never do the mistake i did Thanks
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Aurigny Air Services

27 September 2015 Guest
Flight left Guernsey 50 minutes late today 26th September due to bird in the engine of plane. They had to fly another plane out to bring us back to Gatwick. What they didn't tell us when we left Guernsey was that our suitcases didn't come with us. Left us at Gatwick like lemons waiting for cases. Have been assured cases will be here at 22.30. No refreshments on plane,none given while we wait for cases. No customers service. We wait to see if cases arrive. Communication is the answer. Where was the communication.
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Tailwind Airlines

24 September 2015 j wilshaw
I travelled to Ercan on 2/09/15.The service was very good,and the staff were exceptional.The flight was comfortable and the meal adequate.
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Sky Bahamas

06 September 2015 Tami Allen
I Have Had A Recent Trip On Sky Bahamas From LPIA to GBIA And Service Was So Wonderful, We Had Timely Check In's Plus Inflight Food And Beverages. Your Doing 100% Sky Bahamas Can't Wait To Fly With You Again.
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Air Moldova

01 September 2015 Mariana
permanent problems do not respect timetables, baggage lose almost every time, the staff very unprofessional and arrogant and so so on ...!
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ATA Airlines

21 August 2015 Guest
Today ATA AirLines flight from Tbilisi to Tehran with 3 hours delayed they kept passengers inside the plane with off air conditioner in the heat of 34 degrees. According to elderly passengers with heart disease and children they even avoid to give water to travelers. Very poor service & management. NoT RECOMMENDED
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Air Madagascar

17 August 2015 Guest
Customer service is ABSOLUTEY terrible! The same flight has been postponed twice now. Can not get back to Bangkok, and nobody at Air Madagascar seems to care! Two trips to the airport and all I have to show is 20,000 ARY, which is an insult! A 17:00 flight postponed to 00:40 and postponed a second time to 09:30 the next day and not even enough for lunch to make up for it. This was after my arrival was over 6 hours delayed coming in. The direct BKK-TNR flight is seriously not worth the hassle!
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I had CONDOR arrangement to fly with my wife to Tenerife Sud on August 3th and back to Milano on August 10th (I think it was NO 1774 NO 1775). I am frequent flyer with different company's for many years due to my work in different parts of the world and I am glad to be able to say: COMPLIMENTS NEOS !. My experience with NeosAir was just EXCELLENT!. New aircraft's, excellent offer on board and very, very kind and friendly crew on board. My flight with NeosAir was GREAT PLEASURE! I wish the Company all the best in future, I am looking to fly with Neos again. Mr Sreten Skoro
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Hi Fly

30 July 2015 Kirsty
Just back fr om Cancun with Thomas Cook who used this airline. What can I say, No leg room seats very uncomfortable no where to rest your head, 2 films in French and 2 in English (Same films on the way back). Some staff had Thomas Cook Uniforms on the rest had Hi Fly uniforms on looked very unprofessional. On arriving at Cancun Airport can only describe the landing as the Aeroplane falling out the sky. Thank Goodness for seatbelts or all passengers would have been in beside the pilot. Oh and toilets at the front of the aircraft where out of use which meant long cues towards the back of the plane for the toilet. On the way home we were given a pillow and a blanket which was a complete joke as there was no wh ere to put the pillow to rest your head. I pressed the button 4 times for staff attention as my daughter was in need of a drink of water after about an hour she got a drink. Turbulence was really bad which cant be helped but there was no sick bags in the pocket in front of you which only meant 1 thing. I will never fly long-haul with Thomas Cook again. I had a better flight with Ryanair. Felt very disappointed with the money we paid and the service we got.
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Dutch Antilles Express - DAE

03 July 2015 Marta Bosses
Best airline ever. I always had a good service on the aircraft. They are always on time. I never had even a delayed flight. And boy, i do travel a lot. They even gave me a nice x-mas present for all the times that i use their service. Thank you guys. I have it hanging in my bathroom. Its lovely. Keep up with all the good works. Love you all.
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Middle East Airlines

30 June 2015 Jean Al Hayek
It is great airlines, one of the best customer service airlines. They really give you access to have special request and they work on arranging it, however in many other eurpean airlines you cannot say anything and "dry faces". They are proffessinal, please keep it up. You are really the best fleet between the highest ranking airlines.
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Air Mauritius

24 June 2015 Guest
They were OK at one time but they've retrogressed quite a bit lately, their planes are now too old (A340s), and they are suffering fr om severe competition from other, more ambitious carriers like Emirates. Food on board is bland to say the least, the IFE is one of the poorest I've seen on any long-haul aircraft, so poor I read my SAS novel virtually at one sitting! Only good thing is the excellent Bois Cheri tea, grown in Mauritius and served on board. Apart from this I woud not really bother to go out of my way to travel with them again, not unless they busted their prices down to a level wh ere they could possibly compete with other airlines purely on a fare basis, as I could endure 12 hours on a plane knowing that my ticket cost me less than with one of their rivals. Happy flying.
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XL Airways France

20 June 2015 Nathalia Castella
They closed check in 2hours prior to departure. Unfortunately, I, along with 5 other independent travelers, arrived at 10:30 and no representative was to be found! We missed our flight.
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

20 June 2015 Guest
SAS were excellent. Really professional and helpful. I flew Heathrow-Årlanda and then Arlanda-Luleå. The staff were very helpful and the food was excellent (for once).
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

10 June 2015 Adriel Passos
It is impossible check in online.
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South African Airways

08 June 2015 FURIOUS
DO NOT FLY SAA. I flew from Bloemfontein to Harare over a month ago and booked my luggage direct. Needless to say it never arrived. Over a month later and still no luggage. I have not received ONE phone call from SAA. I have had to call the airport department, Joburg, Bloemfontein and make several trips back to the airport to check myself. I have left numerous messages and been into their head office. No one cares. Even the manager promised to call me back (speaking face to face in her office) and five days later I am still waiting. SAA are now avoiding my calls and I either get cut off or told the manager is busy, in a meeting or on another call. Their service is disgusting.
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Ethiopian Airlines

04 June 2015 Laurent_L
Seychelles - Israel, with one stop over Addis Ababa, on their website. Terrible check-in 2hours waiting, due to only 1 lane open for Eco passengers. Terrible flight, re-routed via Egypt, on the two trips, to refuel on purpose because Fuel is cheaper there, but the airline did not informed their clients. No AC during refueling, intoxicated with bad smells from Gazole being ventilated from outside air to inside aircraft. 1 passenger almost passed away, urgent need to disembark him. Resulting in transforming a (non-announced but planned) 1hr stop over into a 5hrs stop over with no AC. pre-ordered Kids Menu identical to adults: spicy chicken with couscous and beans. served twice on both legs. In economy class, no entertainment at all, no individual Tv, no Electronic games, even if the plane looks new, it was simply RAW, no options at all. It's like traveling back in the 80's. Their customer service are not comprehensives. you rather spend an extra 80 to 100 Bucks on another Airline to make sure you are traveling in a comfortable plane, especially when you spend more time in their stinking planes than in the duty-free area… Ethiopian Airline avoid at any cost.
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Aer Lingus

31 May 2015 Roger
My husband and I made reservations on Aer Lingus in September, 2014. We also paid for upgraded seats at a cost of $160 for the 2 of us. Our trip was the middle of May, 2015 to Ireland. When we checked in at the Aer Lingus desk in Chicago we received seats that were not the ones we paid for. We were then told that our seats were given to Aer Lingus Gold Circle Members. How nice! So we were assigned other seats. On the return trip from Dublin when we checked in, we again were not given the seats were previously selected and paid for and were told by the ticket agent this time after checking with her supervisor, that we merely requested these seats and they were not confirmed with payment. Knowing that was not true, I looked up our credit card statement when we got back home and sure enough on the statement it showed 9/25/2015 Aer Lingus $160.00. And once again, we were given other seats on the return trip home. There were two other people traveling with us and they got their assigned and paid for seats both ways. Once we were on the plane, we also realized that the upgraded seats we paid for were the same exact size as any other economy class seat in that plane. So don't be fooled by thinking that an upgraded seat means a bigger seat! Check closely if you decide to upgrade. Upgrading means you get to board first. Wow . . . $80 per person to board first. Would I consider flying Aer Lingus again in the future? I don't think so.
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Air Koryo

18 May 2015 Guest
I was quite sceptic about they quality until I got on the seat. WOW. Once you are in the aircraft, you can only notice the high quality that only North Korean engineers could bring. Kim has done his job! 5 star!
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13 May 2015 David Aylen
Well my Lufthansa nightmare has begun. After paying $5000 for a Business Class ticket from LA to Moscow via FF they lost my luggage. What's worse is they have been completely indifferent and insensitive about this. It's not as if I lost my toothbrush. I lost my very best personal items and no one is doing anything about it. I am guessing their handlers stole it. I'm quite devastated about their total indifference. I've been checking several times a day and there is nothing. I had no idea there would be such a lack of help from them and I expect I will have to sue them and even then I am sure they will ignore me. As a business class passenger I had hoped they might go out of their way to help but it seems nothing works at all. What should I do now?
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Mihin Lanka

12 May 2015 Dr jason fernando
proud of srilanka, a nice and helpful budget airline
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Transavia Airlines

30 April 2015 Max
Good airline, on time and friendly staff. Good food (you have to pay but better than in terminal) and great pilots. I would recommend this airline to everybody! Safe and comfortable flying!
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Seaborne Airlines

12 April 2015 frenchie971
Just taken Seaborne Airlines Pointe-à-Pitre/Porto-Rico/Pointe-à-Pitre. No major problems for us, flights in time, but Carry-On is simply mixed with Chek-In Baggage with no security at all. If the flight is too empty, they cancel it witout previous notice. Just like the LIAT company. American Eagle was much more reliable.
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Caribbean Airlines

17 March 2015 Guest
worst customer services. They constantly overbook and don't honor confirmed passengers
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Free Bird Airlines

24 February 2015 Guest
Used this airline as part of a package deal to Izmir, Turkey. The outbound flight was typical for a charter airline, but the inbound flight was poor, with a number of safety concerns. The seat in front was reclined as soon as the fasten seat belts sign had been switched off. Usual problem of hitting my knees. Tried to recline my seat, but the passenger behind objected. Left with a small space for the 4-hour flight. This is bad enough, but at no time during pre-landing checks was the passenger asked to move his seat forward. There were four passes of cabin staff that failed to spot this. Also, the arm rest was broken on the outside seat, so it would have been almost impossible to make a quick exit. At no time was anything other than the statement "fasten seatbelts" made before landing. No mention of electronic devices, seat position, etc. I accept this is a charter airline, but safety should not be compromised.
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Philippine Airlines

24 February 2015 Shughes
Easily the worst airline I have ever flown with. Prior to departure we had 3 reschedules that were not confirmed with us until WE contacted them 2 days before departure. One of our flights was rescheduled to the evening before we were meant to fly meaning we had to spend a night in Manila (our final destination was Tagbilaran, Bohol). On the return journey our flight from Tagbilaran to Manila (connecting to a flight to HK) was cancelled meaning we missed our connection. The reason was because another airline was on the runway too long so the PAL plane we were catching couldn't land. It was rescheduled to the next day. However as it was a different airline causing the delay PAL claimed it was an act of god and would not pay for our accommodation. We eventually got on the plane to Manila the next day at 7:05 but take off was delayed 20 mins. We arrived in Manila expecting to be put on the next flight to HK (PAL airlines or any other). Instead we were told they were all overbooked and we would have to wait on standby. We waited for two flights (one at 10am and one at 2:30pm) both were full and we could not get on. They maintained the reason we missed our flights was "force meajure" (act of god) and that they would not pay for us to go on another airline, or for accommodation for us in manila until the next available flight (2 days later!). Eventually after 7 hours waiting in Manila we left Terminal 2 (a horrendous excuse for an airport terminal, exclusively for Philippine airlines) to go to Terminal 3 (by taxi!) which was much nicer. Bought a ticket with Cebu Pacific and got a flight back to HK leaving at 7pm that night with them instead. PAL ruined our holiday and cost us each a day of work and we saw no compensation. We will now never fly back to Philippines because of them. There staff were patronizing and unhelpful. Despite whether it was an act of god or otherwise there planes were all overbooked by 5 - 10 passengers (signs everywhere requesting people volunteer to give up their seats). Almost everyone on our flight had to pay for new tickets for missed connections. It is a beautiful country, but my advice is go to Thailand. Equally nice weather and beaches, much higher quality national airline.
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28 January 2015 N Wilson
Two flights to Zanzibar, both late, outbound over booked and 8 hour delay, inbound 3 hours delay which resulted in a missed connection to UK and a further 24 hour delay. Offered $30 each compensation in october 14, still waiting despite many promises.
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Nordwind Airlines

16 January 2015 Guest
Летали семьей 7.01 и 14.01 в Канкун из Москвы Все хорошо, регистрация началась даже несколько заранее, все прошло без нервов, места дали, как и попросили, у окошка 3 и сбоку 1, то есть всем рядом Самолет был чистый, но сразу бросились в глаза сидения как в лоукостах, что для почти 14-часового перелета предвещало быть не очень комфортным Но мне лично показалось, что расстояние между креслами было больше, чем обычно Телевизоров, USB-слотов ,соответственно , нет Взлет прошел на ура Пледы раздали сначала детям, потом всем желающим, никто не вопил, что ему не досталось Стюардессы не хамили, были вежливы и отзывчивы Половину перелета проспали, завернувшись в куртки, так что никто не жаловался, что было неудобно Холодно\жарко нам не было Еда скромная,начитавшись отзывов взяли с собой перекусить, но в итоге отделались только 1 упаковкой печенья перед посадкой Первый раз кормили блинами\пастой , так же в наборе была булочка, масло и все На второй раз появился салатик Все съедобно Пить давали как обычно,ничего в дефиците не было Почти не трясло Посадка мягкая Обратно вылетели вообще без задержки, самолет был неполный, довелось счастье развалиться на 2х креслах Еда была получше в общем, все вполне прилично, за исключением этих позорных кресел и отсутствием развлечений в полете, других минусов не увидели
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01 January 2015 Guest
Very friendly and effective service, modern and clean plane. Even though other tourist-carriers redurce service to nothing they still do very much for their guests. On our flight from Fuerteventura to Bremen we had a nice meal (duo of pasta) and they came around with drinks three times!
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Vietnam Airlines

28 December 2014 Loic
excellent experience. Friendly and courteous staff. spacious business class seating with all the usual accompaniments (cotton cloth, ceramic, metal etc..). Pity about the lack of seat front video. (business class) When fully reclined the seat in front obstructs passenger space.
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13 December 2014 Guest
Was on a flight from capetown to O.R Tambo. Worst experience ever. Cabin crew extremely unprofessional and rude. First flight attended made a comment to another of "maybe if she was friendlier to me, i would have helped her" after a traveller requested assistance. Another flight attended walked passed Asian travelers and made a comment "No need to try and explain the emergency procedures to them, its not like they would understand it anyway". After landing waited 30 minutes for baggage to come around, i can not even recall ever waiting this long for my luggage even on international flights. never ever in my live of jet setting have I had such a bad experience with an airline. I would not recommend this airline to anyone. Absolutely disgusted with this airline. Excellent service received from Mango Airlines a few days ago no complaints there staff was useful, friendly and offered assistance to all travelers.
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Wizz Air Ukraine

24 October 2014 Guest
not reliable anymore, airplanes are not good maintenanced, seats are broken, toilets stack and stinking on board, stewardess know only 20 words of English. whole airplane is more a trolley bus ...
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Avianca Costa Rica

22 October 2014 PAULO VIANA
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Xtra Airways

20 October 2014 Guest
The flight was nice but the condition of one of the planes was old and smelt very strongly of fuel compared to most aircraft
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Gulf Air

10 October 2014 Guest
MCT-BAH-LHR return, October 2014. Gulf Air is not the worst and by far nowhere near the best airline in the region. Expect delays with no explanation as to why on all legs. Also, on shorthaul flights (A320/321), you'll find decent seat pitch of up to 34 inches in Economy, while on the A330s (especially the updated ones), you'll find that trimmed back to an excruciating 31 inches, which is entirely unacceptable on a long-haul flight. Gulf Air also likes to save and scrimp on service - the BAH-LHR flight featured only 1 meal service, no ear plugs or comfort kit and a second round of beverages only upon request. Food quality is generally good, although presentation is mediocre at best. Cabin service is spotty on all flights, never consistent, much like their definition and understanding of communications and punctuality. A cut above the miserable Etihad Economy ("Coral") experience and that of EgyptAir, but definitely a so-so airline at best. Luggage was returned damaged after both long-haul legs, too.
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02 October 2014 Guest
Terrible airline. Went Maracaibo-Panama and back, the flight was about 8 hours delayed going and 6 hours delayed on the return. All other passengers I spoke with had had the same experience so it seems that several hours of delay is the rule and not the exception. The airplanes are old and not well kept and on the return flight I had no space for my legs - my knees were literally squeezed into the seat in front of me. Arriving to Maracaibo the airplane made some strange moves that scared me and I fly quite a lot so I know that those were not normal moves. Avoid this airline if you can! And if you can't and need a connecting flight, allow at least 12 hours or more between flights if you don't want to lose your connecting flights!
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Thai Airways

30 September 2014 Kaushik Hazratwala
I flew Thai business class with my family from Sydney to Zurich. I found the airline at best a little better then average. I will say that the food was of good quality and lots of it. The drinks were in abundant supply. However the planes are were old. My seat electronics were not working. Can I imagine paying business class fares and having too manually adjust the position . The entertainment system is very outdated. The TV screen is standard definition and scratched. The upholstery is tearing and thin. If seated in one position the seat is thin and the padding has lost form do I started developing pressure pain. The seats do not recline completely.At best it's 150 deg. So slowly you start to slide down as u sleep. So eventually u wake up to reposition yourself. The cabin crew is helpful but they can only work with what they are given to work with. I think Thai airways needs to buy new planes or at least update there business class.
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Mistral Air

29 September 2014 Rachel Molcho
Not reliable, very bad! The first time I had a ticket with this company, due to malfunction our flight was delayed for more than 24 hours. The second time, in September, once the a/c on the plane started working, a dark and smelly smoke started coming out from the a/c vents. We had to disembark and wait for more than 6 hours for a replacement plane. Thank God it happened before take-off. I hope that it's was the last time I had to fly with this company.
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