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Airline Reviews & Opinions

This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL

27 April 2023 Afsoon
We had a flight from Dubai to London Heathrow with a 2-hour transit in Baku. Due to the over 7-hour delay from AZERBAIJAN AIRLINE in providing the flight to Baku, we missed our next flight which was from Baku to London, and their next available flight from Baku to London was in TWO DAYS! YES.. IN TWO DAYS And they expected us TO WAIT in Baku airport for TWO DAYS while we had to be back at workUNBELIEVABLE. This was their alternative flight and solution. They have no sympathy for the waste of time and lives of their customers. After 30 minutes of the departure time, the Dubai Airport staff at the boarding gate informed us that there is a delay but they do not know how long the delay would take and so we should purchase another ticket at the airport! There was no Azerbaijan Airlines representative at the airport or even at the boarding gate for further explanation or support of their customers and left us to wander around the airport by ourselves. As the next flight from Baku to London Heathrow was in two days, we had to purchase another super expensive ticket at the airport just to arrive at our destination to be at our work on time. Now, not only they do not refund our first tickets which they could not provide the services for, but they also do not refund the full cost of the new tickets which they left us no choice but to purchase an expensive price, to be on time for our work and not losing our jobs, because of their fault. They do not even provide any compensation for the delay or cancellation of their flights and the whole 24 hours suffer and stress of being at the airport, the night flight, and going straight back to work from London Heathrow airport without any night sleep. All they care about is charging people for tickets and then causing them financial damages by not providing the services, disappearing, leaving their customers by themselves, and not taking responsibility for their faults and actions. Very pathetic!!!
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Continental Airlines

19 April 2023 Maria Batista
I got a ticket through Travel Junction. I was going to travel to Cancun with my 3 daughters on July 5, 2022. My husband passed away on July 2, 2022. I called Continental and told them I wanted to reschedule for a late date. They told me it was fine, but had to travel within 1 year. when I called to reschedule, they told me I couldn't. So I lost $2880.00 for the tickets. I can not travel while I buried my husband. All I wanted was to reschedule for a future date, that eas all.
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14 April 2023 Susan Minshull
We flew to Tokyo the seats are so crammed together if the person in front puts there seat back there is no room to do anything the cabin crew dont care 😡😡😡its ok saying people need to go to sleep but 10minutes into the flight !!!15 inches between the crammed seats if a chair pushed back it gives you roughly 9-10 inches ridiculous I would never fly again with them heed this warning ⚠ ⚠⚠
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Viva Macau

04 March 2023 reviewer01
I flew this airline from Macau to Sydney the other day, and i have to say the experience exceeded my expectations of this airline, with around 500 AUD price, it was definitely worth it. Seats were average, and my legs could comfortably fit without too much struggle. The flight attendants were very friendly towards me and the food was excellent too.
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TAAG - Angola Airlines

03 March 2023 Jatiel
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Virgin Atlantic Airways

18 February 2023 Syed Jung
Flight VS364 from Lahore. Thursday, 17th February landing 18.00 Terminal 3. I am writing to praise Gavin Ross (customer service supervisor) at Desk 17 of Virgin Atlantic. Fantastic customer service. I left my hand luggage at the belt and walked away with my suitcases, once outside, then realised what I had done. I went from pillar to post but could not get the help I needed so I could collect my hand luggage that I forgot at belt number two. I called the airlines but I was told security was not there and they have closed. Some very kind person suggested I should go to desk 17 of Virgin Atlantic and ask for assistance there. The desk was closed but I managed to get the attention of of Mr Ross. After couple minutes of listening to my story, he made a phone call and was able to speak to someone who was willing to collect my hand luggage and bring it out. I found Mr Ross to be very polite and considerate and he listened while others were basically saying that nothing they can do because security is shut.
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Avelo Airlines

18 February 2023 Guest
Great airline! Flew with them to Oregon and had a great flight experience. Nice crew and great service.
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Aegean Airlines

10 February 2023 Guest
No customer service
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01 February 2023 morrishj
I helped a friend buy refundable airline tickets on Aeromexico. She ended up having to change the date of her return and instead of changing the date, AeroMexico said we needed to cancel the tickets she had bought and buy new ones. I was told she would get her refund in 4-6 weeks. Now, over 10 months later, we are STILL trying to get a refund. They will only deal with you via email. You can call customer service but they will only tell you to email that department! There are other options to fly to Mexico from the US and I suggest you use them!
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

19 January 2023 Guest
Shit happens with every airline. But Aeroflot is definitely is not the worst company in this business. I have more than 30 flights with Aeroflot and never had any issues with luggage or anything. Good and very friendly flight attendants, decent meals and flights in time if no force majeure
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Envoy Air

29 December 2022 Guest
correction 2 of the 5 flights I listed today were run by other AA affiliates. However they were on time snd no problems.
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Blue Air

09 December 2022 Guest
SCAM! I scheduled a flight as one part of my honeymoon and they kept cancelling the fights, needless to say they did not returned the money. Their customer service does not even exist. Stay away from this airline if you don't want to lose money. FRAUD.
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Arik Air

05 November 2022 Guest
This airline made me feel how incompetent and unstructured this country is. The fact that I might be losing my job because of this Arik Airline....? You didn't send a notification for change of flight, plans has been made, only for me to get stalked at the airport waiting, a gen I already checked out of the hotel. Money wasted Precious time wasted I hate this airline to the bone!
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Eva Air

29 October 2022 Great cabin crew, awful Heathrow ground staff
Great cabin crew; awful Heathrow ground staff. On the outward journey from Bangkok to London, the cabin crew were wonderful: totally professional and really helpful, but the ground staff at London Heathrow were shockingly bad on my return. This was the worst experience I've had with any airline after 40 years of flying. The Heathrow check-in staff were impatient and rude from the outset, telling me "Move along the queue and stop wasting your time" when I began to enter my details in the Eva Air online check-in machines provided for that purpose. My passport was scrutinised and refused because of a small tear on a blank page at the back of my passport. This is the first time in six years using the same passport: 45 prior flights, 90 check-in crews and 180 immigration officials either end saw no issue with this small defect on a blank page of my passport. The Heathrow check-in manager ripped off the luggage tag from my bag when the decision had been made that I could not fly. This was unsmilingly delivered with no explanation, unnecessary and humiliating. This failure of Eva Air Heathrow ground staff will cost me approximately $1,200 to book a new flight. In spite of my very pleasant outward journey with Eva Air, I won't be travelling with this airline via London again.
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Jin Air

27 October 2022 Antonio Martin
I wanted to check a notice on my ticket. "If you paid by credit card with non-verification method when purchasing flight tickets, the cardholder must present his/her payment card when checking-in at the airport." My wife bought the ticket for me. The flight is at 6:50am on a sunday and it is a massive pain for my mrs and two little kids to drive with me to the airport well before sunrise. I called and spent a total of 4 hrs waiting for somone to answer the call to no avail, The automated system simply tried to hang up on me every chance it got. I emailed and got no reply. Customer service is horrible, such a simple thing is so painful. I assume the staff get paid so little they really could not be bothered to actually work to a satisfactory level. They might lack training, which is often the case in many places in Korea. I live in Korea, I know this from personal experience. I have not flown yet, I do hope the flight from ICN to FUK goes without incident. I mean it is 1hr 20mins long. What could go wrong...?
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Enter Air

20 September 2022 Andrew Brock
Why would anyone want to fly with this company . Not friendly. Not efficient. Never on time. Sell their slots and keep you on the tarmac for 2 hours . On way back we ended up going from Greece up though Black Sea. Poland .Norway then back through Holland and back to Gatwick . What was that all about . Did they not file a flight plan?? Because as a pilot I could not understand this move .
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Edelweiss Air

03 September 2022 Sabire Alkin
We had a paper for a single journey travel document of me, and my minors for the date 31.08.2022 with the flight numbers WK-439, LX-8014. I and my children had plane tickets with Edelweiss airlines on 31.08.2022 at 8:50 from Skopje to Zurich.We were at the airport 2 hours in advance. (Then we waited 2 more hours for waiting for a formal reply and he didn`t give any official documents to me. Denial of boarding ) Then with fly attendants of edelweiss airlines, they didn`t let me to go with the plane.From the check in one of the flight attendant sent us to take confirmation of Airport Airline Management , (deputy director and operations manager). He didn`t let us go by having a single journey travel document and confirmation of Permanent residence of Canada. He told that from Zurich airport of the Airport Airline Manager of Switzerland didn`t allow us to go check-in from 7:00 to 9:20. He didn`t let us go till we missed the plane. I would really need your assistance in this situation that I am currently facing.
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Air Europa

14 August 2022 Dayo Akinbode
This is the worst airline I have been on. I checked in my bag in Managua on the 21st of June to be delivered in Lisboa. On getting to Lisboa my bag was not found. A file was opened for me. I kept following up. Then I got a message on June 24 that my bag was at the Lisboa Airport. I flew back to Lisboa where I was told my bag had been sent to São Tome. I do not live in São Tome. The forwarding address I left was Nigeria. I was told my bag will be sent to Nigeria. Two months down the line, there is no news of my bag and no one responds to my mails I do not know what else to do
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Asky Airlines

06 August 2022 FRED
Flight from Banjul to Accra have been cancelled due to technical fault and all passengers are left at Banjul airport without any information. Airline manager doesn't even know the way forward and passengers are speculating all around. Passengers had to come to the airport before being told of the cancellation although the expected flight had not even arrived at Banjul.
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TUI Airways

29 July 2022 Guest
Flew from Bristol to Kos last summer! I was very satisfied with the service I was given by the cabin crew and nothing was too much for them. The luggage hand over times both ends were very good with only a short wait for our bags on the belts. Overall I 100% recommended flying with TUI airways!!!
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Smart Wings

14 July 2022 MK
How dare you smart wings!!! First, you're stupid staff member RIPPED UP our boarding passes in front of us at malaga airport, because she DIDN'T KNOW THE LAW. She said to us that we need 3 vaccines to fly to Prague. Which is WRONG WRONG WRONG. The Czech government simply wrote on the website of the ministry of health - YOU MUST HAVE BEEN VACCINATED IN THE LAST 270 DAYS. WHICH WE WERE! I emailed your compliance department, made a phone call I REQUESTED A TRANSCRIPT. The transcript was NEVER SENT TO ME. Do you think you can break the law? Then I assume once I gave the required information, which clearly stated that WE WERE RIGHT, you stopped replying to our emails, because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG. You won't send us the information because you know what your staff members have done will land you in trouble. Disgusting and absolutely unacceptable. Who do you think you are?
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08 July 2022 Guest
We reached the airport 3 hours before the flight and tried to check-in. After 30 mins of waiting, the lady came to check in the luggage (gate D16, Schiphol airport). She tried to check in the luggage for an hour and she was ignorant enough to call help or her Team lead. After asking million times, she decided to inform the Team Lead. The team lead got technical help and after 30 mins of all trials, they decided that it will not be possible to check-in. Meanwhile, we mentioned a minimum of 10 times that we are really getting delayed. She confirmed that the flight will not leave without us and she informed the Flybe gate. Then with a manually written ticket and large check-in bag, we went to the gate. Security and immigration understood the situation and let us pass through. We reached the gate and the flight was already GONE. The staff at the gate said they were never informed about the waiting passengers. Then they said they will try to accommodate us on the next flight and after 2.5 hours of waiting, they told us that they CANT (waw). They will accommodate us on the next day. Then booked a Hotel and let us go. No transport to Hotel or the transport from Hotel to Airport. We had to book a cab. The next day at the same counter and a new set of ignorant people. This time they wanted us to check in the small bag as well (which was the fine the day before ). Then after taking another 30 mins to check in (REALLLY, so busy chit-chatting with his colleagues), he couldn't print the receipt. Finally decided to proceed without a receipt. Reached the gate but they didn't let us board till the last minute because they haven't received the luggage check-in confirmation yet. Last-minute they let us in and we thought it over. I Landed at Heathrow, and now the luggage has gone missing. WAW. I had flown a lot in my lifetime and seen many troubles, but Flybe made me forget all that. This is the worst flight and service ever. Even if you die if you don't take this flight, then choose to die in peace. Otherwise, they will murder you a million times during this flight.
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Lauda Air

13 June 2022 Guest
Horrendous Experience!!! The Lauda Air plane looked old and tatty and like it was stuck together with tape! Taking off from Shannon Airport 12/6/22 the plane was swaying from side to side and it sounded like the plane was struggling to take off.....a bumpy flight but not too unusual until the time came for the wheels to come down, a screeching sound that sounded like the wheels wouldn't come down, as we were descending to land, the plane then shot back up and carried on for quite some time with no word from any of the crew to explain what was happening. After half an hour which felt like a lifetime, the plane tried to put the wheels down again and this time they came down ok and we landed with a hefty bump.....lots of screeching and very worried passengers. At no point even on disembarking did any crew member explain what had happened. It left me very scared and shaken and no one cared! Would not recommend this airline and would never fly with them again ever!! NO STARS IF I HAD THE CHOICE
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29 May 2022 Zama
Complete scam... Scam scam scam. Worst flight ever. After a round-trip of 1300 you gonna be asked to pay more 440 for bags. Such a nonsensical airline. Rather option for British Airways.
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13 April 2022 Turchian Mioara Iuga
The documents of proof that I have paid and the ticket been canceled due but the money extracted from my bank account!
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Air Sunshine

28 February 2022 Lauren M
I booked with Air Sunshine for a private Charter in February 2022. We were a group of 8 adults traveling from Tortola BVI to Vieques, Puerto Rico. I was a little skeptical because I could only find bad reviews - but they were quite old - so I thought I would give them a chance. Their rates were as good or better than a couple of other companies I checked with. They actually answer the phone when you call! And when the person didn't know the answer - she actually called me back...and the next day someone else called me to make sure that I was taken care of. They met us at the airport when we arrived earlier than planned and called the captain to see if he wanted to depart earlier. He showed up quickly and we took off early. The customer service was excellent! The people were all friendly. The plane was nice and the flight was smooth. Honestly, I'm a white-knuckle flyer and so are others in our group...but this really was a nice flight and I would not hesitate to fly with them again. I thought I should write a more current review since I could not find any out there. I hope this helps others.
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21 February 2022 Guest
Bought fully flexible premium economy ticket on -line from Vistara, Cane from UK and turned up at the check in counter - told there is a problem ticket has been auto cancelled. Zero help from customer service counter, extremely arrogant, rude and harassment for two hours including by so called floor manager at Delhi . Gave me customer care e-mail ID and said thats it! Bought another spot ticket to go to destination. Dont know if they will even refund my ninety or not!!! Never again
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Trans Guyana Airways

06 February 2022 Mel
Hi Gyana Airways, Suggestions for improving your services on flights from GT to Lethem: as someone who has traveled recently and experienced delays, please provide passengers some information when flight is delayed as to why, for how long and so on. I sat at the check out for two hours not knowing anything while your staff is walking around with no info to passengers or caring to give any info. Also, provide complimentary wifi to people waiting for so long, a vending machine with food and drinks. Your tickets are very pricey so some sort of accommodation to passengers should be given . This is for Ogle Airport. People at Lethem Airport are doing excellent job on keeping everyone informed if flight is delayed and keeping passengers happy.
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

01 February 2022 Guest
Our flight was canceled and we were auto booked on a KLM flight. After communicating our situation to the agent at the service counter, we were subjected to a series of offenses and non-compliant behaviors by the agent, which I have outlined below. 1. Inability and reluctance to provide pertinent information to us regarding our travel reservation: When I requested our new itinerary, she stated the counter is closing I will not do that. I informed her that the agent at gate E69 directed us to this counter for help. She continued to say that there are no more flights and that she did not need to be there. After continuously expressing that we were auto booked and dont even know our flight numbers, she reluctantly printed our itinerary. Furthermore, we communicated that we did not know the travel documentation requirements for Amsterdam. However, she only stated that the US requires a negative COVID test. We showed her our passports, negative antigen tests, and documentation of recovery. She was unwilling to tell us what documents were needed for our route. 2. Refusal to abide by CDC travel requirements per the US guidelines: As part of the US entry requirements, we were prepared with official documentation of recovery documents that met the CDC guidelines. These documents were verified by multiple travel agencies and licensed physicians and met all requirements for documentation of recovery. She refused to acknowledge that these met the US guidelines and stated No. It is my rule, I decide what is accepted and what is not accepted, not CDC. This will not be accepted. When we offered to show her the CDC checklists for airlines, she threatened to cancel our booking and began scanning our passports into the computer. 3. Refusal to escalate the issue to her superiors or identify herself as a KLM employee: As the discussion escalated, we asked to please speak with another agent or supervisor. She refused to contact anyone else. We said we needed help, that our flight was canceled and that we needed information about our new route. She stated, I am closing the counter this isnt my problem. At this response, I asked for her name. She then, turned her employee identification badge inwards as to conceal any identifiers. I asked if she was even a KLM employee and she refused to answer and scoffed at us, walking away from the counter. At approximately 6:44 am we saw her socializing with other colleagues at the air Europe counter around counter 540. 4. Inappropriate use of our personal information: We provided this agent with official documentation containing personal information such as US passport numbers, date of births, names, and personal health information related to COVID. This was provided to her as she presented herself as an agent able to assist us. However, she used our information to flag and block our ticket. We were unable to check in to our new flight by phone, website, or app. When we arrived at the airport the next morning, the new agent was not able to check us in without assistance from other staff. This created additional inefficiencies amongst an already short, staffed counter. Employee Description: Approximately 55, female, Caucasian, 55-65 years old, dark brown/black hair, brown eyes, seated at or around KLM counter 429 at approx. 6:15 am on January 29, 2022. The itinerary receipt that she printed for us has an EMIS/issued by: 00773205/LIS and I believe that is her employee ID. This employee refused to review our COVID-10 documentation for the US and is in direct violation of current US CDC COVID-19 protocols and likely did not follow standard company policies or procedures. This created significant hardship and distress, particularly in my current condition of being 18 weeks pregnant and her behavior should not be overlooked.
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Air Niugini

18 January 2022 Guest
Oh come on! I have been waiting for my children since yesterday. flights kept getting delayed and cancelled. Finally, today they left their location after a long delay, only to get to POM and to tell them that there cannot be any connection flights to destination because there are no seats available. All their goods from the village are almost bagarap! What a waste of time and money! Air Niugini service your planes!
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

26 December 2021 Guest
Were supposed to takeoff at 7:50am, it's now 9am and we are still not moving. Been on board of a full plane since 7:30am it's hot and humid and the crew doesn't turn on the A/C.
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JetBlue Airways

04 December 2021 Guest
They've gone downhill. As a customer from the beginning, it's sad to see how growth causes a decline in customer service, staff happiness and overall performance. I'm on these birds monthly or more. Employees are almost always unhappy, angry or distant. Is it OK to not unload the plane's luggage for an hour? Is it OK for nobody to EVER answer the phone? Is it OK to call, write and email the executive team and not get an answer? I'm in NYC and they want to expand in Boston. Good luck, as I will be flying on another carrier. When you lose a million mile customer, you should be concerned.
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22 November 2021 Dr.Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Tambi
My wife and I booked to fly to Penang on 3rd Dec and return on 5th.The booking was done on 15 Nov evening. I thought everything was on order.Just now when I rechecked my flight details I found my wifes name and mine were incomplete.I contacted the customer service and was informed that I have to pay Rm150 each just to put my complete name.I am an Enrich Member.This is day light robbery! I then wrote in to customer care and hope this can be rectified without incurring cost.My wife was charged Rm50 for incorrect name by Air Malindo some time ago, at the airport.We thought that was our fault.This present situation is simply radiculous.Ihave been a loyal patron to Firefly.I will not give any rating until I get a response from them.
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Myanmar National Airlines

30 October 2021 MTPT
None of the contract phone numbers are reachable.
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Small Planet Airlines

09 September 2021 Small Planet Airlines Number 1-888-589-1015
We booked a vacation with Monarch last August to go to Kos with Little Planet Airlines this August. We received an email 2 days ago informing us that the airline will no longer be flying to Kos this summer on a Saturday. Therefore, we have now lost our vacation as the hotel is now booked on alternative flights that were offered. We would never recommend Monarch or Small Planet airlines to anyone!
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20 July 2021 Guest
Worst service ever! A one-hour flight has turned into a ten-hour struggle
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Malindo Air

15 June 2021 Guest
I bought Malindo Airlines before the Pandemic occured and they cancelled my flight did not tefund only give voucher. The voucher is rubbish.
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Southwest Airlines

25 March 2021 Shirly
Description of Problem/Inquiry/Comment: On march 24th 2021 I was in my first flight nightmare. As I was requested, I was wearing a mask the whole flight. The only thing that happens is because the mask was big on me, it was sometimes under my nose, and I fix it immediately when the flight attendant asked me to. I was at the beginning of the plan, and somehow I was the only one she was looking for. My dog was under the seat in his bag, his head was out because he was barking since he has anxiety, she was telling me to put is head in and the other flight attendant said it's fine because he didn't let people sleep. When we landed, a manger name Julian Sanchez was waiting for me, telling me she is going to call the police if I'm not giving her my name, while the other flight attendant screaming "dirty jew" and lying saying I was treating her bad, when I never ever reached to her even once! The flight attendant clearly was racist to me, lying I refuse to wear a mask, when I never ever refused to wear a mask, people on the flight next to me can tell it!!! When I was asking julian Sanchez to get the flight attendant name, I've been refused by her, violating my right the file a complaint against this flight attendant, whome I think should leave the airline since she give it a really bad name! I never felt so ashamed and embarrassed. I called the customer service and they didn't want to tell me her name, like the manager Julian Sanchez told me to do. I find the flight attendant a layer, racist and very rude. I find myself powerless against a big company that won't care, and will do everything to protect their employees and names. If I had a video to document all what happened, everything was easier
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Bulgaria Air

24 March 2021 Guest
In a pandemic you would think that being in contact with less people is the goal and responsibility of every person/company /government. Apparently not for Bulgaria Air. Instead, they mix several flights to make sure you get in contact with as many people as possible... The day before they changed the flight - now it passed through Frankfurt to Sofia. Instead of a direct flight from Berlin of 2 hours, the flight took more than 4 hours. They did not inform us in any way about this, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the airport... This was because they combined a few flights, exposing us to people from two countries and minium 3 cities. Somehow, their statement in the beginning of the flight "We make everything we can to protect you from the virus." seems so empty and quire ironic in the view of the situation. The flight was packed so much that seat bookings overlapped with each other! I feel the need to compromise the safety of their passangers during pandemic just so they can win more money is absurd. Or if you will do it, don't even bother saying you actually care, because you clearly don't! If you have the option to travel with another company I would strongly recommend it! Bulgaria Air does not care about you.
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Thai Vietjet Air

22 December 2020 Traveler from Europe
Before the epidemic, I bought a ticket from Danang to Bangkok for $ 162. The flight was canceled in November, I asked for a refund citing the terms and condition, I have already written four letters but they dont want to pay. A terrible, incorrect airline! I would never travel with them and would not recommend it to anyone. They must be avoided by far!
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El Al

22 December 2020 Guest
My el al flight from South Africa to Tel Aviv was cancelled by the air line because of the corona virus. I submitted a request for a refund 6 weeks ago and am still waiting to get my money back. My family and I utilized the services of 4 other carriers during this journey and ALL of them issued refunds within days. The only problematic airline is El Al. Why?
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Eastar Jet

20 October 2020 Guest
I booked my tickets through and my flight was eventually cancelled in June due to COVID. Now we are in October and I am still waiting for my refund. In responding to my refund status inquiry in August, suggested me to wait patiently because they were also waiting for my refund from the airline. Since I can't find any customer service email information on Easter Jet website, there is no way for me to verify that. I don't plan to book any flight tickets with or EasterJet again.
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Oman Air

18 October 2020 Shahnaz
I had an extremely frustrating experience with Oman Air. On 4 Sep 2019, my daughter booked two online return tickets from Brisbane to Tehran and Tehran to Brisbane for my husband and I. Our flight to Tehran was on 24 December 2019 which was done with no issue. But our return flight was on 21 March 2020. Because of Coronavirus, I got an email from Oman air on 28 February 2020 that the flight was cancelled because of Coronavirus. As we had to return to Australia, and the flights from Tehran were to be restricted, we urgently purchased another flight and returned to Australia. I contacted Oman Air several times and was put on hold for more than two hours, with no answer at all. I sent an email to Oman Air and I got an automatic email on 28 of April 2020 that they received my refund request. And then on 7 of May 2020 I got another email that I should contact the site I have got the tickets. I contacted the site, but they declared that I should contact the airline. I emailed Oman Air again and on 8 of September I got another response that they could not refund. I know there is a crisis and I understand the situation well. But I suffered a lot of problems and extra expense to return home. It is neither fair nor reasonable to ignore my case. I request to be refunded of the flight which is cancelled by Oman Air or issued other flexible return tickets because international flights are not available from Australia currently. Oman Air has cancelled our flight and it is responsible for refunding or extending our tickets. But it does not accept its responsibly. I do not like to fly with such an irresponsible Airline that do not respect its customers right and I do not recommend it to anyone.
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Ural Airlines

29 September 2020 Guest
My fly was cancel due to covid but they do not pay back. The phone does not work any more. Afther fulling the form it says it will pay in 2 months does not true. Also they do no send a confirmation afther fulling the form. Do not go with this airline.
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Asiana Airlines

31 August 2020 Michelle
Worst experience ever . . . Poor customer service, rude n still havent refund my ticket yet like they had promised not too mention my luggages got lost too.
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Jetstar Asia

04 August 2020 Guest
Wow! what type of airline is this! Can't reach any of staff from Jetstar. Nobody pick up the phone, no email reply at all.
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01 July 2020 Guest
My fiance and family had booked a flight (with trip insurance) for our wedding which was going to happen in Mexico. We showed up at the airport ready to go and they told us the flight was cancelled. We didn't receive any phone calls, emails, or texts about the flight being cancelled but just the airport told us when we got there. The next day we were on the phone arguing for about 2 hours and then we were told we would receive a full refund in 8-10 weeks for the cancelled flight. Eventually we received an email that Interjet denied our request to process a refund for the "non-refundable ticket(s) since it does not meet the current refund exception policy." I am very upset by the lack of communication with the cancelled flight, the back and forth conflicting information regarding the refund, the useless trip insurance, and paying over $1500 USD to Interjet for doing absolutely nothing.
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Air France

16 May 2020 Guest
One of the poorest companies i have ever used. continual refusal to process refunds as law states. People will remember wher pandemic is over
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Stobart Air

14 May 2020 Guest
Cabin crew are lazy and rude on the Isle of Man to Manchester route , poor English level
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Travel Service Airlines

13 May 2020 Guest
smartwings client scam Hello i`am writing this e-mail after waiting a lot of time with smart wings company requesting my money back and i would like to let you know how this company is working after having all the right in dealing in a legal business and this is not how it should be .............. Cancelled flight, no refund within EU-regulations - Review of Smart wings Airline cancelled flight (I had a booking for 3 persons, about three weeks prior to flight. The company send me an e-mail regarding the cancellation due to the corona virus and they were supposed to refund me within 7 days but i found my self calling many times after they hear a refund the customer support just hang up the phone on my face Already this is a serious violation on EU-regulation No 261/2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of flight cancellations. According to the regulation, airline must reimburse a cancelled flight within seven days from cancellation. More than two weeks after cancellation after many ping pong e-mails asking for my money they send me that e- mail Dear client, thank you for your email. We apologize for that, but unfortunately we can offer you only the voucher. If you would like to claim this procedure you can do that through our contact form on our website Thank you for understanding and have a nice day. serious violation of customer's rights. In other words it is a scam company and the are saying to me now we got your money do what you want but they forget that many companies success because of the good reviews and some of them also can crash, Im not nervous because i will get my money at the end and i will also not let them play with me. Please share this reviews so that people can know who is Smart wings airlines I want my money back
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