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Country: South Africa
Low-cost services in South Africa and to neighbouring countries
IATA code: MN
ICAO code: CAW
Head office: Cnr. 1 Marigne Drive and Atlas Road, Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone number: +27 11 921 05 00
Fax number: +27 11 388 24 63
Year established: 2001
Main bases and hubs: Cape Town International, George, Johannesburg OR Tambo International, Lanseria International
Fleet: Boeing 737-200, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-800

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13 December 2014 Guest

Was on a flight from capetown to O.R Tambo. Worst experience ever. Cabin crew extremely unprofessional and rude. First flight attended made a comment to another of "maybe if she was friendlier to me, i would have helped her" after a traveller requested assistance. Another flight attended walked passed Asian travelers and made a comment "No need to try and explain the emergency procedures to them, its not like they would understand it anyway". After landing waited 30 minutes for baggage to come around, i can not even recall ever waiting this long for my luggage even on international flights. never ever in my live of jet setting have I had such a bad experience with an airline. I would not recommend this airline to anyone. Absolutely disgusted with this airline. Excellent service received from Mango Airlines a few days ago no complaints there staff was useful, friendly and offered assistance to all travelers.

08 October 2012 Guest

they are always late , never depart on time, up 4 hrs late, cost money at parking lots, no feedback why the flights are late.

05 April 2012 Guest

Where would you like me to start....? This is THE MOST DISGUSTING AIRLINE I have EVER travelled ... and this includes AFRICA ! If your time is important , then stay AWAY from this airline. They are always late , never depart on time, up to 3 hours !!! and then they tell JOKES to make it lighthearted !! I decided to move to them as Lanseria is a easy location for me to access. 4 flights.... 3 late.... Many missed meetings and many hours at the airport with time to write review like this.... It is now easter weekend, and instead of departing at 15 55, it moved to departure at 16 55 and now has moved to 18 h 30 !!!!! NEVER USE THIS AIRLINE IF YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU... and when you find out the reason... TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY is the answer !!!! I mean really......!!! LAST TIME

06 September 2009 D Campbell

Probably the most awful flying experience I have ever had. Complete chaos at check in and ended up being bumped off flight, we were promised compensation but no one could tell us who was to provide this compensation. The 6 hour delay at JNB International with 3 children under 4 was an experience I could have done without. The hostesses were, I am sure, quite funny but at that stage I was in no mood to laugh and found their flippancy annoying and somehow insulting considering the 8 tortuous hours we had just spent because of that airline. Still waiting for their "feedback department" to get back to me 2 months later. My advice is to arrive really early because when it goes wrong its not all fun and games.

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10 October 2016 ronald slabbert

Please Investigate urgently... I was on your flight from Oliver Tambo to Durban. Flight MN 633 which was delayed for 2 hours. Finally on my arrival back home I found that my bag had been tampered with. I did not have anything of value in it so they threw all my toiletry bag all over the case. I had a cable tie on the zipper handles so they must have just lifted the zip and then closed it again. There might be more complaints coming through as they had two whole ours to go through the luggage of this flight delay. My friend was trying to get to Hillcrest Hospital to see his daughter in Intensive care but no help was forth coming. A very disappointing flight indeed

10 April 2016 Gaby Coode

I will not fly with this airline again. As Kulula's flight from Cape Town to J'burg was delayed because the aircraft could not be repaired within a short period of time - to assist passengers to catch their international connecting flights, after eventually finding alternate flights to J'burg - to : 1. Have escorts usher connecting passengers through the airport, to minimize time to find the international airline check in counters, as there were only 40 minutes left for departure 2. They did not advise these airlines, that some of Kulula's passengers were delayed and might need assistance by making an exception for time to close gate. 3. They did not give instructions, what would happen to he luggage, which would have to be collected first, before checking in again with the respective international airlines. On all the 3 above points they assured passengers, that all the above was organized. Kulula's senior staff was laying, by advising passengers on an Etihad flight, that this flight was delayed by one hour and those passengers did not have to worry. After cross checking this with Etihad - there was absolutely no truth to that claim. Kulula's did not respond to several emails, after arriving at Abu Dhabi, what was happening to my luggage and what plans had been made, to deliver this. Hence - I had to cancel my flight the next day to Munich. After returning to J,burg and now trying to lodge an official complaint, the manager advised, that this was not their responsibility, but that of Etihad. At that point my husband started to record and film the conversation, advising, at this would happen now, as it had taken an unacceptable stage. Manager now threatened to leave and not "help" further , if the recording was not deleted. She left... The remaining staff did not answer us, as we asked for the name of the manager, although repeatedly asked. After returning back in Cape Town - an email was sent to customer relations on the 3rd of April. Today - one week later, still no comments, other than they would respond shortly. Bye the way - the luggage arrived in Abu Dhabi with an expensive suitcase cover missing and variaous items from the outside pockets of the case. Anyone who knows the UAE knows, that this certainly did not happen in their country. I leave it up to the readers of this report, to decide, whether they would like to chose Kulula's for their next flight. I will ensure, that this will go to the highest level at Kulula, although I start to wonder, whether they really care. They did not assist any of the passengers, which had connecting flights, as their flight was delayed Elated Was

30 November 2015 trusha

Pathetic service received highly disappointed This weekend that passed my family and I were livid at the poor level of service experienced with Kulula airlines due to an error initiated on a ticket by the sales consultant. A ticket was initially booked for return for the21/11/2015with flight centre, however due to my late grandmothers funeral there was a need to postpone the flight. The flight was planned for a later date which would enable me to stay in Durban for the ceremony that was scheduled for midday on Sunday the29/11/2015. This crucial information at the time was being discussed with my cousin and I at the ticket sales counter in the presence of the Sales consultant assisting with the postponement and we had adequately communicated this to Selena ( Sales consultant) whom had sub consciously acknowledged this, reason being she repeatedly mentioned Sunday and we repeatedly confirmed. My cousin and I distinctly advised the consultant that I will need to be flying on the Sunday29/11/2015. However, Selena appeared to be a trainee as she was unable to carry out her job functions efficiently and independently. On the day of the postponement the21/11/2015we were subjected to a long wait prior to finalisation of booking whereby the consultant experienced high levels of indecisiveness and uncertainty with the booking and continuously sought assistance from her colleague. The consultant had failed to call out all the information pertinent to the booking of the new flight once it was finalised on the system. Video footage from the surveillance cameras will prove all of the above. Due to abovementioned I was highly disappointed that I was further subjected to the booking of an entire new ticket at my expense in addition to having previously paid for a postponement fee. Kulula should pride itself on Service Excellence, and customer satisfaction. This predicament has unfortunately made me lose all faith in the organisation, and I urge that this be resolved immediately.

04 December 2014 Cheryl Goulstone

I have just had the most awful experience with Kulula which ended up with my husband and I missing our flight to UK even though we should of had plenty of time 5 hours to be precise in joburg awaiting our flight, but the fact was not as it should have been. Kulula flight from George to Johannesburg delayed from 13.30 until 16.00 then to 16.30 and finally 17.00 . by which time it was too late as we took off 17.30 missing our check in by 10 minutes. I have emailed Kulula hopeful of compensation and maybe a sorry or something. Having just read these reviews it seems that my complaint might have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe people should complain on Facebook, Tripadvisor or any other media which might actually make them aware that without customers flying their airline they wouldn't be in business, so they should be more customer friendly and address complaints or risk the loss of their business

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