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Arik Air Reviews

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14 April 2017 Disu

Arik Air used to to be a brand that inspired confidence in Aviation. thats all gone now! Dealing with them is like being on an episode of the Muppet Show. I attempted to buy a ticket via their website, my account was debited but no ticket was issued, no confirmation email was sent - nothing! I've been chasing them for 21 days now, and each time they collect my details and do nothing. It's a shame. My only advice to anyone is to AVOID dealing with Arik Air, I've learnt the hard way.

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12 January 2017 Guest

It is a shame really that ARIK has gone to this state of decadence. I have been flying ARIK for almost a decade now on the London route. I quit Virgin because ARIK has one of the best planes with reasonable fares. You don't have to squeeze your legs on ARIK. Although there had been challenges over the years, but they were challenges that were not peculiar to ARIK such as few hours delay, going to Ghana to refuel, cancellation of flights, rescheduling but all the while, they have been able to positively managed the situations. With all these reports here and there, I am very sceptical to fly ARIK. It is a shame really because ARIK has provided a good competition for Virgin Atlantic and BA otherwise, we would have been paying through our nose to meet up with their flight charges but with ARIK in place, this has been curbed. We pray that ARIK goes back to its days of reliability or that the Nigerian government resuscitates the Nigeria Airways.

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18 December 2016 Guest

In my opinion, Arik Air is the worst airline in africa. They are incompetent, liars and have no regard for their customers. My flight was cancelled three times without any valid reason. In addition, they refused to issue a refund and could not find my luggage. I am convinced that Arik Air should stop operating in Nigeria as they are an embarrassment. Arik Air has disappointed me several times and it would be ridiculous to consider travelling with them in future. I advise anyone attempting to use this airline to make sure he/she has exhausted other options.

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16 December 2016 Guest

ok so here goes airlines like this should not be operating anywhere!!!! aircraft's are filthy, no in flight entertainment, staff are rude, frequent cancellations and delays that is just for starters. no staff at arik get paid on time all employees haven't seen a salary since july or august and the reason they keep flying is the fact that if they leave they never see any of that money. If you value your life because I can guarantee to you your valuables will go missing! also security is a major issue come on in a country that takes bribes and the crew not being paid wise up. we need people to stop flying arik so that we can get these crooks out of the sky! #boycottarik

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01 October 2016 Guest

Very crappy service, rude staffs. Had to pay 97,000 to move a flight I was 45 mins early for but the staffs would no longer attend to anyone. Flight experience crappy. Not worth it. Never again

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16 September 2016 Guest

I have been waiting for a refund from Arik now for 4 months after they changed my flight time and it was no longer convenient. I was given the option of a full refund. Since then, I have chased everyone under the sun. They are a completely useless airline. They are not answering calls or emails. I think they are in serious trouble and I would think twice about booking with these clowns if I were you. I expect them to fail imminently!

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21 May 2015 Olutosin Olawumi

I have been travelling Arik Air since 2009 and the service just getting worse every year, at least on 3 different occasion the inflight entertainment has not been working, on a different occasion they brought in a smaller plane to take us from London to Lagos which again the inflight entertainment was not working and on the 1st of May 2015 my return flight to London from Lagos was council without notifying the customers, and when we got the airport there was no one around to update us. I complain on all this occasions at the airport but the staff said they are sorry and that there is nothing they can do

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28 April 2015 Guest

I am a regular flyer of ARIK AIR FROM London to Lagos, at least twice a year. I travelled 6 April and returned 18th April. The crew were very good and the food was good. The T.V facilities did not work throughout the flight. I completed a complaint form. Not a word or acknowledgement of my complaint. On my return on the 18th. I was early and on the Arik counter queue at the M.M Lagos Airport by 7:00, but due dispute between AIRK AIR AND FAAN, our aircraft did not take off until 16:20. No one offered any water any refreshments, like other airline would. This is the only airline that belongs to us, as Nigerians. Why this discouraging treatment.? Many passengers vowed never to travel Arik Air again. Is this good for business? Of course not. I am due to travel in July.

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11 March 2015 Guest

Arik is quite possibly the world's worst airline. Please do not book any flights with them unless you absolutely have no other options. Most of their flights are subject to delays and passengers are not compensated when such delays occur. Flight cancellations are routine due to what Arik terms 'operational reasons' and delays are a fact of life at Arik. It is not uncommon for flights to be arbitrarily rescheduled 3 days in advance. Bizarrely, Arik Air sell tickets on routes they no longer ply. Recently (March 2015), I booked and was confirmed on a flight that no longer operates. I turned up at the airport only to be treated with disdain by Arik's army of uncouth staff. Arik Air's customer service is an unmitigated shambles. If you want to have a stress-free travel experience, please avoid Arik at all cost.

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08 March 2015 Guest

Useless airline. Said they combined a flight without proper announcement. They made me miss my flight. They had my checked in luggage returned without any announcement asking for the owner. The rude attendant at the counter now tells me to pay extra 15k to travel on the next flight the next morning. They just lost a customer. SMH a

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25 November 2014 E Onadeko

I travelled on Arik Air W3 101 Dep 12:45pm from Lagos to London 22nd November. As I finished checking in around 9:30am a Arik Air official came up to me to inform me that this plane will be delayed by 4 hours due to a mechanical failure with the plane and we would department around 4pm. Not every passenger was not aware of this information. Most passengers were waiting at the departure gate for a news update. This didn't happen. We were told the airline would provide a meal and drink for all passengers but this was not communicated to all passengers leaving people very confused. There was a lack of leadership and lack of customer service from Arik ground staff. Some Arik staff even were evading passengers questions. The problem was that Arik staff/management did not keep customers abreast of changes to departure times which incensed some passengers into anger at Arik ground staff. It was hot and stuffy with no air conditioning and the promise of a meal seem not to materialise until around 1pm when we were given 2 mini cup cakes and luke warm water or juice. There was no information being broadcast over the PA system about our flight departure. This was so unprofessional. We finally were given hot food around 2:30/3pm. When 4pm came around there was no information when this plane was going to depart. By 5pm we were told boarding would start from 6pm. We eventually departed at 6:45pm. This was a 9 hrs 45 minute wait for me and for some customers it was a 11-12hrs wait for departure at the airport. This was my worst experience ever by an airline company. I will never fly with Arik Air ever again. I will use Virgin or BA next time or an indirect European carrier. Arik Air customer service on this occasion was dreadful and very amateur.

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22 October 2014 Megan

Arik Air is PATHETIC!!! We havent even actually flown on them and all we have had is problems. Almost 2 months ago we booked a ticket to travel from Benin to JFK. There is a connection in Nigeria. Well a month ago Arik Air cancelled the portion of Benin to Nigeria and refused to give us a refund for that portion and said we could either cancel our whole flight or just lose the money of the first connection. Well we said we wanted a full refund. After emailing and calling now for over a week to find out when we will get our refund they still don't know and said it could take up to 30 more days! I will never have anything good to say about them.

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14 October 2014 Bola

I will advise everyone to be careful about purchasing online tickets with arik air. I purchased a business class ticket November last year for a local flight from Ibadan to Abuja. The money was deducted but the ticket wasnt issued. i made calls, sent emails and even went to the Arik air offices 3 times, but till today close to a year after, my money wasn't refunded, no ticket issued and now their customer service department do not reply my mails. This to me amounts to stealing from a consumer. At least I can vouch for the customer services of some other aairlines. No airline is perfect but customer relations is very important. Apparently to Arik air it is not.

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28 May 2014 Guest

This airline is nothing but a joke, they do not care about the passengers or the crew.The food is all cooked in London and flown to Lagos often not refrigerated i am surprised people don't become really ill.. Avoid Arik at all costs...

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19 May 2014 Guest

Arik air staff in nigeria are the worst i have ever met the flight delays for over an hour and no body says anything to the customers. The walk pass customers without giving them any information and when they get to rhe boarding gate they push everyone out like animals and closes the gate wow what an insult after paying to get on the flight this will be my second and last with arik and will never encourage anyone to take it.

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25 April 2014 Guest

My husband got to arik desk two and half hours before his flight Los-Lon was due to take off, but was told that check in had closed. He was told to pay $150 for "no-show" and board 2 or 3 days later or forfeit the ticket. He had to, because he knew he had no alternative. There is no one to complain to and he cant afford to sue them. When my mom came, they said chicken was finished on the flight! incredible. Arik is the worst airline in Nigeria. I wish we ha an alternative that can accomodate as much luggage as Arik. Hopeless airline.

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29 December 2013 Guest


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16 July 2013 Temmy

I have flown Arik air about 4 times in the past 6 months Lon-Los-Lon and I must say that the service is a joke. On all the occasions, the entertainment system didn't work and the excuse was always something flimsy. My most recent trip was 3 days ago Los - Lon and even though the flight was due to leave at 12 noon, 12.30 we were still on the tarmac, but was any information given to us? no. Also when it comes to food, they will always, always run out of the popular choice of chicken. my last trip saw a air hostess telling a passenger that it was beef or nothing. shameful. My last trip from Lon-Los at the check in desk saw us being asked to place our computers and hand bags inside our hand luggage. when did arik air become Easyjet or Ryanair not that it is on their website neither does it apply to the return leg. I could go on. but trust me. the only thing Arik has going for it is their flight timing and luggage allowance. the rest is just intolerable

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05 July 2013 Dr Saul Johnson

Avoid this airline at all costs. In the course of a single trip from Johannesburg to Abuja I have had to endure a 5 hour delay in Lagos, a 3 hour delay in Abuja and now there is no sight of the plane to Joburg and we are supposed to be in the air! No savings are worth this!

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