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Alitalia Reviews

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11 September 2017 Guest

Rome to Milan in business class - paid US$1,000 for two tickets that included 'breakfast'. Flight delayed two and three-quarter hours due to storms around Rome. Understood that is not their fault, but bags must have been left in rain during the delay as all clothes were wet through and a number damaged due to colours running. Will contact them about claiming damage - but breakfast was a small pastry (size of a 2 euro coin) and a coffee and energiser drink). Value for money - pretty poor!

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24 May 2017 Guest

Bought a domestic ticket from Milan (MXP) to Rome (FCO) via the Alitalia website in October 2016. In January 2017, received an email that stated the flight has been cancelled. No reason given and it did not state that we have to ring them by a certain date to make alternative arrangements. It's now going on June 2017 and we are still waiting for a refund for a flight that they cancelled. 5 separate phones, 3 emails and 1 dissatisfied customer. Be weary of purchasing Alitalia tickets as they commit daylight robbery.

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08 February 2017 Mark M

Miami-Rome in October.....what a horror! Very uncomfortable seats. Filthy bathrooms. No jet way upon arrival and had to depart down steps in the pouring rain....and then huddle under the wing because the trams were full. My wife almost divorced me on the spot. Un- attentive attendants. Overall a mess. They lost our seat assignments in the last week and we lost our aisle seats. We had to share middle space in a 4 across and they did not give a hoot about it. NEVER AGAIN! And if you are wise, find alternatives. The return flight was much better and still a poor product for the money we spent. Take my word for it. DON'T BOOK!

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25 January 2017 Guest

Hi; My partner and I flew on Alitalia last year. We had ordered special meals, specially my partner (a moslem meal) and since it was Ramadan, we totally got harassed by the Flight Attendants. They refused to serve the meals to us and just left it on the dirty floor. The seats were broken and no entertainment and recline option all the way from LAX to FCO (rome). Also, we got charged twice for the extra luggage fee ($300) dollars. Multiple delayed flights that interfered with our visit/vacation. Eventually Alitalia lost both of our bags into Casablanca. No clothing and all the gifts we had for our families were gone. We filed at baggage claim rightaway at Casablanca airport. Nothing was offered and we were told to write an email to Alitalia in Rome and New York. We had originally purchased the ticket with our Delta Miles/American express. Nothing has been offered via Amex or Delta. We have written multiple letters to Alitalia/emails and no apology or refund or reply.

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07 January 2017 Guest

We booked a flight on Expedia fr om CDG to LUQA via Rome. Our eticket specified it would be an AF flight but in actuality it was an Alitalia flight. The entire experience was a disaster. Our luggage scales broke the night before so arrived more than 3 hours prior to the flight departing, just in case. We didn't know we were on an Alitalia flight until after AF directed us to the wrong line three different times. We checked our luggage and did not see one piece again until a week later, after arriving home to the US. We were harrassed and delayed at security because they insisted we check our hand luggage, even after removing magazines and food that tipped it over the 12K lim it. We refused so by the time our luggage was approved and inspected we arrived at the gate with a minute to spare. We were first told we could board, then told we couldn't. We were then told our tickets were no good and we'd need to go downstairs to rebook the ticket. 955 Euros later (originally a 150 euro ticket) we were in a hotel without luggage that was already MIA. We are working on reimbursement now for additional expenses but based on what I've read it will be a long time coming, if ever. The airline is on the verge of folding at present and based on our experience, good riddance.

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04 December 2016 Guest

Guys, I flew many airlines and different airports but the most worst airline and airport in terms of services is Alitalia and FCO airport.

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20 March 2016 Sergio S

Alitalia, together with Iberia, is definitely one of the worst airlines operating in the EU. 1. In-flight crew unable to speak any language other than Italian and English. 2. Crew doesn't have the Customer Service attitude. To ask anything from them is always a humbling act. 3. Entertainment centre in their international flights is mediocre and altogether uninteresting. 4. Food served during the flight has a face of industrial food, little, lukewarm and without much option. 5. I strongly recommend people: STAY AWAY FROM ALITALIA. Even if you have to pay a bit more, go with AirFrance, TAP, British Airways, any other company will be definitely better!

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17 November 2015 Greg

Flight from Paris to Trieste, via Rome. Delayed flights, delayed luggage, pathetic level of customer service and follow up. I could never recommend using Alitalia. Despite experiencing delayed luggage, and waiting two days for it to arrive, our tickets for the return leg of our holiday had been cancelled by the airline because they had no record on their system of us travelling with them on the first leg of our journey!!!! We had to show them our boarding passes to Trieste to show them that we had travelled on our booking with Alitalia, and for them to find us seats on the flight we had booked and paid for!!!. You get a better level of service and value for money from budget airlines such as Easyjet - Alitalia offered a worse than budget service at a premium price ...

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04 November 2015 Guest

I bought a comfort seat on an Alitalia flight. The receipt came in with no mention of seat number or date of flight. I sent an e-mail to Alitalia customer service, but never got a reply. I called them, and the rep was EXTREMELY rude. She told me that "it's all in the system" and I don't need evidence that I booked that specific seat. As if one could trust a company with such poor records! Now I am holding my breath to see whether I will really get the upgrade I paid for.

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18 December 2014 Guest

This was my first experience with Alitalia airlines. I am sorry to say i am very disappointed with my experience. First of, our flight was delayed, and i knew i wouldnt make my connection due to the delay, yet while Air France was trying to help me get a flight from Paris to Beirut, Alitalia refused to let that happen, made me go to Rome, miss my connecting flight to Beirut, and thus i had to stay one night in Rome. To top it all off, one of my checked in pieces is still missing, and the one that made it with me to Lebanon is soaked. My books, my clothes, boxes with collectibles, and even my nintendo 64. Attached you will find the pictures of all the goods that have been damaged. I am very disappointed with what seemed to be a never ending trip with many firsts, and dreading my return flight to Detroit.

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19 November 2014 Lisa Napoletano

I travelled to Italy in November of 2014. I experienced problems with the airlines on both going and returning from JFK to Rome to Bari and returning from Bari to Rome to JFK. The flight attendants (especially the women) were extremely rude. On the flight over I wasn't feeling well and asked for a glass of ice twice. The first time I was told that they did not have any, the second time the woman assistant looked at me and said "Ice is no good for you!" The male attendant could tell I was not feeling well and finally handed me a glass of ice. Although I reserved my seats at the time of my purchase, they check in attendant gave me a different seat, which was a middle seat. I feel claustrophobic as it is in a plane and it is crucial for me to have an Isle seat. They do not care at all about the comfort of their coach passengers and make you feel like a criminal for even asking for anything. I do not know how they treat their business class passengers, but for $2,000 a ticket, I think the least we can expect is a smile and a kind gesture and a glass of ice, if requested. I traveled with my 80+ year old parents. It was hard for them to get up out of those tight seats. My father was trying to get up out of his chair when an attendant came scurrying by him. Not only did he not stop to try and help him up, he almost pushed him over. The plane on the way home was extremely dirty. The bathroom floor was so filled with urine that my sneakers were sticking to the floor. Flying 8+ hours there and 10+ back is difficult enough, factor in the lack of legroom, nasty attitudes of the attendants and filthy plane I felt degraded and dirty. We paid additional money for two bags of luggage which never made it back to the states. We are still awaiting their return. (I will never take this airline to Italy ever again. I am not one to write reviews but if I can help one person avoid this experience then it would have been worth my time.

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