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Air Berlin Reviews

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06 August 2017 Guest

Terrible experience flying with Auirberlin fr om Vienna to Abu Dhabi through TXL/Berlin on 4 August. The flight from Vienna was delayed for 3 hours, but the time it reached Berlin, the flight to Abu Dhabi had left 1 hour before. Many passengers missed their flights and had to wait stay over night in Berlin. On 5 August finally we boarded an aircraft to Abu Dhabi, which left with about 20-30 min delay due to various reasons, one of which some issue with an aircraft door that they could not close. When we arrived to Abu Dhabi, the troubles continued -- our luggage was missing! Airberlin had more than 12 hours in TXL/Berlin to organize our luggage and load it on the airplane and they failed to do it. Now the buagge is lost, not traceable. It is quite a challenge to contact Airberlin. My local operator responds that the phone numbers are not extistent when I call Airberlin. When finally I managed to reach Airberlin operator she was rude enough to tell me that lost luggage is not the problem of Airberlin and that if I should go to the Lost&Found of the airport wh ere the luggage was lost -- presumably she means that I should travel to TXL/Berlin to personally look for my luggage?

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18 July 2017 Guest

Got my bag back this weekend after being lost for 3 weeks. Apparently it was sitting OUTSIDE in the sun the entire time - and the rain I would imagine, as the entire top of the bag was completely FADED. What was red is now PINK! It had to be sitting there for quite some time to fade that bad!!! Which just goes to show they just don't bother with the piles of bags sitting around! Still waiting on compensation - or even a response to our claim - for the things we were forced to buy to replace the things in our bags.

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15 July 2017 Guest

I chose airberlin as my airlines to fly to Europe after I haven't been there for 10 yrs. Unfortunately my trip was ruined from the very start. Our flight going to Europe was cancelled so we were rebooked on different carriers. Fees that I paid for specific seats were never refunded and we had to sit separately and had the worst seats in the middle of the 4-seat rows. Then our suitcases were lost and we didn't have our belongings: clothes, medications, etc for 5 days. What's even worse my luggage has been lost coming back home. I landed at JFK on July 10th Monday. Today is Saturday July 15th and airberlin wasn't even able to locate my suitcase. I don't have my medications now for 6 days and my health insurance won't override the new prescriptions. I demand an immediate cont

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12 July 2017 Guest

Had finally received my suitcase after 10 days....just in time for me to fly back home. No one answers the emails and the airport lost and found(aerogate) staff in Munich is at a loss. They said that just in one day they have over 400 bags that are delayed from airberlin. Best of luck to everyone getting belongings back :( Now hopefully airberlin will reimburse for all the unnecessary purchases while waiting for my suitcase.

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05 July 2017 Jodie, Edwin & Dion

My husband, my son & I were scheduled to depart on the 29th of June 2017 on Flight AB 8732 from Berlin TXL in transit from Gothenburg LAN. It was delayed & then cancelled. We were subsequently booked on AB 8734 at 12:40. It was delayed and then cancelled. I requested my luggage from the airline as I wanted to leave the airport. I was told that my luggage was already at Milan Linate Airport. We decided to wait then departed 24 hours later on AB 8732 on the 30th of June. We arrived at Milan Linate Airport around 10am on the 30th of June 2017 and yes, no luggage!! Today is the 5th of June and we are still without our luggage sending numerous emails and calls that go unanswered. I just phoned Milan Linate Airport and they had no idea if our luggage was there only to declare that it may still be in Berlin!

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23 June 2017 Florian

AirBerlin changed our flights from San Francisco to Bucharest twice addiing overnight layover in Berlin. This wasn't enough so they lost our luggages. Do you think they can do more? Sure, they are providing ZERO support by not answering to any of the phone call (after 4 minutes the call is terminated) nor e-mails. Too many customers in the same situation --- is there any authorities that can help AirBerlin to get back on track? The only reason for choosing AirBerlin was the price, but with my lost i paid much higher price at the end. Lesson learned on my side, I don't know if this can help future passengers to realize how expensive is AirBerlin at the end.

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13 June 2017 GUEST

Do not fly AirBerlin. Simple as that. I fly for a living and this is by far the WORST experience I have ever had. My bag is still missing after 4 days. Here in Chicago, they simply say that it will show up when it does. There is no tracking system. The people in Chicago do not answer their phone (a cell phone that now accepts no messages). they say no one in Berlin communicates with them and the bags simply show up when someone in Berlin decides to randomly put them on a plane. I call the main number and they say they cannot help me. So, basically, no one knows anything, everyone blames someone else in the company. Ridiculous. There are so many airlines I have flown and this is just silly. So, advice to everyone--do not fly this airline unless it is absolutely your last resort. Give your business to an airline that cares and is professional.

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26 April 2017 Catalin

by far my worst experience with an airline so far. why ? - with 3 weeks before departure, they changed dates & hours - technically I could choose to get my money back, but buying from another company with such short notice would have been much more expensive - what I paid for was Bucharest to Miami with one stop, what I got was the same with 3 stops - what I paid for was Miami to Bucharest with one stop, what I got was the same with 2 stops - I had to book a hotel room (another 150EUR) for one night in Berlin because the flights were not in the same day after the change they made. they said they will give a refund, but that was not true either. they offered a voucher of 150EUR to future flights, but even if I would want to fly them again, I couldn't because they don't operate in Romania any more. - they failed to deliver the luggage in Miami. it arrived after 2 days - out of 4 AirBerlin flights, 3 were delayed. aprox 1 hour each. - AirBerlin call-center is bad. they say on the web-site is 24h, but that's not true. if you call them when they don't work, they don't say come back at operating hours. they just let you listen to bad music indefinitely on your own expense. and when they do answer, they even give incorrect answers (like saying Bucharest to Munich is a direct flight, which was certainly not)

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11 April 2017 Sean

Dear All, I need your help! I am very frustrated with Air Berlin and their customer service. Getting a bad service is one thing, getting a worse customer support is another. There seems to be no way to contact someone on their side for any resolution...t On January 26 we were to fly from Berlin to Prague in the morning at about 8 am. After waiting for more than an hour our flight got cancelled. They directed us first to get our checked in baggage back an then to a ticket boot. The next flight to Prague was 5:30 pm the same day. We looked up the train schedule and found a fast train to Prague at 11 am, arriving in Prague at 2:30 pm. Air Berlin directed us to then go to their website, open a case number and upload all the documents including boarding passes, etc, which we did 2 days later for a refund... Since then ( almost 3 months after that day) we are yet to get our ticket refund...every time we send them an email it is through a link and we never get to speak to anyone...their responses are positive...they asked for our banking information...they asked for our phone numbers, and we even contacted Expedia and got them to contact them...Expedia mentioned that air Berlin acknowledged the flight cancellation and the fact that they were going to refund us....that was a month ago!!!....I have lost my faith and trust in Air Barlin and am looking for a way to really get back at them hard...we already paid a lot of interest on that amount...I would like to know how am I able to get my voice at least this doesn't happen to anyone else Thanks.... ....Sean

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02 September 2016 Guest

Flew SAN (AA) - LAX (AB) - DUS (AB) - SZG (AB) on August 25-26. They lost my suitcase and have not heard anything yet from Air Berlin. Am starting to go crazy (all my things are in that bag, including needed prescription medicine)! Have actually flown with them a lot the past 5 years plus and never had any problems. But now I find that if you do have problems they leave the customer high and dry. There is no way to contact them or their baggage contractor other than online forms/e-mails which receive no reply. Even if I do ever get my suitcase back and compensation for the extra expenses incurred I will only ever fly them again to use up the frequent flier miles I've collected. And I will never trust them with my checked luggage again.

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25 August 2016 Dragana Bradasic

Service was not bad, but they lost my baby stroller in 17 of May, and even after almost for months they did t manage to pay me back. They are not answering on the phone or email, or you will receive automatic replay to fill up complain form on their web site ( which I did).

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22 August 2016 sanjay

Air Berlin is worstest airline ever I saw now one month pass and still they didn't refund me my money back or not even one reply they back air Berlin don't have own office in any airport so passengers don't get any help from their partner airlines also

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