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Air Berlin Reviews

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06 August 2017 12:08:00 Guest

Terrible experience flying with Auirberlin fr om Vienna to Abu Dhabi through TXL/Berlin on 4 August. The flight from Vienna was delayed for 3 hours, but the time it reached Berlin, the flight to Abu Dhabi had left 1 hour before. Many passengers missed their flights and had to wait stay over night in Berlin. On 5 August finally we boarded an aircraft to Abu Dhabi, which left with about 20-30 min delay due to various reasons, one of which some issue with an aircraft door that they could not close. When we arrived to Abu Dhabi, the troubles continued -- our luggage was missing! Airberlin had more than 12 hours in TXL/Berlin to organize our luggage and load it on the airplane and they failed to do it. Now the buagge is lost, not traceable.
It is quite a challenge to contact Airberlin. My local operator responds that the phone numbers are not extistent when I call Airberlin. When finally I managed to reach Airberlin operator she was rude enough to tell me that lost luggage is not the problem of Airberlin and that if I should go to the Lost&Found of the airport wh ere the luggage was lost -- presumably she means that I should travel to TXL/Berlin to personally look for my luggage?

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18 July 2017 12:07:00 Guest

Got my bag back this weekend after being lost for 3 weeks. Apparently it was sitting OUTSIDE in the sun the entire time - and the rain I would imagine, as the entire top of the bag was completely FADED. What was red is now PINK! It had to be sitting there for quite some time to fade that bad!!! Which just goes to show they just don't bother with the piles of bags sitting around! Still waiting on compensation - or even a response to our claim - for the things we were forced to buy to replace the things in our bags.

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15 July 2017 12:07:00 Guest

I chose airberlin as my airlines to fly to Europe after I haven't been there for 10 yrs. Unfortunately my trip was ruined from the very start. Our flight going to Europe was cancelled so we were rebooked on different carriers. Fees that I paid for specific seats were never refunded and we had to sit separately and had the worst seats in the middle of the 4-seat rows. Then our suitcases were lost and we didn't have our belongings: clothes, medications, etc for 5 days. What's even worse my luggage has been lost coming back home. I landed at JFK on July 10th Monday. Today is Saturday July 15th and airberlin wasn't even able to locate my suitcase. I don't have my medications now for 6 days and my health insurance won't override the new prescriptions. I demand an immediate cont

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12 July 2017 12:07:00 Guest

Had finally received my suitcase after 10 days....just in time for me to fly back home. No one answers the emails and the airport lost and found(aerogate) staff in Munich is at a loss. They said that just in one day they have over 400 bags that are delayed from airberlin. Best of luck to everyone getting belongings back :( Now hopefully airberlin will reimburse for all the unnecessary purchases while waiting for my suitcase.

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05 July 2017 12:07:00 Jodie, Edwin & Dion

My husband, my son & I were scheduled to depart on the 29th of June 2017 on Flight AB 8732 from Berlin TXL in transit from Gothenburg LAN. It was delayed & then cancelled. We were subsequently booked on AB 8734 at 12:40. It was delayed and then cancelled. I requested my luggage from the airline as I wanted to leave the airport. I was told that my luggage was already at Milan Linate Airport. We decided to wait then departed 24 hours later on AB 8732 on the 30th of June. We arrived at Milan Linate Airport around 10am on the 30th of June 2017 and yes, no luggage!! Today is the 5th of June and we are still without our luggage sending numerous emails and calls that go unanswered. I just phoned Milan Linate Airport and they had no idea if our luggage was there only to declare that it may still be in Berlin!

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23 June 2017 12:06:00 Florian

AirBerlin changed our flights from San Francisco to Bucharest twice addiing overnight layover in Berlin. This wasn't enough so they lost our luggages. Do you think they can do more? Sure, they are providing ZERO support by not answering to any of the phone call (after 4 minutes the call is terminated) nor e-mails.

Too many customers in the same situation --- is there any authorities that can help AirBerlin to get back on track?

The only reason for choosing AirBerlin was the price, but with my lost i paid much higher price at the end. Lesson learned on my side, I don't know if this can help future passengers to realize how expensive is AirBerlin at the end.

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13 June 2017 12:06:00 GUEST

Do not fly AirBerlin. Simple as that. I fly for a living and this is by far the WORST experience I have ever had. My bag is still missing after 4 days. Here in Chicago, they simply say that it will show up when it does. There is no tracking system. The people in Chicago do not answer their phone (a cell phone that now accepts no messages). they say no one in Berlin communicates with them and the bags simply show up when someone in Berlin decides to randomly put them on a plane. I call the main number and they say they cannot help me. So, basically, no one knows anything, everyone blames someone else in the company. Ridiculous. There are so many airlines I have flown and this is just silly. So, advice to everyone--do not fly this airline unless it is absolutely your last resort. Give your business to an airline that cares and is professional.

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26 April 2017 12:04:00 Catalin

by far my worst experience with an airline so far. why ?
- with 3 weeks before departure, they changed dates & hours
- technically I could choose to get my money back, but buying from
another company with such short notice would have been much more expensive
- what I paid for was Bucharest to Miami with one stop, what I got
was the same with 3 stops
- what I paid for was Miami to Bucharest with one stop, what I got
was the same with 2 stops
- I had to book a hotel room (another 150EUR) for one night in Berlin because the flights were
not in the same day after the change they made. they said they will give a refund,
but that was not true either. they offered a voucher of 150EUR to future flights, but even if
I would want to fly them again, I couldn't because they don't operate in Romania any more.
- they failed to deliver the luggage in Miami. it arrived after 2 days
- out of 4 AirBerlin flights, 3 were delayed. aprox 1 hour each.
- AirBerlin call-center is bad. they say on the web-site is 24h, but that's not true.
if you call them when they don't work, they don't say come back at operating hours.
they just let you listen to bad music indefinitely on your own expense. and when they
do answer, they even give incorrect answers (like saying Bucharest to Munich is a direct
flight, which was certainly not)

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11 April 2017 12:04:00 Sean

Dear All,

I need your help! I am very frustrated with Air Berlin and their customer service. Getting a bad service is one thing, getting a worse customer support is another. There seems to be no way to contact someone on their side for any resolution...t

On January 26 we were to fly from Berlin to Prague in the morning at about 8 am. After waiting for more than an hour our flight got cancelled. They directed us first to get our checked in baggage back an then to a ticket boot. The next flight to Prague was 5:30 pm the same day. We looked up the train schedule and found a fast train to Prague at 11 am, arriving in Prague at 2:30 pm. Air Berlin directed us to then go to their website, open a case number and upload all the documents including boarding passes, etc, which we did 2 days later for a refund...

Since then ( almost 3 months after that day) we are yet to get our ticket refund...every time we send them an email it is through a link and we never get to speak to anyone...their responses are positive...they asked for our banking information...they asked for our phone numbers, and we even contacted Expedia and got them to contact them...Expedia mentioned that air Berlin acknowledged the flight cancellation and the fact that they were going to refund us....that was a month ago!!!....I have lost my faith and trust in Air Barlin and am looking for a way to really get back at them hard...we already paid a lot of interest on that amount...I would like to know how am I able to get my voice at least this doesn't happen to anyone else


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02 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

Flew SAN (AA) - LAX (AB) - DUS (AB) - SZG (AB) on August 25-26. They lost my suitcase and have not heard anything yet from Air Berlin. Am starting to go crazy (all my things are in that bag, including needed prescription medicine)!

Have actually flown with them a lot the past 5 years plus and never had any problems. But now I find that if you do have problems they leave the customer high and dry. There is no way to contact them or their baggage contractor other than online forms/e-mails which receive no reply.

Even if I do ever get my suitcase back and compensation for the extra expenses incurred I will only ever fly them again to use up the frequent flier miles I've collected. And I will never trust them with my checked luggage again.

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25 August 2016 12:08:00 Dragana Bradasic

Service was not bad, but they lost my baby stroller in 17 of May, and even after almost for months they did t manage to pay me back.
They are not answering on the phone or email, or you will receive automatic replay to fill up complain form on their web site ( which I did).

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22 August 2016 12:08:00 sanjay

Air Berlin is worstest airline ever I saw now one month pass and still they didn't refund me my money back or not even one reply they back air Berlin don't have own office in any airport so passengers don't get any help from their partner airlines also

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30 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Arrived 2 days ago to Seattle for 1 month with SMALL BABY. ALL 3 BAGS lost. We don't have anything necessary for baby. We have a lost bag report number. No information on web page about where is our baggage. We are not able to contact Air Berlin since it is not responding to any emails and call center is occupied.

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12 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Went from BOS via DUS to HAM; all flights delayed by over an hour, missed connection flights, and my suitcase got lost in DUS. Luckily, it was found, and delivered FOUR DAYS LATER to the address I was staying at. Could not continue travels as planned due to missing suitcase. Had to buy essentials to make it through those four days, so I filed claim with Air Berlin via their complaints website, and now they have the cheek to tell me that I took out baggage insurance - which I did NOT!!!! - and to file my claim with the insurance company!

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07 May 2016 12:05:00 Guest

Air Berlin is probably the worst airline in Europe

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04 February 2016 12:02:00 Guest

I flew from JFK to Frankfurt with Air Berlin with change of planes in Berlin. I made it but my ski bag, (the only bag I checked) didn't. It arrived at my German address 5 days later. The only time I could get anyone on the phone at the Frankfurt office was at 9:30 when they first opened. The rest of the day, I got an answering machine. No one ever returned my messages. I was given an email address to write. No one ever wrote back. It was frustrating as hell and I'm amazed I finally got my bag. People in Germany told me that AirBerlin is close to bankruptcy. I'm not sure but it has the worst baggage service I've ever seen.

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25 January 2016 12:01:00 Guest

I booked a flight with Air Berlin in april last year from Stockholm - Berlin. We went to the airport and checked in, but were not given any seats. The woman said it would be solved at the gate. When they started boarding the plane, we were told to wait until the boarding was finnished. Then they told us that the flight was overbooked and that we couldn't go. We were offered another flight next morning. As weren't supposed to spend that many days in Berlin, er decided not to go. We were then told that we would get a refound for our tickets and that we would get a compensation of 250 Eruro/pers, according with EU-regulations. We got the money back for the ticktes the next day, but we still haven't got any compensation for loss of the holiday, and other expenses connected to the holiday, for instance; we had to pay for the hotell in Berlin as it was to late to cancel it. We have even tried to get our money back from a company working only with airlinecompanies that doesn't fullfill their obligations. But nothin there either. I will never travel Air Berlin again...and I suggest than no one else does as well.

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05 January 2016 12:01:00 Oana

I had a very unpleasant surprise from Air Berlin on Jan 4th 2016. I took off from Bucharest to Copenhagen with one stop in Berlin (Tegel). Due to weather conditions the flight from Bucharest was delayed abt 1 hr 50 mins and I landed in Berlin with abt 20 mins before my connection to Copenhagen to take off (also Air Berlin flight). We were several persons in my situation and despite the fact they knew we are in the airport running to the terminal, the flight from Berlin took off right on time. If they could wait only 10 mins we`d be able to be in the plane.I had to take another flight to a different airport (Billund), I lost my train reservation (a cheap one, bought more than one week ago) from Copenhagen to Odense and need to buy a standard (expensive) one from Billund. At arrival in Billund I discovered that my luggage was lost and until today not recovered yet. I will think twice before booking AB again.

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03 December 2015 12:12:00 Guest

Berlin Airline is awful. been flying since 8 yo and never have I had an airline that only has a reservation number no customer service. They lost our bags told us we have to Waite up to 5 days before the are evening to take care of it. They told be to buy new cloth and what I needed. Problem I'm Disabled and had medical equipment in the 2 bags. I was toll sorry nothing they could do. They told me to go to lost and found in the country I'm in. I did lost and founded emailed them for 2 days now with no response. I have been trying to call with no response. And when I do get a working number they let it ring for 30 min pick it up then hang up with out a hello. At the Air port I was told they have no way to track baggage. I don't even have my c-pap machine. They are the most unhelpful, ungrateful, disrespectful, and non caring airline I ever had the misfortune of flying with. And I fly around the world every year with many airlines from American to Lufthansa and none have I ever had the unprofessional service I had here. .

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08 October 2015 12:10:00 Wojciech Fendler

Worst airline I have ever flown. They delayed our flight by 6 hours, rerouted it and delayed arrival at the final destination by 11 hours. Customer service is non-existent, the people on the phone lines are lying and deflecting calls, the email complaints system is a sham and they do not respond to claims for compensation as long as possible. DO NOT FLY this ever!!!

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06 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

Worst airline I have ever flown. Cancelled flights, luggage lost for 5 days, impossible to call the airline in US - nobody answers the line or you get put on hold for hours and hours.

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20 May 2015 12:05:00 Joseph de la Torre

Last April 20th, 2015. I had Air Berlin ticket # 0012346251358 to fly from Miami International to Dussendolf. After several hours inside the plane (flight 7001) we were informed by the captain that they had been trying to fix a "leaking" problem on the aircraft. Finally we were instructed to grab our carry on and belongings and go back to the terminal. Several hours later we board the plane again. More than two hours later the captain informed us that the plane had now computer "issues" and we had to stay in Miami overnight without letting us now when the next flight will be. No water or food of any kind, not even snacks we offered. I got to my hotel at 11:30 p.m. Next day I arrived early to the airport and went to the Air Berlin counter, just to find hundred of frustrated passenger. Not a very pretty sight for Air Berlin. I lost my first night hotel in Rome due to this delay and a day of my vacation thanks to Air Berlin. I wrote a complaint letter to Air Berlin and still waiting for an answer. Thumbs down for Air Berlin

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11 December 2014 12:12:00 liliana

My experience with this company was awful...I did a lot of complaints and they don't respond, only standard messages! It's a shame that being the second largest German company next to LUFTHANSA, they are so unprofessional. They refused to transport my pet (a Guinea pig), although I had all the documents required under EU regulations... but an employee was moody.

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01 November 2014 12:11:00 Guest

Airberlin are a terrible airline and I don't know why someone like Qantas would affiliate themselves with them - delayed flight, missed my connection, arrived 20 hours late to my destination. I have been trying to get some compensation/reimbursement for expenses and they have not responded to any of my emails. Now six weeks later and I am still waiting. The customer service section does not have a phone number (geez, thats a shock!!) and can only be contacted via online.

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29 September 2014 12:09:00 very disappointed customer

Yesterday airberlin has left my luggage behind in Berlin. It was a connected flight and apparently they didnt manage to load my baggage on the sencond plane on time. When i realised my luggage was missing i spoke with one of the staff at the airport and I've been assured that my baggage was going to be delived at the given address the next morning. This morning I received a message from the WorldTracker, saying that they have arranged a flight for my baggage. After waiting for the whole day I decided to contact them again. The careless and the attitude of the staff was absolutely ridicolous, they have informed me that the luggage was not placed on the flight because there wasn't enough space for it. Then when i asked for some kind of assurance, they told me that they dont know when they will be able to send my luggage to me as they need to wait for a spare space on one of the flights. I am absolutely shocked as I believe that as a customer I deserve to be treated with respect and care. After loosing my luggage it should be their priority to get it back to me as soon as possible. And when I asked for a compensation they told that that's not their problem as it was the airports fault. I'm really upset, as I'm on a holiday and i dont know when and if I'm going to get back my baggage.

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08 September 2014 12:09:00 Guest

worst airline ever!!!!! they cancelled our flight to keflavik although there was no volcano activity that time and used that flight for some different purpose. my baggage got lost and they made everything very complicated. first i was told, its already in iceland. then i took the next flight and they told me there, the baggage is still in berlin. they sent it two days later but missed to drop it there, where i have been. now 2 weeks have passed and i m back home meanwhile but still no baggage. no respend to all my emails, no pick up of calls and waiting in a line for almost 45 min when dialing the service number. absolutely worst airline ever!!!!!!! i hope etihad kick them out soon!!!!!!!!

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23 August 2014 12:08:00 Happy flyer

Well, I will post something oddly positive about air Berlin. We flew with this airline several times and never had a problem. We had a lost suitcase one time, but it was delivered just next day, and the courier drove it 500 km to get the luggage to our house. Someone also called to apologize. We flew with air Berlin to Thailand couple weeks ago and the flight and service were second to none. We flew with two small children and felt very looked after. The aircrafts were newly refurbished, clean, food was fine. Overall, we had great experience with this airline, actually I would say superb for this cost of flight we paid.

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21 August 2014 12:08:00 Guest

The WORST airline I have ever flown. They lose your luggage, they cancel flights and insist on waiting two days for the following flight, and forget about complaining, because you cannot reach them by phone. Their listed phone number is either busy or you can wait for ours to talk to a human being. Don't spend money on this airline!!!

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08 August 2014 12:08:00 Herman

Air Berlin has the worst customer service. Lost baggage delivered 4 days later. Can't contact them for a refund of unexpected expenses. Phone numbers are fax numbers, e-mails are not returned. Nice experience in-flight, however, it is all spoiled by the frustration of wasting time at the luggage belt waiting for my luggage, time filling out all kinds of forms to retrieve it, waiting for days in the hotel for my luggage to be delivered, and finally receiving my luggage opened and damaged. Worst experience ever! NO MORE AIR BERLIN!

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10 July 2014 12:07:00 Niall

Lost baggage between Berlin and Gdansk. It is impossible to get any information out of Air Berlin - it takes them hours to answer a phone and then they only give you another phone number to ring - which is constantly engaged. I have travelled to 80 countries in my working life - and this is really the worst service I have ever seen. It is truly appalling. My advice - never travel Air berlin - I will never do so again

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20 May 2014 12:05:00 Herta Hlavac - Chicago IL

5 of us in the family flying from Chicago via Berlin to Vienna for funeral. The suit bag is not allowed as personal carry on . The suggestion of an Air Berlin personal when I called was that my husband buys an extra ticket and he can place the suit bag next to him on the extra seat!!!
Thank you very much.
Next time I will definitely make sure I and all my friends choose another airline !!!!!!

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15 April 2014 12:04:00 guest

Travel Advisory: DO NOT EVER fly with Air Berlin. My experience with this retarded company: Flew from Cancun to London via Dusseldorf. In Dusseldorf, they cancelled our flight after boarding time, put us on a flight nearly 4 hours later. No compensation offered, not even a cup of coffee. I looked out the window to see what looked like our plane being loaded with cargo. No 'technical problem' with the plane then! Miraculously, all passengers from the cancelled flight could fit on this later flight! Not so miraculously, those of us who'd been inconvienced arrived in Stansted without luggage! EVERYBODY. The luggage was delivered fully 3 days later. Having complained to Air Berlin for compensation for a train ticket for a train i'd missed and clothes that i had to buy, Air Berlin has offered me И200 euros in flight vouchers with Air Berlin! An admittance of their faults, but as I have no intention of using Air Berlin again (and am not a frequent flyer) this effectively means they want me to PAY them money to get compensation. Totally unacceptable. Now they are ignoring any emails and have no customer service employees at all, according to the guy i spoke to today. Avoid this company like the plague, and if rumours are correct, they could go bust soon anyway. I hope they do.

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10 April 2014 12:04:00 Merv Collins

This is undoubtedly the worst airline on the planet. They lost my luggage twice in August of last year and I'm still chasing compensation. I even sent an email to their CEO and he hasn't the decency to have someone respond.
Unless you want the worst customer service experience of your life DON'T EVER FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE !!

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29 January 2014 12:01:00 Guest

I flew from Krakow to JFK with a connection in Berlin/TXL asking that my luggage be checked through to JFK. My luggage did not arrive. There were also about 18-20 other people whose luggage did not arrive. Some had made other connections from a variety of originating destinations but one woman told me she had boarded in Berlin with no connection. The Air Berlin representative ("Scarlett") filled out a Property Irregularity Report for me in handwriting that I am certain only she would be able to decipher. In addition, although recognizing that she was not a native English speaker and therefore giving my phone slowly and clearly, I discovered after leaving the airport that she had written my phone number down incorrectly. When I call the contact number she gave me, it goes immediately to voicemail. I have left two messages with my correct phone number and asking someone to call me but have had no response. I also called the Air Berlin baggage number in Germany, 49 30 2404 77 510, and got a repeated recorded message 5 or 6 times and was then disconnected.

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17 December 2013 12:12:00 Guest

Air Berlin is the worst air line I have used in 40 years of flying around the world. Their telephone clerks are rude, talk over you, don't listen. They say your issue needs a manager and the manager will call you back, but they never do. I made my reservations from LAX to Salzburg in April 2013. By December 2013 Air Berlin changed our flight 6 times. Instead of our original flight from LAX to Dusseldorf to Salzburg, we ended up with LAX to JFK to Dusseldorf (12 hour layover) to Salzburg. We paid for XL seating from LAX to Dusseldorf, after the flight changes, they gave us XL for only JFK to Dusseldorf. I wish I had read these reviews. I would not have chosen Air Berlin. I am now very worried they will lose my luggage. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AIR BERLIN AGAIN AND RECOMMEND ANY ONE ELSE TO AVOID AIR BERLIN.

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29 November 2013 12:11:00 Maiken

I have booked a cheap flight with Airberlin which I was able to change AND cancel for a very low cost. I was surprised that it was so easy for me to cancel my flight from New York City to Dusseldorf the day before the flight over the phone. It took me about 20 minutes, but alright, everything seemed fixed. Now almost a year later I have still NOT RECEIVED the refund I was promised. Which on a long-haul flight is quite a lot of money. Every now and then I get an email that they are very busy processing all the claims, but it's taking so ridiculously long, that I would NEVER buy a flight with them anymore. It has been such a * of money. I am afraid I will never receive my money refund.

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13 November 2013 12:11:00 Guest

I am shocked at AirBerlin onboard service for long-haul flights. When boarding crew stand back and watch, they do not attempt to help people find seats, find room for bags, welcome people even onboard. One more than one occasion I have seen a crew member standing at the back drinking coffee and just watching everyone.

One thing that is very clear to me is they never work as a team. I fly every 3-4 weeks from Europe to Miami and the service is never consistent. Sometimes they serve drinks first, other times they serve it with the meal. Sometime you get a menu, sometimes you do not. Hot (dripping wet) towel sometimes comes before breakfast after waking up, or sometimes after the meal. Empty drink cups and rubbish stay on tray tables. You get left with a bottle of water, rather than them coming through every few hours with a tray of water/juice. Once meal is served the crew disappear. My guess is most passengers are tourists taking one flight a year so really have nothing to compare it too. I always get a survey but only for the Europe shuttle service flight never the long haul. On a positive note, the aircraft they use are new, clean, and the IFE is excellent.

If they want to be a player in long-haul air travel which I think they can be, then they need to step up.

Niki in my experience is excellent....consistent, reliable and friendly.

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13 November 2013 12:11:00 Guest

Air Berlin takes forever too respond to emails, and then when I do get a response they rarely read the questions correctly and its turns into email ping pong, lasting 15 days for what is a relatively straight forward question. Seems being a Topbonus Gold member makes no difference at all.

Being a frequent traveller and user of Etihad I get far better customer service....the partnership between Etihad and AirBerlin still has me baffled, if anything AirBerlin is bring down the Etihad brand.

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03 November 2013 12:11:00 Sonya H

I would never travel with this airline again, nor recommend to anyone inside and outside of Australia. My suitcase was severely damaged, torn open and zippers ripped completely off the tracks. I am still waiting for compensation for a suitcase not even 6 months old, and the purchase of a new case at Frankfurt International. The suitcase was so damaged I could not have boarded another flight home to Australia.

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28 October 2013 12:10:00 Guest

The problem isn't Air Berlin as such but Berlin Tegel airport. It's a luggage black hole. More seriously, it was never designed as a connecting airport and the baggage systems are all designed to deliver bags to the carousels in arrivals, not to sort them and deliver them to other aircraft. Air Berlin shouldn't even be at Tegel now, the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport should have opened last year and they were within 3 weeks of transferring their operations there when the new terminal building failed its fire safety certificate inspection.

There's still no firm date for the new airport will actually open as a working solution has yet to be found and implemented to extract smoke from the building in the event of a fire.

In the meantime it would be a good idea to avoid short connections in Tegel (TXL) unless you're travelling hand baggage only, and for Air Berlin to devote more resources to reuniting passengers with their bags after the airport has delayed them.

Lately JFK organisation has tured out to have the same issues. Yes, all airlines lose luggage, it's not actually the airline most times, but the airport staff. However how they handle it is never great with most airlines

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01 October 2013 12:10:00 Guest

Just wanted to share some positive information. I lost my bag last night on flight from Dusseldorf. I filled out the forms, and just now I received a call saying they will bring me my bag tonight. The guy who called had an incomplete address so he was verifying it. So there is hope for all of us.

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16 September 2013 12:09:00 Guest

Hi! I travelled from JFK-Düsseldorf and Rome they lost my bag! September 2 . No response from anybody No answer! Tried to call them 100 times no answer! I did my holidays 12 days with my wife! Return September 13 from Milan(MXP) then Düsseldorf and JFK! Guess what happenned? My wife luggage not there! All our souvenirs for our three kids and my "new" clothes lost again! We travelled a lot and never see that! I talked to the girl in JFK and she feel sorry but She don't care about us! She took my first and new luggage number and bye bye! THEY SCrap our holidays! PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THIS COMPANY FOR ANY PRICE! sorry for my English! They are really Lucky to still make business with this kind of service!

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09 September 2013 12:09:00 Guest

I will never fly Air Berlin again. Was on a flight from JFK to Munich via Dusseldorf. We left JFK one hour late because Air Berlin crew did not show up on time for work ("we got stuck in traffic"). Despite the delay, I had more than enough time to make my connection, but Air Berlin removed me from the connecting flight (without telling me or anyone who was in the same situation). After sitting at the gate for 1.5 hours waiting for the connecting flight, we found out at boarding that we were not allowed to board (as we had been removed from the flight) and were booked on a flight that left 5 hours later. The staff was rude and lying right into my face: "we had to rebook you as your flight was late...." No, simply not true.

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04 July 2013 12:07:00 bloody frustrated

I have been flying many airways, but this is the worst. Airberlin really ruined ny trip in europe. I will never fly airberlin again. My lost luggage cant be traced! Never anticipated this ever, after the hundreds of flights i have been taking! Aaaaargh!

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15 May 2013 12:05:00 Dave T

My first flight with Air Berlin was on a flight that was delayed and missed my connecting flight. I needed a hotel for the night and was told that I should pay for a taxi to get to the hotel and it would be refunded.
The 2 taxi journeys (to & from the hotel) still haven't been refunded, and nothing has been said about compensation. I've had no update on the emails I have sent either.
On phoning the 'helpline' they said they couldn't help and suggested that I email the customer support team at least once per day until I get a response! Not very helpful at all.
I'm certainly not flying with them until things get resolved, and even then will definitely try and avoid it in the future.

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07 March 2013 12:03:00 Maj Wad Seider

AirBerlin cancelled a fight and on their website they promised immediate compensation. I am still struggling to get the money.... No one to call on a customer services line and no reply to e-mails! An employee at the AirBerlin counter in Nürnberg promised me now twice to transfer the money.... With no result! A girl from the booking line hang up when she heard it was about compensation....

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29 January 2013 12:01:00 treated like trash

Terrible airline made worse by a total absence of genuine customer care. If something goes wrong 9and it usually does with a badly run and poorly managed airline), don't expect any help from "customer care". In my case my flight was delayed for 10 hours. My luggage was lost. When Air Berlin tracked down and received my bag, they didn't bother to send it to me for another 5 days. You would get better service if you traveled in a cardboard box on a cargo plane ... and you'd probably get to your destination on time and in one piece.

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10 December 2012 12:12:00 Disrespect to customers

I must admitt that my opinion of this airline has plummeted significantly. After a flight was cancelled earlier this year and we were rerouted some six hours later, I asked for compensation. Since then the airline has totally failed to respond in an adequate manner to requests, shown disdain in their treatment of us and had to be prodded in the first place to provide anything in the form of compensation (as is required under EU regulations).
Not a huge fan will not fly with them again and their Customer Service needs a lot to be desired.

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21 June 2012 12:06:00 Guest

flew yesterday with them . Total disaster. Customer service non existant. announcements on plance only in German. Lost luggage.
delay of over 7 hours ,missed connections, no reasons given. Even delays on the return ,no options given although it was clear the low cost airlines had seats.
I will never use them again

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19 May 2012 12:05:00 evelyn walz

I have used AirBerlin for many years and I used to be a true Fan.
However, since this year (2012) a lot has changed.
In February I was informed that my flight from Nuremberg to Rome had been moved ahead one whole day. I was offered 25И compensation for the disadvantage. (I had to find someone who´d work for me/take an additional day of holiday/book an aditional night at the hotel). I received a computer generated answer to my letter of complaint, and no further communication since.
Now I used the 25И voucher for another trip: This time the time of depature from Stockholm was moved from late morning to 6:30 am. Contacting the call center (at my cost) furthered no viable different flight option. Consequntially I lost one night at my accommodation, I had to change my train ticket to the previous day and had to pay for a hotel stay in Arlanda (Stockholm Airport). No response to my Fax to Customer Service to date.
I still recommend AirBerlin for the friendliness of the staff. However, Customer orientation is rapidly going out of style with this Airline.

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21 July 2011 12:07:00 MR AND MRS LONGWORTH

in voice no 12841846/1 booking date 23/05/11, I booked a night at the airport hotel as the flight from manchester was not due in until 23.15, 12th July E.mail received to state flight had been cancelled and I was offered 9th Sept (original booking was for 7th) and that the 3 times weekly service from manchester had been altered to a single flight per week. I e.mailed the serviceteam-airberlin to ask for a refund as the function i was due to attend was on the 7th, i also asked for a refund for the cost of the hotel. I am very disappointed with the way this has been dealt with, a Mr Harper e.mailed to say my booking would be cancelled free of charge, i have e.mailed every day for over a week and all i get is the automated response. i am an old aged pensioner and cannot afford to loose all my money for no fault of my own. My dream return to Germany after 20 years has been cancelled and i am devestated. The customer service dept has been of no use to me, not even making polite responses to my questions, maybe CEO Joachim Hunold, CFO ulf Huttmeyer or COOO Christoph Debus should be informed as to the way their customer services dept is managed I wonder if i will get a reply ????

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11 March 2008 12:03:00 Guest

I am flying this airline very often. TXL-VIE and VIE-TXL at the end of July was good. Only point to improve could be the language skills of the flight staff including the pilots. The English of the flight attendants could be difficult to understand by a non-english native speaker.

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