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Garuda Indonesia Airways

Country: Indonesia
National airline of Indonesia, domestic and international services
IATA code: GA
ICAO code: GIA
Membership in the alliance: SkyTeam
Head office: Management Building, 3d Floor Soekamo-Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng, Jakarta, 19120, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 21 2351 9999
Fax number: +62 21 5795 0922
Year established: 1950
Main bases and hubs: Balikpapan Sepinggan International, Denpasar Ngurah Rai International, Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International, Surabaya Juanda International
Fleet: ATR 72, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-300, Bombardier CRJ-1000

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Garuda Indonesia Airways. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions.

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Reviews & Opinions of Garuda Indonesia Airways:

13 June 2016 Gareth

Good day I would like to complain about the service of Garuda which claims to be a 5 star rating, what myself and my partner (first international flight experience to be noted), experienced was nowhere near 5 start service or a 5 star rated economy class. The flight was from Sydney to Jakarta on 11 June on flight GA713 My issues are as follows: - the seats were uncomfortable, leg room was poor - on board entertainment was old, outdated and the screens were small - no USB charging facility on the seats. Our first connecting flight from Wellington was with Qantas and they even had better on board entertainment and USB points on their screens - Indonesian option for food ran out. How is this possible for the national carrier to run out of the Indonesian food choice? To make things worse the flight wasnt even full, so I would expect to have the full choice for everything - My pre-booked seating changed from my initial request when I reserved the seats in row 30, when I did the online check in the seats changed to row 40. I would expect the system to hold my seat if I requested them during my online check in on 27 May. - Checking in at Jakarta on our departure was unpleasant as the check in operator did not check the bags all the way through to our final destination, Wellington, this caused major problems for us in Melbourne and Wellington as the bags did not arrive. This matter was taken up separately, but the check in operators should be trained better and should know how to check baggage all the way through to final destination. I trust Garuda Indonesia takes these matters seriously as myself, friends and family will never be on a Garuda international flight again due to this extremely poor service and very bad experience. Garuda Indonesia have a long way to come to compete with Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Air New Zealand and Qantas.

04 May 2016 Sonja Hutton

Very dissapointed with GA for domestic flight. I'm a flying blue gold member, which is qualified as skyteam elite plus. Today I have a flight from Denpasar to Jakarta with GA425, flight was delayed, the whole international and domestic flight was delayed due runway problem. As Garuda Indonesia a member of skyteam member and I'm a skyteam elite plus member, why am I not allowed to enter the lounge? While at the lounge there was a big signage of business class, skyteam elite, Garuda miles gold & platinum. Might as well don't put skyteam elite plus if can't go in, my boarding pass says skypriority too, so I ask the lounge person, why there's a skypriority elite plus sign then? It's for connecting passenger she said, I called Garuda Indonesia customer service and spending almost an hour on roaming call, yet still can't get an answer, what kind of service is this? Absolutely shocking and all the passengers didn't get any drinks or meals. Runway was close from 6 to 10 pm and didn't get any drink or any announcement. Totally shocking!

11 July 2015 Mrs Rahmawaty

Garuda is the worst airline to handle a wheelchair passenger that I've ever flown with. I am a paraplegic and at check in time I have told them so many time to make sure that my own wheelchair will be on the door side on arrival. They even put a tag that say "DOOR SIDE" but on my flight from surabaya to singapore on arrival they insisted that I move to their aisle chair and my wheelchair will be on bagagge claim. on the return flight to surabaya the same thing happen again. I refuse to get on the aisle chair until the bring my will chair outside near the "DOOR SIDE" and they finally did. while on the aisle chair moving me to my wheelchair they injured my ankle because my feet has no support so they drag along the floor. It is very dangerous if they put me on that aisle chair to go all the way to baggage claim. in Surabaya on 8 July 2015 I was boarding the aircraft with all the other passanger in front of me so it makes it very difficult for moving me into my seat. Garuda airline do not know what is the international standart on how to handle a passenger who are wheelchair bound. I fly a lot of international flight and they are the worst

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Garuda Indonesia Airways Discussion:

28 August 2016 Guest

I was very disappointed in-flight service of Garuda Indonesia as follows: 1. Flights from Jakarta (CGK) to Medan (KNO) on Sunday, August 21, 2016 with a flight GA 196. My booking code is 2RSXT3 (Class V). The first schedule was supposed to take off at 19:45, but the new aircraft took off at 21:13 (the delay was long enough). Unfortunately we even did not get any refreshment. It is too bad. Then the second after boarding on plane (the plane has not even taxiing and take-off), I asked for a blanket for my mother who was not well and one flight attendant answered us that the blanket was gone. But after that some passengers sitting behind us also asked for blanket / blanket and we saw them get it from another flight attendant. We are very very disappointed and deeply regrets the services of Garuda in the plane that as such. 2. Flights from Medan (KNO) to Jakarta (CGK) for your flight to Yogjakarta on July 28, 2016 with the flight GA0181. My booking code is ZMIQSL. For this I was flying business class passenger (Class I). Flight schedule supposed to be at 5:20 am but the new plane finally took off at 07.30 am (delay of more than 2 hours). We all passengers are already boarding around 5:10 am, but around 06:00 am we were asked to get off the plane carrying the entire cabin luggage and then at 7:00 we were then allowed to reboard, then finally took off at 07.30. Also we did not get any compensation at all even just a refreshment. I am very very disappointed with Garuda Indonesia

23 August 2016 Ciara Roche

To whom it may concern, I am writing regarding issues we had while making our journey from Sydney to Amsterdam with Garuda Indonesia. Date 20/7/2016 Firstly we flew from Sydney to Bali on flight garuda indonesia 715 @10.25am 20/7/2015. Our flight was late taking off therefore, sat on the runway for over 1hour. We arrived at our hotelwith no luggage. We we told we would receive our luggage the following day but did not receive for 3days. We finally received our luggage at midnight. It was disgrace how first 3days spent with no luggage no clothes and promised it everyday from your airline, not good enough. We continued our journey from Bali to Jakarta flight garuda indonesia 421 @7.55pm. We got got a conncting fight from Jakarta to amsteedam flight 88 @10.30pm. Our flight was delayed from Jakarta to Amsterdam by 2 hours. We had a connecting flight from Amsterdam to Dublin catch and therefore missed that. We had plans for our families to stay in a hotel in Dublin and had to cancel and lost out on a lot of money. This was a major inconvenience to us and our families who had to book days off work in advance. This as you can imagine was very upsetting. Us and our families don't have a lot of money so we we absolutely devastated. We arrived in Amsterdam at 10.30am 30/7/2016. We were handed 2 voucher to attend a lounge while waiting for connecting flight which was not until 5.30pm (7hours) later. We went to garuda help desk and no one was there for help. We walked about with 5 bags of luggage with nobody to help us check in. This is a disgrace after a long flight. This is unacceptable as 2 paying customers to be treated like this. I dont think its acceptable. We were tired and couldn't get a shower because of lack of help. We are very unhappy with all of this. Firstly with 3 days of our holiday with the baggage and secondly the way we were treated when we missed our connecting flight. We are unhappy customers. Can you please get back to me regarding this matter. Regards, Ciara Roche

18 June 2016 Guest

Asked for vegetarian meal and they served me chicken curry ! Wrote a complaint but till now no response .

14 June 2016 Guest

Dear Ms. Vera, I would like to share with you my wife and my horror experience we had on Garuda Indonesia on 4/5/2016. This was very disappointing as we have had many more flights with Garuda as you can see from our profile. We were looking forward to a long weekend in Bali and were able to secure (some expensive) tickets with Garuda. As we are both frequent flyers (KLM Platinum) we know how it works on airports and airlines and we made sure we left the house early at 5.30 pm for our flight GA424 bound to Bali at 21.15 hrs Our experience on that day was one which will go to the history books as the worst flying experience; When we arrived at the airport, we found out that the air conditioning was not working. Not a major disaster but certainly not comfortable. We already noticed that there were quite some flights delayed but were reassured by the Garuda employees that our flight was still on time. What happened after that is probably hard to describe and if I think about it.. At 21.15 hrs there was still no announcement on the board about our flight. At 21.25 hrs there was finally a message about the delay till 22.30 hrs Unfortunately there was also no signage at the gate for the flight so we hoped that we were at the right gate which was confirmed when we asked again. It was actually a total disaster at the airport that day with many flights. At 22. 00 hrs we were ushered into buses to go to the plane. Hoping for a smooth take off was too much to ask. At 22.45 hrs an announcement was made that we had to wait for take-off permission and would now be leaving at 23.30 hrs. By this time we had been sitting in the plane and with us many other people for 45 minutes without any drinks etc. I had to ask the cabin crew to serve some drinks as also the temperature in the plane was not optimal. At 23.45 hrs another announcement was made that we now were only departing at 01.00 hrs. Upon arrival in Bali we found out that there was an issue with the runway and that it had been closed from 16.00 hrs 22.00 hrs . We understand that you can not compromise on safety but the fact that we were not informed nor told what was going on is the worst part. If, like many other airlines do, you would have send a text message we could have chosen to change our flight till the next morning when we were on our way to the airport. If we were told at the airport that there will be a huge delay, we could have chosen to go back home. Unfortunately nothing of this happened and even when sitting in the plane for 3 hours we were not properly informed about the situation. Finally we arrived at 04.00 hrs in Bali. What a way to start the holiday  Being in the service industry myself, I know how important it is to speak to your customers and be honest with them. Even when there are big problems which might be out of your control. I have also learned that it is important to give customers a solution for the problems. Garuda failed both and this is very very disappointing.

Discussion of Garuda Indonesia Airways

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