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China Eastern Airlines

Country: China
Major airline in China, extended domestic and international services
IATA code: MU
ICAO code: CES
Membership in the alliance: SkyTeam
Head office: 2550 Hongqiao Road, Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, 200335, China
Phone number: +86 21 6268 6268
Fax number: +86 21 6268 6116
Year established: 1988
Main bases and hubs: Shanghai Pudong International, Shanghai Hongqiao International
Fleet: Airbus A300, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-600, BAe 146, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 777-300, Embraer ERJ-145

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Reviews & Opinions of China Eastern Airlines:

11 February 2016 Patricia Malloy

The flight attendants were more then courteous ,, as for the seats were so small and cramped for a 15 hour flight it's awfull, no leg room either, so if you are tall make sure you get an aisle seat. Food was reasonably ok. They should at least give an American choice we don't all eat Chinese morning noon and night.

15 August 2015 Guest

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Takes away the fun of traveling as if traveling is not bad enough. China Eastern Airlines needs new management or be taken out of Sky Team Alliance partners. Out of all the flight attendants, there was only one steward who showed courtesy on my first and last flight with this airline. The rest especially the females were PLAIN RUDE. The airlines surely can use some kind of retraining for these flight attendants. I know there are many rude passengers (I even witnessed a fight in one of the Chinese international airport) but they have no right to assume all passengers are rude. Many of us have been raised properly and are not difficult to deal with. What happened to the costumer's value? I haven't lived in China and I sure hope these so called flight attendants do not reflect the country cultural attitude. I'd like to believe that China Eastern Airlines will get better in the future but until then, "I STRONGLY ADVICE ANYONE TO NOT FLY IN THIS AIRLINE UNTIL THEY CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO GIVE BETTER SERVICE".

12 August 2014 Guest

Worst airline ever, DO NOT TRAVEL!! I had a connecting flight with this airline from Shanghai to Australia. As per usual, the previous flight with Chinese Eastern was delayed (by more than 6 hours), meaning I missed the connection. No accommodation was offered for the night that I had to spend at the airport. I also had to fight tooth and nail to get on the next flight at the same time the following evening (initially, they told me no seats were available, when I argued and asked to speak to a manager, a seat magically appeared). They subsequently did not book the seat that they promised. I had to ring back another 3 times and ask to speak to more managers to finally get a confirmed seat. Luckily I am fluent in mandarin. For an English speaker, forget it, as a lot of their services over the phone do not offer English service. In addition, after I made a complaint to their complaints line (again only Chinese available so non-Chinese speakers are basically not entitled to complain...), they promised response within 13 business days. I waited 20 business days and got no response. When I rang up to follow up, they claimed they could not find my complaint log. So again, I asked to speak to a manager at which point they suddenly found the log and then "promised" to resolve and call back within 2 days. As expected, I did not hear from them again. I'm so * and fed up I have basically given up. This airline does not even know what customer service is!! Am I able to take this to some sort of ombudsman? Any advice would be appreciated!

01 March 2014 Guest

Impossible to get in contact with a representative , very poor customer service!

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China Eastern Airlines Discussion:

08 April 2017 Guest

Please be ware and be careful when travelling with China Eastern I bought return tickets from Chiangmai to Narita with my family. We paid about 77,000 Baht. Unbeleivable, we lost all of money we paid because we didn't know that we have to get China' visa before allowing on board. All 4 people, my family miss the flight finally. I did tickets from ......Please let us know when there are 2-3 stops to the destination must have to have the china's visa before boarding ....Pease Please get money from me so easy. We are crying now. Don't do that please.

13 February 2017 Guest

Terrible service, first time facing such a poor quality of service.12 Febrary 2017 My wife ( name: Liliia, Last name: Kemileva) wants to fly back from long trip in Thailand with me than i went along her to the airport and btw she is in the labor, she went trough of all scan system and even got stam in customs area that she left to reach a gates which lead on the board of plane. Localy, she got a pain and she run to the toilet and been late for few minutes, gates been closed, she paniced and gave me a call, because no one couldn't speak in russian language i came back to the airport to settle the case. Unfortunately, all staff of china eastern airlines in Thailand Suvarambumi airport were useless and keep teling me that there is no options except for buy new ticket. I made a effort multtiple times to explain the staff that im a student in Thailand( im from Russia), have been studying in Stamford Uni over than 2 years and right now can't afford 100% of payment, regarding to the case of my wife that she has big excuse with being late on the board of the plane. In the same time, staff didn't contribute us, didn't give me even number of the manager who would be in charge of the case and i can negotiate with, but staff said you have to pay for the ticket, there id no way to call a manager. Finally, call around to my friend and found enough money to pay for the ticket, but topic was quite urgent, because she meeds to leave a country according to her visa expiration time. Such a terrible experience and airlines. NB i told a staff that im going to post a complain via Internet, they told me they don't care.

08 January 2017 Guest

Upon boarding the plane we smelled a burning electrical fire smell. We asked for information fr om the flight staff and nothing was provided. We waited about 2 hours before any announcement was made that they had a mechanical issue with the plane. Only after that did the flight staff offer any water or food. We and other passengers asked for an update and no information was given. It was obvious to the passengers on the plane that the plane would not be repaired however we were forced to sit in the hot plane for several more hours. Eventually all the passengers were moved to another plane which departed at 5:05pm. No communication or announcements were given so waited about an hour as staff attempted to find all the passengers and move them to the new plane. During the delay there were other flights departing that we could have been put on, however we were held on the tarmac and given no information. We requested information on our connected flight to NYC, and the staff refused to answer us. We asked if the connected flight would wait for us or if there were any other flights to the US and the staff refused to answer us. We landed in Shanghai around 10:30pm. We were still not told by any staff if our connected flight or any flight was available. We were not provided China arrival or departure papers and the staff refused to communicate with us. We spent another 2 hours at the Shanghai airport where we were finally told that the airline would not offer any connected flights and we had to stay overnight in Shanghai. The ground staff in Shanghai was rude, refused to answer questions or communicate with us or even look at us. At least half the flight was English speaking, and no staff would speak to English speakers or call for someone who could help. We were herded like cattle into a bus which took another 45 minutes and dropped us at a low budget motel. Again we were given no options or explanations. The motel staff was also rude and confiscated our passports against our will. They refused to give us our passports until we boarded the bus back to the airport the following day. The low budget motel did not provide us any food that we could eat, and there was no nearby place wh ere we could buy food. We were given a plastic bag with dried beef ramin noodles and no explanation of how to heat them in the room. Furthermore, all our flight bookings for this trip were for Hindu meals as we don't eat beef. At this point I felt like a prisoner being held against my will. The room that we were provided was 12 degrees Celsius and we were shivering all night long. I had to wear my clothes and coat the full time we were there but I still got sick the next day because it was too cold. It was not clean or well kept. The sink was clogged and not draining properly. The tv did not work. There was no alarm clock. We were not given a king or queen bed, and instead had to sleep on separate twin beds shivering cold, hungry and thirsty. There was a dirty mattress sitting in the hallway outside our room so I was concerned about cleanliness. In the morning of January 3rd we checked out of the motel. There was a small breakfast area that had no food that looked edible so we still did not eat. We took the bus back to the airport. We had to spend another $60 at the airport on food and water and also have a large phone bill from making international calls trying to obtain flight information. This flight was also delayed and departed at 12:30pm. There were no Hindu meals available on the flight. Because we arrived a day late to NYC we both lost a full day of consulting income for our small business. No apology or compensation was given.

05 January 2017 Guest

Horrible, horrible service. Similar to some below comments... I was not allowed to board my China Eastern flight fr om Bangkok (Itinerary: Bangkok-Kunming, Kunming-Qingdao, Qingdao-San Francisco) because I would be in China for over 24 hours during the layovers, and as a US citizen with no extended Chinese visa, this is not allowed. 1) I tried to explain that I would not leave the airport in China, but they would not hear me on this issue. 2) I then tried to delay my flight to the next day, wh ere my layover would be less than 24 hours. They would not let me do this because my connection between Kunming and Qingdao would be less than 2 hours, which is not enough time to allow for baggage transfer, even though I had CARRY-ON size luggage! 3) Their only advice to me: buy a new ticket. After over 2 hours of speaking with their employees in the Bangkok airport and on the phone, I said screw it and bought an $800 ticket to SF through Delta/Korean Air, a LOVELY company. NEVER EVER purchasing anything through CE again! I suggest you do the same unless you are Chinese/ have a Chinese visa. Horrible company.

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