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Azores Airlines

Country: Portugal
International flights from the Azores, previously known as SATA Internacional
IATA code: S4
ICAO code: RZO
Head office: Avenida Infante D Henrique 55-4, 9504-528 Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Phone number: +351 296 209 720
Fax number: +351 296 288 631
Year established: 1998
Main bases and hubs: Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II
Fleet: Airbus A310, Airbus A320

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Reviews & Opinions of Azores Airlines:

31 January 2017 Ana Puckett

I am very sad to read all the bad comments on this airline...I have been travelling with Sata every year since 2011 from Toronto to the Azores and last year, a friend and I hopped from island to island.....a great experience every time. The flights from Toronto have been very pleasant, staff on board very friendly. 'I have had nothing but great service at the airport counters ....will continue to fly Sata twice a year at least.....thanks for the servie

16 October 2016 RP

Our SATA flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada was fine. On the way back, however, our 3:15 flight was delayed first by 25 minutes, then by two additional 30 minutes chunks. At that point, we were told the plane would not leave until 9 PM and we were kicked out of the waiting area. When we returned at 9, we were told the flight was again delayed and would not leave until 6:30 the next morning. We were at the airport (with little children and elderly persons in wheelchairs) for a total of about 10 hours. There clearly was no plan in the event of such an extended delay, and no one was there to help tired passengers obtain the necessary vouchers for a brief (4 hour) hotel stay. The did provide some dinner (with no choices for those who may have had dietary restrictions), a four-hour stay at a hotel followed by a continental breakfast at 3 AM. Total delay time: 15 and a half hours.

24 August 2015 Guest

flew 1st class not too good seat rip falling apart cabin crew not too good attitude seems they dont wana service anybody

16 April 2015 Guest

I flew 3 times BOS-PDL-PIX both ways and most of the time the air vents were completely turned off and bad smell in airplane for the entire flight. SATA saves money by turning vents off, which means they deny the passengers the fresh air they need. At the end of the flight the airplane was very hot inside and very heavy air and I was having difficulty breathing (asthma).

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Azores Airlines Discussion:

13 November 2015 Ana -LA to Boston to Lisbon

This is the worst airline I've ever been on. I would rather pay 3 times as much, take a flight 5 times as long, and miss my destination by a whole week than fly sata again. I will be filling a small claims lawsuit to recoup the money I've had to spend on getting back to LA after my delayed first flight out of Lisbon. By the way, our delay was never announced, even though I had activated flight updates. Also, the layover on that little island of Portugal (idgaf what it's called) was not known prior to landing here-the ticket did not mention it, the email confirmation did not mention it, when I called to check on flight they did not mention it. They don't speak English, the food is awful, the wifi doesn't work even after you pay for I flight wifi, the booze is limited even if you're willing to pay, the staff is inexperienced, water is like diamonds on these flights, you'll be thirsty and THEY WILL NOT give you water until you ask 10 times and then they'll give you a third of a tiny little plastic cup even if you've now asked 50 times. Even worse, not even first class feels like first class. Id rather fly economy, get the middle seat in the back of the plane sitting between two extreme stinkie and overweight people than fly sata again. I had an awful first 2 experiences flying sata, but my friends once again convinced me to try it & it just got worst. I advise they take all of the murderers & rapists in those overcrowded jails and make them fly sata a few times. They'd either kill themselves or start praying to God that it's over!

05 October 2015 Guest

Horrible service yet again. Paid to check in an extra piece of luggage that stayed behind and apparently they knew it wasn't going to be sent! 180 luggages left behind....spoiled food! will be receiving it in 5-6days!

05 September 2015 Julie Langley

My flight on SATA this summer was delayed from Sao Miguel to Boston. I missed my flight out of Boston to San Francisco because of this delay, and SATA could not get me another flight out of Boston because, I "did not book with them on my flight to San Francisco". Great excuse. They gave me a night stay at a hotel and money for food, but I had to purchase NEW tickets on JetBlue to get back to the west coast---without any kind of discount, and of course it was almost the double amount of money from my original flight to San Francisco (that is why I didn't purchase my return tickets with them in the first place!) I was told I could file a claim, and I did write an email (which was almost a month ago) and I have yet to hear anything from them besides a complimentary email saying they "received my request". I'm totally fed up with this airline, and I wonder how stopping their direct flights from Oakland to Terceira is saving them money. I would think they would SAVE a whole lot of money if they offered those flights again--that would be one LESS delay in Boston for their customers on the west coast. IT IS SOOOO EXPENSIVE for us who live in California. Something has to change..

05 May 2015 Paula Salomons

Sata I hope you read these comments and go out of business!! how do you cancel a flight an hours before departure with a gate full of people some are seniors, kids.. I'm sooo disgusted by the way staff behave, no respect for anyone. I will now rather go through boston but will take another airline , Never again will I be a sata customer!!

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