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Silver Airways

Country: United States
Regional services in Florida and feeder flights for United under United Express brand
IATA code: 3M
ICAO code: SIL
Head office: 1100 Lee Wagener Blvd., Suite 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA
Phone number: +1 844 674 58 37
Fax number: +1 954 985 52 45
Year established: 1990
Main bases and hubs: Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International, Orlando International, Tampa International, Washington Dulles International
Fleet: Saab 340

Traveller Rating:

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Reviews & Opinions of Silver Airways:

20 December 2016 Guest

I had an excellent round trip experience with Silver Airways this past weekend, starting from entering into the airport, to arriving at my destination. And again on my returned trip. They were on time from beginning to end. It was comfortable with friendly staff both on ground and in air. But then, I start happy which is contageous and the staff responded in turn. I'm looking forward to flying Silver Airways again.

22 January 2016 People

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!! Silver offered no help with another flight or alternative airline after cancelling my flight. Their response was we can't help you good luck. I have been attempting to get refunds for cancelled flight and baggage for a month, their response is more time required to look into the issue. I have had to send them copies of baggage receipt 4 times. I would walk or swim before ever using this horrible airlines

17 January 2016 Guest

I have seen many negative reviews about Silver Airways. I have flown with this airline twice. Both flights were from Orlando Fla. to Pensacola Fla. Both departure and arrival times were on schedule. My checked baggage was there at the baggage pick-up belts on both flights. Because of reviews I had read before first using this airline, I payed attention to all the personnel I could see. It did seem that the people at the service counter, and at the gate, were not what I have experiences with larger airlines like Jet Blue, Delta, and Southwest. They seemed to be a bit stressed. The pilots and attendants appeared to be as I would expect on any other flight. They looked relaxed and acted like professionals. I have flown with other "commuter airlines" and know that they operate on smaller budgets, which generally means that service is not what you would expect from larger airlines. I will say that this airline has some work to do to meet the expectations most customers expect, but they do have many more direct regional flights here in Florida, and at lower costs compared to those larger airlines who charge more and take you to northern hubs,have layovers, and then take you back to your intended regional destination. You do get what you pay for. I doubt very many satisfied costumers took the time to leave positive feedback here. I'll use this airlines again.

13 July 2015 Guest

I have flown Silver airways the past two years as they are the only nonstop carrier to many Florida cities. They are almost ALWAYS late with very poor to nonexistent help from the airside staff. On holidays they are either many hours late or will CANCEL the entire flight after keeping you hostage at the airside fir many hours. You are then stranded at an airport overnight with little compensation if any even after arguing. I have sometimes been transported by bus over 4 hours to my final destination that should take an hour or so. It is my opinion to avoid Silver Airways at all costs and even consider WALKING as a better alternative

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Silver Airways Discussion:

02 January 2018 oldAVN

Purchased first class, round trip ticket through United Airlines (UAL). Upon checking in for return flight, Silver Airlines charged me $25 "baggage fee." UAL told me one free bag was part of first class ticket. Silver Airlines' return flight ticket did not annotate "pre-checked" status, thus missed flight. I will take a train, a bus or drive myself before ever again flying either UAL or Silver Airlines.

26 August 2017 JOHN

At check-in, a gentleman, Ivan, who greeted us, confirmed I ordered a wheelchair. He said he'd be back in a minute and returned with the wheelchair. He put me in it and he, himself took me to security and to the departure gate. The flight was on-time and uneventful. On the return, flight 127, I ascended the stairs, 8 steps into the aircraft and the stewardess took my hand and took me to my assigned seat. The flight, once again, was on-time and uneventful. The plane landed and naturally, everyone stood up in the aisle. Within a few moments, I observed everyone stepping back out of the aisle. The stewardess came toward me and motioned me to take her hand so that she could personally guide me, to exit the aircraft. As I deplaned, low and behold, my agent, Ivan, was there awaiting with a wheelchair. At almost 87 years of age and previously traveled to the Bahamas close to 20 years now, I have never been treated as nicely as this! Thank you Silver Airways for the most enjoyable travel experience I have ever had!!

04 August 2017 Guest

So Silver did the smart thing and quieted the bankruptcy by replacing dead weight CEO Sami Teittitnen with a new CEO. They also made an announcement of acquisition of 50 new aircraft. My question is, with their lack of funds , large pilot shortage and their very tarnished reputation, how are they going to acquire the crews to fly these aircraft. The regionals are offering 5 digit pilot signing bonuses and still have recruitment problems. When things are bad, the smart thing to do is announce that everything is perfect and the future looks even brighter, although it may be a lie. Look for Sami to be the new greeter at wallmart and the new CEO to sit in the much reused CEO chair. Google all of the customer complaints and ratings on this airline. If you want to wish Sami good luck, his number is 954 309 8277

21 July 2017 Guest

Please confirm your source. Guest : Get your money back ASAP!, Silver just filed for bankruptcy protection and they Can now keep your money.

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