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ATR 42

First flight year — 1984

ATR 42 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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ATR 42 Specifications

ATR 42-320ATR 42-500
Length (m)22.722.7
Wingspan (m)24.624.6
Height (m)7.67.6
Wing area (m2)54.554.5
Maximum take-off weight (kg)16 70018 600
Maximum landing weight (kg)16 40018 300
Operating empty weight (kg)10 60011 250
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)15 20016 700
Maximum payload (kg)4 6005 450
Standard fuel capacity (litres)5 7305 730
Maximum range (km)1 950
Range with max payload (km)1 1301 500
Cruise speed (km/h)450560
Maximum speed (km/h)500670
Maximum operating altitude (m)7 6007 600
Take-off field length (m)1 0401 160
Landing field length (m) 1 0301 130
EnginesP&WC PW121,
2 x 2150 hp
P&WC PW127E,
2 x 2400 hp
Fuel efficiency (g/pass*km)21.7
Fuel flow rate (kg/h)450
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)44-5044-50
Cabin width (m)2.572.57

Typical Cabin Configuration of ATR 42

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about ATR 42:

09 March 2018 Maung Lay (

Dear Sir,
We are MCM Group of companies in Myanmar ( )
Interested in your stores of ATR 42 / 320 & 500.
Please kindly contact us as soon as possible.
Best regards,

04 September 2017 Guest

What is lavatory service connection height?

08 December 2016 Guest

Is an ATR 42 a best option to be used in flights of a mountainous area ?

11 November 2016 Tolani

What is the Volume of the Forward and rear cargo/baggage area for ATR 42-500 and ATR72-500

13 April 2016 Byungsu, Kim

What are the distance of left side tire to right side tire at one main gear about ATR 42-500?

30 December 2015 Guest

What is the eye to wheel height of ATR 42

06 August 2014 Cris Builes

Hey, the cruise spd is the true air speed or the equivalent air speed?

14 February 2014 P D Chavan

Runway length required at ISA not given?

Required for Airport Planning


14 November 2013 Joe

Why the lates models are not introduced here ? ATR 42-600 !!!

01 October 2013 daeng mahalik

I need to buy 1

13 September 2011 manzar

what is d difference between atr and fokker which was previously used by pia ??

10 September 2011 Guest

I think its very noisey!

09 July 2011 Guest

Its an excellent Aircraft.

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