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United Airlines Reviews

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09 September 2017 Marlyn Martinez Jones

The worst airline ever. Customer Service is very poor and not professional at all We have an extremely horrible experience last week being stranded in Seattle for 3 days with much luck on getting us back home. THE WORST ever And I sending a huge complaint to FAA on this airline, I hope they go bankrupt

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01 June 2017 Khue Pham

I recently had an unpleasant travel using United airline traveled from Japan to Guam. Flight attendants' attitude was unpleasant (rude) when I was asking to borrow a pen. Minor issue like this seem unimportant but it is enough for me to say that was the last time I traveled using UA. What happens to UA customers services? After all, all of your revenues is coming your customers.

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06 January 2017 Guest

Worst airline ever!!!! I will never fly United again. Its been 4 days since we got home and they still can't locate our luggage. How is this possible!!!! We have tried calling and after being put on hold for close to an hour, they still can't tell us anything. We are in 2017 folks, get it together. Every agent we have spoken to has been rude and has zero knowledge of what's going on. Does United not believe in updating their computer information so every non-speaking English agent can at least familiarize themselves with what's going on via the computer. I have left messages at the head office, no one has returned my call. So unprofessional. They don't care about the customer after they have received their flight payments! Terrible service!!!

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25 August 2015 Guest

Worst airline in the world! Reserved seats were taken, special meal request didn't go through, technical problems and flight delayed - 3 gate changes in 30 minutes and worst: incompetent, disrespectful staff. Did anything go well - oh yes indeed: WHEN THEY TOOK MY MONEY. No problems during that step of the process. What a horrible airline.

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06 July 2015 jw_ia

United operates a flight fr om Entebbe to Chicago, wh ere the first leg is handled by Brussels Airlines. We couldn't check in, because Brussels couldn't find our confirmation using United's confirmation code. We nearly missed the flight while holding in our hand, a printed confirmation that I had re-confirmed (by phone) twice prior. The last confirmation call I made was about 24 hours before the flight. United said, "present your passport and the confirmation number at the desk of Brussels Airlines and this will get you checked in." This was a complete lie. Fortunately, the guy at the Brussels desk was smart enough to know who to call and got us through 15 minutes before the flight was scheduled to depart. I swear, this company is staffed with idiots, operated by morons and lead by utter fools. I don't know how they stay in business.

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13 May 2015 Steven Liu

Worst flying experience ever. United Cancelled our connection flight and did not let us know until we've landed at the transit airport. Turns out the plane never took off from the other airport hours ago. They could have told us prior to us boarding the first plane (which was delayed anyways), but no, we had to spend overnight at a strange city(Denver), lost a day and hotel deposit of our vacation at the final destination (Hawaii) with no amenity. Instead of offering compensation, we had to beg for it afterwards through email (not even a phone# to call!). And all we get is $200 travel voucher means we have to spend more money if we ever want to fly with them again. And they have refused to make any further accommodation with any ensuing conversation. Very disrespectful to their "valued customers". And the seats on this plane were the tiniest ever. I am only 5"11 and my knees are touching the seat before me. We also had to sit separately with crying babes on our ears with the rebooking- a total nightmare!

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15 January 2015 Nyberg

My experience flying with united was beyond awful. I was on a flight fr om Newark to Portland which was supposed to take 6 hours. It took 26 hours. The winds were strong and we had to land in Chicago to refuel, then they realize that it's not legal for the crew to continue flying us to Portland and we spend the night in a hotel. The next day we try getting the Portland there's an electrical problem and we have to fly to Sacramento to land instead of Portland. They never had any foresight whatsoever about how to anticipate what needed to happen. Their voucher systems for the hotels was not working. There was no one at the gate to help us when we got off the plane in Chicago at 11 PM. It was insane. And what do they offer as compensation? A measly $100 voucher. I had already been travelling for over 10 hours before I got on the plane at Newark, on my way back from Europe. We were 20 hours delayed. A $100 doesn't come near to making up for all that * . Oh and guess what. The website wh ere you are supposed to get the compensation voucher is not working. Big surprise. For god's sake. This airline is * dangerous. The plane we flew in was old and crappy and it's a miracle we made it to Portland at all. Thumbs down for United Airlines. By far the worst airline I have ever had anything to do with. I will never set foot on one of their planes again.

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15 March 2014 JC

I am writing this review to express how disappointed I am in United Airlines. From the get-go the entire process of boarding and taking off was slow and disorganized. I completely understand that there are circumstances out of the control of the agents and flight attendants, and that delays happen - but there were multiple issues that caused my family's flight experience to be far from satisfactory. The following issues occurred: 1. The flight boarded almost a half an hour late, with no explanations or apologies given to fliers. 2. Upon boarding, fliers realized that the plane was a small plane and carry-on's would need to be checked. While I understand this happens sometimes on flights, in my experience an announcement is made beforehand and people are given the chance to retrieve items. In this case, they were taken from us outside on the runway just prior to boarding. This delayed the flight even more. 3. Once on the flight, the crew did not seem very organized. They did not help passengers get their luggage into the tiny overhead bins or even welcome us with a smile. There were still no apologies or explanations given as to why the plane was already 30 minutes delayed. 4. During the flight many people realized that they would most likely miss their connecting flights because of the delay. Upon landing in Cleveland, my mother ran to the next gate only to find that our flight had taken off 10 minutes early despite multiple people on the flight from Boston being in the airport and rushing to try and make it. I will say that the staff in Cleveland were very pleasant and tried to help us. It was to no avail, however, as we missed a full day of our vacation. Overall the experience my family and I had with United was a very negative one and I don't see us flying with them in the future.

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24 February 2014 Guest

My recent flight on United both international and domestic were quite simply the worst travel experiences I ever had. Staff were unhelpful, badly informed, unfriendly and also intimidating. Our flight was delayed and we were initially held sitting on board for several hours. Badly compensated.When I complained to Customercare it took them over 2 months to reply only after I have chased them. United is truly the worst airline in the world!

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02 February 2014 Guest

If you want to start an argument on a United flight just talk to the passenger next to you about the changes to the United frequent flyer program. It seems that everyone in * . I fly the SFO-NRT route several times a year. To use my upgrade coupons I need to buy a W class ticket, or better. This ticket costs an additional $350, and no guarantee to get an upgrade. In my case the upgrade is available on about half the flights. So, in effect, the "free" upgrade costs $700. For 2013 I had four "free" upgrade coupons left. I booked two flights of which I was only upgraded on one segment. So at the end of January I had three left. Now, on February 1st, the three upgrade coupons have been removed. What is the point of flying 100,000 miles to earn 6 upgrades when it is not possible to use them? Good luck with your new frequent flyer program United. I am changing to another airline. Just fly one short segment every 18 months to keep the 1,000,000 miles I have in my account.

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07 January 2014 Jason Ho

Terrible flight. I made a round trip from Calgary, Canada to Pittsburgh via Chicago The flight there, the connecting flight was 2 hours late. I missed the flight and waited in line an hour to get rebooked, 8 hours later. The customer service was rude and told me "You are lucky you got out of Chicago today". The flight back, I guess they overbooked but they moved me to an hour later flight, to Denver, without emailing or texting me (I found this out at CHeck in counter). No apologies or explanation. The new flight arrived 3 hours later... Terrible service. I had bad experiences with United before but this is by far the worst yet. No more.

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