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Country: Singapore
Low-cost long-haul airline, flights from Singapore to Asia and Australia
IATA code: TZ
ICAO code: SCO
Head office: 4 Airline Road, Changi Airport, Singapore, 819825, Singapore
Phone number: +65 3158 3388
Year established: 2012
Main bases and hubs: Singapore Changi
Fleet: Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9

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Reviews & Opinions of Scoot:

12 March 2017 Guest

Scoot site charges $7 for a seat when you choose not to select a seat. This charge is illegal. The legal counsel at Air Singapore/Flyscoot/Tiger should be aware of this as they can be fined for imposing a charge where it has no legal basis for doing so. Otherwise flight and service was fine.

23 February 2017 Guest

Scoot offers better comfort.The seats have excellent recline which is way more generous than the other budget airlines I have flown on this route. Scoot flies the B787 which is my preferred plane compared to the other budget airlines which tend to fly single aisle planes for this route.

13 February 2017 Guest

Appalling service in every aspect of my most recent experience, Call centre is nearly impossible to get through to and when you do the staff are exceptionally unhelpful and refuse to transfer you to a senior or supervisor. Neither are they equipped to answer ANY questions but repeat the same useless information. I will not be flying with Scoot again and will certainly not recommend them to anyone. The web site offers no information about complaint or dispute resolution, only the phone number which takes you back to the same terrible call centre

30 December 2016 Guest

1) I had recently travelled to Perth using Scoot. Both ways the flights were delayed for more than 3 hours! Depart from Singapore on 10th Dec was scheduled 13:10hrs but we received sms that the flight is delayed to depart at 17:30hr. On the return flight on 17th Dec original schedule was supposed to depart Perth at 18:40hours but delayed to 22:50hrs! 2) Flight to Qingdao original schedule to depart Singapore on 23rd Dec at 01:55hr was delayed twice! First SMS received was a delay to depart at 05:30hr but a few hours later received a second SMS to inform a further delay to depart at 09:30hr! Terrible experience with Scoot!! First time to fly Scoot and all these delays are terrible experience.

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Scoot Discussion:

24 April 2017 Guest

Worst customer service experience I've ever had with any flights. it's my first time trying out Scoot, supposed to go with my 2 other friends. Something urgent came up, so I had to reschedule my flight, whilst my friends schedule remain. The only way to change my schedule is to call because they don't allow changing 1 passenger info through their web. After I called to make changes of my schedule, paid the changes fee, I received confirmation that all of our schedule change, including my 2 friends. So I called back immediately telling the agent about her fault, she said "we'll escalate this and get back to you in 24-48hours, it shouldn't be an issue to change back", after 48 hours no call back, i called again on and on for the next few days until I spoke to 8 different agents just to repeat the same thing. 1 even said the initial schedule were sold out so it won't be possible for my friends to change back. Now after 3 weeks they finally change back my friends flight whilst the fee that I paid supposedly for 3 passengers, can't be refunded due to according to them "you've agreed to change all their flights in the beginning". I mean if I agreed to that: 1. why don't I make the changes through online for all of us to save trouble calling them in the Philippines?! 2. why have I been calling many times for the past 3 weeks regarding this issue and * my money to call many times until my phone bills high up 3x?! Even speaking to the supervisor doesn't help this issue. Up until now there's no finalising and it seems they refuse to do anything about it.

23 April 2017 LINDA GREEN

Hi, I have flown СScootТ several times to Singapore and back and the past 2 flights home fr om Singapore to Sydney have been problematic. The first time, the flight was delayed 4 and half hours. Then last Easter Saturday, it was delayed over 2.5 hours... I can understand delays do happen. My complaint is over the poor communication to passengers about delays. Firstly, the staff making the announcements are grossly inarticulate- they speak poor English, have poor enunciation and speak very fast. Announcements are not clear and are only made once. These are my suggestions:- Х Please train staff to keep the passengers updated regularly as to when flights will leave Х Please announce clearly and slowly in better spoken English. Repeat the announcements a few times so that all passengers will hear the message. Х Please train staff to speak loudly. Х During flight safety procedure demonstrations, please speak slowly and loudly The other complaint is that on Easter Saturday, passengers on the TZ2- flight that eventually left Singapore at 3.35aam were not given immigration cards till the plane landed. Passengers were handed cards as we a result, we were made to sit on the floor and fill the cards in before going through customs...of course, some passengers were scrambling to get pens to fill in the information. Can somebody tell me what inefficient, inept and stupid person decided to distribute cards when we landed instead of giving cards during the flight itself???? I used to recommend Scoot to my friends but will not now as the standard for this budget airline has gone downhill to the point wh ere I am now willing to pay more for better service. I hope that management does take on board my complaints and suggestions and not sit on their laurels and destroy what was once a very good budget airline.

23 April 2017 Guest

The TZ291 is consistently late and its flight from Narita to Bangkok always being delayed and always arriving late. the flight is the TZ291 from Narita to Bangkok Don Mueang(DMK). If you check the flight history ,you will see the terrible performance .This has affected many people,not just me. Thank you for your assistance

16 April 2017 allan manton

On flt TZ 6 from SQ to OOL on 13 April 17 we, and many other passengers were subject to complete confusion with seating. We had booked and paid extra for specific seats only to find this had changed to a smaller/different plane and seat numbers and seats we had pre-booked were allocated to other passengers. We were not told of the change of aircraft at initial check in desk, but only found out at final check before boarding plane -then too late! On boarding we met many * passengers who were not informed of change. For a Singapore Airlines subsidiary/associated airline this inefficiency reflects poorly on SQ! Unfortunately we will think twice before flying Scoot again. Allan Manton and Lyn O'Brien

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