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Vueling Airlines Reviews

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17 November 2017 Vanessa

On September 21th 2017 I flew fr om Vienna to Paris with Vueling. But they lost my luggage. I went to the lost and found department (in Paris) and I got a number to check online the status of the search. The next day I looked at it and still nothing happend. After 4 days there was still the status 'still searching' nothing changed! I done some research myself and called the lost and found department from Vienna. They told me they found my luggage and had already sent it to Paris the very next day! Why nobody from Vueling said anything to me? They just had to call the L&F in Vienna but they didn't done anything to find my luggage! So I called Vueling and told them that my Luggage is in Paris. But I wasn't in Paris (I was backbacking), I told Vueling the first day that I only will be for three days in Paris and than will travel to Den Haag. The next day the status of my luggage was finally that they found it (well I found it...) and the Adress wh ere there gonna send it was my Hotel in Paris! Man I told them I'm not in Paris. After one week and the first day I was at home, I finally got my luggage back. My Hair Straightener and my Shaver are broken. Some books for studying are all over with Shampoo (so useless). I only charge them the clothes I bought for the rest of my holiday and some hygenical Products I had to buy (shampoo, deodorant, brush...). It's a total of 100€. I sent them all the things they needed. But still after now two months I didn't got my money back. I never fly with that horrible Airline again! The Customer Service is useless! They should be ashamed!

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20 September 2017 Claire

Our group of 10 people's flight has been canceled with unknown reason, emailed them many many times over 6 months. We still have 6 people haven't received our refunds, we've went to their counter directly in Barcelona and they said they cannot do anything then asked me to call customer service. Their attitude was awful during the call and they still do nothing afterwards. Today I just found they put my email into blacklist when I tried to sent email to them. This is the second bad experience from them, our first one was the flight has delayed for 5 hours, and we nearly missed our cruise! Please everyone don't take Vueling Airline! They cannot be trust completely!

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14 June 2017 Guest

Our flight was delayed for about 5 hours due to multiple technical problems. Passengers were not given tickets for meals during all this time. The whole Vueling ground crew disappeared from the airport and appeared just before boarding without giving any explanations. The flight was being delayed a few times. When we were already seating in the plane, the seats were very dirty as the crew didn't have time to clean the plane after the previous flight. The air condition broke down and we had to sit very uncomfortably in heat for the next hour. Additionally, the light in the cockpit broke down too and the crew tried to fix it with the help of flashlights! Some passengers called the police alarmed by possible safety risk and got escorted back. We were again held back as their baggage had to be found and ejected from the plane. Pilots seemed very tired and distressed. They were begging me not to abandon the flight like the others did as it would cause another delay for the rest of passengers. Due to the delay we lost our night in the hotel and had to book another place. Unlike other airlines almost every Vueling flight on that day was severely delayed. It was our first and last time with Vueling. It's not just delays, lost luggage or terrible customer service but most importantly the safety of our lives. They would have to pay us to flight with them and still we wouldn’t do it. There are literally thousands of reviews like this one and those are just the ones from people who found the time and energy to complain as most will just not bother. Now Vueling made it impossible for passengers to claim compensation for flights older than 1 year on their website which is criminal.

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28 May 2017 Guest

We flew from Gatwick to Florence on 12 May 2017. After a delay of one hour we were told there were only 90 place's on the flight. They told us the plane was a smaller one than the one they were supposed to get. Panic broke out and it was in total chaos. They gave sequence numbers and the lucky ones boarded the plane, we were the lucky ones. After taking our seats on the plane we waited a further 90 minutes before the plane took off. I was amazed to so many empty seats on the plane (more than 30), I am not sure why the plane was not filled up. We arrived at Florence two and half hour late. The staff gave no reasons regarding the delay. DO NOT FLY WITH VUELING. I am surprised British Airways are associated with a company like this. BRITISH AIRWAYS SHOULD HOLD THEIR HEADS IN SHAME FOR SUCH A POOR SERVICE OFFERED BY THEIR SISTER COMPANY.

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04 November 2016 Andre Lion

I had a ticket on a Vueling flight fr om Barcelona to Paris on October 6, scheduled to leave at 5PM and arrive at 7PM in Paris, wh ere I was going to take a LATAM flight to Brazil at 11PM. Vueling flight left 2 hours and 45 minutes late, I lost my overseas flight, had to stay overnight in Paris and had to make an additional payment for my LATAM flight since it was a discount fare. When I requested compensation Vueling said that since the delay was less than 3 hours compensation must not be payed. After this I read lots of facts about Vueling and decided that I will never use it again and do my best to tell everyone not to use it.

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10 September 2016 Guest

Worst airline ever. Never again. My luggage has been lost for two weeks now, and it is impossible to get any information. When I get through to their expensive lost luggage phone number, all they can tell me is that the suitcase is missing. No one is able to tell me how to claim back money for the toiletries and clothes I have had to buy, and how to claim for everything if the suitcase does not turn up. I have spent over 30pounds on phone calls to them so far. I would give them zero stars if I could. NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

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21 July 2016 Guest

Worst flight experience ever. Amsterdam - Milan 29/6/16, delayed 3 and a half hours due to the 'the plane being in Barcelona and not having left yet'. I opt to switch to the next day flight for free since I wouldn't have transportation to get to Trento due to the late arrival. I get the next day flight and they lose my luggage, took them over two weeks to get it back to me. I was on vacation for two weeks and had no clothes, so of course I had to buy new stuff. Throughout the whole ordeal, I was calling their baggage management service and everytime it took me 10-15 minutes of hold time before getting through to someone, who, if I''m honest, I could barely understand due to their poor english speaking ability. I still have not been compensated and their compensation process is extremely painstaking... Lot's of time has been invested at this point...

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05 April 2016 Guest

I have just traveled with vueling for the first time . tenerife to Barcelona flight delayed 3hrs Barcelona to Manchester flight delayed 2hrs so missed my train. To finish my day they have lost my suitcase.4 days now & no word. I'm never ever going to travel with them again

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25 September 2015 Guest

TRaveled fr om Berlin to Florence with Vueling. Last minute before boarding airline announced that no luggage will be taken on the plane and everything will be left in Berlin and then somehow be sent to Florence. Noone can give assusrance that this will happen and that bags will be sent to Florence. Now its more then 48 hours, but noone even can track bags, means noone even knows wh ere are they and when they will be delivered. Total BIZZAIRE?!!!

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15 September 2015 Guest

Booked with Vueling to travel from Gatwick to Florence on 5th September 2015. The flight, which should have taken off at 18.25 was consistently delayed. No representative of the airline was at Gatwick and no information about the reason for the delay was given. The final time for take off was given as 00.08. However a BA employee then told us that the flight had landed, from Barcelona, but the crew were out of flying hours. We were told we would fly at 11.30 the next day, (6th September) and checked in for this flight which eventually took off at 16.30. At no time was an apology given or an explanation for the delay. Vueling are proving difficult to pin down as to compensation for our badly affected short break. Think carefully before flying with this organisation.

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06 August 2015 Guest

Lyon-Rome-Palermo : flight delayed for 4h , arrival at 02h30 am without luggages. Arrival of the luggages the day before leaving. Palermo-Rome-Lyon : Flight delayed for 4h, arrival without luggages. Still not arrived. This company is the worst, the only objective for them is to make money and they treat the passagers like objects.

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13 July 2015 Sophie P

Flew from Rome to Gatwick last night, held at Rome for two hours with no knowledge of anything to do with our flight. Vueling were checking in about 5 different flights through one/two desks with a queue of about 800 people. When we finally checked in our bags I joked that they were probably going to lose them. My bag did not turn up to Gatwick along with three other passenger's luggage. Have tried contacting Vueling today and no reply. Delays, unhelpful staff, non existent customer service, loss of customer possessions! Vueling are the worst airline ever.

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05 July 2015 Guest

Customer service non existent, ground staff at destination rude and unwilling to help. We booked on Iberia, but found ourselves on Vueling as they code share with Iberia. The trip got off to a good start as the ground staff at Gatwick were competent and booked us in. From there everything went downhill, cabin crew failed to provided very little information during the flight and just seem to be there because they had to be. Once we landed in Rome we were kept on the aircraft for over 30 mins after the doors were opened without any explanation. Eventually once inside the terminal in took about 2hrs for the luggage to arrive and still no explanation/information from the ground staff. When we finally got our luggage we went to see the Vueling desk at the terminal, staff at the airport were very rude (to the point they refused to give their names and covered up their name badges ). Alex Cruze, Willie Walsh maybe you should fly this route yourselves and see if this is the level of customer service you wish to offer to your customers.

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08 February 2015 Guest

We asked for the assistance to one of us wich is elder and disabled. First form on the website more than 5 day in advance to the first flight, and numerous other reminder sent. Vueling never responded and we had to deal last minute with the airport, causing problems and delays to everyone but not at all for our fault. No money involved, just a terrible attitude towards customers.

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