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17 June 2024 12:06:00 Guest C Wibberley

Very shocked
Went to get my bag from the overhead locker and found it missing. Looked around it was on the floor opened. Zipped it up and carried on
As I was going through the airport I checked my bag and found a duty free bottle of whiskey had gone.
Thought one of the passengers had taken it but after the holiday queuing for the plane a passenger told me he had seen a member of the flight crew take it

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11 April 2024 12:04:00 Guest

I bought a one way multi leg flight ticket with Vueling from Malaga to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Geneva.

I brought a backpack with me as hand luggage and, despite it fitted in the basket for luggage to be put under your seat (I even did a couple of pictures), they asked me to pay 60 EUR x 2 legs = 120 EUR as according to them it did not fit well in the basket. For me the situation was very abusive by Vueling and I tried to record the situation at the boarding gate with my phone but Vueling staff told me that this was prohibited. At the end, I refused to pay and I had to book another flight.

I would advise other travelers from Vueling with hand luggage who believe that they should not pay for their hand luggage to get on board as soon as possible. Why? Because it Vueling staff get abusive, there would be many witnesses who can also record with their mobile phones what is happening. Also if they get abusive and start discussing with a passenger, then the flight would delay because of them. Otherwise, if you are boarding the last one like me, they can just ask you to pay any amount that they want even if your hand luggage fits the required measurements and in case you donít pay, they donít care at all about leaving you on the ground... However, they can be reprimanded if the flight is delayed because of any issue like this.

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06 October 2023 12:10:00 Billy

My flight from London Gatwick to Banjul via Barcelona on Friday 18 August was delayed. There was no communication between the relevant agencies that the flight from London to Barcelona would be delayed and for transit passengers like myself going to Banjul would be late in boarding because of the late arrival of the London flight. I was almost turned away from the boarding gate because the Vueling officials at the gate were not aware that there were transit passengers like myself who were late because of the delayed departure from London. Eventually, I boarded following a conversation between the officials at the gate and the cabin crew. On arrival in Banjul, my luggage had not arrived at the Airport. My luggage eventually arrived a week later with no prior communication from Vueling. Even on their website my luggage was reported as still being looked for. I had to constantly call Banjul airport baggage office to check on the status of my luggage and it was they who confirmed that my luggage was arriving on Friday. When I claimed expenses for the the clothing and other items I had to buy prior to the arrival of my delayed luggage I was sent an insulting payment which did not cover the cost of my expenses legitimately purchased because of Vueling's discriminatory application of the claims policy when they know full well that market traders and most of businesses that are used by the locals do not have facilities to issue receipts. So I provided photos of the purchased items and the cost of each. My return journey from Banjul to London via Barcelona was also delayed by a day and when I arrived back in London Gatwick on 6 August my luggage was not at the airport so again I had to complete a baggage lost/delay form. My luggage was still in Barcelona and was finally delivered to my home address later that week. I wrote to Vueling challenging the partial expenses I had been paid and seeking full payment of the expenses which I would not have incurred if they had ensured my luggage arrived on Friday 18 August and seeking compensation for my delayed journey which was not entirely due to circumstances beyond their control. I'm still waiting to hear from Vueling Customer Service and its Chief Executive. Being a low cost operator should not mean low quality service, poor communication and customer care.

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27 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

We flew back from Lanzarote to Paris Orly via Barcelona but our bags were lost on the way. After filling out the relevant paperwork and informing Vueling that we would only be in Paris for ! night they attempted to deliver the bags the day after we left Paris for London. Now over a month later and a number of phone calls and 2 service agents admitting they delivered the bags to our Paris hotel after we had left they still have not delivered our bags to us. Also every time we call we are told they "will send an email to the airport", which they will NOT give us a copy of, and also tell us there is no supervisor or above that can speak English so there is no-one else we can speak to and tell us "This is all we can do". I can not believe that this is how a company can run its customer service! No communication, no attempt to rectify the situation and no offer of compensation because on the company system the bags have been delivered and the case is CLOSED! If this is the amount of care they take with their customer service its scary to think how much do they care about the servicing of their planes.

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23 September 2023 12:09:00 Anon

RUBBISH AIRLINE !! No Customer service at all. Unable to contact them. AVOID at all cost.
Delays and missing baggage are all a part of their service - at the Customer's expense !!!

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22 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

First they announced a flight delay and then they cancelled the flight altogether without providing a replacement flight. Worst airline ever!

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12 September 2023 12:09:00 Gaspar

Terrible, terrible, terrible!!! Nothing else to add. Rude and stressed ground staff, no customer support. Avoid at any cost

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02 September 2023 12:09:00 Evangelia Letsa

I flew from Barcelona to Prague on the 23rd of June.My luggage has disappeared since and vueling seems incapable to help.There is no communication between the different custom service offices so any information I have been given results to nothing.Horrible experience that has cost me financially and psychologically.

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27 August 2023 12:08:00 Consu

I really don't get this company. They have tons of flights a day from Milano to Barcelona, and each time there is a problem. I am a frequent flier and they have cancelled 3 flights on me this year and the other have been very often delayed. Their communications are untimely, I learn that they are delayed/cancelled from 3rd party sites sooner than from their app.
Once in the airport, the assistants don't know a think, they redirect you to the app (which is not updated in time, so let's make loops).
Last but not least they try to "refund" you only the cost of your tickets and not reimburse you as by EU law, you have to go dig in the customer service to find it out. Are you being basically scammers? They ruined my Christmas, today they ruined my vacations. I am sick and tired to have to take time off from work so that you can put me on the flight that suits YOU more. Are you really expecting people to keep flying with you? For me today it has been the last flight I take with Vueling. Easy and Ryan have less flights per day, but they are a bit more reliable.

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24 July 2023 12:07:00 Rebecca G

Reference #: DBVVY13630 If they happen to read thisÖ (Doubtful!!)

Lost luggage on 7/21/23. Immediately filed a report. Have not heard anything from them other than their automatic emails telling me they are sorry and to be patient. I can see my luggage is still at the FCO airport from my AirTag.

Cannot get through to lost and foundís customer service line to speak to someone. Left voicemails and emails, but still have not been contacted back.

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23 July 2023 12:07:00 Alison

Horrendous Experience - Beware of Hidden Fees and Rude Behavior

I recently had the worst experience of my life with Vueling airline, and I feel compelled to share my dreadful encounter to caution others. Here are some of the nightmarish incidents we endured:

1. Hidden Fees: The airline lured me in with seemingly affordable ticket prices, only to bombard me with hidden fees at every turn. It was exasperating to discover additional charges for seemingly basic services that should have been transparent from the start. They wanted to charge for each bag extra we had 3. We ended consolidating into one bag and paying carry on.

2. Externally Rude Staff: The airline's employees displayed an astonishing level of rudeness and unprofessionalism. From the moment I stepped into the airport, I was met with condescending attitudes and a complete lack of empathy.

3. Unreasonable Luggage Demands: Traveling with my child, they threatened to cancel our trip if I didn't pay an exorbitant fee for each of our luggage. This exploitative tactic was not only unfair but also highly distressing.

4. Threatening Police Involvement: When my son recorded a short video of the mistreatment we experienced, the airline staff responded by threatening to call the police. This reaction was utterly disproportionate and frightening for a 13-second video. The only way to prune that this is real.

5. Disregard for Personal Belongings: To add to the humiliation, my son had his small soccer ball snatched away and callously thrown in the trash. It was heart-wrenching to see his cherished possession treated with such disrespect.

6. Humiliation as a Parent: Witnessing my child being treated so poorly and having no power to protect him was the most humiliating moment I've ever experienced as a mother.

7. Conclusion: I urge everyone to be aware of the appalling practices of this airline. They prioritize profits over customer satisfaction, and their behavior towards passengers, especially children, is disgraceful. I strongly advise seeking alternative travel options to avoid the distress and frustration that comes with dealing with this airline.

Let this review serve as a warning to others, and may it encourage the airline to reflect on their actions and strive for a more compassionate and customer-centric approach in the future.

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23 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

Be very careful, you need to pay extra for everything. You need to pay for your seat because all automatically allocated seats are apparently already allocated. Then carry on is not for free! I payed my flight twice just because I had to pay for my hand luggage (1x backpack) extra and the seat.

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15 July 2023 12:07:00 Passenger

They overbooked the flight but didn't allow us to cancel the tickets. Two of us were flying but we only got 1 seat. They were not able to communicate in English and answer our questions, only kept repeating that we cannot do anything and can only wait until the end of the boarding to know if one of us will be denied boarding. Worse still is that we have a connecting flight in two hours, but there's no recommendation of a solution for our situation, they only want to make max. profit out of you and don't even bother to talk to you. The staff even got pissed after we tried a few times to repeat our question in English very slowly, and she made a face to us in front of all the other passengers.

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10 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

They cancelled our flight

They made us pay for oversized luggage even when it was 1kg overweight

Then they lost our luggage

It had been 21 days since they lost it, and no compensation is in the process.

They make you run around in circles talking to automated responses

They also hang up on you when you finally talk to a human being

They don't care about human beings.

Fly with this airline at your own risk.

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06 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

Went to the airport 2 hours before, did the usual, checked in, went through passport control and grabbed a breakfast, I walked to the gate to be refused entry - advising i was late despite there still being 40 minutes until take off.

I received the poorest customer service from the lady at the desk and then by 2 women at the customer service desk. 3 of the rudest humans I have ever witnessed with a lack of empathy and heart. I was left stranded in Barcelona and the only option I was given was to fly the next day at £100 expense or buy a new ticket to Gatwick for £450 after paying £400 for this flight.

I was visibly shaken and all three women shrugged their shoulders and smirked. This flight was clearly overbooked and I was the victim of this.

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01 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

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01 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

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01 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

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01 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

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01 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

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01 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

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24 May 2023 12:05:00 Bob

Entered a typo on my name when I booked the flight, and you charged me 50 Euros to fix it as it did not match my passport. For a typo!!! That is outright being thieves.
We get dropped off at Terminal 3 (where the flight is leaving from), but we have to check into terminal 1. So we walk back there, just to walk back to terminal 3 to catch the flight..
Finally we get on a bus to get to the plane, it drives about 50 meters, and we stand on the bus waiting to disembark.
Further, there was another customer who was redirected to Paris by Vueling, and they were forcing him to buy another ticket so he could get back to LondonÖ after they re-routed him.

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20 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

This is a robber airline. Adding 1 cabine luggage at 33euro per passenger without choosing which passenger to add. Only wanna add 1 on board luggage for 1 of 2 passengers but impossible. System attributes automatically this service for all passengers. Unable to have free seat while check-in online but paying at least 9euros for 1 standard seat 😳 but cannot skip choosing seat step. Totally disappointed! 😡

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25 April 2023 12:04:00 Stephen

The airline lied to me about there not being any overhead space available and that my bag is too big anyway which is total none sense because the overhead compartments were exactly the same size as any other Boeing built aircraft. They charged me another 60 euros to check in my hand luggage. Before taking off you could see there was clearly enough space for plenty more bags. I heard at least 6 other passengers make the same remark. Their app doesnít work properly either. I felt ripped off and lied too.

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12 April 2023 12:04:00 Mollie Dodsworth

Avoid at all costs. Shocking airline. Can never get through to them promptly. Staff are rude and unhelpful. Staff go against their own policies that are advertised on their website and go against the law.
Had to vo tact love holidays and they was more help than the airline- they advised me that what the airline are doing is illegal. I have also been told that in order to cancel my holiday, I have to provide a document to say me and my partner can't fly- which I did and is fair enough and a legal document to say that my partner is the father to my baby and that we are together legally as a couple ( we aren't married and I told the airline this). One the day I am suppose to fly in October, I will be 34 weeks pregnant and the airline are shocking.

I asked to speak to a manager and the advisor refused to pass me to one. I said I am legally entitled to speak to the manger and the advisor said I wasn't. I then asked for the CEO details and they refused to give them me and said I can google it- basically palming me off.

I googled the details and emailed the CEO and threatened them with reviews, involving news companies, papers and the financial ombudsman. This was last week. I still haven't heard anything so as it stands, I'll be taking it further.

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23 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest

Terrible. Nothing works on their website, not possible to buy a hand luggage and they donít have a * customer service! Never again. Does not worse that couple of euros saved. Never.

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25 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

Discrimination & Abuse of power

1) I had to go to the toilet urgently. I was forbidden to go to the toilet while other passengers were allowed. I was treated differently.

2) No information was given at check in or by email that I had to use a mask on board. It seems non sense that in some flights you have to use a mask and in others not (in the same flight company). I was forced to use a mask and when I asked why I had to use it, I was ignored twice. I had no idea if it was mandatory to use a mask in Spain. I used public transportation for four days and was never asked to use a mask. The staff should have known the regulations and explained when asked about it.

3) One of the flight attendants was wearing the mask incorrectly without the nose covered. I was forced to wear the mask correctly (mouth and nose covered). When I asked the flight attendant what were the reasons, the answer was:
"Because I wear it as I like!"

Vueling does not have crews up to the job, no idea how to deal with people.

There was an extreme abuse of power, especially by the cabin supervisor.

The way I was treated is against the Human Rights.

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08 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

I've never seen in my life a company with covid standards different from the entire world. The funniest thing is, only for their own convenience.
When it comes to refunding the customer, the official PCR test documentation accepted everywhere is not valid to them.
What they want is, for people with covid go to the doctor and request a report with their own standards. However, everyone knows that doctors do not attend to people with covid or with flu symptoms. And the PCR positive is the official document already.
They just wanna money! I hope the universe gives them back the reward for this dishonesty.

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23 October 2022 12:10:00 mark springborg

Worst airline iíve ever used🤮 rude and extremely unhelpful staff on ground and in air I will never use them again Ö.hope they go bankrupt soon.

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18 October 2022 12:10:00 CasualFlyer

OMG what a complete balls up.
Got to the check-in desk and gave in our passports and tickets, four of each. Explained that we had booked the extra seats, an option that is clearly available for anyone booking with Vueling on their website NOT on the app that I am aware of.

The lady at the desk got told to off load the extra seats!!!
We questioned this and was told by the queue supervisor that it was ok and we would keep all the seats.
When we got to the boarding gate we checked again and they had no idea you could do this, one of the person's checking the tickets at the gate just turned round to her colleague and said I haven't checked anyone in, again another example of lack or good service as you could tell they didn't care and was told to check with the staff.

As we boarded the plan we could see that Vueling had resold our seats.
We explained to the crew that we had paid for the extra seats, not their fault but they didn't understand. We took our seats but still have lost our extra seat. The crew are trying to work it out and get and outcome to everyone's satisfaction.
Then the captain came out of the cockpit and aggressively pointing at us making it clear to everyone on the plane that we had raised and issue regarding seating.
After another number finger points and some none helpful words (as people do understand other languages), they decided to move the extra people to the row behind.
No formal apology was given just a lot of looks and finger pointing.

Just before we pulled back we were still waiting for 2 other passengers who were clearly late, but the aggressive captain done an announcement on the tannoy and clearly claimed that the very little (6 mins) delay of the plane was down to the seat problem (mainly that we had caused this problem) making it look like we had caused the problem. As soon as the late passengers turn up and sat down we were on our way, so I don't think our seat problem caused any delay.
There was no visible checking of seatbelts and where bags were placed on the plane.

After take off the crew the crew quickly closed of the front curtains and toilets (with no explanation) even though there was no problem with them (as they used them).
They turned away elderly people, a pregnant lady and other people all why they sat there eating their food and chatting and crying.
Such bad customer service, it was the most disgusting experience of customer service I have received for a while.

You can clearly tell it is an old BA planes used by Vueling (or BA budget, very budget).
No comfort in the seats, it actually felt more comfortable on a bus seat as at least they have sponge in them.

This is BAs' idea of flying from Gatwick but not using BA planes.
The get out clause for BA, run their troubled timetable but give most of it work to Vueling.

They say ignorance is bliss, well I can certainly say they must have it down to a 'T'.
Is Vueling the company I would choose for future traveling, probably not and probably would only recommend at a last resort and choice.

Rating† ✈ (2) out of ✈✈✈✈✈ (5)

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11 October 2022 12:10:00 Christina

I was very disappointed with this airline. First I must mention, how disgusting and dirty the interior of the plane was. The seats were dirty, the table tray had yellow marks all over, there was trash and tissues still laying on the floor, and the food booklet could not even be opened because how dirty and sticky it was inside. On top of it, the flight attendants were also not very friendly. After arriving at Barcelona, we also had to wait over 45 minutes for the bags to come through the carousel!! The tickets for this airline are expensive and everything about the airline and the flight were very disappointing and I do not think I will book with this airline again. I have pictures of how unhygienic the interior of the plane was for proof.

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05 September 2022 12:09:00 Miatta Dassama

Our outbound flight was delayed with little explanation. Very concerning turbulence midair, when there was no adverse weather conditions.
Our return flight was delayed again with little explanation.
No hospitality at the airport while we where waiting at the gate.
Refused to refund despite 3 hours delayed.

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30 August 2022 12:08:00 Anthony

Is there a zero star option. No understanding at all to a flight booked and needed to be cancelled within hours of booking it. How you you not refund within reason given on your site. Asking for ridiculous paperwork for ą100 flight booked a few hours ago. Literally just robbing peoples money.

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30 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Unfortunately I did not read this page before flying with Vueling. We flew on July 8 with 4 bags and they lost them all. They have come back slowly - one is still missing. Terrible airline - incompetent staff. Just donít - as simple as that. Unfortunately it wonít let me give zero stars!

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20 August 2022 12:08:00 Rahaman Hasan

I do not have any complaint relating on flight aspects. I thought their cabin crews were kind and helpful and also ample legroom compared to other similar airlines.
But Vueling lost my checked-in luggage (7th June flight), where I had my valuables and essentials for my child. I am writing this review on the 20th August, yet Vueling is unable to resolve this issue. From the second week of my calls to their customer service, they are saying they have found my luggage at the Santorini airport, with their partner Goldair Handling and I am still waiting for it to be delivered.
The customer service assistant over the phone does not have all the features to support me and always gives me the same response when I call.
Vueling said their contract with Goldair Handling does not allow them to chase them for luggage, they can only send them a request, which they are sending for the last many weeks. Eventually they asked me to chase Goldair Handling by myself and provided me the phone number for Goldair Handling, which can also be found on Goldair Handling's website. The phone continues to ring and it is ringing for last 2 months, no one picks from the other side. The email address is also inactive. No one responds to your email. Same with Vueling, there is not fruitful email communication.
Eventually I claimed for the lost luggage and they have offered me only £348, when value of my items in the luggage is around £1400 to £1500. When I didnot accept their claim offer they are not responding to my emails again.
This is the worst airlines ever in my 21 years of flying experience.
If you are flying with checked-in luggage and your flying with Vueling, fly at your own risk.

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18 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Zero stars
We left mallorca airport with what we thought was our luggage. We were told 10 mins before landing they had left without our luggage. 6 days later now and cannot get anywhere with them!!
You go to claim for basic essentials and they say they canít track your information which is correct.
Awful customer service. Never fly with this company

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18 August 2022 12:08:00 Amar Yahya

the worst Airline ever. My flight was delayed over 6 hours and the employees didn't know anything about the flight or the airline and the worst part is they insulted us by giving us 12 euro voucher. My first and last time ever flying this piece of * Airline.

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08 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Zero star,
They charged us 30 euro for the underseat luggage from Rome, however on our way from Amsterdam to Rome they assured us that our bags are underseat bags were not evwn 6kilo each..Scam and very disappointing, crued checkin desk guy..will never fly with this airline again.

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01 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Completely unprofessional service but professional scam and robbery of their customers. I will never use them again in future.
Me allowed to take hand baggage but not allowed to bring back in over head luggage room . They told us no room for baggage but when we got on the airplane there was plenty of free space. I am really scam by checking staff of 120 EUR. Donít use this airplane.

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01 August 2022 12:08:00 Limbu

I was travelling from Paris to Gatwick with my family which we allowed to take our hand baggages but on way back checking staff asked to pay and I paid 120 EUR payment received:WF6c5z-02 . Iím really disappointed with your system. Me not allowed to do online checking and for return automatically issued boarding pass but not departure one. Checking staff told us there is no over head room for our hand luggages but when we got on plane there was plenty of room air lines came with empty room. Never used in future.

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09 July 2022 12:07:00 Khurram Hussain

Worst budget airline on Planet
Worst budget airline on Planet. I have traveled with many. I took it to get me to Alex Egypt from Paris in 4.5 hours instead of 11 hours with connection. Spent 4 hours extra in Checkn and security. Incompetent staff asking mask on entry to boarding gate and telling 6 min or I will miss my flight. At checkin no ome told me that. They put me in checkin line twice as first time they could not finish precious airloline on time. Just horrible

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02 July 2022 12:07:00 Ana

As mention below i also had a flight that arrived with no laugagge, barcelona to Nice, itís been 7 days and no news, Im so sad and * , please do not fly with vueling unless u want to lose ur belongings. :(

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20 June 2022 12:06:00 Stella

Left Florence for Amsterdam (direct flight) Saturday 11th of June. On arrival at Amsterdam, I was told no bags had been loaded on to plane so all passengers' luggage still in Florence. Now, Monday, 9 DAYS AFTER still no bags or information from Vueling. I have called them, e-mailed them, but they are still searching for the luggage. HOW come all passengers bags including my two bags of 50 KG can be lost on a small airport like Florence for 9 days without Vueling doing NOTHING??? Useless trying to contact Vueling they just say, still Searching and no willingness of trying to help. I asked for the number to Vueling at Florence Airport. They could not give me that. Will never fly with Vueling ever again.

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11 June 2022 12:06:00 Amila

Flyed from Belgrade to Sevilla through Barcelona. First needed ro recheck in Barcelona, and as a Bosnia & Herzegovina citizen, the online chck in was not possible (what kind of politics is that). I had a ricket with just hand lagguage. The baggage was fine in Belgrade, BUT when returning back, on the check in counter (online was not possibleÖ!) they charged 30ą the lgguage. Explenation-NONE! The counter lady was rude when I started complaining and saying that the hand lagguage was included already in the ticket. Afterwards she comes back charging 30ą MORE for the Barcelona-Belgrade flight! ROBBERS! Never flying again wih them and Iím going to complain through air help companies!!! I was with a friend and they did the same to him!

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11 June 2022 12:06:00 Bendzamin

have never seen or felt so humuliated. Me and my friend came to Sevilla from Belgrade with our small hand luggage completly normal and in return they did not allow us to take it with us inside plane but we had to pay 60ą to be placed in plane cargo hold. They have no office in airport to complain.
Online check in was also impossible for departure and arrival because of our nationality (Bosnia&Herzegovina)
Completly unproffesional service but professional robbery of their customers.
I will never use them again in future

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05 June 2022 12:06:00 Murray

Awful airline. Massively overbooked flights at term term and bumped families at the gate. 3.5 hours in a check in queue due to Vueling staff shortage. FLight was almost 5 hours late, landing in Barcelona at 04:45. I applied for compensation under EC261 and Vueling said no as "out of their control"

I have started a petition to have them banned from UK -

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30 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

An immoral firm who's business model is built on hidden charges and they're too cowardly to have a call centre where you can actually speak to someone, they'll hide behind small print. Modern Scheishters

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28 May 2022 12:05:00 Robert Usher

Terrible airline. I booked a return flight to Alicante with flight credit. It was due to stop at Barcelona and the flight to Alicante was an hour and half later. They changed it to 12 hours at Barcelona. I immediately cancelled the flight. To this day I have not received a refund and Vueling have never replied to me.

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15 May 2022 12:05:00 John

Worst pre and after flight experience ever with Vueling. Hours waiting in line with one person checking TWO flights in at Florence airport. Both flights delayed with no information given. Everybodyís baggage on flight to LGW left in Florence, just how is it possible for the flight to depart with no baggage on board. Apparently on investigation this has been going on for weeks !! Took one week, yes one week, for baggage to arrive. No communication or apology from Vueling, almost impossible to get through by email or phone. Price wise they are obviously competitive but if something goes wrong you are in big trouble !

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12 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

4 Vueling flights leaving Florence airport on Saturday 7 May - one check in desk for hundreds of people. Barcelona flight cancelled but passengers not informed. Our Gatwick flight leaving at 2pm, left at 3.15 half full, two of our party refused access to flight. Supposedly windy conditions but not in reality. Then, on arrival at Gatwick, told no bags had been loaded on to plane so all passengers' luggage still in Florence. Now Thursday evening and still no bag or information. Useless trying to contact Vueling. No human response. Will never fly with Vueling ever again.

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12 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

Terrible experience.
Even the prices of the luggage you want to buy are constantly changing.
On the Inbound, during my online check-in I bought an option for a cabin luggage which was not available on the outbound flight ?!?!?!
I had to purchase a checked bag. And during the booking of the checked bag the price started at 20 EUR for 15 kg,changed to 31 EUR few seconds later. Then after a refresh it went to 26EUR to finally end of course at 31 EUR. Not fair... You never know how much you will pay your luggage. Is it legal??

And not to mention that the price of my ticket wasn't cheap at all. 190 EUR...
Expensive ticket for a very cheap service.
Will not use the company again.

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24 April 2022 12:04:00 Ievgenii F

I purchased tickets for myself and my mom to fly to Barcelona to seek refuge there (we are from Ukraine). We had a person in Barcelona who was willing to host us for a few weeks while thereís war in my home country. Unfortunately, that person had to cancel on us which is okay, but when we asked Vueling to refund our tickets they refused and didnít take into account our situation. We are low on money and they simply donít care, evidently, they need our 200 euro more than we do.

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24 April 2022 12:04:00 Nerma

Worst company i ever flight!!! Emoyees are cheating people, if you donít do you check In online, they told you to Wait, there is no seat in plane, when we were waiting on gate and stay last, She told us, oh i have your ticket here, all THE time!!!! We come with hand lougage with no problem, and when we come back from Barcelona, very rude, but very rude, and with hi voice told us that we have to pay for SAME HAND lougage 40 E!!! Cheating people!! When i ASK them for their nane they start to speak on Spanish to me, Hide there ID, that should be public and that we know who they are, and only when i say that i will not leave without some nane or something who they are, on Spanish told me number of their ID!!! I all the time speak english, i donít speak Spanish, and i have to ask there 3 or 4 time can she told me on english slow, and she do it very fast that i can not write numbers. When i want to see the number she didnít give me, and take her ID and hide!! She charge us 40 E for THE same bag that we for free put In Plane from Venice, with explanation that her colleaugues didnít do they job!!! I donít care for that, they would told me when i travel from my starting point!!! At the end we pay for these tickets more that we have flight with Turkish Airlines who is No.1 In the EUROPE and worldwide!!! They are cheating people, using what people donít know, and charging this without any explanation, and they are very rude and not profesional!!!!

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21 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest


Do not use this airline.

I booked a flight from SCG to CDG to catch a connecting International flight. Vueling changed the departure time by 2 hours, which means I won't have time to catch my connecting flight.

They have not responded to emails, phone calls.

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18 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest

Vueling reported AFTER landing that no bags at all were loaded onto the plane in Florence. Same for flight 6206, the previous flight that day. They claimed a wind incident at the airport (Lie no. 1: online reports show max 17 MPH at take-off itme). They claimed an over loaded flight (Lie no. 2: Half the seats on a BAE A319 were empty). We filled out the requisite forms at the British Airways desk in Gatwick (they partner with Vueling and BA has the only terminal office for Vueling). The BA agent agreed that Vueling is horrible. Received one text message acknowledging our PIR number. Checking online shows that they are searching for our bags. Calling in to Vueling is a horrible experience. I could only find a human by mistake on the phone tree. The agent, Estefania, was the worst I have ever encountered. She would only tell me that the bags were not found yet.

No bags loaded at the Florence airport and they don't know where they are? Lie number 3. She told me that she could not connect me to a supervisor. She would not pass our case or contact info to a supervisor. A complete stonewall job. 2 days and no bags, no news.

We have perishable medications packed with a freeze block, about ą1500 worth of vacation purchases (clothing, shoes, perfume, a chess set, etc.), and numerous items we use in daily life that we are without (phone chargers, electric toothbrush, bathroom kits, shoes, etc.). What an absolutely rotten to the core company.

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05 April 2022 12:04:00 Laila Chatila

Never ever ever book a flight with them. Why? Cause there are ripping you off. Couple days after my booking was confirmed they just changed my flight from 5 th of April to the 3 th. Since i could not go they said refund is possibe but when i tried it would not work. I tried to reach them but not was it just almost impossible they also told me it was my fold even through there website didnt work. So i booked i new flight with another airline and they kept my money and didnt responde any further. I never write reviews but i felt its enaugh that i lost my money. So safe your money and time and flights somewhere else!

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18 March 2022 12:03:00 Tina dixon

Awful. Flight for 6 of us cancelled due to Covid. They refused refund. Went to obtain flight credit and they now tell me itís expired. Awful customer service. Rude if you manage to get through to them

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14 March 2022 12:03:00 Jorgen Nygren

Our flight was cancelled due to covid and we were promissed flight credit (received email on this) but when we wanted to use the credit it did not work (was still within the credit valid date). Logged a ticket 3 months ago and we still have not got the credit back. Calling every 1-2 weeks but no progress.

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13 February 2022 12:02:00 Andre Rolina

Worst airline ever, they are practically a scam. I normally don't write reviews, though I am beyond annoyed with this company; they take advantage of all their customers without caring, as well as their employees. I booked a flight to Malaga which I won't be able to make due to my aunt's funeral and they are charging me more than the ticket is worth in order to change the dates. This flight is meant to take place this coming Friday with a return on Sunday. I'd much rather fly with RyanAir or EasyJet as they are much better. The only reason I fly with Vueling is because I have friends who work there and the service is good most of the time. As far as a low-cost airline, it is hands-down the worst and should be kicked out of star-alliance and shouldn't be allowed to continue operations

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23 January 2022 12:01:00 Jacqueline Treadaway

Been waiting 16 months for a refund. Noone ever answers my emails and noone ever to speak to on their SO customer service number..utter joke of a company!!

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28 December 2021 12:12:00 Diana

This airline takes your money and makes it impossible to connect with them. They only have automated messages on the phone, there is no option to speak with a customer service agent, zero.
in my case, they cancelled two flights and sent me a message that they have refunded me the money. They did not refund me the money, nor did they reply any email, nor do they have a channel where anybody answers.
so only option is to complain to the the consumers authority, cause Vueling does not reply, they only take your money.

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16 December 2021 12:12:00 A Gray

Absolutely disgusting service from requiring incorrect documentation preventing check in to having zero customer servive response from any means of contact including letter to Head office..
In fact procedure very reminiscent of a scam not an airline.

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26 November 2021 12:11:00 Guest

I thought I would post this review because I was really surprised to see all the negative comments about this airline. I flew from Birmingham to Barcelona at the end of 2019 and had absolutely no problem at all. The plane left on time, my luggage turned up at the other end, the flight crew were absolutely great and the cost was very reasonable. I admit I didn't have to contact the airline because I never had a problem and as we all know, you find out how good a company is only when you have something go wrong. But for me, it was all good

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01 November 2021 12:11:00 Guest

1 star because I can't put 0! Never travel with them. They have lost my suitcase it's been 4 months and they don't want to refund me any money!
They are not even replying to my emails and the formal notice my lawyer sent!

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29 October 2021 12:10:00 joum

the pb is that we open these links when its too late.
we lost our luggage between Barcelona and Malaga, one week ago DIRECT FLIGHT!.
they cant even trace it! no one is answering.
the worst airline ever!!!
has anyone found a lost suitcase after a week??

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20 August 2021 12:08:00 Guest

Worst Airline EVER! They cancelled my flight. After waiting for compensation I was told by email that I am entitled to NOTHING as out of their control! Disgusting Airline. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!

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13 May 2021 12:05:00 vanessa rhiode

These people are a nightmare to deal with
They have changed my flight and given me booking code which is not recognised

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