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25 December 2019 12:12:00 Guest


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08 October 2018 12:10:00 Guest

I flew with Vueling from Menorca to Barcelona on the 10th August. Not only did they give away my seat when I checked in, they took my bag tag and boarding pass when they "found" a spare seat at the last minute at the gate. They then lost my suitcase and now I am struggling to get compensation. Everyone I call either hangs up on me or says they can't help me. When I email them all my details such as PIR number and ask for assistance they just reply with an automated email.

This seems fraudulent. Bag tag taken, bag goes missing, and no one is willing to help find the bag or give compensation. Does anyone know who I can directly contact to resolve this?

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08 October 2018 12:10:00 Amal Baradei

They charged me 160 for an extra piece of luggage!! The are a rip off company!
Dont fly Vueling, Never again!!

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22 June 2018 12:06:00 Guest

We booked a direct flight from Newark Airport to Rome 6 months ago on Norwegian Airlines through Celebrity Choice Air (the travel agent of Celebrity Cruises). Now, a week before the flight they changed our flight to one departing from another state, with a 6 1/2 hour layover in another country. And no compensation! And if we change the flight ourselves to another airline, it will now cost $550 more for a direct flight per person! And even worse, we have to give up the direct flight we (so far) still have on Norwegian with that change because it is no longer a roundtrip on Norwegian Air! This is crazy! And there is no recourse! Unbelievable! NEVER BOOK A FLIGHT ON NORWEGIAN! IT ISN'T THE FLIGHT YOU WILL END UP ON!!! And, we have seen on that this flight has continued to run daily, despite the info Norwegian Air has provided that they no longer run this flight and won't resume it again until September. This would indicate they just bumped us from a flight which still exists, and are lying to us and Choice Air about it, saying these flights no longer run. This has got to be illegal! It is certainly unethical and beyond the worst treatment a customer could receive by an airline!!

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15 June 2018 12:06:00 Guest

This is absolutely the worst airline I have ever encountered. They seem to be at war with every customer and every potential customer. They can be polite, but not truthful.

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18 January 2018 12:01:00 Thornton

I was extremely satisfied with the way my request was dealt with by Vueling UK Vustomer service dept
Excellent customer service
Many thanks indeed
January 18 2018

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17 November 2017 12:11:00 Vanessa

On September 21th 2017 I flew fr om Vienna to Paris with Vueling. But they lost my luggage. I went to the lost and found department (in Paris) and I got a number to check online the status of the search. The next day I looked at it and still nothing happend. After 4 days there was still the status 'still searching' nothing changed! I done some research myself and called the lost and found department from Vienna. They told me they found my luggage and had already sent it to Paris the very next day! Why nobody from Vueling said anything to me? They just had to call the L&F in Vienna but they didn't done anything to find my luggage! So I called Vueling and told them that my Luggage is in Paris. But I wasn't in Paris (I was backbacking), I told Vueling the first day that I only will be for three days in Paris and than will travel to Den Haag. The next day the status of my luggage was finally that they found it (well I found it...) and the Adress wh ere there gonna send it was my Hotel in Paris! Man I told them I'm not in Paris. After one week and the first day I was at home, I finally got my luggage back. My Hair Straightener and my Shaver are broken. Some books for studying are all over with Shampoo (so useless).
I only charge them the clothes I bought for the rest of my holiday and some hygenical Products I had to buy (shampoo, deodorant, brush...). It's a total of 100. I sent them all the things they needed. But still after now two months I didn't got my money back. I never fly with that horrible Airline again! The Customer Service is useless! They should be ashamed!

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20 September 2017 12:09:00 Claire

Our group of 10 people's flight has been canceled with unknown reason, emailed them many many times over 6 months. We still have 6 people haven't received our refunds, we've went to their counter directly in Barcelona and they said they cannot do anything then asked me to call customer service. Their attitude was awful during the call and they still do nothing afterwards. Today I just found they put my email into blacklist when I tried to sent email to them. This is the second bad experience from them, our first one was the flight has delayed for 5 hours, and we nearly missed our cruise! Please everyone don't take Vueling Airline! They cannot be trust completely!

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25 August 2017 12:08:00 Guest

Do not book with this airline. Non existent customer service. Refused to issue refund even though phone lines were busy to cancel within two hours. Multiple emails, phone calls (at huge expense) completely inadequate response directing me to website. I will NEVER book this airline again.

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08 August 2017 12:08:00 Guest

I will never fly with Vueling Airlines again. Not only our luggage has been lost for 13 days now. But our file was closed by mistake twice without any explanation. There has been no follow-ups, we have been calling each day again and again to enquire about the situation. I have never seen any worse customer service. This is simply unacceptable. They are treating us as hostage. Beware and never fly with this company.

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14 July 2017 12:07:00 Guest

We are experiencing the same now, luggage lost when we travelled from Palermo to Dubrovnik via Rome. Four days have gone by and I have just got a call from Dubrovnik that ONE of our suitcases are there - what about the other one? We checked them in together so this is very suspicious. I will never fly with Vueling again, they have been so unhelpful doing this process. I have started a little mini campaign on instagram because I honestly don't understand that airline is still allowed to operate with all those complaints. Guess we have to make use of all the channels we got as customers.

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14 June 2017 12:06:00 Guest

Our flight was delayed for about 5 hours due to multiple technical problems. Passengers were not given tickets for meals during all this time. The whole Vueling ground crew disappeared from the airport and appeared just before boarding without giving any explanations. The flight was being delayed a few times. When we were already seating in the plane, the seats were very dirty as the crew didn't have time to clean the plane after the previous flight. The air condition broke down and we had to sit very uncomfortably in heat for the next hour. Additionally, the light in the cockpit broke down too and the crew tried to fix it with the help of flashlights! Some passengers called the police alarmed by possible safety risk and got escorted back. We were again held back as their baggage had to be found and ejected from the plane. Pilots seemed very tired and distressed. They were begging me not to abandon the flight like the others did as it would cause another delay for the rest of passengers. Due to the delay we lost our night in the hotel and had to book another place. Unlike other airlines almost every Vueling flight on that day was severely delayed. It was our first and last time with Vueling. It's not just delays, lost luggage or terrible customer service but most importantly the safety of our lives. They would have to pay us to flight with them and still we wouldnt do it. There are literally thousands of reviews like this one and those are just the ones from people who found the time and energy to complain as most will just not bother. Now Vueling made it impossible for passengers to claim compensation for flights older than 1 year on their website which is criminal.

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28 May 2017 12:05:00 Guest

We flew from Gatwick to Florence on 12 May 2017. After a delay of one hour we were told there were only 90 place's on the flight. They told us the plane was a smaller one than the one they were supposed to get. Panic broke out and it was in total chaos. They gave sequence numbers and the lucky ones boarded the plane, we were the lucky ones. After taking our seats on the plane we waited a further 90 minutes before the plane took off. I was amazed to so many empty seats on the plane (more than 30), I am not sure why the plane was not filled up. We arrived at Florence two and half hour late. The staff gave no reasons regarding the delay.
I am surprised British Airways are associated with a company like this.

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06 March 2017 12:03:00 Guest

Never ever fly with this outfit. And be very wary of BA now that they code share with them. They won't step in to help when Vueling lose your luggage, cancel your flight and refuse to pay compensation or even reply to your emails. Please be warned.

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06 March 2017 12:03:00 Guest

Don't fly with Vueling. See the complaints on Facebook and Twitter. Think Alex Cruz will turn BA into them soon in the name of profit?? KLM, Monarch and Flybe all far superior in my experience. CAA should look at Vuelings practices.

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07 January 2017 12:01:00 Guest

Presently absolutely rubbish. Flight delayed by two hours presently sitting on the plane waiting to take off. No customer relations at all no information about reason for delay and to be honest not sure what time we will be leaving luton airport. Will think twice before I use this airline again.

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24 November 2016 12:11:00 John Lowe

Vueling is the worst airline I ever had dealings with telephone customer services is a * of time they are all BRAiNLESS I have waited over 2 months for 2 refunds caused by them changing my flights time and day of travel. They have agreed a refund,and they tell me they cannot make a refund to my card due to problems with their bank. They have told me they will make a refund via international bank order STILL waiting 24/11/2016

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04 November 2016 12:11:00 Andre Lion

I had a ticket on a Vueling flight fr om Barcelona to Paris on October 6, scheduled to leave at 5PM and arrive at 7PM in Paris, wh ere I was going to take a LATAM flight to Brazil at 11PM. Vueling flight left 2 hours and 45 minutes late, I lost my overseas flight, had to stay overnight in Paris and had to make an additional payment for my LATAM flight since it was a discount fare. When I requested compensation Vueling said that since the delay was less than 3 hours compensation must not be payed.
After this I read lots of facts about Vueling and decided that I will never use it again and do my best to tell everyone not to use it.

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10 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

Worst airline ever. Never again. My luggage has been lost for two weeks now, and it is impossible to get any information. When I get through to their expensive lost luggage phone number, all they can tell me is that the suitcase is missing. No one is able to tell me how to claim back money for the toiletries and clothes I have had to buy, and how to claim for everything if the suitcase does not turn up. I have spent over 30pounds on phone calls to them so far. I would give them zero stars if I could. NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

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03 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

BE AWARE Flights to and from Alicante delayed in excess of 5hours, landed at Alicante at 4am the airport was closed, walked straight through passport control as no officers of staff present, no access to refreshments was travelling with a 3yr old all passengers had to sleep on floors in arrivals hall waiting for car hire, buses and taxis service to resume at 7.30am... Customer services lied that the delays were not their fault resulting in rejected compensation claim.... My evidence and research concluded that every flight during June/July was delayed or cancelled still waiting for compensation to be paid for our party of 6.... Disgraceful airline DO NOT USE they maybe a few £ cheaper than other airlines SIMPLY NOT WORTH IT.....!!!

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02 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

Never Vueling again. They did not deliver a single piece of luggage for any passengers flying from Florence to LGW on 7 August (weight restriction due to heavy winds apparently) . I have gone through hell trying to trace my bags and close to a month later am still waiting. The call centre is useless and their bag tacker website is pointless as it is never updated. I have logged over 15 calls to them, usually long distance and have been regularly cut off. Hardly any use getting through though, as the people on the other end are unable to help. These guys should be investigated for gross incompetence.

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01 August 2016 12:08:00 Eleni

I strongly recommend not to choose vueling ,I travel all time because of my work and last week 25/07 I had to use vueling for the first time,unfortunately they lost my luggage and despite the lack of communication and the bad service from their company I had to cancel of course all my busiiness plans since all the important things were in my luggage .So disappoiting from this unprofessional company.
The worst thing is that my luggage after so many days was evenually located in Barcelona airport and I was about to get a relief when they informed me that they sent it instead of Greece to Madrid ...I have lost all my patience ,I now just hope to receive it someday soon....

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29 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

We have flown with Vueling Stockholm to Barcelona many times. These have been smooth flights without delays until recently. This year, we and our friends have had many delays and poor information. We will probably fly with Norwegian next time since we have small children.


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24 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Horrible experience my flight was suppose to take off on 23rd july at 8.40 pm it's 24th july and 3am flight has not yet taken off. We are stranded at airport with all shops closed. After boarding the flight finally at midnight all of sudden motor of the airline developed problem and we were asked to de board the flight at 2.30am. No news about next flight. To save the cost of hotel expense they have made all of us stranded at the airport which also includes a pregnant rider and many kids. Pathetic airline. Screwed my trip to Barcelona.

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21 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Worst flight experience ever. Amsterdam - Milan 29/6/16, delayed 3 and a half hours due to the 'the plane being in Barcelona and not having left yet'. I opt to switch to the next day flight for free since I wouldn't have transportation to get to Trento due to the late arrival.

I get the next day flight and they lose my luggage, took them over two weeks to get it back to me. I was on vacation for two weeks and had no clothes, so of course I had to buy new stuff.

Throughout the whole ordeal, I was calling their baggage management service and everytime it took me 10-15 minutes of hold time before getting through to someone, who, if I''m honest, I could barely understand due to their poor english speaking ability.

I still have not been compensated and their compensation process is extremely painstaking... Lot's of time has been invested at this point...

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18 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Awful, criminal, horrible airline ruined our once in a lifetime holiday with 2 children forever. Delayed and delayed and then cancelled flights ex Barcelona to Venice - checked in our luggage knowing full well insufficient Pilots to operate the flights. 5 large cases missing since 3 July filled with everything needed for a 3 week holiday and everything purchased during 2 weeks, including critical medication. Hours and hours on the phone at enormous cost - cavalier attitude and staff couldn't care less. I am told to claim from my insurers - have reported incident to all governing bodies who all walked away from the issue. Vueling is actually owned by Iberia and I asked their CEO and PR director to comment - no response. I agree that this airline is stealing from us and should be stopped - how can they be safe if they cannot even fly on schedule and get bags to destinations.

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12 July 2016 12:07:00 Richard Jelley

All ready to board for LGW in Santago de Compostela on 11 July 2016. No Vueling person present, no formal announcement ..nothing.. Just a rumour from mouth to mouth confirmed by local airport staff that the flight was cancelled despite presence of aircraft.. Doubtless the crew, with no backup, ran out of hours. A riot outside the Vueling sales office. This is a complete disaster.. Do not know how IAG can continue to let Iberia be associated with it. We booked thinking it was an Iberia Express flight ..the revelation that it was Vueling code shared only came in the small print. We are off to Stansted on Ryanair tomorrow and will walk away from our TLS-MAD booking with Vueling in August if they will not let us cancel. AN OUTRAGEOUS TRAVESTY OF AN AIRLINE SERVICE.

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05 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

I have just traveled with vueling for the first time . tenerife to Barcelona flight delayed 3hrs Barcelona to Manchester flight delayed 2hrs so missed my train. To finish my day they have lost my suitcase.4 days now & no word. I'm never ever going to travel with them again

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27 February 2016 12:02:00 Guest

Vueling cancelled my flight from Turin to Alicante via Barcelona. They failed to inform me and decided (without contacting me) to put me on a flight 35 hours later to Barcelona only. No option of going to my original destination and their telephone help line just said they cannot help. Went through their complaints department and got the usual ref number automatic reply. Three more e-mails and 10 weeks later absolutely no response. Vueling has no customer service and just completely ignore complaints. I regularly email every week and when I get to 4 months with no response I am going to take them to court. Hopefully they will keep ignoring the complaint and I will be able to send bailiffs into their head office with some press coverage. Vueling is part of British Airways and it reflects very badly on all airlines in the group. It is up to them whether they uphold the complaint but to just be completely ignored is frustrating and unacceptable. One can only imagine they have so many complaints they cannot cope. Which says everything one needs to know.

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20 October 2015 12:10:00 Guest

Vueling Airline is a complete disaster. I would not recommend to anyone their services. They lost my luggage and they did not manage to return it back for 1 week. They never called me, they never initiated any contact with me to inform me about the current status. I was always the one calling them (and paying huge bills for the calls). Their tracking online system does not work at all as well. Whenever I check, there is only one status "still searching". There is no compensation and from the customer service they just hang up the phone to you whenever they do not feel like giving information. This is by far the worst Airline company and I would recommend avoiding the services of Vueling.

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25 September 2015 12:09:00 Guest

TRaveled fr om Berlin to Florence with Vueling. Last minute before boarding airline announced that no luggage will be taken on the plane and everything will be left in Berlin and then somehow be sent to Florence. Noone can give assusrance that this will happen and that bags will be sent to Florence. Now its more then 48 hours, but noone even can track bags, means noone even knows wh ere are they and when they will be delivered. Total BIZZAIRE?!!!

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15 September 2015 12:09:00 Guest

Booked with Vueling to travel from Gatwick to Florence on 5th September 2015. The flight, which should have taken off at 18.25 was consistently delayed. No representative of the airline was at Gatwick and no information about the reason for the delay was given. The final time for take off was given as 00.08. However a BA employee then told us that the flight had landed, from Barcelona, but the crew were out of flying hours. We were told we would fly at 11.30 the next day, (6th September) and checked in for this flight which eventually took off at 16.30. At no time was an apology given or an explanation for the delay. Vueling are proving difficult to pin down as to compensation for our badly affected short break. Think carefully before flying with this organisation.

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06 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Lyon-Rome-Palermo : flight delayed for 4h , arrival at 02h30 am without luggages.
Arrival of the luggages the day before leaving.

Palermo-Rome-Lyon : Flight delayed for 4h, arrival without luggages. Still not arrived.

This company is the worst, the only objective for them is to make money and they treat the passagers like objects.

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21 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

i just experienced the worst flights ever with Vueling. London Gatwick - Rome, delayed 3 hours and 15 mins.
Rome - London Gatwick, delayed 2 hours and 20 mins.
Over sold seats on first flight. No good reason given for second flight.
Under EU law, if a flight is delayed more than 2 hours, the passenger is entitled free of charge,
a meal and refreshments. On both flights they flatly refused to do this, thus breaking EU law.
I have read many poor revues of this airline, how on Earth are they still allowed to operate?
Surely the Civil Aviation authority should be imposing massive fines upon this airline.

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13 July 2015 12:07:00 Sophie P

Flew from Rome to Gatwick last night, held at Rome for two hours with no knowledge of anything to do with our flight. Vueling were checking in about 5 different flights through one/two desks with a queue of about 800 people. When we finally checked in our bags I joked that they were probably going to lose them. My bag did not turn up to Gatwick along with three other passenger's luggage. Have tried contacting Vueling today and no reply. Delays, unhelpful staff, non existent customer service, loss of customer possessions! Vueling are the worst airline ever.

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05 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

Customer service non existent, ground staff at destination rude and unwilling to help. We booked on Iberia, but found ourselves on Vueling as they code share with Iberia. The trip got off to a good start as the ground staff at Gatwick were competent and booked us in. From there everything went downhill, cabin crew failed to provided very little information during the flight and just seem to be there because they had to be. Once we landed in Rome we were kept on the aircraft for over 30 mins after the doors were opened without any explanation. Eventually once inside the terminal in took about 2hrs for the luggage to arrive and still no explanation/information from the ground staff. When we finally got our luggage we went to see the Vueling desk at the terminal, staff at the airport were very rude (to the point they refused to give their names and covered up their name badges ).
Alex Cruze, Willie Walsh maybe you should fly this route yourselves and see if this is the level of customer service you wish to offer to your customers.

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08 February 2015 12:02:00 Guest

We asked for the assistance to one of us wich is elder and disabled. First form on the website more than 5 day in advance to the first flight, and numerous other reminder sent. Vueling never responded and we had to deal last minute with the airport, causing problems and delays to everyone but not at all for our fault. No money involved, just a terrible attitude towards customers.

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27 September 2014 12:09:00 Guest

Vueling = Lost luggage, overbooking, delays, cancelations, no customer service!!!

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17 August 2014 12:08:00 Guest

Do NEVER fly this airline!! i agree with all those comments, they lost my bag, and 1 week after i have NO info at all, Vueling customer service is a joke, they make you wait 10mins on the phone and then kick you out of the line.
None of their staff has a clue about anything
and it is totally impossible to get help from them.
this is the WORST airline in europe ever, please do NOTuse Vueling. I am a business frequent flyer and had to go with
them for timing reasons but i'd rather wait 7 hiurs at an airport for another flight before i ever get on a trio with Vueling.

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09 July 2014 12:07:00 Hans

To say this airline is Disgraceful would be an understatement! Highly recommend People not fly with them unless you want your luggage damaged or lost with no compensation, 5hr delayed flights with no explanations...
I have used veiling four times in the past two weeks and my luggage was lost on the first flight and the flight was delayed two hours, second flight five hour delays with no meal vouchers, third flight four hour delay and the fourth flight damaged luggage with a four delay.

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03 July 2014 12:07:00 George

Never use this airline it is better to pay twice as much to other airlines and fly with them than fly with this airline, first All their agents do not tell you the truth, second no costumer sercice, any where else you can findout about your baggages by the bar codes they are in stone age, they have no clue where your bags are, and they do not care, we have lost our baggsges in Barcelona and they do not know where they are, I have flown other airlines and they instantly know where your bags are, I would rather walk than use this airline.

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16 June 2014 12:06:00 Guest

15th June - flight from Florence to London Gatwick.

Initially delayed 35 minutes.

Everyone loaded onto bus to go to aircraft and then everyone taken back to the airport.

Airline offloaded 20 people because they said strong wins meant the aircraft was too heavy.

They then failed to load any of the baggage onto the aircraft at all. The entire truck with all the cases was sent back to the terminal and the hold was closed.

Passengers then boarded and took of 90 minutes late - no strong winds by the way.

Landed at gatwick and waited an hour for luggage eventually to be told it was still in Florence.

Bunch of crooks who should not be licensed to fly.

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19 March 2014 12:03:00 A. Powers

DO NOT FLY VUELING. Way Overpriced, no customer service. Take the train.

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16 October 2013 12:10:00 Guest

Vueling airlines are the most dishonest airline I have ever dealt with....luggage not loaded onto planes (this was for everyone on the plane), credit card payments cancelled and later repurchased at twice the amount at the last minute when we found out there were no tickets ...arriving in Paris no one from Vueling to tell us why our luggage was in Santiago...they really don't care about their customers and I'm sure laugh about it among themselves ...The main message DON'T have anything to do with them....Some satisfaction and manager at a leading travel company said they do not deal with them.

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28 August 2013 12:08:00 Guest

Do not ever fly vueling. First our plane was delayed flying from barca to Ibiza...them we arrived and my bag did not arrive at the terminal.

The worst part was the customer service once my bag was lost. Every person I spoke to provided no answers and could give me no information. My bag has been lost for 28 days. When I said I wanted to be fully compensated, they offered me 350 euro. What a joke!

Never ever fly with this appalling company. I would not want my safety or possessions in any way in their slippery hands!

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30 July 2013 12:07:00 Guest

vueling Airlines lost my luggage for five days I had connecting flight to Vancover and had nothing . I had to spend my own money.
No reply to emails and no compensation . The Vueling Crew are really good. I expected the same standard of service from the company. That was a mistake.

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24 July 2013 12:07:00 Guest

I had problems with online booking (got no information weather credit card was charged or not) and unsuccessfully called all phone numbers listed on the website, most of the numbers are not even in the function. Very unprofessional.

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27 March 2013 12:03:00 Sydneysider77

I have read so much negstive comments about Vueling, unfortunately thos will be another one.

I made 2 bookings via Vueling website. One booking had a reference, the second did not. I have on numerous occasions tried to contact Vueling, even asking family in Spain to contact them for me as the numbers on the website dont connect. I emailed Vueling and still had no reply. I posted on Facebook as people have suggested and still nothing.

If you, the reader who is contemplating booking with Vueling...dont bother using their website.

If you book through bravofly, you get am email confirming your booking and all your flight details. My boyfriend booked one of his legs through this website and has had no problems.

Have wrote to Vueling again, I hope to get a response soon.

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28 October 2012 12:10:00 Brendan Coyle

After many flights with Vueling Airlines I wish to tell you that your airline is among the very best I have flow on and this includes British Airways and American Airlines). The planes are always clean, the staff polite and helpful and the flight are always a pleasure'
Thank you and your staff for your excellent and professional high standards and efficiency

Brendan Coyle

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13 October 2012 12:10:00 Maria

I bought two tickets from Moscow to Barcelona, ​​Moscow and Barcelona-Lisbon-Barcelona. Flew to Barcelona and it turned out that the flight Barcelona-Lisbon canceled. After a long correspondence with the airline ticket money for me no one returned. Offered to pay 400 euros - such impudence I even Russian airlines did not. As for the aircraft and personnel: pilots fought well plane, doing the whole flight attendants what is their business and do not pay attention to the passengers, even the tea was not given, said that in Russia there are no experts in the aircraft repair kettles. Sit in the plane 4:00 impossible because the distance between the seats are designed for people with very short legs, and it can only aircraft to carry children up to 10 years :) Rudeness and irresponsibility! Reducing the distance between the seats the airline holds more seats in the plane. Thus, it turns out more tickets sold. We must tell them to put chairs in two rows (top and bottom) or even remove - standing room will be more :) And most importantly, that the airline seeks only to make money, and the basic amenities of passengers they are not interested. Fly to Spain Swiss Airlines! The difference in the price of 1000 rubles. The quality is not comparable.

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