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13 February 2017 Guest

Appalling service in every aspect of my most recent experience, Call centre is nearly impossible to get through to and when you do the staff are exceptionally unhelpful and refuse to transfer you to a senior or supervisor. Neither are they equipped to answer ANY questions but repeat the same useless information. I will not be flying with Scoot again and will certainly not recommend them to anyone. The web site offers no information about complaint or dispute resolution, only the phone number which takes you back to the same terrible call centre

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30 December 2016 Guest

1) I had recently travelled to Perth using Scoot. Both ways the flights were delayed for more than 3 hours! Depart from Singapore on 10th Dec was scheduled 13:10hrs but we received sms that the flight is delayed to depart at 17:30hr. On the return flight on 17th Dec original schedule was supposed to depart Perth at 18:40hours but delayed to 22:50hrs! 2) Flight to Qingdao original schedule to depart Singapore on 23rd Dec at 01:55hr was delayed twice! First SMS received was a delay to depart at 05:30hr but a few hours later received a second SMS to inform a further delay to depart at 09:30hr! Terrible experience with Scoot!! First time to fly Scoot and all these delays are terrible experience.

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08 March 2016 Pho liong

My relatives and I took Scoot to Hong Kong from Singapore on 29 February 2016 and returned on 5 March. Before our trips, I was a bit anxious and worried that I would have bad experience with Scoot as I often read bad comments regarding this airline. But it turned out that my first experience with Scoot was great. I enjoyed the flight. The economy seat is better than the other budget airlines that i have ever taken. The flights on both dates were on scheduled and the flight attendants were very attentive. Thank you Scoot. Keep up good work.

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07 March 2016 David Goh

Flight schedule to leave Sydney 27/2 13:45hrs. Received an SMS on 27/2 that flight was delayed to 16:45hrs. The Customer Call Center told to me to check in my baggage at least 3 hrs before 13:45 hrs even though the flight was delayed to 16:45hrs. This is the second time that I had experience flight delays on SCOOT. Some Passenger were even worst off in that they loss their ticket on the connecting flight in Singapore. Some lose a day from their hotel room charges. Perhaps it is better to say Fly SCOOT and lose Loot. It is strange to see SCOOT advertising to get Customers and then gave out such appalling services with the hope they will fly SCOOT again.

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20 February 2016 JamesT

Worst customer service of any airline I've every flown - that's if they even pick up the phone. I had to call 3 times, on hold for more than 20 minutes each time before finally getting through to someone. That someone was curt, impatient and dismissive. Told me loudly, interrupting what I was saying, to go on the website and manage my booking from there. I was trying to explain I had not yet made a booking, I just wanted confirmation of some information prior to making my booking. Apparently this is the equivalent of calling to tell someone you are about to set fire to their house, judging by the attitude I got. This is the 3rd time in some years I've had to call them and nothing has improved, hence leaving this review. It is strange how such a good looking airline can have such appalling customer service.

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08 January 2016 Guest

The only thing good about Scoot is the plane is nice. Other than that everything else is really poor service - whatever happened to Singaporean hospitality and Singapore Airlines world famous service record. The staff are rude and incompetent. We ordered 2 hot meals but never got them. We had forgotten that we ordered the meals but then if the staff have two meals on their hands which were unaccounted for aren't they supposed supposed to track down the passengers ??? Or were they too busy eating our food ! The flight manifest or whatever documentation they have should state these things. Never expected this of an airline.

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05 January 2016 Ko chin wee

Staff is unfriendly and does not listen to customer speak before they reply, sudden cancellation of flight that has already paid full amount and confirm, without giving notice of flight cancellation. Previous staff told will be refund within 10 days and now Refund has been drag from 10days to 8 weeks. Overall is a very very poor service that I never ever had in my life, even I have brought the insurance and I can't claim back. The staff insist that they are right. I will never ever use this flight any more.

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27 July 2015 Perthie

I have never flown with Scoot before and this is my first time booking. Before I even set foot on the flight, I received a SMS from Scoot stating that my flight from Singapore to Perth was cancelled. I called their call centre and they gave me only two options, to rebook my flight 7 days before or after the cancelled date or to receive a refund via a Scoot voucher. They offered no other compensation whatsoever. This means that I have to pay for an extra night's accomodation in Singapore and take an extra day of annual leave from work. I mean yes the flight was cheap, but to put up with all this inconvenience I don't think it's worth it. You might as well just pay for a full service flight without the added hassle!

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13 July 2015 Guest

Scoot has to be the worst airline in the world. So I was travelling in a family of four with two small children aged 7 and 3 respectively. We were due to fly out on the 10th at 7am from Hong Kong to Perth, but the plane was delayed to 9pm due to bad weather. We asked the check in counter in Hong Kong if our seats in the connecting flight from SG to Perth will be secured and was assured that we were but they were not able to provide us with boarding passes in HK. We then boarded the flight from HK to SG and then waited for 9hrs at SG airport for the 1230pm flight on the next day. At around 7am, we went to the transfer desk to enquire about our boarding pass and we were told that we had to wait for the manager to arrive first - which he didn't do so until a couple of hours later. In the meantime, we are seeing the plane boarding and we were getting anxious. Our family went from check in desk to transfer desk like a bouncy ball played by the Scoot and we were told by a certain David (probably the manager, but he couldn't give us his last name) very rudely that if we didn't want to talk to him, talk to someone else, and also, and here I quote " this is how budget airline operates". Eventually, they told us that the flight was FULL and the next available flight was the 15th - five days away!!!! In the mean time, one of the Scoot personnel was kind enough to get my wife on the phone with CS in Hong Kong - who managed to secure seats for us for the very next day (because the flight has left already after hours of haggling). What I really want to know is - why would SG ground staff tell me that there are no available seats until the 15th but HK CS were able to secure seats for the next available flights? Can seats just miraculously appear? I will be sharing my experience with Scoot (not that they could care, given the attitude of their employees) and all media outlets in both HK and Singapore and maybe even Perth.

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23 June 2015 Guest

I have been waiting more than 8 weeks for my refund from scoot. They cancelled my return flight and no available within the dates, so I had to cancel the whole trip. I asked for a refund in april, its now almost end of june, just spoke to their call centre, and they say its processing! How difficult isit to push the refund back into my credit card!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

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17 April 2015 Guest

Awful! Never seen this. I booked a flight, they sent me confirmation and e-ticket and this morning I received an SMS saying "Booking cancelled, call our Call Center" I'm French, the call center number is in Asia, they keep me waiting for hours... No email available, this is a nightmare. Never ever use their services!

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18 March 2015 Emily Chan

I am very put off by the call center. I booked in February 2015 for May 2015 flight to & fro Sydney. The flight Sydney to SG was cancelled. Just an SMS not even a contact number to call. After a search online, and a call to them, I was given a choice to reschedule within 7 days or take a voucher. I do not need both because I have to fly back on that date and I do not intend to travel within 6 months. The call center staff keeps repeating the same answer when I asked them other questions. It is frustrating talking to someone who has no personal touch. There is no way to send my feedback to scoots or make an online inquiry to them. This will be the first & last time I will travel on Scoot or any budget airlines.

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02 February 2015 Guest

Scoot on line booking is the worst n NOT user friendly, the most screw up web site. When there is a promotion , don't ever try, you will be very frustrated, I think it is just a show. when you about to made payment, something will happen and you need to key in all over again and than the prices started to change.

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19 January 2015 Guest

Worst. Airline. Ever Made a single booking for a flight from Bangkok to Sydney with a short stop over in Singapore. As I was checking my bags in in Bangkok I noticed the luggage tag said Singapore. I questioned this and Scoot said that I will have to pass through immigration in Singapore, collect my luggage and check in again for the flight to Sydney. I made a single booking not two separate ones! The flight was delayed in Bangkok so when I arrived in Singapore there was no time to recheck the bag. It was under 1 hour before the flight and check in had closed. I then had to pay $40 (Singapore) per bag to have them transferred...but wait this is the best part... The plane I then got on was the SAME ONE as I had just got off!!! They took my bags off the plane, took my money and put my bags back on the same plane!! I was one of about 60 passengers that went through this

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13 November 2014 ron collins

Flight was fine. Good aircraft, good staff on board. Ground service is non-existent. I left my near new phone on board - my fault BUT - I have not had a single response to multiple emails and calls trying to recover it. When I call their service line, somebody in the Philippines tells me that the only thing they can do is provide a number for their ground services provider in Sydney, which is manned 9.30am to 1.05pm daily. This number does not answer, ever. More than frustrating.

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10 September 2014 Terry

Lost my bag from gold coast to Singapore and have not helped me with locating it. Keep saying to call lost luggage in Singapore but they don't answer. Scoot couldn't care less. Very disappointing as i paid extra for baggage help.

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22 July 2014 WORST AIRLINE

Flew scoot airlines from Hong Kong to Melbourne with a transfer in Singapore. Flight from HK to SIN was ok - except very rude cabin staff who would not even help on the smallest things and always had an unhappy face. Now once arriving in Singapore for the connecting flight to Melbourne on Singapore Airlines - they had lost my ticket reservation. It did not exist. I called Scoot Airlines and they informed me that they were contacting Singapore Airlines to resolve the issue. 10 hours later I miss my connecting flight whilst hearing scoot staff and Singapore Airlines staff argue about whether I really had a ticket or not. Finally a manager at Singapore Airlines let me check in for the next available flight - 4 hours after my original scheduled "ticketed" flight. When I booked and paid at the Scoot website it stated the flights were "confirmed" which I now know was a lie. I had since requested a refund for the return leg of my flight as they have now also told me they have "lost" the reservation from Melbourne to Singapore. The refund will take 8 weeks (as they say normal operating procedure). This is an absolute rubbish airline - Never fly or you will just * your money and time. All full of lies and the call centre knows absolutely nothing - all they do is "wait for feedback from Singapore HQ" which usually takes more than 8 hours whilst I am waiting at the airport wondering if I have a connecting flight or not. Funny that the Singapore airlines staff told me that this happens almost everyday with Scoot customers. DO NOT FLY WITH SCOOT

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