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Azores Airlines Reviews

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31 January 2017 Ana Puckett

I am very sad to read all the bad comments on this airline...I have been travelling with Sata every year since 2011 from Toronto to the Azores and last year, a friend and I hopped from island to island.....a great experience every time. The flights from Toronto have been very pleasant, staff on board very friendly. 'I have had nothing but great service at the airport counters ....will continue to fly Sata twice a year at least.....thanks for the servie

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16 October 2016 RP

Our SATA flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada was fine. On the way back, however, our 3:15 flight was delayed first by 25 minutes, then by two additional 30 minutes chunks. At that point, we were told the plane would not leave until 9 PM and we were kicked out of the waiting area. When we returned at 9, we were told the flight was again delayed and would not leave until 6:30 the next morning. We were at the airport (with little children and elderly persons in wheelchairs) for a total of about 10 hours. There clearly was no plan in the event of such an extended delay, and no one was there to help tired passengers obtain the necessary vouchers for a brief (4 hour) hotel stay. The did provide some dinner (with no choices for those who may have had dietary restrictions), a four-hour stay at a hotel followed by a continental breakfast at 3 AM. Total delay time: 15 and a half hours.

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24 August 2015 Guest

flew 1st class not too good seat rip falling apart cabin crew not too good attitude seems they dont wana service anybody

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16 April 2015 Guest

I flew 3 times BOS-PDL-PIX both ways and most of the time the air vents were completely turned off and bad smell in airplane for the entire flight. SATA saves money by turning vents off, which means they deny the passengers the fresh air they need. At the end of the flight the airplane was very hot inside and very heavy air and I was having difficulty breathing (asthma).

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03 August 2013 j

Terrible airline. Had 3 flights with this airline and all were delayed and or cancelled. No explination by staff. Aircrafts are horrbily out of date and are very uncomfertable. Do yourslevs a favor and spend a little extra to fly ona real airline. There is areason why there seats are so cheap!

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25 July 2013 Guest

2 bad experiences. Toronto to Lisbon return in march 2013. Seats extremely close together. No leg room. Seat ahead of me was able to be reclined very far back so the rude passenger in front of me had her head in my lap for the entire daytime return trip to Toronto. Flight attendants took the position that if the seat reclined that far, she had every right to sit in it that way. Seats were broken down and upholstery very worn out so that the seat was uncomfortable in the extreme and caused back ache.

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10 September 2011 Doreen Taafe-Suttell

Wonderful treatment by staff, very comfortable ride. Airport staff in Boston very rude. Airport staff in Terciera very nice and pleasant. Food from Boston to Terciera not very good, food from Terciera to Boston wonderful, bread very fresh, butter soft easy to spread, food very tasty and hot. Tea was also nice and hot. Bring your own entertainment, movie was in portugese with no subtitles. Even with the few up and downs, I still cannot wait for my trip next year and I shall be using Sata. Thank you for a very plesant trip

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29 September 2010 Guest

This is the worst airline I have ever been on. The crew is rude and loud. I was sitting in an aisle seat and kept getting banged up by the cart. This one stewardess dropped orange juice and sprite on me. I can't believe the treatment I had, my husband and my mom. I will NEVER, EVER fly this airline again and I will tell everyone I know not to. I also couldn't get anyone to complain to - I had to send an email. Totally unprofessional.

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03 July 2010 Guest

would be nice if sata got some 767 on route make passanger more confortable and again i agree with the other comments by the other people about the cabin crew they are not helpfull at all there very rude when ask a question and yes alot of portuguese fly to the islands but for we that are canadian portuguese that live in toronto and dont speak portuguese then languange on board should be fluently in portuguese and english i also agree to hire torontonians for cabin crew and based in toronto air canada have 60 year olds as flight attendants and they sure do a good job thanks

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03 July 2010 Guest

airlines needs improvement in cabin crew they must speak english when flying to toronto also you need to hire toronto cabin crew from toronto your filght attendants do not like to serve people therefore costumer service must be thought to them they need to look after the elderly on board children which i see them avoiding them not nice do not hire univewrsity grads they do not like to serve at all normal peopel is fine and do a job well done so improve ur cabin crew or people will not be flying with you as there is alot of complains from toronto that you maybe dont even know thanks

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07 February 2010 Guest

you have to hire cabin crew from toronto as sata flies here alot to toronto north america as your portuguese cabin crew are not friendlly at all and most times do not understand english rude with people passengers you need to teach them customer service if you hire universities graduates that what happen as then do not want to serve peopel thanks from toronto

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16 September 2009 Guest

Manchester to Ponta Delgada return. We were pleasantly surprised. Both flights left and arrived on time. Although there was no choice, the food was good and tasty. The cabin crew were excellent and looked as though they enjoyed their jobs. Seat pitch was better than many European carriers I have used. IFE a dead loss. If entertainment is important to you, bring your own.

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