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Country: Germany
German national carrier, worldwide operations from Frankfurt and Munich hubs
IATA code: LH
ICAO code: DLH
Membership in the alliance: Star Alliance
Head office: Lufthansa Aviation Centre 60546 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone number: +49 69 86 799 799
Fax number: +49 69 696 4601
Web-site: Year established: 1926
Main bases and hubs: Frankfurt, Munich
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-600, Airbus A350-900, Airbus A380, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-8

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Lufthansa. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions.

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Reviews & Opinions of Lufthansa:

07 June 2015 Guest

С данной компанией связаны только негативные впечатления . Возвращались с Франкфурта в Осаку(до Франкфурта летели этой же компанией, в Японии проблем не было). На стойке регистрации, для бизнес класса, перепутали билеты, дали билеты эконом класса, непонятно как такое произошло, впервые с этим столкнулась. Естестественно внимания не обратили. прошли иммиграционный контроль , пошли в лаунджи. Девушка на стойке , сказала , что не может нас пропустить , так как у нас билеты эконом класса. Я ей показала электронный билет(билеты были приобретены в японской туркомпании), в котором было указано, что у нас билеты бизнес класса, на , что она сказала, что ничем помочь не может и куда обращаться с данной проблемой, не знает. Мы пошли к секьюрити, она сказала, что следует обратиться в сервиз Люфтганзы. Пошли туда, они отправили к стойке выхода на посадку. Служащие сказали, что произошла небольшая путаница и нас без проблем должны пропустить в лаунджи если мы покажем электронный билет и объясним ситуацию. Вернулись в лаунджи. Обьяснили ситуацию, но девушка сказала, что всё равно не сможет нас пропустить . Позвала старшую по лаунджи, я попросила ее позвонить на стойку регистрации , чтобы они потвердили, что у нас билеты бизнес класса, на , что она ответила, что никуда звонить не собирается , билет электронный смотреть не будет и чтобы я убралась из лаунджи . У меня навернулись слезы на глазах, все это было сказано в присутствии моей дочери и нескольких пассажиров , стоявших в очереди, которая образовалась за нами. служащая , ехидно поинтересовалась :"вы, что плачете?", я ответила:"Да". Она , улыбнулась и сказала , чтобы я убиралась из лаунджи , иначе позовет охрану , которая меня выведет. Я ушла со слезами, мой ребенок был просто в шоке, (проплакалась в туалете, это было очень унизительно), пошла снова на стойку Люфтганзы, они сказали ждать. Когда уже все начали заходить на посадку, только тогда нам выдали билеты бизнес класса . И НИКТО НЕ извинился!!!!! НИКТО!!! Да еще и билеты дали в разных местах(изначально все было заказано , чтобы сидеть вместе с сестрой и ребенком рядом), пришлось просить других пассажиров пересесть. Никогда больше не воспользуюсь услугами этой компании. Отвратительно отношение к пассажирам !!!!

13 May 2015 David Aylen

Well my Lufthansa nightmare has begun. After paying $5000 for a Business Class ticket from LA to Moscow via FF they lost my luggage. What's worse is they have been completely indifferent and insensitive about this. It's not as if I lost my toothbrush. I lost my very best personal items and no one is doing anything about it. I am guessing their handlers stole it. I'm quite devastated about their total indifference. I've been checking several times a day and there is nothing. I had no idea there would be such a lack of help from them and I expect I will have to sue them and even then I am sure they will ignore me. As a business class passenger I had hoped they might go out of their way to help but it seems nothing works at all. What should I do now?

23 March 2015 Guest

My flight with Lufthansa from Dallas, Texas to Krakow, Poland was cancelled. I did not receive an email or any notification. I was required to switch my flight to American Airlines. After a wait of several hours, the American Airlines flight was cancelled. We were forced to wait about an hour in line to reschedule flights. At my layover in Frankfurt, I asked the airline customer service to check and make sure my baggage would arrive on time. The representative assured me that my luggage was on the plane. Upon arrival at Krakow, I was informed that my luggage had not arrived. Four days later I finally received a phone call to inform me that my luggage was still in Dallas. It has been six since I left Dallas. I have yet to receive my suitcase. I cannot imagine worse customer service that Lufthansa offers its fliers. They simply do not seem to care the hardship they cause their customers. I will never fly with them again.

24 January 2015 David Hedison

Major family medical emergency before the flight. I went on-line for my flight leaving Boston (Cost $1,500 in economy off season) and looked to see if I should re-book or what. They gave me the option to click Request Refund. I didn't know it was an option. I clicked it. A week later, I saw a credit of $107.00 to my credit card. I called Lufthansa and they said, when you clicked Request Refund you gave up your right to rebook and we can only refund taxes. I said that I would have re-booked then. Sorry, das is too late. The Request Refund selection is deceptive. And I honestly thought the Request Refund was for the upgraded seating I had paid for a few days earlier. Nope. That is also non-refundable. I received a nice letter that stated sorry. You had a highly discounted seat. Hmmmm. I usually pay far less than $1,500. And to please travel Lufthansa again. Never again and filing a claim with as many agencies as possible. Why would anyone request a refund for a ticket of $107.00 when they can rebook and pay +/- $250 on a $1,500 ticket. Nancy Mann of Lufthansa sent me the note.

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Lufthansa Discussion:

18 February 2017 Guest

Absolutely awful, I have never flown with more stress in my life.

28 November 2016 Guest

I've been trying to get a hold of someone in thier custormer service for two hours and still not able to get someone on the phone. Is this airline really that bad?

31 October 2016 Azimeh

I am a 78 years old private passenger with reduced mobility and in my recent journey from Frankfort to Dallas, I had requested a wheelchair for my mobility as I can not walk for a long distance and Do not know how to find my ways because I can not speak English very good and only speak Farsi. When we arrived in Frankfort airport to make a connection flight, I gave the fight attendee a letter written in English asking for an extra attention and mentioned wheelchair as least 3 times and the attendee kept telling me that there will be a wheelchair waiting for you. but when I walked out side, they told me there is no wheelchair and they took me to a battery powered cart and the driver took me to an area and dropped me off without any help or direction and he told me someone will come and take you to your connecting gate but they never did and I missed my flight. What's my rights?

30 September 2016 Edward

good day Lufthansa I would like to know if you can sponsor me for my pilot training in Dubai in return I will work for you

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