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Boeing 747-400

First flight year — 1988

Boeing 747-400 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Boeing 747-400 Specifications

Length (m)70.770.7
Wingspan (m)64.464.4
Height (m)19.419.4
Wing area (m2)541.2541.2
Maximum take-off weight (kg)363 200 - 396 900412 780
Maximum landing weight (kg)260 360 - 295 740265 740
Operating empty weight (kg)181 120183 840
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)251 740251 740
Maximum payload (kg)70 62067 900
Standard fuel capacity (litres)204 340 - 216 840228 250 - 241 140
Range with max payload (km)11 440 - 13 43013 900 - 14 200
Cruise speed (km/h)920920
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 75013 750
Take-off field length (m)3 0203 320
Landing field length (m) 2 1802 180
EnginesGE CF6-80C2B,
4 x 63000 lb
P&W PW4062,
4 x 63000 lb
R-R RB211-524H-T,
4 x 59300 lb
GE CF6-80C2B5F,
4 x 63000 lb
P&W PW4062,
4 x 63000 lb
R-R RB211-524H-T,
4 x 59300 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)660660
Passengers (2-class)524524
Passengers (3-class)416416
Cabin width (m)6.136.13

Typical Cabin Configuration of Boeing 747-400

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Boeing 747-400:

15 May 2017

Well... going to Disney world in orlando was cool it was spiced up by my family going across on a Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic! (In economy lol) Still cool flight will off corse fly with Virgin again!

06 March 2015 Guest

Seat pitch is simply inadeqaute for an average mail in economy, and arrogant arseholes in front recline their seats in your face so its impossble to eat or work on the table. Now they rty to kill you by not allowing the air to be replaced but recirculated withoput a adeqaute microbe filters, so you breath all the germs from all the worlds diseases. Utterly uncivilised and why I stopped flying long haul. Against the rules for the transport of animals in Europe, and likely to give you a disease that may kill you, by design.

05 November 2012 Babuller Guest

South African Aircraft in 1980 near Madagascar, wasn't a Boeing 747?

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