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21 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest C. Smith

Lufthansa lost my luggage May 13, 2022. It did not arrive on my Chicago /Frankfurt/Venice flight. It is now May 21 and I STILL do not have luggage. It was delivered a day late to Florence after I had already arrived in Rome. I have a AirTag and it shows that it is sitting at Rome airport for three days. I have had zero contact from the airline since May 14. I have tried calling multiple times. Each hotel calls multiple times every day. Lufthansa and airport will not answer. I wax on hold today for 1.5 hours then got hung up on.
I now have covid and cannot go home. It is already eight full days. This is not acceptable.

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14 August 2021 12:08:00 Guest

I flew economy class LH 419 over Atlantic in late June, 2021. The flight was technically a routine one - very stable. Unfortunately, nothing else was right. The main meal was plain pasta with some traces of tomato sauce - no meat no other meal options. Take it or leave it. The crew was cold and unapproachable during a short serving period. Then, everybody disappeared for most of the long flight. No earphones for the entertainment system. A total disappointment. Will Lufthansa ever climb back to its earlier reputation?

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17 May 2021 12:05:00 Guest

Lufthansa, never again:Impossible to get help from customer service. Nobody answers calls.

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18 March 2020 12:03:00 Eileen

This is the worst airline company I've ever have encounter with. Booked an air ticket flying from Singapore to Madrid, due to Covid-19, I've called in to have my flight cancelled as the situation gets worst in Spain especially in Madrid. Was told I am able to get a full refund for the ticket even though the ticket condition was non refundable. Upon double confirmation that I can get my refund, I got them to proceed with the cancellation. However to my shock and horror, they actually went back on their words and contacted me 2 weeks later saying that my refund cannot be processed and I am only entitled to unused taxes refund or rebook the supposedly cancelled flight which cannot be reinstated according to the customer officer who cancelled my flight to a later date. This is when the flight has been cancelled due to travel restriction now. Very disappointed with this company and the way they handle cancellation and refund so unprofessionally. If you can't do the refund, do not make the promise and taking this as little kids playing games. Regret booking the air tickets with this airline! Please avoid them at all cost! Nothing guaranteed with them!

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24 April 2019 12:04:00 Guest

My daughter's wedding dress just went missing" on a Lufthansa flight fr om Chicago to Frankfurt, and the staff were disinterested and downright rude to her about it. Wh ere is the dress? Someone from Lufthansa knows...

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30 January 2019 12:01:00 Guest

Lufthansa is one of the best airline in the world and when my flight was delayed, i got compensation from them with . Thank you

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13 May 2015 12:05:00 David Aylen

Well my Lufthansa nightmare has begun. After paying $5000 for a Business Class ticket from LA to Moscow via FF they lost my luggage. What's worse is they have been completely indifferent and insensitive about this. It's not as if I lost my toothbrush. I lost my very best personal items and no one is doing anything about it. I am guessing their handlers stole it. I'm quite devastated about their total indifference. I've been checking several times a day and there is nothing. I had no idea there would be such a lack of help from them and I expect I will have to sue them and even then I am sure they will ignore me. As a business class passenger I had hoped they might go out of their way to help but it seems nothing works at all. What should I do now?

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23 March 2015 12:03:00 Guest

My flight with Lufthansa from Dallas, Texas to Krakow, Poland was cancelled. I did not receive an email or any notification. I was required to switch my flight to American Airlines. After a wait of several hours, the American Airlines flight was cancelled. We were forced to wait about an hour in line to reschedule flights. At my layover in Frankfurt, I asked the airline customer service to check and make sure my baggage would arrive on time. The representative assured me that my luggage was on the plane. Upon arrival at Krakow, I was informed that my luggage had not arrived. Four days later I finally received a phone call to inform me that my luggage was still in Dallas. It has been six since I left Dallas. I have yet to receive my suitcase. I cannot imagine worse customer service that Lufthansa offers its fliers. They simply do not seem to care the hardship they cause their customers. I will never fly with them again.

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24 January 2015 12:01:00 David Hedison

Major family medical emergency before the flight. I went on-line for my flight leaving Boston (Cost $1,500 in economy off season) and looked to see if I should re-book or what. They gave me the option to click Request Refund. I didn't know it was an option. I clicked it. A week later, I saw a credit of $107.00 to my credit card. I called Lufthansa and they said, when you clicked Request Refund you gave up your right to rebook and we can only refund taxes. I said that I would have re-booked then. Sorry, das is too late. The Request Refund selection is deceptive. And I honestly thought the Request Refund was for the upgraded seating I had paid for a few days earlier. Nope. That is also non-refundable. I received a nice letter that stated sorry. You had a highly discounted seat. Hmmmm. I usually pay far less than $1,500. And to please travel Lufthansa again. Never again and filing a claim with as many agencies as possible. Why would anyone request a refund for a ticket of $107.00 when they can rebook and pay +/- $250 on a $1,500 ticket. Nancy Mann of Lufthansa sent me the note.

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04 January 2015 12:01:00 Guest

Flown approx. 15 different airlines in the last years, for us Lufthansa were (one of ) the best, esp. between South America and Europe.

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14 June 2014 12:06:00 Guest

Lufthansa has the worst customer service
I've been flying with Lufthansa for over 15 years and it went from bad to worse. Our flight to JFK was delayed due to temporary closings at JFK. Make a long story short, we didn't catch the plane. It wasn't anybody's fault, just a lot of air traffic and bad weather. Jet Blue who was supposed to get me to JFK tried several times to get Lufthansa to change our tickets and they finally gave up. I have to say that I booked the flights separately. Then I tried to contact them and spoke with a person who just read from a script. I asked him if I could get on a flight the next day. First he checked while I was on hold. Then he came back and said that I have to pay a change fee of $300 per ticket (I had 4). After going back and forth I said ok because I really needed to get to Frankfurt. Then he said "let me check the fare difference for you". When everything was said and done they asked me to pay $4800 to get the tickets changed by 1 day (4 times 300 change fee plus 4 times 900 fare difference). Then I asked if I could cancel. The guy said yes and when I asked how much they would refund he answered "It's complicated and I can't say. It has to be calculated" After more back and forth I decided to cancel regardless of how much I was going to lose. You can tell that the company is run by short sighted "bottom liners.
A few days later I called again to see if I could get somebody on the phone who has a clue about retaining customers. Same answer from the same script. Not their problem, so there's nothing to do on their side. Same answer on the refund. The lady said she has no idea how much Id get back but probably very little. I asked to be connected to the geniuses from the refund department but the lady declined.
Its been two months and I have not seen a dime.
Needless to say that we will never fly Lufthansa again. I ended up booking with Air Canada.

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22 May 2014 12:05:00 Shekar

Worst Customer Service. They lost my Baggage and does not reply to Emails nor pick the telephone. They don't understand how important the lost baggage could be for some one and in reality not everyone could afford to buy things often as wished.

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16 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

Flown to the US about 10 times, flown to Japan about 10 times (from France, Belgium , Netherlands, and Germany). Flown inside Europe about 30 times. Lufthansa has always been the best airline IMHO.

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08 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

First time booking with Lufthansa. Never never will I book with Lufthansa again. Cancelled my direct flight. Don't publish phone number of customer service so I can't get help. 4 inquiries through their web contact system have produced unsatisfactory canned responses.

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08 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

Customer service STINKS. Missing luggage now for 4 days. Frankfurt won't answer phone calls or wire messages. Will NEVER use Lufthansa again

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22 November 2013 12:11:00 Guest

Great flight , great service , thank you .
Would fly this company for ever and bring everyone i know into it .

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25 August 2013 12:08:00 nickname

Great airline!We could choose our seats at check-in and drink on board as much we could.The aeroplane cabin was very clean and the seats were comfortable.The staff was kind but they don't speak English so well.

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24 March 2013 12:03:00 Guest

Terrible customer service. It is interesting to note that the previous customer service numbers for Lufthansa in the US have been disconnected and have not been replaced.

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22 June 2011 12:06:00 Guest NADA LUBAY


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