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Sunwing Airlines Reviews

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25 November 2017 Guest

5kg carry is a joke,went from direct to not ,rude at counter ,then give a $50 coupon to be used with them in a year?stay as far away from Sunwing! I will have a party when they go under!

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03 November 2017 Guest

I experienced terrible customer service from Sunwing. Far beyond simply bad. Rude. Uncooperative. Dismissive. Do not expect Sunwing to resolve any travelling issues that may arise for you. They truly don't care about their customers.

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06 January 2017 Guest

I like Sunwing - its a pretty good experience for a charter airline and i have flown south and to europe with them I admit I like porter more and think all airlines could get tips there - but Sunwing is a bargain compared to Air Canada and others and so I accept that!

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26 December 2016 Guest

Awful experience! We were supposed to leave Santa Clara (Cuba) on December 17, 2016 to land in Montreal at 00.40 am. As the plane from Canada arrived to Santa Clara late, it was impossible to land in Montreal airport before 1 am. So the Sunwing company made a decision to take us to Toronto instead and promised that we would leave for Montreal early in the morning, around 6 am. LIES!!!! We landed in Toronto about 2 am December 18, 2016. We had to spend more than two hours standing in a huge line waiting for check-in just to get our boarding passes for a 10 am flight (not a 6 am flight as promised). But it was not the end!!! At 10 am, we learned that there was no crew to take us to Montreal, as "our:" crew had left for Quebec. They suggested that we wait till 1 pm hoping that the crew would get back from Quebec. At 2 pm, we got in the plane. As the result, we had to spend 12 hours in Toronto airport waiting for our flight back home to Montreal....We landed in Montreal at 16.00 (not at 00.40 as it was expected). Wonderful vacations were ruined. I will never travel with Sunwing again.

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23 November 2016 Annette Melhado

To whom it may concern, I would like to give a big thank you to the flight crew on Flight WG 781 out of Montego Bay on November 20, 2016. My partner and I were traveling back from spending a week at Jewels Dunns River when she got sick and had two seizures. The quick and professional actions by the flight crew helped us through a very difficult episode. We were met by an ambulance on arrival and she was taken to the hospital immediately. She has since been diagnosed with a hemangioma brain tumor. I would also like to thank the two nurses on board that assisted my partner they were a God send! Pam and Angela we will be forever in your gratitude. I am sorry I was unable to get their last names in all the confusion. Thanks again Sunwing Flight Crew.

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06 November 2016 Guest Pat

Wow I flew to cuba nov.2015 my first time flying. Flight there and home was great. Flight staff was great. Resort great food not so much but it was cuba. I will leave for Mexico next week. Price much cheaper than others. I will continue to use sunwing great job sunning

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02 November 2016 Guest

Terrible, terrible service! Not sure where to start , don't fly sunwing. Customer service, less than a kilo overweight, wanted to charge crazy amounts. Terrible service in puerto Vallarta from the singing reps there. They sat two really drunk people in the emergency rows for free after trying to sell them to us for 50 each as we were at end of Check in line Pretty sure that's a bad idea as they had trouble walking there and the sunwing reps had to pull guys out of bar at airport to board plane

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16 May 2016 Guest

I recently flew fr om Vancouver to Punta Cana with Sunwing. There's a lot that I can say about how poor my experience was with Sunwing, but I'm only going to describe two things that bothered me the most. First, we were seated in the elite seating on the plane. While you do get extra leg room, the elite seating is actually the emergency exit! With it being an emergency exit, the seats do not recline and for a 7 hour flight, sitting upright the entire time is very uncomfortable. I assume the extra leg room in the emergency aisle is probably because of wh ere the seat had to be bolted to make sure there is adequate room for exiting the plane (in the event of an emergency). So Sunwing is charging extra for these seats, which I think is ridiculous. Second, when we booked our flights, the itinerary said direct flight from Vancouver to Punta Cana and one tech stop on the way back. We presumed the tech stop had something to do with the wind. While everyone was getting settled on the plane to depart from Vancouver the pilot then announces that due to unforeseen circumstances and the number of passengers, they have to make a tech stop in Winnipeg! Funny enough, three days before the flight I was speaking to someone and they had told me Sunwing is notorious for announcing these last minute changes. I understand that emergency landings are sometimes required, you know, in the event of an emergency, but I don't particularly understand why a tech stop had to be scheduled for the way down when it was advertised as a direct flight. The number of seats on the plane hasn't changed, and Sunwing should know how many passengers have booked the flight... I likely won't be booking with Sunwing again unless the price is right, but even then, if the flight is a lot less that the other airlines, you get what you pay for...

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24 February 2016 Guest

First time with Sungwing, but I'm sure will be the last time!!! We flew to Varadero on Jan 27th from Pearson Airport. What they called champagne service just a tiny cup for it. I was ok with that. But our returning flight was horrible. After we passed Miami, the pilot told us we have to go back to Varadero because of the problems of the airplane. We never met this condition before. After we got to the Varadero airport, no staff showed up to take care of us. Our flight was around 9pm, but we left the resort at 6pm, didnt have anything to drink or eat since the whole afternoon. Finally one of the staff showed up after 3 hours, and told us we have to go back to the hotel at 2am in the morning. The day after, we had to go over the security check in the airport again, all the duty free sealed bags had to go into out overweight luggage. We didnt receive any champange service at all ,the only selection of the food is Vegetarian sandwich which full of carrots. It was disgusting! I tried to contact with sunwing customer service, but couldnt hear anthing back from them. I promise this will be our last time fly with sunwing

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11 February 2016 Heather

My husband and I travel every year with sunwing. We like the elite package which includes extra leg room not waiting in line, and also extra weight. The seats are fantastic you get served first and off first. The airline staff are fantastic, we would not go with anyone else. We love it!

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05 January 2016 If you like gambling... with Sunwing! PROS: * Usually cheaper than other airlines. Sometimes MUCH cheaper. * Hot meals included * Seats are actually pretty comfy. Elite Plus upgrades have more legroom (but double-check when booking to be on the safe side) CONS: * Delayed Flights (half an hour up to 6 hours if you are supposed to leave on a red-eye) * Lost luggage or items that you may or may not get back * Having to check carry-on luggage over 5kg/11lbs and pay a $25 fee by being sent into a second line where it takes 10 minutes for your payment to go through once you get to the front of the line. * Longer wait times in check-in lines compared to other airlines due to so many people having to check carry-ons. * Attendants who don't care much because their job sucks (I had to listen to the attendants complain in the back about how the person who does their schedules is totally incompetent). * Limited/zero help from Sunwing representatives if something goes wrong and you try to contact them by phone. If you do manage to contact someone, they might tell you to call another number...which doesn't exist. CONCLUSION: You get what you pay for! Only travel with Sunwing if your priority is to save money and you can handle the above possible inconveniences (all based on experience). Good and economical if you AREN'T on a tight schedule and can go with the flow. TERRIBLE CHOICE for anyone who cannot handle stress well.

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17 October 2015 Bill

Exceptional service and hospitality. Took flight from Toronto to montego bay Jamaica on October 11 and returned on October 17 back to Toronto. Service was exceptional and both my wife and I enjoyed travelling with this airline. No complaints at all.

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13 August 2015 Guest

My family and I took a roundtrip from Charlotte,NC to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I will say we have never had such a wonderful experience flying. The staff was fantastic, check in perfect, flight was amazing and we were treated wonderfully on the flight. How awesome is it to watch movies both ways eat a pizza have a drink and relax. Our transportation to and from airport was amazing as well. I was so nervous when I read the reviews before we went. I am here to tell you we will definitely book again and recommend this airline. Thank you Sunwing!

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18 April 2015 Guest

Flight to and from Los Cabos over New Year had endless issues. We were 3 hours delayed leaving Toronto and when we arrived late at night in Mexico many passengers found their luggage had not arrived. We were told it was a weight issue with the aircraft but interestingly all the heavy golf bags made it! One family member had no luggage, including eyeglasses and some medication for 2 1/2 days. She was given a $50 bill (CDN) to buy things but $CDN not accepted there. On the day of departure we packed and assembled in the lobby only to be told there was a 4 hour delay. We hung around the lobby for longer only to be told eventually that the flight was cancelled and we had to stay another night. No communication from the airline during or since the trip despite numerous emails and phone calls from several people on the flight

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