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All reviews about Sunwing Airlines

20 March 2024 12:03:00 Guest

Terrible company all kinds of false advertising

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03 March 2024 12:03:00 Jelena Stosic

Sunwing is hands down THE worst airline Ive ever flown with in my life. I had to re-book my flight home, the agent wrote on the paper that I dont have to pay OOP, yet I was STILL by an agent who promised me I would be reimbursed when I returned home. Then, 2 years later an agent reaches out to me about my claim. I provide the written proof, my invoice, and this Fiathe M still wont reimburse me. You guys are thiefs and Im coming after you until that money is put back in my account.

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01 February 2024 12:02:00 Guest

My recent experience with Sunwing Airlines was an utter disaster. They provided incorrect information regarding visa requirements, leading to my family's denial of entry into Mexico. Despite our emotional distress and financial hardships, the airline showed no accountability. It felt like a scam. I urge others to exercise extreme caution when dealing with Sunwing Airlines. #TravelWarning #Avoid Sunwing Airlines

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13 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

If I could leave 0 stars I would. And we have not even travelled yet. We had our whole family books rooms through their website. We wanted to make a change and add ONE child traveller the morning after, and the representative gave us so much attitude without hearing us out. Not only could we not add the traveller without adding an additional $5000+ worth of fees, but they added ridiculous fees onto our original Trip! Their attitude is its your fault

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29 September 2023 12:09:00 Dinulka Gold

Service is way below satisfactory. Purchased several vacation packages with Sunwing before. Flights were substantially delayed numerous times and we didn't receive any reimbursements. Last vacation the description of the hotel didn't match the reality, a 4 star hotel room that didn't have room to place one single cot to accomodate a teenager for whom they charged a full adult price. The local Sunwing rep didn't lift a finger to help resolve the situation. We were forced to pay for the upgrade. Had the description been accurate, we would have purchased two separate rooms for a lower price. Post factum Sunwing customer service again didn't reimburse anything. Never travelling with them again.

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30 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

Terrible airline !!!!! Disorganized , has no information when needed and does not communicate delays .

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13 July 2023 12:07:00 Chetan sharma

I trawl toronto to Dominican and back to toronto my experience is terrible both time flights delay.My seat was not moving back or front kind of stuck I ask from air hostess,she said it's a defect so I can't fix but if you want to change your seat you have to pay 30 dollar extra for seat I trawl 4 hour on same seat very uncomfortable with 90 degrees angle.Guys it's yours choice weather you wanna use sunwing or not.

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17 May 2023 12:05:00 Keith

Run. As fast as you can to another airline. Terrible communication and service. I had to be up at 5am to catch my flight. At 11.15pm the night before they texted me that my flight was now at 6:15am. Boarding at 5:30am. Nice advance warning when your sound asleep. A phone call would have been appropriate. Got to Toronto airport and was told the flight left at 6:15. They were useless. Didn't even try to help us out. Like a new flight. We have a good travel agent(Katina) who got us on another flight and saved our room at the resort till the next day. Of course it cost more money and payed transportation to the resort. Terrible, terrible service. We will be seeking a refund. Never again

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23 April 2023 12:04:00 Fiona Smith

I had to book via phone as online booking was not working, Apr/10th, the date of return was wrong in the ticket so I had to call them back to correct it. I was told I need to buy insurance $120 to change the date although the mistake was from their end!! I asked to talk to the manager or supervisor and this is something that you need to forget aout it . It is easier to talk to primeminister than their supervisor. Long story short, I bought the insurance to correct their mistake. The day after I decided to change the hotel and they asked me to buy insurance again as that insurance I bought was ONE time use!!!
I decided not to change it, surprsingly when I got to hotel the wrong room was booked for me !! and the receptionist/manager of hotel was unable to change it as there was no room available. In summary the rules and policies for the company is only for SUNWING benefits, employees are like programmed computer regardless your concern they keep teeling you the same answer including supervisors. ZERO problem solving issues, ZERO custpmers' rights in this airline is considered.

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18 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

Delayed and keep on delaying
The plane is in the air I don't know how in one flight they can give you 5 Delayed times
Excuse was crews first few times after that mechanical issues
They should compensate us for this

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05 March 2023 12:03:00 Michael


booked a 7 day vacation to cancun.
Flight is now delayed almost 10 hours!!!
That means we lose an entire day in our trip, paid for 7 days but only get 6...

When we spoke to a SCAMWING employee we were told to file a compensation claim...but it's not likely to be approved because SCAMWING will reply by saying the delay was "due to weather" ....complete BS! is clear, zero wind, no rain, no snow of any kind.... they use the "weather" excuse as a way to avoid liability so they don't have to compensate customers.

There "customer service" ...if you can even call it that, doesn't care and does absolutely nothing to make things right. We (like many others) have been screwed and there's nothing we can do about it.

I will never fly this airline again.

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25 February 2023 12:02:00 Disgruntled

90 minutes for baggage and still waiting. Excuse given was poor weather conditions meanwhile flights that arrived after ours have received there baggage.

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31 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

This is unacceptable as Saskatoon and Regina flights have been cxl! the refunds take up to 30 days and that is unacceptable. if you take the money for a booking and cxl if you should never have to wait 30 days! Just imagine some family who save up for a vacation and then have to wait for their refund. Rude and never will i ever book Sunwing again.

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28 December 2022 12:12:00 Tara

Don't! Avoid at all cost. Our plane was brought back after 30 minutes flying and nobody knows what happened until now. The company cancelled the flight and kept us waiting for two days at the airport and now they are telling us to cancel by ourselves in order to have the refund ( probably avoiding compensate I suppose ) . This is so surrealistic and illogical that sometimes I doubt of my own mental sanity. Customer service don't know anything and company it seems to care less.

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28 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

If you want to ruin your vacation take this company. Many days of delays with not a single information, flights changed 4 times a day to be cancelled at the end of the day. The two other companies air Transat and air Canada was doing well but the Sunwing clients war dropped and lost at the airport. They don't even have a competitive price. So not a single raison to go with them

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25 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

I lost all my vacation because of sunwing no.crew member no pilot plane broken we have waited 20h for go to cuba and waited 3hour for have back the package sunwing have lied to us every plane is gone and not us after 2hour you give the hotel we have waited 20hours and i got my feet in the snow not in the sand

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20 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

Sunwing cancelled my flight 4 days before its departure date right on Christmas holidays, without providing alternative for the current market price during Christmas season.

Here is what they said.
Due to unanticipated business or operational constraints on our planned flight schedule Sunwing Vacations has cancelled WG055 TORONTO to MELBOURNE and WG056 MELBOURNE to TORONTO operating on Saturdays as of December 24, 2022 up to including April 15, 2023.

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16 December 2022 12:12:00 Theresa Stevens

This airline has no heart. My husband and I have been booking travel with Sunwing for many years and have initiated trips that brought family and friends with us as well. Sunwing has changed our flights and vacation dates with little notice and we have accommodated. However, our loyalty means nothing to them. My 57 year old husband was just diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma and we cannot travel this year while he endures aggressive treatment to save his life. Sunwing will not return our deposit on compassionate grounds, as we navigate this devastating chapter in our lives, nor will they even give us a credit to use next year.

Profit definitely matters more than customers.

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17 November 2022 12:11:00 Mae-Ling Patey

My husband and I were supposed to fly to Varadero at 6:00 a.m. on November 6th. After many departure time changes, we finally flew to Varadero o on November 7th at approx. 4:30 p.m.
Arrived at resort close to 10:00 p.m. Very tired and hungry.

Sunwing will not compensate for delay flight because of some problem beyond the companys control. How about compensating two seniors for 2 days lost? We paid a lot of money for a 7 day all-inclusive vacation package but only had 5 day vacation. At our age, every day is very precious. We definitely did not get good value for our hard earned pension.

We usually fly WestJet but decided to give Sunwing another chance. This May be our last chance for Sunwing if we do not get compensated.

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16 November 2022 12:11:00 Ellen Campbell

Supposed to fly to Cuba Nov 6 early morning but due to Sunwing delays did not fly out until late day Nov 7 missing 2 days of vacation. Because of the delays rooms at the hotel were substandard because people before us were in their rooms 2 extra days and we got rooms that were up for renovation. We paid good money for this trip and feel we should be compensated, however, Sunwing says no because it was an operational problem. At the very least we should get something for the 2 days of our vacation that we lost. This trip was very stressful when it should have been a relaxing vacation!!! We flew Sunwing last year and had nothing but problems then as well.

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22 October 2022 12:10:00 Dmytro

Please Avoid at all cost. They wouldn't fully refund you even if you cancel the trip 2 hours after booking (the same day). Took over 1 month to respond to my email. the support team showed no interest in solving my issue

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04 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

worse airline ever, they dont allow you to reserve a seat for free even before 24 need to pay $20 per trip

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15 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

The website is a nightmare to navigate. I wanted to add a checked bag to my flight and they told me to create an account, sign in and get it done online. After signing in, I discovered there was no way to pay for the checked bag online and called them and had to do it over the phone or pay extra at the airport. So I ended up creating an account with them for nothing. Don't use this airline!

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19 July 2022 12:07:00 Guest

Sunwing is the worst company to fly with. They lie to their customers. I paid to go from Calgary to Varadero (direct fly) instead we went to Toronto to change the * pilots.
Before that , our flight got delayed many times for more than 30 hours. I really wish them to go bankrupt. I would rather pay double and fly with different company. 🤮🤮🤮

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23 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

The return flight was a disaster. The flight got delayed 5-6 hours and we basically had to sleep at the airport and on the plane. We didn't get into Canada until 6:00am. Were were supposed to get to Canada around 1am. Very unorganized. Do not use this airline. Never again!

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21 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

Never take this flight. Delayed forever and the gate kept on changing a 1000 times missed rental car pick up time at destination and had to wait for 6 hours in the airport .
Value your money and book a better airlines. The experience was terrible. The staff at baggage check in was rude.
Please please do not book this airline.

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17 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

Terrible and the worst airline I fly in my life. Never recommend. Avoidavoid
First we have a delay for 24 hours. They knew the fly will not be but the let me check in and we stuck in the airport for one night. Finally when we had to fly they did not let us to get in the airplane because we had a different boarding passes since they changed the fly for morning after we checked in. Finally they make another boarding pass for us but I should please them because my daughter had a panic attack because the staff was very rough and my child got scared. But this is not the end of the story. When we arrived to Jamaica they lost my baggage and we are the second day in Jamaica with no clothes. I still dealing with them to find my baggage. 0 stars because I cant even 1 star to give to them.

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08 May 2022 12:05:00 tay

Terrible airline. First of all delayed our flight because they were missing a worker. Wouldnt let my mom on the plane and ran out of food before they even got to the back of the plane. However, god bless for teresa the representative for finding my phone, she deserves to work with a better airline.

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29 April 2022 12:04:00 Dorothy

Worst airline ever! I have flown with different airline providers before but never experienced terrible service like Sunwing's!
So I had booked my trip to Cuba via Sunwing. We paid for a direct flight but 2 weeks before we found that Sunwing decided to make a stop at Cayo Coco (we were never notified and had to find this out ourselves when we checked our online booking). We had booked this trip via flight center (another huge mistake) and wanted to change our flights, since most of my friends suffer from extreme motion sickness during takeoff and landing, and were looking for different options. When we called sunwing, they refused to talk to us, and wanted our travel company to contact them, and when we called flight center, they just kept putting the blame back on sunwing.
We were finally told that the flight will be 4 hours (also mentioned on the online booking), and that in Cayo coco there will be a brief stop and we wont have to check-in again.
The day comes and we board the flight. While we're in the plane, there was a tarmac problem which delayed the flight for 2 hours! We get to Cayo Coco, they make us get off the flight and reboard the flights which added an extra 2 hours. We reached our destination 4 hours late! The flight did not provide us with food, and Cayo coco airport had no food as well (all the stores were closed). 4 hour flight became an 8 hour flight, with no food! When I landed in Cuba, I felt extremely sick. I was on the verge of passing out. We reached our resort at 10 pm at night!
When I filed a complaint with Sunwing, they were of no help. They basically said, tarmac issues is not their problem, and they have no idea about other country's regulations. I am quite surprised how they are so unaware since they fly to Cayo Coco all the time, and could've provided more accurate estimated time of arrival so we could have been prepared and packed snacks for flights.
When we were coming back, they did the same thing, and a poor woman on our flight passed out. They were almost going to do an emergency landing for her.
We also booked Sunwing tours- that is a whole other issue. Remember, if you book any trip and the sunwing representative tells you, you can get a refund (long story short, we booked jeep tours, however one of our friend got COVID and wasn't sure if he was going to make it to Cuba. We told the rep our situation and she said to book a seat for him because it gets sold out fast, and if he can't make it then we would get a refund)- YOU WILL NOT GET THE REFUND!!!
I cannot believe how terrible this airline is! They have 0 consideration for their passengers. No wonder why this airline has the worst reviews. I will never fly with Sunwing ever again!

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26 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest

Booked my 11 day vacation for June. I was suppose to arrive at resort in the morning. Few days later got an email from Sunwing that they changed the itinerary, so I'm arriving 10.5 hours later. Missing whole day of my vacation. No apologies no compensation.

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21 April 2022 12:04:00 Matthew Lavergne

We went on vacation in an all inclusive trip to Jamaica from April 11 - April 18 2022, well with the flight delays it was more like no sleep and April 19 2022.

The resort was the worst one I have ever been at, the people were rude, the Sunwing rep onsite was never available to talk to. When flights were delayed, no one informed us, it was only after missing the pickup time and panicking with a family of 5 that we found out there were issues with Sunwing flights.

This costed us meals, stress and a day of work. I am so upset. There is so much more but this is the surface issues.

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19 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest

Anyone flight delayed due to Sunwing computer system glitch? What is your hotel doing for you?

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30 March 2022 12:03:00 Guest

Missed our flight today because of poor customer service and Sunwing isnt doing anything about it have a friend who is a lawyer and also Citytv we will contact not even doing anything for a refund or anything to compensate. Because of one girl her name is Stephanie that works at the airport we missed our flight. Not to mention that nobody could direct us where we needed to be. We were pre-checked into our flight and waiting in the baggage area to check in our luggage where we spent an hour and a half in circles. I was told never to fly with them big mistake I lost $905 and they dont give two shits terrible customer service!

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17 March 2022 12:03:00 Guest

This was the worst airline Ive ever flown on. Ever. They wasted an entire day of our vacation because the system went down and it was their first time flying out of buffalo since Covid. Except on the return flight the system was down too. So we took off 3 hours late after waiting in line for 4 hours. With a toddler mind you. The attendants were wonderful but airline overall is a waste of money. Then after we wrote in a complaint about wasting an entire day, they offer us 100 dollars lolwe paid 1000 extra to have a non stop flight with them. No way.

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09 February 2022 12:02:00 Guest

Booked a direct flight? Forget about it, you'll be flying with stops and interruptions, these scammers will change your flight last minute so that you can reschedule or cancel your trip, and you won't get any compensation for an indirect flight, not even food on the plane...

They are not as cheap if you consider all the hidden costs and this scam with direct flights. Essentially, you end up paying more than you would have paid for a direct flight with West Jet.

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31 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest

They play this trick.give you a direct flight when you book and then conveniently change it to indirect flights before the trip. Unlike the resort staff whos always smiley and helpful, Sunwings local rep is always somewhat rude. They dont handle bad customer behavior in the flight very well either. No wonder the infamous party flight happened.if you want to fly with people who are at least a bit more decent, book the resort directly and then book a separate, better airline.

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20 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest

This company should have a negivate 10 stars . They advertise direct flights then change it at the last minute without informing the customers . Their worry free cancellation waiver is not worth the paper it's written on.

Its sad the government allows them to have a business license when you look at the BBB web site its the worse ratings in the history of airline business

Dirtbag company

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29 December 2021 12:12:00 Guest

When we booked our vacation in November, we were supposed to get a direct flight from saskatoon to Cancun and vice versa. One week before our vacation they informed us that it won't be a direct flight anymore and it will go to Regina and over there you have to change the plane and I asked if we can cancel it and the rep said No because on terms you agreed that Sunwing could change it without notice, I paid a lot to get a direct flight with 5-star inclusive hotel and asked if they will issue us a voucher or return any money to us and she said No. you don't have any choice just we let you know.
The 9am flight changed to 7am and it had delayed in Regina because obviously, they gather travelers from 3 different cities in one area to go so we had another 2 hours delay in Regina and when we reached to Cancun, we totally lost a day as around 7pm we were in our hotel so a vacation starts with a disaster and instead of 5-6 hours flight It took us 11 hours however we paid for premium,,,..Good for Sunwing's pocket!
On the return, they took us 5 hours before our departure, without they inform us that it will be a Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon combination flight, they issued our tickets to saskatoon, announced the gate, and on the last minute, they changed it to Winnipeg gate and on the air told us that you should get unplanned in Regina. When we got to Regina, they weren't ready at all. they redo everything like a new traveler that just got to the airport till we reached to our gate and it took over 3 hours in mid of the night plus another 1-hour delay, a total of 14 hours from hotel to Saskatoon! We didn't receive any apology from them at all and it hurt us a lot.
In general, transportation was a disaster and we all got very unhappy and disappointed with Sunwing and I never will choose them for my vacation. I had a good experience with them before it is why I didn't look at other options such as Westjet vacation but definitely from now on, they will be my last option.

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10 December 2021 12:12:00 Naziiyah

I had a very unpleasant experience with sungwing, I purchased my all inclusive vacation package on November 17th 2021 to Rieveria Maya (Cancun Mexico) the day after my ticket was purchase I realized my husband's passport was expired by a month a half, however, I checked the requirements in order to go to Mexico you have to have a Canadian permanent residence proof to waive the visa requirement and my husband has that, I called escape and informed them they told me I will have to renew the passport in order to travel, I right away applied for my husband's passport renewal and because my husband's passport is from a third world country and due to the current situation in that country they could not replace his passport with a brand new passport however they granted him an extension of the passport via a letter and based on the travel rules, as long as you have an extension, you can travel with your old passport for up to 6 months, however, for my peace of mind I called the mexican general consulate and they said it should be okay he can travel with his permanent residence and the proof of extension of his passport but Mexican General Consulate told me to confirm with the Sungwing Airline as it depends on them whether to let you board the plane or not, I called Sungwing Airline and they also told me it should be okay as long as I have the okay from the Canadian Consulate, I called the Canadian Consulate and they confirmed I could go as I have the extension, and the day of our departure sungwing did not let us board the plane, their staff was very unprofessional when she saw the letter she couldn't even read what's on the letter when she called her manager to explain, and I requested to speak to her manager but she wouldn't give me the phone, then finally when I got to speak with the manager she was like she couldnt do anything as Sungwing refused, I called Sungwing they were like we dont work for the government we cant do anything, if this was the case why did they provide me with wrong information that as long as I have a proof of extension I can fly and I took their advice and did my duedeligence but the day of the flight they refused to help us at all, and now sungwing is not willing to do anything they are telling us to go to escape and escape told me they will not be able to do anything as sungwing was the decision maker in this matter, all Im asking is that if they were not going to let me board with the passport extension letter why did they tell me they would, had they said they wouldnt I would have changed my travel dates or gifted those tickets to a family member, and when I pointed out that they provided me with the wrong information they told me "even if we provided you with the right information you wouldnt have been able to go as you had no time to make any changes" how's that possible, if they told me I couldnt go with the extension then I would have changed my travel dates or had another family member go.

Additionally, I was also going through a medical issue at that time and I was hoping if I cant go at least my husband could, but there was no help, no professionalism nothing, the person who was in charge of the departure on the day she couldnt even read whats written on the letter, when she called to explain the letter to her manager she wasnt reading whats on the letter she was just saying whatever she felt like, I found it very unprofessional and knowing sungwing has a name and reputation they should really consider hiring people that are qualified, I dont mind what I went through, but seeing the lack of professionalism in the staff, the lack of inexperience in the staff was very frustrating, the whole purpose of my review is to bring to your attention whats really happening in this organization, the call centre agents are providing wrong information, the person in charge of departures cant read anything properly, the management lacks professionalism and ethics and they hang up on customers, this is not how a licensed professional business operates.

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29 November 2021 12:11:00 Guest

Bad company, pathetic customer support.
Stole my money just like everyone else when Covid hit and we had to cancel flights.
Now that they are receiving a bailout they have to pay us back. when I registered for my refund and told them that the expiry date on my credit card had changed they took the time to send me an email stating they had to refund the original card. WTF?? She basically said the credit card company would have to write me a check instead of Sunwing using the new expiry date I provided. RIDICULOUS!!

If anyone else has this issue don't worry. The money will go onto the updated card regardless. I spoke with my credit card company and it is automatic. As usual Sunwing is clueless but what pissed me off was that they took time and responded instead of just refunding the money. Their priorities are completely backwards.

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10 July 2021 12:07:00 Gord

Bad company, pathetic customer support.
Stole my money just like everyone else when Covid hit and we had to cancel flights.
Now that they are receiving a bailout they have to pay us back. when I registered for my refund and told them that the expiry date on my credit card had changed they took the time to send me an email stating they had to refund the original card. WTF?? She basically said the credit card company would have to write me a check instead of Sunwing using the new expiry date I provided. RIDICULOUS!!

If anyone else has this issue don't worry. The money will go onto the updated card regardless. I spoke with my credit card company and it is automatic. As usual Sunwing is clueless but what pissed me off was that they took time and responded instead of just refunding the money. Their priorities are completely backwards.

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19 January 2021 12:01:00 David Parker

I was on the second flight coming back under the new restrictions set by the Canadian government.

When we arrived at our hotel we immediately set out to find our Sunwing rep to organize having the covid test done for our arrival home. He knew nothing about it, surprisingly, as sunwings head office is in Toronto, I would hope they would communicate the laws necessary to travel.
After two days of asking the Rep to find the information necessary for us to return home, we spoke with a few people on our resort who flew with Air Canada, they had a bus set up to take them to a clinic to have the test done. We realized Sunwing was not interested in helping us, we took matters into our own hands.

I contacted the emergency hotline at the embassy in Ottawa, they emailed me a list of clinics in the Dominican that provided the test necessary under the new Canadian travel laws. We took a cab to the one closest to us, where we had to get a prescription for the test, we were told to come back the next day for the test. We went back the next day and needed a stamp? And were told to come back again the next day for the test. We realized we were being taken for a ride. After making friends with our cab driver, we finally had a translator and after 4 days of running around we got the test. What a waist of our time.

After paying for our own way to the airport, as we had to go get our test results. We quickly realized that the plane to Montreal that was supposed to leave hours earlier left without it's passengers.

It was chaos, I travel with work, I'm on a plane every six days, and I have never seen anything like this. People shouting, laying on the ground, sleeping in wheel chairs, screaming at Sunwing reps. It was crazy!!

As it turns out all of the information on the covid tests was written down inaccurately and Sunwing wouldn't accept it. The passport numbers were wrong, or the date of birth was wrong, or not even on it at all. Mine had my age but not birthdate (which is on my passport, and my passport number was correct making that a stupid and redundant argument). I called the doctor we used for the test, he quickly corrected the problem and emailed a new form, but then Sunwing wouldn't accept it because it wasn't printed?

One Sunwing rep recommend that my girlfriend leave me because her information was ok but mine wasn't... Do you believe that!? Wtf!!!

In the end they accepted our information but left dozens of people stranded, they just packed up and left, so unorganized, no announcements, nothing, didn't offer us a meal, a ride, not even a goodbye, nothing, they just up and left. The plane was almost empty, the flight attendant was not happy, but neither were any of us. I asked for a snack, after sitting on a tarmac for hours, she offered to sell me a sandwich. I declined.

I never leave reviews like this, and I've never had a problem with Sunwing. But after watching Air Canada clients get there tests done without any issues, then watching them get on a plane without any issues, I had to say something.

Sunwing was unorganized from the first second, I could go on, didn't email our confirmation, had no answers, didn't care about us. Etc. Etc. Our rep was happy to sell us an excursion, (which I would have loved to do if I wasn't spending my holiday running around to get a test) but could not care less about our safety or way home.

I contacted sunwing to offer them a chance to rectify or at least explain. #540082
As I expected they basically told me they did nothing wrong and it was my fault. They took zero accountability, even lied to me in the email. Told me they gave me the information necessary, but I have an email from the Canadian embassy proving they did not. Sunwing did nothing, somehow nothing might have been better. I never thought I would be jealous of anyone flying Air Canada.

I would love to have the 4-5 days of my hard earned holiday back, but sadly sunwings customer service is just like the trip they sold us, non-existent.

I have attached a few pictures, one of the email I got from Canadian emergency services, one of the counter chaos I walked into and finally one of the security and the police called because of the chaos caused by Sunwing and its lack of organization.

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30 December 2020 12:12:00 Ryan P

My Fiancé and I booked a great trip through SunWing Vacations that was roughly $3,500 months before COVID and even bought the insurance. A week before we were going on our trip our government made it mandatory to isolate for 2 weeks once we arrive back and were not guaranteeing that we would even have a flight home so we cancelled (using the insurance that we bought). We were then told that we would not be getting our money back but would be getting a travel voucher (same as everyone even if they did NOT buy the insurance). I have called SunWing numerous times just to be told "sorry this is how we do it" or "Dont worry your voucher is good for 2 years". We are in a pandemic and SunWing is not even flying out of my province this year which means I only have 1 year left to use the voucher. 1st off what was the insurance for as it was the exact same as everyone else. 2nd can you not at least make the vouchers not expire as I paid a lot of money for this trip. Its not a $50 dollar gift card this is $3,500 dollars that was saved up to go on our first vacation together and you guys have ruined this. I would expect in these times a voucher that cannot expire or our money back. I work at the airport and will not be recommending this airline to anyone as they clearly have no remorse or compassion for people and are all about the profits. Shame on this company.

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20 November 2020 12:11:00 GuestMoegMac

Today SUNWING VACATIONS cancelled our all inclusive vacation to Mexico. This would make it the fourth time since September that SUNWING has cancelled and rebooked travel plans. I get it that the majority of us who are invisible to this Airline and merely a file number have no say in the matter....But there will come a time in the future when the Coronavirus has moved on and we the invisible will be booking travel plans again. But Ill be god * if I ever give SUNWING one penny towards saving their * !

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11 August 2020 12:08:00 Guest WPG

[Warning] PLEASE READ before you spend any money!!

PLEASE READ before you decide to spend money on SUNWING Vacation. People at Sunwing are nice and professional when taking you money.

However, when time come for refund, they are beyond ridiculous and ignorant. My refund request was submitted at the end of 2019, while they said it takes one month to process, my request was not approved until Mar 2020. AND, until now, Aug 2020 no refund was issued. Every time i am trying to reach out them, only answer was "will follow up with you once I receive information about your refund" ...

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16 April 2020 12:04:00 Navid

sunwing promised us a refund, we waited for over a month and now they are offering us a voucher. valid for two years.
my wife and I, we both lost our jobs and now after waiting for a month, they informed us we won't be getting our funds back.
We need to pay for our rents and bills, we are not interested in travelling with a heartless operator now or ever.

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24 March 2020 12:03:00 Wayne

Flew with Sunwing from Saskatoon to Puerto Vallarta and return. I must admit I was skeptical booking with them, but following our experience, I would not hesitate to fly Sunwing in the future. We were very well treated, friendly cabin crew and great customer service when checking in. Coming back during the COVID-19 issue, they flew an empty plane to Puerto Vallarta to bring us home. That's great service in my mind.

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23 March 2020 12:03:00 Marc

Thank you Sunwing...They got us home from Varadero last night as our Air Transat flight was cancelled to Ottawa without notice from the resort as the reps disappeared.and only found out when we got to airport...we had to take a taxi as the bus never showed up as well....We did not have to them our flight intermarry and only our passports to get us home...,Thank you Sunwing ...Air Transat left us stranded

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21 March 2020 12:03:00 Rick

Worse service every

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14 March 2020 12:03:00 Guest

First time booking with Sunwing and will never book with them again under any circumstance. Though if fustration is your thing...this is your company!!

Started off bad with a 50 min. delay but turned into a 3 hr. delay. Once on the plane which is old, small and very uncomfortable, guess what....another hour before we took off.

Finally made it to the resort and saw the Sunwing rep. and it didn't get much better. He was more interested in selling you excursions than anything else. Actually, they started the excursion sale on the plane. Guess what....the price that they were trying to sell was double the cost of what you should be paying.

The rep. at the resort said to check the board to make sure the flights were on time. The info. on Sunwing board stated the flight was on time but I bet you will never guess what I am doing right now. I am at the airport now writing this review as it"s a 3 hr. delay!! I am sure this will turn into a very longer delay from what I have experienced and read about Sunwing.

I will never book with Sunwing again even if they offer a $1,000 future travel voucher. Enough said, you are warned..

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08 March 2020 12:03:00 Lynn

Travelled fr om Victoria, BC to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo with "Sunwing" on Feb. 22, returned on Feb.29. The staff were Mexican and the plane wasn't was "Viva". On the way down, there was very little communication with the staff or pilot until we had been in the air for about an hour...people were wondering what the flight attendants were paid to do since they weren't doing anything for so long. Finally we found out there would be some sort of service that included a free bag of chips and one soft drink or water. Choices of food and alcohol were available as well for an additional cost, but did not match the menu prices. We ordered baguettes that were so stale we couldn't eat them. We had hoped for the usual Sunwing menu that is quite good in terms of snacks, so this "Mi Cafe" menu was very disappointing. On the return flight, the service was much better and flight attendants were friendly and professional. The food choices were similarly sparse (choice of two sandwiches), and some beer, small bottles of baileys, scotch and white rum, plus red wine. Since there weren't many food choices at the airport, we were quite hungry and decided to order a ham and cheese croissant for the three of us, plus two 187 ml bottles of red wine. The red wine was the same price as in the menu (120 pesos or $8.50 CDN), however the sandwiches (not stale this time) were very basic and cost 190 pesos each ($13.42 CDN) vs. the 95 pesos listed in the menu ($6.78). When we asked about it, we were just told that the prices in the menu only apply to "regular" flights. So, the food costs more than in the menu, but the alcoholic beverages were the same price as in the menu. Another surprising point is that there were other snacks on the menu, but those items weren't available. I must say that we did get to and from Ixtapa safely and on time or better, so that wasn't a problem. Sunwing should have told us that we would not be flying with Sunwing and that the food items would be so lim ited that we should have brought our own food. Also, we were flying from Victoria and were not able to find out on-line if the flight was on time.

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11 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

We get to the airport and the personal at the Swoop/Sunwing check-in desk tell us the flight is delayed by 9 hours. They said we were sent an email but we checked in front of them and there was no email. They were very rude and unapologetic. They just told us to come back in 9 hours!! No voucher of any kind was offered. This is very bad service and we are never flying Swoop again. We have flown to the Caribbean many times from other airlines and always form Pearson Airport and never seen such treatment.

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10 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

The resort was decent but the airline was the worst nightmare. Do not recommend at all.
The flight time is 3 hours one way but it took more than 20 hours to travel only, and lots of time wasted. The aircraft's were fairly in good condition but the crew are not that nice. Their personnel on the ground also are not qualified and made lots of mistakes that caused more issues for the passengers.

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07 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

Sunwing screws over entire plane of people. They blamed
everything on the weather... They knew all about the storm way ahead of time and should have
cancelled the flight way earlier (People braved extremely dangerous conditions
to get to the airport 3 hours early) Instead they delayed the flight 5 times
then parked the plane wrong. Shortly after they announced the "pilots timed out"
and said new pilots are on their way. An hour later around 10:30pm the pilots
arrive and shortly after they announce the flight has been cancelled to 6am the
next day! They offered "limousines to our accommodation"...
most people did not have accommodation and lived hours from the airport. They
did not offer a hotel. People with babies in strollers that
haven't slept and people with sleep deprivation disorders were left out to dry.
Luggage was left out in the snow and came back soaked with water. No
management was available to talk to despite one of their employees being on
the phone with "someone" the entire time. Emails were ignored. Nobody was

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21 January 2020 12:01:00 Amrit

Sunwing Airline us a third class airline. They left our luggage in Toronto on our four days tour to Cuba that we got in two days later. Their guide, employee or you can say rep Fernando was a rude and uneducated person. He always lie to us. He was total cheater and mixed with hotel people who stole our phone and money. He is a theif.

Sunwing is disaster airline. Be refrain from this Airline. Fernando should be sacked as he is a theif.

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19 January 2020 12:01:00 Krista

worst airline ever stay away . lost 1 day of vacation due to issues with there 1980 fleet of airplanes . go bankrupt and do us all a favour . no customer service , were is my lost items you >>>>>>

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19 January 2020 12:01:00 John

sunwing has got to be the worst airline. planes are old and dirty , flights changed , the worst trip my wife and I had . we will never fly sunwing ever

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19 January 2020 12:01:00 DEMETRA

This trip from Toronto to los Cabo was absolutely the worst trip ever. sunwing there is no customer service . lost 12 hrs to my vacation due to changing times of flights. called customer service sorry there is none . stay away

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19 January 2020 12:01:00 PETER


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17 January 2020 12:01:00 Kymber

Sunwing representatives in Dominican Republic Puerto Plata refused to help. My husband had to be admitted into hospital transported by ambulance because of food poisoning at the playa bachatt resort. The hotel did not care he was ill and made no attempt to help until they realized we would not be getting on our plane. Then they called a dr etc. The Sunwing reps wouldn't come to our room to help they expected us to go to them (not an option) then promised to meet us at the hospital. More than 6hrs later and many calls made to Toronto we were told to come back to the resort and pack our things or be charged for the room. They never came to see us at any point, not even to see if my husband was okay. No help with a flight back, transportation from the hospital, or accommodations. I had to call Toronto because the resort and reps here would hang up on me as soon as i said my name or room number. They didnt want to help or even communicate with us. Sunwing you should be ashamed of your customer service, hospitality and most importantly your compassion towards others. I will never fly with Sunwing again

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05 January 2020 12:01:00 Guest

Poor service. Flight left Toronto late. No P.A announcements so pay attention. Confusing check in system (priority check in/elite plus did not matter). Long walk and drive in shuttle to plane and on return from tarmac to terminal. Poor quality shuttle ride to airport in Panama (Rio Hato that is approximately three hours from Panama city!) Sunwing does not go to any other airport in Panama.

Horrible seating issue. Seats small and no leg room in medical seats row 3. Relocated in aisle seat in plus section because no seat belt extensions can be used in exit rows 15 and 16 (paid elite price for this). If you need accommodation do not fly with this plane. Elite plus is a * of money. Seats do not recline.Stuffed in the plane like sardines. Have to buy everything. Cannot charge you phone or electronics. * of money.

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03 January 2020 12:01:00 Jordan

Buyer beware: Sunwing will change their flight times after you book. They do not care for the customer at all. I have a wedding in Negril & picked this Sunwing flight so I can be there for the wedding & now Im having to spend $900+ more to fly on Air Transat. They dont care.

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17 December 2019 12:12:00 Guest

Worst airline available.
Dirty uncomfortable cramped planes.
Incompetent booking staff, thoughtless.

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07 December 2019 12:12:00 Justin McKinney

Sunwing has Terrible!!! service with lacklustre staff with non consistency and lack of knowledge about anything taking place. They tried to book my wife to another city when we are on the same itinerary with our 8year old daughter. They then sent our luggage to the wrong city which was nice to hang out at baggage services well after an 11pm arrival trying to find out where exactly it was with little effort from sunwing. Sunwing people are rarely at their stationed areas so if you need a person to speak with, good luck what that. The plane is terrible with slower on board service and almost everything is somewhat broken. The seats either dont recline or dont go back to position. The trays are loose and pushed down or bent. The headphone jacks either dont work or not properly, not just my seats. The experience while at the resort was also bad service. Causing lots of confusion to depart and regarding not allowing us to eat or even feed our child after our checkout,

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30 November 2019 12:11:00 S Marklew

Delays, delays, delays, and poorly maintained airplanes. It has taken maintenance over an hour of "delay time" to effectively put an "out of order" sign on one of the two washrooms on board. Really unacceptable and very poor communication from staff.

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20 October 2019 12:10:00 Guest

Flight WG410 on October 8th, 2019 from Toronto to Puerto Plata. After 2.5 hours in the air, the captain announced that the plain is needing the repair and we are going back to Toronto. The return time will be 1.5 hours.
The plain was old (still with ashtrays) and with super uncomfortable seats.
So, instead to continue the flight to Dominican which was 1.5 hours away too, they decided to go back to Toronto! I believe it is because for them it is much cheaper. Obviously no one cared for the passengers. After returning to Toronto and spending 3 hours in the airport, they send us back on the same plane to Puerto Plata. We arrived to the resort at 10 pm instead of 2 pm.
For all this problems, they gave as $20 voucher for the food in Toronto and $100 for the next vacation or excursion with Sunwing. What a jock! Who wants to deal with Sunwing again after this? After the vacation, I sent the official complain to Sunwing and after 4 days, I still did not get any reply nor acknowledgment from them.

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10 October 2019 12:10:00 Guest

We booked a sunwing package through world odessy, specifically book a package with a direct flight knowing that stop overs are always a nightmare.
Only days after recieving our money we were informed they changed the flight to include a stop over. We booked just over 2 months in advance.
No service, no correction and we were required to have cancellation insurance if we wanted to cancel.
Informed them that we were not cancelling anything, the package we paid for no longer existed. They changed/eliminated our holiday package and forced a lesser package on us for the same price.
These people do not care one bit about you or your holiday, all about the dollars and they are happy to make them at your expense.
I will never use anyone involved in this scenario again.
Note: they now have stated that they can NEVER guarantee a direct flight. This is not referring to mechanicals and such, they will just change flights as they see fit.

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05 September 2019 12:09:00 Guest

Terrible airline with service.

I don't understand how they operate with this type of behavior/service.

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31 August 2019 12:08:00 Dennis S.

Originally booked a trip to Antigua on June 26/19 to celebrate our 46th. Wedding Anniversary.
Original flight was a direct Flight, leaving Toronto at 9:25am on Friday, September 20/19 and arriving in Antigua at 2:25pm on the same day.

On August 09/19 we were notified that our Flight times were changed to leaving Toronto at 7am and arriving in Antigua at 2:10pm and was still indicated as a direct Flight, which seemed odd, as the total flight time had now increased.

Then on August 29/19, we we notified that our itinerary had now been revised, so that we would be leaving Toronto at 7am and flying to Montreal for a STOPOVER of approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours, before heading to Antigua.

Since I did not originally book a STOPOVER in Montreal, I was very unhappy and with the help of my Travel Agent, we requested that Sunwing change our flight to another day, in order to fly directly from Toronto to Antigua, without any Stopovers.

Sunwing refused to accommodate and/or compensate us for this terrible inconvenience.

Sunwing basically informed us that we had no choice but to abide by the changes to our itinerary, as they had the right to make any changes that they deemed necessary and basically said that we were forced to fly to Montreal for a 2 1/2 - 3 hour STOPOVER. in order to get to our destination.

I asked them to cancel our booking and issue us a full refund.
Sunwing refused to consider our request and told us we had no choice but to report to the Airport 2 1/2 hours earlier than our originally scheduled flight, in order to do a STOPOVER in Montreal.

Sunwing speaks of Customer Service & Commitment, however, this Airline don't give a * about their Customers.

Their stated mission is a JOKE, and they should consider changing it to Sunwing First and Customers Last.

We travel on vacations at least 3 times a year and must say that Sunwing is, without a doubt, the WORST Airline from our experience.

Sunwing gets around the new "Bill of Rights for Passengers" by bending the rules and force Customers to * their valuable time, so they they won't be held liable on these new "Bill of Rights".

These new "Bill of Rights" are useless, as unscrupulous Airlines like Sunwing, find ways around them.

So, in fact, Airlines still have all the rights to do whatever they want and Passengers have no rights.

One thing for sure, this is the last time we will ever travel with Sunwing, as they are, undoubtedly, the worst Airline and have ZERO Customer Service & Commitment.

Also, I have noticed that the individual with the initials (MD) that responds to these reviews, just gives the Standard responses, such as, Sunwing has the right to make changes and Customers have no rights and Customers should just accept our deplorable Customer Service.

I would advise Travelers to avoid travelling with Sunwing at all cost, as we would definitely not recommend Sunwing at all.

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19 August 2019 12:08:00 Jashua

My sister unfortunately booked her destination wedding with sunwing.
Our flight was changed, once atbthe airport we were lied to told we had an hour delay only to find out that we would now be leaving at 10:30pm and would not arrive until 1:30am. My sisters wedding is ruined. Terrible company with zero customer support.

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14 August 2019 12:08:00 Frank S

Toronto to Costa Rica August 5-12 2019

WG 725

If you are looking for a stress free vacation and flight I would advise against choosing Sunwing. Standing at 67 I made sure to prepay in advance for seats that I could fit in comfortably on my flight. When it came time to board we found out that Sunwing was not operating our flight but rather we were flying with Eastern Air in a jet with a completely different configuration and our prepaid seat selections were irrelevant. I found myself assigned to a seat that I physically could not get into unless my knees were tucked into my chest. In an effort to avoid this on the flight home I spent over an hour on the phone with Sunwing while I should have been enjoying my vacation. After an hour of circular conversation the representative promised first class seats as a compensation for our troubles, to which I was satisfied. But the surprises dont end there. Ten minutes before boarding we were called to the gate and informed our seats were broken and that we would not be flying in Elite Plus, but rather assigned the same seats that I do not fit in. When I asked the representative what the purpose of pre paying an additional fee was if it would not be honoured on either flight, their response was that their only obligation was to provide us with a seat, not necessarily the ones we paid for.

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14 August 2019 12:08:00 Michael Labelle

Booked a sunwing vacations because of the flight schedule but once you book they change the flight time to crappier ones and you get an email saying you are now doing a stop in toronto to pick up more people and will get there 2 hours later to destination. So the four hour direct flight you booked is now a 6 hour flight with double take offs for nervous people . I always liked sunwing but now i see why people call it crappy airline. They give you great early times to leave and get there and then once they make their money with clients just change it and says oh well nothing you can do about it. Over 10 trips i did with them but 100% garantee it wont happen again .

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12 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

I have not traveled with Sunwing yet, my trip is booked for September 2019, but unfortunately already disappointed and regretting my decision to vacation with them. My wife and I booked a trip to St. Maarten with our 7 month old son. We booked our trip and flight specifically with him in mind to ensure his first plane ride went as smoothly as possible. We had booked a direct flight which was originally 4 hours and 40 minutes, but were recently informed that the flight time has now changed along with an added stop-over in Montreal adding an additional 3 hours to our flight. A stop over with Sunwing is used to pick up additional passengers at another location, which means we are not to exit the plane, forcing us to sit in the plane for 8 hours. This was added to both our departure and return flight. I called Sunwing as soon as I received this notification, explaining that I cannot keep my 7 month old on a now 8 hour flight, also him now having to deal with the pressure of the airplane going up and down four times. I booked a specific flight to make flying with a baby as easy as possible and also save the other passengers from listening to a baby cry for an entire flight. Not only did every representative at Sungwing show no sympathy for my situation, they also offered no recommendations, alternative options or any kind of compensation for the change. They would not even offer me free seat selection to ensure my wife and I are seated together to take care of our child on this now 8 hour flight, you would think that would be the least they could do. So disgusted in the service and unreliability of Sunwing. Truly regret our decision to book with them, and will ensure we never make this mistake again.

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30 June 2019 12:06:00 David Khan

The travel agent from Travel Nation assured us that Sunwing is not having any problems with future bookings. We have nine people booked.
2 weeks to go Sunwing has bumped us twice and added stops to the flight. The original flight is still going .No reason given, Canadian Government laws , they dont have to. Once you have paid, they can do anything they want .
The government of Canada makes laws very one sided towards the Airlines. There is no recourse for a traveler.
They advertise package holidays and then bump the price by putting travelers on cheaper flights .

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