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Etihad Airways Reviews

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02 January 2018 Guest

Hyderabad airport Etihad staff is worst, 1) they are incompetent , 2) poorly trained and 3) don't know how to read their own fare rules and threaten the passengers to cash. The premium desk at Abu Dhabi asked to sent an email to No response after 2 days ! I have been charged excess baggage fee when none should have been charged. Looking for some lawyers to help, does anyone have info for lawyers who can file a case in India.

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06 November 2017 Guest

It's the wors airline ever, don't even try it. You will lose your baggage and no one will help you to getting an answer

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22 August 2017 MOHAMMAD KUWAIT

I was so disappointed with etihad! worst experience ever! My flight schedule was last August 20, 2017 at 11:00 in the evening from Kuwait to Moscow, unfortunately the flight was delayed for an hour but I patiently waited and hoping that we can reached abu dhabi immediately for 3: 00 early in the morning schedule of connecting flight to Moscow but everything turned out a big disaster. We did not reached the ertihad heading to moscow the airline gone flight no. EY65. What an inconvenience! I cant do something about it that time , now I am thinking of the meeting that I am going to missed in Moscow. I waited for several hours for etihad flight schedule and now heading to Munich Germany. From Germany now I already knew that my luggge was lost 7607EY728916 & 7607EY728917. From Germany I fly with S7 Airline arrange by etihad. Now i lost my luggage , i dont have something to wear, i lost all my appoinments .

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03 July 2017 Guest850

Flew Mel-auh-txl-hel on June 28. Bags were not at the baggage carousel when we arrived and still no word 4 days later. They weren't much help at the counter there, told us to go online and fill out the form using a code, got to the hotel and the code they gave us was invalid... call up the contact number and they're closed... the next day we finally reached them and got the right code. 4 days later still bags are missing, had some valuable items in there that I would appreciate bag. Thanks Etihad...

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22 May 2017 Mohamad Zuhair AL Homsi

I enjoyed my trip from Dammam to New York , it was excellent

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07 February 2017 Guest

Etihad and there bagageclaims are a nightmare I have a claim since march last year where mr.Shahab Mehmood say that they have a new finance sysytem and can not transfer payments this is since 16/10/2016 Can you believe it This airline is just a joke

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03 September 2016 Jim C

I travelled first class from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi on 1 Sept and then business class Abu Dhabi Frankfurt on 2 September (connecting flight). Etihad lost both my bags. I have a PIR but it says tracking continues. The Frankfurt contact number does not get answered and wont return my calls when I leave a message. I have had no contact from the airline. This is the most appalling customer service, let alone the ineptitude of losing bags and then being unable to find them. Why wont you contact me etihad? Is this how you treat first class customers???

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22 August 2016 Guest

I thought it was a serious airline but defenitely is NOT 3 days later they cannot tell me where is my luggage

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21 July 2016 Guest

I had the misfortune of travelling on this terrible airline on 18th July fr om JFK to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi on flight number EY 102 and EY 204 respectively. The airline has misplaced one of my two bags. On filing a complaint at Mumbai airport, I was told that the bag was on the next flight to Mumbai and would be returned to me that very night and I would be called and updated regularly regarding the status of my lost bag. Not only was I not called and informed anything, when I tried calling the number provided to me, I was put on hold for more than an hour and finally no one took my call. I have spent all day trying different numbers to get in touch with Etihad until finally I called the booking office who informed me that they have no idea where my bag is. This kind of customer service is ridiculous and has caused me immense inconvenience. Not only are all my personal belongings in that bag, including a suit for a very important interview- which I have to buy a new one for but all the gifts that I have bought for my family are all misplaced. I had to come home after an entire year empty handed with nothing to give to my loved ones because of Etihad's carelessness. The least that Etihad can do is call and update me or at least answer my call when I want to find out where my bag is an give me a better answer than 'we have no idea wh ere your bag is'. I'm so sorely disappointed by this service and hope that my bag comes soon and with all its contents intact. I have already filed a property irregularity report and my baggage claim number is 4607EY220062.

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19 February 2016 Nagarjuna

Worst experience 1. 8 hours Flight delay. 2. Baggage delivered after 5 days. 3. No reply to the mails. I have never seen such bad experience. RQID:421935 Regards, Nagarjuna

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24 January 2016 Bernard

Etihad, everything but the miles, I flew with my wife and children many times in 2015. At every Etihad boarding counter I asked specifically to put all the family miles(3 plus me) on my Etihad account. Yes, of course, ok, its done said the Etihad crew at every different place and occasion. End of the year I had +/- 5000 instead of more than 50 000. After several try online, several mails, a lot of time spent to complete different registration, they wrote to me: all your request has been fulfill. As I had clearly mention name, guest no, flights for all my family, I thought it was done. But how could I trust them after all I checked and saw that AGAIN, they didnt give any miles for my children and wife on their account. After several months and emails, they finally put some of the miles but I lost almost 50 percent of them due to the 6 months delay. They answer that it was to be fair (LOL), so basically my mistake was to have trust their official crew words and even official written email. I dont understand their strategy as they are ok in most of other field, but watch for your miles!!!

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10 January 2016 Guest

The service of Etihad Airwaysis absolutely inappropriate - they should be punished legally for this kind of services. No any custom service at all at any airport and you should call them for the hours spending the millions to find out some information. Traveling on Budiness class on the ticket 6079712568413 they have lost my the one and only suitcase on the flight fr om Abu Dhabi to Rome EY 0440-08. The bad was not simply loaded in Abu Dhabi. After 24 hours I have received a message that the bag was found and will be delivered to the airport of Tivat today in the evening with a flight YM8110 to Tivat (Montenegro) wh ere I should stay for 2 days. The airport has refuse to make any home delivery so I was obliged to travel 2 hours in taxi to pick up my suitcase. When I have arrived to the airport the suitcase has not arrived and they did not load from the connected flight in Belgrade!!!! I have no any warm clothes with me and tomorrow I should go to Moscow!!! You should refund the costs of the ticket and refund all my expenses for the lost language! What a * service in Business class - what are you doing with the suitcases in Economy I am just wondering!!!!

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15 December 2015 Guest

I travelled with Etihad in August from Dublin to Nairobi. My bags were delayed as they were not transferred in Abu Dhabi. I was on an overland trip and my location was constantly changing (not day to day, hour to hour at times). As I had no essentials such as a sleeping bag for camping I needed my bags asap. My tour guide arranged a courier to collect them from Nairobi and bring them to a predetermined point along our route. This cost me $150USD. Although getting my bags in a way was priceless, Etihad messed up by not transferring my bags, despite having enough time to do so in Abu Dhabi. I have emailed the baggage claim team on numerous occasions looking for an update over the last few months and have received no reply at all!! I find there level of customer service appalling. I have contacted them via Facebook and the 'Oh so concerned' response was that they would look into it. Again no update. When I contacted them via this route again I was essentially told they could do nothing and it was up to the baggage claim team. All I have asked is for an update on my claim but nobody in claim team can be bothered to reply to me. I have contacted the relevant agencies in Ireland looking for advice as to how to escalate my complaint and am awaiting a response. My experience of flying with Etihad apart from this was positive but their absolute unprofessional approach to customer service has resulted in me making the decision not to use the airline again. I would advise anybody flying with Etihad to seriously consider their options (particularly on outbound legs). For those aware of the legacy of Ryanair's customer service, I would view that as gold standard in comparison to Etihad's.

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28 September 2015 Guest

One of the worst airlines I have ever experienced. It was my bad luck that I selected this airlines. My flight was delayed for more than 4 hours in the first place and every one had to stand in a queue for the said duration. On my way back, my luggage went missing and I have no idea on its whereabouts. I would never recommend this to anyone.

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01 August 2015 Joji

i had very bad experience with ethi had airways , when we arrived Edinburgh we didn't get our bags , they we would get next day, but never got it .we had to phone and enquire several time. We lost lots money, third day we got three bags ,then next day another bag, we will never fly with ethi had , it was a mental torturing

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12 July 2015 Guest

We flew from Colombo though Abu Dhabi to Dublin 11th to 12 July, Business class, luggage marked "priority". No trace of our bags on arrival in Dublin, and no information or tracking available from Etihad.- No sign of our bags on the next flight from Abu Dhabi either. On the Abu Dhabi-Dublin leg of the journey the plane lost all inflight entertainment , and seats could not be adjusted. I was relieved when the landing gear engaged and we landed safely, but I am very concerned that our bags and contents may never be seen again! Not a good experience, especially considering the price of the Business class tickets.

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